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Spoiler in 24 hours. How to stop ishida from becoming the next kubo?

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>How to stop ishida from becoming the next kubo?
Too late for that.

I don't get the hate for this manga.

It has good foreshadowing, something Bleach couldn't even dream of.

I swear people started hating the moment the anime started airing and normies discovered it.

I also still like it, but current arc didnt resonate aswell with people

whats bad in it i love it

>I don't get the hate for this manga.
I love both tg and tgre up until the recent arc. It's like i've been reading a different manga.

It feels like Ishida is trying to do too many different things at once to try to wrap up this arc. We got three fights, some characters from like the first arc are showing up outta nowhere, and really, it kinda feels like Ishida is trying to shove in way too much symbolism into everything.

>whats bad in it
Plot armor
Same cliffhanger over and over again
Last minute save
Characters keep popping out of nowhere
Edgyzawa and Trap basically are copies of white hair kaneki post aogiri raid
Offscreened deaths/fights
The washuu are ghouls all along are lame too.

i loved it too, but you got to admit the manga has made a 180 from good in the recent arcs

they get it

I'm not sure but noticed the we've been getting less and bigger panels per page. Has it always been like this?


I want to marry Kaneki.

Fuck off Roma

>not doing foreshadowing right
If you were sleeping under a fucking rock, yeah.

Shitposters are a minority who cling to and hate anything that has more threads than they're favorite anime. They will sink the threads with samefag shitposts until other shitposters catch on and carry their shitposting legacy. More news at 11.

>Has it always been like this?
Read the manga and you'll know.

Say hi to the new king.

I just started the anime on the recommendation of a friend.

How's the manga? Is it worth reading too or even better than the show?

Clowns to the right of me! Jokers to the left!

Who will stop Kaneki from crushing everyone now? at this point he is the Madara of the manga

I wish Noro was still around.

Puppets, Puppets, get your strings cut!

Puppet, Puppets, learn how to fly! (No strings attached)

So you're saying the ones the provide several arguments and opinions on the matter are shitposters while the ones who disregard what they say and complain about them are providing quality posts?




I was under the impression that the shitposters, or shitposter, is the guy below and above you.

Let's (have a) solve this (one-sided) peacefully (massacre)~!

They're not really hating on the manga though just posting nonsense.

If the post was referring to them/him it has nothing to do with the post it was responding to.

>Let's (have a) solve this (one-sided) peacefully (massacre)~!

actually it's

Let's (slaughter them) solve this (like animals) peacefully~!

Different translation, user-kun~!

Please do use the correct translations next time.

>it has good foreshadowing
yeah, and everything else is average or decent at best


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Nah, we're cool.

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Watch all the anime (including Root A) than start the manga.

I want to make Hairu a mother

It's not gonna happen koori senpai.

Mods are with us tonight, anons! Report the faggot and he'll go away.

alright, thanks

its a trap!
user just read the manga

who do I believe now?!

Trust your instincts user

Read the manga but don't read :re.

search your feelings user

I'm doing both, fuck it.

Read the original manga. I would advise you to not start reading the sequel until it has ended. TG is good for binge but not for weekly reading.

One of em is a total waste of time.
user.. don't do this!

why not both at the same time? read equivalent of chapters for an episode, watch the episode, rinse and repeat.

Ishida has drawn the connection between Amon and a Demon over the course of the series and in the calendar. Will we finally see him snap now that Akira has been penetrated before he had the chance?

>It has good foreshadowing

TG did. Re is just another mysterious figure showing up behind last chapters mysterious figure who showed up behind last chapters mysterious figure. Expect Hide holding a quinque in a few weeks

Everything up to the end of Tsukiyama Arc had really good foreshadowing. Bits of Tsukiyama Arc were foreshadowed 60 and sometimes 80 chapters beforehand if you check the archived TG threads of last October & November, I remember people pointing out and discussing it even though I don't remember the exact details.

Why are they fighting Aogiri Tree when CCG is buddybuddy with Eto?

Why isn't everyone just going for V/Washuus?

Reminder that it's time to welcome your new King, Furuta.

A hack?

wait have we seen that mask before

From where?

I should also add that the only foreshadowing we've really been getting recently has been Urie's sense of smell and taste are changing as he steps closer to being a half-ghoul, nearly every chapter in the last two volumes which features Urie has a panel that draws attention to it.

The post-Rue/Cochlea Arc will probably be just as much Kaneki investigating the Washuu family as it will be the CCG investigating the Clowns and Kaneki.

It will be nice to be done with this big, dumb, and bloody arc in November.

It was only Arima who was buddies with Eto.

Arima didn't give a shit about Eto making mince meat out of CCG members.

V/Washuu have been a lot better to humans than Eto has, why would the CCG side with her and Arima's chose successor other than the plot being retarded.

Why is foreshadowing is suddenly the largest metric for determining quality?

Something could be foreshadowed but still make little sense.

It's not, but the foreshadowed things throughout TG and between TG and re do make sense. It at least shows that an author cares enough about his work to plan certain events ahead of time.

I didn't even mention quality in the first place.

>normies discovered it.
That's part of it but Re: is obviously much worse. Original introduced a lot of cool mysterious and Kaneki was a pretty good MC. Now it can't carry out mysteries, characters are slightly rehashed, and now without the substance it's just edge. Foreshadowing is hardly really worth anything.

Amon is holding out on all those mysteries, without him in the series there has been no real investigation of the CCG's secrets, just sudden reveals (sometimes through flashback) about the Yasuhisa family debt, or Sunlit Garden, etc

In that regard Amon's absence has really hurt the manga.

>It's not, but the foreshadowed things throughout TG and between TG and re do make sense. It at least shows that an author cares enough about his work to plan certain events ahead of time.

On some level, for example the whole parallels between Mutsuki and Kaneki were shown several times.

She lost her shit and became powered by edge like Kaneki and her being like Kaneki in that respects makes sense.

However if the power up through torture doesn't make much sense to begin with than Mutsuki suddenly becoming better doesn't either.

>Foreshadowing is hardly really worth anything.
Its bound to happen in some way either intentionally or unintentionally or else a story would make little sense.


Yeah the torture between Mutsuki and Torso was really softballed, which I don't doubt was because Ishida was worried about making real torture scenes between the two being in poor taste or maybe he just didn't feel he had the time to fit in a bunch of de-limbing scenes.

At the same time though it's not as though it would suddenly make Mutsuki a sympathetic character, despite her terrible home life the fact she axe-murdered her family and collected cat tongues, etc really doesn't help her become more appealing to read/watch.

I think Ishida is going to use her character to show what Kaneki could've become if he hadn't had the support of Anteiku and Banjou + crew to save him from himself.

Eh the comment was more about how reasoning behind the foreshadowing can make sense, but that doesn't mean the events have to make sense themselves.

What I liked the most about TG was how it ended without directly announcing a sequel. The ending was top-tier. Mc actually fails and it turns out he isn't Ghoul Jesus. Also the last Arc had a large scale battle, because it was needed and not because of shounen shit cliches which this seinen seems to use from time to time now. Fuck :re.

Like if Kaneki died and Ishida had started a new manga in the same universe with another person as protagonist and not Amnesia Kaneki it would have been so sick. Like start shortly after Kekneki gets raped by Yamori and make the second MC meet Kaneki (in the first manga too) a couple of times and then make his story go farther even after Kaneki dies. Amon or Akira would have been interesting choices for that. And now we got this shit.

I felt that Ishida explained the power up kind of decently when he had Kanou explain it to Tatara.

The whole expanding the breadth of a half-ghouls Rc cell network throughout their bodies through physical torture, because as the body is forced to heal the Rc cells spread further.

It was also illustrated rather well with Urie using extreme workouts after Auction Arc which were tearing his muscles but also being healed and accelerating his regeneration and strength.

The difference is with Mutsuki we didn't see her get de-limbed more than one time, but I think we were meant to assume that it was a frequent occurrence while she was unconscious.

He honestly could've started :re with Amon's escape from Aogiri and then not even introduce Kaneki as Haise until Auction Arc or something. It would've had all the same grit that the original TG had at the start, but with a protagonist we're familiar with.

Are you prepared for best girl Hairu's return and maximum Ui suffering?

I'll twitter a cum tribute to Ishida if Hairu comes back.

I really don't think she will, if Kanou can bring a decapitated person back to life then he's got no excuses for not saving Nashiro

>he's got no excuses for not saving Nashiro
He's obviously fucking with Kurona. He wanted to make her angry so he can test out his new Quinx on her.

I mean before that he even said Nashiro was as good as dead.

Urie didnt really get shit done and having stronger muscles didnt explain shit.

It slike in the first few chapters when Haise was fighting Nishiki and Haise who had been, presumably in more fights than Kaneki and had also had a better teacher lost than managed to easily overpower his oponent with the other personality.

Still, that was three years ago. His understanding of ghoul biology and how to create shit like a revived Okahira has greatly increased since then.

Kanae specifically thinks to himself "Just how the fuck did he get so strong?" when he's fighting Urie during Rose/Tsukiyama Arc. I thought it was pretty clear that Urie has been repeatedly pushing himself and getting these sort of power ups ever since he had the frame release surgery.

I'm sure he has, but a brain that has been cut off from oxygen is pretty fucking far gone, and Okahira + the other revived Investigators are little more than fodder.

Its been like 50 chapters since that happened and the only time he really used strength was to hurt Kanae which wasnt all that impressive after years of working out.

You'd think he would be ripping ghouls in half with his bare hands or something.

Kaneki torture didnt really do much to muscles he would use in a fight.

>I was raped that's why I hate men and I crossdress as one
>Muh Tsukiyama-sama!! I want you dick!!
>Muh daddy Arima
>Kirishimas in ghoul prision but Arata got ignored, instead we got to see their fucking plot armor: Kirishimas are dead, no, uncle Yomo saved their asses, Yomo is dead, no, Kaneki saved his ass, Kirishimas are dead, no, Eto died to save them, Ayato is dead, no, Touka saved his ass, Touka is dead, no, Kaneki saved her ass.
>This isn't my final form battle with Kaneki and daddy Arima
>Kaneki I want you to kill me, because I hate to kill ghouls, V forced me to do it, I'm innocent. No? Fuck this shit then, I'm done here.
>More drama with Trap
>Takizawa solo'd Tatara in one chapter
>Amon appears just to get his ass kicked and see how Akira gets herself killed
>Trap gets a power up because muh torture, muh dark past
>Trap solo'd Takizawa
>Miza got BTFO by Hanbe, she's alive, Naki got killed protecting her, no, he was taking a nap.
This arc is bullshit, the Qshit are bullshit, daddy Arima was bullshit, Trap's existance is bullshit.

It's not just the physical strength that's being improved by what they go through. It's more that due to the spread of Rc paths through their body which is caused by them having to repeatedly heal missing toes, fingers, etc that they not only are a bit stronger, but they'll be healing faster in fights and probably have faster reflexes because of the whole spread of the Rc network or however. Not to mention the greater mental resilience to pain.

>a brain that has been cut off from oxygen is pretty fucking far gone
There's been plenty of bullshit in this series already. I wouldn't be surprised.

>Okahira + the other revived Investigators are little more than fodder.
Unless they have yet to unleash their massive Kagune, they're pretty pathetic indeed.

I wouldn't be surprised if their kagunes were strong but their inexperience and fighters and what seems to be a lack of mental capacities/cunning would have to make up for a lot.

This world is... wrong.


I hope Saiko is gonna be okay

I wonder if Amon's anger will make him lose control and unleash Arata.

We can only hope.

Isnt that fucking Kaiko lipstick?

Akira is mortally wounded. Mutsuki does not seem to care who gets caught in her attacks. Takizawa loses his shit and goes half kakuja, Amon joins the fight and together they fight Mutsuki until Juuzou stops them in Joker Arata. He has been watching the fight and he saw Mutsuki attack Akira, who is now seemingly dead. As Juuzou declares Mutsuki an enemy of humanity and a dangerous half ghoul which must be exterminated Urie arrives.
As the topping on the shit cake, Kaneki makes his grand entrance wearing a black investigator coat at the end of the chapter.


Why the fuck ishida is so inconsistent with the recent chapters?

I mean everytime a ghoul take out his kagune he dont appear to active his kakugan wtf.

Does Tsukiyama know that his plot armor will give him the win against a Special Class or is he just retarded?

You are absolutely correct, Ishida is getting better and better with every chapter. Personally I am very fond of last second saves - they are the perfect example of refined narration and elegant pacing. Ishida is starting to understand it too - I mean, let's try to count their appearance during the last arc:
Touka / Ayato vs Arima
Kaneki / Yomo vs Arima
Touka / Ayato vs Kiyoko / Mougan
Takizawa / Houji vs Tatara
Amon / Akira vs Takizawa
Naki / Miza vs Ui
Akira / Takizawa vs Mutsuki
Ishida is truly the savior of manga during these times of stagnation and talentless hacks. Thank god I'm here with all of you in this thread waiting for another bunch of wonderful spoilers.

Bog standard jobbing shounen with not enough focus on the history of the characters and the world of the series and how shit works.

Maybe it would read better as a finished work but pages upon pages of people freaking out about the latest and Kaneki deciding what colour his hair is this week is dull.

Let it all out, user

Agreed on everything except on the Washuu being ghouls. That reveal was honestly the only interesting thing about this arc aside from Arima being OEK (which was already heavily foreshadowed). Every other problem has stemmed from Ishida trying to do rue and cochlea at the same time.

>with not enough focus on the history of the characters and the world of the series and how shit works.

Green text me all you want but holy shit has it been a drip compared to pages and pages of this .

It's stock shounen for the most part.

Where did ghouls come from?
Why coffee?
Just how public is knowledge of ghouls with all the killings with out some MIB tier shit going on?

As someone who loved the manga up until the point of forced Arima drama, plotholes, internal inconsistencies with the own universe's established rules, ghouls pulling fire near the temperatures of the sun and "LOL RIZE KAKUHOU IS DA BEST xddd!!!!", I say bullshit.

Don't forget the "torture makes you go from weakling to top tier." shitposter meme being fully embraced and validated by Ishida.

>Takizawa choking Akira cliffhanger
>Takizawa interrupting Tatara cliffhanger
>Takizawa gets stabbed in the eye cliffhanger
>Shadow behind Miza cliffhanger
>Akira gets stabbed cliffhanger
What's next?

>Where did ghouls come from?
The whole story implies that ghouls evolved from humans, considering that those two species are related close enough to interbreed.
With the ROS disease we got a possible reason for why ghouls evolved.

>Why coffee?
Because Ishida liked the setting of a coffeshop.

>Just how public is knowledge of ghouls with all the killings with out some MIB tier shit going on?
The general public seems to consider ghouls as something close to an urban myth, looking back on the talk between Hide and Kaneki in the first chapter or the reactions of the people whowatched Kijima's video iirc, but they do know they exist since there's a whole agency dedicated to fighting those.

It's all there, I don't understand why you're complaining about these three things.

>Because Ishida liked the setting of a coffeshop.

Implied and possible are pretty full of shit at this point especially when somehow they've been dicking around with grafting organs and all sorts of exposition on the rock paper scissors mechanics of the fighting. That went down the shitter too.

Bloody hipster ghoouls

That is umitigated bullshit with the highscale gangwars going on unless information suppression was on the levels of 1984.

Why do you think Ishida visited so many coffeshops during his vacation.

If you don't like Rize kakuhou becoming a "destroy SSS-rate ghouls with no problem." tool, then you're just a silly hater.

Hairu stabbing Ui from behind cliffhanger

Shirazu vs Quinx Squad cliffhanger to end the arc cliffhanger.

There are stairs now between Ui and Tsukiyama cliffhanger

Looks like everything is all set.

Guys imagine how moustruous will be Saiko's kagune when she break's all the layers

>Create Qs
>Make all of them but one obnoxious in one way or another
>Kill the only real likable Q off.
>Make one of the two most obnoxious Qs and Tumblr's tranny mascot the strongest of them all because hurr durr torture and insanity power
>Watch as the Tokyo Ghoul fanbase sycophants invariably defend this with their lives.
Being Ishida must feel pretty great right about now.

Hide being alive is actually a cliffhanger, cliffhanger.

>I don't get the hate for this manga.
Me neither. Though this arc is pretty bad, overall it is still superb, considering that this is Ishida's first manga.

>this is Ishida's first manga
That's not a good defense.

>considering that this is Ishida's first manga.
The penisman

Not a manga. Also he didn't have an editor or a schedule for The Penisman.

We'll have Cochlea this 2017 for sure
maybe not

All the stuff he did right in the original manga, he's singlehandedly destroying in one arc. Poor guy, I think Tokyo Ghoul's popularity got to his head and he went the way of cheap easy pandering to shonentards in fear that if he stuck to doing what he did before, people would stop liking it because it's not typical garbage that appeals to teens, like Bleach or Naruto.

That or his insane worship of ShitxShit just finally got the better of him and made him try to turn Tokyo Ghoul into a shonen as well. ShitxShit turning something into garbage is pretty much a regular thing, so it wouldn't be strange either.

some guy made a point his art is more minimal and not actually declining because of weekly deadlines, and possibly editors/assistants. story wise each arc is honestly hit or miss. every now and then there's a pretty good snippet or chapter but in some ways the story has devolved since part 1

She's def Coming Nishiki jinxed it

Will she also be naked?

well depends if ishida wants to be kinky but he might be saving the kinky/slutty for whenever rize finally plays a role

While we're waiting for spoilers, what's the best method to get pic related? I see people with him already, but at most I can get two snowflakes, and I'm lost.

Can you post a screenshot of the Seidou UR card?

Yeah, no problem. He's apart of this event as well.

>It will be nice to be done with this big, dumb, and bloody arc in November.

Thank you.

hes going to rail xir this chapter


Hurry post Rize

Who cares about a personified plot device?

Oh yeah, she's got tits.

Hurry Post Arima's Imouto so ishida can draw his fetish of Arima but a girl

>Arima but a girl
Literally the prototype for Arima in The Penisman.

Spoilers says hairu is alive as a zombie and eto is alive, she was rescued by clowns, hairu destroys nishitki

who is the current strongest ghoul?

probably kaneki. maybe furuta, uta, or donato but we really dont know about them yet.

>inb4 kanou is

Old Man Washuu

The old Washuu not even Arima went against.

i would think ken would more likely be the one that saves her then the clowns but hope these are true

I doubt it
probably something about the whole Amon/Akira/Trap/Owl situation and a continuation of Ui vs Tsukiyama.I don't think this arc could handle the reappearence of more characters but Ishida made me eat my words before

i doubt it too

I don't care anymore

Girls tend to go after men who remind them of their fathers...

Karren's dad must have been gay as hell

You say it

so when will the muslim ghouls immigrant over illegally and rape everything?

Fine, but where is Touka?

So does that mean Hinami will have to end up with with Aura boy?

Hopefully gone for a long while.

yeah, that'd just about be the shit cherry on the shit pile

seems legit for that reason

being useless watching her cuck little brother die in a pool of his own blood

>zombie who died via decapitation facing off against the guy who kicks heads off for a living

better than that fuckboy ayato.

RC cells, son.

>Kaneki leaving Eto behind


>Destroyed by a clown
>Rescued by clowns.

Something isn't right here.

spoilers up in OPN:
Akira has a flashback including Ui and Arima, she received some kind of transplant and she has super regeneration.

Doesn't seem like Kaneki, but not like that really matters anymore.

please be real so I can just drop this piece of shit manga and laugh at the sycophant faggots who defend it


>and she has super regeneration.

>some kind of transplant
Quinx shit again?

wowowow you just don't get ishida's genius

you have to be older than 12 to get something as deep as Tokyo Ghoul, so it doesn't surprise me that you're simply too stupid

We already know this guy trained Arima (and he fought SSS ghouls) he should be the strongest guy in town right now.

Well, I guess I can now understand the point of Ishida drawing this shit.

Isn't that Itori?


Itori doesn't exist in :re

You what?

kakugan in her left eye?

>seidou is still alive and probably in rage mode
>akira has hax regen
>amon is probably 10/10 mad

yeah trap is fucked unless juzou shows up

Real spoiler in 2 hours, why you autistic anons always fall.

If only, user, if only trap could get her shit fucked up.

Because it's funny.
>Kaneki appears and saves Akira.

no, 5 minutes.

Fake as hell but there seems to be some foreshadowing that Akira is getting turned into a half-ghoul

Our hero isn't with us.

>Amon goes into rage mode. Gets his ass rekked again. Donato laughs in the distance

Half the reason Cred Forums consider Ishida a hack, because this retard fake spoilers, and the other half for actually being a hack.

Ishida said on twitter that the girl there in the past was a zebra. Stop giving picture without context.

I dont think hes a hack, just think hes exhausted mentally. think he should take a month long hiatus.

trap should've died long ago in my opinion. she's the posterchild for re's mediocrity

I was having a blast with :Re till Tsukiyama shit arc, FUCK Ishida, what is the point of the Quinx squad or Aogiri SS+ members getting BTFO on one panel. The only innocent is Sharkbro.

This kind of hack writing wouldn't even surprise me anymore.

Tsukiyama arc was pretty okay in hindsight. A few fuck-ups, but nowhere near as cancerous as Cochlea/Rue.

Funny - the arc with the most potential ends up the shittiest arc.

>How to stop ishida from becoming the next kubo?
Make sure Touka wins.

rip ;_;

Sorry, I was just kidding about that. Those spoilers are fake.

>furutafag shitposter kun trying to impersonate me
this is a new level of autism

It's that time of the week again!

Spoilers coming out in about 5 minutes give or take.

But before that I need someone to post the .gif!

Ok Anons real spoilers any moment now, is your "Ishida is a hack" ready?

Well people love to shit over :re.
They always do but for arc they are quite vocal.
I suppose this arc is quite anticlimatic.

To some it really failed to answer it expectations after all it had really good premise.
Kaneki is going to save Hinami.
Break her out of prison guarded by Arima.
How wiill he pull this out?
Ayato was acceptable player in this but :re company showed up out of nowhere.
That was really horrible place to throw them back in game.
Arima and Kaneki fight was wrong to me it felt really staged.

Amon disappointment.
Twist about Arima and Eto working together should be bigger but it was only off-hand mentioned.
I mean implications of how much stuff those two are behind in TG.
Eto anticlimatic death.
For character who is source of many conflicts and who basically drove plot forward, she got off-screened by some absurd character like Furuta only to show how strong he is.

And main point of all.
Kaneki degeneration as character.
He truly become puppet with no opinion.

Where's the .gif ?


here you go friend


How many more chapter until this arc is over?

None of these are the right .gif.

No spoilers until the .gif is posted.



everything but the washuu thing is correct. Let's not forget too that cochlea still isn't finished. Kaneki still has to escape and talk to touka or at least show a conclusion to it.

Three more finishes volume 9. So hopefully that will be it.

I love this gif

Good job!

Spoilers in 5 minutes or so.

Good, this arc felt like a chore to read through wait for.

I find those two talking distasteful. I'm more interested in Kaneki's reunion with best bro who he actually spent more time with.

Reminder that even tumblr is sick of this arc.

It's lasted for a good 40/50 chapters. Fuck, this shit has been long.

that is pretty sad

Banjo wasn't there when Kaneki was struggling to live like a ghoul.

Someone got the video of that TsukiKane gif?

Reminder that's harostar and reminder she's likely still salty about eto too.

Is she still delusional about Mutsuki?

Will this arc ever end?

She will die in denial.

I think her(Or someone else) also believes Mutsuki's true nature is a split personality.


i could see it being a split personailty

Actually this arc was probably the one who had the most potential and the worst of all.
Furuta and kaneki investigating and kaneki and eto autistic antics were the best, but then cochlea came and the rush began.
I felt 0 hype through all the arima fight, only hide chapter (k egg) hyped me in these entires 40 chapters. Mutsuki brutalizing torso was also fun.
But the kiritshimas doing stuff, eto jobing and maybe dying to furuta (if she dies like this ishida really is the biggest hack, you cant make someone fall from a big ass skyscraper cuted in half and make her regenerate to then make her die to "le funy clown" and kaneki meeting her and her saying like "Imma gonna die now", "k, you wont write more books anyway, so I leave you here" (I hope this didnt actually happened and etojobber is alive). Also, donato appearing just to please fanboys and doesnt doing shit, amon jobbing to takizawa and doing nothing after hyping him for 80 chapters, and finally takizawa jobbing to fucking mutsuki.
Ishida should end this arc fast and stop killing characters with potential like eto or takizawa, and stop also ruining them (someone remember when we called eto queen of Cred Forums, or dark knight amon memes?
chapter 56 of re would have been a better ending to this crap.

Kaneki went to shit when he started to lick arima dick and being an edgy tsundere with eto, at least the last was entertaining, but also shit

>Claim she uses he/him pronouns
>Seen people that read the raws note that Mutsuki uses the gender-neutral Watashi in her own thoughts

She's just in denial of her true nature. A bloodthirsty whore.

5 minutos, start posting my fucking .GIFS!

But he was there to help snap Kaneki out of his deranged kakuja state. It was a powerful scene and solidified his status as best bro.

Already posted but you still haven't coughed up spoilers.


>Those black reaper posts.
>Eto I am a ghoul and kaneki face
All those memes were gold, truly the best (least bad) part of this arc

They look like scribbles.

Amon gets an insanity power boost. He kills and eats Mutsuki.



What happens if he develops a kakuja while wearing someone else's kakuja?

Takizawa and Akira flashback? One of them is totally about to die




tokyo ghoul vs one-eyed king


fuck off ishida

Akira: Takizawa
Takizawa: Congrats
Akira: Thanks

>Can't kill off unimportant shits like Kurona, Miza or Naki
>kills Takizawa or Akira


Please no, I actually like Mutsuki. It's not worth getting rid of her just to make tumblr mad.


Oh yes it is.



Fuck yes, Amon is PISSED


>muh ghoul investigator righteousness
>muh you accidentally stabbed akira now die
Amon is the worst


Clearly not all of them went all the way through you blind faggot.


Dissapointing, only good thing is edgelord trap is done for.

Amon is fucking pissed!

>Amon has a sudden powerup and kills Mutsuki
This is so dumb


I will forgive Amon's mistakes if he kills trap.
She annoys me with her drama, the only good thing she can do is to die so I can drink landwhales' tears.


Actually Mutsuki did it on purpose. Her reasoning was that Akira was aiding a ghoul, an offense punishable by death.

The one on her left arm did though



roma where tho

That's it Amon. Let the hate flow through you. REEEEEEEEEE. All part of our plan.

>I actually like Mutsuki. It's not worth getting rid of her just to make tumblr mad.

She's a murderous psycho bonkers bitch that deserves to die.

>liking Mutsuki


Seidou healing inevitable.

Amon doesn't have Arata though.

>Amon eating Houji's quinque = insta-power up
Oh well

Well at least Trap finally dies I guess

The rest of this shit is 100% disgusting
>Retconning Akira's wounds not even half a chapter afterwards

Fuck off Ishida, end this arc yesterday.


Oh shit what the fuck

The fuck?
GINKUI, Urie's quinque?

Is that Urie's quinque? Oh, god, fucking off Ishida.

Well here comes Urie to save the day

Amon is dead now, so much for berserk Arata mode.

Urie is here

what a shitshow

It's Kaneki.

And here I thought Amon might stop getting his shit kicked in but noooooo

Sasuga Ishida.

At least Urie finally arrived.

HAHAHA fuck you Ishida you piece of shit



I hope the later part of the text on netabare isn’t real because Mutsuki’s like, ‘Protecting Ghouls is a crime.’

Then Amon bites Mutsuki’s neck then shouts OHYEAAAHH then gets eaten by Urie’s Quinque.

Please, no, I have a boner for Takizawa's suffering. Don't ruin the fun.

It took me a second to process that. I really did think Noro was around for some reason.

did saiko just get younger LUL

Mutsuki: Protecting a ghoul is a felony
Akira: I know

btw nice fucking mouth Urine

Saiko looking extra short and cute here.

You tried Amon.

Well if Kaneki is the OEK then Amon can be the Jobberking.

Holy shit, can the Qshits fuck off already? Seriously, Ishida.

>Back then... if I had stopped you...

So close. We were so fucking close to seeing Amon go full rage mode. But no.

Akira: That time, if I could've stopped myself...

Akira is totally about to die ;_;

Urie looks like he's sick of everyone's shit.

You know he is going to survive that and keep on fighting right, he is made of pure Samurai spirit, and he still has oxygen in his muscles.

>I have no mouth and I must lift

>Qshit time
And Saiko is really small.

There's still next chapter.

>after so many shit, finally a good chapter, amon stops jobbing and btfos mutsuki
>just a pranl trap is alive and well and here is urie to put human traitors out of their misserie


Just a prank, want to know how this fucking crap that one time was a very good manga ends

This is amazing but not in a good way

Oh boohoo she got stabbed in the shoulder.

>Akira dead
>Taki dead
>Amon eaten
If Dandy and Milf investigators die I'm dropping this thing.



Come on Takizawa, power up and wipe off those little shits.

why is Ishida purposely fucking over Amon?

This arc is about to save itself -- Just kidding

How many times can a good Catholic boy job?

>tfw i'm so irrelevant that Ishida doesn't even draw me a fucking mouth


Does one of them have a stereotypical French mustache?

No, he's just gay

He got eaten.
Hilarious Ishida.
How much you shit over Amon.

too much build up only to get interrupted by the Qs, it's shit.

He was a jobber in part1 and is still a jobber in :re.

Somehow people thought he got incredibly powerful despite knowing that he's a failed experiment from early on.

Wait what. I thought he was jobbing.

Still missing half of the chapter.

When will this garbage arc end, holy fucking shit

This is presumably the page before he gets Noro'd

He attacked her and then Urie wrecked his shit.

Urie is about to fucking destroy Amon.

They're probably going to spare amon or he escapes because saiko recognizes him

Amon, stop eating shit.

Fuck, don't piss off Amon

Mutsuki: That hurts!

>the irrelevant squad finallly arriving cliffhanger

Gee I'm really glad Ishida brought Amon back.

I wasn't expecting Holy than Thou Amon to literally go for the throat. I hope this Amon survives.

Amon attacked Mutsuki and all of them saw that. No way they will just let him go now. Amon seriously fucked up again.

>the irrelevant squad finally arriving and INTERRUPTING A RIGHTLY DESERVED CURBSTOMPING cliffhanger

I hope Amon dies. Why do you guys even like him? He does nothing but rage and then always gets his shit kicked in.

Where can I find my own Saiko?

Killing Amon now would be fucking hilarious.

Like seriously Ishida shat all over him since he brought him back and this would be the ultimate turd to place on him as a character.

Amonfags are really salty. How does it feel knowing that Urie is stronger and more relevant then him?

>tfw Kaneki, Suzuya squad, Q's, Trap, Amon, Akira and Takizawa in the same room
Would save Rue arc for me desu

His Quinque

I love Amon but this has gone to a point where it stopped pissing me off and has become pure entertainment. It's like watching a monkey try to fuck a greased up football.

Anteiku raid and TEA were both good examples of decent to great large scale arcs. Nothing too big and it took about 10-15 chapters. This whole current arc is really long and even then ishida can't hold it together.

>comes in to save the day
>gets BTFO
>has to be saved by edgy transboy
>attacks edgy transboy even though his pathetic life got saved
>gets BTFO again
Amon is worse then fucking Ayato.

transboy said akira deserved to die

>laat minute save
>no one dies

That little mouth between Urie's eyes

trap is a shitty edgelord that has an internal organ fetish, and couldn't even fight until she was raped. She is just a shitty version of post-Jason Ken.

I can't unsee this.

Man, we still have tsukiyama vs naki and nishiki vs clowns.

You piece of shit


I hope this is the last arc

I can just hear the "Urie saving his boyfriend omg!" going on.

Ishida needs to follow Togashi's steps and take a long fucking hiatus,
the garbage writing surpassed Mashima tier.

>the garbage writing surpassed Mashima tier.

he still hasn't beaten that first time skip

Fuck i can't unsee it now

What's even the point in the new Qs they've done literally nothing

Since Qs are here it won't be long until Suzuya squad arrives. So it's pretty much over now. Amon's only chance is trying to run away.

Is he one step ahead?


How can Amon even get a chance to retreat with the situation that he's in??

>Implying king Don Kanekipide won't come and save his ass

>Amon's re-appearance has been hyped for 2 years
>He finally shows up and accomplishes literally nothing

Ishida should really just give TG a rushed ending and stop.

The power of love is a great thing

Takizawa having a change of mind?

His balls are probably back now.

Amon and Takizawa team up time?

So Amon is a failure cause he need anger to show his ghoul powers

No Amon is failure because he's a faggot.

He always was a faggot and always will be.

Amon is such a fuck up.

His kagune manifestation is too slow, his ghoulification gives him inferior power boosts compared to his natural strength and his mentality isn't that of a ghoul.

>his mentality isn't that of a ghoul
As in he's still sane?

I really hope that Amon getting wrecked over and over again is just build up.

I mean does he even have the Arata armor?

>his mentality isn't that of a ghoul
I don't remember him exactly tearing necks out as a human

re was shit since the beginning you slowpokes

now fuck off you retarded kids


ishida pls
pls stop bullying amon already
I can't take this anymore

Look at this dude

Just fucking die already Amon you piece of shit.

Now Amon is going to look like the villain despite Mutsuki having previously been indulging her psychotic urges.

Will Saiko even recognize him since you couldn't see his hooded face at the time?

It's what they did to Sachi, so I wouldn't even be surprised.

I think Ishida is going to show off Shao in the next chapter. She's a half-human with a kagune just like Furuta and she's also supposed to have Hairu tier skills.

This is straight up comedy now.


>Takizawa kills a fuckton of CCG investigators
>Takizawa kills Houji
>Takizawa killing Akira
>Takizawa killing Amon
>Mutsuki rescues them
>Mutsuki about to kill Takizawa
>Akira: LOLNO
>Akira jumps in front of Mutsuki's attack to protect Takizawa
>Amon gets blown the fuck out at Mutsuki for injuring Akira because Akira jumped in front of her attack

What the fuck?

I still don't believe Shachi's dead.


Hello newfriend!

Where's Roma?

Is Ishida trying to make them unlikable and hypocrites? If so he's doing a great job.

I know maybe we can have a chapter where every Q can have some fun with Amon.

Like they can take turns in beating the shit out of him while he makes funny faces.

Urie looks like he's ready to go postal on Amon for taking a bite out of Mutsuki.

What would Donato think of Amon now?

I think she'd recognize his voice, or maybe his claw arm.

Utter disappointment.

He'd encourage Amon to find someone younger for his next meal.

Hopefully letting Shikorae job while she gets away.

She's just a poor SS-ranked ghoul, it's not right for Nishiki and Kurona to gang up on her.

I don't think he spoke when he saved her. And his surprise hit to Wow came out of nowhere, so she might not've gotten a good look at his arm either.

Ishida, never thought I'd drop your manga. Yet here I am more desappointed week after week. I think it's time.

All of them lost their fucking mind. Ishida turned Akira and Amon into complete retards.

Ishida is probably doing this on purpose to make us dislike them. Why else would he constantly shit on Amon?


Time to drop

I think she's escaping while getting carried by Rio. If they do end up fighting, at least bring out that zombified Shirazu we've been expecting.

What if it's zombie Hairu with a Shirazu quinque

Even better.

Who is Amon? lmao

It's simple: Amon is frustrated and emasculated in front of his waifu.

Mutsuki provides an outlet that Amon thinks can be used to save some face when Akira gets injured, like:

>Hey look at me attack this queer bitch who saved us while her back is turned! Imma gnaw on her fucking face!

Sadly for Amon, Urie fucking drops him. Amon is literally shit their trash that all the Qs can stomp on.

calling it now

Next chapter is Kaneki showing up and saving Amon

This arc fucking sucks

Ishida is a hack

Why did I even think Amon would be relevant

>still no kaneki

Im just waiting to go back to cochlea and see kaneki kick some ass. Rue is already dead for me.

>Anons complain about the lack of Rue
>TG is now focused on Rue
>They now complain that its been too much already

So who is the Tokyo Ghoul?

this.literally the only reason i'm still reading this shit

Not everyone wants to be on Rue. Lots of people have been complaining about Rue chapters since this arc started because of all the Mutsuki stuff.


When will this trainwreck end, Anons? Ishida always seems to find new ways to make me mad every week.

>Kaneki dies
>Mutsuki new MC

How long until Baidu?

The lesson of this manga is, If you don't expect anything, you don't get disappointed
Fuck off Ishida


I stopped reading Re: months ago. Has it gotten good again or is it still completely off the rails retarded?

Just look

Amon made his triumphant return and we got an awesome Tatara vs Houji fight, though I don't think anything will top the Eto vs Souta fight

I miss them


amons got hips

It's even worse. Ishida's gone full Kubo

Hairu return when????

>Mutsuki actually got away with everything
When will Ishida stop pandering Tumblr?

For all we know she and Amon will both be in Cochlea's cells.

There is no more Cochlea.
Cause Kaneki and his retarded group are gonna destroy V/CCG.

Pls ishida don't kill akira

>another fake death ending

You know, I never liked Amon that much.

But fuck the Qs. They're a big part of the cancer that's been killing Tokyo Ghoul.

I miss her.

I don't know who I want Kaneki to kill more. Furuta or Mutsuki now.

Good job Mutsuki, you actually made this difficult for me, you little obnoxious trapshit.

For fuck's sake Akira, AMON IS RIGHT THERE

Why? They will just welcome her back like nothing happened.

I love the revelation that she was a psychotic axe murderer.

With as many CCG investigators dead as there are and the massive betrayal by half-ghoul Kaneki you cannot handwave that a MIA half-ghoul investigator just gravely injured her superior.

People like this need to be exterminated.

Her superior protected SS ghoul and got injured as a result.

Kubo plix

And Akira could just as easily argue that Takizawa and Amon are worth taking alive and questioning about Kanou now that he has escaped.

After biting Mutsuki’s neck.

Amon: OHYEEEAAH!! We’re leaving!!

But before anything else, he gets chomped by Urie’s Quinque (Amon still looks intact).

Urie: We have captured Floppy.
Urie: Now, we will proceed with his (I WILL KILL YOU) extermination.

Saiko: …!

Saiko definitely recognizes Amon.

>Urie: Now, we will proceed with his (I WILL KILL YOU) extermination.
Damn. Urie is going rape Amon's ass.

She was shown killing ghouls before.

She took down torso and was on par with little bin years ago.

>Urie: Now, we will proceed with his (I WILL KILL YOU) extermination.
I wish Kaneki was here so he could just off this edgy shit and his little psychotic trap girlfriend.

She could have said something before jumping in the way.

Also taking Takizawa alive seems retarded.

Just remove trap and you described Kaneki.

Touka isn't psychotic though.

She is more than if not as much as Mutsuki.

>Mutsukifags actually believe this.

No, because Kaneki is actually a good character.

Yes. That darn Touka and her jars filled with the wings of dead birds that she violently tore off their bodies.

Do you even know what psychotic means? Because I don't think you do.


>tfw mutsuki and mutsukicucks are so bad I almost tried to defend touka even though I hate her

He isn't and that wasn't in the description anyways.

Look up psychotic.

And Touka didn't kill people for fun?

KEK, feels good to never have been an amonfag, only for an instant when he donned Arata armor.

There's a big difference from axe murdering your mother and little brother for shit your dad did to you and cutting out cat tongues to keep in a jar when compared with killing Investigators to avenge an orphaned ghoul and killing ghouls so you can retain your hunting grounds.

Touka is a lot of things but psychotic is not one of them. Not even sadists like Roma or Rize are as insane as Mutsuki.

Dude, what's wrong with your face

Touka did go around murdering after her dad was killed, she mentions that she did that before Yoshimura found her.

How else do you expect any orphan ghoul to feed themselves. There's a big difference between killing for food and killing because you're so fucked up that not even your own flesh and blood are safe.

Mutsuki could've run away instead of staying until she has a psychotic episode.

It's okay for Touka to go around killing people because Toucuckfags don't care about it.

Title: Am

Mutsuki’s kagune limbs pierces thru Akira.

Akira: Ah…

Blood starts flowing down Akira’s lips.

Akira: Ta…ki…


A panel containing the Academy is shown. A result sheet is posted up.

1: Mado Akira 693 [S A A+]
2: Takizawa Seidou 671 [A A+ A]

Student: You’re at the top again, Mado? As expected of someone who’s like a thoroughbred, I’m jealous.
Akira: If you have free time saying something prejudiced, why not prepare some exercises?

Seidou is seen looking at the sheet.

Akira: …Takizawa.

Seidou jolts in surprise. He looks at Akira with a salty expression and turns around.

Seidou: …Congratulations.
Akira: …Thank you.

The names written on the sheet are shown and if you take out the first character from each name, it spells “Will lose something again.”

[End Flashback]

Akira: …zawa…
Mutsuki: Ah…
Seidou: …Mado… W-What the hell are you doing…?
Akira: …

A kagune limb pierces thru Akira’s shoulder.

Seidou: !!!
Mutsuki: Associate Special Class Mado…
Mutsuki: Protecting a Ghoul is a crime…
Akira: …I know.
Mutsuki: So then?!

Mutsuki mercilessly hits Akira with kagunes.

Akira: Agh… Gah…
Seidou: …Stop…
Seidou: Stop it… Mado!!!
Akira: …Agh… Hah…

Akira starts breathing heavily.

Akira: …I can’t face you properly… Even towards Special Class Houji… Even towards my father…
Akira: I was trying to… stay calm…
Akira: But it’s not good…
Akira: I’m… a failure as an investigator… I’m…
Seidou: …
Akira: Hey… Takizawa…
Akira: I keep on thinking about this over and over again… About what could’ve happened when I stopped you back then…

Akira starts crying. Seidou sees this as his eyes widen.

Mutsuki: …I can’t save… Associate Special Class…

Mutsuki increases the amount of kagune limbs but gets hits on the face by a Quinque. Amon seems pissed.

Mutsuki: !!!
Mutsuki: …

Mutsuki regains his composure and goes towards Amon.

(Note: Mutsuki’s words here are covered at some parts but I’ll try to just put them as regular sentences.)

Mutsuki: Can I kill him? In this situation…
Mutsuki: When Urie-kun and the rest arrive, then I could just explain it anyway…
Mutsuki: I can kill… I can kill him…
Mutsuki: The skull…
Amon: !!!

Mutsuki ties Amon up using his kagune.

Amon: Nggh…!!
Mutsuki: (I have to… finish this up right away.)
Mutsuki: (And then I have to (kill) Associate Special Class Mado.)

However, Amon manages to break free from the kagune.

Mutsuki: !!!

Amon bites Mutsuki’s shoulder.

Mutsuki: Ouch!!

And Amon rips out a part of his meat.

Mutsuki: Ngh…

Mutsuki falters from the attack. Amon reveals his kakugan and takes out his Quinque that seemed to have been buried into the ground.

Amon: …Come on… DOUJIMA!!!
Mutsuki: …!!

But a huge mouth bites on Amon and traps him in place. Amon’s body is still intact.

???: Urie has been captured.

The mouth came from Urie’s Quinque ‘Ginkui’ and hurls Amon onto a wall. The Qs Squad make their appearance.

Urie: We will proceed with the (I’LL KILL YOU) extermination.
Saiko: …!

Narration: The Qs have gathered…!!

This point in the manga is Amon's deconstruction. He hid himself for four years out of shame. Even when he first appeared in front of Akira, he had his eye closed and fought as a human, like Seido said.

Amon is paying now for his actions, and his inability to accept what he has become.

When will the Qs die?

When Amon dies.

The really stupid part is that Akira was willing to let Takizawa die a moment ago.

Seriously, just let him kak it. He's a mass-murderer. Or was it okay when Houji was going to kill him, and it's suddenly not okay now?

Like, is this really the time? They passed up several chances to kill his stupid ass!

She said also killed people because she was angry.

She has an obsession with a guy she worked with for a month.

Mutsuki killed a bunch of animals after she lost it and killed her family.

She doesn't like being viewed as a woman because she had been raped in the past.

It's pretty much forced drama.

even someone as useless as touka gets a pass muh trans only kills cause theres something mentally wrong with her it doesnt matter if she's been raped no one cares. She was just too mentally weak to get passed it FUCK THAT theres no excuse for her trying to randomly kill akira just cause she saved pineapple I hope urie or Shao figures it out end ends her before she ends up killing one of the Qs outta spite I.E killing Aura cause he looks kinda like torso for example

I can't believe we missed out on the final battle (and the only thing he ever did) between Houji and masked-Chinese-ghoul-whose-name-I-can't-remember for this bullshit. Fucking hell, that had all the makings of an epic final battle, and I think it was the only time Tatara ever got into a fight and we got to see Houji going balls-deep on someone.

But naw man, he just died offscreen. And Takizawa is an unstoppable force until Mutsuki, the weakest of the Qs, kicks him repeatedly in the balls. They should've told Houji that, always aim for the balls, it's his weak spot.

That still doesn't make Mutsuki any less psychotic. Even now we can see more of just how insane she is, willfully murdering her superior and planning to cover it up.

Only person I think that is more insane is Takizawa, and he was subjected to years of torture and starvation. The mindset he developed was the only way he could cope with his circumstances.

Mutsuki on the other hand still isn't coming to terms with what she is, she's still trying to pretend she's not a murderer to Urie.

>using a page where Touka is remorseful for what she did in the past to point out how she's more psychotic than Mutsuki who is being edgy and sadistic and has no sense of remorse
you silly willy

So what's the point of the flashback? That Takizawa is always second? We already know that.


you need to be at least 18 to browse Cred Forums

Akira wanted to comfort Seidou then. Probably about to love confess moments before death.

I don't think any Mutsukifag is over 18 either though.

>randomly kill akira just cause she saved pineapple
If there is an explanation for the event its not random.

Also why does Touka get a pass on killing while Mutsuki doesn't?

We don't even know the last time Mutsuki killed an animal, it could have been before she joined the Qs or it could be a day before she was sent to Rue.

>Even now we can see more of just how insane she is, willfully murdering her superior and planning to cover it u
The one who attacked her or saved her opponent in the middle of a fight?

Remorse comes later.

Also Yomo said she still killed people early in the story so there wasn't that much remorse on Touka's part.

In fact Touka was still killing people a few chapters ago.

CLIFFHANGER:the manga.

Mutsukifags are Tumblrtards, and Tumblrtards are usually narcissistic, self-important kids looking for ways to be special because they're not happy to just be themselves, which is most prevalent in children or those with childlike mentalities.

So you're not far off-base.

>transfags and Toucuckfags are fighting

Etofags win again!

> you disagree with me you must be amutsukifag from tumblr
or maybe people just realize mutsuki planning to kill akira after she protected a very dangerous villain mid-fight is nowhere near the worst thing a protagonist did in this manga.


If you're still defending Mutsuki, you're a blind Mutsucuck. You can struggle and whinge about it, but you not only have shit taste, but you're also delusional.

I would end it if I were you.

Its more like being able to separate events of a chapter from months of shitty trans posting.

No. Mutsuki as a character is shitty, and her delusional Tumblr fangirls are shitty.

why are you so mad about a character from a chinese comic book?


All the characters are pretty shitty by this point.




fair point

Shit Eto was crazier than both of them

Actually not really. Mutsuki is the craziest and most edgy of the bunch.

> Akira tried saved a ghoul
> Mutsuki tried to kill Akira
> Amon saved Akira
> Urie saved Mutsuki
next chapter is going to be awkward

and we still don't know what happened to the CCG juicy tits and muscular freddy mercury

>Yamori saves Amon

How can Etofags win when Eto is dead and no one cares about her?

You know I missed amons faces

>Hairu saves Ui

Rize saves Tsukiyama

>Kaneki saves Touka and company
>Hide saves kaneki
>Kaneki's mom saves Hide
>Furuta saves Kaneki's mom


She ran around in bandages, had her own little dungeon, wanted to cause chaos, and tried to start a cult.

Only one near as crazy as her is Kaneki and he has hallucinations.


>le mutsucuck maymay xddd
go back to tumblr, sperg

>Not much remorse
Have you even read the manga? Her self-hatred is like, a key part of Touka's character desu.

>Ever winning
Reminder that Eto got offscreened and that Touka will probably win the Kanekibowl.

Let's be honest, though, the offscreening she received is pretty exemplary of how badly Tokyo Ghoul has been going to shit.

Not to mention the fact that Rize's kakuhou went from just being a very good regenerative kakuhou to a SSS-oneshotting tool.

Mutsuki really like Urie?

This seems so sudden.

Guts/Amon only ends up as fodder as we will never learn his story from the original to Re: and all that character development and Kaneki juxtopositioning is wasted

new thread


Wasting panels about the repetitive drama.
Because Akira didn't seem to get any life-threating injuries and finally Takizawa was able to stop being a dumb edgemaster thanks to her "heroic" sacrifice.
It's like you're not even trying underage.
Go back to your general containment and cause your obvious false-flag to start another shitfest there

He finally has akara on top him.

Yep. Almost everyone is getting a love confession before their melodramatic death

Nothing can beat homolust drama between arima and kaneki though.