Love Live

I want to sexually BREED with Maki.

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I want Maki to fuck me in the ass.

Cred Forums please

I want ass to Maki in the fuck

I want fuck to Maki in the ass.


Are you Santa?

Still the cutest idol designed.

I want to hug Maki-chan!

So beautiful and elegant, I love Maki.

I want to embrace Maki

I want to tomato Maki.

>I want to kiss maki's cute tummy.

My wife Maki is so cute.

is yohane an infj

I want to give maki a butt baby

stick it in your own asshole

I really just want to impregnate Maki.

Maki is entry level
She is an okay "starter" raibu but you'll never see her in high level veteran raibu scenarios

This thread and Maki are cancer. Lelouch posting in it proves it.

uhh, nice thread?

Get over it, Sunshine is over so we can go back to posting the best girls full time.

>go back

How delusional are you? Cred Forums never liked or posted about Maki. Fuck off back to Cred Forums with your Santa Claus retard.

I wonder who is behind this post.

I'm tired of seeing Maki because she is so mainstream.

Shut the fuck up. If you're tired of seeing her, why post an image? Get the fuck out.

Maki is possibly the cutest animu character ever created. How is she so attractive?

Maki is for Nico exclusively.

Pretty hairstyle
red + purple a patrician color combination
Attractive body without being a titty monster

Because I'm a man.
I'm tired of her but it doesn't stop me from going with the flow

jesus how butthurt

Most of the μ's are shit now compared to the Aqours

Are you serious? Wanting to fit in makes you a man? Shut the fuck up forever. With that type of logic, you're clearly a Makifag. You fit right in, retard.

μ's are more fun as a group.
Aqours are more fun individually

This wasn't true yesterday, it isn't true today, and it won't be true tomorrow.

I would if I could.

>high level veteran raibu scenarios
I don't get it.

>thinking i'm some kind of pre-teen with fanatic identity issues

No dude, you stupidly fail to understand. I'm a simple man who likes chicks, hot chicks. It's natural.

the fuck is wrong with you, retard

how do you breed a girl in a non sexually way?


I want to be Maki's toilet seat.

>Umiposter spouting nonsensical shit
Just the usual. They're all retarded like their raibu.

It is now officially Nico Hour.

Why does she put pickles on her face?

They are cucumbers and they have healing properties.

Sunny Smile!

Then just say that instead of complaining while fuelling the thing you're complaining about. You sound and look dumb.

If you have to ask, you are low level

umi has a very cummable forehead



I'm not complaining, I'm just saying facts about me. It you took it far, it's your poblem, don't blame me (like, you didn't ask why, you just went full jerk mode).

I just have fun and enjoy raibus as I can.

That's just a phase.
You will soon learn, and appreciate, how the other raibus are superior.

Nicos beauty mask actually made me take care of my skin. I started using some lotions on it and it actually made it look so much fresher in winter.

I also turned gay.

>he says this while posting Kotori


μ's thread? about time! HAGU

Did someone say HAGU?

>Posting Nico.

Fuck off Aqwhores

What the fuck is "HAGU?"

Sorry i don't watch the show i just post Umi and Ruby

It's "hug" in Japanese.

HAGU is awful. I hate HAGU.

Fuck off. This is a µ's thread.

>didn't post umi as he said, not even ruby

I remember my Maki phase. I am now an enlightened sea lover.

Pretty sure it just says Love Live.

HAGU is always fine.

just fuck the 2 of them


these girls are trash. They have no personality. They are the most generic and bland looking sluts I have ever seen in anime. They will NEVER be on the same level as µ's. They wont even be on the same level as A-Rise. They will just end up being forgotten so they have to end up doing JAV to stay relavent. That means that the ONLY reason for this show to exist is doujinshi. The girls will be lost in the sea of no name ero-manga because they look like every other whore in the sad panda.

I need to play this stupid game if it gives me opportunities to imagine Chika perving on other girls. I thought it was just a rhythm game




Aqours is not a part of Love Live. It is a part of Love Love Sunshine. There's a difference.

>petting the unpopular ones

>they have to end up doing JAV to stay relavent

>this thread
Are Umi/Makifags really better than Aqours posters?

Why didn't they recolor Rin and give her a new catchphrase? It worked out for Hanayo.

Shit is better than Aqours posters. We /vg/ now.

Rin was beyond saving

>Goddess tier
Yoshiko, Nico
>Top tier
Honk, Maki, Umi, You
>Mid tier
Kotori, Eli, Hanamaru, Mari, Dia, Ruby
>Low tier
Rin, Hanayo, Nozomi, Chika, Riko, Kanan

Did someone say Nico hour?

No they said Maki hour

Aqours hour

>best girls are center
as it should be

>Best anything


I want to fuck Chika and her loli mom at the same time

Center row not column.

Is Maki the anal queen of Love Live?

No, that would be Ruby.

>just anal queen
She is a sex goddess. Perfect breeding material. Made for lovemaking marathons.

Why is she so perfect lads?

remove Aqours?

>zuramaru doing this good

All redheads in Love Live take it up the ass and love it.

She's been fucked by half of Cred Forums, why do you want to breed used goods?


Besides her being above Yoshiko, it shouldn't be surprising.

Well she is a cute. A CUTE!

She is pure!

who /rin/ here?

I dunno mane I love retarded genki tomboys

Kissing girls you barely know is not pure user.

That's outdated, here's the new one

disgusting blond nozomi

I like Honk better.

Fite me

Me. Rin is the cutest.

I just wanted to inform you that I just rewatched season 1 and drank half litre of Rum while doing so.

It feels like heaven, and I have another season to go. And another obttle.

How do you non-sexually BREED with someone?

flashback episode when?


How can Zuramaru be so delicious

Yoshiko always pushing up Hanamaru

Rin is not dumb. She just is bad at English.

The show is over anyways, why are there still nonstop threads? It's okay to take a break from raibus.

She's grabbing Yoshiko loli teat

No raibu no laifu

Once your in idol hell, you can't leave.

Shhh lesbians are sleeping.


>Riko with anyone but Chika

Sunken ship

That's an ugly tomato


Change mari with yohane and it's perfect


>Mari first
Is this gaijin poll? Because no way Japs will vote for her.

Reddit poll.

So put Hanamaru on 2nd then because they're always next to each other

So, Sunrise into farming business too, now.


Seems lika a Twitter poll to me.

Tomatoes are gross.



I didn't know Akarin was a raibu

What does Kanan smell like?




burd a best



I just told Maki Santa is fake

Burd is made for marriage and lewdness.

Dark burd is cute

Dark Honk and edgy Nico are cuter.

Fuck you, Nico.

Nico will always be the best idol

Kuso Miso

>dark honk

err huh?





Nico Nico nigger

Nico is Makisexual

Nico is life.

Nico is a semen demon of the highest order and must be punished.

How do you punish one?

You hold hands with her.

Riminder, Wooby is switching place with Kanan

Would you punish Dark Nico?

>He type manually
Christ, just hit 'Ctrl+S'

Spankings and humiliation.


How the hell did she even manage to stay in that position since 1st poll until now?

her eyes is like Umi

Girls don't have penises.
Maki doesn't like anal.

6 times in 6th position in a row. She's the real embodiment of Satan.

>Girls don't have penises
2D girls can have penises, and even if they don't there are strap-ons.
>Maki doesn't like anal
You can't know that.

I'm married to Maki and I can safely say she's not into pegging or receiving anal sex!

wait that's ma wife...oh fuck

I'm sorry to break it to you like this but she's lying. She cums like crazy in the gangbang sessions with me and my fellow balding middle-aged men, and always talks about how her husband's tiny dick and boring vanilla preferences are unable satisfy her.

Yoshiko is not mature at all, holy shit.
Just because it looks mature doesn't mean it is.
Delusional trapfags in denial use the same flawed logic to cover up their closet homo tendencies, it's only self-serving escapism.


I want to suck this guy dick first thing in the morning.

Use the damn spoiler.

who doesn't

That's a crossdresser/newhalf/shemale?


>she's not into pegging or receiving anal sex!
This is literally an indirect confession to lying because actually I'm the one who's married to Maki, and it's a fact that she loves pegging and anal!


I can't even remember her name

S2 when?

That's pretty cute for 3D but please don't lie because I don't see a bulge, user.

Those are some disgusting lumps of fat


This is my fetish

Breast expansion?

Unless he has a tiny dick and is a master of tucking, how dare you deceive me with such a lie.

Delete this please

>posting 3D on a 2D board
This has to be against the rules.

Crossdresser. Name is Haoge, he's part of the chinese all-trap cosplay group "Alice". They are doing some idol stuff too.

Famous Chinese cosplayer and yes their known for being dudes.
Are the tits fake then? Is there lewder images of him?

>eating them whole
>not using them for superior orange juice
No wonder Nips hate Mari all the time.

Never, it flopped.

Yes, all fake.
Look up their "alicecosgroup" fb page. They made one shooting session as µ's in their circus (?) stage outfits (don't know which costume set it is exactly) and well....let's say some of them either fucked up their tucking or just had unlucky ill-fitting costumes. Besides that, his Kotori photo set is probably the lewdest of all.

But you gotta admit, he's doing a good job.

Please respond.


>all this 3dpd posting

>Love Live Sunshine
>not set on Delfino Isle
Explain this.

So they don't do actual lewd? Just occasional bulge shots and risque stuff? That's fine too.

Triple Q please leave

Why is the gap between Snow halation and the rest of Muse's songs shown in the anime so fucking wide? In real time it was one of their first songs yet it didn't feel like they actually starting catching up to it until the movie.

Nico's mom is still best Love Live.

Beats me. Probably wanted to find a good spot to throw it in. It was pretty much the song that everyone was waiting for to play in the anime so I guess they wanted to set it up in a big way.

I disagree.

You mean Burd's mom.

Who would win in a fight between μ's and Aqours?

I mean musically, not how long it took to show up in the show. The build-up to it was great though.

More Burd-mom, please.

Most of them would be utterly useless in a fight. My bet is it would come down to RinUmiEli vs YouKananChika and Umi would be the last one standing.

Snow Halation is just that good.

Umi can solo all of Aqours, but if you're aiming for participation then just overwhelm You and Yoshiko rest of µ's.

She can only overpower the puny Kurosawas, even Maru can subdue her.

Umi actually practices Archery and other shit so she has an edge.
You knows CQC so at least that's something.
Kanan is /fit/ so she could probably muster up something as well.
I guess it depends on whether or not Mari is unhinged enough to fly a bunch of her helicopters into µ's

>Yoshiko is not mature at all, holy shit.
>Just because it looks mature doesn't mean it is.

Can you blame the girl that likes to act cool? also, she's just a chuuni.

The raibus are made for love.
What you need to ask is, who will the last one standing in a orgy? My money is on Umi.

Umi is a pure yamato nakadashi, only a slut like Nozomi would last the longest.

Kanan is the endurance raibu

I want to marry Zuramaru!

Me. She's cute and the best singer

Who's the anal idol for Sunshine? It's Dia I bet.

Kurosawa sisters. Where do you think that "BIGII" noise came from?

>Oh! Shiny penis!


> my butt?

Either her or Riko.
Ruby is for gangbang and abuse in general, anal is part of the package but not the main course.

Riko is definitely a lesbian.


Ruby is for spoiling with tea and snacks while you knit together on a cold winter day

>what is rape
>what are strap-ons
>what is futa

What said, and then anal just because she asked for it

We have already been down that road

Thanks I'm gay now.

This is the shittiest taste I've seen in a Love Live thread. It's even worse than being a burdfag.


>tfw You will never say to you "ohayousoro"

Friendly reminder to don't sexualize and bully Riko-chan!

>hating burd
Congrats, you managed to top him.

>implying i hate her
There's nothing about her to hate. In fact, there's nothing to her at all !

Have you all forgiven her?


Fuck honk, she ruined everything.

>tfw chika will never be your gf

Honoka is dead to me.

>there's nothing to her at all !
I swear I've seen people say this about her, Pana, Rin, Maki, Eli and pretty much every Aqours that isn't Chika.

>still shitting on best girl
Goes to show some shit taste can never be cured.

Who's richer Cred Forums?

Maki is regular rich. Mari is retard rich. It's like retard strength, but with money instead of brawl.

Mari, by a mile. Mari throws money around in a way Maki never could


Honk is for sex

Stop posting Sunshine garbage in this thread.

All idols are just glorified sluts that the government uses to control the population when there aren't enough resources to sustain it.

>ugly ass outfit
>sexy as fuck body
My dick is confused

Shut the fuck up. Go to Cred Forums if you want to discuss Maki exclusively


There was nothing to forgive, Honk is the best.


Shut the fuck up. Go to your containment threads if you want to post your garbage, faggot.

Ugly rat.

Make me nerd. Your hags ain't relevant anymore

You and me, brother.

I liked umi initially going into the SIF without knowing much of the girls initially, but after playing the game I had so much Maki thrown at my face I eventually loved her. Then the anime sealed the deal.

Then why did Sunshine bomb compared to the original series?

I wish the anime had more outfits

99.9% of anime series bomb compared to the original series.

Rat posters confirmed for bitter hagfags.

Not an excuse.

I wish Honk would serve me pancakes at Hooters.

How much did S1 sell in the first week?

>Chairatafag this mad

chika a cute

Only if you are a good user

well enough to get a 2nd season right away, obviously

>chika a cute
Pretty sure it was over 10k.

>Nozomi and Kanan in low
Shit taste

The only buttfrustrated fans in this franchise currently are hagfags and maybe woobyfags.

he's right though

Chika isn't quite my favorite but I think she'd be the most fun to date

So will Sunshine so that's not saying much.

Because Sunshine is shit. Their CD sales are so bad even [email protected] is beating them.

Honoka is better

best girls swinging together.

>mfw he's this anal-pained over the truth

Not likely. And their CD sales and ratings were also much lower. You're being delusional.

Mah nigga.

>So will Sunshine

I'd rather date You and be bros with Chika, but I can see where you're coming from.

I love Honoka too and I don't enjoy the exercise of trying to put one above the other


Maru should say Dia onee-chan in the anime.

Only good thing from Sunshine.

Honkposting hour

He's far from right though.

doesn't she also hit yoshiko? She has a thing for the 1st years it seems.

Honk is a healthy girl.

for you

I want more Honks

Are you serious? Stalker was predicting 50k first week sales, even if it is overestimating it's still way over 10k and it wouldn't make any sense to stop promoting the franchise now.

>Stalker estimates

You're right, user. Surely it's way off and it will sell like 5k or something.

>(*36,252 pt)
Those are some nice "50k" sales you got there.

Did Honkers transcend time? Did she go BEYOND THE TIME?




Looks like someone is begging for a dick.

She did something

Calm down, Umi.

Why is Chika so ugly?

>***,**8位 (*36,252pt) [*,133予約] 2016年09月27日 ラブライブ! サンシャイン!! Blu-ray 1 (特装限定版)
>***,*54位 (*13,232pt) [*,*66予約] 2016年09月27日 【限定】 ラブライブ! サンシャイン!! Blu-ray 1 (特装限定版)
You fucking idiot.

Chika isn't really ugly, it's just that Honk is so much cuter than her that it creates a sense of disappointment.

Even the japs don't want to see sunshit live

I feel like the problem is that they try to balance out the characte polls or somehing with aqours so that we don't get another nico-maki-kotori dominating every vote

Stop hating Aqours!

Any Rin fans in Flipland here? Her VA is there today.

captcha: select all images with pool chairs

>can't even get close to 50k even with ticket event sales in BDs

You won't give up no matter how much you get told, desperate hagfags are really something else.

- also, maki is the best

Whatever Cred Forums.

>can't even get close to 50k
Are you legit retarded?

The fuck are you talking about? The limited edition version is the one that has first live tickets, and it's selling way less than the regular edition.

What does the technology board have to do with this?

Both are limited editions.

Are you, peasant?


What is she seeing?

It is well known that Maki is the official idol of Cred Forums. They all worship her.

Also Cred Forums as well. Well Maki and Nico both since they usually used by trapfags.


See your full of shit?

Why can Maki and Honk use time magic?

I want to engage in thigh sex with Maki

>ラブライブ! サンシャイン!! Blu-ray 1 (特装限定版)
I commend your perseverance but it's time to stop.

It's just all a part of being an idol

Where's the 50k sales?


>can't even get close to 50k
I'll ask again, are you legit retarded?

They were meant to be.

But they sucked and their show was shit.

I'll ask again, can you actually read?

How do I read this?

What's Umi's power?

1st week sales numbers aren't out yet, you tremendous nincompoop. The discussion was about stalker estimates from the start.

Enhanced no fun allowed.

The discussion was how retarded Stalker is in general, you troglodyte sub-human shit eater.


So we're back to

Please stop trying to use strawman arguments. Just face fact that Sunshine won't do as good as the original will.



It's like you really believe it won't sell even 20k in the first week. Either that or you're comparing it with S2 which is equally stupid.

>stop using strawmans
>keeps doing so

Sunshine doesn't deserve to sell a single copy.


Is that the child Honk ended up pregnant with when she did the JAV?

Yohane is sexy

HonoBasa child.

>Maki is the official idol of Cred Forums
More like the official cumdump.


I'd give my life to live with Riko

This thread needs more You

Then what are you even getting at? Sunshine will sell more than LL S1 did in the first week, this is the only point being made in the first place. Unless you think stalker is massively overestimating it, in which case I can only tell you to wait a few more days.


So the moe meido in ep1, the Kananfag, and now this... why are the side characters in this show always so much more attractive than the main cast?

>Unless you think stalker is overestimating it
Bingo, only took you this long to remember the original tangent of the argument.

Then go to

Which one do I vote for?


It doesn't take much to be better than Aquors.

meh both are shit

Who are your top 3 rabu raibus?

You know it in your heart

Kotori, Eli and Umi!

The ones you posted.

Nico, You and Honoka in no order.


Honk, Yoshiko, Nico

So you really believe and hope it will sell less than 20k. Sasuga hagfag, sucks to be you a few days from now I guess.

Are you crazy?



Nail on the head, I see.

Cinderella Girls and Sunshine are both abysmal. Are idol spin-off shows destined to be shit?

She's from Otonokizawa, which makes her superior from country bumpkins by default

That you are retarded, yes. Sunshine was awful, has to promote itself this hard, its rating were awful especially for the last episode, and you honestly think its going to match or surpass the original?

Keep being delusional I guess.

Retard trio

1. Umi
2. Dia
3. ...don't make it hard: Mari? Yoshiko?


Umi used to be in Honoka's place.

Kotori, Umi, Riko. Love them.

>match or surpass the original
By what standards, faggot? Yours? And what does any of what you said has to do with the stalker/sales discussion? Are you really that desperate that you have to bring up niconico ratings, the most irrelevant measure of nip popularity Cred Forums ever shitposted about?


>By what, standards?
Good ones. Stay salty, piss-ant.

>Good ones
You're a riot. Enjoy your Sunshine S2.

Excellent taste user. I see you're a fan of refined girls.

>posting the most hated as well as worst girl in Sunshine.
Just proving my point further.

Is there any reason why the sunshine CD sales are so lackluster? not a single anime insert song has sold 60k


No one's clicked with me like those two so far. The empty space can just be my dick's input for that day.

You don't have a point, only butthurt hopes and opinions.

>You don't have a point.
Her rankings sure shows it consistently but go ahead and continue to be salty, mate.

Why yes I am.

Sunshine is shit.

Nico Nico Nii!

I want to make Maki say "uweh"

Every song in sunshine was terrible and unmemorable.

I want to marry Riko!

Same reason why their drama CDs are doing so awful. The show is so shallow and derivative that even Nips aren't giving it as much attention or care compared to the first series.




Say what you want of Aquors, but this sub unit is actually good

Honkers = Maki

And also lil' Honkers

Cyaron is better.

I'll say that Aqours is great and they're the best subunit

>poor man's Printemps
Not really

Why does Maki attract all the shitposters

It's just hagfags from the /vg/ circlejerk shitposting, you can tell because the /vg/ thread became dead when this one became fast.

Could you keep a pure mind if Ruby asked you to wash her back?

>this desperation

I can't keep a pure mind around Ruby at all.

Whatever you say, slut.

Of course not. And I'll probably slip up and get her to call for her sister, my real target.

You're not fooling anyone /vg/. Go back to your circlejerk, µ's has no anime anymore.

>µ's has no anime anymore.
Did their 2 seasons and movie just suddenly get erased out of existence? Face it sunshit, nobody cares about your shitty copies. Once the anime ended everyone went back to talking about µ's. Goes to show how bad sunshit is.



Honk is the red man

>Once the anime ended everyone went back to talking about µ's. Goes to show how bad sunshit is.
Not even Japan, a nation continually known for eating shit up, wants them.

Who is best girl? I'd say Kabuto-Kotori!

Aozora Jumping Heart already sold around 71k copies?

I was talking about insert songs
>36,864 *43,703 **2 夢で夜空を照らしたい/未熟DREAMER (サンシャイン!! 劇中歌2) 16/09/24

I like Faiz. Underrated Kamen Rider show.


Walkure is better.

I haven't watched any toku since I dropped Wizard halfway through. Have there been any series or movies I should catch up on?

Not him, but Faiz had the best character design.
Even the Orphnoch design looks classy as fuck.

Nigga I stopped watching after Fourze and I went through Wizard just fine. Ghost is terrible though, didn't like Drive, but Gaim was great. Watch that, its written by Uroubuchi.

>best character designs

Faiz had my most hated Rider and monster designs in general. Not traditional like Kuuga, Agito, Blade, or Kabuto. Too alien, too divergent, and the story was a mess.

Blade's final form is my favorite though.

I've heard really good things about Gaim. Might give that a go. Have any of the movies been fun? I feel like a movie might get me back into watching toku again easier.

Its ironic because Wizard had a good first half and a bad second half but the Wizard original movie was great and its half of the Wizard x Gaim movie was much better then Gaim's. And Gaim's original movie was like some kind of shaolin soccer thing with Riders. But yeah Gaim is definitely great.

>Have any of the movies been fun?
Wizards was good.
Gaims was meh.
Riders vs Super Sentai and Space Sheririfs was great. Dunno about the rest.

>sunshine is so dead that people would rather talk about kamen rider

>Riders vs Super Sentai and Space Sheririfs
That sounds like something that might reignite my love for toku. I think the Gavan reboot movie thing was the last toku movie I watched, which I enjoyed. I'll give that a watch.

Kamen Rider is great though. Would Sunshine have gangsta music in it? I think not.

But user, this is a Love Live thread.

>Captain Marvelous

Yeah it was a really good movie.


Give me something that doesn't have those stupid bug eyes.

>Faiz Axel
But I hate Faiz!
>hating bug eyes
>in Kamen Rider
Fuck you.

I want to be a cool one!

That's what they said about anime.

Neat. Stronger is cool!

I don't even like Love Live, only here for Kamen.

Jokes on you, I got GAI and he's free of them.

Even if you are stronger, I am strongest.

What's so appealing about You? I always thought that she was just there

My boy Knight please.
The Batman of Kamen Rider.

Wtf? So cheap... ;_;

>tfw there wasn't a scene like this in sunshine

Genki, athletic, competent, friendly, has a cute frailer side and I like her design and her voice.



Celebrating Shrubbery


Things I want to see in Sunshine S2
>Riko's mom get invited to the Live show, she got pissed at their poor performance, jumped on the stage, YOU CALLED THAT LIVE? LET ME SHOW YOU HOW TO LIVE CONCERT, and go full Nana (they have her as VA for a reason!)
>Mari taking the girls out on luxury, gaudy, super high-class vacation/recess and being the country girls Aqours are, can't adjust for shit
>Aqours trying their best to make Kanan tired for once, and failing
>Maru wanting to own a smartphone and she goes shopping in an IT town/Akiba, hilarity ensues
>Mari trying to live like a commoner
>You taking up part-time job and being based at 97263489176230 things she can do
>Chika getting drafted to work at her motel on high-season, and somehow ended up in a competition with Mari as to whose business will get more customers
>Dia being herself in an amusement park
>Ruby scouted for swimsuit modelling
>Yohane taking Riko out for an errand/shopping trip in Numazu town, ended up getting lost in a dog park

Full SoL when?

don't forget, You is beta.

She has it all. Athletic, good person, caring, pretty good at everything she does, isn't weird like Yoshiko or Ruby, nice body, cute voice.

>isn't weird

So she's a Mary Sue?

>Full SoL when?
fucking never


Things I want to see in Sunshine S2
>Sunshine S2 has been cancelled

He said like Yoshiko or Ruby. She's having some weird thoughts by herself at home, not telling strangers she's a fallen angel or running away from them.

Not exactly, she has this side to her that is really passive and sometimes can't quite express what she wants.

All they have to do is give something to the first and third years, S1 was all about Chika, Riko and You.

6 more hour-

oh wait.

No more Ratchika for at least a year. Finally.

Chika is not a rat, she's top 9 Aqours, at least.

Chika is a cockroach.


Nothing. She's boring as fuck.

>Top 9 shit

>top 9 Aqours
What a roundabout way of saying best girl.


I just masturbated to Hanamaru-chan. It felt really good. I love her but I don't want to take responsibility.
That is all.

Things I want to see in S2 are: Aqwhores suffering, crying, disbanding.

If I can get one fucking Youshiko episode I will be happy.

Which one will make a start on their JAV career first?

What does it do

AiAi. I bet she's going to fuck producer-san for more screen time in S2.

It blows.

No one, Aqours members are pure

I was never able to find the Emitsun JAV video online. I really want to watch it.

They're going to have to sell their virginities to make up for being shit idols.

Stop projecting your old and busted idols on our new young and talented raibus

They're garbage live, it explains why japs aren't buying the BD with first live tickets
Also, Rikyako was in a soft porn video and there's clips of Arisha kissing some guys, something no OG raibu has done. Arisha has also done tons of gravure, she's a slut.

Appeals to boring people who like Mary Sue

She is the Maki of Sunshine


>Rikyako was in a soft porn video and there's clips of Arisha kissing some guys
>Arisha has also done tons of gravure, she's a slut.
P-p-prove it!


Now that's being delusional if I ever seen it.

Boring raibus but wouldn't mind fucking both of them though.

wth is that outfit

I thought the consensus on Cred Forums was that Aqours was in every way superior than the original?

Every girl in Aqours is likable, while muse had Nico and Hanayo. That alone makes Aqours better.

This is correct. But maki is still better by the rule of thumb: even your least favorite muse is better than any of Aqwhores.

Rikyako was only taking her clothes off. Hell, her face can't even be seen while taking those off which makes me wonder if it was her or a double. Arisha's kiss was just in a drama not a scandal.

>Every girl in Aqours is likable
The best ones are boring and the worst ones are shit.

It's her """dancer""" outfit.

Wrong. This dude explained it.

trying too hard

>Cred Forums
Good one. I'd say that the individual Aqours are a step up but µ's was way better as a group. I still prefer µ's overall, no one in Aqours pleases my dick like Honk and provides memes like Nico.

>a double
>for a literal who

I never cared for Maki though.

Honk is way beyond our understanding. She is a higher entity now.

tfw never getting hugged by honk ;_;

>From a guy that thinks Aquors is "every way superior than the original"


Musefags can't read. Why am I not surprised. Just as senile as their oldfag idols.

They're having a really hard time moving on, give them a break.

Anyone saying either group is "way superior" should be ignored. Memes aside, they both have their own strengths and appeals.

It doesn't help that the group we've been given to move onto is shit.

>Mary sue

Please take your buzzwords back to Cred Forums

But Mary Sue is an Cred Forums buzzword

>knowing which buzzwords are from Cred Forums
Gave yourself away, fuck off back to where you belong and take your shit taste with you

I'm sorry you feel that way and I hope you find something else you'll enjoy.

He's just trolling. He's an Aqoursfag like the rest of us.

I'm happy for you that you can enjoy stuff like Aquors. Being able to enjoy shit things must make life easier for you.

Came to say that Maki will always be best Love Live.

It sure makes it easier to move on when they end.

I too will have an easy time moving on when Aquors ends.

Are Aquors the Roman Reigns of idols?

Same, like with µ's before it and anything else really.

Yeah, they really need to step up their game with the group interactions. Let the cast interact with people outside their years besides Chika. Have some episodes where they just fuck around next season or something.


I found Sunshine songs better toby honest.

1. Honoka
2. Maki
3. You