Has anime ever actually made you laugh?

has anime ever actually made you laugh?

I don't have autism so yes


I dont have daddy issues so yes


two words: Hell Yeah


Autism is when someone calls you out but you don't admit it. You should see a doctor.

Almost every anime I've watched has made me atleast chuckle. I remove my behavioural filter when watching anime

>thinly veiled rec thread
please get out

yeah its better to laugh at drawn moving images made for children

god i fucking hate people like you

Not much, 95% of the time it just makes me chuckle.

I have mutual feelings for you, cocksucker.

The Daily Lives Of Highschool Boys

This segment of Space Dandy had me in tears. I don't really laugh a lot in general but something about the suddenness and absurdity of it made me laugh incredibly hard.

Yes. But its more of blowing air quickly through my nose than actual laughter

I think that thing's called chuckle.

Been reading through this the past couple days.
If I gave them 10000円 do you think they'd make another season?


As for the best moment ever, I'm torn between Mitsudomoe's Pee World War, Dennou Coil's Beard Space Wars and Minami Ke's scene where one of the blue-haired brothers visits their house and keeps intimidating Chiaki, ignoring Kana and discussing Touma's schedule with the Onee-sama.

Those put me miserable on the ground, laughing.

I do have autism so yes

Same here.

I have daddy issues so yes.

School Rumble


Azumanga Daioh.

No. Anime has never once been funny ever.
Not in the slightest.

Usually only if its supposed to be a comedy anime (like Nichibros/jou etc). Handa-kun was real funny

>two words: Hell Yeah
Fucking hell. You make me laugh user.

It took 7 years, but yes.

dragonball is the only one, not z though because its srs business

I prefer comedy anime. I don't laugh at train wrecks like most of Cred Forums, though.

Cromartie and Nichijou were two shows with consistent laughing throughout and some seriously funny high points.

I literally laughed out loud when the policewoman and gun-toting Nenecchi noticed each other.

Nothing makes me laugh.

I bet I could make you laugh.

I was giggling like a little girl almost the entire time I was watching that show about that girl who was sent to work at a bathhouse because her mother was broke as shit

Just this year.
>last scene on New Game

Only time i laughed for a good 5mins was in yuru Yuri when the rpg dream scene were akakri revives the monster

I don't have a mouth so no

this shit is gold

rarely because jap humor is bottom of the barrel. too many shitty puns/wordplay, slapstick, overexaggerated expressions. it's still entertaining because it's extremely mildly funny though. there's gems like pic related or cromartie.


Name them


It's literally impossible for me. I've lurked Cred Forums for so long that I can only laugh if I'm looking to the stupidest memes or at a miserable shitpost. I even tried to watch the most recommended comedy anime on Cred Forums, but nothing, I only laugh afterwards while looking at the threads. This site ruined my whole life.

Well most if the time no, so I fake it to make my self feel better but recently I genuinely laughed.

Ever since I've just smiled

depression general


Story of my life

I'm sorry you're so bitter, user.