Deals with refugees

>deals with refugees
>deals with transgender issues
>deals with military coups
>deals with women in the workplace
>deals with vigilantism

and all with more tact, grace and subtlety than most contemporary media

has there been an anime more ahead of its time than You're Under Arrest?

Don't bring your shit here, Cred Forums.

they didn't shit on any of these things
the anime unironically treated them as tactfully as you could possibly imagine--maybe even moreso

the original manga was better than the darkhorse version.

what were the edits/differences?
different enough to be worth re-acquiring?

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We got the full series here and I'm currently at volume 4 of it. It starts off very episodically with short stories only eight pages long, later doubling the chapter size. A lot of them feel rushed, though it's getting better and better. The first volume is also inconsistent in art style, really showing how this was Fujishima's first effort.

Dark Horse version was just the two most recent volumes, AFAIR. Fujishima wanted them to start with the new and fresh stuff.

Should i watch season 2?

if you want to

Never thought about it. I just watched it with no problems, since I was just a kid that was getting in love with the glasses girl.

While you were watching that shit I was watching REAL anime

I really miss shows that were in this sort of style

rewatching it, glasses girl's voice was hilariously annoying in the dub

>hand crafted art
How disgusting. Thank god we have a nice amount of soulless digital shit today.

Great meme, friend. Anime is still mostly done on pen and paper. And even when they use tablets instead, how does it suddenly become "soulless"?

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Your point?

I trolo you make you reply

Or more likely you had an emotional knee-jerk response that you are now unable to explain.

Don't mind me, most average Evangelion riff ever coming through.

I suppose I should track it down. I only ever saw bits of it on AXN.

I don't remember the refugee or military coup stuff, but I did enjoy the original series.

Guess I should watch the other series sometime.

what's-her-face's day off, where what's-her-face happens upon a suicidal prince who fled his country

>>deals with refugees
Deals with them how? By shooting them? If not, I'm not interested.


Miyuki is still as beautiful as ever. Sometimes I think I had better taste in women as a child.

They just don't draw 'em like they used to.


What was his fucking problem?

I've always loved Taiho's character design because it straddles the angularity of 80s stuff and roundness of our time, with proportions that are just pure sex.

He went on a strike.

What's wrong with the left girl's hand?

She's just double right handed. Pay it no mind.

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