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>waifu dolls
>play games all day
>don't leave their house unless he needs a bag of chips or other unhealthy food

Prove me wrong.

He actually is able kill people with his unkown power.

>unknown power
Lul yeah he can eat his enemy doh, just look at him and yourself.

Good thread OP, now go back to whichever shit board you came from

Wrong, he dont have waifu body pillows it's nr 1 req to be a decent respected weeb.

>decent respected weeb

I always thought that was the author's self insert until I realized Togashi was skinny.

I wish I was like that and had no responsibilities.

Is summer over yet?

That's literally the point retard

He also has an actual wife

The disappointment of the family. The black sheep if you will. Hates on brothers constantly, but too scared of older brother to start shit with him.

Pics or gtfo

>he doesn't know

he married sailor moon

I agree.


He's not the average, he's just what we aspire to be.

He's also the one they come to when they need to update their family business website, so it's not like he's useless.

But OP he's rich, thats opposite of average weeb here.

>le everyone who isn't me is an overweight neet meme
I think you missed v

Togashi slays more pussy than you can imagine

I wish. Working 12 hour shifts sucks.

do you even togashi faggot?

>Say im fat again, i dare you i double dare you motherfucker