What did you think of Pokémon Generations Episode 4 Cred Forums? I thought it was decent...

What did you think of Pokémon Generations Episode 4 Cred Forums? I thought it was decent. Glad to see Red isn't the only player character being shown.


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I thought it was pretty great. Glad to see one of my favorite parts of the game finally animated.


Thought this episode had the best animation quality so far. There was some cool action.

>the only actual battle is a kamehameha exchange
>even the fucking raticate and muk used a beam attack they can't even learn
>good animation

Is this the episode Bahi JD and Yoh Yoshinari worked on?

It could be.

Yes. This episode was full of QUALITY.

literally Cred Forums squad

do they...do they have scoliosis or something

Are they drunk?

literally me

Me the second from the left

Me right here

10/10. Showing us once again how good the pokemon anime could have been.

Dragonite was such a badass, really cool action scenes. Team Rocket was kinda weird.

>when the squad is as weird as you.

lmao, are they even moving closer? it looks like they are stumbling in place

Dragonite for Smash5!
I swear this short is proof that he is much better fighter than Charizard.

well they where an abandoned group acting on their own.

I'm the Grimer, slimy and disgusting!

Me when I leave my mom's basement and go outside.

Apparently this was Bahi JD's scene

and this one is by Koh Yoshinari, Yoh Yoshinari's older brother

but it hasn't been confirmed yet.

Was nice to see best boy MC smirking and sneaking around. Now just give me a Red vs. Gold battle and this will officially be better than any other Pokemon-related animation.

>that voice acting
>that quality
Using remixed versions of the ingame music was an extremely fucking nice touch though, I will give them that.

Seeing Gold make an appearance has made me hope for a Red vs Gold showdown.

>Peak of Mt. Silver
>Heavy snowfall
>Typhlosion vs Charizard

I guess having 2 silent protagonists might be a problem though, and it might ruin it giving them voices.

>tfw we will never get a Pokemon Special anime
it hurts to live


I got slightly hyped when Lance's theme started playing before he started kicking ass

Nah man this will always be the best

Where do I get a red Gyarados?

Holy shit peter

What's with all the sakugas?
They are going all out.
Imagine if pokemon was like that

Why didn't the tv shows have sakuga like this?

This is nostalgic as fuck. It was like a Battle Royale with actual badass trainers.

They better show some of the female MCs in the Generations eps. Kris/Marina was one of my first anime crushes back in the day, and would be cool to see her animated again (not that ugly redesigned female Mario they created for HG/SS)

This episode was fucking brutal. Those Pokemon got seriously injured man.

I think they died.

I love the fluid animation of this episode.

Me when I leave the house.




That Bahi scene looks like shit. Like some deviantart retard did it.

I don't have a good eye for animation, what's bad about it?

I think that's Mitsuo Iso's scene.

>Mitsuo Iso

I hope they continue to work on the tv shows, we need more good animators on Pokemon.

I hope they continue to JUST the tv show.
It's the only way to get rid of Ash.

Red should be the new protagonist.

>What did you think of Pokémon Generations Episode 4

It was good, really impressed by the animation and I'm not even a sakuga expert.

Discarding the character design, the entire art style looks like shit.

There's almost literally 0 shading.

Nah, the real protag should just be the protag of whatever game they're currently shilling. Leaves more room for expermentation with character development, more relevant advertising, and most of all, directly panders to me.

I think based Yutapon worked on this episode!

The Gyarados stuff was hype as fuck!!
I just wish it was longer, I wish the entire episode was longer. I wish this was a tv show.

>I wish this was a tv show.
But what about Ash?

This Dragonite was really frightening.

too much watching jojo i see

What was that actually and why did it explode?

>Remixed versions of the Rocket theme and vs. Champion (Johto)

>Magnemite gets up after Dragonite's attack due to its ability, Sturdy

>Cockteasing me with my favorite Dex holder

Favorite of the Specials so far.

>Cock teasing Ethan as a good point
Fuck you, Ethan did most of the work in that operation in the games. Fuck this Lance wanking.

Then just watch XY(&Z), you have battles as hype, if not more, as that.

>Magnemite gets up after Dragonite's attack due to its ability, Sturdy
Neat detail, I didn't even notice this

Did you really expect them to not wank fucking Lance? That's like expecting them not to have a fucking Blue episode
I'm sure at some point they'll have something with Steven and Cynthia and maybe even gen 5 or 6's shitty champions

>Video is not available.

Love the animation in this short.

Adler was cool

Iris is a shit though

>Kris/Marina was one of my first anime crushes back in the day, and would be cool to see her animated again
I like that one scene where it looks like she's wearing a g-string.

Why does this feel it'll end up like Digimon? Where half the series is good and the other half is bad as Terror in Resonance/SAO/Aldnoah Zero?

It was shit, like all the episodes except the first one.

>pic related will happen

The hyper detailed unnatural movement in the animation was hilarious.

But it was shit.

That's me in the corner.

There is no Japanese version. Japan doesnt give a shit about genwun as much as America does



>Your favorite pokemon gets a whole episode of it wreaking shit
It's like a dream come true.


that was so dumb... but it made me laugh

They're trying to be intimidating and me with the boobs.

lol Dragonite was not even trying
seriously, he has electric attacks that he uses later on
why would he use fire against a water type?

because he felt bad for it and didn't want to kill it

He actually throws them off that catwalk, and it looked like a pretty big drop

saying they're dead wouldn't be an exaggeration lmao

Can someone animate that ending part with Lance staring at the Gyarados ?

Stil no news if this is getting a Japanese release?

Im sure it will eventually, but it's not a big priority since Pokemon is still big in Japan while in America people only care about Go/Gen 1 stuff. Maybe when all the episodes are out.

>every battle is just colored beams

Electrode is cute!! CUTE!!

>mfw the electrodes weren't exploding assholes

Electrode are the sweetest little things anyway. The only reason they blow up in your face is because you startle them by approaching them as if they were item balls, or in the case of the Rocket Hideout because they're agitated from being used to power the machine.

Electrode are awesome. Electrode are your pals. Give some love to your little balls.


Though, that's still the best battle in the whole series.

I am not a fan at all.

>wondering where people are getting these highquality images
>from the actual channel, it's just episodes 1 and 2 that are only in 360p for some reason
For what purpose?

why am I thinking of an amerifat by seeing this

>cg and rotoscoping: the miniseries
what a pile of shit, I thought they were actually gonna put some effort into this thing.

>when a big boy is doing big things down there

the player characters are shaded out and silent for a reason, that's supposed to be literally (you)