What do you think, Cred Forums?

What do you think, Cred Forums?

Its pretty fucking gay

Depends on how people define "gay". Or rather what people mean by "attracted to the same sex"

Some say "It's about being attracted to dick"
The other half says "It's about being attracted to the overall appearance"

I think the latter is correct, which wouldn't make traps "gay" since they look like the opposite sex.

You can not get any gayer than wanting to have sex with a male. It's OK if you're gay but just admit it.


it's pretty gay senpai

I agree but I know I'm in denial.

Denial thread? Monster girls aren't furry.

It's not gay, it's just a fetish. There's nothing wrong with some healthy enjoyment of penises or boys dressing like girls. It's only gay if you legitimately change your lifestyle choice permanently.

>since they look like the opposite sex.
except with dicks, which is pretty gay

Do you just find a character cute and like them regardless of whether or not they're a boy? Then who cares.

Do you specifically like traps and like characters because they're traps and wouldn't like them as much if they turned out to be a girl? Then yes, you're kind of gay.

It is gay, BUT only if you fap to them.

Is Dullahan furry?
Is Smile furry?
Is Succubus furry?
Or any monster girl not based on animals?

Nothing is gay in 2d


the problem here is that people are attracted to a male that looks, acts and even talks like a woman, but in its core is a woman, that's waht they find attracting, a dick covered by cute clothes and girly stuff, but at the end, its still a dick.

Is like user here says just admit you are gay damn it.

lol feminine penis xd

The mentally ill can not consent
Therefore the mentally ill can not consent to """girls""
Therefore traps aren't gay.


Gay as fuck, "feminine penis" is a meme

The core of the attraction isn't "Has a feminine appearance", it's "BOYS that have an feminine appearance". Without the boy part, its not a trap, its a girl.

Liking traps is liking boys, just effeminate boys. Nothing says that gays have to like big burly men.

How is wanting to fuck a girl gay?

See. With shit like that my dick shows not the slightest fucking reaction. I could use it as a fucking whip to strangle a bitch.

But with certain trap doujinshi. My weapon would turn into a fucking sword penetrating their bodies like butter

Goodbye sides

Why do you think being gay means that you like all types of men? Do straight men like all types of women?


Are twitterfags the new tumblrfags?

Animated Half Monster Girls = Real Life Animals?

Traps are MALE so yes it's gay
Dickgirls are fine tho

Holy shit. I've never actually thought of it that way.

Though most of Cred Forums will still call your post denial

Fag who likes big burly men here, here's how I see it:
If removing the dick and replacing it with a vagina makes it look like a girl then it's not gay. Being gay means you're attracted to masculine aesthetics as a whole, not just a very small part of them.

I think it depends how feminine their benis is

It's a slippery slope, user, if anything. Been at it for many years and now I occasionally fap to little boys getting fucked in the ass.

I think it's a violation of rule number 1 of this board.

that you are fucking gay and should probably kill yourself already or at least fuck off to /y/

That's a pic made to appeal to women in a conventional style, it might not be what men or even many subsets of women find arousing. Also I believe a lot of trapfags are really just shotafags, or vice versa.

Of course not. But we are talking of being only attracted to a type of men, who are mostly indistinguishable woman

Imagine a car you really like to drive around with. Turns out the damn thing doesn't have a fucking engine. It's technically not even a car.

But it still looks like one, and you probably still would like to drive around with it.

If you guys were legitimitely attracted to the female features on a trap, then why wouldn't you fap to a female in the first place? Why does a "feminine" dick need to enter the equation if you're really straight. You have to admit its at the very least a little gay.

Yeah it's one thing to chance upon a trap doujin and just roll with it, it's another to search "trap males_only" or the names of your favorite trap doujins/authors on sadpanda.

DFCest of DFCs. Can't get more DFC than that.

50 shades of gay

The dick only makes the feminine features better

So in fact you just want to suck another guys dickor have it in your ass
That's gay

The only real answer is that they masturbate too much to internet porn. Maybe there is some autogynephelia at work here.

user pls. At the very least, men who fat to traps are bisexual and that just really means they're half gay. Just admit that traps are at least partially gay and you will feel better about yourself in the long run.

Traps are gay as fuck. You have to be some underage closet faggot going through puberty to think otherwise. Fuck off dick lovers.

2d traps aren't gay, just like loli isn't pedofilia.
You're a newfag if you didn't know this already.

Its not about anybody being a newfag. Its about you, being a fag, trying to justify commiting the literal definition of homosexuality, as somehow not gay.

Androgyny is hot, it's why traps and tomboys are the best.

Traps are gay.

Traps aren't gay.
Think about it.

>from all of places Cred Forums tells me that if I fap to a certain thing drawn like a chinese cartoon therefore I want to fuck same thing IRL
>tl;dr Cred Forums tells me that 2D=3D
Fuck off m8 I can fap to everything 2D and that doesn't mean I'd like to fuck a trap IRL. In fact IRL they are disgusting and really off putting.
Same thing applies for my certain fetishes where there are vaginas only.
You watch anime and probably read manga, you should fucking know already that 2D=/=3D

Why the fuck are you people concerned about things that others fap to? Is it your fetish, user?

But the mere fact that you fap to men fucking "feminine" men means that part of your fetishes is being gay. 2D or not, fapping to gay things is gay.

>dude starts sucking the trap's dick

I think on some level I mentally categorize traps as another flavor of girl that technically exists in 3d but is only really good in 2d like tomboys, hikkis, office ladies, etc. Traps are just a bundle of cliches and genre conventions to paint over a standard h material.

If that makes me dip a bit on the sexuality meter toward gay so be it, but I don't see any reason to justify myself with a bunch of mental gymnastics or shitty metaphors.

Everything is gay if you try to see it that way.

I crop the dick out and only cum to the pages without any visible trap dick or with trap dick cropped out.

This makes it 100% not gay because I am only interested in the trap doujin for the artist's style (many of them are very good, I find most vanilla doujin artists to be bland as though they've learned to draw from books and exercises but never developed their own style) and the domination aspect.

You can try and call that gay all you like, but I know who and what I am and where I stand.

Same thing again, you assume that 2D=3D for the sole purpose of calling people faggots, whatever man, Idk what you fap to and how you call yourself, the thing is it's all a cartoon.

I think that OP is real faggot tho because he started muh opinion>your opinion thread and should kill yourself.

Can I call you 2D gay then?

Can I call you a faggot, faggot?

I prefer fag.

How did you arrive to that conclusion user?



The only thing that's gay is not returning the favor you queer.

I don't have a problem with that.

I just want to make clear that my dong makes a pretty huge deal about the distinction between traps and males.

equating that to the standard "gay guy" would just be false.

calling it "half gay", "a little gay", "dick hungry", "cockslut" whatever you can come up with is fine. Feel free to make it as lewd as possible

They're pretty fucking gay.

Stop being so gay, Cred Forums!

It's gay. Who gives a shit? You can still be predominately attracted to women while liking some gay things. Trap lovers aren't going to be judged more harshly for fapping to feminine dudes just because the label "gay" has been attached to it.

smugchan would never say this

>1454279523525.png (381 KB, 465x526)File: 1454279523525.png (381 KB, 465x526) google iqdb wait
kill you reself newfga

It's not gay if your balls don't touch

I bet you think if pic related was a female, fapping to it would not be gay

Nigga u gei

>It's not gay if your balls don't touch
I thought everything was okay as long as you didn't kiss

Assuming that the picture is indeed a female, why would a man fapping to a biological woman be gay user?

Traps are different though, it's a man fapping to a biological man. Now that's gay.

Nah that's fine, as long as you say "no homo" afterwards.

If you are straight, theres no reason to fap to a mans body with a pussy, or a womans body with a penis, because alot of porn, the majority even, features a female with actual female parts.

How can preferrng dick over vagina possibly be straight?

Because mentality is what is most important tbqh

You could have a dick and balls and still be like a bitch in heat, inviting a stud to do whatever he wants.

>not gay for traps

What are you gay?


The only gay thing is wanting to be the trap

You guys made me love traps, now it's my job to help you guys convert more newfags


Except a trap has a dick so it's FUCKING GAY

It's gay, you cocksucking faggot.

At least have the balls to admit it.


so a faggot

Is there anything wrong with liking a cute fuckboi that will love you and want to be happy with you?

If it looks, dresses, and acts like a girl it's a girl imo

Are you saying you don't want to fuck this?

nigga pls sauce.

end of discussion

you are all homo faggots

If it has balls, it's gay.
If it has a dick, it's gay.
If it has balls and a dick, it's double gay.

No amount of dressing up covers up the fact that it is still gay.

t. Trap lovers in denial

Listen to your dick, not your brain


if a trap wants to fuck girls is it still gay?


Something trap cousin hypnotic training

This is the trap hater's wet dream

I mean it is biologically a woman

it has a vagina so its totally not gay

It's not even remotely gay according to those that are in denial about liking traps


it's not about the looks
i just hate dicks

Dicks can be cute, though

They don't always have to be masculine and veiny

Loli isn't Pedophilia but 2d traps are pretty gay

You can't just call everything that doesn't fit into deliberately narrow definition of straight gay. If liking traps is gay, then isn't, and vice versa.

>not based on bats

3d traps are pretty gay because men can't hope to look completely like a woman 99.9% of the time

2d traps are girls with dicks

oh boy that old tired argument made by complete hacks.

>codify something
>get mad when someone uses the same rules against you

> Abgrund will never again draw traps

If liking traps is gay then liking a reverse trap is straight

It's that simple. The argument applies the exact same rule that you use.


> if it has a dick, then it's gay, and if not, then it's straight
> this one totally doesn't count guise!!!1 it's gay if I say it is!

i see we can finally agree that traps are gay and we should ban it from this board

I didn't call it gay, I called it not straight.
Before meme sexualities like pansexuality, polysexuality etc. were invented we could just call everything between 100% straight and 100% gay bisexual but we don't live in such a simple world anymore.

from the observers male perspective
penis + no tits = 1 gay
tits + v = -1 gay
penis + tits = 0 gay

Who cares? As long as it's cute it's ok whether it be man, woman, or sheep.

Nice argument there, bud.

According to the people that hate traps, liking completely feminine males makes you gay. However, liking masculine females also makes you gay.

Classic "everything I like is right and everything I dislike is wrong" stance.

"Bisexual" is just gay and straight at the same time and it doesn't exist as a sexuality in and of itself that has territory that doesn't overlap with either "gay" or "straight", and I'll just pretend that you didn't try to bring made up sexualities into this argument.

I don't care, I just want a trap thread.

Not an old shitty argument thread.

Based on demons more than anything. Though the tail, wings and horns could be seen as animalistic.

2d traps are usually just draw as girls but "Lets put a penis on it". That's about as much leniency I've got on that subject, and 3d traps have always been gay.
That is indeed straight then, vagina mate

>"Bisexual" is just gay and straight at the same time and it doesn't exist as a sexuality
Then I guess traps are gay?

Why not just make things simple. If you're male any your partner biologically has a dick then it's gay. Otherwise if your partner biologically has a pussy then it's straight.

See, in the end you still ended up with claiming to be the ultimate authority on sexuality whose opinions define what is straight and what isn't while completely disregarding logic. I don't know why do you people bother. Insecure much?

>this entire thread

Traps are a meme now.

How can fetishes be memes if our dicks are real?

As an actual fag I can say traps are gay or at least bi. If you like their femininity then just go for a real girl.

Not even close


I remember that the first version of this panel was badly mistranslated and it always triggered me whenever it was posted, but I forgot what it said in the original, so I'm not sure whether this version is actually correct.

Ah, so it is more or less accurate. That's a stone off my chest.


>getting this defensive

Faggot confirmed.

I like traps, and can confirm it's totally gay.

If you like seeing traps fuck dudes, it's gay. No way around it.

If he's wearing a skirt, then he's a girl.

It doesn't matter how girly or feminine it looks.

If you and it share the same pair of chromosomes, it is homosexual.

See .

Traps might not be gay. However, you are for wanting to fuck a trap.

>reverse traps