Daily reminder that Sena-sama is a goddess

Daily reminder that Sena-sama is a goddess

Maria is best girl

poop > Sena

Yozora > Kobato > Sena

All these jealous faggots in here

If she is a goddess then why she have such sinful body

Kanae Itou
nana astar deviluke

If she's a goddess, why can't she hold her own meat?

Oh shit son. That's a paradox

Is this series supposed to come back? I need more Sena

I want to be Yozora and sexually bully Sena.

Would you let Sena play with your imouto?

Because even Jesus can microwave a burrito so hot he can't eat it. It is best not to question the divine.

If she's a goddess why can't she tell where I'm looking at?

Light Novel ended, ending was shit, dead franchise.

Yozora best girl.

I am not a fan of cowtits/meat but Sena does things to me

Was it actual shit or was it "Cred Forums says its shit" shit?

Did anyone ever do an English translation of the LN?




Yozora is superior.

oh hey I need to make that thread

Why is she so delicious?


Animefag here, from what I have read Kodaka hooks up with maid girl and leaves the club. They eventually break up a few months before they graduate because Kodaka wants to spend what time that's left of high school with the club.

Identify this meat:

That is some delicious looking meat.

Yozora a shit




My favorite meat

It's shit shit. I looked up the ending after I finished and holy hell it's something.

yep it's meat.

What happen to Kobato?

She later died of a cold.

All my yes

None of them died, I read the translation but forgot how exactly Kobato and Maria ended up.


It's the butterfly.