Yotsuba in CG

What a time to be alive.

Absolutely disgusting

Why? She looks very cute.

thank god Azuma will never let shit like this actually happen

Yet he let this happen.

I meant an ACTUAL Yotsuba anime.
Not some shitty fucking spin-off.

Its still a grave sin seeing Yotsuba animated like this.

Damn good anime


This reminds me, why don't more studios collaborate with Sanzigen on 3dcg? BBK/BRNK had smooth-as-fuck rigs most of the time.


Can't wait for the QUALITY

When does she start getting fucked?


You are in the wrong thread if you are expecting that.

at first, i was like "this doesn't look to bad"

>saw the characters repeating

Looks godawful

2016 is the worst year.

what am i looking at?


God is dead

And anime killed him

This is the best thing that's has happened to anime.