Why don't you like Misa-nee?

Why don't you like Misa-nee?

too tall

too slippery

best girl



but i love misa-ne


big cry baby

thanks mr skeltal

Why am I the only one who can't like Raita's designs?

You're still pure and unbroken, leave while you can.

best berserker

But raita is pure and vanilla.

It's weird how raita is great but ever so often produces absolute vomit such as her.

Which came first, Misa or Selvaria?

Great art but he needs to do rape and gangbang so he can satisfy my fetish

Because her only good scene was a dream.

Why does she cry?



>too tall

manlet pls go

I'm fine with her design but in this picture specifically her arms jut out and it looks fucking weird

For the longest time I thought they were sisters.

I really like the way he draws small breasts.

I don't care if "boobs don't work that", my dick doesn't care for anatomy.

but I do, I also like the brown girl and lolis

Also, how tall is she?

Not tall enough.

I love Misa-nee.

best girl. Objectively.

Translation WHEN?


thought she was 6ft+, nice

It's a scientifically proven fact that Erika is the best.

deformed disgusting slut

Which of these breast beasts do you prefer?

Still waiting for a Yui Erika threesome

The one on the right.

Left is the better girl, right has the better outfit.

Why does every single one of them want to fuck the same guy?

sex fiend fluid
works as an aphrodisiac


I wished do another doujin instead of focusing entirely on Zettai Shoujo. Maybe for Sailor Uranus.

You're kidding. She butts in on this one too?

Those nipples could poke someone's eye out.

Left or right?

I fapped to her getting pounded by those surfers. That's all though.

She needs to eat more, her hip bones shouldn't be protruding like that


Is this from a new Raita doujin?

Because she's a possessive and violent bitch. Also stop fucking crying jesus christ.


>dem booty shorts


She's too short for my tastes.


Cred Forums fears mature women.

ring ring ring ring ring ring ring

banana tits

Somewhere in the middle.

Misa is much too docile. I prefer Erika.

Brown loli should've become the villain and started eliminating competing girls with her super aphrodisiacs, devious intellect, and dubious morals. There could've been blackmail and gangbangs galore, but too bad Raita doesn't like to taint his perfect goddesses.

I've just noticed that's a long arm pit