Monster Musume

What a lewd snek

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>try bullying her
>she just chokeslams you
>you're badly injured
>she feels guilty
>she looks after you until your better
>Surprise, I was never really injured!

The ultimate bullying.

Here. I saved all you repetitive jackasses the trouble of re-posting half the thread.

Doppel is the Superior Girl


I want to cuddle with Draco!

I want to kiss Draco!

I want to pound her pussy doggystyle hard and against the wall!

found it!

I want Rachnera to hug me from behind.

I'm going to marry Draco!

Love these. My all time favorite depiction of Doppel.

Probably because she's drawn as a tiny soft girl.

Everyone say something nice about this abomination.

Candy bar snake

Is it okay to approve of Sora Amamiya now in that role?

She can let you eat out her horse pussy while you fuck her other horse pussy while fisting her other horse pussies.

>ywn spend enough time around Kino to become mostly immune to her spores

Be careful

She cause people to get high and use for fungi jokes. Be glad she ain't real.


I want to hug Rachnera's behind.

I just found this for kiifags

She actually looks pretty wholesome in this pic

Tio is the Superior Girl

I want to conduct exhaustive research to discover how sensitive to touch her backside is.

you're going to need a big paddle
and some meth.,

She's gonna rape you well and proper for that.

Which monmusu needs the mating press the most?

Thats the magic of the elusive clothed Doppelganger.

Reverse mating press

>mating press
and that is?

God bless.

Same guy that made bikini lala?


>he doesn't know the mating press

obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be asking.

his style looks really familiar, has he made anything else?


Go look it up

>he doesn't know about Alta Vista, either.

I want to start a fairy ring of Matango daughters with Kino
I want to hold her hand.

the search engine?


Whichever one is best at leglocking.

I'm going to make you a widow.

how about a widower instead?

Not a lot of options there.

>Miia will never slowly crush you


13 keystrokes and you would have known 15 minutes ago.

I want to drink her nectar

Shit taste, user. Dryads I can get, but who want to love a mushroom? Even the people of MGE will never love a Matango.

do pedipalps count?

apparently you need to learn some mycology and see why mushroom girl would be a wonderful girl to be with.

>You will never bully Kino by cosplaying as a fat italian plumber
Real talk will there be a mario joke in the next chapter?

If they do, then Oct gets to toss her hat in the ring as well.

Oct can arm lock and leg lock with you then

Once CCCCCCC gets a hold of it, count on it.


I know. It's just hard to imagine that sort of thing without picturing the flailing legs

>Her risk of wardrobe malfunctions is much higher

Why doesn't she wear a t-shirt?

personally I would just make her into a pack mule.

i wanna have alot of eggs with draco and help her push each single one out while she crushes my hand!

Because Crabman might not take good care of himself, but he isn't stupid.

user, beware the sex crazed cerea. She might go around a try to steal those eggs and convert them into anal beads for her own pleasure of course.

I mean, even if she wanted to wear the sexy outfit, it could at least be a tube top.

and what if you have to carry the eggs?

Which girl would be able to accept my meth addiction

Wardrobe malfunctions are a feature, not a bug.

Mushroom lady

Also get yourself a vasectomy

None. Being a meth addict isn't being a good host.

You should probably just kill yourself

You sound like just the kind of host Lala had in mind


Obviously, so you dont weaken the gene pool with defective addict genes.

none of them

Even if I did, Matango will still be the least love monster species.

What is your favorite moment in the series?

Cathyl in a maid outfit

Suu or Mero.

the chapter where papi swallows the puzzle piece and the man in the big yellow hat has to take her to the hospital.

I think you're remembering Curious George, user.

Curious Papi?

Probably Drunk Rachnee

Bi-curious Papi, more like.

This part

I want cinnamon girl to leg lock me.

Be careful when procreating with tight dragonewts

yes, same guy
he only did Kii and Lala

>Oct will never visit Mero and Rachnera
>She will never stay in Mero's secret room and mess with the other girls by sticking her tentacles through the vents
>She will never decide to stay permanently

Zombina is the Superior Girl

I want to cuddle this chuuni

who wouldn't?

She's a top-tier snuggler.

Just a reminder that all girls are best girls; and you all have spectacular taste.

this body is BEGGING for sex

Is there a tier list for snuggling and spooning?
We should put one together.

Finally, a meme I can get behind.

>we should have more shit to argue and shitpost about

Is this going to become part of the meme?

darling, please

Not the best series for leg guys.

Patiently waiting for Manakos meme post

It'll take time. A lot of time passed before we got to this point.

Business Ogre is the superior girl.


Manako is too cute and shy to shitpost

>ywn hug a large breed arachne's abs

So are most of her fans, it seems.

If that's the case they should kick her and replace her with someone else, like Kii or Draco.

I want to marry this snake.

I will marry that Monoeye and show her all the love in world.

she's made for bullying.

Manako is made for loving and raising a loving family with.

>Darling said that he's not a virgin
fuck. More hurtful than I thought it'd be.

But that's Kimihito

It is not an exclusive property of Kimihito.

They're not mutually exclusive

>You will never bully Manako by forcing her to squeeze many human-sized babies through a whole built for monoeyes.

He lied

he said he was in the full moon chapter


Don't worry. He's still pure even if he's held so many hands by now.

Sow how long would it take to learn runes enough to be able to read these when they come out? Faster than it takes for TTF and co to translate and typeset?

I'm just teasing TTF

That was early in the evening.

Seriously though. He has some god tier resolve. I'd have committed several crimes long before the full moon chapter even happened.

first of all, Darling's into legs.
second, he's not a slut.

he could be into dudes


Surprise ending Draco wins.

it could be both
she could be paired with a male tsundere.

Is that Draco doujin done yet?

That doesn't even make sense

makes perfect sense,
if he's gay then there isn't any temptation to begin with.


But he's been tempted lots of times.
Hell, they even say/show that he is attracted to Miia.

All those nosebleeds he gets around the girls aren't from him facepalming so hard he broke something, user. Look at the date with Doppel. It's more that Kurusu's inner beast is so straight-laced and uptight that only Polt can hear it fart.

thats cause she kind of looks like a man.

Miia's more of a dude than Draco in a way.


I'm not seeing it.

Also he had a confirmed bone with Rachnera

He's had a confirmed boner for every girl.
He also almost lost control a few times, like when he was helping Miia shed

Black sclera girls are olev.


>confirmed boner for every girl
uh, no he hasn't

I wonder how she looks shaven

Well, I know for Miia, Rachnee, and Miia's mom for sure



When exactly has Miia addressed his boner?

>a slutty snek will never deepthroat my dick

Why live

Oh, addressed boners.
Then just Rachnera and Mama Miia, if I recall correctly.

This is genuinely my fetish.

>cathyl on a butcher's rack.

Mama Miia literally grabbed his dick, the harlot!

Fuzz should be everyone's fetish. She's perfect.

You've got a weird fetish

No, making a monster girl believe she seriously hurt you, like darling and ketchup scene. That gave me a rock hard boner.

>not wanting to see cathyl writhing in pain as big hooks are pierced through her skin.
Do you even lift?

>covered in irritating hairs
>claws not made for holding hands
>weird butt
>impractical clothing
>short hair

She is just rough and tumble like a tomboy, never heard her being abusive

>claws not made for handholding
Has anyone been more wrong?

I want to have sex with Draco in the missionary position while holding her hands!


There needs to be a Mako version of this

Without a weird narrator

Shame because due to her wings and tail she can't lay on her back

Would she like it when my crotch pressed against her nose?

>ywn drip a drop of blood in her pool and watch her come to the surface

Check out her secrets page. She can't lie on her back.


Leagues better than huespider, only Vera can match her bestness

I hope snek wins

Too thin. I like my sharks with more meat on their bones.

>ywn shatter Mako's fantasy of being a pirate and force her down into married life, always looking at the sea thinking about what could have been.

Anyone have the "Is it safe to fuck" picture or whatever it is, with Miia, with something about comprehending what you say?

It's never safe, user, but sometimes it's legal.

>Not sailing the seas with her and seeing the world with your waifu

Why do all these people hate her now?

You want a whale girl user.
Would Mako and Lala get along? They seem like they would.

she went to my house and then she kicked my dog.

People came along that liked her, in every thread. That's enough for some anons to crank up the hate.

There would have to be a chuuni anime with a pirate setting for them to bond over.

Recent threads were overrun with Tara shitposters. Horsefags felt like bringing another girl down with them.

you brought this upon her, you tarafags have only yourselves to blame

Which girl do we spam next so we can hate her?

Lala would cosplay as Davy Jones.

I love Mero.

Too much spam
Fanfiction garbage
Too many posts where you shit on other girls
To many delusional comments about how superior her hugs are

Pick any of the above. At least that's my take on it.

Would snek be a good pet owner?


What kind of pet would she own?
What if she got herself a hermit crab?

Well let's see how it would play out with Miia

>Oh my god Darling (insert small animal here) is so adorable I just want to cuddle it all day
>Next day out in the yard, shovels seen in dirt
>Sniff, sniff, Darling I didn't know that they can't take my hugs!

I want to see Mero wear more varied outfits. She could go clothes shopping with Miia.

>bullying Cerea and Suu together

Miia will win and there's nothing any of the other girls can do.

and I'm okay with that.

Same. The gothic maid stuff is cute but I like diversity.

Let's take parts of each girl to create the perfect monster girl. I'll start.
Cathyl's huge tiddies.

The game did a good job with some of Mero's alts. It'd be nice to see them brought over into the actual series. The kimono Mero especially.

Bring over Miia's alts as well.

I've never bothered with the game but I need to see these.

No, we don't need that again.

Rachnees personality, intelligence, and sex drive

But we already got it again.

Kimono Mero.

I wish I had her. I only have the maid Mero in my game. Right now she's running with my Miia team.

Then I want to make love to her doggystyle while spanking her and calling her a naughty girl!

Who's colder to the touch, Suu or Miia?

They would both be room temperature. One feels squishy and the other feels smooth.

Suu is just room temperature water. I think scales might conduct heat more effectively than water though.

Probably Suu. Most likely around the same since Suu can't handle the cold very well.

I see Miia more like the cool side of the pillow. Not cold to the touch, but just pleasantly cool.
Perfect for cuddling.



Suu would be colder as she has no insulation to restrict the flow of heat from your touch.

Draco is for lovemaking in the lotus position so that you can get lost in her deep blue eyes and kiss her while she wraps her arms, legs, wings and tail around you and you give her 23 dragon babies

There's precedent for that.

>23 dragon babies
>Samuel L Jackson and Miia.jpg

This is why I want Mero. I don't have to worry about the financial responsibility of a shitload of monster children.

This needs a proper loop

I assume the government supports all that anyways. I mean, they already pay for a bunch of stuff. Surely they planned for the inevitable.

I can have all the snek daughters I want.

But I want to SEX Draco LEWDLY!

Mermaids have eggs, presumably quite a few. Or do you mean fish don't need to be taken care of?

No joke, cumming inside Draco, knowing that you fertilized her, must be heaven.

Some fish lay as many as 300 million eggs at a time.

Most of them die tho

oh I just got the picture

How tragic.

What about sex in public places, forcing her to use her wings for cover and bite her lip so that her moans don't give you out while you have your way with her

I think that'd be too much for us.
I'd totally make love to her in the forest!

I figured that's one of the reason they banned mating. You'd bankrupt your country so fast if they had to pay for that.

Meroune Lorelei Du Neptune is kinda fucking loaded

while kii watches?

Loli Kii is watching you fornicate.

Watches? Or asks to join in?

>You will never compete with Draco to see who can suck Kii's nipple the best

This series needs more inverted nips.

Das lewd

But yes, Kii may hear us moan and pant and look at us breed like wild animals

kii with a lumberjack
wouldn't that be ironic?

Draco was considering it. You should consider inviting Kii to join you two.

I want to be in a monogamous relationship with Draco.

I want to team up with my wife Draco to bring pleasure to all the lonely extraspecies girls out there!

Cmon, consensual variety is the spice of life.
This one gets it.

I would never do anything like that.

...Two butts?

I didn't know Meatloaf was an anime fan.

maybey they are an extra pair of brests on her back?

I'll have Cici and Draco's

poor polt just wants a friend she can run with and who can keep up with her high energy

Spiderbutt seems to be there as a lure or pedipalp support structure rather than as a location for excretion.

maybey she should take horse tranquilizers to bring her to normal peoples level?

Yanking TTF's chain is de rigour, so what Polt needs is to hook-up with a lightweight centaur guy.

>TTF getting NTRd

crab would never do that to his brojin
would he?

Why abuse horse tranqs when she could just hang out with Tio instead?

You would never bring a little joy into a sad Gigantes life?
You would never dive in to save Draco when she gets lost spelunking?
You would never rescue her and decide to have a quickie while you're there?

You're pretty weird, dude.

He already broke the dude's back for fun. Polt saying that she appreciates his feelings, but she's already in a stable relationship isn't totally a rejection. It could work.

I cant shoot tio from a gun.

>stable relationship

Racing Centaur confirmed!

Some people are just really selfish.
>you will never work a Gigantes G-spot like the heavy bag at the gym while your dragon-newt dearest two hands the gigantes' clitoris and sounds her urethra with her tail.

I would never cheat on Draco or do anything non-monogamous, I'm not into that stuff

This is pretty hot

If you're both working to drive a mutual friend / lover out of their mind with bliss, that''s not cheating.

>All that work convincing Draco she doesn't actually hate guys, just hates guys who rip off her clothes (like Darling) or treat her like shit
>Wanting to ruin this by dumpster diving into a giant


>user could hit a target moving that fast.

I want to have grind her BIG SPIDER ASS on my face.


>Wanting Draco to suppress half her being, just so you don't have to stray out of your comfort zone.
You don't deserve the affection of a switch-hitting dragon-newt.

Which girl has the most disgusting fetish?


It's always the ones who look innocent on the outside.

Manako, She's a fucking deviant.

Miia wants a monogamous relationship with the man she loves. It doesn't get much more depraved than that.

so like what?

That shit needs to get spoiler'd.
I want to start a family with darling though. This is my fetish.


>no snek wife in my life that wants to keep me all to herself
>no daughters with Miia

Hi there, TF!

Crabman's lamias would want to share you with their village (Miia's a freak, after all). Not that I'm opposed to that, as long as I get some rest days, and can do my own cooking.

Anime Mero moved up a lot in my mind. I'm not sure exactly why, but she did.

That would put both Manako and Tio way up there. You can't look at this bottom panel and tell me that Tio didn't know what she was starting in her date chapter.

>that super embarrassed expression at having her sexy, lewd body exposed and on display
Yes, a thousand fucking times yes.

Thanks user, that was the joke.

Oh yeah, it's almost her birthday, that being Halloween.
What will you buy for the sneks berfday?


A sneklace

You forgot the part where she wraps your feet in horse pussy while she puts a horse cocktail up your ass. Don't do things halfway.

In self-defense.

>Miia's a freak, after all
Now you watch your mouth sir!


Darling is a master chef that turned scraps of leftover food into a full course meal. If he can't teach Miia to cook a cook book will do nothing

She wants Darling all to her self, user. That's as un-lamia-like as you can get.

What manga is this? I must know

>your spidergirl will never surprise tickle you when you lay down on your couch after work

It's almost always easier to teach a stranger, rather than a close acquaintance.


He can and has though. She made soup with his supervision during Suu's intro chapter.

If it wasn't for Crab's repeating jokes she'd be much farther along in her training by now.

It's also easiest to learn by example than it is to by book.

Google exists

>Implying her deathly cooking is a repeating joke and not just a negative trait she can't fix

Someone hasn't read the newer chapters.

why does no one like manako

Harem shit

Well I suppose so. I just don't like sound of calling her a freak is all.
Unless we're talking about in bed of course.

You mean the primordial slime that became Suu?
I'm curious, have you ever taught a girlfriend or female relative how to do anything?


>Write out instructions, they fuck up the task
>Literally show them step by step and then tell them to do it while I supervise
>They learn it

Plenty of people do (personally she's my favorite MON musume). They just don't see the point in spamming her every thread.

there's nothing about her that I find appealing except her hips, and there are better ones

>uncensored version never

Yandere moth and most insect girls freak me da fuq out

>You mean the primordial slime that became Suu

That's just your dumb joke. Suu was drawn to the soup because she added too much water too it. That's why Darling complained about it and the whole reason that line was even there in the first place.

Suu was after water in that chapter.

Yanmoth is love

Someone paid for it and has it. They don't have to share, mind you, but it's been months or years that they've had exclusive access and they're starting to look selfish, at least to me.

If it ever got to this point, you almost have to throw in the towel and say "fuck it, we're doing this!" It would be worth the jail time for the story alone

Until Crabman does a Suu origins chapter, eveyone's head canon is equally valid.

Funy enough I disliked Mero when I watched the anime. Then I got around to reading the manga and became a merofag pretty quickly.


Is it that time of the year already?

Time for hats. Miia is always ready.

>your spidergirl will never spray thicc layers of web all over you face and chest
I hate everything

Kurusu is a better man than me (not that that's a high bar). I'd have never made it past this without doing my damnedest to do all three of them.

>Doing Draco from behind
>She's bent over, with her tail going over your shoulder
>As she approaches climax you can feel her tail contracting, and squeezing you tighter

I don't know if t was her voice, seeing her in motion, or reading her "Mom" arc as it ran, but I really fell for her during the anime.

Idk, she is just a one eyed human, nothing to special about her besides that.

Also the crying is a little annoying

>not "starcucks"

I still prefer original Mero design

>tail is around your neck
>she suffocates you at climax
>has to live her whole life knowing she killed the one man who loved her

Oddly enough, that was my reaction to anime Papi


Doesn't look that different from the anime to me. What changed?

>mero will never lay her eggs allover you chest
Do you even love your monster waifu?

>Doing Draco from behind, tail is around my hips
>can feel her approaching her climax
>give her a firm spank
>her pussy tightens like a vice around your dick and she pulls your hips towards her so as to get it as deep as possible as she orgasms

Fucking diamonds

>Reminder Ms. Smith is Best Girl.

fucked up the person there

I need to go to bed

I'm not even a newtfag pls stop!

Yes, this is the kind of stuff I like

>Wings stretch out her of her back as she gets off and slaps you in the face.

Anime Mero is much more enthusiastic, lively and princess like in appearance. That Mero looks calmer (if that makes sense) and has a very subtle weariness to her eyes, she also has an air about her that's similar to Kasumi from Ranma which can be seen in the smaller image below. It's mainly her face I'm talking about. Sounds strange but it's enough to make her a different character completely.

You got your point across, which puts you in the top few percent of user. The girls with thick, strong, meaty tails do have lots of cool finishing moves available. So do the rest as well, mind you. Bless Crab for putting so many hot girls of so many types into so few pages.

Oh the wings...yes let's talk about Draco wings! The Wings are sexy. Are they sensitive to touch I must know.

Not "Stertbooks"

I chuckled.

I'm going to miss this place when the UN shuts down Cred Forums.
No more MM generals to waste time in.

Mia is both longer and thicker than Draco, where it counts.

There will be riots. No internet will quite literally force people out to protest by the millions

>Hungarian people generally aren't considered activists
>PM orban tried to fuck with internet by taxing it
>people were throwing computers and trash screens onto the lawn of the headquarters and trashing the building

There's like a hundred manga with lamia girls. At least a sort of lead would be nice

She's also larger and more shapely.

It's obviously porn. It's not hard to find either.
If you want the snek tiddies then use your head.

Not him but

>Google image
>First link is source

Wasn't that difficult

well, next birthday is Miia's, so I guess it's ok


I'm disappointed she had some halfbreed kid instead of another snek but it's still, by a huge margin, the best snek snex we've seen yet

I'm also disappointed by the lack of snek daughter at the end.

The other snek book by the same author was also top tier.

>Doing Draco missionary style
>You've got your hands around her back, holding her close
>You're exploring the scaly surface of her back
>As your hands pass over a certain part, she yelps in pleasure and tenses up
>You carefully run your finger over each scale again, until you find the one that made her react
>It's somewhat rougher than the others, with an almost striated feel
>As you run your finger along the scale, Draco's breathing grows heavier
>Her tail, which is situated between your legs, begins to coil around your legs
>You begin to massage the scale, and as you do so, you notice her movements becoming more erratic
>As she climaxes, her tail clenches, pulling you deep into her pelvis
>You press your finger deep into the scale, and she lets out a deep moan as her vaginal walls reflexively tighten.
>The sensations of sex combined with the stimulation of her reverse scale reduces her to a quivering ball of scales, her tail and loins tensing with each beat of her racing heart

Eh, the other one was ok but she was too young to get into it

Smug ass cat Miia

You're getting ahead of yourself. You have to find and stimulate Draco's reverse scale before she'll ever willingly have sex with a guy.

The smuggest

Which Musume will you lovingly impregnate then not take responsibility.


None. I'm way past that point in my life.

Papi, she would forget I creamed her. The Perfect crime.

Snek eats lizurd.

>trust no one not even yourself


Cathyl's rack alone would dwarf the butcher's entire body, never mind her rack.

A Trump supporting snek is best waifu.

>implying the man with no political experience is gonna win
Keep political shit in Cred Forums

This guy knows

manako, then i would watch her cry and panic

and wonder how many eyes the child would have

> Fucked to death

I don't know why I did this, but i did.

Why doesn't Trump just use the money he'd spend on The Wallâ„¢ on genetically engineering qt monster girls instead?

Your sacrifice will not be forgotten

Nice. May your ban be non-permanent.


I think it was in January this year or something. A generous user here tried to buy, but the artist wasn't that much of a jew to reopen an expired patron offer.


I'll post this while I'm at it.

But that's canon user.

A Monster's Hospitality by Mizone

That saddens me too

Did the other ones from that set also get colored?

Do not bully the pup.

Vanilla, then?


Probably in specific places, like where the membrane joins her back or her fingers, and also more on the underside. The inner side of the elbow joint or under the shoulder, the wingpit, if you will.
Really, draco's wings are severely underappreciated

Crab's just too lazy to draw them

Would Polt like dogs? Would she like an extremely low energy doggo that gets in one good 30 minute walk and then sleeps most of the other 23.5 hours in the day?


Cred Forums+4evar

>you will never be honey


I'm just going to leave this here

Right here


Can't post any of my Kiira because duplicate file errors.

Just means we need more Kiira.

H-hah what a dumbass, s-someone will have to clean t-that up. Not that I'm volunteering or a-anything, I hate sugar

Kiira pls stay.

>claws not made for handholding



I gave my brother a concussion that way. Nailed him right between the eyes.

Its amazing how oddly frail and hard to kill humans can be. Fall out of a plane; technically survivable, trip and hit your head; mentally damaged for rest of life.

No bully the pupper.

I heard a story about a man who fell from a plane, landed on asphalt and bounced a hundred feet in the air, and then landed on his feet and had enough energy to walk to the hospital.

As for my brother, the frisbee bounced off the bridge of his nose and knocked him down. He stood back up, smiled, and then his eyes dilated and his nose started bleeding. Took one step and fell over. Perfect critical hit.

Humans man. Stick to monster girls.

Never not bully pupper.

She's not for everyone, but she's damn perfect to me.

Polt is for bully. I want to trick her into thinking I have a treat in my hand when really there never was a treat

>an old snake like Mama Miia will never Ara Ara at you

I want to ask her if she wants to go for a walk and then never do it.

I want to ring the doorbell to make her excited when no one was really at the door

I want to pretend to throw a tennis ball. Jokes on her though, it's still in my hand. I never threw it.

I want to tell her that there's a squirrel in the back yard and close the door after she runs out. But there was never any squirrel and now the door is locked

I want to tell her we're going for a ride in the car. Which is true. I just didn't tell her we're going to the doctor.

Then bully that second who.

I want to tie a balloon to her tail and laugh when she runs around trying to get it off

you guys


I want to leave the house and leave her behind

Polt really is perfect for bullying, isn't she?

Cobalt mine refugees.

I'm no refugee, just a Tarafag taking part in a little wan bullying.

Back to the mines. All of you.

Just living proof that humans are the true monsters.


We are the true monsters because we're real

what hath I wrought?


I want to tie paper bags around her feet

I want this spider to bully me

Oops, didn't mean to post that as a reply

She's good natured enough to just take it, and not use her giant claws and better fitness to make us regret it.


I want to bully Miia with satin sheets

I want Miia to bully my mouth with her tongue.

[X] Best hips
[X] Tightest stomach
[X] Most delicious tongue

How would spooder react if she genuinely thought she hurt darling with her bondage?

I want mama miia to straight shota me as i confuse her by confessing my love for her
>l-love? You mean gentle rape?


Whats this Rachnee from? Dont remember it from the Anthologies.



Polt would just get her Ogre task masters just to deal with you and kidnap you to the mines for your insults.

Date with darling
This. She would be heart broken and tenderly nurse darling back to health.

Reminder that we can still submit a banner for /fit/ today.
Submissions close tomorrow.


Rach in this shot makes my dick diamonds

Trying to include the wings in every scene is a nigthmare
No wonder Crab skips them

Trying to have Polt be the face of /fit/?
>Smith in the back covered by the M
Need to see that body Crabman.

You can probably find twice as many closeups of Rach's face as full body with thre.e or more walking legs.

Darling is a better girl than Smith.

user, are you becoming Zombina with that yaoi fetish?

>Trying to have Polt be the face of /fit/?
She should be.

Darling is best girl. Where's the yaoi?


Aaaaaaaand dropped


That's the cutest lewd chinese picture book i've ever read.

I would definitely pat Kimihito's head and hold his hands, for he is best girl.

Can she survive on a diet of nothing but oatmeal and whey protein? Is she willing to give up the cardio and get swole?

I doubt people in /fit/ board will want a furry to represent them.

Why not? She's already got the body Hl hair requirement beat.

Polt's not swole in that sense.
Besides, Zyzz and Scooby would be clean shaven centaurs or something like that, no homo.

I don't think anyone on /fit/ besides TTF would get it anyway.

Anons in /fit/ probably don't want to be seen as furfags. Plus, they may have better banners to represent the board than one with Polt in it.
>Zyzz and Scooby

You'd be surprised.

Remember that /fit/ is just "/r9k/ goes to the gym"

>Anons in /fit/ probably don't want to be seen as furfags
It's not just the Anons from /fit/ that can vote on the /fit/ banner, though.
If we have enough votes we can force the banner on them.

user, while I vote for any anime type banner to bring Cred Forums to its roots, I do ask for the boards input if im not a regular.
and frankly I doubt /fit/ wants to be associated with furries and forcing it on them would probably just breed animosity.

Only a raging homo would have a problem with it.

Wait, nevermind.

user please people hate us enough as it is, dont rock the boat.

Smith is lewd.
She's naked, grabbing darling-kun's arm against her body and dragging him, along with Tio, to the hot springs where almost all the girls are there, naked.
Darling is a lucky bastard.

I'm just saying /fit/ has the homolust.

Woah user! That sounds too extreme. Especially since we're talking about a fictional character being part of their board.

All Rise for the trial of Centorea Shianus

To be honest I wouldn't mind taking Smith out on a date and giving her a day off to just relax and blow off some steam. She's clearly very overworked.
Also casual Smith is cute.

Mero would understand.

Forgot pic

She finally facing charges for killing that one truck driver?

>Kimihito getting Smith to join the harem in the nude.
Just fuck my 3D life.

No, she is on trial for the crime of being worst girl.

Yesterday evening, Centorea Shianus was brought into custody for the possession of one horse pussy, invariably making her worst girl.

The prosecution rests.

Purge horse pussy?

Tiny fish

>tfw no small breed spooder gf

Mero thought that if her dear sir was dating a human girl would be awesome, but when she realized that it was Smith, she didn't liked it at all.
And yeah, Smith looks cute in a more casual outfit. We need more of her like that.


We cannot convict my client just on the prosecution's words alone! We need testimony and evidence!

I wouldn't fuck her. It would be a day of fun kind of thing.

Also that helps solidify my theory that Mero doesn't actually want tragedy.

Fine, Mr. Wright. Our first witness is Rachnera Arachnera, who has positive testimony confirming the presence of a horse pussy on the defendant.

Is it just me or is Smith sexier with glasses instead of shades?

what? who hates us? why?

Are we sure she's not a monster girl?

Because they need protection first
Its no use if we get Monster girls just to be raped by mexicans, user

- Cerea A Shit -
*I've personally seen her disgusting horse pussy.
*It's fleshy and gross, the total opposite of epigyne.
*After realizing I saw it, Cerea kicked me on the back of the head.
*She must've knew I'd turn her in.
*Cerea a abusive and Cerea a worst.

>Smith looks cute in a more casual outfit
Damn straight.
>Mero doesn't actually want tragedy
Maybe because Smith's a human.
Glasses for the win.

Wow, a male monster being represented well in this manga? No wonder he's in the background.


Your honour, I submit this testimony from famed researcher Mr. John Smith. As you can see, there is a clear contradiction between his expert knowledge and the witness' statement.

She was literally getting what she wanted. What difference does it make if she's a human? Mero romanticizes the idea of it but in the end I think she would back out and want monogamy

The monstergirls can protect us.


Mr. John Smith's statement is subjective, and about a centaur other than the one on trial. In addition, it only addresses the appearance of the HP, and everyone knows HP is too loose and flappy for any enjoyment.

Hey, i take offense to that
We preffer the term "Forced loving"

>implying the Monster girls wouldn't rape the Mexicans

>Crap, I don't have a response to that.
>Cerea, I've let you down, I'm sorry.

Comfy Snek

You can't give up now...
You know Cerea's pussy isn't loose...
Remember what I always told you. If you can't find an answer, try turning things around...

In Mexico monster girl rape you.

Pixel'd fish

>Turn things around?
>If Cerea isn't too big, then that must mean...
Your Honour! I think the accused would find Cerea is perfectly capable of tightly gripping him... WERE HIS PENIS NOT A THIRD THE SIZE OF THE AVERAGE MALE'S!


Do you have evidence of that, Wright?

Imagine the shaven spooder sex

>Fuzz spooder has a temper tantrum in public
>Starts rubbing her butt to cover everyone in urticating hairs
>Has to walk around with a bald spot until her next shed

Not painful enough

More like
>Fuzz spooder has a temper tantrum in public
>Starts rubbing her butt to cover everyone in urticating hairs
>Is deported
Best end

Deport her to Wales so she can live with me

having alot of eggs with draco!

Deport her to the underside of a boot


I dunno
Every time someone brings up what's wrong with Cred Forums we end up being on that list

Not every time but we're probably third rung on the most hated threads on the bored. The people that do hate us REALLY hate us.

Same thing in the rainy season

>hating a containment thread

Honestly I get shitposting out of my system in threads like these.

/jp/'s /mgt/ has been leaking lately. Even right now there is a MGQ thread which will be attributed to us instead of them.

The Miiatrix

I thought jp was too vanilla for mgq

Maybe I'm wrong. It could be Cred Forums because there is that monster girl games general on /vg/. It could be one of the more misguided of us. It could be a false flag created by one of the people trying to portray us as cancer.

I find that as popular as these threads are we do tend to keep to ourselves until very lately. Something has changed.


Aren't the other generals worse than ours?

Are you talking about the fox thread?
Seems like a regular old kenomini thread have now and again.

That's kind of why I said we're probably third rung for most hated. There are threads where the tripfags roleplay and blog their hearts out. Then there are threads where they just can't keep their memes to themselves. The worst I've seen from us is requests in the drawfag threads which is pretty benign.

Usually those start out as a Korbo thread instead of touch fluffy tail. It's a bit less Cred Forums related even if MGQ was popular on Cred Forums years ago..

That's a cute shark

Their problem is that this threads exist.

Would you take the Red Snek, or the Blue Snek?

user, they'll wrap their wings around you, and then release the chemicals that turn you into one of them.

Found this today at a UK convention. God-Emperor protect us.

The red Snek

Holy shit.

I apologize on behalf of my country.

How does she breathe?

I like the green feelers though

I would rather have the cute green snek.

Black Snek Lives Matter

Am I wrong in assuming Lala would like my favorite type of weather just as much as me?

>cool, 50's +/-
>light breeze
>early fall so the trees still have color
>medium fog, not so heavy that it's actually a problem but not so light that you can see 1/4 mile+

So this is what would happen if Suu absorbed corn syrup.

>snake hair
10 Pranks That Went Too Far

Deport her to the receiving end of my hugs.

These threads kind of have the stuff I fled forums in the first place gor.

I'd say it's probably made from the same material as morph suits.

Purple snake a best

>Lala will never greet you at home when you get off of work
>ywn give her a kiss but make up for the 1ft height difference by bringing her head up to your level

I feel like it's the kind of bullying she'd let me get away with.

Sweaters are the comfiest clothing

I love sneks in sweaters.

>Turtleneck sweater with bare shoulders
Do you want to be comfy or cold?

Fashionable. She was both warm and fashionable in that chapter.

Quints confirm.



Those sevens

Okay, what's the downside?

>fox thread
They trying to spread that heresy.

Reminder that all the girls are immigrants, some illegal

If I came on Polt's body, would she have trouble cleaning it off?

How are you going to have a litter of kobold pups if you cum outside? C'mon user

Don't forget the tarantulass.

Did you have trouble cleaning it out of your hair last night? I had to