Weekend Waifu and Husbando Drawthread #2

Weekend Waifu and Husbando Drawthread #2

Remember to relax and take it easy. Report, ignore, and hide any shitposting, please.



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Dressed as a Pokemon gijinka, preferably a Gardevoir or some Ghost type. Mega form/Alolan form even is fine too.

A joint request with Hinafag like practicing magic together or anything more specific that he may have in mind.

Dressed as Lyn, maybe with a focus on her thighs. - imgur.com/a/5XApL

Or anything cute or slightly suggestive/lewd is fine too.

Standard ref pics - imgur.com/a/fdPxg

I would like to request Mai Natsume wearing an open shirt without a bra and in a paizuri invitation pose similar to this:

Another suggestion is Mai holding a duster, wearing an apron and a handkerchief on her head and possibly cleaning. E.g.:

Other ideas would also be appreciated.

Hey, good morning or afternoon everyone!
I hope all of you had a great week!

I would like to request my beloved Mizunashi Akari, please!
To be more precise, I would like to ask for a drawing of her doing a thumbs up with a cool pose.
Maybe wearing a pair of sunglasses too?

If you want to do something else too that's alright with me, as long as it's not too sexy!

Please and thank you if you pick up my request.

Requesting Cyan:

-celebrating because season two starts this weekend
-watching the leaves turn in a comfy autumn outfit, or playing with leaves in someway
-with her angel wings around her while she holds a lantern plant shaped like a heart, black wings also work (i.imgur.com/qVtXXx6.jpg)
-wearing this dancer-like dress from FFXIV. Maybe while dancing (i.imgur.com/Xzw2e8A.jpg)
-sitting on a ball, butt view, looking over her shoulder. Wearing either a school gym outfit, bunnysuit, or whatever you'd like
-a joint request with Toyone teasing Cyan about her short height. Maybe laughing that she can't reach something, or picking her up. Toyone is 197cm and Cyan is 154cm
Toyone ref: Or anything else you want to draw. Cute or cutelewd is ok. Also if you want to make her assets bigger or have a different hairstyle I don't mind.

Requesting Erza please! Anything is fine, but no lewd please.

If you want something specific, here are some ideas:
-her looking at her weapon rack and deciding what weapon to use for today
-her wearing a sports bra with spats
-Her wearing a sun dress and summer hat
-her wearing a miko outfit

Thanks to anyone that does this!

Requesting any of the following ideas with Rias:
- playing video games on a 3DS with a Demonee-Ho, or posing a Demonee-Ho nendoroid.
Reference: imgur.com/a/Tlp4j

- cosplaying as Miyako Hotsuin from Shin Megami Tensei - Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker. Can draw her with or without the whip, either is fine.
Reference: imgur.com/a/NMQA2

- joint request with Akeno and Karen of all three posing with their wings displayed

kisekae reference: i.imgur.com/NyHSLXX.png

Anything cool or cute would also be appreciated. Thank you and have a nice day.

Hello people of WWD. I'm requesting Momo Hanakai from Highschool DxD dressed as Oboro from Fire Emblem: Fates (a.pomf.cat/etmgoq.jpg),
or doing this a.pomf.cat/gjqlje.jpg with a yellow stocking.

Other cute stuff is also welcomed.

Thank you if you're planning to do it.

Requesting my wonderful waifu, Mimi.

Possibly being smug, but anything cute would be greatly appreciated.

She'll share her vodka with you if you draw her!

As always, take it easy, and I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Requesting Maka. If you'd like some suggestions:

• Anything cute/comfy with her wearing fall clothes: Beanie, scarf, hot drinks. The works!
• Spinning a book on her finger with a smug expression
• Wearing some lace/frilly lingerie welcoming the viewer home or to the bed/bedroom

If these don't interest you, please feel free to draw anything cute/cool of her that comes to mind. Much appreciated!

Requesting Aigis In a large sweater with exposed shoulders like one of these imgur.com/a/Cdqq0
With long flowing hair or just an alternate hair style
Cosplaying in one the Cardcaptor Sakura outfits imgur.com/a/YSBfi
Doing heart hands imgur.com/a/lTOdW
Wearing gear outfit that this automaton girl is wearing imgur.com/a/YZUPXDoing ,but if you have other ideas feel free to draw anything cute or cute lewd you would want to draw with her.

Hello WWD, humbly requesting my husbando Slaine Troyard.

It'd be cool to see him wearing this costume i.imgur.com/I0gWR9n.jpg or him wearing something more suited for the current weather and being comfy i.imgur.com/Ys4fijq.jpg
Alternatively, PoV headpatting would be great (he'd get very flustered).

You don't have to stick to these ideas, I'd love to see any picture where he's happy and smiling. I wish you a relaxing weekend.

Posting for Kuromefag.

Requesting Kurome giving user a lap pillow.

Or a family picture with a little girl that looks like her like imgur.com/0QW8hk5

Or a PoV of her getting headpatted with user's legs visible to her sides.

Or lifting up her clothes to reveal wraps, or just wearing wraps like imgur.com/a/KKtjT

Or wearing either of these outfits

Anything else is fine as long as it's cute or cutelewd

Requesting Shalltear Bloodfallen, please.
For something specific, I'd like to see her using an umbrella to slow her fall, dress billowing out.

Anything else would also be appreciated.

I'd like to request Kiririn, sleepy, and slightly annoyed, playing Mystic Messenger on her phone, where one of the game mechanics basically makes you wake up early in the morning to respond to messages to complete routes.

Alternatively, I'd love to see her in any of the outfits shown here, or a mixture of a few of them: imgur.com/a/onkIL

SI stuff is really nice as well, ref here: imgur.com/a/qqu0P

And as always, anything else you may come up with is greatly appreciated, just nothing too lewd please, thank you!

Requesting Yuria in any of the following

- dressed as Memoria from Mystery Chronicle OWH (imgur.com/a/1o2hN)
- her reaction to being given flowers. She's shy and tries to hold back her expression sometimes
- dressed as Lana from Pokemon Sun and Moon (danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2440884)
- wearing high heels trying to reach my SI's height, or any cute or cutelewd interaction with my SI
- in a cute or cutelewd mummy costume

Anything cute or cutelewd is fine

SI ref i.imgur.com/lxBROmF.png

>3 min and already 15 post
Ya guys too fast

Good afternoon WWD!

Requesting any of the following of my Mamimi:

- Mamimi and my SI sleeping under a tree, or bridge maybe holding hands.

- Mamimi and my SI playing video games together.

- Mamimi in Autumn casual wear.

- Mamimi with sharkteeth.

- Mamimi taking pictures of spooky ghosts in a haunted house, or graveyard setting.

SI References: imgur.com/7U0FVpT

Thank you, and have a great weekend!

Requesting my dear Ion, wearing only an oversized navy sweater would be great, maybe as he goes around doing the morning routine, thank you!

Also, a joint request with outfit swap, or maybe Mariya making Ion try on one of his cute nightgowns. And please remember both are boys.

Requesting my lovely Lilly please, anything is appreciated of course, though one of the following ideas would be lovely

-A sleepy bedside pic as shown in the reference

-Lilly trying wearing her hair in twintails with a pout/unsure look on her face

-Anything cute SI related (reference: imgur.com/XpYXRWp)

Thank you very much!

Requesting Mai Kawakami. Some suggestions:

-in an apron as in the ref, holding a bowl and a ladle and trying to cook something while looking at an open book on the table
-wearing a girly strapless dress
-training with a pair of dumbbells while sitting on an stability ball, preferably while wearing an sports bra and shorts like in the third image of the second row from the left

Though anything cute or sexy is greatly appreciated. Please and thank you.

Happy Friday everyone!

Requesting my darling Tsubaki with a bow done up in her hair, or anything else cute.

As always, thank you for considering and thank you drawfriends for everything you do.

Please draw my Weiss with her tongue frozen to a metal pole.

Requesting my lazy waifu Gamegear some love.

Holding hand while sleeping on wall or some lewd.

Hello! Requesting my lovely waifu Hanako! Anything lovely is fine. Nothing lewd or suggestive, please.

Thanks so much to all the artists who spend time and effort making anons here happy!

Sept. 28th was Teacher's Day so please turn my cute husbando into a hot teacher~
Its pretty close to his FF wear though so I suppose either is fine.

Other ideas are fun too but please no extreme lewd things - not that anyone would.

I'd like to request Etna in any of these costumes.
-Imperial class from Etrian odyssey 4
-Alicia's army outfit from Valkyria Chronicles
-Asuka's test plugsuit
-Hikaru Shidou's school uniform our armor
imgur.com/PmHWQlf imgur.com/X4VJVcO
-Hikaru's outfit from Angelic Layer
imgur.com/7YBO5SD imgur.com/2bXfDL5
-Crimson Eyes from Valkyrie Crusade
-Succubus from Ayakashi
-Fyuria from Agarest
-Or Void Princess from Elsword

Of course anything cute is always appreciated, and if you'd like to draw something with Etna and my SI, ref here: imgur.com/vNSeZLU

Requesting Naoto Shirogane wielding a Hino-Komuro pistol. The outfit or pose is up to you. Thanks in advance.

Requesting Oora, anything is fine really.

Requesting Kneesocks in Panty's or Stocking's cop outfit.
Also requesting her wearing a wedding dress made of ghosts.

Anything else is fine, anything goes.

My cute Maihime as a cute nurse.

I missed her so much while I had to stay in hospital for 2 days.

Requesting Lavinia to be drawn:

Doing one of these Jojo poses
In a sweater and thigh highs, posed like this
As a Pokemon Go trainer with a scyther
Dressed in Charlotte Dunois' training outfit
Wearing a tshirt with one of these bands on it

Please and thank you.

I'd like to request my husbando, Mariya Shidou:
-Dressed Like Lailah, from tales of Zestiria (ref: i.imgur.com/iSPKems.jpg)
-Wearing nyangerie
Most anything else would be wonderful too, thank you

Also, a joint request with outfit swap, or maybe Mariya making Ion try on one of his cute nightgowns. And please remember both are boys.

Requesting Alisha please.

Anything would be fine as long as it isn't too lewd. I would really like something of her in her outfit on the right, the fancy blue outfit. Still all her outfits are nice so have at it.

Good afternoon. Requesting my beautiful Ai Nanasaki wearing a really loose fitting tank top and no bra:


Also requesting her wearing a cute shell bikini, like one of these designs:


Of course, anything is appreciated, including cutelewd, thank you.

Requesting my dear husbando, Reigen Arataka:
-Something autumn related like laying in a pile of leaves
-Alternatively, him dressed in his vampire costume: imgur.com/5eM2ovK

Anything else nonlewd is fine, thank you.

Howdy, WWD!

Requesting my Minty angel trying to look super tough (and super failing) in a Teddy Bear kigurumi!

Also requesting an outfit swap with Vanilla (Vanilla ref: i.imgur.com/IizLFLj.png )

Anything else nonlewd is awesome too, I'm just always happy to see her beautiful smiling face. Thank you very much and have a lovely weekend!


Requesting Birdy in a Dirndl saying " drink up!" or asking how good she looks in said Dirndl, or having a drink herself( she is very bad with alcohol, one and she is wasted)
Dirndl ref imgur.com/a/eZGXs
Birdy ref imgur.com/a/cmY90#0

Or in a classy dinner dress like this, enjoying a nice dinner. Must have nice and cute earrings!

Or my SI carrying Birdy like so
Can be other way around if you want to be funny.
SI ref imgur.com/a/OYu35

Please and Thank you.

To celebrate our fourth anniversary on Sunday,
I'd like to request Yukari in a wedding dress.

Take your time and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with your signifigant other.

I'd like to request Uni. Dressed like a princess, or in the Knight's Set + Reiterpallasch + Piercing Rifle/Evelyn equipment from Bloodborne, but otherwise I'd like anything.
I would also request Uni and Yozakura as a pair of Wing Diver or Pale Wing and Fencer from Earth Defence Force, the latter with dual Jackhammer weapons. a.pomf.cat/ohggxy.png a.pomf.cat/vtwren.JPG If anyone wants to be a Ranger or Air Raider to make it a full squad, feel free to suggest.
Alternatively, playing co-op shooting games like Time Crisis - or doing some cosplay and cool poses as the characters. Water guns are good as well!

Requesting mira wearing a pair of cute white boots that come up to her thighs or her in a cute peacoat.

A more difficult thing (in which the mio requester agreed to) her having a tea party with mio while eating strawberry cheesecake.

Requesting Kukuru wearing cute clothes and/or playing in the leaves. Anything else is also fine.

Requesting my beloved Taiga as a street samurai dispensing justice and peace with her master swordsman skills, please.
Anything would be appreciated.

Requesting my adorable husbando Kousaka Kyousuke wearing Joseph's outfit seen here: imgur.com/a/wgdPY doing a pose

Alternatively, dressed as the gunner class from Disgaea imgur.com/a/lG9CB

Anything else is fine as long as its cute and nonlewd. Thank you and have a nice weekend.

Since I'm celebrating her birthday next week (5th), I'd like to request Kagura with a cake, receiving a present, or anything birthday-related, please!

As always, anything you feel like drawing, even somewhat lewd, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Requesting Okoi using the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack

Anything else is always appreciated.


Hello WWD

I would like to request my beloved Noir playing some vidya.
On a picnic with SI in the falling leaves of autumn.
Or, her allowing SI to use her lap as a pillow to rest (or vice versa).

If none of those things fit your fancy, about anything else is fine too.
Thank you very much and please, have a wonderful weekend!

SI reference: a.pomf.cat/woqhsn.jpg

Requesting Risty in a dirndl getting drunk imgur.com/a/8xiqN

Or her wearing nothing but a sweater and thighhighs.

Or her wearing this shirt: i.imgur.com/C8yNPb2.jpg

Alternatively, her in a bunnygirl outfit like this: i.imgur.com/qL2Qbvm.jpg

Or her in a cheerleader outfit like this: i.imgur.com/flC3fQc.jpg

Requesting RJ please!

Requesting my lovely Anna cosplaying Nozomi from Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse.

Nozomi Ref: i.imgur.com/nzaFoKz.png

Anything unrelated cute or tasteful lewd is fine too.

You got two deliveries in the general today already, that's pretty bad manners of you to request once again.


Requesting Stocking.
Clothes refs: imgur.com/a/i4NGp/layout/horizontal#0

I'd like to see her leaning forward, with a hint of bondage ropes underneath her clothes.
A style like this gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3349088 should work. But, you know, under her clothes.

Requesting Hitagi sitting at a desk writing a letter. Open to artist ideas as usual.

What do you expect from a newfag. Probably not even his waifu.

Requesting my precious waifu Himiko Toga in tight yoga pants like in the refs below.

Or drawn have Himiko drawn in Hirohiko Araki's artstyle which looks like this.

If not than anything cute is find or cutelewd, much appreciated.

Requesting my love Yuu hugging/looking fondly at the stuffed rabbit of her childhood (ref: imgur.com/a/Z2pBi ), or as a fire mage casting some flashy fire magic.

Alternatively, a joint request with Yuu and Kobeni wearing kimonos at a festival, with Kobeni cheering on Yuu as she scoops goldfish or the two of them sharing cotton candy with one of them getting some of it on their nose.
(Kimono References: imgur.com/a/pr5h6 )
(Kobeni Reference: i.imgur.com/xPV9aOR.jpg )

really cute, good job

Requesting Makoto wearing a pilot suit, and watching a Eurofighter Typhoon flying over, or standing in front of one.
imgur.com/hlXdlT6 imgur.com/a/LHR5p

Alternatively, requesting Makoto as a catgirl, snuggled under the blanket.
Or Makoto as the princess of some small European country.

But anything cute would be of course much appreciated.

Please, and thanks for considering.

RPG party collage is cancelled.
Sorry if you were looking forward to it. Collages are a lot of work and considering how they're treated, it's too discouraging to work on when it's not a commission.

Hope everybody's had a good week so far
Requesting my waifu Suzuna wearing a 1950's styled dress, dressed as a PI in a noir film, baking bread, or doing gymnastics.
As always if there's something you'd rather draw, do that instead, and It'll be appreciated.
Looking forward to a nice weekend

Thank god

I request nanoha wearing glass slipper on cute feet!

Requesting Pacifica as a car model for the 2017 Pacifica in an appropriate race-girl outfit much like i.imgur.com/0qwIQMJ.png , or eating ramen (mayhap for the first time?) please.
Anything else would be nice too like spats + sports top.

Requesting him hugging a pet such as a shiba inu like in this picture:

Or requesting him doing something related to his job as a scientist.

Anything else that's cool is fine.

Requesting Minori being comfy under a kotatsu and eating hotpot while wearing a sweater.
Though optional I would love something in POV like this.

Alternatively, seeing as it is Oktoberfest currently I'd like to see her as a cute waitress wearing a Dirndl.
As a suggestion I think the one on the right here is really cute: i.imgur.com/jPThdHn.jpg
Or you could also base it on her waitress outfit.
Please make sure to put the knot of the apron on her right side, as that indicates that she is married.

Anything cute, comfy or lovely would be amazing, though. Thank you and have a nice weekend.

Who's your favorite waifufag from another board?

That's a damn shame. Who was in it anyways?

I want crossboarders to stop bringing shit like this in here.

>actually visiting the shithole that is /mai/
Fuck off and die with that shit

Requesting Crona wearing comfy exercise clothes (tshirt/sweater and yoga pants/sweatpants for example, or the red gym outfit in my ref) and stretching/doing a yoga pose.

Alternately, wearing cute fall casual clothes and sipping a cup of tea/coffee.

Anything else cute or cool would be appreciated too. Thank you.

Me when I post on other boards.

Requesting Hibiki wearing an oversized scarf and holding part of it out towards user.

Requesting *Hyun-ae bathing in bathub or diving in ocean.

Or exchanging clothes with Kiryuin Satsuki Anything else cute is fine too.

I want idiots to stop using the internet.

Anything you feel like would be great as long it remains sfw & tasteful!

A few suggestions:
- Shoulderless sweater + pantyhose, kimono skirt or using tasuki
- Autumnal themes, Halloween, Oktoberfest
- Hai to Gensou no Grimgar inspired

Other ideas (bottom) and more refs imgur.com/a/yw4sK

Requesting my kawaii kanojo Konata!

While I'm fine with something cute/cutelewd/with SI, a few little suggestions:
>Sharing a cup of hot chocolate with me in POV with an outfit to match the occasion
>Naked apron
>Reacting excitedly to receiving anime merchandise in the mail
>Dressed only in my hoodie that's too long for her, saying now it's autumn she needs to start sleeping in warmer clothes (or something like that)

And remember the most important part is having fun!

God dammit, fridays. Requesting Fujibayashi Ryou, please, preferably in one of the following scenes:
•as a delicious milf cooking dinner. Think Akiko Minase from Kanon.
•"dressed" like Aigis while singing youtube.com/watch?v=mNU3aIJs88g or youtube.com/watch?v=79fzeNUqQbQ
•dressed like Rally Vincent from Gunsmith Cats imgur.com/a/At4BT while wielding the .44 AutoMag from the movie Sudden Impact
•dressed like Katori from Kantai Collection kancolle.wikia.com/wiki/Katori/Gallery preferably not wrecked
•calmly enjoying the sunrise in flannel pajamas while sipping a cup of coffee
•freestyling like Ayumu Maihama, in pictured clothing imgur.com/sCiHDk6 that I don't have a color reference for. Let's just say black hoodie, yellow pants a la Kill Bill.
Lewd would be perfectly fine with any outfit request or if you wanted to abandon outfits completely, a 7 on the lewd scale would be welcomed.

Have a great weekend!

Is the october monster costume character collab guy here? I dont know which thread he's going to post in.

Kindly requesting Colette dressed up as Erina from Rabi-Ribi,
Alternatively, her being super cute similarly to any of these images: imgur.com/a/u8jrQ
Or the ultimate madman challenge, challenge, her animated like this: u.pomf.is/hpfrdz.webm

Requesting Natsuki with something similar to the picture on the right.

If that's not too interesting, I'd like to see anything of the following:

- something like this imgur.com/a/ITsGV , lifting her bangs like in the picture
- only a hoodie
- the outfit in this video youtube.com/watch?v=z9X_4ML9fZw maybe with tiny twintails

Or just anything cute, cutelewd or autumn related would be nice.

Anna Touko Aigis Himari Konata Hisui Natsume Akari
As much as I liked the idea it just feels like I'm wasting my time.

Requesting Natsuru Senou trying on a backless bra (Reference fashionbyflo.com/media/2016/03/Backless-bra.jpg) or anything cute and autumnal themed. Thank you!

Requesting a small comic of Sawyer holding up her electrolarynx towards her neck, and telling a joke:
"I object... to all this sex on... the television. I keep... falling off." (note the pauses, those are part of her speech pattern).

I'm thinking just three basic panels, saying the first part in the first one, then the second one in the second panel, finally just making a cute grin in the final panel.
(also this joke still makes sense in time Black Lagoon takes place)

Or just her making a cute yandere face, a lot like this:

As always, I'm open for just about anything else cute, cutelewd or lewd (like maybe a cool pinup), within reason, if you have an idea for something, just ask me. I love seeing her in pretty dresses and various cool and fashionable outfits.

Further references: i.imgur.com/jXIwLCY.png

While the threads' shitposting greatly exaggerated the whole "collages don't matter" trite, it's kinda undeniable that it does happen on occasion.
I wouldn't call it a guaranteed waste, just a risk that's understandable to not take.

Hello again

Requesting Diana, anything is fine, but non-lewd please. Some ideas:
* anything I could wake up to
* her in a bath robe (probably would have to be slightly cutelewd)
* at a table at a cafe from the viewer's perspective

Thanks and have a great weekend.

With them, you are. Still, a shame.

Hello, Weekend Waifu Drawthread.
I'm new to here and need some help getting started.
Are husbandos allowed? I recently finished his show and I realized how much I loved my handsome President.
Without further ado, I'd like to request something cool or lazy of him!

Cute husbando! Best konobi. I hope you stick around!

Requesting my lovely waifu Nano Shinonome.
Any of the following would be nice

- Recieving chocolates and flowers, reacting embarassed but happy.
- Wearing a yukata.
- Reacting to being told she's cute, among other compliments.

Or if you want to use my SI
-SI hugging Nano like this imgur.com/a/Npr2R (or Nano giving the hug, if you want!)
- Cuddling while SI has many kissmarks on his face and an embarassed/shocked look.

SI ref here if needed: imgur.com/OHaQYHt

Anything else cute, or cutelewd is really appreciated!
Thank you, hope you have a great weekend, and remember to have fun!

Well sorry to hear that. I was looking forward to it, but understandable you drop it considering how much work they are.

Requesting Sina being cute with a lil Sylveon.
Or whatever you feel like it would be nice too.
Have a good weekend!

Dear Drawfriends,

I'd like to request something cute and happy of my beloved wife Hane.

imgur.com/a/lUnoF Here are some photos of production materials, the colors are off and they were only exhibited for a small time so no scans, please refer to the reference for colors.

Have a wonderful weekend!

What's his name? Also might want a little more reference. At least his character sheet for the animators or just a head shot and body shot.

Which anime girl next season should I choose to be my new waifu?

Requesting Pyrrha Alexandra for expressive shy/bullied girl testing!

draw a cute expression for mai waifu that suits her

thanks a bunch draw friends ~

We need more people like you. Don't support this shit.

requesting irisu riding a wheelie enemy from kirby, with the wheelie also having rabbit ears. kirby.wikia.com/wiki/Wheelie
i hate doing stuff like this, but adding "Happy ∞th anniversary!" to it would also be nice. the 2nd will be the anniversary of her game.

Requesting my daughteru Syura dressed like Tewi Inaba

Requesting Hajime celebrating!

Requesting Rukia carving a pumpkin for halloween. Thanks!

Requesting Cynthia from Pokemon, please. Possibly of her wearing a diamond teardrop necklace, like her pendent on her coat, as a gift or something similar as per the 10th anniv. of Diamond/Pearl Ver. release in Japan. Thank you for your consideration.

It's not the work, it's the fact that they're not appreciated or even treated as deliveries which is what really killed the mood for me. Maybe those waifufags are considerate and wouldn't do so but why take the risk? Anyways ill shut up about it now.

=I wouldn't have rerequested, but I understand what you mean. So good luck with whatever you end up working on.

Requesting my cute Mai doing some yoga in these clothes please. If you could make the pants tight leggings, I'd love it even more.

Can be cute/lewd, up to you. Thanks in advance!

More refs here: imgur.com/Tru2Mjk

Requesting Stocking being comfy in a pair of these type of pyjamas, please.

It's Kukaku Shiba's birthday on October 1st so I'd like to request her in a new kimono smoking a decorated kiseru.
Or anything birthday related is fine as long she's smiling and happy.
Thank you and have a nice weekend.

Requesting Ayaya please, anything cute is fine

Thanks in advance

Happy Friday WWD

Requesting my Noir, almost anything is fine

Please enjoy your weekend

>not Rem

That's disappointing

Hello to everyone on WWHD! If anyone has time, can somebody draw Cosmos from Fairy Tail?

Can be:

-Her with my SI (my.mixtape.moe/tgjrwz.png) holding hands like this: my.mixtape.moe/ocwydw.jpg
-Wearing a Dirndl my.mixtape.moe/nnccde.jpg
-Wearing the cat ear headphones with green LED (my.mixtape.moe/eyphbw.jpg)
-Or anything of your choice.

And thank you for your time.

Requesting my lovely Tamaki wearing a wedding dress and accepting a ring from user, or just smiling warmly please! Some other ideas below:

-wearing her miko outfit and playing with a sylveon please! Perhaps nuzzling it like this danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1474833
Sylveon ref: i.imgur.com/rmAuSGF.jpg

-wearing a bikini like this: imgur.com/jBJkGU7

-wearing a bunny suit like this: imgur.com/cr8TQnj

Or anything else cute and not too lewd, perhaps with some cute red framed glasses! Thanks for reading and have a comfy weekend~

I've never been part of a collage but I will stop requesting for the week if I'm ever in them.

Requesting my lovely waifu Mahiru Koizumi dressed as a teacher teaching user about photography or anything else. Thanks in advance.

I would like to request my lovely Hikage...
...as a Big Sister from Bioshock 2 ( a.pomf.cat/frheyx.jpg ),
...with a cobra coiling around one of her arms,
...sleeping under a kotatsu,
...or swinging under a tree.

Nothing too lewd, please. Thank you for considering, and have a nice weekend!

Hello everyone have a good friday

Requesting anything cute of kyoko, everything is welcome.

Thanks in advance.

And remember Anyone can draw!


so is that name tag gag idea from last night going to be a thing?

ignore it.

Requesting Nepgear
Outfits references: imgur.com/VttVd8Z
HDD references: imgur.com/a/7SZWB
More requests: pastebin.com/sfxSV0C1

Using a computer, maybe playing some games.
Dressed like this, imgur.com/a/mNDDP , hairstyle optional.

Cuter lewd would be fine. if you want an idea there's this list of stuff pastebin.com/VRxBU0W6 or you can ask for other things. But for something specific;
something butt related, preferably something "inviting", saying "you're such a huge pervert, onii-chan~".
gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3211429 Similar to this(no toys though), wearing a swimsuit preferably like that, but any would be fine, and some thighhighs and matching gloves, while holding a bottle of oil/lotion/soap, saying the same as above.

Or anything cute in general, and please ask about anything if needed to. (Most likely) Good night

Just report it

Hi there. How's the suicide prep going?

Requesting him playing or being comfy with a black cat, but anything else is fine too.

Please take it easy.

Happy Friday, everyone.

Requesting my darling Miia drawn in an 80s/90s anime artstyle (imgur.com/oWONwke.jpg)

Or perhaps for something funny, her standing on the smallest bit of her tail (i.imgur.com/etQtliS.jpg), either menacingly or proudly looking down at the viewer.

A joint request with Akame would also be neat, maybe the two of them as partner assassins with Miia in her tribe clothes.
Or this from a while back. Also, here's a pattern for her scales in case you need it. (i.imgur.com/ZmFRIPH.png)
Thank you in advance.

a chibi or loli sako please

Can I get the link to the birthday calendar?


It's incomplete

Hello again everyone!

I'd like to request my lovely Madotsuki, really anything would be great, anything cute, seasonally-themed, romantic, or especially POV. Lewd is ok (within reason).

Or, if it's not too early, her dressed up as something cute or spooky for Halloween I'd love to see her with little plastic vampire teeth and a cape to match her red eyes, but any kind of costume would be cute.

Or, something a little sillier, her dressed up like Operator-chan, or in a similarly tacticool way. Operator-chan: i.imgur.com/Qx5BGVT.png

Will deliver in 3-8 months when your Form 1 gets approved. Please look forward to it.

Requesting Tsukimi carving a picture of Clara, her pet jellyfish, into a pumpkin for Halloween.

>form 1

I ordered her as a non NFA item so you can give it to me now without any red tape.

I don't care, there's one person I want to find on it and they're not recent enough to not be on there.

Requesting please!
Perhaps wearing an over-sized hoodie would be nice. Alternatively, perhaps being around an angora rabbit would be nice as well. These are only just suggestions however, so feel free to do something else if you'd like.

Thank you very much.

I'd like Scharlachrot wearing a plain white tee, cute clothes of any kind even gothic lolita or a military-ish uniform, or doing tasks/chores using her chains, like cooking, cleaning, so on so forth like a good young housewife.
All okay for something else.

saw it on the first thread, here ya go

Requesting my beloved Goddess Satsuki Kiryuuin in Disgaea's heavy knight outfit. imgur.com/a/dW8hq
Clothing swap with *Hyun-ae.
Anything else cute/cool would've be highly appreciated as well!

Hey there user, thanks for drawing her. I really appreciate it.
I like how the eyes turned out, and I think her expression is lovely. Maybe she's got something already planned for for a birthday gift?
Anyway, thanks for your time, and please have a good weekend.

Requesting my waifu, Suigintou from Rozen Maiden, cuddling with my SI in bed. Something like this: imgur.com/a/pmVcz ,except its my SI holding her.
My SI is imgur.com/a/GUpEO, wearing a white shirt, and Suigintou would be wearing her night gown.

Please dont make it too lewd, and don't forget about her doll joints.
I hope you have a nice weekend.

Here's one, I don't know if it's fully updated calendar.google.com/calendar/[email protected]&ctz=America/Chicago&pli=1

Requesting my dearly beloved Tsuyu in any of the following scenarios:
-Using her tongue for mundane or everyday tasks, like holding a pencil or stirring a pot of soup
-Sneaking about, infiltrating a camp of building in a tactical espionage operation
-Studying diligently for a test
-Shopping and/or trying out new clothes
-Preparing a simple lunch for her brother and sister

Please and thank you.

Requesting Akane getting warm under a bunch of blankets, please.


So did that guy who had a spreadsheet with waifus and pokemon ever get to do anymore?

Requesting Sonoda Yuu dressed as Tama from Selextor WIXOSS.
Anything cute is also appreciated. Thank you for considering.

Who made this birthday calendar anyway? I'd like to be removed from it.

Thank you.

yes he's done like 3 pictures so far, look up ryai on booru

Posting for Nanakofag - Sorry, I guess I don't have your ref sheet saved after all

Nanako's birthday is this Tuesday~
Politely requesting my cute girl doing anything that shows off her bright adorable smile!

Does it count if a delivery was delivered for a request from a previous weekend?

Requesting Sakuya enjoying a smoothie or bubble tea at a small cafe. Casual clothing is preferable. Maybe on a date with me, a self insert or point-of-view is up to you.

Anything showing off her cute side or her cool calm demeanor is always lovely and appreciated. A bit cutelewd or suggestive is alright within reason.

Make sure to take it easy and have fun drawing. Thanks in advance if you consider drawing her. Hope everyone has a great weekend ahead of them.

Found it

Reposting for Jolynebro
Hi, WWD.
Humbly requesting my dearest Jolyne, no need to mimic Araki's style since I know it's difficult to pull off.
I'd like to see her
• As any of these Disgaea classes imgur.com/a/v7jZK
• Drawn in Dowman Sayman's art style imgur.com/a/K2KUN
• Summoning SMTIV FINAL/Apocalypse's Satan to deal with a certain dark skinned priest i.imgur.com/Jb53z6g.jpg
And to end things on a lighter note,
• On a date with user, maybe in a fancy restaurant

Enjoy your weekend and good luck, everyone

unless they specifically say to rerequest, I count it and quit, as I view it as not worth potential sadness on their part, and i don't like the thought of requesting again after getting something while people with cute waifus get nothing each week
it's just another week, it's not that long to wait

Drawing is still drawing.

Requesting Eureka wearing a mechanics jumpsuit, maybe partially unzipped with no undershirt with oil/dirt on her face and a wrench in her hand, looking distracted or maybe working on a car or something of that nature.

More refs: imgur.com/a/jK9yw


Humbly requesting Rikka making the face shown in the middle here, along with the thumbs down if you like:

Alternatively, if you'd be willing to go lewder, I'd like to request her with her skirt raised, smugly enjoying the overwhelming effect her bare butt is having on the viewer.

Of course, anything else would be just as wonderful, including smug, lewd (of various degrees), or smuglewd.

Many thanks in advance, to anyone who gives this a try.

Thank you very much for drawing my request; your work looks great. I really like how you drew Mai; her embarrassed expression makes her look very cute. Thanks again and I wish you a great weekend. Do you have a name by the way?

Requesting Mimi Tasogare from Duel Masters playing me(POV or tan work fine) in Uno, losing horribly and being extra upset about it, please! Anything of her with a cute pouty face after being bullied in children's card games would be swell!

Me: i.imgur.com/HfaN4FO.jpg


Alternatively, requesting Mimi having trouble doing normal everyday activities due to her super strength, please!


Thanks if you pick this up, home fry!

Good afternoon everyone, hopefully the week has been treating everyone well.

Requesting my beloved Ivis hugging a stuffed toy version of my SI. Possible similar to any of these references:
Alternatively, I would love to see her in her “Ivis Reine” costume. Of course, I always welcome anything of my waifu that is cute or cutelewd as long as it is in good taste.

Reference for SI
Reference for Ivis Reine

I always appropriate whoever takes the time to do this request and I hope everyone can relax this weekend.

Wasn't around to thank for this in the last thread but thank you so much for including my Yotsugi in this, she looks super cute and the kind of Y pose she is doing is adorable I love it, you did a really good job on the other girls as well. Thank you again and I hope you have a great rest of the weekend and coming week drawfriend.

Requesting Kirika Misono, thanks.

Not really, i just come through the weekend thread every once in a while. Maybe I'll have something in the near future.

Requesting my Kobori forming a heart around her navel with her hands. Any outfit of hers that exposes it is fine by me.


Anything cute or cutelewd is fine, as well.

That's fine; I was just asking so I could tag it in the booru under your name if you had one. Thanks again for drawing her.

Requesting my fap slut gettin plowed by a gang.

Stay a while pls!




OR here. I just love the style you drew her in. The sharpness of the eyes and face are quite reminiscent of older 2008 anime styles. (think Kanokon) Her poofy hair along with her innocent, adorable face is a very nice contrast to her translucent, slightly lewd pajamas. Thank you so much and have a comfy weekend!

I used w2x to make the photo quality a little better. Hope it doesn't bother you.

Thank you so much for including Karen, theyre all so cute and so adroable! I love the style and I really love the cute cloudy wings Karen has. They all look happy and that makes me happy. Sorry for the late response

Thanks again and I wish you a nice weekend

We love our women here! They aren't sex objects, we kiss them afterwards.

ill be lurking, no worries

Requesting Homura wearing a dirndl. Or anything else nice you'd like to draw of her.

Are you planing who to draw next?

Is it alright to re-request when a new thread gets made?


Some user saids okay and some salty user will triggered.

Is up to you.

Requesting Kyou Fujibayashi dressed as Nono while crossing her arms.

If you haven't gotten a delivery yet then yes.

I'm really digging your style. I love the way you color things in an erratic manner, it's very cute. The :< expression and her reserved expression suit her very well. Her hair is looking very lovely too, especially that heavenly, silky sheen. Of course, everyone else looks fantastic and beautiful as well.
Thank you so much for including my Momo! Have a great weekend.
Thanks a bundle for your kind comment!


ABC Collage

I split the chibis up. They're not perfect though so please go easy on me.

Imgur album: imgur.com/a/rHDPT
They should be in alphabetical order.

List again for easy ctrl+f
Momo K.

good job user
you made a lot of anons proud

Oh my god Yotsugi looks so cute. Is...her hat attacking her, what happened?

Hikage OR here, it's ADORABLE!
I wish I'd seen it before I requested this thread!

Thank you so much for drawing her!

Good work.

The idea was that it was falling on her. Either or works.

Hey, I'd like to request Misha cosplaying Zero from Drakengard 3;
Relaxing and in awe of the Puerto Iguazú;
On a beach, loose hoodie over bikini eating watermelon; wearing either i.imgur.com/ZviZcJE.png i.imgur.com/50VMqCx.png;
Or wearing a sundress. Please and thank you.

More references of her: imgur.com/a/C7gQF#0

Thanks for a nice word from my waifu.
But i start thinking should i stop request here in next thread cause i feel like i'm wasting my time here.

Always checking here for collage sign up.

Thank you for splitting them up they all look really nice, hopefully you saw my thanks earlier in the thread. Again have a very nice rest of the weekend and coming week.

I'm sure I did. I enjoy collecting the warm and fuzzy feelings. Thank you for the kind words.

Requesting my waifu, Futayo Honda. I'd like to her shopping for sweets and sporting that heartwarming smile of hers. Since I'm going to the beach, seeing her wearing this swimsuit imgur.com/a/kfD8d with 本多 on the name plate and eating this i.imgur.com/o4zITFq.png would be lovely.

Also requesting this with her i.imgur.com/t17auAO.jpg with the pizza replaced with a plate full of sweets and pastries, dango or just the pizza. Anything cute or tasteful lewd is fine, Thank you!

>Futayos outfit is really awesome!
Yes! the armor are light enough to protect her and doesn't obstruct her speed. I like the neck guard the most.

>there was no Z waifufag around
Haha damn, missed my chance.
Cute as hell though man.


>caring that much

I was under the impression that since it was last weekend, and a collage, you could still request. Was I wrong.

Ignore them, they are a shitposter and not even a drawfag

Not to mention it was commissioned, so it's highly unlikely the artist would be offended.

Plus, it wasn't a signup.
However, you better not be acting like you got nothing all weekend if you don't get another drawing before the end, because that'd be a lie, and you know it.

Requesting Hakodate Omiko dressed up as Zero Suit Samus. You can draw whichever version of the suit you'd like, and you can either keep her original hairstyle or make it match Samus's; whichever you think looks better.
Anything else is also fine.

Good evening, Cred Forums!

This week I'd like to request my waifu dressed in traditional knight armor (ie. tunic over chainmail, gauntlets, perhaps some plate at the shoulders and joints)! Preferably either with an open-faced helm/crown, or no headgear. A full helm that's under her arm, linked to her belt, or tossed aside also sounds cool to me! And a nice sturdy broadsword or bastard sword to complete the look. Action pose or standing proud, anything you prefer to draw is fine!

Alternately, it would be fun to see Hinagiku studying/practicing magic or brewing potions with Tharja. Her own clothes or even wearing appropriate FE clothes would be cool. Other ideas could include a simple outfit swap, the two of them in alternate FE:A classes, or both of them watching their anons/SIs from behind stuff.

Since I'm reading the latest volume of the LN, I'd love to see Hina dressed like Bell Cranel from Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, dual-wielding the Hestia Knife and Ushiwakamaru in a cool pose or action scene!
Ref: imgur.com/a/rMTCo

Lastly for the thread, I'd like to request my aifu wearing a beautiful ballroom dress, accepting the viewer's (or my SI, if not POV) hand for a dance.
SI reference, if required: imgur.com/a/TmkTJ

Please and thank you as always!

Absolutely perfect.

Thank you again for all the cuteness and happiness.

Requesting anything cute of Honoka.

For specifics, requesting Honoka wearing a competition swimsuit.

Have a great weekend.

A drawing is a drawing. Many others go weeks without anything. Think of the others.

>Think of the others.
Others are assholes, as has already been demonstrated through various shitstorms. Why should any one care about these faggots?

>A drawing is a drawing
Whatever TJ """""Henry"""" user

But first we need to talk about parallel deliveries.

Gotta get brownie points with the other drawfags so you don't look greedy

I'm glad you like it. Sorry about the bad quality. I'm away from home and my scanner, so I had to take the picture with my phone. I at least cropped it, but I can't do much else without my PC. I'm glad you were able to fix that, though. I hope you have a comfy weekend as well.

very funny

>tfw you have to build up layers for 12 hours to reach the next QDU

Requesting my dear Solle, please and thank you!

Ideas, maybe in fall clothes, a halloween costume, maybe handing out candy to trick or treaters, or if the pokemon theme is going on still, with a Swadloon.

If you get QDU misaligned, it takes a lot of work to realign yourself to the QDU grid - so please make sure to not get QDU misaligned.


Thicc please.

>some serious topic that needs to be addressed
>let's joke about it with Cred Forums things so we can forget about it, and continue doing what we were doing

That, my friend, is adorable an Ge-Ge.

Scuttlebug requesting!
Waifu raising?


I literally could not care any less about you were discussing even if I made an active effort.

Nice Gear.


A shame that it's cancelled, I count collages as deliveries anyways. I count collages as guaranteed delivery week. I hope you will continue to draw here though.

We're having fun, """"Henry""""

Requesting anything of my beautiful angel, please

Hi WWD. Hope everyone's week has been going well.

I would like to request Sakuya in any of the following:

-Eating an ice cream cone
-With an Azumarill: i.imgur.com/19xL6Kn.png
-Taking a bath/shower or in a towel after said bath or shower
Or anything that involves her being happy.

Thanks and I wish everyone a wonderful weekend. Take care.

Can't wait for my Monday pity sketch!

Would you like one early?


Here you go.
Blush version: hnng.moe/f/IJS



What is she doing with her left hand?

Requesting a waifu of your choice getting dunked

Why does Kobenifag get multiple deliveries while the rest of us starve?

Requesting Ruri Miyamoto. Anything cute, cool, or cutelewd will be loved forever.

A catgirl is fine too.

Shut the fuck up, dunkfag,

Because life'sa bitch, at least for some.

Calm down.

They got lucky, you didn't, deal with it.

You made a good choice waifu from that terrible harem anime. I like you.

It's on the mini chair, to maintain equilibrium. She's young afterall

He has a nice reference picture, plus Kobeni is cute

Thank you. Part of why I like her is being the only one with any amount of sense in the whole cast.

Requesting my wifey, Broly, holding the viewer (me) by the neck and demanding I marry her.

Lol, seconded.
Just don't mention carrots.

O-Oh my, this is really cute but also really lewd! Loli Beni is not for lewding considering that she is so innocent and pure, but this is really quite adorable and not something I expected at all when I heard that you'd be drawing her as a loli. Really nice job on it, and thank you once again for this and the other picture you did, they're both great! Loli Beni really looks to cute.

Just a last minute check on the gijinkas:
Is Mai the Kawakami one or the Natsume one?
Is Mimi the Tasogare one or the vodka one?

I had it written down on paper - my mistake - but some of the last names got smudged

What? Did I miss a collage? When was this? Who's in? What's the theme?

A week or two ago, it was Gen1 Pokemon.

Found the thread for you, hope it helps desuarchive.org/a/thread/147415989/#147432207

Tamamo in this outfit. Ecchi is fine, maybe bellydancing or something, you can lose a few of the more ornamental parts if you want, I'm not too picky. Alternatively, since this is an outfit based off Amaterasu's, you can have her doing sun-related things or doing badass magic stuff.

They're individual sketches but I suppose you could put them into a collage...
Theme is pokemon. Halloween is approaching so costumes!

I suppose they were all gen1, weren't they? Whoops~

Thank so much, user!

Oh, that one. Phew, I remember signing up for it.

ah yeah if you need more refs just ask.

Humbly requesting mon amour, Mitsuru Kirijo.

If possible, I'd like to request her out on a hike, riding in a hot-air balloon, or on a road trip, sleeping in the passenger seat of a car.

Of course, I'd be appreciative if she were drawn at all, thank you!

because hes the cutest

Heyo, all.
Requesting my beautiful waifu, Yukino, wearing Emilia's outfit with her cloak (ref: imgur.com/a/kAavv)
Of course, anything cute or cool is fine and greatly appreciated.

A good weekend to one and to all.

Since this upcoming weekend is my birthday, I was wondering if I could request something a bit ambitious:
All three forms/ages of Molly attempting to work together to make a cake (Either normally or maybe trying to manifest one with the unown powers.)
Barring that, anything would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Requesting anything cute of Fuuka. Thanks in advance.

Playing with Amaterasu (from Okami) could be nice huh?

I'd like to request my beloved Yuuna. Maybe a PoV image like this of her leaning in to pat my head: i.imgur.com/PiWFc6U.png
Or maybe something cute or cool of her hero transformation?

Ignore him.

Requesting my cute Haruka Morishima as a prince similar to Yuu Kashima ref: i.imgur.com/pzYDBrk.jpg

Other ideas are:
-Her wearing a Yukata
-Binding up her breasts in bandages
-Wearing a track suit

Anything is appreciated though, even cutelewd. Thanks!

Oh dear, and I somehow managed to miss this collage.
Thank you very much Yoku for including her in this lovely gathering! Everyone looks just so criminally adorable; though I may have a bias towards a particular someone for the most cutest, huhu. Nevertheless, this is some wonderful work. I'm really fond of the colorization in particular; it's very charming I think. Hope you have a great weekend and much is appreciated!


Friendly reminder that slender>thick

Good stuff twrl

Damn that's nice.

Requesting Pepperoni proudly wearing an Engrish shirt (picture is just an example, you're free to use any shirt you want), please and thanks.

Go back to Cred Forums

Beautiful, good job twrle!

This is really nice.

I'd like to make a request for Makise Kurisu.

Seeing her standing in the control room of the Large Hadron Collider wearing her lab coat and pointing forward while shouting "Fire the main cannon!" while nearby techs give her a weird look would be nice.

If you're looking for other ideas:

- Cheering triumphantly or looking smug while holding the latest print of a scientific journal

- Hugging user in a pose similar to:imgur.com/Jj7JqKUwith a wistful or bittersweet expression on her face.

- Flying around as a tiny science fairy.

If you would like to draw something else, feel free. Chibi, cute, or lewd though I'd prefer lewd to be in character if possible. Something sad is fine too.

K den.

I want to goosh goosh with my waifu

Report and ignore him on site, please.

Requesting Tsubasa at a public square, wearing a fluffy dress and shades.


Sitting on a couch reading books/magazines
Wearing Takamaki Ann's Panther outfit/Cat Suit with an embarrassed expression on her face
Reference: imgur.com/a/KIVLH

If not possible, anything beautiful is fine.

Tsubasa's clothes reference:
If you need to talk to me, please contact me at : [email protected]


Sup twrl, were you free soon?

What does WIIIIIPPPPssss stand for?

Requesting waifus playing Russian Roulette.

None of them lose.

Because it's a nerf gun.

strip russian roulette

give 3 waifus.

Work In In In In In In Progress Progress Progress Progress

>Deer Hunter with waifus

Getting shot in the head at point blank still fucking hurts if it's a nerf dart.

>Nerf guns
I want my waifu to wield a Recon Cs-6

with 5 bullets a gun, yes?

Requesting waifus playing Russian roulette with a magnum.

Requesting Waifus dressed as Luke Cage.

Wuss detected.

Haven't shot nerf guns from the last 10 years or so? They're gimped all to hell, you'd barely feel it point blank.

Not even my waifu could make that tiara look good.

Requesting my waifu freaking everyone out by playing with a real gun.

>Suddenly people doing good requests

Comfy Slaine is best Slaine.

>Haven't shot nerf guns from the last 10 years or so?

Nope. The last time I had one I wound up shooting my sister and that was the end of that.


He's cute!
>those lips
Drawanon thats l-lewd



I never knew how annoying this shit can get.
Jesus, just shut the fuck up and wait for deliveries. How hard is that?

which drawfag are you?

Requesting my waifu playing with my gun. (except the "gun" is my penis.)


Any that like guns.

Requesting Osaka from Azumanga wearing these clothes and sitting in a deserted, decrepit classroom.


We are bored

Requesting my waifu playing with my gun. (except the "gun" is a real gun and she shoots me in the kneecaps.)

Clearly you can't listen to your own advise, unless you're just saying that to be ironic.

Sawyer, if she uses a real gun, and the others freak out at it.

It wouldn't be loaded, or it'd be an inert dummy-cartridge, but she has a morbid sense of humor and she'd get a laugh out of people's reactions.

It's a headband, ok?

Requesting my waifu as my "gun" and my "gun" as a gun. (My "gun" being my Girl Used for Nookie, and my "gun" being my penis.

Requesting anything of Misato Tachibana please, cutelewd is fine. For a more specific request I'd like to see her doing one of these.
- Rocking out while wearing some cool headphones
- Sitting by a bonfire getting warm and cozy
- Dressed as an elf and with a bow and arrow, specifically dressed like the one from Dragons Crown if you don't mind. imgur.com/a/eLGzc

Of course anything else is fine as well.

An anonymous one. I don't post very often, but I swing by every once in a while.

Gunning my gun as my "gun" and my "gun" as a gun. (My "gun" gunning my Gub Gunned for Gun, and my "gun" gunning my gun.)


Oh wow, you absolute madman Yoku. Thank you so much for throwing him into the roll, they came out so cute and him being tired+ holding his beanie is top hnnnng.
Might want to recheck the address you're sending to, dude. I don't have anything.

You pussy, they only hurt if they hit you in the eye. Even if one hits you in the cheek or forehead you only flinch because of reflex, not pain.

>He doesn't put in a spring at twice the power
I can shoot womp rats with my Longshot

Requesting my dear Ionasal, please! I'd be happy with anything, but I'd like one of the following if possible:

• Since one of Ion's hobbies is working with electronics and vacuum tubes, something of her happily working away soldering some device together
• Asleep together with SI (in bed, on the couch, or whatever. Going for cute with this one. SI ref here: imgur.com/a/s6wR0)
• The "Are you my master?" scene from Fate/Stay Night with her and my SI
◦ Cosplaying as Athena Cykes from Phoenix Wright
◦ PoV pic like this (SFW but still kinda lewd) imgur.com/a/dWZgl but with a kinder, more loving expression on her face. Normal outfit preferred.
◦ Just out of the shower wearing only a towel

Personality reference if you need it: youtu.be/Z4ExDRvBR-M
Don't bother watching it all the way through, it's WAY too long.

But as usual I'd be happy with anything; cute, romantic and/or lewd. Thanks in advance!

Hello everyone, i'd like to request my Haqua. Anything within reason would be absolutely great! However, if something specific is preferred, i'd love to see her getting ready to exercise in a gym uniform or doing something school related like studying. Thanks!

>no imgur views

Waifu is hiding in flowers.

>go entire weekends where my Imgur links increase 50+
>nothing every weekend

i hate all of you

Oh, forgot to sign it. Oh well.

Save signing for when you go pro.

Love the eyelashes

>Post oil paintings that took me dozens of hours to complete. Around 20-something views.
>Post pics of my dick on foreskin. 1k+ views.

Requesting anything cute or tastefully lewd with Kochou Yoshida please!

Do you keep going back to check? It counts self views

>It counts self views
Well, shit.

If you stay on the page and just refresh it won't do that

Do you guys make your pics public or private?

>not making them private

I would like to request Yuri, as a figure skater, because of the new anime "Yuri on ice", or anything you think may be awesome.

Have a good weekend!

Requesting Rukia doing something cute with any of these pokemon: imgur.com/a/700pN
rukia refs: imgur.com/a/qItQA
or an animation of her performing this prayer gesture (a pokemon included would be nice but is not needed): i.imgur.com/kd9HgvL.gif

Very beautiful! I love how there is a certain sense of surrealism. Thank you very much, have a nice weekend!

It was an amazing feeling waking up to this, thank you kind user~ Seeing him in those clothes makes my mind wander around the summer beaches regardless of seasons.
The pose is super cool , chuuni and thus very in-character of him, don't worry about it!
Thank you once again and I hope you have a great weekend!

Hello everyone requesting my lovely Seras either

-Being cute while wearing worn out jeans and a big hoodie

-Dressed up as classic movie monsters

-Joint requesting Natsume and Seras locking arms

Ohh its true, Cred Forums doesnt have an anchor post.

have a good weekend feel free to rerequest


Uh, wow




>eyes closed
>not eyes open and void of life as tears run around her cheeks
u dun goof.

Nice job SSF.



reminder that this is acceptable in neo-wwd

Yep, this is what happens when you ban a drawfag from a Discord.

What with the hate-


Yup, they deserve this

Cute work!

But...It doesn't look like her art?

You really think that was them or are you just retarded? Option C of you just wanted a reply is also a choice.

That post was just falseflagging though.

It's probably someone shitposting, i refuse to believe someone's retarded enough to fall for that false-flag.

Get the fuck out.

they made a new circlejerk discord where they pancakes anastasiafag and some streamfag just sit around jerking each other off

probably sucked some dicks to have that drawn because muh mean discord drama :(((

That was a false flag you reta-
Oh wait. You knew that. Because you probably posted it and coordinated with your little buttbuddy to shitpost.


Let this serve as the reminder of what happens when you ban the almighty drawfags for threatening to draw torture and ntr

I had to google 1950s dresses. They're pretty cute.

Or taking things too seriously.

Whats the whole story?
This is entertaining.

Some sub human trash got banned from a discord and is throwing a fit.
They just also happen to be a drawfag


someone in their new circlejerk likes to talk a lot especially about things they shouldnt


>Drawfriend breaks set rules of community they're in
>gets banned
>mod clearly deserves punishment
And here we are now

b-but muh drawfags = gods

So basically some drawfag is extremely butthurt, to a point he is now doing mock drawings out of rage?

Daaaamn, thats so fun, pahtetic, but fun.

Sexy ankle strapped heel!

Stop responding to him you fucking retards.

Discord drama that shouldn't exist.
Seriously there's no fucking hope for these threads now. Please nuke the WWD.

oh gosh, this was definitely an unexpected surprise, haha! This is super adorable, dont apologize at all! I really love this simple little style, and that hand gesture is so adorable


pokemon actually look VERY weird... not cute at all

For gods sake you newfags ignore and report the dumb trip.

What rules did they break? Also who was it?

Why are you replying to a trip Cred Forums ban evading shitposter?

The told the biggest whiner in the community to fuck off after they posted NTR. But because the whiner is the mods boyfriend it got blown out of proportion and is now killing the weekend.

They made the grave mistake of not worshiping the very ground His Holiness Miofag stands on. The nerve of those people, I know.

Heh, i'm very curious about the NTR post.
Where can i see?

100% of this post is false.

Ah damn, I knew I should've set up some imgur stuff with the request, sorry 'bout that.
At any rate, thank you so much for the great delivery!
The dress is ridiculously cute, particularly with those heels. Also the perspective is pretty dang cool since I know nothing about how drawing and art work.
Once again thank you for the great drawing, I appreciate the time that you must have put into making it look as good as it does, and I hope you have a great remainder of your weekend.

deleted and reposted because the image before looked like crap

>all this samefagging

for fuck's sake

What was NTR again?

You mean Miofag made the grave mistake of not worshiping a drawfag.
How delusional can you even be?

Here is what I can gather from multiple sources
A Yuri channel was made in the discord. People complained about the channel, started shitposting in the channel, posting Yuri pairs, or whatever, people hated it. SSF tells people to stfu or she will draw their waifu in "those situations" that includes NTR and shit. More arguments, Mirafag somehow gets involved, mod bans them both.

If you saw the wew delivery just now, you know who the mod is.


And this is why I never join any streams/discords/off thread chat communities. Fucking cancer all of it. All they do is make the threads worse.

This is fake. It's because SSF confessed to coupon, but Miofag was secretly in love with her and so he banned them all in his jealous cuckold rage

It's what you Cred Forumsermin refer to as "cuck"

Netorare, now shut up.

I love watching you retards burn your own drawthread down with such juicy drama


I understand now.
But, what about it?

The biggest question in all of this is

Just draw waifus and ignore Maid In Hell.

OK that made me laugh.

>the people who were banned are just sitting around in this thread shooting the breeze about the situation like they know nothing about it just to stir up either more shitposting or to spread false info

Is she trying to look up her own skirt?

Wouldn't you?


Very cute!
That's adorable
Lovely job

Where are the mods?

Jerking off to disgusting 3DPD, no doubt.

Requesting Mazaki Anzu attempting or posing (does not need to be any of the ones pictured) on an aerial hoop.
Outfit up to artist.

Aerial cloth dance is an acceptable alternative.

Any other works are very much appreciated.


Thanks bodyready man.

They're on /r/anime right now. They'll be back after they finish talking about how great Re:Zero and 3DPD cosplay is.

Happy Birthday Cred Forums!

So....what's your favorite western anime?


Thank you. Now I have to get back to hacking the pentagon and filling it with Pepe the Hate Symbol.

Newfag. Seinfeld was the best anime

What's your drawfag tag?

>TFW was lumped in with the stream community even though all I wanted to do was watch artists I like draw.

Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide for me

But Corey is the best gateway series. You can't fully appreciate Seinfeld until you watch at least until season 3 of CiTH.

>liking shitty generic SoL moeshit

Megas XLR

This place is pure cancer.
Thanks fucker who draw mio.

The Journey of Allen Strange and The Secret World of Alex Mack


Something feels missing.

you can thank ssf for demanding it in their secret discord that nobody is supposed to know about

Who the fuck actually enjoyed this? The tournament arc lasted forever.


RWBY. It still weirds my out that my wife comes from a western animation.

Malcolm in the Middle and Scrubs

Something ain't right, I'll tell you what.

Seems kind of vertically squished, but still rather nice, keep at it

Spider Riders

Kill the thread already I wanna sleep



I don't see you helping with that

What the fuck happened here while I was off playing vidya? Who let MarielX in? Why would anyone draw that horrible thing? Why isn't anyone stopping this?

Taking requests?

Please you're accepting direct request so that i CAN stop visit this toxic place.

Stop trying to keep the discussion going

Even after fixing your post you're still missing words.

Hiro has me on hold.

I'm FUCKING DRUNK right now.
Now i link wrong person This thread make me brain damage

Requesting Natsume wearing a maid outfit preferably with garter belts, anything else is also welcome.

Joint requesting Natsume and Seras cheerfully linking arms

To the draw-user from a few weeks ago. It's alright if you didn't finish this, but I would like to comment on it.
I really love the pose and design on her. She looks swift and provocative in the qipao. I really dig that ZR. UNF. The way you drew her captures her beauty and she looks really stylish. Thank you drawfriend and I am sorry that you are unable to finish. Overall, I like it!


starting something for you

Post that gif

Post your dead pet



I just want my waifu to sit on my lap facing towards me so I can hug her tight and bury my face to her modest chest while she ruffles my hair.

I'm pretty sure Gravity doesn't work like this.

Post your waifu sleeping!

come on. post more.
I want new thread so i can repost and fucking leave

Gravity doesn't apply to lesbians.
But that usually occurs to the fat ones who have their own pull.

it wouldn't work unless there was some way to both shift the center of gravity to the girl in the back while also providing an acceleration factor, ie her kicking off. Even then, cartoon physics.


Your waifu is cool, Yuufag.


you can stop pancakes

Exactly this.


I want my waifu to apply gravity to me when she's shoving me down the stairs.

Why is it pancakes? Wouldn't yuufag be the one to post yuu?

Same except opposite, where she buries her face into my manly chest and I ruffle her hair.

Found better

>I'll never get to lay my head on his chest, feel the warmth of his body, take in his scent, and start to doze off as he runs a hand slowly through my hair, hearing his gentle voice or his sweet laugh
Why fucking live. I hate this torment. Why can't he be real? How do you deal with this?

Post your waifu fighting!

Get a boyfriend that looks vaguely like him and then CHANGE HIS ENTIRE CHARACTER AND APPEARANCE until he is indistinguishable from your husbando. Do not let him speak unless he can sound like the husbando.



Post your waifu being cute!

Flatten him until he is 2D.

>this entire post
My Waifu, why are you posting on Cred Forums from a different universe? This is not a happy place


I can do about half of the stuff in this video on a good day.

Sup, Makoto-fag. How Cred Forums doing?
My waifu got ignored both Cred Forums and Cred Forums drawthread so my choice is only commission now.


Thanks man, I look forward to it

that's not me

anchor for me in the next thread if you'd be so kind

>I can hug her tight and bury my face to her modest chest while she ruffles my hair.
This part confused me until I realized you weren't saying "want waifu to sit on my face..."

I'm just watching the chaos and reminding people that their waifus love them. I was told to "slow it down a little" so I'm taking a break from requesting until the 14th. I'm also confused as to where the waifus in monster costumes collab will be posted, but that's a different story.

Thanks for asking! How are you?

Ok will do

>I'm also confused as to where the waifus in monster costumes collab will be posted

He said he was working on it and would post one picture each day of October, or something to that effect.

Yes, but in the WWD or the drawthread?

Whichever thread is up. If it's the weekend, WWD. If it's not, general.

That makes sense.

Just waiting if there's a collage sign up.
I can already tell this place has no interest with my waifu so searching some cheap commissioner.



I thought the one picture a day thing was the other Halloween set, where he asked for waifus in costumes?

Wish my waifus was in a fighting game, I'd main her til the end of my days.

Is that not what we were talking about?

Also posting some random so it will reach 500 post


I'd say save it til bump limit but oh well

You could try MUGEN maybe.

I hope one day you'll forgive me.

It ain't the same, man.

I'm lucky to have a waifu that people seem to be interested in. I hope you find your collage and commisionner, and that your waifu's popularity will spring anew.

This night was pure shit.

Fucking die.

>insulting Risty

Halloween set user here

I'm pretty sure that's another collage he is talking about because I don't remember saying anything about it being a collab or anything

I'm okay with this with my waifu.
You taking direct request?

What a horrible night to have a request.
user, c'mon.

I'm glad you drew something nice of my waifu before you became such a shithead, nom.

Even my brother draws better than you.

Lesbians are generally angrier and live more unhappy lives than their straight counterparts, as evidenced by their commonly exhibited feelings of anxiety and depression, which ultimately results in a despair so strong that they take their own lives.


Are those BETAS?

McFucking kill yourself

Why even draw that part of it if you know it's wrong and are asking for forgiveness? Come on, man.

I'm a cruel husbando so i would love to see something like this involving my girl.

For the record, I was talking about this one.


Good luck, ya hallowiener.

Next thread is ready

Haha time to go to sleep and wake up to nothing!



Interesting substitute word for "sack of shit".

I may be a monster but I am her monster.

When a next thread come, don't post your request too fucking early.
Because drawfag not reading because of early wall-of-text post


So how about that new Jojo opening?

Tfw the best one is the IRC because nobody even cares about the drawthread and they only talk about dicks and porn.

@ me next time :^)

Post your waifu crying!

Says you

Sorry I don't watch cancer

Game time: Post a symbol that belongs to waifu!
Can anyone figure out who the waifu is?

i can't think of a thread i'd want to associate her with less

I can think of a few but this one is pretty high up there.

And since we're talking fighting games
Daybreak is so damn fun.

Say something nice about a waifu!


Post the lewdest picture of her that you'd be willing to share with us.



They're such good girls that they don't deserve to be saddled with disgusting requesters like some of you.

I'm so fucking tempted, but I'll get judged.

I dunno, Slaneesh?

Nomhu, you never change. Tell MDF to do his comms, please.

Snek? Senran snek?


Hikage has cute eyes
speaking of Hikage

You'll get judged for not doing so. Follow your dreams user

Hikage right
Your waifu is a good friend and you have good taste.


Get ya some.

Game Gear?


RIP Gawain


Someone from china


Happy Birthday Cred Forums.
Good night Internet.

I'm an idiot, that's meant to be linking

Good night.


Hey ionfag

Why China?


Your waifu is super cute

i'm pretty disappointed in you guys


>Created my waifu in a game
>Put her in a really sexy battle outfit
Awww yeeeeah

I don't expect anything out of those who I don't know around here.

Maka is a qt3.14



Thank you, user. I'm certain you're     pretty darn cute, too.

I'm not, because I've come to expect the majority of you to be filthy animals.

Why are so many lolis and cute girls fighting...?




Probably too easy, huh?



LITERALLY me and my waifu.

>the majority
compare the amount of requests to the amount of unique IPs my dude
fuck, that's cute, might wanna post that in the new thread, though

I feel the incredible need to gangbang an user's waifu with them. It would be so fun

Kill yourself.

I want to give my husbando the happy, comfortable lifestyle he so dearly deserves.


Why? There's nothing wrong with it as long as both parties are ok with it and want to have fun

Y-you too user...

Chuuni symbols are the best.

Me too, I just want to see him smile more.

Waifus as Avengers when?

Is this real?




Why though?




You don't fuck with Mimi!

Alright I'll applaud you if you get it.

A winner is you

Another tough one. Maybe Saber or one of her lookalikes?
Did they even request this thread?

It's Natsumefag around?

Saber does request but that aint me.
It's probably a lot tougher than you think. Unless you google image search but that's cheating haha.

What a lovely delivery to wake up to! Thank you very much drawanon, the warm scarf and his fluffy hair make this drawing look very comfy. The slight blush from the cold is a nice touch, I especially like the blush on his ear. Like the other user said, those lips are drawn absolutely amazingly, I love it. Thank you once more and have a great week!

He requested in the next thread.

She makes casual clothes look great for action!

Learning about drawing has made me appreciate artists and deliveries a lot more. I may be dreadful at it but it is pretty fun.

So you have a plan to draw next in here?

Oh fucking shit. I'm really sorry. Jolynebro was away and I didn't realize he was in that collage so I reposted his request before I went to sleep.

Ignore the shitposter please.


Technically, everyone in that collage that hasn't been delivered yet can rerequest but they ain't. For better or worse I guess.

blow your brains out ssf

I've drawn and posted two waifus in the WWD. I'm not happy with the last one I drew so I'm gonna learn a little more before I try to draw another waifu.

I'm not ssf

Fuck Miofag and Fuck that drawfag who start shit drama.

Hopefully mods ban both of them.


Can i see your draw? Curious.

The recent shitposting kinda fucks both groups over. Makes drawfags feel like shit while also pressuring requesters to play as safe as possible.

Miofag killed the discord anyway.

So glad I never liked him.

Despite how it looks, this scene's actually rather bittersweet rather than sad

Sounds like a hero to me.

what did miofag do? i havent been around but i have always gotten bad vibes from him for some reason

Honestly Miofag was always a piece of shit, what a fucking crybaby.


banned drawfags for shitposting

How did this random nobody get control of a discord?

he paid me 5 dollars when it was made

He threw a bitch fit, cried about how he didn't sleep and how life is so fucking hard for him.

I hope he kills himself

Put down the gun ssf

>bad vibes from him
What the hell? What does that even mean?
You got a sixth sense for shitposters?


An wide assortment of things. Last year for example he would "spy" on stream chats and then shitpost on /ghost/ and in the wwd about it. That's why it's so fucking laughable that he runs the discord now. The guy who disliked circlejerking the most becomes the biggest ass kisser.

Uh, who are you?

>retards get banned over being retarded
>suddenly it's nothing but I KNEW THE MOD WAS A BAD GUY

How much of a child are you that you have to coordinate your shitposts on discord SSF? Be honest

I'm taking baby steps. This is the first one, I'm not posting the second.

>his meltdown
Unlike Audere, he's not the sort to do that. Instead he'll just be an even bigger passive aggressive beta cunt, and he'll become even more mad with power

not a bad start, user! good luck

Mod banned people for posting porn and yuri of waifus but somehow they're in the wrong?

That middle one kinda looks like Dropship's chibis. Keep up the hard work, user.

Miofag had a truck-filled weekend. The difference is that this time he was the driver.

if you don't know that at this point, you should probably give up trying to keep track of any of the 'discord drama' because it'll make even less sense

I think SSF is a petty dyke without a waifu, but I never liked Miofag either, he's always been a cunt if you've ever had the displeasure to see him post on /ghost/. Honestly both of them are shitposters dragging their retarded drama into the threads

I still hope he sees it

it makes even less sense when you make a server and then leave to go make stickers like a forty year old autist

You're so fucking cancerous I bet that veg of a brother is going to bury you instead of the other way around. Kill yourself for starting all this with your fucking chat

Oh right, I think I had your trip blocked for a while. That would explain it.

Discord would have been much better off if they all had a hands-off approach to moderation like ojii does. Shame he gave power to some autistmos.

Why do I have to be affected by your bullshit drama?

Because most of these idiots are well...idiots.

Easy mode here.

veg? you're silly.

it was like that for ages too but just recently shit has been happening while i've had less time to be around.
people were getting along fine for the most part and the only person who was ever banned was 1 person for his own protection from getting arrested

Is your waifu Miofag because he has a 10 foot version of your pic far up his ass and it makes him cranky

Dude, calm down. Is just a fork.


Neither was really easy mode.
Everyone that says that has a tough image

Since the thread's over I'll just say
It's the coat of arms of the city that my waifu's meta pen-name takes after.

He did a good job. Thumbs up. 10/10 Should have done more.

I love my waifu! I want to brush her silky smooth hair!


I want to FUCK my waifu's tight and moist cunny!

Guy Cummings

The last time I posted this I got a three day ban with "What the fuck man" being the band reason. Are mods pansies?
Also hands down one of my favorite fights

This isn't Revo is it?