Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Subaru's dad looks so based.

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What is this? Do they go back to the real world? Man this author is just setting up for a bullshit happy end, isn't he?

>Echidna in school outfit

its a trial in the tower were he needs to face his past

>It was all a dream
Shitstorms when?

If having the witch factor makes you look like this no wonder satella got jealous enough to steal it.

Also Roswaal's scheme to turn Ram into Echidna, totally worth.

Will Subaru ever go back to Japan?

How could such a cool dad let his son end a neet?

!Rem still wins if it is, so I'm not sure it would go over too badly.

And then it turns out the academy zero short story is the canonical ending after everyone dies.

Can you post more art of best girl?

EX novel manga announced to start in November, Arc 4 manga to start in Spring 2017.

The manga chapter for when Subaru sees comatose Rem will be glorious.

Lets Ruin it Subaru-kun

Shitposter-kun just spamming whole threads now?

pretty much

That's an illusion done by a witch, sort of like a trial to face your own past.

Her appearance has nothing to do with witch factors though. She did slightly change her appearance though, her real body is actually different from that. I figure she wanted to look similar to Emilia to look more trustworthy in Subaru's eyes?

It should be in the Arc 3 manga

You know, given what happened with Pete when Subaru called him Slothful and called his waifu a slut, I think we should've expected this.

She doesn't really look that much like emilia though, since her hair is white and she doesn't have weird elf eyes or knife ears.

Fucking this. Subarus dad should be the main character.

will Wilhelm ever obtain happyness

Did the manga reach that part yet?

No, it's on ep 17

>the manga will spend entire monthly chapter for the conversation between Subaru and Rem


No, because he will die.

He doesn't. He kicks his ass into shape and gets him a Rem like a boss.

It was more like Subaru forcibly did bad things in order to appear bad in their eyes, but his family was too nice and always tried to help him out.

The idea is that he wanted then to hate then, because he feared that everyone would look at Subaru and see a failure of a person, or at least that's how he perceived himself to be, and would then imagine it was his parents fault, and that would in turn create a bad rep for then. He wanted then to get tired of him and kick him out, so he wouldn't have to bear that burden on himself thinking he would never amount to anything in life.

Apparently Tappei even explained that if Subaru didn't get Isekai'ed, his father would rehabilitate him at his workplace for 2 years, then he would go to college, finish, live a fairly normal and productive life, and find a girl like Rem who would find some of his bad traits endearing and be happy.

hopefully Subaru will be there got hid final moment

Do they actually go to a fucking high school later in the WN? One of the only things this shit has going for it is the lack of a generic school setting. Please don't tell me they do this...

*for his

Why does Subaru's dad look like Al?

It's a witch's induced feverish dream of Subaru's for a trial.

>Waifu ded, again
>Son a shit
>Grandson a shit
>Liege and pupil mindwiped
>Old and gonna die

They don't. That's a trial that had whoever takes it face their past.

The entire thing is based off Subaru's memories as a reconstruction, from the witch's book. She also wears the female uniform of his school during the trial.

Al has a ponytail, and we have no clue what his face looks like.

Burned and ugly, plus he's been Isekai'd longer than Subaru has been alive

He still has Lord Subaron.

>Adopted grandson became Satan mk 2

Chicken translated a new segment.

The one where he tells Emilia he loves Rem a lot.


Chicken didn't translate it.

>[Subaru: Rather than walking on with a downcast expression, this is more like me. Right, Rem?]

>[Emilia: …just now, did you say something?]

>[Subaru: I was just thinking how nice it would be to lift up your hair so I could stare at your neck pervertedly]

[Subaru: Well if you were just chasing after guys it would be one thing, but when the guy is Roswaal… I’m straight by the way, and I already have Emilia, so please don’t come after me]

[Otto: That’s not why I want to talk to him at all! What do you think I am!?]

[Subaru: A trader looking for some excitement?]

>Otto bullying intensifies.

reminder she is the second best girl

Source or you're a faggot.

>Felix poster
>Not a faggot
Pick one and only one

What a bittersweet chapter. Left me sadenned.

Hurry up and give a source, dammit.

Otto looking to be the clown car is he?

That's only part of a chapter though. I think that's still the first one.

I everything so far plus the next thing he uploads will be just chapter 1 of arc 4.

He barely even knows her, I'm not gonna time it but it felt like she barely got any screen time or development compared to everything else. He has more chemistry with Rem then Emilia. This is bullshit.

Money, dear boy. Gotta recoup the losses on all that unsold oil.

Source is my love for Ferri that surely has reached the people who decide these things.

The anime skipped out on it but, he does love Rem just as much as he loves Emilia.

>Absolute duo

I see subaru has shit taste.

Get out. And grab a noose and end your miserable excuse of a life. Just do it. I don't give a fuck anymore. If you're gonna pull something out of your ass, then you are regarded as nothing more than a piece of shit that should never have come to existance.

W-why so angry all of a sudden?!

It's the silver hair probably.

>baits someone into thinking something good is going to happen
>asks why someone would get mad at that

I want to be experimented by her. Is this normal?

But I truly do believe that my love has reached the men in charge!!

Yes. You have nothing to lose, after all.

No it didn't. Pull the trigger to your temple. Hurry up you little pussy.

Made me reply. Disgusting.

You'll see. Announcements will start to roll at any moment!!

I love Rem, but Subaru has always had ones for the half erufu. It would be bullshit for his feelings to just vanish. In fact, Subaru loves Rem just as much. Don't be so mad.

What did she mean by this?

What did she mean by "the one"?

She means Subaru

Why are you still alive? Hurry up and end your miserable excuse of a life.

Best girl

>Subaru loves Rem just as much as he loves Emilia
It should be that he loves Emilia just as much as he loves Rem.

Emilia barely had any screentime so it makes more sense.


Still mad huh? Sigh...

>3 silver haired girls
Good taste Subaru

or Flugel

too bad one is fucking Yurie from Absolute SHIT , i mean Absolute duo

and that's shit taste user-kun

She is a good girl stuck in a bad show

What's the point in Puck ending the world if Emilia dies? I don't really get their contract

Heh, so EMT can banter with rest of them. At this point who doesn't make fun Subaru? Nice read, definitely helped the mood the there.

He barely knows Rem either that doesn't stop becoming friends or falling others. Just stop with but hurt that he didn't pick you waifu first.

She plenty screen time goldfish brain and he spent literally month with her and Rem. He's only been apart from her for literally 3 days.

a good op in a shit show why is this allowed

Force reset on Subaru, maybe?

Apparently when the contract is lost, he remembers a bunch of things, or when he breaks it.

Not sure why he does what he does though, still not fully explained.

Puck knows about the Ordeal and Emilia's dead body would set it in motion.

>Apparently Tappei even explained that if Subaru didn't get Isekai'ed, his father would rehabilitate him at his workplace for 2 years, then he would go to college, finish, live a fairly normal and productive life, and find a girl like Rem who would find some of his bad traits endearing and be happy.
Subaru's dad is the Reinhardt of their world?


Very cute pic.

He's just a good parent. Subaru isn't really a failure, he just lost a lot of self confidence, so he wasn't a lost cause.

Plus having parents that actually care about you helps.

EMT is Echidna Maji Tenshi now bitches

Why the fuck does Echidna, Satella, and Emilia all have same face?

Fucking hack character designer.

Satella and Emilia are supposed to be identical.

Also, Echidna's body you see there, is the one inside the dream realm, her real body is slightly different. Why she changed her appearance i don't know, but i assume it was to try to make Subaru less wary of her.

it's more bullshit that apperently he loves rem too, if he's going to play such games volkswagen should just fuck off to rem

I found this rare gem while just googling images

SoI guess all f those early copypastas about his dad causing an inferiority complex were true?

Also LN2 got translated right? Does anyone know where to find it?

He sorta did it to himself too, but seeing his father as this amazing person helped with the inferiority too.

OR you could tell Rem to fuck off since it was you waifu who wanted this kept insisting but you too much of a waifu shiteater to do that.

what the fuck I dont understand how people are able to draw shit like this an think it good

i love emilia and i think that she deserves better than two timing faggot


Emilia maji kimoi.
Seriously, delete this.

emilia maji sekushi~

Man, subaru's dad does look based as fuck.

Look at this stupid fucking cunt. I want to punch him in his shitty face

Go ahead punch his face, and have your fist shredded.

Good luck living without a hand.

I wanna be a disciple of greed


Episode 5 Bd

Where do you read the wn? Wasn't it being translated starting where the anime ends?


Thanks user-kyun
Is this the best way to get into the novel after the anime? I've already read the first LN

This is lazy. Fucking faggots need to be spoonfed. Off yourselves. You people are cancer. Just fucking lazy.

Couldn't find it before when I was looking it up again. Otherwise I wouldn't have asked, fag.
>3dpd pic
Absolutely disgusting

why is the thing attached to the side of the eye?

You are too lazy. It can be found real fucking easily. You are lazy, slothful.

And you are violating rights with your presumptuous tone.

You mean the optic nerve?

Holy shit.

The hell? His dad looks completely different from him.

Is the clown final boss?


How about you what the hell? His dad looks exactly like him.

Only Rigel is a son-clone. Hell, Spica herself is a clone of Rem.

It's probably underneath then poking out the side.

There any more?

Take off the glasses and they are identical. Exact same hair too.

The final boss is either Subaru or Reinhardt depending on how you perceive it.

well , i'll put an example
my dad was when i was a child , a handsome bastard with muscles like stones ,tall with wide shoulders , and now that he is old look like a handsome Willhelm without long hair and with a more skinny figure...
while i'm a faggot ugly as hell and totally different from him.

Sometimes genetic fuck up , and there a good reason for him to beat his son
Just put yourself in Subaru's father , you are handsome , Fit, you have a beautiful wife , and your son is a failure , both genetically and in personality, lazy and useless.
I would beat him , and i would beat me! and of course i would beat the hell out of everyone in this same situation if i was that handsome father

well Subaru dad always supported him hell even if he dropped out of highschool his dad would have him go to college and given him a job

And Toyota doesn't think about him once. Dude probably creamed himself after seeing Kirin with purple eyes too.

shit i've seen this thing before!
the he will love you unconditionally, supports you whatever choice you made even if that would mean disappoint you.
even if dropping out from school he will carry all the weights to be able to make you at least get and have a job where he can supervise you and teach you the secrets of it.
but in the end you will always disappoint him.
Subaru is the Archetype of the Neet that always faild every tests and never madaged to hold responsability, thats why the self insert attachment to him shit is so strong in many of us

I mean Subaru gave a shit but he wanted his dad to disown him so he wouldnt want them to worry about him

Tell me a scene from the first 8 episode and i may post it

Subaru gets his bowels cut out

rem smash his head when he walk in the mansion with nausea couse the curse!

Kek, why not this ?

I don't have sympathy for Subaru at all.

This scene is like the Tv version, they only add the eye scene

>Picking up the chair and holding it behind her when she stands up

What a dumb bitch

>What a dumb bitch
She's doing her best Emilia role play


Does do new chapters for the manga only come out once a month?
How the fuck do they ever hope to finish at a pace like this?

Pretend the first "does" isn't there.

>Has alpha fucks dad
>Has 3.14 qtpie mom
>Still beta as fuck

Where did his parents go wrong?

Donafags, you guys still here? Haven't been shitposting because of school


>That's All This Promotion Is About

How many times did you guys rewatch episode 18?

his own confidence thinking he will all ways be shit and never be like his dad thats what made him drop out of school and have no friends he try to be like his dad

I can only torture myself so many times, i only managed twice.

Did Subaru really drank Ekidona's piss?

around three times only the part when rem talk about his if what scenario if they escape

He unironically wants to fuck a catboy and doesn't think that's gay, and you take issue with his ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality?

I skipped that episode.


Learn english or at least get better pasta


Still here. Love her official design

>Al's face is revealed.
>Subaru is confused to see he looks his dad, only with scars.
>Later realizes that Al doesn't actually look exactly like Kenichi.
>He looks like an older Subaru.
Anyhow, here's something about Al I saw on the wiki.
>According to the author, Al is involved with one of the three mysteries of Re:Zero, and revealing his circumstances would answer it.
>Also, Al is scheduled to be featured in Arc 7.

so we gotta wait a few months before we even know whats up with Al fuck!VNdzDYYK!nK9fNU3LeprlZSbRAnlsRg

Translator user just added chapter 24 to the mega.


So I heard the blu-rays and DVDs are going on sale today? Who else will be getting a copy?

How do we make this sexy grandpa happy again?

Give him a new reason to live. Have him adopt Subaru.


Preexisting fanart of her isn't that far from the actual thing. They only missed the butterfly pin Beako wears.

I doubt he is future subaru. Or at least not if we also want him to be flugel.

Now I really want to see how the big boobed witch looks like. Wrath if I'm not mistaken.
Does anyone have the second volume pdf yet?


How about he looks like an old Subaru but with blue hair?

Nah, Aldebaran has black hair and even a ponytail. Unless he dyed it to be more like his father

He has black hair though. The manga showed his back without a helmet.

>I doubt he is future subaru. Or at least not if we also want him to be flugel.
Oh, I'm not saying he's future Subaru. I'm more suggesting that for whatever bizarre reason, Al would look like an older doppelganger of his. Maybe with the suggestion that other people who look strangely identical to Subaru have been isekai'd before, always at around the same age.

>Flugel also had black hair
>Al has black hair

Now, if Hoshin was Isekai'ed around the same age as Subaru, then that's probably a pattern.

Did anyone mention if black hair has any special meaning in that world?

Actually now that i think about it, they're all from Japan, so it's not weird at all.

Although, i do wonder if Black hair means anything important in that world.

Damnit, I didn't notice that because I'm dumb.
But it'd be cool if it was dye

>All that Rem development
>Emilia is still the main heroine
Why is this allowed?
Also is Rem more popular in Japan?

Who are the weakest characters besides Toyota?


Now imagine if this is something that has been consistently ongoing for quite some time. Every 18 years, a Subaru lookalike gets isekai'd and a new one is born on Earth shortly afterward. Not all of them go on to become famous or well-known. Most fade into obscurity, except for those very few who make it big and gather a reputation.
>Also is Rem more popular in Japan?
Refer to doujin list.

Some user correct me here but apparently only Petra and Ferris(physically)

Maybe the kids in the village on the clown manor?
But isn't it supposed that WRX STI is the weakest boi in town?

If Emilia somehow ends up winning how big will the shitstorm be in Japan?

Has there even been a full elf in the story yet?

It has been stated that the only one Mitsubishi could beat in a straight fight from the named characters is Petra.

>Implying anyone will win
>Implying it won't be a complete tragedy

If you think this will have a happy ending you haven't been paying attention.

Her aunt and the villagers from her hometown in the forest during Emilia's trial of the past.

All of then are probably dead.

There is no way in hell that Rem will lose to the jealous bitch


I'm open to suggestions on how the final version should be like you know

He beats the alley thugs (who all have names which I forget) and Garfiel. Could probably take Old Man Rom. Felt couldn't do shit to him.

This reminds me of beta-kun's parents being scary as fuck and their son being spineless.

He beats Garf with the help of the invisible providence though, plus a bunch of other items. If he fought Garf on strength alone he'd be dead.

Still a legit win, other than the Puck crystal thing maybe. Authority is reusable.

Why is the King chapter there, and why is it written in moonrunes? It's been translated.

Other than that, I guess you could try shoving in the LN pictures.
>Which is why definitely, definitely one day—
>[Subaru: I’ll have you two pull me until I split in a thousand pieces!]
>[Emilia: I have no idea what you’re thinking, but I feel like I have to say this: I’m not going to do anything like that!]
So, when does it turn out that this is exactly what happened to Flugel/Subaru/Aldebaran?

why call him beta didnt he get his shit together?

Damn she spooky.

I wonder if volume 10 will have a single illustration with Echidna, Typhoon, Sekhmet and Minerva all in one illustration.

I mean, their appearances are fairly glued to each other.

>>第三章幕間 『竜車での一幕』
>>第三章断章 『ナツキ・レム』
>>第三章幕間 『イタダキマス』
>>第三章幕間 『それぞれの、誓い』
>>第三章番外編 『王様』
The King Chapter is there because its the last chapter featured in the ToC of Arc 3, These are the Epilogue chapter or so to say and i'm compiling them for the conclusion of Arc 3
The reason the King chapter is in moonrunes is just for editing measures, I need it for the format to look as close to the WN as possible and using a document to do that would take a while

I'm kind of conflicted with the LN illustrations somewhat because they're not always accurate due to changes from WN>LN. I will however include the concept art illustrations

Toyota would make more sense as a delinquent.

Have any mediafire?

Did someone noticed all the silver hair girls posters, and subaru mother having the same hairstyle as rem?

Why haven't I figured this out? Subaru is the very character in alot of mediums of anime as the side character who's annoying and likes to shove himself into situations. They are known to be energetic and annoying when in actuality, they have low self-esteem.

So, now that both Greed's have had their appearances revealed and are widely regarded as best boy and girl respectively, how long do you think it'll take to get some Greed X Greed doujins?

Imagine both of then talking to each other.

It would be a nightmare.


Both are known to be giant spergs who can't shut the fuck up.

Regulus is slightly more so, but Echidna can get pretty crazy herself talking non stop if the discussion interests her.

To be honest if we had a shot of him in the anime leaving said room to go buy ramen his obesession with Emilia would have made a lot more sense.

Let's make that better. Imagine them filling the entire doujin with rambling dialogue while having sex, each in their own style.

Sometimes i'm confused as to whether Subaru is a NEET, a delinquent or just something else entirely

Once, listened to wishing an never touched that episode again.

After 3 years the AU chapters start to hurt again.

He was literally in education, he was just skipping school.

So a truant, delinquent, hikkikomori, something like that.

>This story
>Having a happy ending
>Implying anyone will win

Echidna : Your ability, Return by Death is great authority. You don't really understand its potential. You can never accept the undesired consequences and try again for anytime. That's the ultimate tool for any researcher. Originally, the consequence cannot be changed. You can make hypothesis for the result, but, when you really make a trial on it, you can have only one result from it. No one can make the exact same condition for re-trial. What could you gain from different condition before? That's just dream for us researchers. I definitely has the mean to know everything with 'World's Record'. But, I don't really like using it. I want to know, not just for knowledge itself, but I value the effort spent for knowledge. Because of that, it is ironically despicable for me. Our talk has derailed for the moment. To return to the main talk, yes, I am envious of your ability. You can have 'different result' in the 'exact same condition'. How could I pass that ability? How could I pass the opportunity to test everything with that? Of course, I don't want to force you into using it. You just have to use it for yourself. I will make every effort for the future you want, and fulfill my curiosity along the way. Cont.

>90% of the pages are just dialog boxes

Sign me the fuck up senpai. I wat a crusch/felix one first thi

I won't get punished for this much, do I? You get the result. I fulfill my curiosity, our interests are matching here. I don't know everything and I can't intentionally take you to the worst consequence. You and I are equal that we don't have exact solution for everything. You could call me comrade for thinking solution on the same problem together. I am declaring this without shame. I will never prevent you from reaching solution, as I am favorable of you. Of course, on some problems, you could have difficulty getting through even with my knowledge, because I cannot directly interact with reality. If your obstacle needs physical strength, I cannot be any help of you. You can harm your body and mind for indefinite times. On those occasions, I would want to heal your mind with sincerity. I won't assure that there is no concern for my curiosity. But, it is real that I want to be your strength. So I don't want to be hated by you. Again, I can proudly declare that I am helpful for achieving your goal. As I use you for my greed on knowledge, you can freely use me to reach your desirable future. I am content to be a convenient girl and devote myself for you. I don't know if you would want this scanty and dead body. Oops. This must be a rude one for two girls you're determined to protect - Silver half-elf and Blue Oni-girl. I don't want to evaluate you for your thought on those two girls. But, obstacles blocking your way is beyond your imagination. Your determination to clear them all yourself is really valuable, but also miserable to see. I am not lying to you for becoming your strength. And you have to use me to. You must use everything at your disposal to reach your future and help those you think dear. That's what you're determined for. I will repeat it again. Path paved with your lives is proven by 2nd Trial. I even think 2nd Trial exists solely to make you accept your way. It was unbearable sight to your mind.Cont. (Help me)

Shut the fuck up

However, I consider it is better to know even the most tragic truth and you have to reach the future, paying your lives to 'Return by Death' as you did till now. For that, you have to cherish your memory of those possible Parallel Worlds. Even if you become a person indifferent to any death, including your own or those precious, it is better than the future without you. There is nothing useless in this world. Everything is needed puzzle pieces. To understand that, you needed the Trial. If you need any meaning for your temporary stop here, think like this. And, I will agree on your thought. I will give you any words to keep you going. whispering of love, soothing, or wrath, I don't hesitate to use any words to keep your strength. I am absolutely needed for your future struggle. If you're going to walk solitary path of hurt, you need the person who can walk along. And I, no other people but I can do that. I repeat this, and repeating this anytime - You need me, and I need you, your existence. I can't satisfy my curiosity without you. Only talking with you can fulfill my curiosity. You can be the only person who can satisfy my 'Greed'. I can't rule out your existence from this enclosed space of mine. If you want to be the hope of people you dearly think, can you share little bit of compassion to me? If you do that, I don't hesitate to give my body, soul, and knowledge to you. So, I eagerly want you to believe me. I haven't been hiding my true intention to deceive you. I was only looking for good timing. If I was telling this from the start, you wouldn't come closer to me. It would be unacceptable loss for me. Of course, it would be a loss for you, too. As the user of 'Return by Death', you will surely achieve your goal sometime. But, you have to reduce the price of reaching it. I can minimized that. I won't assure you I can refrain from not telling you the necessity for better future just to see the consequence. I admit that.Cont. (Why is this allowed?)

But, I won't deceive you. If I did that, I will never hide it from you. I will reveal it and try to regain your trust doing whatever I can. I will take you to the future you want no matter what. So, won't you choose me? I told you everything I want. I am determined to pay any price. I told you my determination, and I want to hear yours. You should prove you have confidence to reach the future you want. You can have pride of passing 2nd trial only if you do that. Challenging 3rd Trial and liberating the Sanctuary. This is the Trial you must pass for people you dearly think. Show me you have strength and courage to overcome that. And obtain me and my knowledge to achieve your future. Those are what I want from you, what I require from you, and what I can give to you. I revealed everything with sincerity. What's your decision? Teach me, fulfill my curiosity.

Uh.... why is this allowed?

Perfect. So take this attitude and have her violate Regulus's rights to satisfy her curiosity with his ultimate penetrating power and hardness.
I just want to see what kind of utter horseshit you could get the two of them to spew.


>Alpha Subaru married brunette Rem

damn their kid was a failure

Subaru is just AU Rigel.

Nah. Naoko is described as being kind of dumb. Emilia is obviously a mix of Subaru's favorite heroines and his own mother.

AU Rigel is a better man than Subaru right now though.

Plus Subaru's bullying is to make sure he doesn't end up like him.

Has there even been a doujin with someone other than Rem, Ram, or Emilia?

A few Beako ones.

She isn't described as dumb. But she is indeed described as a airhead.

There should be one featuring Priscilla coming soon, though Rem will probably be the main girl featured.
Oh, and those too.

>Even though Naoko's a complete airhead, and is unaware of being an airhead, and you have to explain everything to her if you want to communicate with her, and stress builds up as you talk with her.

You actually might be right on that one.

Reinhard ALWAYS gets what he wants

What the fuck is Roswaals end goal?

Revive his waifu Echidna

Just what is that art-style?

Is that the one that made Subaru drink her piss?


Wow he has amazing taste


So does her piss


It can't be that hard, puck always said it would be acting in accordance to their contract if anything happens to her. Since everytime she dies puck goes on a rampage to destroy the world, those must be the terms of said contract.

Why are both Rem and Emililalila shit? Both of them are boring.

That cat's cock is as smooth as the barrel of a gun.


Felix isn't taking advantage of her state is he?

>Felix "reminds" her of their nightly fuck sessions.

From the link? I'd call it a somewhat grotesque caricature.

Beetlejuice was so happy when Subaru told him about the gospel. Should have befriended him.

He did though, he "talks" to him in his head.

I don't think Pete has been happy for a very long time

I don't think absorbing someone is befriending them

It does in my book

no, his son (reinhard father) is a dick and reinhard is 0% attached to him or Teresia

Btw who is is considered Toyota's best bro?

Felix pulled a Cosby on her

Is it me, or does it seem like all the people who hate the series actually think it's a harem anime?

I've been hearing it a lot lately, and it kind drives me crazy. What makes it a "Harem"? A love triangle, maybe, but not a "Harem".

Satella please

Dude it's like hanging in a secret clubhouse. That's cool and also the pinnacle of friendship.

Well its kinda just one person right now, considering Rem's condition.

The clown
In my book a Harem is where all the girls revolve around the MC and all of them have some love interest in him, but Impressa only loves Emilia and friendzoned Rem hard.

I was absorbed by some dude once, now we talk everyday so i can confirm this

The one and only

How is it not a harem?
Where's the full version of Rem's swim suit?

>Rem: I love you!
>Generic anime protagonist fag: I love someone else...

That was the moment that i dopped the show.

But seriously, i dont get how most of the characters of this genera are so altruist, that is a huge turn off. People do not act this way, ppl are jealous, selfish, there is no way someone would be ok with that kind of situation, and that only shows how poorly written those animes are.

Don't get me wrong, i'm a anime fan, not a fanatic fag, but i watch some shows, read some mangas that i like and even read some novels, but this situation really get on my nerves.

They should stop being so lazy and start to develop more characters with real temperament, not those generic, altruist, aimless backing characters.

Does he give Subaru's a sermon when he has lewd thoughts?


Nah, he looks "Trapish" so i can see him working better being plowed by felix
Here bby

My wife.

Ram? Really?


>i'm an anime fan
>literally complaining about anime things
Fuck off back to facebook no one cares about your projection. And Rem does feel bad and hurt about it, she just isn't a whiny beta cuck like you that probably whine about never getting girls.

Wait a second, there's someone behind that pillow.

In the LN source, that scene in your picture is entirely different, since that was supposed to be when she tricked Subaru into sincerely confessing his love to her.
I thought there might be a better picture for that, since the Ferris one was already out there.

I want more Elsa. I wanna succ on dem milfy tiddies

yeah seems like emilia's type



>So many wedding dress designs
>Instead they choose to put her in a fucking swimsuit

I will never not be mad at this.


Out with your 3dpd

>This would have been a better story

Well, until around the end of arc 3 that is.

She's basically 2.5D, dude.

That's a boy, isn't it?

That is not the point user, if you like something, you want that thing to be better that is why i'm saying that. Criticising something does not mean that you hate it.

And i dont think that Rem should be whining, i agree that she felt the pain of being rejected, but her reaction is the issue here. Put yourself in her shoes. how would you behave? would you keep supporting the person that you love in his endeavour of getting the heart of his beloved one? i hardly think so.

Taking Rem as a character with her own personality and desires, she should either fight for his love, or move on, not "stay at his side waiting like a lifeless doll'

You are right user, i was slothful enough to pick a random picture in the web

Literally a delinquent in the making. He very recently started skipping school to stay at home and play games. He's too young to actually be a NEET yet, even tho that's how the anime introduced him. He couldn't live up to the image of his father, and could coast on talent alone no longer. Life got difficult enough that it started to require work, and he just sorta gave up.

>she should either fight for his love, or move on, not "stay at his side waiting like a lifeless doll'

But... She does...?

>she should either fight for his love

That's what she is literally doing though.

I think he's talking about the anime here.

Can I report you and your shit post?


You're still retarded. You are asking for "realistic" reactions from an anime with anime things.

Nope, this is a boi

If she was fighting for Subaru's love any harder she'd be raping him.

The girl even tried to "truth serum" Subaru at one point.

How can Emilia even compete against Crusch-sama? for real, does she show competence as a ruler later on? besides caring for commoners?

>3d pig disgusting.
>For an instant in my heart of hearts I imagine what it would be like for somebody that pretty to care about me even in the most remote way possible, even lesser than somebodies idle care for an animal
>I imagine myself happy.

Is this what getting old is?

pretty much, that's why i wash all my pain away with alcohol

Maid outfit and decent tits but I can't sexualize Remu. She's way more adorable than lewd. Remilia on the other hand....

That is my opinion user. As always, you are free to agree or disagree.

Stop using your template copy pasta shitposts. In the case that you're serious, you're missing the entire point on why Rem loves the Subaru and his reply on it.

FUCK meant Emilia. time to sleep and stop playing touhou.

Remilia is a thing though. Its called the Echidna AU.

ahahah i do not know what you mean by 'template copy pasta shitpost', but there is no reason to be so edgy, tell me why you disagree.

Anyway, she felt in love with Subaru after his fight with those monsters in that forest near the vilage and saved her when she was trying to get rid of that curse, isnt it? About his reply on her feeling towards him, he rejected her love, but said that it would be nice to have her around. I would not be ok with that...


Is there an official power levels rank for this series? I only get that Reinhardo and the clown are top tier.

I was fooled for 5ms.

Felix is for pleasing old men!

He's such a bro, why does he endure that spoiled brat?

Fuck off

Who would win in a fight?

>>Also, goods and pin-ups have been playing with the idea of what if Emilia was a girl from a magical world summoned into the real one. Looking ahead to volume 10, preview illustrations have shown Subaru's encounter with a mysterious silver haired transfer student...
This is just embarassing!8IdywYZJ!ECqFjeJgicp3s-ylKS2TENUakolwYeXl2YfEGKZlFf0

This honestly sounds like a plot that would be better for a live action movie or one of those anime movies that end up in the proper mainstream


they are the same

It's like they know bits and pieces of things, but are connecting them in all the wrong ways.

Thank you

Based user

is this one of those "alternative ________" chapters, like Natsuki Rem on the 9th vol?

Update time

No. It's the first trial.

Its the first trial.

>drunk rem
when does she get drunk

I dont remember 1st trial being Echidna school antics....

Then you need to reread it.

its either the optic nerv just that you see the trial or its part of the muscle ...eyes are hold by muscles too,how the fuck you think you move em

>Subaru quickly checks that there's nobody else in the classroom, then leans out of the doorway to check there's no one down the halls either. There isn't, and he sighs, scratching his head.
>Subaru: “First, got something I just wanna say.”
>Echidna: “Yup, let's hear it. You're thinking something, considering something, going to talk about something. I'm incredibly interested in every part of that.”
>Subaru: “That uniform looks great on you.”
>Echidna blinks, puzzled, and then cracks up.
>Echidna: “Ahaha, thanks. You thinking that means there was worth in me reconstructing this from your memories. This is the clearest, most often-seen outfit inside your memory. Did you maybe fancy it?”
>Echidna stands up from her seat, grips the hem of her grey skirt, and does a little, quick turn on the spot. Her hair sways following the movement, making her look like nothing more than a girl of an age fitting her appearance.
Grey skirt, navy blazer. The red ribbon on her chest demarcates her as a fellow third-year, and gives dazzling contrast to the white shirt underneath.

Its there.

>Subaru quickly checks that there's nobody else in the classroom, then leans out of the doorway to check there's no one down the halls either. There isn't, and he sighs, scratching his head.
>Subaru: “First, got something I just wanna say.”
>Echidna: “Yup, let's hear it. You're thinking something, considering something, going to talk about something. I'm incredibly interested in every part of that.”
>Subaru: “That uniform looks great on you.”
>Echidna blinks, puzzled, and then cracks up.
>Echidna: “Ahaha, thanks. You thinking that means there was worth in me reconstructing this from your memories. This is the clearest, most often-seen outfit inside your memory. Did you maybe fancy it?”
>Echidna stands up from her seat, grips the hem of her grey skirt, and does a little, quick turn on the spot. Her hair sways following the movement, making her look like nothing more than a girl of an age fitting her appearance. Grey skirt, navy blazer. The red ribbon on her chest demarcates her as a fellow third-year, and gives dazzling contrast to the white shirt underneath.

Its there.

Is arc 4 better than arc 3?
Or worse?

he still have to endure seeing Rem.

real man up is during arc 4. where despite all the suffering and deaths . he actually active tries to fix stuff on every cycle. not go angst or 4/5 of the resets

They're both good.


Arc 3 > Arc 4 = Arc 5 > Arc 2 > Arc 1

Arc 6 is undecided.

He had to become a hero to become a man worthy of Rem and he did, which is nice.

It's literally "forced Emilia, the arc".

In case you didn't know what this means already, it's fucking appalling.

arc 4 has

all past witches of sin
all doors in clown's mansion opened for fun
Ram's stockholm syndrome
Big Rabbit
Tsubaru being eaten...twice
mind broken Emilia
Manly punch out

4 > 5 > 3 > 2 > 1

4 for development
5 for match ups
3 is that low for how cringe worthy Tsubaru is till Rem healing

6 is good so far. Shaula do is kinda a bitch. and the trial pretty much confirms Flugel was also someone from another world

At least the developments for the other characters are great

Yeah and Echidna and Elsa was nice.

I guess I just don't like it because Emiliafags use it as a crutch to justify her "development", but when in reality without those waifu-tinted glasses, her so-called development was flat out uninteresting and unredeeming.

gotta be Otto or Julius

How far is the manga at? Where the anime left off?

On ep 17

why is that some of Arcbishops kinda of contradict the sin they represent??

Pepe was actually a hard worked
Ley and Roy are picky eaters
Regulus all its does is goes autistic over the "few things he poses"

>few things he poses
Let's see your poses, then.


This meme territory

I couldn't give less of a fuck about Elsa. Subaru cared as much as I did, and that's not much. Also, that's not what you call character development, development is how people change.

translationchicken posted a new segment just now. the last part of chapter 1.

the updates have been pretty fast since he started collaborating with the other guys, hopefully it keeps up.

That's retarded as fuck but I guess it is to be expected from Subaru

Why is Elsa so delicious? Probably the hottest girl all year. Such a shame her character design is entirely wasted on a throwaway villain.

Echidna is so adorable

>[Subaru: No matter what, we have to do something… For now, let’s head back to the Mansion. I want to settle Rem down as well. Plus Otto, you don’t have anywhere to stay after all, so come to the Mansion with us]

>[Otto: What!? To trouble the ma-Margrave for lodging!? If I have to be in such a heck of a situation, I would rather sleep in the dragon carriage!]

>[Subaru: Shut up, you’re already involved. Better get used to it because I’ll use you until you die off!]

>Otto: Hey, why were you clicking your tongue while staring right at me?]

>[Subaru: Tch. It’s your self-consciousness. No one cares about you as much as you think]

>[Otto: Wow that’s a terrible comment!]

>Ignoring the partially depressed Otto, Subaru parked the dragon carriage in the front yard, and headed straight to the entrance.

Subaru bullies Otto so much

>[Subaru: Tch. It’s your self-consciousness. No one cares about you as much as you think]
How ironic

I want to drink Echidna's fluids


Read the WN.

Why would Reinhard be the final boss?

Satella >= Reinhard > adult Ram with horn > Puck = Clown = Regulus, I think.

Sekhmet and Pandora should be somewhere there too, since Sekhmet is the second strongest Witch and Pandora is fucking broken.

>No Ferri animated

>No Ferri in the WN translations for a long time

Only the manga can quench my thirst now.

>Q: It seems like Reinhard who holds justice within him will clash with Subaru someday. If so then is there a possibility of him becoming the last boss!?
>A: It’s been prophesized but, if so then there would be no way in hell he can win!

The clown is probably mid-boss

So I don't get it. Reinhard can literally just wish for any power and he'll get it? Even if he dies he revives? He can effortlessly kill monsters like Elsa and Puck, and the only reason he doesn't save everyone all the time is because he's dicking around somewhere?

I think Pandora was after Horned Ram and before Puk

superman dilemma. he cant be everywhere at anytime. so shits are bound to happen

Apparently not, he wouldn't have beaten Regulus without Subaru.

Holy fuck

>dat Rem

So do I read the LN or WN? I want to continue the story

Read this

then continue here

more like eternal tie. is not like regulus can kill him either ... fairly

Thanks. So I don't have to read from the beginning? Seemingly that the anime pacing was decent I assume not much was skipped

Not much is translated anyway.

Most important thing they skipped



Just stop.

damn how would his parents feel then since he suddenly disappeared. shits like futurama again

I want to comfort Ferri so he won't cry himself to sleep because of Crusch.

They deserve happiness.

He loves Satella, not Emilia that IS the plotwist.
That is the inception.
When he realizes it, it's already too late.

Let's discuss something. What should we discuss?

This one.

Go on.

This glorious bastard

She going to win around 65-80% of the series, but my expectation is a Chrono Crusade end

Is there anything that can top From Zero or The Outside of Madness?

I'd imagine the Satella possession episode in arc 4 would be pretty good

I think the kiss of death while being eaten has a better impact.

Harem end.


It's pretty much confirmed to be polygamy end or bad end

given the author mentions he enjoys to see Tsubaru suffer, Bad end. best case scenario, return to your own world end

What did he mean by this?

He also said a good end is only really worth it when the character suffered and struggled for it.

Gen Urobuchi once said Kariya got a good end in Fate/Zero. Never trust a butcher.

Wasn't zero a bad thing for everyone involved in some way?

>25 chapters of arc 4 translated by user

It doesn't have proper grammar but it's easy to know what's going on.

Are you even sleeping properly user?

Fuck off.

Oh.. you

Stop oppressing transgenders

He is a slut.

how do i read the manga pls im kinda lost

You look at the pics and read the text

Well first off, you learn english, then you find it, then you read the text, and check out the images.

Ferri is not a transgender

I'd fug both




totally not homo :^3

I would daughteru the crap out of Petra.



Hey, maybe there's a way we can get a good ending anyways.
>[Subaru: I’ll have you two pull me until I split in a thousand pieces!]
I noticed the wiki had this to say about demon beasts.
>Born "somehow" through her mind and feelings
Obviously we just need Dark Lord Subaru/Flugel, at the height of his power, to find a way to separate his weakness from himself in the form of the powerless and incompetent Natsuki Subaru.

In other news, I noticed some people have posted images that are a lot higher quality than what's on the wiki. Anyone got more of those?

>R:0 threads is full cancer now

What do you mean?

You probably just finally turned 18. Welcome to the adults table.

Anyone reminded of this?


I finished the show, and while I found the worldbuilding to be fairly interesting, I couldn't develop any attachment to the MC.
Things are going poorly? Dude rewind lmao.

Some of the other characters are somewhat interesting, like Julius or Wilhelm. The others are plain boring, like Rem and Ram.

God i wish that were me

Nice blog upvoted :D

>I wat a crusch/felix one first thi
So, I just checked this artist's twitter again, and it seems as if they might be doing all of the candidates and their knights.

Whoops. Forgot pic and link.

>expressing your opinion about the show in the general thread dedicated to the show is now blogposting



This is the best girl in the show

This pleases me deeply

What's Rem been doing with Subaru's phone?

This doesn't seem like it's the right picture.

I can't read this, but I assume it was all a misunderstanding of some sort.

Who's your grill?

Felix :^)




>Chrono crusade
You had to fucking remind me ;_;

Rem IS BEST GURL!!! email a shit. Rem!!

Do you have an 11 inch clown cock?

are these some kind of sins, if they are, which one is lust?

Which one is which?

which witch is which?


Waiting animation/translation/manga adaptation.

Day 2


A blue board.

A what?


I just found some Regulus concept art, which I believe is from the original artist himself.

>The main felixfag is a frogposter
For fucks sake, you're even worse than I thought

You have to go back.

Melonpan fuck off, I hate you.


Is Re Zero a masterpiece?

Is the 21th century Evangelion, but with a qt trap neko and battlemaids :-D

why subaru just doesn't give in for her already

No, but it's certainly AOTY


But it was a fun ride

If anyone is interested.

This guys:

Is working on arc 6. He just did chapter 4, and will be doing chapter 5 next.

>rewatching that shit
Sorry I'm not a pleb and actual got some taste. I'd only rewatch great titles such as katanagatari, steins gate, monogatari series etc... maybe even clannad

You are cancer


Dear lord all of these daughterus

Kill yourself.

Its one of those chapters

Calm down there boyo. There is still some Natsume and Hibike to be had and who knows what else could show up.

Damn, Subaru has changed a lot since arc 3 didn't he?

Just a had a talk with the translator on discord, and he agreed to organize the text a little better, since translations are kinda all over the place.

Probably going to make chapter 4 a single post instead of multiple ones.


>After Subaru set down all her belongings into the room, he petted Meili’s head as she stood still at the window. This girl with braided, chestnut hair twinkled her eyes as Subaru continued to pet her head.

>[Subaru: I want my gang to be prepared to honestly risk their lives no matter what. You can be out however much you want, but if you’re going to be out like that, you might as well follow the one thing the letter said; that is, you should just enjoy this time as genuinely as you can.]

>He gave a light pat to her head at the end of his statement and then brought his hand back. After receiving a light tap to her head from the hand that previously caressed her hair, Meili glared at Subaru with scornful eyes.

>[Meili: ……Onii-san, did you win over Ojou-chan and Petra-chan like that? Jeeez, even being in constant caution of you isn’t enough.]

This is it, she is officially a daughteru now.

How many LNs are there?

10th is coming out in 24 days

There we go, he just compiled all of chapter 4 in a single post:

He didn't work on chapters 1-3 he says. He'll probably read then to see if they had anything interesting, but he does plan to work on future chapters according to what he told me.

I'm just happy he's translating but thank you

Thanks a ton

That guy who does coloring for LN illustrations just did one based off that.

Hopefully Tappei lets him keep his four adoptive daughterus and not rip them away.

Well Petra's safe for now, since Ram and Frederica are with her, and they're not going for some crazy expedition.

Shocking twist at the end of arc 6, the Subaru brigade comes home to find the mansion bulldozed and everyone inside dead.

Oh wait, Ram went with Subaru.

what went wrong?

God I hate Ley so fucking much. I hope that when Subaru finally meets him and kills him that he'll do it with his bare hands.

Working on Arc 6 is more interesting than finishing Arc 4 or Arc 5

>Got Rem Back

> #Noregrets

If Rem comes back and is fine, but Crusch doesn't get her memories, I'll crash this party.

Well, the way they're healing Rem would only impact Rem. They aren't fighting Ley in Arc 6.

Fuck off Felix, go rehabilitate your amnesiac without trying to fix her completely.

>There were countless others who were stronger.
>There were countless others who were more reliable.
>There were countless others who were wiser.
>There were countless others of class who were more wonderful.
>But Natsuki Subaru would ignore all of that, and he would be the one to go. He did this only because he wanted to be praised by this girl after he saved her.
The ones, who tell that he come to the Tower not only because of Rem is BTFO again.

Well fuck

Kill yourself

Even after 2 arcs of Emilia, Rem still wins.
>Emilia's status: Cucked by a comatose Oni

>>But Natsuki Subaru would ignore all of that, and he would be the one to go. He did this only because he wanted to be praised by this girl after he saved her.
>The ones, who tell that he come to the Tower not only because of Rem is BTFO again.

Who's the puppy now?

Well to be fair, she did receive the first kiss.

Win what? Subaru continue to purse Emilia and his moments with her no matter how ypu spin. Not my fault that continue desparately delude yourself by grasping at straws. Shows how insecure about yhe whole thing.

Maid Echidna, fresh off the oven.

How man books did the anime cover?

9 volumes.

It didn't completely finish volume 9 though. They left out the whole "who's Rem?" part and their return to the capital, with Subaru promising to Save Rem.

This is the face of a LIAR. Do not be DECEIVED.

Because secondary charcters all theur development front loaded before the MCs who typically gradually develop through multiple arcs isn't new. Emilia will be in the story forever, Rem might not.

Your post shows how insecure about this thing, even your hands trembles. Calm down.


None Because unlike here JP Remfags are much less autistic. They cool whatever end.

It just sounds like he wants someone to worship him to stroke his ego then him doing it out of any romantic implications. He knows Rem would praise him so he wants to feel and soak in that acknowledgement.

Does some character have autistic Nippon fans?


SSS: Satella, Reinhard
SS: Witches, Archshops, Great Spirits (Puck etc), Roswaal, Shaula
S: Wilhelm, Garfiel, Betty, maybe Emilia
A: Emilia, Julius, Elsa, Priscilia
B: Crusch, Rem, Al
C: Ricardo, Meili, Felt, the Triplets
D: Otto, Subaru, Felt, Felix, the 3 Stoorages
E: Anastasia

So, like, with Emilia.

Butthurt waifufag shitpister detected.
Your the type I expecially hope gets BTFO in the wnding.

Wouldn't have if Ferris didn't cockblock those two though.

But I'll admit she did get the first kiss in.

Butthurt EMTshitter detected.

What's wrong? Can't face the truth that even an entire arc dedicated to her couldn't make her any better? In fact it made her worse.

Doesn't Subaru get somewhat competent in the WN? How is he still D?

Emilia was designed for Otaku fantasies while rem appeals more to normal people.

With a show that was meant for otakus that somehow found a larger than expected audience the clash was inevitable.

>Mfw you get to vote on how Roswaal is addressed later on in the series
>Clown Faggot is winning

competent ≠ strong.

That's you opinion. There people who don't like Rem's development either but yhey don't act like you so fuck off. The truth is you're just mad got Rem sidelined because his temporarily situation of Rem conivenently bring the only person around for a portion of one arc would continue instead Subaru and Emilia developing.

>Emilia A tier
>Rem B tier
Who helped take down the white whale though...

>Rem literally loves and trusts Subaru unconditionally and even helps him get with Emilia
>Emilia acts like an actual person who can get mad at Subaru and doesn't treat him like a walking gary stu
They are both waifubait but Rem is by far the worse offender, see how so many otakus like her.

Meant for

Shouldn't Subaru be at least a C grade right around now? I mean he did beat Gaaf in a 1v1 fight with no resets.

>Rem is more waifubait than Emilia
>Emilia, who is loved despite not showing anything to deserve that love besides muh saving from street thugs and muh lap pillow
At least Rem shows character and gives the viewer a reason to like her more than Emilia.

I don't know if you could call the subaru vs garfiel fight something you'd put on a power ranking.

dude calm the freak heck

He used a lot of shit to win.

New thread

>Subaru: “Please. With no forgiveness for me, abuse me.”
>Emilia: “I-I'm telling you I can't do that. I don't think anything's your fault at all...”
>Subaru: “Do something about that!”
>Emilia: “But even if you tell me to do something...”
>Subaru: “Please! If you can do it, I'll sacrifice my soul to you, Emilia-tan!”
>Emilia: “Hearing something that serious just makes it more troubling! Well, since there's no choice...”
>Emilia clears her throat and looks up at Subaru.
>Subaru: “Ughuhhuhhgh”
>Emilia: “Always worrying about others when they don't ask for it, don't know your place. So soft that you'd support a detested half-elf. You step forward instead of me when I get spoken down on and depressed, act rashly, denounced, reckless.”
>Subaru: “Ughhu... huh?”
>Emilia: “You don't give clear answers I ask you questions, you're a coward who uses vague words to escape. You're a moron who saves me when I'm having trouble even after our big fight. You're a scoundrel who gives me the answer I want when I'm hopeless and want to do something. You're a lazybones who slept while everyone else was running around cleaning things up after everything was over. Subaru, you dunderhead.”

>Subaru: “Who says dunderhead anymore? ...I mean, Emilia-tan.”
>These weren't the words Subaru'd expected. They weren't shredding his heart, leaving ugly wounds, but profoundly kind, and wounded both Subaru and Emilia. Emilia pouts.

Yeah, no.

You can even look at Subaru's posters and books he has. He is quite literally looking for the otaku-bait silver haired heroine.

No one of them is not a waifubait.

Not all because that's false. It does show how much of buthurt Remfag you are though.

Emilia is A tier because Roswaal said she had unlimited potential for ice magic or something in that regard.

Rem on the other hand has limits, but we don't know if she will go the way of Wilhelm and surpass those limits as of yet.

Subjective opinions are false. Alright.

>Roswaal says she has potential
He also said that if Rem wakes up, it would be disastrous, and Emilia had visions of that too.
How is it false that it's boring for a character to get development only for the MC to do it for her because she was actually too incompetent?

>He also said that if Rem wakes up, it would be disastrous, and Emilia had visions of that too.

It would be Emilia's disaster. Her disaster could be Subaru's miracle user. But that doesn't mean she is getting any stronger as of yet.

Stop saying bullshit, he never said that.

He said that if Rem woke up Subaru and Rem's bond would return super strong, trying to get Emilia jealous, but she said she will help Subaru either way because she wants him happy.

Also the visions were ambiguous as shit, and didn't show anyone specific.

Good job pulling that from you ass.
Neanwhile I just saw an image naked guy in his room with a bunch of Rem body pillows. Most of feitsh otaku related content has most featured Rem. You can go away with you delusions now.

He meant with how Tappei wrote it but alright.

Rem didn't take down White Whale, she particpate in battle but she was don't anything none of the named characters couldn't. Wilhelm if anyone who was the MVP it was him. She just scored some hits here and there just like Ricado and twins. I have no idea why some try to give credit when not plot acknowledges doing any special there.

Emilia went toe-to-toe against Eisa and beat Betelgeuse pre Arc 4. In the LN even Subaru was surprised at her power. In Arc 4 when she looses Puck but regains her memories she gets even more powerful. Emilia also managed to repel Pandora and freeze a region of an entire forest. As far strength goes Rem is incaparable to her. Rom in Arc 1 and Roswaal in Arc 4 have noted elves are typically really powerful.