Would you this mother?

Would you this mother?

My dick would be inside her all the time, giving her constant supply of semen.

Should Cred Forums have a board specifically for farm animals? There seems to be quite an interest.

is she american or something? she is morbidly obese

Japanese can be fat too you know.


Where the hell is the husband?

I would the whole family.

Even the (for now) flat loli?

nigga can you not read!?

christ on a cracker i've been looking everywhere for this manga
does anyone know the name of it? seems up my alley



Where can you get raws past xhapter 24?

Can this be an older woman thread?

She's clearly obese and looks like she smells bad. No thanks.

She reminds me of my mom

So what's stopping you from fapping?

Maybe his dad?

>Surrounded by thicc wife, thicc mother, her thicc aunt and thicc sister + loli
>His dick is fucking huge can that satisfy them all

the MC is living the life of a god


kill yourself

Is she a widow? I hate ntr

that was rather rude. maybe you should apologize, user

Pretty sure her husband is still alive, but we've never seen him.
She does have a sister, though.

>wanted the dick from son-in-law

The mc's dick scares me.


>Would you this mother?

She's using anata which is what I'm pretty sure wives and maybe husbands say to each other
she's probably talking to her husband

either that or it's a lucky pervert situation where she's waiting for the husband and the son-in-law walks in because the husband is held back by a train mishap, probably another suicide from some poor jerk who's in a world full of delicious thick women who go after a small percentage of guys who can't even pleasure them instead of literally anyone else

I-I hate it!