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Anyone willing to guess what that cut-off kanji might be? Nothing I've found with 田 or 十 as radicals which are the two I at least have a feeling it has seems to fit, (context is a wife berating her husband after finding that massage parlor card).

>Kimi No Na Wa


Wait actually I guess it could be poorly drawn 裏

you should be able to understand this

yeah, pretty sure it's 何この裏のメッサージ

How do I pronounce らりるれろ without sounding like a fucking retard?

Like a Japanese person would.

My tongue either goes with an l or r sound, I can't get it to sound right

somehow i never had a problem with this, i picked it up doing racist impressions of satoru iwata





Fuck off

I watch so much Japanese stuff that was never a problem with me when I started learning. There are some tutorials on YT with Japanesepop101 that may be able to help. The only downside is, to a foreigner, it can be very tedious when you're trying to sound like a native speaker. The only time I mimic how it's supposed to sound is when I loudly reading something in Japanese.

You complain about that one retard but overlook the serial avatarfagging roleplay faggot just above you? Nice priorities, user.

Your language doesn't have the superior R? rip

>You can have half kana/kanji names




calm down

have some dip

>context is a wife berating her husband after finding that massage parlor card
妻のメッセージ you dense fuck

It actually works, fully recommend.

la li lu le lo

Except that makes no sense since the 妻 would be the one talking and wouldn't be the prostitute who wrote it, plus it looks nothing alike. Probably just 裏.

Have you never seen this in anime/games/manga/whatever? It's pretty common.

it's pronounced "patriots"

I generally dislike this yonkoma, but this time the topic is at least interesting and DJT-related.

Source is rocketnews24.com/

Is there anywhere decent to find Japanese shows?

All the torrent sites seem like they're focused on either drama or idolshit, and all of the streaming sites use awful providers and half the stuff is deleted past a month or two back.

drama is the best thing to come out of Japanese television

to be honest the op pic is pretty boring



I don't understand what's supposed to be funny about this.

It is and he just copy pasted the previous one

>know every kanji used (of course, they're all pretty basic)
>can't make heads or tails of it
Such is the life of an Ankidrone. I regret not listening to you guys earlier.



It's not like time spent memorizing kanji is time wasted. Just spend some more time working on grammar and straight up reading shit.

If you know the kanji you shouldn't have trouble with the comic at all, unless you did isolated kanji study, in which case don't smear ankidrone name with your bullshit.
The comic isn't funny anyway.


obscure japanese dubs never fail to entertain me

She tells him to kill himself.
Ba dum tss

Hey people of /djt/

I am half Japanese on my mother's side and am pretty much verbally fluent in Japanese. Unfortunately, since it was never necessary to learn how to read or write, I never learned more than hiragana and katakana. Now that I am in college, and I have more time on my hands I have decided to try to become literate as well. I believe the wiki says it take about 2,136 kanji to become literate in Japanese. My questions is, what is the best way to start learning how to read and write given I can already speak and understand the language.


>it take about 2,136 kanji to become literate in Japanese
Try 3000.
If you already know the words then grinding all that shit in anki in a year or two shouldn't be a problem.



>My questions is, what is the best way to start learning how to read and write given I can already speak and understand the language.
read manga with furigana or VNs with a texthooker or any random shit online with a plugin like rikaisama that allows you to see readings
mine words and put them into anki
review them

>replying to posts copypasted from rebbit

I want to learn Japanese, like really, but I can't stand the conventional approach of textbooks.

(I'm no native speaker of English but I will write a kind of rant here)

A friend of mine, recommend some starter-textbooks, I got his Genki copies, the books seens pedagogically decent and everything but.

The story "Mary and her friends fun and troubles in Japan" I looked at some pages and could see the main guy (Takeshi?) being molested (yes I see the two books) by a pevert, a character bringing a single freaking tomato to a bbq, (c'mon girl come by yourself and says, I come for the food, sounds better and more natural). The guy that slack off, the brilliant gal, the main character, the crush of my character...

I learned English and Italian by using such like books and they are kind of boring for me, I can't bash the people who use it to learn because its useful, and the disposition of the writers in trying to show the learning of language as a too nice and fun way.

Don't misunderstand me, learn a language (or a anything, from gardening to quantum physics, SHOULD be fun) it's proved that the more fun that you have learning something, the more you learn.

I wonder, if there is a more "direct" approach into learning Japanese than the cheesy cheese way?








Shit man, I don't have /r/japanese open in another tab like you do.

But you have a functioning ctrl key and access to google, right? Then I don't see what the problem is.


Post hanzi grids



What are your favourite doramas? I'm almost done with 勇者ヨシヒコ and I kinda wanna watch something more serious next. I was gonna watch Liar game but I couldn't find anything decent on nyaa

Try the tactic of killing yourself

Why would you make a show of your visits to Reddit?

woops wrong link i meant this




Shouldn't you be studying Japanese instead of shitposting here






now I learning English shit

Mayday, mayday!

how'd i do


Why so h'd, Reddit-Hwabyung-N3-kun?













In an episode of Non Non Biyori, there is a radio announcer for a ラジオ体操 who says something, and the subtitles for it are:
適う横に曲げる運動 発令をつけて

Can anyone explain what the 適う is supposed to mean here?












>よこにまげる うんどう~ 弾みをつけて



It sounds so clear after reading that. Thanks pals.

This isn't the first time the subs have been off, but this one was hard to guess from how fast it's said.

Read the manga first.
Problem solved.


I lack the motivation to go through with learning this, but I really want to do it.
Anybody here feel like they could be my mentor of sorts? I can't help but feel that I'd stick with learning if I had a teacher of sorts.

I would be eternally grateful.

Just use Wanikani if you want to be spoonfed that bad.

Just read more

>updated Windows this morning
>now the input bar looks like this
Thanks Bill Gates.

>I lack the motivation to go through with learning this
>I really want to do it
Pick one. All memes aside, you literally CANNOT learn Japanese through self-study if you lack motivation. Anything short of signing up for actual Japanese classes is just placebo, there's no way strangers on the internet can force you to keep going.

That's just too cute. I guess it's like people with phantom limbs. If they feel the itch they can't help it.

So far I'm pretty happy with it. It feels a ton of times better than Persona 4, and I was really bored to death with that game's writing.
I haven't had any non-forced s-links yet but they always were shit in previous games. "Oh we really cleaned up that sports hall today, now we're all closer as friends!"
As for characters everyone feels a lot more likeable compared to Yousuke and Kuma already.
The plot I haven't really advanced that much to say anything, but it is keeping me interested and makes me doubt certain characters.

Anons, my issue is to do with motivation. I keep dropping learning despite it being a goal I've had since before I was 20. I'm 26 now and still haven't stuck with it.

I'm never going to stick with it at this rate, so I figure I need somebody to help me stick with it.

>you literally CANNOT learn Japanese through self-study if you lack motivation.
I know that all too well, and this cycle will continue on indefinitely at this point.

>there's no way strangers on the internet can force you to keep going.
It's worth a try. Not that I'm expecting anybody to agree to help, but that's worth a try too.

You have far bigger issues in life if you can't stick to a rule you give yourself and to sit down for 30 minutes a day. Talk to a psychiatrist maybe.

What is stopping you? Why do you want to learn Japanese in the first place?

>What is stopping you?
I suppose not being able to stick to a schedule, lack of attention with a touch of laziness thrown in.

>Why do you want to learn Japanese in the first place?
Anime and video games for the most part, though I can think of a few other neat things I'd like to do if I got decent enough at it, which at this point seems to be something that will never happen.

Pls grammar check for my 400-character university essay

Do you live near Nice ?

Nope, I live in the UK.

Looks great! I had no idea universities had N1+ classes!

>4 times フェイスブック


You just need to treat studying Japanese like a job or a university class. Because that's what it is. It's dull and plodding, you feel completely retarded when you first attempt to read, and there will be times when you will ask yourself if it's worth the trouble, but trust me: if you care about Japanese media, it unquestionably is. I can offer you words of encouragement, yes, but I can't leap out of your screen and sit you down and force you to do Anki or study grammar or read manga or whatever. Only you can do that.


う が づに見える。うの点はもっと真上付近に打つように

Is there a kana equivalent of "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"?

いろは唄 or アロハ唄


Oh I know I know, I wouldn't expect somebody to go to those lengths.
I suppose I was hoping that somebody would, I dunno, guide me on what to study first and then quiz me after a set time.

I know my nature, I tend to get disheartened and not stick with things if I don't see any results/progress, which is a real issue for learning Japanese since it seems like a slow process that takes quite a bit of time before you'll be able to reap the benefits.

I picked だ since other answers didn't fit but I'm still confused as to why it's correct. Isn't it redundant? Wouldn't ですから be more natural to use here?

I'm not even sure I've ever heard だからです, but I can't be sure, it's one of the petty things you don't really pay attention to I feel.

If you watched anime for those 6 years you could already be watching them raw

I would be ok coaching you (I've done these sorts of things for years now) but I wouldn't do that for free.

If interested reply.

>Isn't it redundant?

Use Anki core 6k, and keep new cards at 20.
Do your fucking reps every fucking day.
In 9 months you'll have gone through the whole thing.

Read ten pages of the grammar guide of tae kim every day though.
Ten pages a day means the whole guide every months. So in the nine months it takes to finish the Anki deck, you'd have read the guide 9 times.

Don't do anything more.
Do it. Now. Start.
Anki, ten pages. Do it.

So, attempted to start the long trek here. Just to make sure I'm not starting on the wrong foot, my plan is to learn all the hiragana and katakana first, right?

I didn't even know, but in German there are many. I only ever saw the English pangram getting used in German schools.

>Vogt Nyx: »Büß du ja zwölf Qirsch, Kämpe!«
>Verbüß öd’ Joch, kämpf Qual, zwing Styx!
>„Fix, Schwyz!“ quäkt Jürgen blöd vom Paß.

Looking into it there's also:
>Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow.
which is way better than the quick fox shit.

I didn't bother and picked them up through anki without issue personally.

That's not really a good mindset to have. Quizzes may give you the impression of visible progress, but I'm sure you've heard of people who took French or Spanish in high school and can barely form a coherent sentence now, and I bet you don't want to end up like that. Ultimately, the best way to gauge your progress (and make progress) is to just read. Particularly, if you go back to your first manga after a year or so of studying, you'll understand what I'm getting at. When I re-read things like Yotsuba and Non Non Biyori, I get such an overwhelming feeling... it's hard to explain it, but above all, it makes me realize how far I've come, even if I still obviously have a long long way to go, and reassures me that it's worth it.


Anyone know what dialect this is? Whatever it is though, I'm guessing もろうとるに and ばれりゃあ mean もらってる and 呼ばれば right?

Can confirm, replayed recently ninokuni and it's a fucking breeze.
I remember struggling like a fag for what seems like trivial sentences now, feels good man.

1. Learn kana
2. Start Tae Kim and Core2k
3. Pick an easy manga to read after you've finished Tae Kim and about 1000 words
∞. Keep on がんばるぞいing



Gotcha,thanks guys




That was what I did. Kana isn't hard to memorize and you needn't rush since we have all the time in the world to conquer that language
After kana, I read TaeKim's guide and am currently doing my core2k reps










The class ate today?


a weapon to surpass...

The class aet the today

>go out to buy some food
>car at intersection by with PPAP at full blast
Who of you guys was that?

>car at intersection by with
i just sold my car, wasn't I
BUT now im hungry


Nobody has a silver bullet to make you motivated. If you can't find the motivation to do something within yourself, nobody here is going to be able to give you what you want. Don't torture yourself with some delusion that if only you were more disciplined you could force yourself to do it for years on end. Put it aside for a while and maybe come back later if you find a good reason to learn.

I need good dorama or listening material that isn't anime. I need to listen to real people talk.
I've almost finished watching 勇者ヨシヒコ. It's pretty fucking funny

Any suggestions?

I'd argue that most people are not able to make significant lifestyle changes which learning a foreign language typically is. Losing weight is another thing most people fail at.




I'm now wondering, what would be a good amount of Hiragana to learn per day? I figure 20 per day, repeating them every couple hours or so, to get them down. or would learning them all, and repeating them all every day be more effective?

The right amount is however much you can do each day.


This is the first time I see the grammar concept いようが. According to google this means "even if / no matter what". So does the sentence mean something like: "Even if there are humans, even if there aren't humans, the only thing that can be discerned are the sounds of nature" I'm digging really deep on 発生 for "nature" but I don't know what else'd fit.

As many as you can manage. I'm sure a bunch of people will tell you that if you take more than 4 hours to learn kana and grade 1 + 2 kanji, you're literally retarded, but just go at your own pace. Kana shouldn't take you more than 10 days ~ 2 weeks, though.


Is there a comprehensive way to learn kanji grammar and vocab all in one?
And by this I mean is there a set of books/apps/any other form of literature/software that i could buy and learn Japanese?
Finding it difficulty to pick and choose between materials that suit me best.


They seem really easy to learn so I was wondering if I was going too fast. If it really is short, I'll just do em all and practice them every couple of hours to implant them. Thanks guys

Don't fall into the trap of spending more time theorizing over which method is the most efficient instead of, you know, learning Japanese. There are many different resources for each aspect of the language, but the end result is always the same - provided you stick with it. Read the descriptions from the guide resource list and pick whichever ones sound most appealing to you.

I wish I could go back in time and just start reading from the get go, maybe with mining, before even learning kana. Like learn everything from what you're reading, with Rikaisama and looking stuff up in the DoJG etc. I wonder if it would be effective at all. I want a beginner to try it to satisfy my curiosity.






Nodame Cantabile is probably my favorite series.

1 Liter of Tears if you want to be depressed.


ADR pleb.

赴 阐 阔 砸 烁 枉 殴 蕴 掠 探 殿 掩 烘 枚 枝 毁 毅 勾 勿 掰 掷 陈 膨 揉 陋 烹 揍 庸 粥 廉 陡 廊 臂 碌 嚼 廓 揭 粹 碑 陵 陶 陷 援 隆 臣 隐 隘 隙 障 枯 覆 瓣 瓦 趴 濒 瓷 怠 薪 怨 怯 跌 柬 跨 恍 跪 柱 碧 恒 恕 丐 匪 丘 碳 丛 恩 孔 恭 孕 丧 隧 磅 恰 氏 焦 磋 氓 串 丸 黎 隶 磕 搀 焰 搁 搂 卑 搅 卓 氢 搏 氧 雅 磨 搓 乌 雌 异 搜 煌 宅 悟 雕 弊 舆 乞 宏 卸 搭 舔 携 舟 弥 弦 乳 觅 紊 雹 摊 予 舰 舱 圣 舶 熄 索 汰 熏 井 汹 艇 甘 摧 归 沃 艘 沐 甭 坑 沛 栋 彰 坛 栏 坝 坟 役 踊 踌 坡 踏 撑 撒 畅 患 悦 魂 魄 誓 畏 径 悬 徊 畔 株 畜 魔 徒 审 悼 徘 徙 踪 芒 垂 垄 宪 宫 番 栽 宰 惋 宵 畴 框 惑 惕 厦 蹈 蹋 桑 疆 惦 惧 惨 惩 疏 亡 惫 亦 惮 惰 桨 亭 疙 熨 惹 虏 蹦 熬 虐 蹬 霍 仁 叛 沧 仇 寸 梁 沫 叠 沮 霜 叨 霞 虫 躁 躇 仓 叭 叮 沸 仗 仙 沼 撤 沾 沿 叹 泄 叼 蚀 霸 泊 仪 泌 御 仰 祥 循 芦 擅 泡 波 擎 泥 祸 泰 垫 芽 齿 忌 泻 泽 倘 苍 苏 疤 倦 疫 忠 埋 苟 忧 若 债 倾 症 偏 梢 痕 愈 械 躬 痪 愚 痹 愣 棍 棕 吁 吉 稀 吊 尬 慈 吝 吞 尴 吟 尸 稚 伍 爆 伏 吩 稠 伐 屁 屏 慨 禽 蛮 洁 屑 吼 鞠 伦 秃 伪 稻 稿 伯 慷 呈 逊 屡 履 伶 攀 伺 呕 逝 爽 津 憋 秤 洪 逢 攒 屿 逮 岂 茂 洽 呵 逼 茎 呻 穴 岔 岗 韧 堂 浊 牢 咀 牧 浑 攻 咋 遏 窃 佳 牲 堕 咙 储 茫 牺 侈 堡 遣 堤 遥 窜 窝 浮 堪 遭 遮 浴 敞 浸 涉 荒 瘤 譬 涌 瘩 敷 瘫 塌 涕 荡 涛 荧 瘸 塘 椎 瘾 塞 斑 僵 癌 斟 僻 椭 岩 墅 岳 墓 墟 皆 鲁 侠 侣 咽 侦 侧 侨 哀 侮 哄 哆 哇 轨 犬 峡 哎 钉 哑 峭 轰 峰 竖 哟 峻 涮 哦 狈 哨 钞 俐 辉 涵 俘 斥 竭 端 斩 辐 榜 淀 辖 辙 讥 哺 斯 哼 淆 辜 郁 辟 狠 淋 俭 俯 讳 郎 狭 讶 淘 郑 讼 狱 莫 旋 诈 旗 墨 纠 纤 混 淹 纬 添 诞 旨 菌 纳 纵 诧 纹 纺 诫 诬 纽 旱 旷 顽 诱 旺 绅 诵 诸 颁 颂 皱 颇 颈 诺 绎 诽 绑 绒 绘 颖 络 钦 壤 钩 盈 额 兆 绣 壮 监 壳 榨 盗 兑 钻 盛 盟 辨 党 兜 辫 兢 辰 辱 盯 崇 辽 盲 耀 迁 迄 迈 截 耍 崖 兼 兽 耕 唆 耗 唇 螺 铭 崩 橙 铸 唐 扁 崭 铺 扎 唠 扑 扒 耸 迸 耻 扛 猎 嵌 扣 猖 猛 聋 唾 扭 颠 扯 颤 笼 啃 渔 渗 昂 筋 昆 鄙 渠 筐 渡 昌 渣 筒 昏 谋 谍 筛 谎 昔 抑 港 抒 啥 啦 谐 抚 抛 啬 飙 渺 啰 昧 肆 啸 萌 谣 谤 筹 谬 肖 喇 喉 缀 谱 酌 昼 谴 谷 湖 晃 酗 冤 喘 缔 晋 酝 缚 缝 晓 缠 酬 央 晤 湾 酷 晨 凄 夺 缴 溃 酿 溅 凌 溉 晰 锈 眨 晶 凑 奉 锋 眯 晾 奏 凝 董 眶 溜 奔 暄 葫 葬 罕 锤 奠 奢 锦 奥 凶 凸 凹 罢 罩 锲 蒂 奴 抵 抹 署 押 督 镇 妄 睦 肢 妆 蒙 拄 睬 肪 拌 蠢 妒 睹 肴 拓 拔 拖 拘 拙 肿 拟 胀 箭 拢 拣 拧 拨 喻 胎 瞒 衅 镶 川 州 嗅 衍 巡 胞 拼 拽 巩 衔 巷 溪 嗦 嗨 溶 嗯 衰 衷 暧 篷 珠 滋 暴 袍 滔 娃 娇 袖 滞 滤 滥 滨 妥 蒸 曝 刊 饥 蓄 刑 饪 饲 饶 曲 姆 瞩 瞪 馅 婆 馈 瀑 馋 瞻 券 刹 蓬 翔 翘 剂 削 婪 剔 剖 挎 婴 欧 翼 挖 剥 挚 欲 灌 帆 副 挠 脂 欺 割 脉 挨 袭 帐 挪 挫 帖 媒 袱 帜 嘈 劈 挽 裂 闷 捆 灶 捉 嘛 捍 捎 捏 灿 歧 裕 捕 炉 捞 炎 歹 嘲 捣 捧 漆 殃 嘿 簸 裳 琢 腔 捷 幢 殖 掀 腥 腮 掏 掐 朗 腹 掘 噪 腻 腾 庄 庇 贤 贩 贪 蔑 贫 蔓 贬 贯 庞 膛 朽 膜 膝 媳 粉 贼 潜 贿 杆 赁 驰 驱 赂 驳 劫 嫂 嫉 赋 驻 赌 潮 杖 嫌 蔼 蔽 杜 赖 杠 砖 鉴 勃 赠 勉 赤 澄 澈 阂 骚 杰 勘 鸣 赶 鸭 构 烂 勤 烈 趁 队 鸽 趋 析 枕 控 措 烛 勺 防 阵 阶 薄 烤 阻 烫 毒 陆 庭 陌 描 毫 插 毯 粮 嚷 碍 碎 骤 骨 糊 臭 延 隔 建 团 致 糟 枪 固 架 怒 怖 髦 跃 某 柔 匀 匆 柜 藏 丁 恋 柴 麦 践 丑 碰 丙 丝 恢 匹 恨 磁 存 孝 恳 升 恶

I don't know that there's anything like going too fast. Some people think if you don't lay a proper foundation you're going to fuck up your language acquisition and learn Swahili instead or something. I think that's a bunch of nonsense. Go at the pace that feels right for you. Try to get as much input as possible. I think the earlier you start reading the better.



Isn't it more of a "whether humanity(?) will survive or not, all I can hear is the sound of an outbreak"
guidetojapanese.org/learn/grammar/volitional2 Tae Kim talks about that grammar point

Nah, that's extremely off.

I think you just raped my brain.

Give me some context for this sentence and I can try to help you.

Please don't just tell me I'm wrong, correct me too

The only sounds I'm hearing is whether people are here or not.

I'm assuming he's trapped somewhere and all he can hear are whether people are present or not.

obviously this doesnt apply to kana, but since any vocab or kanji study method starts off easy and gradually increases difficulty, if you add too many cards at the beginning you will quickly find yourself overwhelmed and possibly burn out

That's all the Kanji I learned today. If you can't do at least half of these by the day ends you're 完全にできない.

Arrived at a city where there are seemingly no humans. Right before that line he mentions how he can hear the waves of the sea which is very far away from the city.


Ah okay, now it makes more sense.

He's only hearing sounds that would be emitted with or without people present. Like the ocean.

Ah, so basically my initial guess without the awkward insertion of "nature". Thanks



>Looks like you're pretty good at recapturing those lowlifes for us.
Did I misunderstand the 奪還 in this sentence or is this it?

Stop reading translations.


Is that your translation?

>Looks like you're pretty good
Looks like you're giving it your all

recovering, whatever. Hard to say without context.
See yourei.jp/奪還

>for us
Did you invent this part?

No the "for us" is implied by the context. The person they talk to is blackmailed by them and has literally no reason for themself to (re)capture/recover humans.

But thanks, then it does make sense.

奪還 は相手に獲られたものを逆に獲り返す事。

>奪還 は相手に獲られたものを逆に獲り返す事。
Yeah, I'm aware.

Well, recapturing kinda fits, I guess. Actually robbing !from! the lowlifes would be the best, but that's just not in the raw.

Studying with VNs is fun but reading LNs on the PC is gay. I really want to read physical LNs but looking up stuff constantly on that would be a pain.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I just want to skip to the future when I'm already good at the language...

Just read more VNs until you can read LNs without looking stuff up.

That's what I'm doing right now



Just read physical LNs and skip all the stuff you don't know :D

Watching Into the Sun. They really call chinese chuugo-jin

呼ばれりゃあ is no dialect. That's more or less normal Japanese.
Your guess as to what it means is correct as far as I know.

No idea what もろうとるに is, but my initial guess goes in the direction of もらう as well.


Whether there is or there is not...
You can't look at いようが isolated, it's part of a larger construct.

Can anyone provide the third edition of Daijirin in EPWING format?

The one in the Cornucopia of Resources (CoR) doesn't have the word インタラクティブ in it, which Wikipedia claims to be included in the third edition, so I guess the one in CoR is the second edition.

I found this torrent (rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2705519) that claims to include Daijirin 3rd edition in EPWING format, but I downloaded it and it seems to be the same as the one in CoR.

Unless… Wikipedia is mistaken and they both are in fact the third edition. In that case, does anyone know of a way I can tell that I have the third edition and not the second one?

I recently started 放課後の不適格者 and holy shit the diary font is raping me.
Thank Kek-sama for visual novel reader parsing through it without issue or i'd be fucked.

If anyone played it, will this font stop being used or it's going to be a whole game thing ?

Why not actually read it?

Can you change the font in the settings?

Me singing Tokyo Ondo.


Sure i got used to the kanas but even the fucking kanjis are all distorted.
I guess this is helping me intuit the radicals, so it won't be for naught. Probably.


>it says while using a computer

>tfw bought genki 3 years ago and still haven't opened it

I can't stand the conventional nature of Genki. A friend of mine, recommend some starter-textbooks, I got his Genki copies, the books seens pedagogically decent and everything but.

The story "Mary and her friends fun and troubles in Japan" I looked at some pages and could see the main guy (Takeshi?) being molested (yes I see the two books) by a pevert, a character bringing a single freaking tomato to a bbq, (c'mon girl come by yourself and says, I come for the food, sounds better and more natural). The guy that slack off, the brilliant gal, the main character, the crush of my character...

I learned English and Italian by using such like books and they are kind of boring for me, I can't bash the people who use it to learn because its useful, and the disposition of the writers in trying to show the learning of language as a too nice and fun way.

Don't misunderstand me, learn a language (or a anything, from gardening to quantum physics, SHOULD be fun) it's proved that the more fun that you have learning something, the more you learn.

I wonder, if there is a more "direct" approach into learning Japanese than the cheesy cheese way?

Can we not do this in our high-quality education threads thanks


金玉 means testicules.

This unironically. We have our beginners(me included) to bump the thread with legit questions so we needn't resort to pastas


>I wonder, if there is a more "direct" approach into learning Japanese than the cheesy cheese way?
It's called using Tyler Kim and reading a beginner mangu that you like.

Shhh, don't tell them.

け and せ are fucking me up so hard rn in my hiragana practice. Up to na etc and every thing else is fine but these hot damn.
gotta keep practicing

ふ is worst kana

You haven't missed on anything. Been studying for more than 3 years now so I have no need for Genki anymore but trust me I did try multiple times getting myself to do Genki and always ended up dropping it.

It's just not a good tool for people like us who are self-studying as Genki focuses on getting you ready to do production stuff and get by in Japan... we don't care about those two things, what we want to do is read and study things that will capitalize in the future. Genki was originally made and designed for teachers teaching Japanese to normalfags at """Japanese classes""" at uni and such, not for people self-studying at home. For studying at home, things like RTK, KD, Tae Kim, DOJG, imabi, etc, are vastly superior. Only /r/Learnjp would recommend it.

I'm sometimes dumbfooted at how ignorant and backward a lot of the information out there regarding learning Japanese are. It's the current year and yet is most likely the best Japanese learning materials there is on the entire internet. On fucking Cred Forums.

>On fucking Cred Forums.
nothing weird about that, really, Cred Forums has always been weeb central

I don't understand how Cred Forums somehow is synonymous with stupidity.
Did you notice the vocabulary, grammar and logical acumen of the average post ?
I can assure you it's not fucking facebook or even reddit level.

The harsh and unforgiving nature of Cred Forums is inherently repulsive to the genuinely stupid that cannot protects his worldview through argumentation he is incapable of, and insulted for the smallest mistake or perceived weakness which is legion to him.

Now, i'm not saying Cred Forums is the den of supergenuises, far from it.
But if we take the average IQ of all sites of the internet, i'd bet my capacity to learn japanese that Cred Forums is among the highest-tier. Which isn't that impressive considering that rampant stupidity of the internet.

what should I do when rikaisama breaks and suddenly does jack shit when pressing the import button to anki? the rest of the functions work properly

I already tried reinstalling and updating everything

You're seriously delusional if you believe this.

>cannot protect his worldview through argumentation
This accurately describes Cred Forums.



i'm glad to see this thread is as shitty as ever
good job mates!

Mine are itchy all the time.

Go to Cred Forums or Cred Forums and feel your IQ drop by the second.

Does anyone else put on something in Japanese (for me, its podcasts) while they do other shit? I'm doing it right now while writing a paper.

nah, i'd fuck up any average if you throw me into the mix since i'm literally übersmensch

>Cred Forums and feel your IQ drop by the second.
This is correct but I feel like you think this for the wrong reasons

>not Cred Forums
>not Cred Forums
>not Cred Forums

Fuck off with your traps.

It's only 2 strokes man, how can that be bad.

Also it kinda looks like a sloppily drawn fylfot.

>It's only 2 strokes man
Haha, nice one.

It's 2, 3 or 4.
Depending on how you write it.

restarting my computers seems to have done the trick

I have no idea I swear


Does knowing Japanese help you guess at the meaning of written Chinese as well? Or is it completely useless for that purpose?

I mean I know the languages themselves are completely different but they do share a lot of characters for the writing so was curious if some meaning can be inferred (like, guess a few words in a sentence maybe) if you know Japanese.

You may have a case of wangy蟹

Occasionally, but usually not.

It's 4.

Try again and now like a human.

People say this a lot, but I think it's very individual. I started off going hard as fuck when I still had that beginner motivation boost and eventually settled into a nice comfortable pace, but when I did go too hard I didn't burn out completely, I just thought ok, that's a bit much, I'll find another solution or scale down or whatever, to something sustainable, not stop altogether.

Oh ok, was just curious since I went to Panda Express with my family a while back and saw 水 on the water cup and was like "hey, I recognize that!"

But then again that's a pretty basic concept so I imagine recognizing more complex things would be different.

anime porn games

Please don't remind me.
Almost have a 100 reviews again, the pressure is killing me.

>tfw over 300 reviews and 50 lessons

>I don't understand how Cred Forums somehow is synonymous with stupidity.
I never said this, so I won't bother reading the rest of your post. I regard Cred Forums highly when it comes to hobbies and self-improvement.

Ludic Entertainment Was Decisive.

>not doing all your lessons in one sitting
Have fun for the next 3 years.

When this has happened to me, completely shutting down and restarting Firefox has solved it.

バサっと やっちゃって

What does バサ(っと) mean?
By context I can tell it means something like "go on do that thing quickly" or something but no matter what I can't find anything about it when googling it. I won't feel at peace without an explanation I feel.

wat game

Actual ESL detected

What's your point lowlife?

My point is that you didn't understand the implications of the sentence you quoted, and therefore your post made you look like an idiot.

50 lessons unlocked in one sitting for me

You already took the cake by using ESL as an insult I'm afraid.

Am I an ESL if I've never been called out on it?

That expression usually means that the initial bit (here: バサ) is an onomatopoeia of what happens/is done.
I have no idea what makes the sound バサ, though.

I want to know if Japan really is a perfect country like what most people think it is:
Is Japan the safest country in the world?
Are all people living in Japan rich and educated?
Is everyone clean?
Is the city really clean?
Are there no criminals, murderers, mass shooting?
Are there no beggars?
Do the Japanese look up/down on non-Asians?
Is the Japanese willing to help foreigners on learning Japanese and other things?
What do the Japanese think of this topic or that topic?
What are their opinions of this topic or that topic?
What do they think of WW2 and their grandparents who participated in the war?

I think I'm the only person here who isn't learning it just for games, anime and hentai related stuff.

Nice deflection, ESL

>Is the Japanese willing to help foreigners on learning Japanese and other things?
Nope, if you're a gaijin they'll always speak english to you and go "ohhh your japanese is so good" even if it's not

lol did kklc get purged from the guide

>I want to know if Japan really is a perfect country like what most people think it is
literally only weebs believe that

Is english your second language? If the answer is yes then you are an ESL but don't you worry, that is not an insult! We are learning japanese as our third language so we're actually pretty awesome

Same here.
It hurts a bit when people call out ESLs. We did nothing wrong.

thejadednetwork.com/sfx/search/?keyword=ばさ&submitSearch=Search SFX&x=


初心者なら 難しい文章を書き込まないでくれ

as long as you don't argue about stupid shit that you totally misunderstood i don't care who you are

i just call everyone who argues over semantics an ESL at this point

>Is Japan the safest country in the world?
I dunno, I can say it's pretty safe. Maybe less if you're a western woman.

>Are all people living in Japan rich and educated?
Depends on your standards.

>Is everyone clean?
Well, most people I saw in Tokyo were.

>Is the city really clean?
Depends. Cleaner then where I normally live, but not fully clean.

>Are there no criminals, murderers, mass shooting?
There are. Just recently there was the stabbing incident in the home for mentally retarded.

>Are there no beggars?
There are, especially under bridges.

makes me think of バッサリと but who knows

At a barber?
It reminds me of the sound of something heavy or a large amount of something falling.
So if it's used at a barber, perhaps it means getting hair cut boldly.

Has your Japanese ever gotten you laid?

Thanks for that link.

people using ESL as an insult are kind of sad to begin with, it's nothing worth getting hurt over

With several cuties in various eroge.

it has enabled me to experience countless eroge and doujinshi that i would never be able to otherwise

Yes, exactly, it was at a barber, so it's most likely "cut" from .

Thanks everyone.

I'm an ESL and I have a better grasp of English than the vast majority of native speakers. It's just a meaningless buzzword.

Did 6k, mined a few thousand, then went back and did rest of 10k. Almost at 14k words now. At this point there's gotta quite a few anons here who can read books, right? Do you think I can open something like The Lord of the Rings in Japanese without getting too messed up?


Why would you want to read an English to Japanese translation?

>I can be pedantic about obscure idioms and typos
>that means I'm better at the language
You are precisely the reason people dislike ESLs

aiiieee! ESL! ESL is here!!
Please call an ESL Police!

Such as?

I figure that if I mined Tolkien stuff in Japanese, my future high fantasy vocab would be pretty much perfect. Good for MMOs, isekai stuff and orc rape CG sets. I also like that book and want to revisit it. Still a noob anyway, I couldn't appreciate the differences between a true nihongo book folded many times and a translation.

For example if you passed C2 of Cambridge English exam, I'd be interested in hearing how was it.

>Almost at 14k words now
This means nothing to me. Can you read something like monogatari with no problems and little dictionary use? Muramasa? Post some meaningful information if you want a meaningful answer.

The answer is probably no though, since you would already know if the answer was yes.

I want an answer from a native who lived in Japan for 30 years. I cannot trust you if you're just a Japanese learner or a person who worked and lived in Japan for 6 years. This is the reason why I'm learning Japanese. These are the kind of questions I want to ask to the Japanese in their native tongue.

>Depends on your standards.
I have quit college.

Don't forget that this conversation was started by an ESL who thought someone was arguing with him when the person was actually agreeing.

>I have quit college.

Then how do you expect to get into Japan?

Last thing I read was some nukige. I've read a shitton of raw doujinshi and CG sets during my journey so I've become good at that, I'm just unsure how much of a shock literature grammar would be I guess. I could just try since I've got the books on my harddrive but I'm a fag

It wouldn't be a problem if you didn't take it personal. Regardless, it's quite ironic to see wanna-be not-EOPs flinging shit at somebody who already learned another language.

What does it mean?




(I had the pineapple one. For me meat and pineapple are quite an unusual combination, but it was good.)

I have never dreamed of living in Japan, but I have plans on visiting the country. I have the money and I heard from a friend that buying figurines there is much cheaper compared to just shipping it. It's just that there are so many things I wanna talk about to a Japanese.


Then just go, go to some park, stand aroumd and old guys will speak up to you in English.

I have no idea how you inferred that from my post, but okay.
I passed Cambridge CPE with an A (91/100 in the pre-2015 scoring system). It was fairly easy -- to give you an idea, I was 13 at the time, and most of my exposure to the language came from internet forums and video games. The listening section held me back somewhat, since I had little interest in movies or TV shows, but if I were to retake the test now, I'm confident I wouldn't have much trouble acing it. Is there anything in particular you want to know about?
>take it personal
That was my first post in this thread regarding ESLs.

It's a typical costume which they build up oneself spirit.

Took me almost a month but I finally finished 三四郎

>stand aroumd and old guys will speak up to you in English
>old Japanese people
>willing to speak English

Yes, exactly. Just like you're a fucking weeaboo, they're hungry to speak English to gaijins and have something interesting happen that day.

They want to improve their english. Someone posted a video of some autistic weeb getting triggered by that and screaming and old people in japanese


See this? This is why so many people hate ESLs. You are the problem, and ESLs in general eat it.


Ryan Boundless?

I can imagine it would be incredibly frustrating if you spend like 5 years learning Japanese and then like a thousand bucks on a plane ticket to go to Japan, and when you get there, folks are just like "herro howayuu?"

Huh, so that happens there too? Interesting.

Youtube link?

How the hell did you become so fluent at the age of 13? I started browsing the Internet only around that age, and at 18 I took the FCE and passed it with an A (90/100, it counts as a C1 certificate).

He's probably lying.

>I'm an ESL and I have a better grasp of English than the vast majority of native speakers.

You don't.

>Seven down from the next one over was the last of the last of the red great dragons, in a cave, with paltry size and mood. If freedom be better than not, let the wings relax.

Translate this into spoken english.

I started playing video games when I was 5. Mostly JRPGs, so I was basically forced to learn English.

Also, why not pretend and tell them you can't understand English? Wouldn't that be reasonable enough for them to speak Japanese to you?

Yeah but you would expect him to have at least basic respect for the elderly especially when they're strangers. There's no need to be so obnoxious and if he could have played along or just politely declined.

Personally I wouldn't mind at all, but as I said the poor man's probably autistic.


It happened to me too, but I just said I can't speak English.

>Translate this into spoken english.
Be more specific.

>Translate this into spoken english.
That's not a good problem though, because most natives couldn't do that. The problem is that languages are fundamentally judged on how you actually speak them, so it doesn't matter if you know 60000 vocab and have read all of Joyce if you speak with a weird accent and have weird word usages in person. It's like someone who learns to write 3000 kanji and then claims they are better at Japanese than native speakers (native speakers can't even pass N1 after all, right? right?)

That said, it is possible that he is actually native level in English. But pretty much every time I have seen people claim that online, they make mistakes a native speaker wouldn't make and are pedantic about typos and small shit made by native speakers. Like the use the presence or lack of apostrophe in "its" to call people shit at English while using unnatural sentences structures themselves.




Translate this into the written depiction of standard spoken american english. The kind you get in video game dialogue.

I know it's not a good problem, but the fact they responded with is slightly disconcerting. He could just be acting autismal, but if he's not, it means he has a deep misunderstanding about the nature of spoken english.

You sound like you're looking for a friend/study buddy instead of a mentor. Maybe look into that.


I don't understand people who get angry over this. I think its cute. Old friendly men are adorable as fuck.

Probably a combination of being in a bad mood, autism, a poor upbringing or all of the above.

Oh cool, thanks.

Just could have said ドイツ人です or whatever if he wanted to get rid of him. Just because people looks like westerners doesn't mean they speak English.

Because he's lived there for 16 years and stuff like this is a harsh and nearly daily reminder that he'll never be able to fully integrate or be fully accepted into the society no matter how hard he tries.
The way I imagine he interprets it is that he's probably spent his entire adult life trying to do something he knows he'll never be able to do.
It's something I wouldn't expect most people to be able to understand because they've never experienced it before. If you know anyone with a handicap or some sort of disfiguration, it's very similar. All you want is to go one day without being reminded that you stick out like a sore thumb, to just be a normal person, but then every day you get that "Do you need help carrying that?" or "Here, let me get the door for you" but they might as well be saying "You're different from everyone else and everyone is aware of it all the time"

Sure, to us he's an autistic weeaboo, but all he wants to do is be Japanese and he can't.

> all he wants to do is be Japanese and he can't.

So he's an autistic weaboo? Lmao

That's his own fault then. You don't simply move to a racially different country (a conservative one at that) expecting to eventually be treated like a native.

Unless you're a brainwashed globalist.

The fact that he doesn't recognise this simple truth after living in a country for 16 years is just mind boggling to be honest

I think I've finally gotten too bored of doing tons of anki vocab

Time to go on a life support of 30 words per day for a bit and focus on reading

>didn't understand quite well

that's why you don't go above 20 cards and only do a mining deck

What classifies being treated as a native? You go to any country in the world, native people (if they need to, they'll usually try to avoid it) will speak to you in there native tongue. Well, okay, I can't speak for every single country in the world, but I know at least in all the European countries I've been to, and Mexico, that that's how it is. It'd be enough for him if Japanese people in Japan would just speak Japanese to him.

It's because he realizes that it's a simple truth is the worst part. He was probably aware of it after a week. But just because something's true doesn't mean it doesn't hurt.

>he'll never be able to fully integrate or be fully accepted into the society no matter how hard he tries
He knew that before he started. So if he has trouble with it, he has got no one to blame but himself.
>all he wants to do is be Japanese and he can't
Sure, but that was obvious from before the start, and that applies to pretty much any country in the world.
At times you can't even move within the same country and become a true local at the new location.

This guy should be glad they talk to him at all. If I were a nihonjin and saw this white pig walking around my city I'd just stare intensely at him.

I think you're underestimating how homogenous Japan's society is.

>just because something's true doesn't mean it doesn't hurt.

Then he's a manchild. If he hates it so much he should go back to his own country. Otherwise he should either learn to deal with it or start a campaign waging war against old people from asking Caucasians for help with English.

>If I were a nihonjin and saw this white pig walking around my city I'd just stare intensely at him.
What if he was walking around with your slutty daughter?

>tfw this will never happen to me because I'm half-Jap

He's now in Thailand.

I'd hire a ヤクザ殺し屋.

>you can't ever be a real nip

This is a pain that can never be overcome.

>killing your daughter to restore family honor

Look, I don't really care what your opinion on the subject is one way or another.
user said he couldn't understand it, and I'm only trying to present in a way to help him understand what the guy was going through and why he maybe acted the way he did.
Dudes want to always fucking argue over some pointless shit.

you can pass if you're east asian and nihongo ga jouzu da ne


Lmao. I don't even know what to say to that. On one hand it's known for the cheap but good standard of living but I can't think of any other pros besides that and sex tourism.

Some restaurants and establishments will refuse you if you look Chinese. I've had multiple friends recount such experiences to me.

>Some restaurants and establishments will refuse you if you look Chinese. I've had multiple friends recount such experiences to me.
What the fuck? How do they even tell?

Japanese and chinese have different eyelid and jaw structure.

the japanese basically look like western quarterbreeds because of all that jomon and ainu blood

How do they get away with it? In the West it'd be unthinkable.

That pic is representative of maybe 5% of each country's population.

Not all asians look the same my americano friend

By the way they were just ethnically chinese not actual chinese

Most Nips have no concept of multiculturalism, I presume.

yes, a very specific age bracket

you can still tell if you see enough people of all age brackets, except maybe with the elderly

European countries are caucasian, there's little racial differences to begin with, so it's not hard to mistake a foreigner for a local based on looks alone.
Japan, on the other hand, barely has foreigners in it; foreigners don't get treated the same way as natives, ever. Nips don't expect much courtesy from foreigners, they don't expect foreigners to work for as many hours as a native, they don't expect foreigners to know their cultural and social rules and they don't expect foreigners to speak good japanese. So they'll keep trying to approach them by not speaking japanese.
It doesn't matter if said foreigner had been, say, living there for 20 years and has a japanese citizenship (which can only be acquired if said foreigner gives up all other citizenships that he/she has), the japanese people will never expect him to behave like a native or know japanese almost as well as a native.

tl;dr he's a fucking idiot.

It's not even about multiculturalism, it's blatant racism.
I kind of lost respect for them now.

Right off the bat I recognised the middle guy as chinese because he looks has slightly larger eyes and looks like a martial artist and the right one as japanese because of his samurai moustache.

The chinese and jap girls look the same, but the pale complexion of the korean gives it away

No but it states that kklc is not currently available online which is false if you check CoR.

The average young person definitely does not look like that.
t. someone who has been to South Korea and Japan

Not him, but doesn't that mean "a guy killing yakuza" and not "a yakuza killing guys"?

yes, the average young person doesn't look like an averaged young person

the averaged look will always seem attractive however, that's why the picture looks 8/9 or 9/9 instead of 6/9

I can't find any mention of kklc or kodansha anymore, neither in html nor google docs

It's right there.
djt.neocities.org/resource guide.html
Guide-kun even added the author's suggested changes.

Yes it's about multiculturalism. Multiculturalism and racism are opposites. I don't think they even teach about racial tolerance and all that bullshit in school, so your average nip is going to default to the simplest solution when he gets multiple recurring cases of chink tourists being unruly in his establishment.

>I kind of lost respect for them now.

It isn't their fault any more than it's the average SJW's fault for being an SJW.

I was reading the guide, not the resource list

>For more information on how to use RTK or KanjiDamage, the necessary Anki decks, as well as alternatives, see the resources page.

That doesn't mention KKLC, only "alternatives"

Got a full version of that song?

>tfw half chinese
>tfw will never be able to go to animeland without being treated like shit

Dude it's got nothing to do racism. They can refuse whatever customer they want.
Probably had a Chinese family there that let there son pee on the floor or whatever. I've seen enough Chinese tourists do shit like that.

It's bad that regular Chinese people have to suffer, but it's a problem they have to solve as a people and not the Japanese.






Yeah, my point was that KKLC is an alternative.

That's not what I posted about.

Hi! I just spotted an error in the resource guide. This is in the grammar section:
>Tae Kim - This is the most commonly used guide on /djt/
Please change this to DJT. This is not /vg/. Thanks! :)

What was it that you posted about?

I posted about how I thought kklc got purged from the guide.

I see. I might be mistaken, and if so, please correct me, but I believe KKLC was never mentioned in the main guide. No?

That may be true, and if it is, then I'm sorry.

Is the KKLC author posting in this thread now

Probably not. He'd be ranting about piracy or something.

Right. The thing about KKLC is, it appears to be a good resource, but we still haven't seen any concrete results. Until we hear from anons who completed the book and found it worthwhile, I think it's best to hold off on including it in the main guide.

I had actually assumed that the reason he requested a donation button and such was because he knew it was being pirated here, but maybe not

A well-educated, prim and proper ethnic Chinese second-generation immigrant American walks into a Japanese restaurant and is refused entry based on his face. Is it still 'a problem they have to solve as a people'?

If not for the collateral damage caused by such zero tolerance policies, Japan is going to have to depend on China more and more. Doing shit like this harms their reputation and threatens the future of their economy. Eventually the elevens will be forced to learn racial tolerance and become multicultural shitters like all other first world countries.

The thing about KKLC is that it's probably better than RTK as a book, but both are worse than just using an anki deck or kanji koohii or something that has mnemonics for you

I mean as long as we don't advertise the pirated copy in other places I can't see him being that upset. Cred Forums is that scientology raid place, remember.

Not Chinese


there's a KKLC deck but I'd like to see it get fixed up a bit imo

also, KKLC's instruction on how to use it enforces very minimal review, so it's already better than RTK imo

What do you mean? Both books have mnemonics (well, you have to use koohii for RTK, but still)

Fuck multiculturalism and fuck muh racism. It's their nation and their soil, if they want to tell foreigners to fuck off they can.

how does a country that is 98% one race get away with racism guys how unthinkable

He means that flashcards are a much better method of forcing your brain to remember information than manual drilling, so having the data on flashcards is better than having it in a book. Especially when you can't copy/paste the book's text since it's physical or a scan.

I mean both are useless (for writing) without SRS, and once you have a good deck set up with SRS there's no need for the book itself anymore.

But both books have Anki decks that should be used in conjunction.



>collateral damage caused by such zero tolerance policies
Like what? Losing 1 customer a month?

I dunno if you've noticed but most people get turned off by discriminatory practices

What people? No one seems to care but you.
I don't give a fuck if they call me white pig or バカ外人

He is Ling Zhang

I dunno if you've noticed but people around you don't exactly represent the Japanese culture.

>chat with girl on HelloTalk
>it's like 5am in Japan
>call her 夜行性
>she starts to laugh and says she's not an animal
W-what did I do wrong?

She is stupid, that's all.

No, she explained it to me now. 夜型 is for people and 夜行性 only for animals.

The more you know.

Thanks for the lesson

>only for animals
no I'm Japanese too, it's common in Japan.
If she doesn't know the phrase she is stupid.
She should read more books.









リア充爆発しろって君達いうけどね。 彼女「やだ!爆発しちゃやだ!」リア充「おい!危ないから離れてろよ!」彼女「やだやだ!リアくんが死んだら生きてけないもん!あたしも死ぬ」リア充「ばっかやろ…。絶対離さないかんな」彼女「あたし…世界一の幸せものだ…」とかやるんだぜ?本当に見たいか?

- some guy on twitter


These three sentences are different each.




Today I did Anki for 38 minutes and then I read a visual novel for 1 hour and 57 minutes.

Fuck off

What did you do for the other 21 hours and 25 minutes?

According to my tracker I was for 5 hours and 24 minutes in Google Chrome, had MPC-HC open for 47 minutes and then just a list of random smaller programs for minuscule amounts. The rest of the time was probably filled with sleep, food, showering and general spacing out.


someone spoonfeed me a website where i can read LNs with rikai

Why not actually read them?

How do EOPs learn to interpret spoken Japanese? For example, in the sentence 「人生を考えるために旅に出ます」 the only way I can understand it is if I read it backwards as "Going on a trip for the purpose of thinking about life" because that's how you would say it in a SVO language. I figure the obvious answer is "just practice" but I'm hoping there's a trick to help stop "englishifying" their syntax.

Don't translate it? Just think of it in Japanese. Is this really that hard for monolinguals?

For the sake of thinking about life, [ ] leave on a journey
Human lifeをsake of think,journeyにleave

"Read more" really is the answer to almost all problems.

If you've read 5 VNs, THEN you can start worrying about problems like that. But you should expect to have to go through at least 10 VNs before you start feeling more comfortable with everything and really start feeling "intermediate hell" and the vocab grind

I just acquired a PDF of A History of the Japanese Language by Bjarke Frellesvig. It's a good and reasonably unbiased "State Of The Field" book, appropriate for advanced learners of japanese that want extra background information that isn't tainted by japanese nationalism and also isn't tainted by japanese anti-nationalism.

I'll upload it if anyone wants to mirror it, but I won't keep it up on my own accounts.

Here's a few excerpts:

>OJ kept distinct so-called ko-rui (type A) and otsu-rui (type B) syllables, which merged in the transition to EMJ. [...] Phonemically, the difference between the ko and otsu syllables is generally agreed to pertain to the post-consonantal part of each syllable. However, despite the subscript convention used here and elsewhere, and despite the way the orthographic ko-otsu distinction is often talked about, it is important to appreciate that OJ did not have 'two kinds of' Iii, lei or lol, any more than Classical Greek had many kinds of 'i'. [...]

>As there is no convenient way of representing the distinction in the present-day Japanese writing system, it remains widely ignored outside linguistics. This is probably to some extent a consequence of the lack of consensus about its phonemic interpretation, but it is regrettable and makes difficult a full appreciation of the sound texture of OJ poetry.

>In a segmentational model, Japanese verb forms may be described in terms of the following structure, with five main morphemic layers:
>root - derivative - auxiliary verb - auxiliary - flective
>The central inflectional morphology is realized by flectives, expressing obligatory inflectional categories for which any verb inflects (3.1.3), and by auxiliaries expressing optional categories for which verbs can inflect (3.1.4). As seen in (4), more than one auxiliary can be attached to a verb, in which case the auxiliaries appear in the ordergivenin Table3.2 and(21) below ( and

Sounds useful. I'd like it.

If you upload it I'll read it, yeah.

> But you should expect to have to go through at least 10 VNs before you start feeling more comfortable with everything
For simple stuff like the sentence he posted , though, it probably won't take more than reading 12 volumes of Yotsuba.

Make that 6.

>want to read 四叶妹妹
>it's only in 繁体字

more like 2 episodes of anime amirite

I have never finished a single piece of media and I understand that sentence.

I leave on a journey with the purpose of understanding life.

They're going on a soul-seeking journey.

They're on wanderlust.

Here you go: mega.nz/#!2JBQhDpC!X38m8DQYYp9OrqOlrOM-ia69wQ72BJtPdkmh8XQJbpM

I'm deleting it in under 72 hours. I expect someone else will mirror it.


What's the best way to learn vocabulary with an iPhone?

Install gentoo

What does this mean?

it means root your phone and replace the stock OS

My cards for Anki are all fucked up. How do I fix it? They used to have info on the main site but it's not available anymore.

Here's the picture I accidently forgot. It's been a long time since I've used Cred Forums. This is just the best place to learn Japanese at.

It looks like a shitty production deck but I don't see anything wrong with it apart from that.


What does this part mean here? I'm use to に marking location but it's attached to 先生 and not Gregson (the name of a building).

>0 O



に marks the teacher as the target of 言って, "even though I always say Gregson to the teacher"

Can someone explain the difference between 訊く 聞く and 聴く?

Am I correct with
聞く just normal hearing
聴く listening to stuff like music
訊く to learn/hear of something

Not really sure.

ooooh, に marks a target which just happens to be a place a lot of the time. Gotcha, thanks.


They are all the same thing, "to hear" (no difference in spoken language), but evolved into different kanji to make text less ambiguous.

Miru 見る also has this kind of stuff, 観る is watching TV, 診る is examining a patient.

This seems like some pretty hardcore japanese structure, or maybe I'm just a beginner and am easily impressed. Hopefully the latter...

I'm only on my second VN and I already feel a lot more comfortable with Japanese. To the point where I don't have to think to understand sentences that aren't too complex. I agree with just reading more.

What VN? How are you finding it?

Good taste user.

I started with Hanahira and now I'm on Nanatsuiro Drops. It's all right. Getting used to the more prose-style narration was difficult at first, both due to the structure and more varied vocabulary, but now it's kinda nice because it's so regular compared to spoken language. I still get fucked up when they go into infodump mode and there's a zillion new vocab all at once or the characters that use fancy keigo and such start talking, but other than that it's a relatively comfortable read. I dunno if I'd stick with it if it wasn't for the added fun of deciphering what's going on, but on the other hand I want to see these two idiots fuck already.

Would it be terrible to set a maximum number of reviews per day in Anki? If I did, would Anki rearrange what cards are due knowing it can only fit in a certain number per day, or just cut off what I would do normally?

Today I played another 3 hours of Persona 5. The pacing is a bit slow, it's still no way near letting me free roam the city and checking out the shops. Everytime I try it just tells me to go do this thing instead.
That's a bit weak, there's so many places I've been around but couldn't explore any of them, only bit by bit when the game lets me.

But I mined some new words so all is well.
風俗 (naughty)

Rearrange into what? Shit that doesn't fit into the limit gets pushed the next day and now you get even more shit over your limit and it's get pushed even further and it goes on and on.
So yeah, it's terrible.

Another thing that gives me trouble is when it's just a string of kana function words that probably have some distinct meaning but I can't really figure it out because there's not a solid bit of vocab I can use to anchor myself.

プリマ・アスパラス「アタシはアタシに見合うだけの力の持ち主と対決したい! なのにどうなの? どういうことよ!! あのプリマ・プラムといったら――」

I think I understand the first half of this (she wants to compete against someone as strong as herself) but the rest I don't get. Oh well, it's probably just a case of needing more exposure.


Any particular reason you chose Nanatsuiro Drops over any other VN?

I don't get it. Is it a trap if they add ぞ?


This guy said it was easy desuarchive.org/a/thread/145676784/#145702972

I tried Axanael first but frankly the interface kinda intimidated me. I guess I agree with his opinion on it so far, but I haven't really consumed any magical girl media before, nor have I read any VNs beyond ctrling translated ones to the naughty bits, so I can't tell if it's generic or cliched or whatever.

Pretty much every VN that has 4-5 girls on the cover in cute clothing and has no men on the cover is easy. I don't know why this is such a hard concept for people to understand.

Here's a good one: vndb.org/v1141

Sure, there's probably a bunch of different ones that would be just as suitable, I just happened to see that post right after finishing Hanahira

I've lurked these threads for a while but I've seen differing opinions, so I'd just like to ask one final time before I decide what to do.

I'm ~1400 words into core2k and I've read JTMW. Is this enough to start reading and mining a VN? I'm looking at either Axanael or Hanahira if that's too hard for me right now. Finally, can I drop core2k and just start mining, or should I at least finish core2k?

Do Hanahira and Yotsuba while finishing Core2k.

So don't bother mining Hanahira? Or mine it, but then start the mining deck after I finish core2k?

Read as much as you want as soon as you want.
Don't feel forced to do it though, the reps are what you need to feel forced to do.

They should just get rid of these useless kanji. It all makes sense in context so there's no need for them

I gr, Jpns knj r cmpltly slss, w cn rd jst fn wtht thm.

>So don't bother mining Hanahira? Or mine it, but then start the mining deck after I finish core2k?
Either way

You're doing it for the reading experience, not for the vocab. Anything you don't mine you may come across soon in core, or mine soon later. So it really doesn't matter much.

But then learning Japanese wouldn't require our blood, sweat, and tears.

dmn strt
r trng t mpl thrwse?

>but I haven't really consumed any magical girl media before, nor have I read any VNs
? Why are you learning Japanese in the first place then? What is there outside of magical girls and VNs?

Are you saying you don't understand what these mean without the kanji?

Cn w gt rd f cnsnts swll?

sr h chtt...

>sr h chtt...
cn't fgr ths n t.

thts bcs swtchd t mn lngg

>mfw ndrstnd t nw

>Please change this to DJT.

Y chky cnt.



for what purpose

Post stats for past month.

Its not that bad
Plus I cant read forever, droning out on anki doesnt bother me


this lads

teach me senpai

that's cool it's kinda starting to wear me out desu

but if it was all mined words i might not mind quite so much


What's the difference between 会う and 逢う?


会う is more broad. 逢う has more emotional weight behind it, and can be used for things like chance encounters, or fateful meetings between lovers or arch-enemies. You should probably just use 会う.

ありのままの自分 can be seen as a set phrase without actually feeling comfortable with the underlying grammar. ありのまま even has as dictionary entry.

Also, here's something to help remember it: