Who wins?

Who wins?

Gorilla beats human easy

Chitoge > Kosaki in every imaginable way.

Best girl will win, just like she did in the story.

I love Kosaki, I hate Chitoge. Kosaki wins.

So, Onodera?

Whoever has enough wits not to watch this harem trash.

Only one girl here is a mere pathetic mortal. Obviously that girl will lose again.

>winning anything

Gorilla won a month ago what is this thread

But now they're going to have a literal fight. If Kosaki kills Chitoge, Raku will pick her.

The blonde always wins. Not only that, just look at her confident pose. She's glowing with life. She was intended to win from the very beginning.

Kosaki is ugly as shit jesus christ

>If Kosaki kills Chitoge
LOL Tsugumi will suplex Kosaki before she even knows it
Chitoge doesn't have to lift a finger

That show had so much good pussy going on, like, every girl and their mothers were material.
The japs should make more shows like this BUT far more straightforwards without all the unnecessary roundabouts this show had.

No, scratch that, just make a softcore porn and then add sex scenes on the Blue Ray Discs, make it a case per case as if it were some kind of interactive erotic visual novel School Days style.
Also, don't forget about sexing the milfs and the imoutos for you know, gold age Overflow style.

>The japs should make more shows like this
Umm there's plenty of hentai out there newfag

The way too obvious scenario would be the brute Chitoge beating the timid Onodera. But anime isn't 3DPD, so Onodera would probably tap into an unknown power and leave herself dumbfounded by how good she is at cage fighting.

>I didn't read the whole thing but I'm calling em' newfag anyways

I basically said, I wanted more School Days type of shows with this one's quality and none of the bullshit, you retard.

Tsugumifags for having the superior taste.



tsugumi, chitoge's mom, onodera or onodera's imouto wins imo

Chitoge. It's not even an argument.

Chitoge would beat the ever living hell out of Onodera

Harambe disagrees.

If you read or watch this piece of garbage you are the loser

The only winner is Y-san.


They're both shit.

The fans.

I dropped the show before she was introduced. Does she make up for Chitoge and Onodera being complete shit?

It seems that the one with the hat.