Is Togashi a bad artist?

Is Togashi a bad artist?

No man, he isn't Oda.

Why is no one calling out his shit for tracing? I thought japan was prone to having conniptions over this.

One man's tracing is another man's reference photos

Every artist ever uses references for their art.

That blonde kid is fucking beautiful. Who is that?

All artists use references. Even Loomis said that only an idiot wouldn't use a reference, it's an absolute last resort to draw entirely from memory.

Literally no one cares at this point, nigga could copy paste every magazine spread if it means we get consistent chapters again.



That's young Dicaprio man

I saw similar pic with Slam Dunk couple of years ago. Inoue literally redrawing NBA players dunking and other things.

Mangakas get fired and are never allowed back for that shit. But Togashi is more powerful than Jump now so he could just take someone else's manga and write in bubbles his own words and still get away with that.

HxH fags would defend this just like the rubber and gum incident.


But it's not though

The photos come from the June 1998 issue of Mr. High Fashion (some men's fashion mag) apparently.

this is tracing though, not refrence

Sigh. I'm reading yu yu Hakusho now and this makes me wonder how many of those realistic faces are actually traced

It's impressive how people are good as detectives enough to find that stuff.

Tracing people isn't frowned upon in the artist world. Actually, it's encouraged.

Yup, it's amazing. That reminds me of an artist who drew a lot of vocaloid (I forgot her name but she did the just be friends and magnet pv) that got caught tracing and copy pasting photos onto her art/PVs.

Found some of these pics. It's funny because Inoue, unlike Togashi, is so much revered for his art here.
>By the way, adding to the confusion is, at the head of this string of imitations Inoue creating action panels based on NBA basketball photos that are copyrighted

Here's another one.

This one is not SO similar though.