Do you like webtoon Cred Forumsnons? List 3 of your favorite webtoon

Do you like webtoon Cred Forumsnons? List 3 of your favorite webtoon.

Gookshit belong in Cred Forums.

Fuck off.

Tower of God

So is Jae Yeol gay for the MC?

fuck off

Most likely.


I only read Sweet Guy

Why is this so popular?

I've only read Tower of God, but then I think to myself, what could top this?
It's a masterpiece and I don't believe I could be convinced otherwise.

I am ashamed to admit that i like this shitty story.

Gookshit is only good for porn because everything is colored.

Serious humor + overpowered MC + interesting story & action

HIVE, Gosu, Dokgo

I'm reading this but don't really like the cowtits.

I only read Bastard. Everything suffers from both horrendously cliche plots and the worst fucking paneling on the face of the goddamn earth.

Only gookshit that's worth reading is Gosu, Tower of God, Bastard and probably Lookism.

Oh and if Dokgo doesn't count as a webtoon toss in Terror Man

How is the plot cliche? I don't recall a manga with a "son of a serial killer" plot.


The storyline is garbage, enemies are the same over and over again
>muh shitty humans
>much experiments
>muh kidnapping someone
>muh Rai is dying(for the 883 time)

afterschool war activities

>I read like five mangas and webtoons seems so fresh and orginal to me now
Classic gookshit reader

>I can't give some examples so lets use ad hominem

I've completed 137 manga. I'm new to gookshit

BRILLIANT. Let me hug you, user-oppa.

Only good one I've seen is Gosu, which is a sequel to Yongbi the Invincible.

Gookshit, but some of the best Chinese Martial Arts style stuff I've ever read.