Storytime: Konjiki no Gash!! AKA Zatch Bell: Volume 25

Faudo has been awakened as the series moves into the peak of it's quality in the heart of the third arc, and where the anime diverged from the manga.

Gash bell is a Shonen action/comedy series by Makoto Raiku. The basic plot premise is that there are 100 kids from the demon world who come into the normal world to fight until only 1 is left standing, who is crowned king;

I'll be making a thread every day (can't give a specific consistent time of day yet due to IRL bullshit) and will post 1 volume every day until the whole run is posted.

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>Why should I be interested?
It has really fantastic art, good humor, great tactical fight's with great choreography and is really excellent at utilizing both positive and negative emotions for FEELS; admittedly the series is a little rough untill arc 2 rolls around, after that all the above starts to really shine and continues to get better; the art in particular.

>Where are your scans from?
NULL's release. their site is here: and they can also be found on and mangasaurus. EBJ has superior digital volumes for sale on their site, but they are japanese only, I'll be buying and ripping them eventually. There's also some really amazing quality Portuguese scans, but only for like 20 chapters halfway into the series, and, you know, aren't in english.

A-Destiny has really amazingly high res scans in english for the last 3 volumes, but they aren't publically available anywhere right now other then the last 3 volumes as jpgs on otakusmash, and the translation is generally nost as good as NUll's I feel in most cases. They also have 18-30, but thye quality isn't much better then Null's and the translation is still iffy.

>Isn't Zatch bell that kiddy pokemon ripoff?
You probably saw the localized anime. The anime is pretty not great due to changes it makes and missing the last arc (nontheless, here's a link to the anime episodes:, and the localization is fucking terrible. The manga is way better, but even it admittedly starts out only above average untill it gets into the second arc.

I encourage you to post and respond to stuff as i'm dumping pages. It's far more fun for me while dumping if I see other people reacting to stuff that's happening and there' conversations I can reply to.

HOWEVER, please do not post images till I finish so the image limit isn't hit before then, and use your judgement for how often you post/how long what you are posting is. Don't overdo it.






>Demon child cooking their food
>Not Yellowtail

Nicole a cute


Where you gonna get a yellowtail on the savanna

Reporting in


Where do you get a chicken on the savanna
Are there chickens on the savanna?




Not sure what the implication here is. That the spell didn't actually turn him into the giant, that was just a boost from Faudo?

Maybe one of the anons who into's moon can come in and explain what the japanese text is saying litterally





I'd guess that Faudo's power maybe changed the nature of the spell




What are her spells supposed to be anyway, diamonds? They break pretty easy for diamonds.

Nondescript gems I think.

Im here for my daily dose

Gemstones. They are pretty boring so far


Today's a good one.



This one has one of my top 5 scenes in the manga. In fact I think most of my favorite scenes are from this arc.


you couldn't protect that smile ted.

Part of what I love about this fight is how brutal it is

Ted fucking punched the flesh off this dude's arm

Seriously look at the top right panel here

nigga got degloved

Demons going Super Sayain? I love it.

A lot of the fights in this manga are pretty brutal. I think Raiku does a good job showing how brutal and cruel this tournament for "kids" is.

Right but it normally doesn't get this raw.

The only other time is when Ashuron impales clear



Don't forget about Won Lei against demolt. Nigga gets straight impaled. And while it wasn't shown on screen I seem to remember goomu getting fucked up hard by clear

You try so hard to be best boy Ted. Too bad berry is in this same volume, and I think upstages you





Again, all the flesh on his arm just gets punched off here

That was his leg OP

looks like he skipped leg day

Yeah, sorry

I'm a bit distracted

Ted's Punches just take away gains.

Diamonds are pretty brittle

Ah yes, the secret power of orphan rage.

These scenes are the furthest look into the demon world so far, aren't they? Before this, it was just Patty's really brief flashbacks.

Cmon Ted kick it up a gear

>despair so hard she yell until her eyes goes blank as her face turned into that of rage



>Diamonds are pretty brittle
Maybe I can't into diamonds but breaking just by hitting someone?

Well said Ted.


Wth I like Cherish now

Shes pretty great and only gets better from here on out

Would Danny still have been underpowered if Jioruku was less a healing spell and more of a revival one?

Like for instance if he could be killed, and his body destroyed, burned, chopped up, erased from existence, whatever, and as long as his book is still intact one cast of Jioruku would revive him at perfect health?

I think that would be a good tradeoff for only having one spell.


I think the bigger they get, the more brittle they become since smaller imperfections or cracks have more chances to form. Also they're smashing into demons/the ground at presumably high speeds, so they'd probably shatter eaider

I'm assuming that's actually how it works, or else him not having a shin version with the golden books would me he really got royally screwed spell wise










Fuck I love this moment.

Using Jioroku still depletes your heart power so you can't spam it forever. Even if it's complete resurrection spell top tier demons could just endlessly pummel him with melee while preserving and restoring heart power for occassional high-level spell. Not to mention might unable to give a scratch againts top tier demons despite his above-average strength.

All he needs is training his body so hard to keep up with the strength of end game participants later.




Raiku at it again with the feels


Damn, this part again, right to the train feels.

god damn that hurts


If Cherish and Ted had nationality, they would be 100% American.


Cherish's "Dog of Zeon" bants is my favorite part of this fight, honestly


That part was great!




His left arm torn pretty badly, fuck.
I'm sure it's not smoke covering his left arm, unlike the right one.

Oh shit, i never realized that.



I don't remember, was it confirmed that Danny couldn't unlock any spell other than healing? He only knew one spell but that doesn't mean he couldn't potentially learn more, it's hard to believe that Danny or his bookowner knew for sure that he didn't have any other future spell. Or did the spellbook show one page with magic glyphs and the rest was blank?

i love this

When did teen Gohan show up??

>this will never get animated

Such a great character.


Fuck yeah ted


Spoilers much?


Her name is Nicole, which is always feminine, we have known her name since the first appearance of those two.

>the bedroom eyes in the top right panel

I get that Jeed is trying to be cool, but this is literally the last time they'll ever see each other, Ted and Cherish will have time in the demon world.


Best Boy wins

>lee yen punching out gyaron's partner


Best boy AND best girl

Read my mind word for word.

>Straight up /ss/ kiss
>In a shouen



You can basically get away with whatever you want when it comes to side characters.

Hey, so where's Kiyomaro's book? Is it just soaking in the Faudo liquid tank along with him?



I guess?


She's only like 3-4 years older then him?

Ted's face looks so expressive here.

it's been too many chapter since we saw gash being goofy


I'm sorry but Berry is bestest. Besides Zeon.
Also what's with all the gets


lol megumi, stop that.

fite me
no one is cooler than Ted, not even Zeon


It's a great spell to test what sort of barrier you are up against, because even a reflected and powered up Saisu ain't shit.

That wall is such bullshit



Hot damn

Sweet, this is an excellent volume.


Ah yes
This surprised me the first time I read it


Fucking Keith, he's great.

Age of the female doesn't matter for /ss/



Fuck. How do I delete posts?

I like that Faudo seems to have artificial gravity and inertial dampening for everything inside.

Assuming you have no extensions installed for Cred Forums, click the checkbox next to your post, and at the bottom right of the page, click the delete button next to the style dropdown menu

Nailed it.


How is everyone not dead from that?



The fucking god duo returns.

Dat Sherry.



What the fuck is gustav's head doing?

I wonder if Brago wants to go down there and try fighting Faudo himself

Jeed's probably really fucking impressed/proud of Ted right here.


He seems to be able to sense demonic power, as he showed when he sensed demolt. I wonder if he can sense zeon and wants to fight him.




Eat shiiiiiit.


wait, they've been in Faudo for over 30 hours and Kiyo has been using the internet?
Does Faudo have wifi?

Its time


>His giant demon art warrior doesn't have wifi

Best boy entering with a three point landing. Nice.

I love this page

There are satellite uplinks you can attack to a computer. But I do know that if I was to build my own giant demon warrior it would have wifi.

Yeah of course, but I was thinking about tons of flesh weakening satellite signal.
Fair enough.



So Barry's horns are made of that multiple circles pattern too, huh

Trips of truth

Nah, like I told other user. Berry and Zeon bestest.

oh. fuck, I forgot to post this a few pages ago:

Here's the Ted vs Gyraon/Cherish fight panels with the anime OST: over them as if it got animated:


>B-but Sherry, I wanna fight inside Faudo tooooooo


Ted's gotta have one of, if not the most powerful punches in the series.

I rest my case. Best boy



I really wanted to see what Brago thinks of Zeon and vice versa.

Well, Brago and Zeon have probably heard of each other, based on what you'll see in a few pages

That's not a boy though, that's a Man


This fucking thing is so dopey.

I wish my white blood cells were that cute

>offscreen development
>almost dies fighting a nigga
>comes back to hold a barrier, not even defeat someone
Sorry user, he's not even the best edgy.


Time to get fucked up.



The best.


Poor thing.
>Get a hole punched thru you
>then get blended from the inside
At least he passed out.

I love Gustav. He's a great bookmaster.


So ahh, is there some sort of artificial gravity in Faudo? I mean, fucking everyone and everything would have been thrown around so hard during this. The humans would straight up die.

This dopey white blood cell demon was too good for this world.

I like that Barry and Keith have the same sorts of spells just mirrored

They both have a ton of Doru and Garu spells, but Barry's are based on spirals whereas Keith's are based on Arrows

goddamn. he's gotta be around zeons level right?

>chapter name used in dialogue two panels after it starts

that was fast, usually we have to wait like 12 pages

This is why I said that Zeon and Brago probably have heard of each other

I'd still guess he's a few notches below, but he's definitely the closest out of any character we've seen so far other then Brago, who is stronger then Zeon by this point

I really doubt that desu.

oh, also, FORSHADOWING, etc

Technically we've already seen Elzador, he was one of the demons riddle asked to help with the Ancient Demon stuff in the flashback chapter

Well he did beat the twin, so he must be Zeon level.

Its a fucking tragedy we missed out on seeing the bants between Barry and Brago during that long chopper ride. Both of them would be at a very similar 'power level' at this moment, I assume.

Doubt what? That Brago is stronger then zeon by now? We know that for a fact since when Gash finally beats Faudo with Zeon's powerup, Shery and Brago comment that their spells are still way stronger then the Baou that does it

Shh, spoilers, hasn't been shown yet

>implying they didn't just stare at one another while Sherry got progressively more irritated with the both of them.

>Brago, who is stronger then Zeon by this point

I doubt that. Brago and Sherry were probably just trying to reassure each other after seeing that Baou.

If you have any other grounds for that statement other than that dialogue I'd love to see it.

Judging by the first fight with you know who, Sherry was full of shit and posturing.

Not really, but I can't clarify without spoilers

I never got the sense of that, but maybe?

Gustav would have mansplained to her that it is something men do.


They were on different choppers though, and Riddle Professor having to tell them "there is one more group" means they probably didn't see each other

I like that Barry is laying down the hurt while using only his basic level 1 spell (Zonis). No need for ultimate spells when you can just combo-spam someone to death.


>shitstomping powered up Keith with his weakest spell

Calm down Barry


Gustav and Sunbeam would be good friends, I think

Man, that top panel would have been better if Sherry's waist didn't look so fucking thin.

Christ I never even noticed that before now





A bond between true men.

They would greet each other by posing and then discuss their favorite Jojo chapter.




>We know that for a fact since when Gash finally beats Faudo with Zeon's powerup, Shery and Brago comment that their spells are still way stronger then the Baou that does it
>Talking big of yourself
I disagree. Brago was pulling a Vegeta and just talking himself up because he truly thinks he's the most powerful. I still think Zeon is far stronger than Brago at this point and it's not until we're deep into the Clear arc that Brago eventually passes him. I'm confident that Zeon was and still is (at this point) top dog of the top four.

Please don't use that crap, not even as a joke.

>paragliding using your demon kid






>dangerous for two girls
>one is literally a demon with magic powers
>the other is a ranger of some kind with firearms experience
I get what they mean but come on.

>Thank you Faudo, you are my daddy

What did he mean by this?

>you're my daddy


It should be against the law to be this cool

How does Faudo even work.


do i even need to say best boy at this point?

Can't vary (the spell) barry


Y'all niggas can go fuck yourselves, this is the best fight of the whole series right here.

It's in my top 5, excluding Gash vs Zeon and Gash/Brago vs Clear

>Don't screw with me
>To Barry



>Hurr focusing on one person is lame as fuck
>Lemme concentrate on catching up with Gash


Oh, I guess that answers our little hair vs horn debate doesn't it OP?

So his horn thingys bleed, meaning they're neither hair nor horn?
It occurs to me I have no idea if an animal's horns can bleed. I am not a clever man

>this spread
I can only describe this as "orgasm inducing"

They're like cats' nails. There's soft tissue in the base, right around where his (therefore) horn has been cut.

Well, I knew the antennea were a part of him, what I was unsure about was the rest of the blue on him, such as his "sleeves" and chest and shoulderpad things

You did it, champ

So basically Barry beat a guy 10 levels higher than him and got massive exp for it?

Pretty much


That's one way to look at it, but I see it more of a mental/spiritual level up then a physical one

He was already super fucking strong, but this allowed his maturity to catch up to his strength


>Barry is going so fast that Gustav's head is shaking rapidly

>I see it more of a mental/spiritual level up then a physical one
Which in this series is actually power, so same thing

>gg no re

But, perhaps a major reason for Barry's win could have been on the dragons part. Perhaps he and his human partner just weren't a great team. It wasn't ever mentioned but that's my head cannon. Its that or Barry really, truly was powerful as fuck and just needed that confidence boost to get there. I dunno, maybe I'm thinking too hard.

I guess?

More like he beat an endgame monster early and unlocked endgame items



How did the anime differ at this point going forward? Or rather, how did it end?

And when I was binging and got up to Momon vs Zeon, my soundtrack accompanyment switched to this:
I have never been more entertained.





>you're weak because you've been focusing on one person the whole time
>not let me show how I've gotten stronger because I was aiming for one person the whole time
I don't get your point, Barry


He grew


>it's another suicide bomb episode


Fuck you, now I got to play it when that fight happens. I love how Raiku can make joke characters shine.


So I guess this confirms that Folgore > Barry

Well, considering that fight has one of the anime soundtrack mock up videos, i'd hope you'd have that playing during the fight instead





Did they try using the time slow spell on the energy wall

i like those eyes

Anime OST mock up of the current pages:

OR play this as the thread theme, since the mock up only uses this theme anyways:

It's immune to spells so it would do nothing.


Anybody worried about tomorrow?


What about tomorrow

What's tommorow?



Damnit barry.


Obama giving ICANN away

I doubt we'll see an immediate impact, thats my hope anyways

Why is everyone so damn cool in this volume

About the ICANN bullshit?

>Barry will never protect you
Now i feel bad

Oh, that. It's nothing to worry about. ICANN handles backend DNS shit. Even if China/Russia/the EU could influence them (and they can't, at least not any more then they could any other private organization not based in those nations), there's nothing they could do to get it to impact content on the internet.

that's a cool ass angle


Why they didn't use Kanchome's clone spell to make an opening through the wall?

brago and sherry got btfo mean while gash defeated one of his spells and forced clear to bring out shin kuria, then even after a similar amount of training gash still pushes back brago without baou

>sunbeam sad because he's thinking about all the cool posing they could've done together

I never got this, what's stopping him from backing away from the wall after everyone was clear?


those pop easily

being under the wall makes you stuck

The clones have rather poor durability
I doubt they'd last under that kind of strain.

It's pinning him in place the same way a rock or some other heavy object would if it's over you

Yeah but that was after Gash got stronger training with Dufort



That not conforting you asshole, the series should have changed to Vincent Barry, or even better multiple protagonist, we began with one wanting to be king, later some bullshit happens and he passed the "Want to Become King Torch" to someone else until the end


>the "Want to Become King Torch"

almost every demon in the series is carrying a version of this torch

Fuck, that was amazing.

This is a great moment.



>Big Boing piloting the plane


oh shit

i forgot about those two

See you later, space demon.

>Riddle Professor has jets stashed at nondescript islands on the way to Japan just for situations like these


>she can't be-
Oh my god she fucking is

Seriously though, think she and Riddles are an item?

He's got ties to the speedwagon foundation of course











Raiku should've thought of a snappier name for "the device that will send Faudo back to the demon world"


Raiku really was scared for life.


Why does Brago look like that



It gets fucking tiring, just reading that over and over again, every page.

Punished Barry
>Fallen Demon

He wants to fight strong shit but his bookmaster won't let him


He wants to fight

>These kindergarten age kids are beaten to hell and bleeding from their heads



>Brago: quieres ser hardcore pero su maestra no lo deja


Fuck up spic

Most selfless bitchslap ever.


The joke is in spic, nigger.

ESL-kun, pls.



Gash plays with toys in a sandbox when he isn't busy bleeding several pints of blood on a battlefield. This series is both heartwarming and brutal.

But the joke is in spic

Yeah, but he's a demon. Elly and Sauza are normal human children


I didn't know we were speaking bean on a bean website whilst reading chinese comics translated into bean.

Ted versus Barry, how do you think the fight would go? Would needing to beat up Barry to get Cherish back make a difference in your answer?

Yeah, and one of them has a life-threatening disease.

Seriously, how the fuck is she even alive?

Barry hits as hard as Ted does in his third or fourth gear or so without any spells.

So I'd say Barry would win pretty easily.

On a related note, the anime had filler where Ted fought barry around the start of this arc. It's an okay fight, here's the link if you wanna watch it:

They really need a shorter name for it than "The device that will send Faudo back to the Demon World"

Damn good question. My money is on ted with high difficulty if cherish is involved. If not barry probably takes it




Is Earth chugging it?

From the point of view of their spell mechanics, Barry all the way. Ted's weakness is that he needs a lot of time to switch gears and power up. Barry's strength is that he gets in people's face and immediately pummels them up with rapidfire low-level spells. It's a worse case scenario for Ted.

Kinda weird that everyone's pretty okay with drinking and being submerged in, what is essentially, a giant demon's blood.



did anybody here not think that she was a woman?

I would have thought she was a man if she wasn't named Nicole

They could have called it the Warp Device or Transportation Engine or something similar. It would be logical for Faudo to have a single relocation device which is both used to teleport him to the human world and to send him back.

Man, that took me by surprise.


she wants it



The people who made Faudo should have bottled it and sold it at a high price. Screw taking over the world through warfare, it's safer to aim for the economic victory.


>hand holding
Lewd lewd lewd!

My man


Elly & Sauza: Partners in Faudo

Thanks for the Tease Raiku

Screw being the King, he achieve the major victory in the battle


>Faudo's Inside Story

They're even more of a midget now


>realized a few seconds later I should have went with Faudo's Inside Story instead

Sherry looking as beautiful as ever

>Volume end
Fucking cliff hangers, I swear.


Earth's spells are pretty sweet. It's like the muscle wizard who goes "I CAST FIST" but instead with "I CAST SWORD".

>not Faudo's Inside Story
One fucking job

I'm sorry

I stopped playing the series at Partners in Time and never bothered to finish Bowser's Inside Story so completely forgot about it

This fucking arc I swear

>but the store he frequents usually doesn't sell cheese.
as an american, this scares and confuses me


Why not
It's the second best in the series

Raiku pls

Hm this looks familiar


Since when can't the two martial artists punch up demons? I can understand them not being Zeon level, but they're not Suzy.

Since we know that demons come from tribes that share similar characteristics, I wonder if Keith is from the same tribe as Earth. They have the same decorations under their eyes and the same general appearance, especially when Keith powers up from Faudo and becomes star-shaped. They do reveal later that Earth's tribe is concerned with law so I would assume that Keith said fuckthatshit because he was 2cool4school.

And that's where it ends for English fans because Raiku left Sunday and took Gash and all its rights with him, forcing Viz to cancel future releases.


I got stuck in this one part, I couldn't do this action to progress for some reason so I just dropped it.

All of the remaining demons in faudo are probably too strong for them to mess with

Alshie might be able to help but without Riya he'd probably end up seriously hurting himself

suzy time


So I went to a book store and decided to be a loser and buy my very first manga book. Of course it's Gash. But I totally forgot the the volume I've purchased is a the "cursed chapters"


Gotta say I like the good show of sportsmanship in this guy. Loses and tells his opponent good job.

Once again thank you OP for dumping.

>cool ass hair that doesn't get fucked up even when punched by a 20m tall demon
>skills are basically "punch", "punch harder", "punch even harder", "PUNCH HARDER KID" and "REMEMBER YOUR TRAINING MORE OXYGEN YAMATO DAMASHII"
>rides a motorcycle in a plane
>punches a nigga so hard that the sounds of his face being caved in can be heard to this day and the book burns offscreen
>gets a girl 4 years older than him
You guys can't convince me that Ted is not, in fact, best boy.

End of volume 25

I thought about this as well. Victoream maybe a part of it too


Why is he wearing a collar?

this with the music is the first moment to make me cry in the manga.

Thank you op! I did watch the anime a long while back, but forgot they did have a fight. Appreciate the link! The way the two are in the manga now, I do think on reflection Barry would probably have just gone too brutal for Ted to gear up in time to stop him, the eyes wouldn't have slowed him down. Would have been neat to see them clash though.

>skills are basically "punch", "punch harder", "punch even harder", "PUNCH HARDER KID" and "REMEMBER YOUR TRAINING MORE OXYGEN YAMATO DAMASHII"
>punches a nigga so hard that the sounds of his face being caved in can be heard to this day and the book burns offscreen
Then Barry appears later and punches as hard with no spells.

A character being OP as fuck doesn't automatically make them awesome, you know

>Implying anyone is as cool as Byonko

>Brago probably thinking "pffft I bet I could beat him"
>tfw we will never find out

It does when that character is Barry.

Frog apologists pls go.

Wonder if Raiku is watching the Part 4 anime.

We're never going to get any sequel or gaiden chapters. Really wish we at least got to read the other letters at some point though. Raiku should've done demon world gash bell instead of Doubutsu no Kuni, which starts great but turns to shit

It feels strange remembering this all those years ago.

The Weasel and Tiger fights were so fucking worth it though

Much thanks.

For all things there is a time, and Gash Bell's ended. And that's fine.

>he does this in Ted's volume

the mad man

its only been a bit more than 25 days since the storytime started, and I already have massive nostalgia when I hear "Kasabuta".

Raiku should make a prequel medieval gash bell
we would get golem, current king, more leila

If I didn't already know the anime didn't live up to the manga, the OP's would get me super excited in that saturday morning sat-in-front-of-the-tv-with-a-bowl-of-cereal kind of way.

Like I said, Doubutsu no Kuni starts great, but the pre-timeskip story is all about death, loss, and the tragedy of isolation. The story loses all tension as soon as the MC unites all of the animals under one society with a magic food source for carnivores that isn't meat, and then the antagonists are genetic horrors.

Yes, I know a full sequel manga would just be milking it, but you have to admit the ending feels pretty rushed, like there isn't even a chapter or two to spare for Kiyo and Gash's last months together. It's basically as compact as possible, which works in some ways, but the ONE gaiden chapter that we get raises so many fucking questions. It would be really great to have something like 5-10 gaiden chapters for other demons and/or young adult kiyomaro.

That was the whole point of what they were fighting for though.


Heavy losses today.

But we did get a gaiden chapter

Have demons appeared before yet never got destroyed?

I seem to remember reading the English release sold pretty well, is that true?


Good thread folks, See you tomorrow.

>got overslept to see best demon Barry with Cred Forumsnons


By the way, I do got confused when Barry mock Keith being too focused on him while Barry was obsessed with Gash himself.
Maybe the translation is a bit fucked up in this one and I take it it supposed to be more like Barry want to surpass Gash instead of focusing simply defeating him like Keith. He did said he want to climb higher and he did so by defeating an opponent 10x stronger than him and Gash at that time.

Blogging a bit, but I still remember when I went to a convention about 10 years ago and I got a Gash Bell poster and a few kids were excited to see it and thought it was cool. I wonder if any of them now feel nostalgia over it.

I wonder if they're here

OP here, yeah, I'm a but confused by that as well.

Maybe an user who into's japanese can see what it says in moon and give us an alternate translation

Emu? like, they are kinda big.

I thought he was commentating on how he was just as stupid for focusing on only Gash.

This is pry my favorite part of the whole series. Don't know why, I just keep coming back to it.

If Folgore is an international superstar, why hasn't anyone recognized him yet?

>demon that looks like hokuto no ken goon
demon world sure is hardcore

He got recognized by some of the book owners for the ancient demons once they got their minds back, remember?

WTF there are only 16 demons left?

Yea next arc basically starts when there are only 10 left.

This right here is what every man should strive to be ;_;7

It happened at least once during the Millenium Demons arc. After a battle they rescued two mind controlled bookmasters and they were like "where are we, what's going on, who are you guys... OH SHIT IT'S FOLGORE THE SUPERSTAR!"

Yep it's almost the end. Next up after this is vs Zeon and his remaining underlings and Faudo and then the final arc which is pretty short that ends it all.

only ted. He can't even recognize a fellow demon like gash


17, I think

6 gets their books burned here in Faudo, then one rando gets off paneled by Brago which triggers the "only 10 demons left" message

crazy russian beats everything.

Ha, a save room before the final boss.

That was the second reference to bacteria.


Ha, the two tiny people got paired together.

like Barry focus on that one person on the top and he will destroy whatever obstacle in his way without fail. For Keith, he only focus on whoever is in front of him but failed to pass the obstacle because he is scared.

Man this page has too many characters

Who is the best human partner

It's undeniably Folgore



Bari will probably become a rebel leader in the future against gash. That's like even better than being a king

I took it as Barry telling him to not keep trying to defeat one person over and over, but to keep working hard until you can reach them.

In terms of usefulness in battle? Dufaux

Otherwise, Folgore as others have said.

>no expecting anything from the riddle professor


No, he'll take Gustaf's advice about hitting the king and become his royal advicer, punching him whenever he needs to.

been waiting for this

except earth already took his job

just kidding


Earth is only in charge of laws, Bari is the one to hit him when Gash loses his way or does something stupid.

Someone buy OP a cheap pass.

that's the only thing closer to the chicken cherish is was eating, unless cherish hunt birds from the sky by throw a rock with her demon strength, migi style.

Emu's most certainly are not native to the savanna.

Can't do, my coin is going down the shitter nowdays.

I think you mean an Ostrich, or perhaps a guinea fowl. There is more than one type of bird in Africa.

Holy fuck.

I didn't believe that user who said he was best boy, but I think he just surpassed Ted.

What a true hero.

I believe you with that quads

When he does something stupid? So, where was he in the chapter when gash was flying around exposing himself to his subjects?

That wasn't stupid, that was hilarious.

Why didn't gash wear anything under his cloak? I've seen him wear something during the fight with the lizard and slime prince guy

Barri punching Gash from the air and yelling at him to put on some underwear would have also been hilarious.

That's a real manly line. This arc has been full of manliness. Bravo, Raiku.

I kinda have an urge to make a 7th Stand User style fan game where you get your own demon and participate in the battle.

>there will never be a sequel about the development of demon world kingdom like officers appoinment, developing technologies to make a portal to human world, sealed ancient races of demons, and SoL with Gash and friends in the kingdom, etc

Unlike JJBA though, there's no possibility of a good ending where everyone lives (in the same world). There can only be one winner.

Sounds like fun. Were any of the Gash games RPGs? I only know of the fighters

If I would do it, I'd make several endings where you and someone else who built the most trust with are the last two standing, and you would have one final battle to decide the king.

Of course, I could bullshit it hard like 7th Stand User did, and have some OCs fuck the entire the battle out of existence or something.

>Of course, I could bullshit it hard like 7th Stand User did, and have some OCs fuck the entire the battle out of existence or something.

Well as it turns out, it's not the Demon King who decides to host a battle with 100 children. It seems to happen automatically. Perhaps it's a part of the Demon World's mechanics, but maybe it's a malicious entity causing it for shits and giggles.

A possible scenario is this: after beating Clear, there's more Demons still alive thanks to the MC's actions. Instead of the final battle starting immediately, the remaining characters realize that even if a kind King takes the throne, there would be another battle 1000 years from now anyway. They wonder if there's a way to prevent it from happening, and that's when Kiyomaro's Answer Talker kicks in. Thus beginning the final quest to beat a Demon God or something.

You're huge to me Barry