Why does everyone seem to think that this OVA is bad...

Why does everyone seem to think that this OVA is bad? The animation is good and it doesn't take many liberties apart from abridging the series, which is pretty drawn out in stardust crusaders.

I like it, it has a comfy late 80's/90's vibe.

It's way better than the CGI crap.
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It has some great moments, and some... not great moments. Some of the animation is stellar, and a couple episodes are fantastic (Dio, D'Arby), but a lot of other episodes are bleh, and the character designs are kind of awful.

It's not bad. Lord knows the TV anime could've taken a bit from it and shortened itself a bit because good lord that didn't need to be 48 episodes.

Most people saw it after seeing the newer version or reading the manga so they felt they cut out too much, also the voice acting is kind of a mixed bag for a lot of characters (i never liked how old Dio sounds in the OVA), and designs are also a mixed bag, with Polnareff looking the worse by far but stands look amazing in it.
All that said i have to say the action scenes are way better in the ova than in the new anime, specially the final fight with Dio.

Dio has huge tits in it

If I didn't like it I wouldn't have 3 cels from it.

The animation is beautiful but the colors and designs are hideous. Once thing I love about the TV show is the brilliant ways they play with the color palette despite the animation just being okay. Really for the OVA you could just watch D'Arby and Dio's fight and skip the rest.

Post them, nerd




Polnareff? You mean Eiffel?

>Why does everyone
Retards may make up the biggest part of anime audience but that still isn't everyone.

kinda weird how they made the earlier parts years after they made the ending, at least the fixed Polnareff's chipmunk face.

That's pretty cool, did you get them off of eBay? I wanted to get some and saw they had a bunch up there but I didn't know how legit they were

Wasn't Satoshi KON a part of the OVA production?

I didn't know he did the OVA! Cool.

Dio sounded like an ass. Some noname ojiisan just can't beat Takehito Koyasu.

This is what got me into JoJo in the first place. I also think it had a better deal fight then the canonical fight shown in the current series. Not having a goofy time sound effect for DIO's ZA WARUDO works much better than makes it a lot more intimidating than having the stupid clock sound effect.

All in all I still reach it and think it's genuinely good despite it cut content.

how come when straights and santana explode their bodies reform immediately but dio's couldn't do that in stardust crusaders

He was destroyed directly from his stand, essentially destroying his soul. Which is why he didn't wake up or anything, his body was just a shell at that point.

SoulofTokyo is legit with cels.

fair enough