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Post non-canon ships

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What was objectively the best OP/ED of DR3?


he's a retard, be he's also a good bro.
ED of future arc

One for Juzo Boys.


>Post non-canon ships
I don't have any Hinanami, so pretend I posted a pic of them.

What is he hoping to accomplish here?


It's okay, it's not like Sayakoto is canon either.

Doujins when?

Reminder to continue posting the purest girl!


Why are my DR waifus still dead Cred Forums? Why did all the dr2 fags get theirs back but must I suffer?

one last hajimeme for my hajibras


This. I loved Recall the END from the first episode but everyone said I had shit taste and the Despair OP was the best. Visually, yeah, but as a song I found it pretty meh.

Then Juzo dies and now everyone appreciates Recall the END. Feels good.

>Mikan saved someone who was in a near death state after drinking Seiko's medicine.
>Naegi turns around
>Bandai is there


>everyone said I had shit taste and the Despair OP was the best
anyone who doesn't think Dead or Lie is the best has shit taste

Post pics of suffering Munakata
I like the guy but he has triggered my normally latent despair fetish


This, I'm sure Munakata and Juzo clashed when they first met. Like a zealous class rep would clash with a delinquent. Then Munakata beat Juzo into submission/earned his respect in some way and their friendship began.

that juzo episode made me really like the ending

you are a monster


here you go faggot

Here you go

>Like a zealous class rep would clash with a delinquent. Then Munakata beat Juzo into submission/earned his respect in some way and their friendship began

That sounds like the story of a disciplinarian befriending a delinquent after they achieved mutual respect for the other.

Can someone post any class 77 trasnlated 4koma?

To place his hope on her despair.

>since Hajimeme revived everyone, DR2 is now pretty much absolutely pointless

Bravo Kohacka.
Bravo DR2fags.

>What was objectively the best OP/ED of DR3?


Despair Arc OP of course. It's also contending for the OP of the year

Junko please go

Good taste.

Neither is Naegiri

The fact that Hope's Peak has been rebuilt means it's still possible for that bad ending to come true.

>the only thing that matters is who dies

fuck off

Im seriously bummed by this ending.

>everyone survived
>everyone came back from coma

>minus the new DR3 characters, those are really dead

Yeah...felt cheesy

that's not dead or lie

Zettai Kibou Birthday.
It felt really bittersweet when we didn't know about class 77's fate.

Reminder that Nagito was right


Now that you mention it, it does.
I don't even mind though, Juzo and Munakata have their own dynamic.


>saving thumbnails

Friendly reminder that Kodaka didn't give a fuck about the show and let other people shit up everything.



Who's sitting between Sonia and Gundam?

there's going to be an OVA?

loved the ending. Loved the entire ride save for the absolute gut wrenching last fourth of Despair.

>implying that I think who dies is what matters

No. It just pretty much makes DR2 seem like it never even happened.

Is it the only pic in the series?


>all the interesting fan theories like the one where Despair and Future were just animes, KiriJunko, Koichi being Junko's dad etc. didn't come true
>the steaming pile of garbage that we got is
So you're telling me a bunch of people with kill counts literally bigger than Hitler's on each of em plus the guy who made this all possible go to a fucking resort island to fuck, eat and sleep till they die, while all the other people have to work for and rebuild the shit that they left behind? Also the deaths of everyone from DR3 were pointless, but were meant to get our boy Shinji in the goddamn robot? Mass reusage of sprites, godawful pacing, bland shitty ending, QUALITY, underdeveloped or frankly retarded characters with some exceptions (90% were fucking retarded), ridiculous amounts of pandering, and this is just for Future side. Plus no Junko or fanservice shots if her in a bikini. A solid 4/10 that also insultingly requires to turn your head off, making it a max of 6/10, even for the diehard asskissers. Music was the only solidly good thing about these animes. Wow. Just fucking wow.

So, what was the whole fascination around Sonichu about? She wasn't even that cute.

No, there's more. You'll have to saucenao it on your own though, I don't have the rest.

It matters because wasted designs.

>giant ass fucking building in a field of flowers
Did they rebuild it somewhere else, or did all the rubble and dead bodies turn into flowers?

So only Kiriniggers and Naegiri shipperfags are happy with the ending, is that right?

and DR2fags

It's even more sad when you realise some people are unironically claiming it's a solid 9/10. It's a low 7 at the absolute most.

>interesting fan theories
Fuck off, every single one of those dumb theories were cancerous and would've been worse than what we got in the end.


>Despair and Future were just animes, KiriJunko, Koichi being Junko's dad

that was some of the most retarded shitposting ive ever had to endure in my life

literally NONE of them had ANY BASIS WHATSOEVER

Why would I do that when I can post a canon one?

>>all the interesting fan theories like the one where Despair and Future were just animes, KiriJunko, Koichi being Junko's dad etc. didn't come true


Honestly, given the state of the ending an 3 as a whole I wouldn't be surprised if he came across Sonichu somehow one day and unironically enjoyed it, deciding to base her design off of it. Some of the shit pulled in this really does feel like something Chris-chan would consider to be good writing.

Is he "our" guy?

It probably never actually got anywhere, but Nanami probably would've been down to fuck Chisa or be in a threesome with her.

Lots of cum-swapping.


Well, the ones that wanted all the RoDs to magically wake up, yeah

No, the whole weight behind the hope vs despair conflict has been trashed. What about the future, the minuscule chance of a recovery? And if even if they managed to wake up they'd need to go through the de-despair process?What happened to accepting responsibility of your actions or whatever has happened to you in the past and fighting to move forward to improve that future? What happened to the rest of the world, the ones who suffered at the hands of the RoD, how would they accept this, how will the hatred they'd feel be dealt with?

They shouldn't have popped up if, while it made me smile at times I really disliked it. I'd agonized over their futures and how they'd face the world if they were to wake up and seeing this "happy end" felt like a slap in the face

Shit dude, would've been a better twist. Anything, even ceiling-man would've been good. Reminder that Kodaka lied and rused us with Kira Kira and the potential of fake bodies. Also those spots on the website are still very fucking blank.

Mikanfriends report in!

It's been an honor serving with you men. Through thick and thin we stood by our angel and now we finally got to see her happy ending. I'll see all of you when the OVA drops, but until then remember: Mikan is love, Mikan is life.

>finish watching DR3
>don't know what to do, don't feel like picking up new stuff
>threads are rapidly dying

Still sad.

I like the TV Size version of Dead or Lie but found the full version somewhat disappointing. The part used for the TV version was the best part and the rest feels lackluster.

>that opening with Monokek's face with Kirigiri's
>the respective part got fucked over by the poison
>no basis

He only wrote Hope arc.
Fans of real Chiaki, be at ease. Since he didn't care about her or AI Chiaki and decided to nuke them both in one fell swoop, you can go ahead and write whatever fanfiction you feel like and it'll be about as canon.

God Bless

Did anyone saved the original resolution of pic related before the artist deleted their tweet?
I tried reverse image but this is the biggest i can find


what about Makoto's face?

the shitty kirijunko theory was spammed for MONTHS before she died

>threads are rapidly dying
Good. The sooner we forget about this mess, the better. Might as well treat it like the unexisting MoonPrincess anime.

Cherish the memories or migrate to /drg/ and become one with the cancer.

Reporting in one last time! I'm so happy that Mikan found happiness in the end, she deserves it. See you guys when Nagito's wild ride drops!

why did they all get so shafted :c

As an SDR2fag, I don't feel happy about this ending at all.

I think the second game is superior to the first game and I can tell you this whole show has been one huge pile of piss.

I wonder if it would have been possible for Munakata to eventually fall in love with Juzo if he didn't die

Which one would you choose?
you're waifu,
or 14 close (and I mean tight) friends and godly prowess

>AI Chiaki was created by everyone's memories of her.

Did based pepsi contribute MOLE ON THE BOOB as his main Chiaki contribution?

>Mikan remembered everything in NWP as a RoD and "died" while being under despair again
>exclaimed how fake their lives in the NWP were before she died and how she didn't give a fuck about anyone in there aside from her beloved
>revive her and suddenly she's happy-go-lucky again

What bullshit writing is this? Her rehabilitation should have been considered a failure, and the only failure at that.

Why does Kodaka hate him so much?

Might as fucking well. He got fucked over the most. At least the dead are dead, wherever they may be. I'm still mad Chisa legit died without doing anything.
>how did Juzo cut his hand off
>who took the Chisa pic
>why wasn't Chisa more important in Future
Questions, questions. Yet no answers.

shit if I had godly prowess i could get any waifu I want

Hell no. Forgetting Chiaki (like Kodaka did) the ending is still a huge mess and handwaved away all the interesting potential that the survivors could have had.

Kill urself my man

6 dr1 people alive, 10 dead
15 dr2 people alive, 1 dead but not really bc she's still an AI
2 dr3 people alive, 10 dead

go fuck yourself

If Hajime had just gotten with her, then none of this crap would've happened.

But not your (true) waifu.

I didn't even think DR3 was a good idea, I just got really close to SDR2 cast throughout the games and fan content and I don't want to let go knowing Kodaka is going to forget.


Chiaki hung out at the Reserve Course building for over six months. At least part of that was with Hinata, but a large portion of that was spent by herself, standing out with her HPA uniform.

How much of a fanclub do you think she gathered? How many boys oogled her while she was just blissfully playing games unaware, sitting down and flashing her panties to everyone walking past her, waiting for Hinata-kun to show up?

>Komaeda not being fucking strangled
>they let him walk around
Mofo is as crazy as ever.

He kept only his sword and Sakakura is the SHSL waifu so of course.


I'm up for a better twist but not with Junko showing up AGAIN.

She got insemenated by Hajime's FUTUREcock

Prove to me that she isn't the best V3 girl. You can't

He couldn't keep the waifu anyway, might as well cash in on what he can get.

People claim the fan theories were retarded, and they're mostly right, but shit, I just wanted a twist at the end there. Just something that wasn't completely straightforward and predictable. DR1 got the whole "it's actually being broadcast and you all knew each other" shit, and DR2 got "it's actually a game in a game and you're playing as the villains", but DR3 is just "and everyone lived happily ever after". The whole thing just played straight to expectations, even the idea that none of the DR1 characters would die was conformed too.

I hated the "it's all an anime" idea, but I was really hoping for some meta bullshit with that theatre in the finale. It doesn't matter how stupid it is, because so much in 3 was stupid anyway it may as well have gone all in so it could at least be interesting too. Part of me hopes the last bit was just the hope anime working but they didn't even give a slight hint that that could possibly be the case either.

I don't think it's crap, but just how flat it turned out to be was pretty underwhelming. I'm not too worried for V3 but I just hope that we don't get an overarching story this time, because if this has proven anything it's that Kodaka isn't a good enough writer to be able to handle it and deliver a satisfying ending. It seems like most fans are not too happy with it as well, almost everyone seems to agree that what we got really ought to have been much better.

>Murder mystery games about uncovering the truth
>The end solution is to hide the truth from the public about the Future Foundation


I really didn't like it, it was just so meh
>Things look kinda bad for a few seconds
>Oh hey the DR2s are back
>Now lets waste half the episodes in a montage of them doing things that are SO WACKY and don't fit the tension that was previously set up
>Now lets have Hajime and Anime have a formulaic conversation which has almost no impact.
>Yay everything is good
>A moment where you are slightly invested because you wonder if Nanami is imaginary or if Pepsi can make Gynoids, but the moment itself isn't that interesting.
>Also they didn't actually have the balls to kill Kirigiri

Even if he shagged Natsumi, some other faggot would have become Kamukura instead.

If you can call Munakata "alive". Reminder that deaths in Mirai-hen were pointless.

And every AE character remains alive.

>all that matters is how many survived

Are you retarted? I'd gladly leave the rest of class 77 in a coma if it meant better fucking writing.

So what? I'd rather them all dead.
Can't spell despair without D and R, fuck this shit show.

I'm sure they keep him on a leash.

I really cant wait for the Nagito ova to see how everyone was like after they woke up


if you think about it, Munakata did nothing wrong

>killed mastermind
>killed robot built by psycho girl
>stabbed fag

reporting in hope V3 makes up for this biiiig misshap of an anime

that is where you are mistaken

she reeks of early death syndrome

Fucking this. Fuck you Kohacka and whoever else you let write this mess. This is a fucking disgrace on the game that DR2 was.

Most of those were hot garbage and no better than what we got, fuck off.

I did kinda want Kizakura to be Junko's dad, though.

that's a nice image what a shame that he lived for like 5 minutes

Have hope Kyosuke-san, their's a world out there for you to enjoy and many new friends to make

Because Hinata undid all the brainwashing done to her. If anything now, she hates Enoshima for what she did to her and her friends. Her Despair self was just a delusional puppet like the rest, undo the brainwashing, and she wouldn't be any different from the others.

Disgusting nigger deserved blowing up for touching her

Remove kebab

Hajizuru fixed her with SHSL Therapy and charisma.

Reporting! It's been great to see all the Mikan love throughout the months.I wish her a better life from now on.

Maybe, but would Junko showing up really have been that bad? I mean, at least then it would have felt like it meant something, the final conflict of hope v despair (we were told it would be, but it never was, it was hope v retarded "hope"), and really, even if her return would have been bullshit it wouldn't be much more bullshit than what we got anyway.

Like, fuck, she'd be a better final big bad for their story than fucking Manlet the 2nd. The survivor counter not meaning jack shit, how he gets away with everything, Monaka just disappearing, us not knowing what happened with the rest of the DR1 cast in their lives, Munakata disappearing - would Junko being alive really have been worse than all this? I don't think so.

>Grade A-boots
>Grade A-tits

She's an SHSL Semen Demon

Just don't bother. Don't bother with DR in general if you expect anything truly interesting, Kodaka has proven himself to be a hack, and a lazy one at that (delegating literally every episode that wasn't Hope arc to other writers and having no coordination either). I know any hype I once had for V3 is in the trash.

Onetruehopebot 2.0

>Izayoi's memegun was never used
>he used Tengan's shit just to hurt Naegi's foot

If she isnt she'll certainly be the funniest death by accidental dildo machine invention test run.
Or was it accident? Case 3 in a nutshell

>they could've bonded over their mutual inferiority complex together
>they could've found reasons to live in each other rather than for talent
>they could've overcame their insecuritues together, quit hope's peak and lead normal happy lives
>as a bonus hajime gets to bro it up with fuyuhiko as his brother-in-law
Fucking lesbians ruining everything as always.

I actually think that'll either be Raiden or not!Yukiko.

chihiro's hot dad died too

Naegi is too lucky to be hit by weapons

If anything DR3 proves that no one but Kodaka can actually write DR to be enjoyable. I'm probably going to enjoy V3 when it comes out because at least Kodaka cares about that entry and is actually writing it.

>but DR3 is just "and everyone lived happily ever after"
Well, what did you expect? I thought the whole point was to give it an actual ending that ended with hope winning.
Or would you rather have an edgelord ending with everyone killing each other with the population vanishing?
I don't think people would be happy with that sort of ending, especially when everything was based on building hope.

so if I want to watch this in order I just start at ep1? gogoanime has different versions I'm fucking confused


Well, okay. If you want to trust a guy that lazy, then be my guest. I'd still suggest you be wary about it in the future.

A good lad

>DR1 being a broadcast
>DR2 being a VR
Both were no less predictable than DR3. In fact, they had even more hints and foreshadowing than DR3 did.

There's no way people expected suicide or brainwashing from the very start, same witch Chisa being an agent of Despair. It's just "predictable" from hindsight.

Hajime didnt have time to get with her because she was too stupid and kept threatening a psycho lesbian. And HPA would have gotten their Kamukura one way or another.

Nothing to see here. Scroll along.

Reporting! So is Mikan the heroine or the love interest?


>Hajime Kuzuryuu NEVER EVER

Waifu every time.

that was so fucking sad man he only wanted to see his son again without even knowing that he was dead

A twist for the sake of having a twist is stupid and is how we get ZTD.
This ending was retarded for other reasons.

It was a fun ride.I'll miss you guys especially the juzoboys.

His hair is black I'm pretty sure he dyed it before entering HPA.

fuckin halppp. go to gogoanime. There are 6 different versions, I'm not fucking lying faggot

Hollow victory. No true despair that was represented. It still remains and lives, even if they pretend it doesn't. It felt retarded that the final "fight" was a bunch of retards talking to Shinji 4635.0 till he gets in the goddamn robot

Don't forget the dickings

reporting in! We knew she would save the day in the end!

Why was this series so bad?
>inb4 you know why

SHSL Dick confirmed

Chisa was obvious once you notice that they were building her up as a main character in despair for her to just die in the first episode of future.


I don't chalk it up to laziness, he's gone on record saying he wants to move on from this hope and despair nonsense and work on something new. He let other people handle DR3 because he couldn't be arsed to care but he knows fans still wanted something to conclude the Hope's Peak saga.

This. It was a stupid ending that anyone could write.

QUALITY. Nothing new. Its Souda

Watch them like they aired. So watch Episode 1 Future then Episode 1 Despair and so on.

I hope you're not getting in to this without playing the first two games, tho.

As I said, you can do it yourself if you want.

Kohacka didn't write it himself fully, plus time and budget constraints. Also Maximum Pandering Ending.


I think part of the reason people think it's so bad is because they went in to it thinking it was a serious anime. Danganronpa is a comedy.

>Maximum Pandering
No, only near-maximum pandering.

as if most of the people even played the game, as mentioned before it doesnt matter

Sure, over intense fear of losing him again, deep wound that was left after everything ended, plus that he would be the only close person and they would have plenty of time to talk about everything it would be very much possible.
In the end he loves him already, although as a friend. Circumstances above could've made it gradually cross the line and become romantic.

That would be an acceptable answer if it was actually funny.

>maybe found some shit by the Ultimate Blacksmith
>Random despairfag or Mahiru
>Her story was over

W-why didn't you cure me, Naegi-kun? I tricked my despair into giving you a chance to win the game. I made her think it was necessary. You were supposed to make me admit defeat and stop my suicide. You were the only one who could help me.

Why didn't you do it, Naegi-kun?

I just thought I'd try to get others to stop thinking so cynically about V3 since DR3 shit the bed.

Not with all those orgies they'll be having.

If you go in to this without playing any of the previous games then you're wasting your time. The anime by itself is fucking horrible.

>even showed Tulpaki
Right, no Junko was shown. Except the one in Satan's personal theather. Looked pretty comfy actually.

I wanted a bittersweet ending. One that showed them move on with their lives and gave them logical conclusions for their character arcs but something like "we'll keep fighting". Hell, the happy ever after could even stay, I just wanted a twist at the end. Something to make me thing "woah, I didn't expect that to happen". That's what Danganronpa is known for, no matter how silly they are.

I only cared about Twogami and Nidai, and I knew if all of them wouldn't wake up, then those two would have never woken up.
Maybe if Kodaka wrote better endings in the first place, or at least better survivors I coulde care more. Just my opinion however.

Funny. I thought the exact same thing, but the opposite - I thought I'd help spread awareness of how V3 would be knowing that DR3 keeled over on itself.

I was fine with the DR2 cast waking up but I thought they were all supposed to have disfigured bodies or something

also why are they all in their DR2 clothes?

I'd argue that even if you did play the game you wasted your time.

I enjoyed discussing it with Cred Forums though, so at least I got that out of it, slowpokes won't even get that.

no one has posted naekuro yet because it's canon :^)

By itself, 2/10 tops. With the games played and enjoyed, 6/10 max.

Would you play a visual novel where you play as Chiaki and try to change your fate? With H-Scenes ofc.

did pepsiman win the soniabowl?

You know, I kind of understand Juzo
Would let this sexy motherfucker use me every night all night

Kodaka fucking turned AI Chiaki into a shapeshifting abomination and ignored human Chiaki completely (slightly understandable considering he never wrote her, but still).

It was worthless if you were a Chiaki fan.

Yes. Hope won out in the end.

lay out all the details of the plot, the character arcs contained within, the minigames you need to do to advance the story, and how it connects to the overall Danganronpa universe

You want a way to fix Kibou-hen?
Easy, add an big animation error and color distortion with a lot of light blue in the final frames when Kyoko shows up

We already knew that Fuyuhiko and Nagito were the only ones visibly disfigured since episode 1 of future arc. The clothes were just for nostalgia probably.

They had an entire fucking flashback sequence, if all the scenes involving her up to the final episode wasn't enough.
Chisa got it damn good in general considering DR, nevermind specifically 3.
Quit making her less tolerable in these threads please.

I would play with myself as a Chiaki desu

Well ain't that a kick in the head.

>I was fine with the DR2 cast waking up but I thought they were all supposed to have disfigured bodies or something
Junko lies/they didnt look disfigured minus the eye and hand in mirai 1/they mainly just did fucked up shit.

I'm not really a fan of those "Only Bad Endings" games where the fun is in seeing how hard the plot fucks you over and how you end up ignored by everyone, so no, I would pass.

It would be one of the worst of the season by itself, no doubt. Even with playing the games, the only real enjoyment was seeing these characters again, the series itself was still pretty bad.Future in particular.

Because Kodaka is a hack.

Because we can't be bothered to make new designs. We also used the sprites from the fucking game to save time and costs.

Nice meme.

the cuckening never ends

You can change your fate to a good end, but its hard.

Perhaps in time you too will quit DR. Maybe it'll happen after V3. Maybe it will be before. But it'd be nice if at least one more person was freed.

I would have taken it. Then people could argue it was legit or if it was intentional to imply it was the effects of brainwashing, a la Indoctrination Theory. Would have given fans something to debate for a long time as well. But no.

how hard?
give us all the details user

he won my heart

>would Junko showing up really have been that bad?
Yes. She's fucking dead.
I was honestly expecting despair Chisa to be the new mastermind working alongside Chiaki behind the killing game but this was before we seen Chiaki's death. At least Chiaki's death wouldn't have gottem ignored and Chisa's character wouldn't have been wasted.

>The survivor counter not meaning jack shit, how he gets away with everything, Monaka just disappearing, us not knowing what happened with the rest of the DR1 cast in their lives, Munakata disappearing
You sound like a fucking Junkofag. This still would've been better than the repetitive "Junko is here to fuck shit up at the end again" ending.


Pepsiman wins all the Danganbowls.

Hinata is his first name, not Hajime.

It just feels like such a fucking cop out. I hate it when characters die and then just come back for no fucking reason. I loved all the characters of DR2 but them just coming back like the game didn't even happen kinda ruined it for me. Kirigiri was the worst for me, her death was actually sad because a good character died and should've stayed that way.

>interesting fan theories like the one where Despair and Future were just animes, KiriJunko, Koichi being Junko's dad etc.
As retarded as the ending was, reading this makes me appreciate what we got because it was still nowhere near as retarded as the theories the threads were pushing.

Other way around.

>could've done soon mastermind shit
>could've fought against Munacucka to make him Despair eve more
>could've used a fake body from Kira Kira as a reference to the 1st game
Instead of this, nope, she killed herself. What a waste of a good set of tits.

Um, his family name is Hinata, his given name is Hajime.

He's Hajime Hinata, Hinata Hajime in Japenese format.

Look at the bright side
Hope vs Despair plot is dead and kodaka won't be able to defile it anylonger

Now onward to the future user

The DR2 were never dead to begin with


>for no fucking reason

It makes perfect sense in the narrative that they could come back. The big twist of 2 was already an implication that it could happen.

Arguably she was the mastermind, she was the one who manipulated Munakata and Tengan from the shadows and pushed them into tearing the Future Foundation apart from the inside.

No, I mean, you really can't. I spent some time indulging in autism and mapping out a scenario for human Chiaki, including and what's going on around the same time frame, and what needs to happen in order to keep her alive and what happens after that, and it's not pretty.

For instance, even if you have Chiaki stay put in the class and wait for Chisa to come back, that just means Junko has Chisa go back up. Despair Chisa, knowing who Izuru is thanks to Chiaki herself and her attachment to him, uses him to help rally the class to go help and it all goes tumbling down from there. It's just super-basic character analysis, but that alone is enough here.

It's kind of tragic, but also super-lame because human Chiaki is a dead girl walking so the catharsis of a real tragedy - like something where danger actually could have been avoided - is lost and she's just a pretty plot device.

He won the right to be pegged every night

Man what a fucking puss out ending.

It was nice to see the Danganronpa 1 survivors because I appreciated how as survivors the previous circumstances had changed them they all became much closer to eachother, I think we can all say that seeing Togami treat everyone like genuine friends was awesome.

With the DR2 cast I didn't really get that, Fuyuhiko's interactions were still strictly confined to Peko despite him having survived a majority of the game with everyone else. Hajime and kinda Fuyuhiko seem to be the only people who were actually affected by the killing game, everyone else just sorta said that they were.

And seriously, it was suppose to be a complete miracle that the DR2 "survivors" were able to escape the VR World with their memories of eachother still intact, it was the light at the end of the tunnel for them. The awakening of their friends was a dim hope that they were dedicated to working towards no matter how slim.

And then it just happens because Hajime happens to be Jesus? Come on, SOMEONE had to have told Kadoka that that's just fucking lame.

I half expected the 78th class to come through a fucking portal and everyone get into a huge orgy with how fucking happy they were making this ending.

The future ain't shiny and chrome though. Its filled with shit and uncertainty. How can we go towards a future like that knowing that Despair was never truly defeated?

Me too no homo though

We can't even do that, because we know the future is doomed. Might as well become apathetic and a NEET like Monaka or Haiji.

DR2 cast were always built up to comeback, Naegi basically confirms it during the epilogue. They way they did was rushed and felt forced but that was common with this anime to begin with.

Realistically speaking, how long would it take for the localization, if any, of V3 to come out after the initial Japanese release?

Oh yeah
It would have worked perfectly with Ryota's hope video
The ending is Makoto's blissful hope fantasy
Junko coming back would have been a dumb fun ending instead of a dumb boring ending
Like in Advent Children where Sephiroth shows up, it's dumb but it's hype as fuck and he has a fucking awesome battle

Literally Junko 2.0

Tengan made it his own agenda tomake Mitarai play the Hope video, instead of making him to it himself. Only thing she did was fuck with Munacucka, tell Mitarai to come over to fuck, snap Gekko's neck, also snap the guards' necks. Shit dude.

No, Junkofags can't be allowed to have nice things.

>mfw DR2.5 Nagito OVA is going to have komahina pandering for fujos.
I know I'm going to be pissed. All the survivors will want to take Nagito off life support but Hajime wont let them because they were all despairs too and bla bla bla and fujos will think this means Hajime is gay for Nagito. And then Nagito will do something gay to show his affection for Hajime even after he called him a reserve coursefag and just like himself.

Minimum a year I'd say

Junko would be the most logical conclusion to the series. Monokuma literally promised a final showdown between hope and despair. What we got wasnt even a showdown or a confrontation, it was literally fucking nothing.

>hurr imma uplaod dis hoep breinwash
>lol nah man dotn do it
>kk kewl

You sound like one of those peopel who likes trash shity hipster characters like Sakura or Teruteru just to be contrarian

I don't think it's even been revealed to the American market, while v3's coming out next month in Japan iirc; it'll probably be a while.

You bet. They already doubly-killed off Chiaki so the very last thing related to HPA will be all about Komahina to drive the nail in for good.

V3 looks great

I think the take away from DR3 and the DR1 anime is that 150 hour long Visual Novels don't fucking translate to a ten hour anime

5 months tops for a reddit or tumblr guide, translated in English, for each scene and part. Its what happened with DR2

V3 is set to be released in January though.

He looked really hot in that coat, even with that fucked up eye

>yfw realizing class 77 talking to mitarai was like a non-stop debate

You are aware that Mitarai only went with the DR2 cast because he wanted to use his mind hack anime to acquire a harem of all the class 77 girls right?

Huh, thought someone said October at some point. Never mind that then.

So Izuru could bring the entire class out of a brain dead state but he couldn't fix his waifu?

>150 hour
Are you high? Not sure if F/SN is that long.

Hajime knows gays have helped ruined the world. He wont go that far. He'll plow Mahiru or Mikan to ward off the gay

Depends, Persona is taking 6 months but that is a considerably larger game than Danganronpa is generally, on the flip side Persona is far, far more popular than Danganronpa likely ever will be.

I'd say an optimistic projection would be about 6 months, if it isn't a big seller or anything could take around a year.

Let's look on the brightside everyone

No SHSL Luck in V3 means that we won't get any retarded deus ex machina shit happening right? That would be bad writing without the excuse of talent this time.

Nigga, each game is like 20 hours.

Chiaki's death got ignored, plain and simply, because Kodaka didn't write her and he only wrote Hope arc. Trying to fuse AI Chiaki with her, with that throwaway line, was a really lame attempt at a copout that doesn't really work.

See above. Kodaka didn't write her so she got ignored.

I'm sure he'd like that.

Broadcast was obvious as soon as the killing game was announced in DR1, the VR was obvious from before entering the classroom and the moment Usami turned a chicken into a cow, so I'd say it's on par with usual Danganronpa style.

These screams have to be the english version right?
I've enough exposure to the japanese voices to know those screams are too off.

Shh, stop poking at the gaping holes. You might trigger someone, and we don't want that on a Christian website, right?

This is making me sad

That was Hajime who did that though (Hajizuru since he has Izuru powers).
Real Chiaki dying only affected Izuru enough to be interested in hope but he was still the same tsumaranai faggot so he didnt do anything.

Real Chiaki got a raw fucking deal and Chiakizuru should have been a thing or at least her not dying.

Brain dead state =/= dead

Hey, fuck off, Sakura and Teruteru are likeable.

She was swiss Cheesaki, tho.

DR hasn't been featured on a non-dead console yet. Although to be fair the PS4 is kind of deadin Japan too.

How well did the Danganronpa games do on Steam anyway?
Was there any word on that?

Reporting! It's been fun enjoying this wild ride with you all

DR3 doesn't even have that excuse though. Kodaka specifically wanted this to be an anime, so blaming the constraints of an anime isn't going to fly. He should have embraced what the medium offers, instead of trying to fit in into an anime format after choosing to put it in an anime format.

>far, far more popular
I don't think I'd go that far

Maybe if Kodaka wasn't lazy. He ended up ruining both Chiakis for me. I feel nothing with pics like this anymore. What a fucking cunt.

>Although to be fair the PS4 is kind of deadin Japan too.
It's doing very well in Japan actually.

Leagues better than what the PS3 did in Japan.

>tfw you stub your toe

She was too boring

You route locked yourself

>DR hasn't been featured on a non-dead console yet
Yet it had a relatively huge success.
That tells you a lot about how the platform doesnt really matters in some cases.

Game hajime must be the only one. The english dub hasn't reached those points in future and despair

Junko was the protagonist of Zetsubou-hen for half the time, I'm pretty happy
I'm not saying I needed Junko to come back but it would still have been better
Seriously with how the series is you can just say Mukuro became DoomGirl, killed every demon in hell and crawled out of there followed by Junko
Or just have Tengan show up, say he's the original Izuru, or his son and have him be bored as well and then he faces off against the survivors
Or Tengan is just a dick and he fights against the others anyway
Or Chisa is still alive
Or a secret 16th participant
Or Monaka
Or anyone at all
Anything would be better
What DR needs is the crazy over the top showdown ending and this was a let down
At least give some SHSL dudes that aren't useless pushovers

Curing Junko of despair would be the definition of hack though.

>not at least 6x more popular than this niche piece of shit

Also Chihiro's dad gets fucking mauled infront of you.

Nah, I'm just pointing it out. Somebody else would have become Izuru, Junko had her sights set on Class 77 from the start, etc. Real Chiaki had her fate sealed.

I do agree the survivors they picked for DR2 were kinda shit, barring Fuyuhiko.

Or you can tell the principal?

No, because hope is more unpredictable than despair.

SHSL ??? can still be luck

I honestly expected Despair Chiaki and Hajizuru talking her down, or Future Founsation 13th Division Head Chiaki helping DR2 cast on Jabberwock island.

Instead, she just stayed dead as a martyr. Which kinda works too, but it is a bit saddening

How do you even contact him? What is he going to do with Junko? Chisa will say otherwise and then nothing happens. Congratulations.

V3 being on PS4 is going to be a huge boon to it(in the west, anyways).

Hey man I've been playing this really cool game lately!
>Really? What console is it on
The Vita

The PS4 is a console people actually own.


It would have been really interesting had Tengan been related to the original Kamukura in some way, I guess that's why we didn't get it.

It's not really that saddening, though, because there was no option for her except to die. The only thing that's truly saddening there is how Kodaka held such open contempt for Chiakifriends.

>buying visual novels


The Hajime clip was definitely english (that Johnny Yong Bosch scream is unmistakable), Munakata's scream may have been in english too. Not sure on the other screams tho'.

If you're implying that Danganronpa might struggle in sales this time around, then I agree. I never understood how they intended to get this reboot thing to be a big enough success to breathe new life into the franchise - players who have walked away already have literally no reason to go back, somemplayers will leave because the Hope's Peak story has ended and some players will leave because they found DR3 to be awful. I doubt it will sell all that well at all at this point.
No idea.

I know this is optimistic but the fact that it is on the PS4 as well as Vita should show that they are trying to get SOME sort of western market right?
If this was a solely Japanese thing then it would just be on the Vita.

Vita and PSP were never dead in Japan though. Because of it's success in Japan is where it got to today. Not because of overseas sales. And PS4 has been doing pretty well. It's certainly much better than the PS3 in terms of Japanese market.

Zero Escape is carried by overseas. If you put danganronpa on 3DS, you get a game with shittier resolution and mechanics plus the same people who bought DR on vita in the US are still going to get it on 3DS. It's negligible otherwise.

I genuinely believe that's his skill

>Naegi-kun, it seems like some hoodlum has gone into the old dormitories before we cleared them out, stolen the undergarments of all the girls from the killing game, plus Fujisaki's, and is selling them on Hopebay
>Fujisaki's have the highest bid
>Also there's only one person bidding on Fukawa's and I'm pretty sure it's your sister's account

2 witnesses and you mention Izuru

souda is only for gentle
gentle spooning and eventual penetration

Junko didn't take notice of class 77 until she met Ryota and she already planned to do *something* to them when she heard about them from Mikan.

Brainwashing them was set in stone once Mitarai escaped though.

It's not so much about the characters they chose as the combination of people.

dont know you, but i only feel pain when i see chiaki

Now thats all over with, let us all remember the good times we had with the anime instead of the bad ones

As stupid as it may seem, a lot of the people i know who played DR games bought a Vita exclusively for it, so its not unlikely and i wouldnt be surprised if it happens the same with v3


Normalfags play Persona. There's no reason why they wouldn't play DR. Plenty of normalfags play this series already, why do you think it's so popular on tumblr and the anime series had so many retarded reaction videos for each episode?

Actual weeb games are like Neptunia and Senran Kagura. Danganronpa isn't weeb.

>If you're implying that Danganronpa might struggle in sales this time around, then I agree
I really disagree. DR3 really upped DR's exposure and that's always good.

>some players will leave because they found DR3 to be awful.
I found it bad but I'm more hyped than ever for V3.

People bought the first Phoenix Wright when it came out.
People will buy anything if you can market it right.

wew lad
They're ATLUS tier with how little they give a fuck about the west, except unlike ATLUS, they don't have half the sales of one of their best selling products being solely from the west, or an equivalent of the ATLUS tax.

>2 witnesses
Who? Chiaki and friggin' Hopeman? He's clearly disoriented and she's upset, Chisa-sensei is always right.

Izuwho? Chiaki doesn't know anything about any of that. Even if she did, she gets zapped for knowing too much. Congratulations, you found another dead end.

She met Ryota because Izuru whooped her. No matter who the person who became him (or even her!) was, Izuru's personality would have been the exact same at that particular point in time, so Junko meeting Mitarai was inevitable.

>showing Komaru in front of Toko
>when Toko is incredibly thirsty
symbolism, Toko is in dire need of the Komaru

For Kamukura it is, Junko is different, not to mention it would be a fucking lame development for her.

They didn't hear Izuru's name. You'd just mumble something about secret entrance, long-haired boys and Junko Enoshima.

It really wouldn't help much, especially with the class's homeroom teacher giving a different story.

Are you just meming or are you being serious? Just look at the sales figures - Persona 5 in Japan alone has/is on track to sell more copies than both Danganronpa games combined worldwide. Given how popular 4 was and all the spin offs it's by far and away more popular than Danganronpa could ever be. And that's just for raw sales, we're not even getting into merch and anime sales yet.

They do not care about letting NISA handle the localization.
NISA. The company everyone hates.
That's a red flag.

>They're ATLUS tier with how little they give a fuck about the west,
Zero Time Dilemma exist so this can't be entirely true.

Also DR1 and 2 both sold over 150k in the west.
I know you're not WRONG but I don't think the writing is quite on the wall yet.

Too bad Spike Chunsoft doesn't get shit from western sales and it all goes to the localization team.

Do you realize the majority of the fandom is made out of normies who barely play games, while the rest is VN fans?

How is there still another three minutes in that video?

Can you imagine it?
>the legacy of my father, wasted on a piece of talentless trash
>this world, this foundation, everything connected to that abomination needed to burn
>that's where Junko comes into play
>she was a true talent, the real successor of the great Izuru
>the one with the Analyst ability
>she saw how rotten this disgusting world had become and purged it flames of despair
>SORE WA CHIGAU YO, Junko had no ideals beyond her madness
>how dare you? The bright light, the one who was bestowed father's greatness by fate, you SHALL NOT SPEAK ILL OF HER!

I agree, the Despair OP is so good.

Let me rephrase that. I feel an emptiness. Not happiness, not pain, not sorrow or grief. Just a blank "Oh, okay". Kodaka ignored human Chiaki and destroyed AI Chiaki in Hope Arc, so now I don't care at all. In a way it amuses me considering I do recall the time when I did feel emotions from all these images of her I saved.

Normalfags in the west? No way. I have a bunch of "gamer" friends. Only one of them has tried a persona game.

Someone eventually walked into the room to turn the camera off

when are they gonn fucc

Yeah, it's just game Hajime that's english in that.

You're implying that many people who haven't played Danganronpa before are suddenly going to be interested in it now. I mean, it has "3" on the box. Even if you and I know it's only there to show it's the 3rd game, you really underestimate how many people will just see the 3 and move on. It might give it enough of a boost to keep the sales as high or a little higher than the previous games here, but if you think it's going to do anything drastic like double the numbers you're delusional.

This is my favorite non-canon ship.

But why does Tengan sound like a Castlevania villain.

drawfag here. I'm taking requests

Normalfags are atleast aware of the Persona series.
Remember the PV1 got 4 million views on Youtube in less then a week.

>introduces game crashing bugs not even present in the jap version
I haven't even heard of a fan translation team that incompetent, even considering beta patches.

One could say that Komaeda is an extension of the player's will to see a happy ending filled with hope

Tengan dressed as Dracula

Why not?
You want him to break down and cry in a fat guy's tits?
He sounds mighty and pissed

>got Chiaki killed
Never right.

Nidai and Gundam fist bumping

Phoenix Wright had shitty as fuck localization for its first game, and then they had no choice but to play along with it.
> m-muh burgers
> m-muh ace attorney
Even if they localized the game, ramen should still be amongst Maya's food of choice.
Also, the franchise should've been titled Trial's Turnabout. Considering that's what the franchise is about. Instead of "look, that lawyer dude is REALLY good at his job!!". Which isn't even true at all.

How about a picture with Naegi, Hinata, Kirigiri, Chiaki doing Jojo poses?

And Persona and Phoenix Wright are both more popular than Danganronpa. This is a fact. Danganronpa might thrive somewhat with the western weebs, but outside of that nobody will touch it. It's laughable you seem to think it's going to get mainstream appeal now, when it never has before.

Usami being cute

If you're talking about Japan, I agree.

But I actually believe more people in the west know a lot more about senran kagura or neptunia than DR.

I just realized the last time Toko showed any affection or paid attention to Togami was this done. Did the dude just get cucked by Naegi's sistter?

Celes dressed in Future Foundation attire?

>You're implying that many people who haven't played Danganronpa before are suddenly going to be interested in it now. I mean, it has "3" on the box

You don't actually think this stops people right?

Metal Gear Solid V is literally called METAL GEAR SOLD FIVE and the game ended up being insanely popular with people who have never played a MGS game before.

Star Wars Episode VII was regularly being watched by people who have never seen a Star Wars movie before.

Hell we had people watching Danganronpa 3 having never played the 2nd game.

People just want their cheap thrills, story continuity plays a minor role most of the time.

Mikan patching up Hajime

Wait, I forgot the obvious
> m-muh America
> m-muh headcanon year

I agree with basically every localization choice the AA translators made for the entire series except burgers instead of ramen and not changing the Gavins to some non-German country since they already had the Von Karmas in Germany. I especially agree with localizing the names.

Despair Naegi with a Crown on his head right next to his Despair Queen, Junko.

>DR3 really upped DR's exposure and that's always good
You're wrong. Chaos;Head upped SciADv's exposure initially, and it didn't do shit for Chaos;Head and arguably worked against ever getting it over into the West due to how bad it was. Now, DR3 wasn't as bad as the Chaos;Head anime by any stretch, but it certainly wasn't great, and people not invested previously are likely going to hate it. Steins;Gate, on the other hand, thrived because the anime was a good adaptation and it blew up from there. DR3 is not Steins;Gate.

A good ending to the series

We live in a world where Katamari Damacy was considered a mainstream franchise at one point in time. Anything is possible.

>no one can control juzo confirmed
>juzo is gay confirmed
>kirigiri alive all along confirmed

It's as if they predicted what would become Cred Forums memes and then added them into the show

>chiakifags junkofags and chisafags still moping in the threads
It's time to move on, your waifu is wormfood now. Find a new happiness or something.

Well apperently Hiyoko was gonna be one of the survivors for a long time but really late in development they decided to kill her off.
This is also why Case 3 sucks big peepus

Flustered Juzo

I'll give you that. It'd certainly be better than what we got.

It's been a goddamn day, you autist. They're allowed to blow off steam for a little bit. Go whine if it happens later.

>You're wrong. Chaos;Head upped SciADv's exposure initially
I dont know about any of those so I cant comment on it but I think there was enough fanservice for most fans to be aware of V3 and satisfied.

Especially if the Nagito OVA is a play for fujobucks.

The problem here is that Star Wars and Metal Gear were heavily pushed with advertising in the West. Metal Gear was raved about in just about every gaming magazine, it was all over the place. Danganronpa is not as popular as either of those two, and in the West it will get none of the marketing either got.

It will be stuffed into an obscure corner of the shop, like all the other ones were, and people casually walking through might pay just enough notice to see the 3, and walk away. I know you desperately want V3 to blow up in sales, but please try and be realistic in your expectations. It's not going to light up the world and carry any sort of mainstream appeal.

Source? That's very easy to believe, mind you. Her death feels like such a waste since there was clearly a lot more they could do with the character.

Is it being cucked if you never wanted her in the first place?

As soon as I saw Tengan I immediately thought of Heiachi Mishima from Tekken
I wanted him as the final boss

Just stop dude. For your own sake.

Only the Chiakifags are really annoying though. Junkofags and Chisafags have the grace to not post the same screed about how pure their waifus were every 20 posts.

Making the same post over and over again about how bitter you are that they wasted your waifu's potential is just making it more difficult to move on, you're just reveling in your own misery at this point.

Except I haven't done that at all? For fuck's sakes man, a goddamn day is not the end of the world. Stop throwing an autistic fit.

As above, I know I haven't posted anything like that, and I don't really see anyone else doing that.

If nothing else, she was proof of his status as a desirable male. Losing a fangirl might not sting as hard as losing a lover, but Togami seems like the kind of overly prideful person who would be bothered by that.

Even nip feedback is a bit of a mix. There are a significant number of fans unhappy, really the reaction is absolutely "mixed". Add onto the fact that people who were watching 3 without seeing any of the others would have seen an anime very much in Chaos;Head anime-tier level and there is enough reason to assume some will be turned off from it.

>but not really bc she's still an AI

Nah man, they're not the same being. She's dead as dead can be. AI Chiaki is a bretty okay replacement though.

Hajime's a miracle worker now though, so who knows what he'll do. I've seen a few posts talking about how they'd be fine with headcanoning him pulling some time travel bullshit ala ultimate physicist.

Anyone still wanting to know her name?

Get your eyes checked.

Best grin coming through


tfw you accept they'll never be nothing more than friends

It was from an old interview, Fuyuhiko was supposed to die for maximum despair but Kodaka backed out at the last minute and switched him with Saionji. Probably also because Kodaka liked Fuyuhiko more judging by his GDC panel.

>Stupid Monkey D Luffy grin

It's Sonichu. Literally. Right eye blue, left eye green, in a pikachu-looking costume.

>dr1 characters stay dead
>drv3 characters will stay dead

feels bad man

>Even nip feedback is a bit of a mix. There are a significant number of fans unhappy, really the reaction is absolutely "mixed".
The intensity matters though. I dont think the dislike is intense and scarring.
I've only seen it bad on Cred Forums and not on futaba and jap twitter. A lot of what I hear with japs is grumbling about plotholes like tengan's plan and the like.

I dont think DR3 was absolute garbage so I think it helped spread awareness and rekindled interest in it. DR2 was really good and V3 is back to being a regular game after 5 years without one. I'm excited.

They shoulda both lived, honestly. They were interesting and their interaction with each other also had a lot of potential. He should have traded Akane's live for it.

He looked so badass and evil in future 4, coupled with him triggering the shit out of Munakata made him an A+ character in my book as well.

Kuzuryuu dying would have wasted Pekoyama's sacrifice, that's why they switched them.

You won't see much smacktalk on twitter because they have names. 2ch is where it's at.


Yeah, but you're a long term fan of the series. We're talking about how the exposure can help or hinder it. New people experiencing 3 first would hate it, so that's a minus, and a number of fans were unhappy with it, so that would be spread to non-fans too. I don't think 3 itself is going to do much either way in terms of boosting sales for V3, if V3 matches the first game's total it would be a success either way.

I waited 24 fucking episodes for this?

Ibuki dressed as human Lord Raptor. More reference links below (including the official genderswap version)


superhappycashcow.com/pic/2009 New Figure/Takara Super Real Figure/Vampire Savior Darkstalkers Best/Zabel Zarock B-1.jpg

Who is the better ikemen: Hajime or Munakata?

There are a lot of people that should have survived instead of Akane. I think it was because Saionji fit the whole character who is redeeming themselves dying abruptly that they wanted to go for originally.

Yeah but after watching Kodaka's GDC panel about him loving Yakuza movies and liking how Fuyuhiko's character/design turned out I wouldn't be surprised if there was a little personal bias.

ok whatever.

I think it'll hit over 100k units first week easy.

The utawarerumono two hakuoro VN was able to do that.

And Utawarerumono just had an extremely bad anime adaption. Very bad. And the series also had a 15 year hiatus between the original and false mask.

>you'll never have a group of close friends like class 77

why even live?

Draw Junko x Makoto

Really? Cuz i was gunna say her name was SHSL Stab'n'Frezibe

With benefits

I will miss him alot.

Kodaka does have a bit of an issue with prioritzing unexpected twists over solid character writing. I feel like that's why he left Akane as a survivor, even though all she really does in the last two chapters is offer Hinata to grope her tits.


What are your hopes for V3's story and characters?

>all she did was smile at him.


Nothing at all.

>They're best friends who spend a game together
>Now everyone thinks they're gay
How disgraceful. You're all pigs. And I am one of you.

>she was proof of his status as a desirable male
he's his own fucking proof of being a desirable male


None. So I wouldn't be disappointed

What's her name again?

Cosplayer and Tennis player don't die
Bug Catcher's death isn't a sacrifice

so let me get this straight, Narukami loses his waifu to despair years ago, and she gets killed before his eyes.

Hajime loses his waifu fucking twice and both times they were killed in front of his eyes.

BUT FUCKING NAEGI GETS TO KEEP HIS? And on top of that he starts hope's peak academy over? I swear to fucking god if he doesn't atleast make the reserve students equal to everyone, I will hate this manlet

Kodaka just wants to give us a wild ride.

Sonia Check'em


friends and prowess. Fuck the waifu, I can get a new waifu thats probably better.

Hey pal, you thought talents weren't real? He's got the genuine SHSL Luck.

Hajime can fuck Mikan or someone. Chill out.

Chiaki would have died had Hajome did the project or not.

Big guy makes it to the end. Kodaka isn't shitting us by calling it a reboot.

>Whether you have a talent or not doesn't matter, but these Jesus powers are alright to be honest


It's time for a new waifu

I want bug catcher to kill.

>It looked like she had a mini-ahoge when she was running

Mikan has Mitarai and Imposter.

so is he gonna become hopebot


You're waifu would be doomed to die.

Munakata fucked up big time, and Hinata still got to keep way more of his friends than Naegi, not to mention Naegi never made blunders as big as the other two.

Sonia Dontbother

Whatever. All of V3's iterations are topping the charts better than Futari no Hakuoro did when it's preorders went up.

No, they are for Ibuki

Disgusting.My boy, the imposter, deserves better than some smelly pig.

What blunders did Hinata really make?

But make it KiriJunko

This disabled loli makes me feel things I have never felt before.

Ibuki and Mikan share them.

The whole Kamukura Project maybe? Letting his waifu die in the first place when he was actually in a position to save her?

Even that pushing it

Munakata did literally nothing wrong unless having faith in his friends is some awful sin I've never heard of.

You say that, but they did the exact same thing with Ishimaru trying to keep Mondo's spirit alive with him and they still killed him in the end.

where's the original kill yourself pic?

It's those fucking eyelashes, they pull you in and you can never get out.

But then...No one actually died since they were all just in a coma

If you can't call your friends out on their bullshit and just blindly follow whatever they throw at you no matter how dubious then I'd argue you don't care about them in the first place.

>The whole Kamukura Project maybe?
Who cares? As was pointed out earlier in this very thread, somebody else would have become Izuru.

>Letting his waifu die in the first place when he was actually in a position to save her?
No? He wasn't able to do it because he wasn't even there, it was all Izuru. That was also not his fault. Chiaki was doomed to die a stupid "tragic" death that wouldn't even be her own fault no matter what anyway.

Nah id rather post cannon ships.

My waifu would want me to move on, so I'll go for prowess and FULL ON FRIENDSHIP!

I fucking hate Celes. I'm glad they're not bringing her back

Hajime made more progress with Mikan in the sim than those two in HPA I bet

i want to invent a baby with her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're completely right. God damn those eyelashes don't quit.

Guess again, Hitsumifag.

Mikan is now taking control of the SS Hajime

Mondo didn't sacrifice himself for Ishimaru -- quite the opposite: he was willing to let him die to save his own skin.

That being said, I do agree Ishimaru should have lived. Out of all the deaths in both Danganronpa games, his feels the most pointless. Not only did his character still have a lot of room to grow(he wouldn't have become Akane v0.1) he died for the shittiest trick imaginable and it doesn't really affect the story or the characters in any meaningful way.

What is with Chapter 3 and killing characters in an anticlimactic, pointless manner?


So chiaki-friends do realize ai chiaki is still technically alive right? Her consciousness pretty much got merged with hinata its just only he can see her.

I want her to be a pervert
Or just extremely lewd on purpose
For example she manages to get the first murder to fuck up and say dumb stuff by being lewd and admitting contradicting things
Then she goes serious again and Kaede has a CONSENT with her

No, she's a dead ghost. She isn't even the same as human Chiaki, and for that matter, as I said earlier, they fucking destroyed AI Chiaki for me. Chiaki, real or artificial, alive or dead, is thoroughly ruined and beyond repair.

I dont know why chapter 3 is cursed for both games, hopefully V3 makes an actually decent case.

user it ended ambigiously, and with Chiaki dead all bets are off. I say Hajime and Gundham are happening now

Did Junko get uploaded somewhere too?
Sonia did have that weird Junko-like smile

Does Hajizuru have SHSL Channeler?

>not to mention Naegi never made blunders as big as the other two.
all the reason why Naegi shouldve lost Kirigiri.

I feel like Naegi barely lost anything, when he did almost nothing, but Narukami lost everything, and Hajime pretty much got everything he wanted without repercussion.

Nope. It's Komahina all the way down and you know it.

I was thinking SHSL Medium

I wonder where that retard is that tried to say Chaiki in case 6 wasn't in Hinata's head.
He must feel really fucking stupid right about now.

Don't forget anything he lost wasn't even his fault anyway and out of his control.

Naegi is literally living every day with survivors guilt. Psychologically hinata is better off than naegi.

How though? I've been watching you throw an autistic hissyfit over this for multiple threads now.

What is so ruined about AI Chiaki? I think it's kinda touching how she was created as a close replica of the original born from everyones feelings for her.

No, he doesn't.

Naegi lost over half his friends and his parents. On top of that he was forced into an another brutal killing.

Hajime lost....a waifu? He still basically got to get away with mass genocid and all his other friends are still alive .

How many times are you going to make the same points over and over again?
>Who cares?
I'm answering a question, I actually like Hinata quite a bit and don't hold it against him, but it's a thing that happened.
>As was pointed out earlier in this very thread, somebody else would have become Izuru.
That doesn't change the fact that he went through with it.
>He wasn't able to do it because he wasn't even there
Did you miss the part where he just stood there watching while she was in her death throes? He has all the talents, he could have done something, or at least stabilized her.
>it was all Izuru
Kamukura and Hinata are one now, he didn't just disappear in the program, he still has to shoulder the burden of his past actions. And that's not necessarily a bad thing, he seems very at peace with it and I feel like that attitude has given him strength.
>Chiaki was doomed to die a stupid "tragic" death
And? He was in a position to change that fate and didn't. Now he has to move on.

The whole idea that everyone absolutely has to have an equally happy ending is pretty childish anyway.

Have you praised your 6 fingered overlord today?

God I hate this so much.

Why did Ishimaru have nothing but suffering?

I would have been okay with Ishimaru's death if the other characters reacted to what he was going through, but only Makoto really does anything, everybody else was content forgetting about him and caring more about Hifumi, and Celes's motive meant that Ishimaru literally died for no reason since it was based on a lie.

Right here. It wasn't in his head at all, moron.

Don't get this autist started again, please.

Fuck off fujo

SHSL everything and SHSL nurse need to make SHSL Nursery Teacher

I know haj has

Maybe if you actually tried reading what I wrote instead of whining about it being an "autistic hissyfit" you'd get it, you moron. She's a fucking chameleon who can also, at the minimum, be Peko. She doesn't act like human Chiaki, so the idea that "they're actually the same" falls flat, and then I'm left wondering just what the real Chiaki AI actually was. There's no harmony left for her, just an endless cacophony of a shambling electronic gestalt that I want nothing to do with. Yes, if you were a fan of Chiaki, you hated the revelation. If you didn't care that much about her, it wouldn't mean anything.

Ishimaru went full retarded. he deserved nothing but dead, just like Hifumi. Celes did great getting them killed and then offing herself.

How much more evidence do you need before your brain starts to fry from all the contradictions in your headcanon?

I like that he holds a Fanta bottle because Fanta was made by Nazis


>class 77 wants to talk to Chisa
>Chisa is with Junko so they talk with her to

Until they stop being true, of course!

>That doesn't change the fact that he went through with it.
The fact he went through with it is fine, it didn't cost him his girlfriend at all.

>Did you miss the part where he just stood there watching while she was in her death throes? He has all the talents, he could have done something, or at least stabilized her.
No? That was Izuru.

>Kamukura and Hinata are one now, he didn't just disappear in the program, he still has to shoulder the burden of his past actions.
Yes, NOW. But back then? It was all Izuru, not him at all. He has no culpability.

>And? He was in a position to change that fate and didn't.
No, he actually was not. Just because Izuru 'could' do it doesn't mean that he 'would'.

Why though? Naegi has lost alot in way of countless friends, colleagues, and his own parents, in addition to him being psychologically pretty fucked up from everything, you saw his despair dream that shit is eating away at him and the only thing that kept him together was kirigiri. Taking her away from him would just be needlessly cruel and would of ended this series on a depressing and ultimately unsatisfying note for this character.

Like you saw how naegi was acting right after everyone left, the guy was about to go into full depressed mode after eyes were off him cause of losing kirigiri. He does not need anymore survivors guilt than he already has especially without the person whose helped him through it all.


Izuru and Hajime aren't different people but Izuru had no reason to care about Chiaki at all. "Hajime" couldn't do anything until he woke up and entered the HPA classroom. Izuru was only bother to go into the NWP by Chiaki's death.

Junko was more the mastermind in DR2 by the way. She planned the AI shit. All Izuru dos was plug a AI into a computer.

All I need is a piece of evidence. That was AI Chiaki's ghost and nothing else, and has no connection to what happened in 2-6. In fact, it actually explains a part of what happened in 2-6, Fuyuhiko saw Peko because that's what the Observer morphed into to encourage him.

She was intended to be a chameleon yes, but through the power of feels she became Chiaki 2.0 instead. She carried on the original's hopes and apparently still does despite being stuck in Hajime's brain.

No, she was a chameleon. 2-6 proved it. No, she fucking did not, we know this from Despair 10. Stop pretending Kodaka's shitty copout line meant anything and understand that it destroyed Chiaki.

>Junko was more the mastermind in DR2 by the way. She planned the AI shit. All Izuru dos was plug a AI into a computer.
People seriously still believe this? Junko didnt actually plan anything past 1, they beat this over your head in both despair girls and 3.

>Draw Junko
>Call it a new character
Why is this allowed?


There you go, guy.

>Junko was more the mastermind in DR2 by the way

Give her back


Junko AI in AE said its all coming to according to plan and she can't wait to see Hinata in the NWP.

Real one is dead, ai chiaki is technically alive.

Chiaki was the only straight chance he had and he tossed it away for Nagito.

Bring her back first, then we'll talk.

>No? That was Izuru.
>Yes, NOW. But back then? It was all Izuru, not him at all. He has no culpability.
You are treating this like Kamukura is no longer a part of him and Hinata is when he is both of them and thus culpable for both of their actions. What don't you understand about this?
>Just because Izuru 'could' do it doesn't mean that he 'would'.
What are you even trying to argue here? He had the option and he didn't take it.

Write fanfiction if you really want to, it'd be about as worthwhile. Just remember what was talked about earlier, getting real Chiaki to stay alive is a real pain.

No, that was her last goodbye as a ghost. She's not coming back.


Junko ai was created by the combo izuru and monaca, junko didnt even remotely take monaca seriously and was surprised she was even able to accomplish anything before junko fucked off to go die in 1. Junko has nothing to do with 2 outside of influencing the masterminds. And even then thats a stretch cause izuru did 2 as a half fuck you to junko.

>What don't you understand about this?
It's that he really wasn't culpable because Chiaki was going to die anyway.

>What are you even trying to argue here? He had the option and he didn't take it.
Because he couldn't bring himself to care.

Probably a lot of bondage.

You really should follow the other guys' advice, and just leave him alone. The dude sounds like a perpetual salt mine.

>Got easily blackmailed

Still claim Juzo can't be controlled.

Well I thought Kirigiri's death was going to spur him into actually doing something, or taking charge of his own destiny or some shit. like he wasn't going to let her death just go to waste.

What I got was him being reminded that everyone fucking died. Juzo saves his and shuts off the game
and then Naegi doesnt even confront Mitarai at the climatic moment. Yet he gets Kirigiri back and becomes what I like to imagine the new Jin of Hope's Peak V2

Munakata loses the entire orginization, his waifu that helped started it all, and kills his best friend out of retarded rage.
Hajime however gets everything he wanted and more. It just looks like Hajime won instead of hope or despair.

Its probably just me, but Kirigiri's death barely added anything or took away from the plot. what was the point even?

Yes, yes, run away because you know that I'm right. That's for the best, really.

I want the real one back
>Just remember what was talked about earlier, getting real Chiaki to stay alive is a real pain.
Izuru activates the Ultimate Asspull talent he got from Kirigiri and saves her, is not that hard. I just suck at writing and it wouldn't be canon

Is it that much of a pain? You can insert pretty much "Ultimate anything", and start from there. Combine certain ultimate skills for time travel. Combine certain ultimate skills to pull a Mass Effect 2. Stuff like that.

Feels bad man.

>Junko ai was created by the combo izuru and monaca,
Where was this stated?

DR2 was the biggest mistake of this franchise.

DR2 characters shafted DR1 and DR3 characters just so they could have an Island Paradise Ending.

Oh you two are definitely right I already gave up after one rebuttal. Have a nice Akane for the trouble I've caused.

Ishimaru and Nidai having some fun and working out. Athlete buddies.

Or just them together chanting to "do your best!"

Zero hope.

I just hope it doesn't have any brainwashing again.

No, brain dead means fucking dead.

You're thinking of vegetative state.

>the executions in DR2 don't matter anymore because they're all alive
>meanwhile, the DR1 characters, the DR3 characters, and most likely the V3 characters will all stay dead

>Its probably just me, but Kirigiri's death barely added anything or took away from the plot. what was the point even?

There wasn't a point, really. It was a cheap way to do the boring thing that DR1 avoided (stuffing the more capable heroine in the fridge for the protag's manangst) except they didn't even want the consequence of that move to stick.

Tell me if Japan has enough of a stable population to send teenage students to Hope Academy in the first place.

Are their any parents that can afford highschool for their children considering the economy is nonexistent?


I dont like the fake out death either in the sense that they should of just kept her alive all the way through the end. But its not like naegi didnt save the day by stopping munakata as a result of her supposed death, they would of never stopped the game had he still been hunting them especially with as little of them left.

I know it's not like everyone online is the same person, but I've seen enough posts like this for it to be funny to me.

>8 months ago
>"DR2 is arguably as good as DR1, if not a bit better!"
>"DR2 is the biggest mistake in this series! Please bring best girl Seiko back!"

Nah. Even if he activates the ultimate [explanation] and saves her, you first have to answer "Why would Izuru do that when he couldn't begin to give a hoot about her originally?". Time travel is its own can of worms so I'm going to leave that idea alone here.

Is it because he gained his memories back, ala Naegi in DR1 IF? If so, then what does HPA do with an Izuru who's running around with his memories of his old life back, and what do they do with the girl who triggered them? What does Hajizuru even do knowing that he signed his old life away, and potentially even already killed a guy, and what will happen to Nanami now that she knows?

Even if Junko suffers an anticlimactic death (say, she trips and lands her head on a hard surface) while she cums from the despair that gives her, there are a lot of other factors that would want to have human Chiaki end up dead.

t. Celes


Hey, Ultimate necromancer here. How ya doin. It'd be hilarious, and you know it.

You couldn't rebut your way out of a paper bag. I suggest you stop and think about factors in the future.

A very popular quote is never lending your friends money.

Just ignore them user, they're hypocritical morons who call anyone who dares to disagree with them autistic.

>It's that he really wasn't culpable because Chiaki was going to die anyway.
This argument makes no sense. He still was involved in the death she wound up having. You can list off a million what-ifs but that doesn't negate what did actually happen. And besides that, because he was Kamukura and not someone else, it put him in the unique position to be able to stop that fate because he was so all-powerful and he still didn't, and that's something he needs to move on from now.
>Because he couldn't bring himself to care.
Yes, and he has to live with that mistake, that's what I'm saying. If you watch a woman drown to death and could easily pull her out of the water but choose not to only to discover years later that it was your beloved mother, are you suddenly not culpable?

I don't know how but I think I became an unironic DR3fag, at least in the case of the cast. Despite having far less screentime and proper characterization than the other two casts I found all of them pretty enjoyable.

I don't get it, how hopeman knew about Junko's hideout and why he took a gun with him.

Motherfucker I just want her back. If Kodaka doesn't like answering questions why should a fanfiction writer do it?
"It's SHSL magic, I ain't gotta explain shit"

Hey man, I'm just throwing out solutions to keep her alive. I don't really care that much about Haji...zuru whatever the fuck's emotional dilemmas. Fact is, they've given him every talent out there. People are gonna headcanon the fuck outta that shit since it's an almost free ticket to paradise for them.

>e, it put him in the unique position to be able to stop that fate because he was so all-powerful and he still didn't, and that's something he needs to move on from now.
No, it didn't. Because as stated, he didn't have any emotions, so it wasn't his fault.

>Yes, and he has to live with that mistake, that's what I'm saying. If you watch a woman drown to death and could easily pull her out of the water but choose not to only to discover years later that it was your beloved mother, are you suddenly not culpable?
If I were utterly lobotomized and knew that no matter what I did, she would end up dead? I'd just sigh at how the forces of the universe conspired against me for that particular moment and hope that it wouldn't happen again.

But thats why I didn't like her fake death, it felt like they were just saying," hey, you know that thing that really affected Naegi and made him finally confront Munakata to stop all this bullshit? yea, that wasn't real." It's like Naegi just said hey, my waifu died too,can we finally talk?

I just feel as though they couldve done so much more. bringing back Kirigiri pretty much just undersold anything he did after she "died." I wouldve been okay with overlooking it if he did something more then just confront munakata and calm him down.

Don't worry, we can wish them and all the other dead characters back to life with the Bear Balls.

Signing a shady contract to participate in super secret experiments is a blunder, I'd be interested to hear how you argue otherwise.

If you want to just do that, there's art like this to look at or you can just do a silly fluff thing that shouldn't take you much time at all to do.

My headcanon always finds her doomed because she's in a very terrible situation and she needs SHSL+++ Luck with multiple miracles in a row to make it.

He was lucky to find a gun
He was unlucky to learn about Junko
He was lucky to find a hideout

Being freaky people, the sex must be fantastic

I thought DR2 was good as a game, but it really fucked up the overall plot of the series. I really think that each installment of the series should be its own standalone universe rather than connected.

That's why I'm interested in V3. If it turns out to be connected to the previous games I'm going to be strongly disappointed.

>No, it didn't. Because as stated, he didn't have any emotions, so it wasn't his fault.
Are you trying to argue he had no free will now? Even though he agreed to Junko's plan on his own? The He still has the same brain that was experimented on, the NWP didn't heal the surgery, the difference is that he regained memories he had lost and yet he is still capable of emotion now, despite having Kamukura within him.
>I'd just sigh at how the forces of the universe conspired against me for that particular moment and hope that it wouldn't happen again.
That's pretty fucked up, dude. It sounds like you didn't deserve that mother in the first place.

>The strawberry seed only shows its face three times, Naegi

>Are you trying to argue he had no free will now?
Well, no, not really. He was in search of something interesting and there was no reason character-wise for him to do that. You act as if "free will" is a pass for somebody to do something utterly chaotic and not in-character at all.

>That's pretty fucked up, dude. It sounds like you didn't deserve that mother in the first place.
Well, okay. I guess you're obsessed with laying blame everywhere and I can't stop you from doing that, but if you look at what happened, character-wise and setting-wise there was no way Chiaki was living.

Fuck off edgefag

Well, bar a miracle, as Junko herself pointed out.
But that wasn't happening.

He would be dead and waifuless or alive/normal and waifuless.

Hajime doing the project at least saved 77.

Not just normal, he has superpowers, and his old personality back to boot! It was a slam dunk benefit.

>You act as if "free will" is a pass for somebody to do something utterly chaotic and not in-character at all.
He made decisions in the past that led to a sad outcome. I'm not trying to argue that he viewed it back then the same way he does now, just that he was part of it.
>I guess you're obsessed with laying blame everywhere
The point isn't to blame him, the point is to show that he made mistakes he has to live with. I guess the difference between us is that I see it as a positive thing that he came out stronger for while you're still stuck on your waifu's happy ending.

They didn't want people to lose hope on the FF

He still had a hand in Junko's machinations and I don't believe that's something he's looks back on favorably.

Sure but Any Izuru would have done the same I reckon. The reaction to Chiakis death is what seperates Izuru from other potential Izurus.

We already got that in 1 and 2

This is the end of the HPA arc, a happy end was called for

>Juzo and Munakata have their own dynamic.
Like Kanji and Persona4.

>He made decisions in the past that led to a sad outcome.
No, not really. They happened to lead to an outcome that was sad, but it was something that he had no capacity to change himself. Pretty much any Izuru would have been the same way. Ironically(?) it was only thanks to him blowing human Chiaki's advice off that he was able to do anything in the first place.

>I'm not trying to argue that he viewed it back then the same way he does now, just that he was part of it.
He wasn't really a part of it, as I already said.

>I guess the difference between us is that I see it as a positive thing that he came out stronger for while you're still stuck on your waifu's happy ending.
No, the difference between us is that you have a naive assumption of your opponents position based on strawmen, and as your argument begins to break down like the paper doll it really is you unleash your attack, whereas I try to work out a dialogue and understand somebody, even if I can already read them like a book, just to see if there's a chance that I'm wrong. Can we not do this, please? If you're at the point where you want to toss insults my way I think it'd be better for the both of us if you quit now.

I'm not seeing how this makes it not a blunder but yeah it could have been worse?

They were never dead, secondary

2ch is like Cred Forums, it hates everything

No, 2ch is Japanese Reddit.

He's the most bullyable of them all.

That gies double if he's a chuuni

Hey blame the VR twist, not the game

Not like Kyoko's character should be resumed to be a tool for Naegi's development

lol no it isn't

>he had no capacity to change himself
Your argument relies on treating Kamukura like he doesn't exist anymore. The Kamukura that made those decisions is still Hinata, he still exists.
>He wasn't really a part of it, as I already said.
He made the fucking decision, dude. He was there. He was even intrigued enough to come up with SDR2 out of it. He had the power to stop Junko if he tried, and whether or not he wanted to back then, he probably wishes he had now and that's a regret.
>whereas I try to work out a dialogue and understand somebody, even if I can already read them like a book, just to see if there's a chance that I'm wrong
Holy shit, please get over yourself. You aren't the puppet master you think you are, and you're the one saying shit like "you're obsessed with laying blame everywhere" when that's completely missing the point of what I'm trying to say.
>I think it'd be better for the both of us if you quit now.
Gladly, I'm actively revolted by your posts and your endless salt over your bland-ass boring waifu. Chiaki was never once interesting, you only give a shit about her because she has a cute design and is nice. She's polished waifubait for people who don't want to actually deal with human characteristics like flaws because it reminds them too much of the real world.

You might be thinking of 2chan, 2ch is pretty much normalfag central.

>trying to make a post at the very last minute before the archive kicks in
Yeah, that's not nice.

>Your argument relies on treating Kamukura like he doesn't exist anymore. The Kamukura that made those decisions is still Hinata, he still exists.
He existed then, Hinata couldn't care for Chiaki so it wasn't his fault.

>He made the fucking decision, dude. He was there.
No, he was not. You're acting like emotions don't mean anything.

>Holy shit, please get over yourself.
Practice what you preach. As I expected, you bursted into memes like the child you really are.

>You aren't the puppet master you think you are,
People who say that are the easiest to pull around.

Reporting in for best waifu