One Piece

She is so perfect.
Literally perfect

How much longer till she joins lads?


guys yonji will help sanji

Good thread.

>helped Sanji escape when he was little
>cured luffy's deadly poison

Already more beneficial to the crew than brook

When i was a depressed teenager I used to read One Piece to escape from reality, and I would have given anything to be on the SH ship having wonderful adventures with the crew. So yeah I cried for pretty much everything, but the part that used to get me the most was Robin screaming "I WANNA LIVE, TAKE ME TO THE SEA WITH YOU" because i kinda related to it i guess.

I cried

Carrot won't join, she'll be an ally.
It makes a lot more sense if you think about it.

What if Law defeats Kaido off-screen?
It seems plausible, because with the immortality ability, the only way to neutralize Kaido would be something like breaking him apart to a million pieces and keeping those pieces apart.

What if your dad beats you off-screen?
It seems plausible, the retard you are.

If we don't get Fat Gear 4 next chapter I'll be extremely disappointed

I don't think it's very likely, considering he lives in another country.
Does your dad hit your, user?

Any of you negros got the stream/download for gold yet senpai?

that's mean.
But i kekd


post Usopp

He is kill.

I'm prepared for that

post yfw you realized sanji doesn't attack women because the only person who was genuinely nice to him during his time with the germa 66 was a woman, as well as inspiring him to become a cook.

Zoro liked shitty food before it was cool

Where did this meme come from?

Yonji has been a fucking dick since his first appearance, it does not make any sense

What does it mean to awaken a devil fruit?

reposting improved versions

Because he's the weakest when Sanji is gone so he has a certain empathy for Sanji.

kill yourself

I agree that 5 is the worst, but 3 is pretty bad, too.

no untill one piece ends

Doubt that, I don't recall any panel of him implying this.

I don't get what Oda is going for with this entire Germa 66 stuff.

It's obvious even a jobber like Sanji could wipe the floor with all of them if he got serious even for a second.

And if this is what a lifetime of human augmentation can achieve then I don't know why Big Mom is even bothering with them or how they survived in the world's oceans so far.

Is there some kind of incurable virus that only affects moms in the OP universe?

For Zoans it transforms them into a quasi-mindless beast. Like Impel Down's guard or Chopper's monster point.

For Paramecias and supposedly Logias it allows them to alter the property of their environments. Doffy changed houses into strings. I think maybe Punk Hazard shows that Akainu and Iceman also got to that stage.

Maybe it's done through science because Chopper has to eat a Rumble Ball to activate Monster Point.

since sanji has already kicked his ass and he seemed to be pretty under reiju's control, they probably figured he could come around.

Word. Brook was a mistake

Reminder that:

1) If it weren't for Brook, all of the Strawhats would have died on Thriller Bark
2) If it weren't for Brook, Zoro/Usopp would have drowned on Fishman Island and Nami would have been killed by Zeo.
3) If it weren't for Brook, Giolla would have killed Nami/Chopper/Momonosuke

And don't forget how he'll BTFO Charlotte's Soul power with his own

>year of sanji

This. I'm not saying he will become good but I can see him helping Sanji.

>Luffy is already Admiral tier and we aren't even near the end yet

Can anyone stop him?

Is there anyone who still thinks Sanji isn't the best crewmember?

>part of the monster trio
>manly, masculine; doesn't show fear or shrink in the face of opponents, but still has a range of emotions and funny reactions to things
>believes in chivalry and doesn't forgive people who hurt women
>coolest fighting style; doesn't rely on weapons
>ostensibly only cares about women, but takes care of his bros, too
>gives pep talks and lessons to Usopp and Chopper
>understands that it takes more than brute strength to take down opponents
>won't share the pain of starvation with anyone, even if that person is a villain
>actually provides a useful service on the ship, unlike some of the others (swordsman; gunner who never fires the guns; musician)
>loyalest crewmember; never once left or threatened to leave the crew; kicks Luffy for even suggesting that Usopp can leave
>has two sad backstories, instead of just one

>part of the monster trio
Not after this arc when Jinbei joins the crew.

Why do the Shichibukai suck so much? None of them are on the level of Admirals or the Yonkai. They're just there to job so that Luffy can look stronger.

>will choose not to even restrain or kick a girl and allow his friends to get hurt
retard tier

Mihawk and Kuma are really strong

The Shichibukai are Marine stooges in exchange for special privileges. If they were stronger, they would be independent powers in the New World.

Mihawk isn't that strong. Him and Zoro are basically even.

>Forgetting Mihawk
>Forgetting Buggy

Jobhawk only purpose in the story is to job to Zolo.

She have very sixy legs.

Oh, Carlos...

>implying Buggy wont become the Pirate King

he's the pirate god already dumbass. read the manga

it must have sucked looking like a legit retard before he went through puberty

Mihawk is around admiral level. Weevil might be fucking strong as well, since he is like the Majin Buu of One Piece, and Kizaru compared him to Whitebeard in strength

most punchable face in one piece?


Nah he still will, luffy will just leave it and ne like every big boss in one piece

Jinbe is kinda whatever compared to sanji tho. Both martial artists that swim really well, but sanji has haki skywalk and whatever magic okama recipies he referenced that one time

>believes in chivalry and doesn't forgive people who hurt women

So he's a huge faggot.

reiju a bitch

>Why do the Shichibukai suck so much? None of them are on the level of Admirals or the Yonkai.
If they were strong enough to completely disregard the World Government, they wouldn't make a deal. Being the third highest power in the world isn't a shabby position.

agreed, and dubs confirm

The problem isn't chivalry, the problem is that Sanji doesn't know that it only applies to ladies, not bitches.

SANAfag created it thinking that it only makes sense since he was introduced with reiju

Buggy memes stopped being funny three years ago.

All Sanji has to do is train as much as Zoro and he would be stronger than even Luffy.
Oda won't adress why Sanji never trains though. Which is sad and that's why he is a hack.

>h-his modification didnt work
Even more so, look how strong he is right now without the modification and without training.
Yes I know the hack will give him a power boost with his genes this arc.

So luffy clearly isn't big mom level yet, so how will he escape?

He will just eat whole cake island.

Big mom will see Nami as her daughter and marry Nami with Sanji. Luffy will be a proud captain and big mom will be an ally.

u mad miss fatty?

He can barely keep up with crackers biscuits

>even sogeking
every time

I guess because he is the only one who got beated instead of beating the shit out of Sanji

He has another stomach for sweets.

they'll have an eating context

ha, I only started one piece this year, take that oldfag

davy back fight to get sanji, jinbe and ceasar

fucking same, I busted a lung the first time I read it

>why Big Mom is even bothering with them
she doesn't care about strength, she just wants to make her family a bunch of big guys

>how they survived in the world's oceans so far
they're a sneaky mercenary organization that takes easy jobs on side seas. they wouldn't last a week if they actually tried to make waves in the new world.

What the fuck is this shit? Luffy is supposed to be immune to all poisons. Oda is a hack.

>Luffy is supposed to be immune to all poisons.
nice headcanon

>some new world fish is more poisonous than magellan
really makes you think

Makes sense since Magellan is shit
>couldn't kill Luffy
>couldn't kill Bon Clay
>got BTFO by Blackbeard

I see you're off your pills again Lyingfag. I don't feel like trying to explain why your delusions won't happen like none of them have so far. So I'll just wait for the end of this arc and then you can do the usual damage control you do

sounds pretty fishy

What a complete let down of a fight. All Doff did was smile and tank the whole time.

That's the usual case with One Piece, the weird world is a bigger danger than anybody in it.

Who is the endgame boss, Akainu or BlackBeard

he's RESISTANT, mr. Spee D. Reader

you can't really make that comparison, seeing as luffy shoveled mounds of instant-death causing poison into his stomach, where as with magellan it only soaked his skin.

>let all those criminals escape
>had to be on suicide watch
>still haven't found level 5.5
Should have got fired instead of demoted

thats just sanji with tits tho
you people are weird.

That's only because the admirals have plot armor for now. The moment Oda doesn't need them anymore, they'll job like bitches.

He's a pretty man.


If Reijuu was the only one who cared about Sanji, why does he still treats her like shit?

That statue is wearing real clothes. Huh.

Because she is still with them. He wold protect her in an instant though.
He didn't include her when he was talking about who they treat other people like shit.

>same eyebrows mean she looks like Sanji
What a retard.
Reiju looks like a mix between Nami and Sanji.
Oda sameface is real

>sanji with tits

Because he isn't dumb. She just helped him because she's a decent human. But she even stated that she isn't on his side for sure. She is just as much apart of that family as the other siblings.


>it's more poisonous then Magellan
That's you're head canon

>some new world fish is more poisonous than magellan

I dunno mang, that red poison Magellan had was some serious shit.

>tfw every poison in shonen manga is purple

hyouzou's was green and magellan's super poison was red

s-shut up


>defeated akainu in 10 minutes
>defeated the admirals in 10 seconds
>I am growing stronger

Luffy, Zoro, Usopp and Robin would have been shot by Brownbeards men too

I love both of them.

Lots and lots?


People not realizing Sanji got bullied because the gap between him and the others was enormous.

>Big Mom's top commander defeated by a gag

This whole arc is a joke.

Germa 66 can probably be solo'd by any single member of the monster trio and Big Mom's entire organization seems laughable apart from her cray devil fruit power.

I was expecting more from this.

Read again

I mean, I guess it develops the character, but did Sanji really need a deeper backstory? It isn't like Zoro is just going with friend who died by accident as motivation, the island with Zeff was pretty great already




>buggy defeats all admirals
every time

Sorry it wasn't edgy enough for you.

When will Jack job again?
I think it's gonna happen in the next 20 chapters.

Oh boo hoo I'm sorry a fight between a rubber man and a army of biscuits isn't serious enough for you. This isn't even the first gag fight. Wapol was a joke and so was the way Luffy beat Enel not by out matching him but by being made of rubber. Enjoy yourself for once

Marineford babies are real

oda cock suckers coming at full force I see

Not an argument


I wouldn't be surprised if Zoro has his backstory touched on again or even expanded during Wano, somehow.

I think it's pretty fucking funny

How can Oda expand Zoro's backstory other than him being a native from Wano though

yeah just like he was defeated with Gear 4 right?
also maybe you should read the Crocodile vs Luffy fight again

It's ok if your dad hits you user, we're here, talk to us

That would be a giant asspull tho, Sanji at least was from another ocean, Zoro is from the same country as Luffy
Only if somehow she was alive all along and is in Wano (or even if she is tashigi) after all we can get something, otherwise I just don't see it

we'll get more information about his greatest enemies, staircases


maybe he'll show how zoro transitioned from "who gives a shit" to sanji lite when it comes to women.

>Tfw sanji wan't just bening chivalrous for nothing
>He grew up in a place where all guys were dicks and all women were good to him.


fuckin kek

Doffy's story isn't over.


>implying Gear 4 wasn't based

His sandals have no thong strap, he's just standing on planks of wood that are not attached to his feet in any way

>b-but kuina is tashigi!!

thats haki user


coloring error

>he doesn't want his fupa grinded on

>Doffy's story isn't over.

>OMG sanjay is sooo awesome, and I pair him with Nami, cause zolo+luffy is like my OTP And zolo isn't a slut but nami is totally my insert because we both have red hair and attitude

Well he isn't dead we could see a cover story about his time in Impel Down. I'd pay for some interaction between Bon and Don

Unless he breaks out of Impel Down, his relevance to story will be no more than a panel or two of him reacting to NW happenings from behind bars.

>Wake up
>Spend all day in his cell telling people about how great he is

He'd be on level 6


Sanji has inverted eyebrows.
Ichiji has inverted cloth colors.
Reiju has inverted gender.
Niji ?
Yonji ?

yonji has an inverted asshole

>inverted gender
She has inverted nipples

that's my fetish

She really is. I lover her.

It takes a kong gun to destroy those biscuit soldiers, how is Luffy able to eat them?

>wanting us to explain Oda's asspulls
We can't.
Oda dicksuckers will lie to you and give you a headcanon though.

Maybe Nami is making them soggie first. Or being eaten is those biscuit soldiers natural counter.

Maybe he still has some of Arlong's teeth lying around. They are very sharp

The Germa 66 is an incredibly powerful organization though. I'd gander to say that Judge Vinsmoke can at least battle equally with Big Mom, and Sanji's older brothers can wipe the floor with Sanji. Niji took him out with one serious strike.

Luffy actually took a blow that hurt him from Cracker Charlotte, and not even Doflamingo could that while he was in Gear 4th.

When's Luffy going to destroy Fishman Island?

>Judge Vinsmoke can at least battle equally with Big Mom
Are you fucking high? Judge is strong yes but he is still trying to re conquer the North Blue while Big Mom is standing toe to toe with Kaido Shanks and Blackbeard. They are in no way equals in battle

No, you are a retard Namifag. I remember you crying about your shitty theory not coming true.
Reminder NamI won't do shit to a YONKO commander.

next chapter


Yeah, that is a good point. I could see him at least being prepared for a fight if things go wrong at this wedding.

What? Nami makes rain and rain makes crackers wet and soft.

Is he going to drop Mariejoa on top of it?

>people still believe that ichiji is stronger than reiju

Luffy has been rusing him for 11 hours,but both of them look like they have barely even received any damage,cracker even looks like he´s losing just because luffy´s strategy denies both of them from actually doing anything that can hurt the other one

>a serious fight is edgy
Sure user

I want to cum inside the bunny

what do you think you´re reading user

he got a few spares from Hody while we weren't looking

Stupid comedyfag

>I'd gander to say that Judge Vinsmoke can at least battle equally with Big Mom
you're delusional
>Niji took him out with one serious strike.
Yeah, while he couldn't fight back

Just watched OP Strong World last night and

You are not the only one user...

All Robin designs are top-tier.

best thread

>tfw every time I see Bell EE i get a boner


Somehow I don't have it saved. Here's my favorite One Piece gif in exchange.

I was rereading Punk Hazard last night I was wondering, is Kinemon going to be the next Nakama?

>Germa 66 is a strong organization
Yeah to fodder

>judge is equal to BM
Yeah sure, yet he couldn't deal real damage to sanji or conquer the north blue. Now he's so desperate to the point of needing help from people he doesn't even like. Who by the way have already conquered a sizable part of the NW(a much harder place to live )

>his older brothers can wipe the floor with him
>he took a defenseless sanji out from behind with a hit
user you can't count that as proof for anything. Sanji will wipe the floor with them since it's more then likely they're jobber

>not even doffy could hurt a gear 4
Well cracker wasn't fucked up by law pre fight and he caught luffy off guard. How much damage has cracker done since luffy has seen the real him?

This arc is sucks

>what do you think you're reading
One piece, a series who actually has serious fights.

If Reiju's image was flipped she would be wearing the wizard hat

>Water Luffy
>serious situations with not so serious fights

I think you have One Piece confused with Bleach.

Don't forget Sugar, Enel, Perona

What the fuck is a top bun?

Or Kalifa, or Senor Pink, or the bit in the Franky vs. Fukuro fight where Chopper's tossing Franky random shit from the fridge to see what happens while Kumadori is too busy saying "the door is open" to actually leave before he's locked in again

top buns are better than bottom buns, but not as good as super buns.

Me on the left.

I thought Carrot was already a nakama...

Tagging along doesn't equal joining the crew. She hasn't joined the crew yet, which is what they are talking about.

were the furr chicks @

The letter C is already taken by Chopper. There's no way Oda's OCD will let him make her a permanent member, so I'm putting my bets on Jinbe and Pedro.

The augmentation technology would potentially be very powerful under the following situations:
1) You apply royal-family level augmentations to your entire army instead of just your immediate children. Even if they are trash that Sanji can wipe with one leg behind his back, an army of that level is potentially pretty frightening. Being weaker than Sanji isn't much of a condemnation. Sanji and the rest of the Monster Trio have always been well above the bell curve for where they were in the world, only reaching an average level around Saobody.
2) You apply the augmentations to a race that is already pretty beefy, like Fishmen, Minks or Giants.
3) You can apply partial augmentations after someone is born, potentially just giving your higher tier combatants a few free "levels" of badass that everyone else has to make up for with strict combat training.
4) You put the combat training in the hands of someone actually capable, like Big Mom, who has raised a number of her children to be at least somewhat badass.
5) Big Mom is probably "really" after the cloning technology, so that she can abuse it for an endless supply of homies.

That's the problem, you all are talking about jokes during the battle. Nobody cares if oda does a joke every now and again during the fight, but to win by a gag is asspulling no matter how you look at it. And with how this fight is going luffy is going to win by a gag

>2) You apply the augmentations to a race that is already pretty beefy, like Fishmen, Minks or Giants.
BM is probably looking to combine Judge and Caesar's research

Reiju bending those bars as a i don't know sub 10 year old is the weirdest thing I've seen in this series in a while

Most of the Shichibukai so far, are silver medalists who failed to make a name for themselves on their own in the New World. There are exceptions, mainly that Boa doesn't seem interested in being big the New World at all, Mihawk apparently lost interest in doing much after Shanks lost an arm, and Kuma was sent to the WG as a mole.

People enter the Grandline and they either make a name for themselves, fall prey to the Shichibukai, or are taken out by the World Government. People enter the New World and they either manage to scrape by in the margins, fall prey to the Yonkou, or become subordinates of the Yonkou. At least, that's how it's worked for the last 22 years.

Reiju is perfection

you have an odd concept of weird

I actually called this like a year ago and was called a fag.

Just you assholes wait for it to happen, though. Same with Momonosuke and Kinemon. I literally called all of that shit back in Punk Hazard.

Just a reminder I'm the user that stated Luffy would eat the biscuit knights the moment the chapter revealed that they were biscuits instead of the real cracker.


Your point?

>Having any chance beating Jack much less Kaido

Gear five and awaking would be enough to make a victory for luffy after a days fight believable, But how does Oda plan on Handling Kaido?

>Jack the jobber
Zoro is the one who is going to defeat him.

Law will help

X Drake will pull a Law

Please no convoluted backstory involving Drakes mentor and Kaido.

I feel like Zoro's swords would break if he tried to swing them at a Hybrid mammoth Haki-infused Awakened Jack.

>I-I don't get it.
The point is gags wins are asspulls.


Aren't you bitching about a guy who's had more time than the vast majority of fictional characters to establish he's a big eater winning a fight against an edible enemy by eating them?

He's fucking retarded. Every chap release theres this user bitching about asspulls and bad writing as if we all aren't perfectly aware of ops flaws. If you don't like op then leave but standing on your soap box preaching the same shit over and over is lame. We get it. Oda is a hack and his dick tastes good.

not wado

>out eating a supposedly strong enemy isn't a gag
Sure user

how can a literal sanji with tits be top tier?

Sure, anything for the best boy

>really liked Magellan
>he did literally nothing but make the main character stronger

>Buggy defeats all admirals full scene

Read anons post again, he wasn't saying it was a gag, he was saying that Luffy is well known for being a glutton and him eating an enemy with the power of food is hardly a surprise.

Amazon Lily: Luffy snapped a haki enhanced arrow after it was shot, commenting that it seemed like normal wood.

The implication would seem to be that although haki can be invested into an object to harden it, the enhancement either only lasts so long after it loses contact with the user, or that the user can only invest haki in so many things at once. Notice that "full body" hardening seems relatively rare despite how useful you would think it would be.

Take this line of thought and apply it to Cracker's biscuit army. The biscuit armor he wears is reinforced with his haki. His soldiers might be temporarily reinforced with his haki, but as he continues fighting, he can't risk losing his own defense in favor of buffing his soldiers, however the mechanics of it actually work out.

His army is a good intimidation tactic, but until we learn more about his power, the most immediate answer is that he was partially bluffing for intimidation, underestimated Luffy, and expected to wear him down with numbers over time.

Luffy eating the biscuit soldiers when he saw weaknesses in them went against his expectations and let Luffy keep up his stamina through the fight.


>would've killed Luffy if it was not for Ivakov
>would've killed the entire Blackbeard's crew if Shriryu didn't give him the antidote

eating the biscuits is a great idea and represents what OP fights are good at

stupid "muh powerlevel" garbage doesn't belong here and i hope oda doesn't do any more of that shit

but those things happened so yeah he was useless. he did a shit job
at least Impel Down was great in other ways

He had to do everything by himself because everyone else on Impel Down was too weak, still e managed to beat Luffy and the entire Blackbeard crew.
Magellan is one of the strongest characters we've seen.

>he wasn't saying it was a gag
That's what I'm saying. He's trying to argue that since luffy is well known for that gag, it wouldn't be a gag win if he beats a yonko commander by out eating him.

This is pretty much Zoro vs Pica where Pica could potentially stall Zoro forever because of his ability so Zoro had to rely on his brain for once.

Now it's Luffy's turn to think, we'll find out if 11 hours of eating really was part of the master plan.

> they are asspulls and?
So you're agreeing with me. Then it's no point of you even trying to argue.

Strong chance of it.

He was paired up with Zoro and Brook a number of times, showing how their swordfighting would be different. We've seen that their "special" attacks would be different as well, since Brook has ice attacks, Zoro has wind and Kinemon has fire. They also all use different numbers of swords, which differentiates them slightly (in Oda's original notes for One Piece, a notable number of the crew fought with swords). He also has a Devil Fruit that doesn't seem to directly help him in combat, but provides tactical support for the Strawhats (he was introduced in an arc that showed why clothing is important) and seems fun for Oda being able to make weird disguises and outfits on a whim. He's also strong enough to be an aid in combat without diminishing the roles of the monster trio.

Most interestingly is the DF number theory: The Strawhat devil fruits can be read, using various methods, as pairs of numbers. Go Mu=5 6, Hi To=1 10, etc. The only pair of numbers missing would be 2 and 9. When the theory originally came out in an SBS, people flocked to Ni Kyu, which is the paw fruit that Kuma has. Oda specifically chose this crazy theory, put it in the SBS, and then, if I remember, didn't actually comment on it beyond saying it was interesting.

But depending on the specific name of Kinemon's fruit, it could be read as 9 2. Which might be why he's been traveling with the crew for like... five years, but we still don't know the fruit name.

I'm confident enough in Kinemon that I'd bet on him joining. Especially since Momonosuke isn't his son, and there's precedent for Wano nobles to join pirate crews.

Oh wait... is the "they fought for 11 hours without either one winning" a callback to Ace vs Jinbe? Or at least, the common trope of "two super tough dudes who fought for days without gaining the upper hand?" Has it happened elsewhere in the series?

>Magellan is one of the strongest characters we've seen.

His fruit is but physically he hasn't proven that he is strong


>defeated Blackbeard's entire crew

How many characters would be able to do that?
He's literally the only character that defeated Blackbeard.

That's not the celestial dragon Luffy punched.

the biscuit fight isn't over, nerd

Made my day

to clarify
Can someone please post the image with Carrot photoshopped with the top gun hat on, except it says Top Bun instead. I'm legitimately surprised if you are serious and don't know of it.

>tfw she's the perfect oneesan
>tfw she won't join because it will be her place to be queen of floating Germany once the strawhats beat the shit out of Judge and the three stooges
Why is life so unfair and why are the strawhats doomed to forever be a sausage fest?

I love kid Yonji, he's such a dumb, stupid, retarded, mentally-deficient, mongoloid kid

Cracker is hardly an important character and Oda recognizes that. The gag becomes even greater when Luffy wins through it. If this was a fight again any sort of established character whom the fans care about I could understand your complaints but it isn't. I'm glad Oda/Luffy is getting this guy out of the way early.



Most devil fruits have weaknesses. Sand fruit is weak to water, Elec to rubber, it just makes sense that an edible item-related devil fruit power would be weak to saliva or being eaten in general.

>Usopp is a Swordfish Merman

This answers a lot of questions.

The sand/water interaction was weird, because he was also strong against water in a way due to being able to absorb it and desiccate things.

I fucking hate Usopp, am I a bad person?

He is pretty annoying sometimes.

What do you think about Calico Jack, user?

Magellan off-handedly steamrolling Blackbeard's whole crew was one of my favorite parts of that arc.

Yes because he is my favorite straw hat

Because his fruit is paramecia, does it mean that hitting him with armament haki would still poison your hands?

You're a mistake.

Once Jinbe joins, Luffy will rise above the M3 as the leader and the M3 will be under him.

>Why do the Shichibukai suck so much? None of them are on the level of Admirals or the Yonkai
Mihawk is around admiral level. Weevil cut off Zephyr's arm and his strength is reminiscent of a young WB's, meaning he's probably somewhere around that too.

By running.

The ultimate jobber showdown

Burgess vs Jack

Who will job?

>BTFOs the entire mink race

Whitebeard is a bigger jobber than those two though

everything except dressrossa and fishman island designs

It's almost like Oda is gonna set up the key to defeating big mom involves Luffy upgrading his big eating skills with the help of his chef, Sanji.

Dressrossa Robin had that cute hat.


what if big mom is nice and just wants to use the clones life force instead of having to take it from the people she protects?
could be a potential ally if this is revealed


luffy's sent blackbeard flying hard enough to break a wall with gear second
the same attack only knocked magellan to his knees

but the dress was impure

That is true.

That's rich coming from the one using inapplicable meme words.

How so?

>They're just there to job
He says after Luffy basically losing to Doflamingo. People need to stop saying that he jobbed. He basically won. The only reason Luffy came out on top was because of plot-armor in form of "muh friends". Doffy basically fought a 1v[insert population of entire island] while suffering from AIDS for the entire duration of the fight. Luffy should have lost, plain and simple. Hell, they had to carry him around for 10 fucking minutes because he was physically dead.

That is too much.

Blackbeard literally has no defense

Yeah, BB has built himself up to be the ultimate glass cannon.

He didn't at the time, but his quake fruit should offset that now.

thank god oda hasnt forgotten how to do creative fights, maybe gear 4 and haki wont be the end of my enjoyment of the fights in this series after all

I hope Luffy tries to eat his way through this whole arc.

The only "weak" Shichi was Croc and that's because he appeared too early in the story. He was revamped to about Doffy tier at Marineford, which is more appropriate. Hell if he can clash with Mihawk then he might as well be around Mihawk/Vista tier as well.


>How do you guys think the mink race started?
By anons like

Yes. According to Oda, "mother" is the antithesis of "adventure". They die because their kids want to go on an adventure.

Is he trying to imply that dads don't give a fuck?

Is Rayleigh luffy's uncle?

>trying to imply
Dragon, Yasopp, Judge and others clearly don't.

The quake fruit will boost his defenses considerably. WB used it defensively a number of times at MF.

I don't BB has the reflexes to do this. He could have sucked in attacks with his fruit if he really wanted to

Will Sabo and Koala become a couple, or do they work better as platonic life partners?

To be fair, Crocodile beat Luffy twice before losing.

Koala is a coralburner

Good lord this. It was a breath of fresh air, honestly.

Can't stand all the speed readers getting ansy because some huge serious fight hasn't taken place yet.

Punk Hazard does not show that. Instead, the manga has shown all along that the Aokiji's abilities are persistent, and so are Akainu's.

Doflamingo awakened his devil fruit. The monsters at impel down awakened theirs. And Chopper awakened his.

THAT'S IT stop fucking reaching.

That's just your headcannon Spee D. Reader

Crocodile is strong, at least he knows how to make full use of his power even when dealing with his weakness.
Moria on the other hand-

They don't understand this is a huge fight regardless. This gauges where luffy stands on a strength level.


kek, keep dreaming crocfag

>no defense
That's strange. He should be dead after taking spears of fire to his heart, lungs, and stomach.

He should be dead from being poisoned at Impel Down.

He should be dead after taking a hit from Whitebeard's bisento, unblocked, undodged.

He should be dead from taking multiple attacks from Whitebeard after that.

He should be dead from taking Sengoku the Buddha's godhand shockwave attack.

So I find it hard to believe he has "no defense." It's more like he doesn't need to defend in the first place.


He also should be dead after taking a direct hit from the knockup stream that's killed countless sailors who approached it incorrectly like he did.

Koala betrayed the revolutionaries.

>Moria on the other hand-

I thought he match Kaido?

>having siblings in the crew
that would actually be something new. i like the idea.

maybe when kaido was a rookie, otherwise i don´t really see it

i cried, and i cried every time i reread it.
it's been a while though, i wonder if i'd still do it.

Being this much of weebs

yeah, but just in matter of months we would get incest doujins so no

Too much of anything is too much. Being proportional is important.

How someone can even have sex with Big Mom?
Or is that just her outer appereance like Cracker?

So will Sanji get some power up or he's already strong enough to take on his shitty family if he actually puts his mind into it this time?

blackbeard pumped all his points into stamina but none into defense

His modification will kick in this arc.

he will beat them without mods, the ultimate humiliation for dadji

Having a well drawn nose that doesn't hinder your aesthetics is also important Robin.

Sanji is easily already more powerful than his family if he wasn't being hindered.


He has negative defense and an enormous Hp pool, every attack deals more than normal but he can take so many and still be standing
He has the survivability of a Shonen MC, even more than Luffy

Man, this one really got me. Must be all that childhood emotional abuse.

Only other 2D that opened the floodgates was the end of Okami.

He is a follower so yeah.

What would you do if I was right?

Spotted the virgin

Haven't you noticed that his "losses" weren't real losses this arc?

>fight against judge
>subordinate stepped in front of sanji's attack, causing him to lose

>fight against niji
>literally threatened to not fight back or else Red Leg would die

Sanji is going to destroy all of them, once he doesn't have anything holding him back.

Nice one.

I can't wait until they order Zeff's death only for the den den mushi to sound and Zeff to tell Sanji he's already taken care of the goons and to go wild, my son.

Its gonna be absolutely glorious.

>Sanji doubting based Zeff

>Sanji pointing a gun at her
That's as stupid now as it was then. He never ever carries weapons and if he did, he wouldn't point one at a woman. Such a stupid OOC moment just for the sake of the scene where she disarms everyone.

Tfw its a 2 page spread of Gin, Zeff and them doing a sick ass pose with a pile of rekt germa soldiers

Artificial insemination, I guess? Inb4 the real reason Big Mom wants Caesar's gigantification project is to create a man who can finally make her cum.

>A fat old cripled retired east-blue pirate beating expert Germa assassins

Are you retarded?

>He picked up a gun just to Job with it

>fat old cripled retired east-blue pirate who can stop cannonballs with a swing of his prosthetic leg
>implying he ain't still strong as fuck

Can't wait.
You know Oda would do it, don't deny it.

You know who actually will defend Baratie?

Johnny and Yosaku

They beefed up over the timeskip

sanji can and will beat the shit out of all his brothers, at the same time.

Is Film Gold out online? I cant wait any longer,

make it happen oda. it's the year of sanji

he was totally helpless against gin

>Sanji awakens CoC Haki
>knocks them all out at once
Unlikely to happen, but what are the odds of Judge having CoC?


if coby becomes admiral EoS, then what about smoker?

Likely zero, Sanji on the other hand is a possibility. I imagine the entire Big 3 will have them all.

He'll become a pirate so he can become a shichibukai so that Tashigi will stop annoying him to stop being a lazy drunken bum.

Why would Sanji have it?

Zoro is a MAYBE, like at a stretch

But why would Sanji ever have it?

Shounen tropes for the Big 3, that's why. I doubt anybody but Luffy in the crew will have it, but it is a possibility.

Is he Mazer's ancestor

Only Luffy should have it

He's the big one, the pirate king, the captain, the leader, the most powerful

It would kind of reduce the importance of CoC if it became so common that three people in one crew had it

At least three people in Roger's crew had it, too.

I agree actually, I just wouldn't be surprised if it does happen. I mean Whitebeard and Roger's crew had at least two that had it. Technically Roger's had 3 actually, though we don't know when Shanks learned it.

It's true that Shanks had it

But Shanks definitely would not have unlocked it when he was just a kid

And the fact that Rayleigh has it is why many people are lead to believe Zoro may eventually get it

But Sanji will probably never get it, it'll have to be a very good reason for him to get "Conqueror" status

you mean four

I wasn't counting Roger himself.

Well so far we've only seen Pirates or people with Royal status have it. Sanji does fit both of those roles.

It just wouldn't surprise me if Zoro and Sanji end up with it at some point really. All I'm really getting at.

Well if normal people can learn mermaid fighting styles can Sanji learn them? I remember Jinbei kicking that giant blowfish mermaid.


>What is cumulative effect?

Reminder that an anti-dote only works for the "poison" (venom) it's made from.

Was beautiful ass Reiju Luffy's first kiss on the lips?

Dont fucking remind me

no crocodile was

>destroy the soldiers
>they lose the haki reinforcement
>he can now eat them

learn to read the manga

Yes, she should be everybody's first kiss.

>Johnny and Yosaku
Fucking A.

I'm glad things are working out for them.

>yfw your big sis is a slut and kisses everyone but you

All the people liking Reiju are just closet faggot for Sanji
Explaining all the hate for him, they were just shitty tsundere for him
Damn it you are so cliche

but he didn't win

>Kaido pulls Doflamingo on us
>X Drake pulls a Law
>We're following Bleach storytelling from now on, where arcs are rehashed.
We already had poor man Alabasta with Rebecca, Jinbei is a half animal who is currently threatened by a tyran and wants to join the Strawhats but can't. Boy, I don't recall anything like that happening at all.

>not wanting to fuck or get fucked by Sanji
What are you? Gay?




>Bit through tekkai
>Swallowed whole upper half of Crocodile, who instead of killing him from the inside had to escape and shit
>Can actually restore a decent amount of energy through consuming a ridiculous amount of food and digesting it almost instantly
Luffy will walk away saying "thanks for the meal!" all powered up eating haki charged crackers and shit.

Shichibukai = Vice Admiral < Yonkou = Admiral < Fleet Admiral = Pirate King

Why do people never get this?


>Shichibukai = Vice Admiral
Nigga you cray.

of course

>Yonkou = Admiral

>Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, even though Sakura is shit
>Ichigo, Ishida, Rukia
>Luffy, Zoro, Sanji
Am I doing this right?

If we're to assume everything has a big 3 then we have.

>Dragon Ball
Goku, Vegeta, Future Trunks
>Yu Yu Hakusho
Yusuke, Kuwabara, Hiei
>Rurouni Kenshin
Kenshin, Sanosuke, Aoshi
>One Piece
Luffy, Zoro, Sanji
Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi
Ichigo, Kenpachi, Aizen

Monet threw the note.

Yonkou are about even with admirals. Whitebeard was the strongest man alive at the time.

You make it sound like Zeff never left East Blue, despite being a renowned pirate that sailed the Grand Line and being the first person to have referred to the GL as Paradise.

I don't think Germa are total scrubs like some people do, but Zeff isn't a scrub, either. He got his name for a reason.

Yeah, but if Zeff is that powerful why didn't he fight Don Krieg?

If he isn't as powerful as east blue luffy, I doubt he'll be as powerful as any of the germa agents

kek if they were marines would rule the seas
>Whitebeard was the strongest man alive at the time.
seriously user? he was half-dead from age and illness alone. weakest of ther yonko for sure.

It's pretty much fully recognised that admirals and yonkou are the strongest groups of people in one piece

ITT people who don't know what an asspull is

it's also pretty much fully recognized that yonko > admirals

don't they kind of rule everything except the new world( and possibly north blue)?

...based on?

We barely have any feats for any of the yonkou and admirals

And her being a ''man-eater'' after Luffy or Zoro to piss of Sanji.

Why don't the marines station an admiral at reverse mountain?

Why would Zoro be any more likely to have it than Sanji?

God i wish they chose a better OST for this scene.

The heroic music was alright but something more dangerous-like would be fitting i feel

Vice captain, similarities to Rayleigh, already shown to possibly have it at a few moments in the series

Shichibukai = Yonkou = Marines

This is confirmed fact

>Vice captain
You mean Combatant?

He meant first mate.

the balance is shichibukai + marines = yonkou

Holy shit somebody with an actual brain. Too bad nobody will listen to you and keep calling it an asspull


Alright faggots, I'm writing this the last time. WG (marines, cipher pol, shichibukai, police, other affilated forces) is stronger then criminals (yonkou, rest of the pirates in all over the world, bandits, other criminals). Any other comparisons other than this is falsified and don't constitute a fact.

Combatant, got it.

Mihawk is the world's strongest swordsman. Shanks is a Yonkou. Mihawk and Shanks were evenly matched before Shanks lost his arm, with Mihawk actively seeking Shanks for duels. Shanks has not been slowed down by losing his arm.

The Yonkou don't cooperate, so they're all separate entities. This means at least one Shichibukai is as strong as one Yonkou, and all of the Yonkou are about evenly matched.

This means that if Shanks is about as strong as an admiral, as we've seen from Shanks and Akainu, and an Ex Admiral became subordinate to a Yonkou, and a Shichibukai is as strong as a Yonkou, then none of this shit matters and power levels in One Piece are bullshit.

in your head maybe

I thought it wouldn't, I remember Blackbeard punching luffy and bypassing his rubber physique

That doesn't make sense in terms of manpower. Marines are the world government's fighting force, just with sheer resources and funds available, they should greatly outnumber pirates and have better training and equipment. Of course the world of OP doesn't make sense logistically and economically, those huge bands of roving pirates shouldn't be able to sustain themselves without simply eradicating all of civilian population akin to locusts.

Blackbeard specifically nullified the rubber property of Luffy's fruit, I thought. Wasn't that one of his fruit's abilities?

that's because of the Yami-Yami, Haki can't nullify a fruit's ability, only BB can

I guess D. really means you're shonen MC tier

Jobhawk fags being delusional again I see

The Shichibukai are their own entity that serve the World Government, the Marines also serve under the World Government but unlike the Shichibukai not under direct orders of the WG, but the Fleet Admiral.

The Shichibukai are supposed to be a third power to maintain balance between the pirates and the government, keep in mind that just because they are supposed to, doesn't mean they do. In the end what most of them do is scare away small-time thugs in Paradise, that is not because the entity itself is weak or useless, but because the government/marines are simply shit at nominating the Shichibukai, and the choices are already limited since most "top class" or important pirates are too ambitious or resentful towards the government and the marines, them nominating the Shichibukai simply based on infamy does not help either, so you end up with Buggy, Weevil and Moriah in the Shichibukai.
The strongest Shichibukai we've seen are either undercover agents, don't care or have ulterior motives, such as Doflamingo, Kuma, Mihawk and Hancock and Jinbei who both accepted the position to maintain safety for their countries.
The problem is that nobody takes the role seriously within it, if they went out of their way to do it they could surely maintain balance, but they are either too caught up within their own matters or do not feel obliged to.

>Yu Yu Hakusho
>didn't include Kurama instead of Kuwabara

Calling people weeaboos on Cred Forums.

>Something everyone knew
>Make a late post about it

Suck my dick some more

I misread the original comment whoops

Koala's into onee-samas.

Here's how you know somebody is fifteen years old and straight from MAL or Narutoforums.


I hope koala dies and sabo too

Super impure

What happened to Binami The Dachsund after DR? Did he just leave all alone?

user your statement in no way proves what I said was wrong and only sounds like you're crying.

When is Kuro coming back?

>Did he just leave all alone?

That actually give me the idea of everyone on the crew trying to sneak in as the wedding band

>Crackerfags getting btfo in 6 days
Can't wait lmao

slowly but surely

His latent power from genes will probably begin to show.

Dad will start to have a hardon for sanji, tell him he always believed in sanji, it was only hard love, ask him to stay with the family and conquer the world, sanji tells him to fuck off, the end

>thin bony legs with no meat
>ass super flat
k e k

in One Piece GT as Super Kuro

This is best boy

after Gin

>6 days
>actually waiting for viz scans
To kek

>Kakashi being put on the same level as Gods

Waste of resources

Think about it

There's only 3 admirals

The new world is full of powerful pirates

They cant waste an entire admiral on kicking the shit out of fodder every now and then

I dont post here much but dont people still think she's a cowardly bitch?

sometimes i imagine him in his cell in impel down, reading a newspaper and fuffu-ing at the world.

It makes me smile.

Nope, we all love her. It's just miss fatty that doesn't like her because she is jealous

>implying he's in impel down
>implying he's not being taken to mariejois for execution by order of celestial dragons
>implying he won't team up with luffy and co during reverie arc

This. The only people that actually hate Reiju are either fat girls or gay dudes

Why? Because she just feels bad? She's still a bitch that wouldnt stick up for him and went along with the bullying.

user, do you have a brother?
Almost all older bros are assholes in some way or another

>implying he wasn't already foreshadowed to join the straw hats as their 10th and final member


One Piece might not be the right manga for you.

Speaking of that, what's the big secret of the Mariejois that Doflamingo was using to strong-arm the World Nobles?

That's in no way comparable and you know it. Do you have a brother?

Everybody loves Reiju

she's still a bitch

Why does no character wear their fucking coat/jacket properly in this series?

>can borrow god powers from afterlife
>not a god

roger did

that's why he was pirate king

gay dudes read one piece?

really makes you wonder

Mihawk does

Never. He gave up being a pirate. He was weak willed. Gin has a better chance of coming back

yeah i just replied to one right now

But I like Reiju

I do, she's a traitorous turncoat

Luffy and co won't be in the Reverie you dummy

how can a gay like reiju?

>luffy won't be in marineford you dummy
oda can't show it without shoving luffy in there

There is no way he will be there, it's impossible, literally.

I'm still scared for ol Cobra at Reverie.

Him asking about the Void Century will trigger some shit.

Don't forgot Shirahoshi being there, a literal Ancient Weapon. Wapol is going to do some stupid shit to her that's going to make her cry.

>can borrow two sharingans through asspull
>loses both in mere minutes
>a god
Top kek

>luffy will be at the reverie
Yes in name only.

I'm sure we can dodge the Shirahoshi bullet till the end of the Manga. Nobody aside from Robin, Neptun and Caribou should know that she's Poseidon.

So just like Sasuke and Naruto?

he will, but Captain Buggy will take care of him

Who would probably tell Kaidou about it.

or not to kek

And so all of Kaidou's forces know.

Besides, Blackbeard is waiting for Reverie so all the pieces are there. The warship Pluton from which Franky was partly constructed, the Sea King controllor Poseidon that is Shirahoshi, and the temple Uranus, of which Mariejois builds around high on the red line. He will awaken their ultimate fused form, Uranus resting on Pluton as her Quarter Deck, Shirahoshi fused to the ship as its guiding masthead and controllable Sea King manipulator, and Pluton as the ship itself. All the gifts of the Fruit Devils made into one ship to ensure Blackbeard's will of Absolute Freedom, where no kings, governments, or armies may dictate the wills of the individual. Flying high as the Queen Anne's Revenge.

Yes. All armament does is makes whatever the you've enhanced with it A) tough B) strong and C) able to hit logia.

Blunt damage vs sharp damage arguments aside you'd still have his poison on your hands and there's nothing saying Haki stops from having something seep into your skin (if this was the case you could full haki your body underwater for a few seconds to survive as a devil fruit user with feeling the effects of the water.

You can't harden out the weird paramecia powers to begin with.

>Shirahoshi docking

Why is sanji so mean to his sister when she was the only one of his siblings that ever showed him kindness and didn't bully him?

>Marijois is filled with the shittiest humans and built the temple of uranus

Cause she stayed with the family

But still, is Neptune fucking high? A giant Mermaid princess should be more than enough to ring some bells within the WG(five elders for example). He could've just left with his ministers and Fukaboshi, leaving Shirahoshi in the protection of her other brothers. This will cause drama for sure.

because she's still a bitch

Because she let him get bullied to protect herself. She wasn't mean to him like the Brojis, but she wasn't nice to him, either.

Don't worry. Kronos will seperate them. That's the fourth Ancient Weapon on the moon, who's been recording the world's history, and running the planet in its current blues and lines forms as a means of powering itself. It's located in a massive complex, that Gold Roger used to store his massive wealth, (which Eneru has no use for as its all gold and rubies) It can also activate localized time pockets that can reverse or speed up time's progression within them, undoing the 'permanent fusion' by temporally resetting the components. This of course leads Blackbeard to destroy the contraption, (which was his plan in the first place when the access to the moon was possible as per knockup stream dictated by lunar eclipses in Raftel) setting off the planet decoupling, and shifting the islands and lines apart into their original form. The Strawhats escape and fight the Blackbeard forces with their friends back in the tumultuous seas of the reshaping planet, as Blackbeard's challenged by all the lives he made worse by his 'Strongest Dreams' paradigm he forced on the planet for a year.

because now she's all "yeah come back and enjoy the royal life and leave those stupid pirates"

also remember we didn't see their initial encounter, perhaps he was more friendly first but then thought she had changed.

he did say "you're all much worse than before"

>Luffy decides to sacrifice his arms to poison to do a jet bazooka on a huge immobile fatass
>not even a jet gatling
>not even Gear 3 since Magellan sucks at dodging
>not Gigant Jet Shell which was his single most powerful pre-timeskip attack

Luffy was just plain stupid in that fight. With all the poison damage he ended up surviving, he could have made Magellan bleed quite a bit.

Aokiji vs Akainu

Cabaji vs Mohji

I don't understand this. We have yet to see Sanji go all out since time skip. Any "powerups" we see will not be new ones but things he had already learned since before fishman island. Like fighting using what he learned at okama island.

Also, about all the shit about some powerup from his genes or whatever. We already seen that. Sanji can produce fire. We saw niji use electricity.

Sanji a shit. I hope he dies.

Yes, i'm the older btw

>naruto and sasuke lost their godly powers
Did you not watch the boruto movie? and if you're trying to say they got their powers from asspull, yeah they did but it been established that they came from special lineage. So it wasn't even surprising, and they actually got to keep their abilities. Kakashi was just a quick asspull for plot.

People are thinking he might grow an exoskeleton like the rest, at the least.

I'd rather he just gets better CoA instead, proving that he doesn't need their enhancements and can BTFO them with hard work. Wouldn't be surprised if the Vinsmoke shit kicks in this arc, though. Seems like an easy powerup for Oda to fall back on, given his flashback.

Reminder that the jobber is still underwater waiting to be saved

>People are thinking he might grow an exoskeleton
and this makese absolutely no sense. you don't just grow a fucking exosketon at the snap of a finger. the others developed theirs over the course of several years

new thread

The only Vinsmoke powerup he can realistically get and that will help him is generating even more fire. I always found his diable jambe to be weird as fuck even for one piece physics, glad this arc is clearing some things up. Sanji creating and kicking huge-ass fireballs at his family members can be pretty fun to look at.


>Yonjifags still mad about the off-screen ass whooping
literally laughing

>Implying Hancock haven't raped Luffy in his sleep

>implying hancock is even capable of raping luffy
His dick will just stretch and she wouldn't be able to get it hard.

I don't think you know how a dick works.
You limp dick faggot

>yonjifags actually exist
top kek


he can be extremely annoying at times but at other times can be the most reasonable. it's usually the former sadly