Want to read the manga of Mob Pyscho but don't want to ruin the experience I had with going into the anime blind...

>Want to read the manga of Mob Pyscho but don't want to ruin the experience I had with going into the anime blind, so I have to wait for S2

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You'll be waiting for years that way, user.

Just read the mango, man.

It's not worth waiting years for it, man. Just read it.


Read it dude; you can enjoy the new chapter threads with us if you do, otherwise you'll have to sit there looking at spoilered black bars.

>tfw the cute little KanaHana girl in the gas mask was actually an ugly old man

Wouldn't Claw Boss be season three?

I read the manga so I knew, but I was still upset.

Seaon 2 will be dull anyways. Just read it.

I started reading it and I'm enjoying it

How dare you, nigga?





I wish Reigen knew how many people want to jump on his dick.


He wouldn't give a shit I would think ;_;


Who would win?
Mob or Eleven?

I was hoping Teru's battle cry in the mobile game would be him going REEEEEEEEEEE

>mfw it actually was

I don't know who that other kid is, so Mob.

Every time I roll I pray for a Teru and I never fucking get one.

Who is that kid?

That is illegal, Ricchan.






Why is Reigen bullying Mob?

I unfortunately know what Aang looked like in the shitty movie; how am I supposed to know a kid from a tiny cropped picture?

I know user, I know.

Ritsu is so relatable desu.

She's from Stranger Things
I think Mob would help her out and guide her if anything.

Guess you guys never watched Stranger Things

Very much so.
I miss Mob already, what am I going to do till season twoeventually hopefully comes?

That's a chick? The hell?

Had to look it up, I am too busy with my backlog to watch TV shows.

my condolences user
I got naruto Teru

She's a little girl user.

user you might need help

what is he doing in the picture?

>naruto Teru
speaking of which, does anyone have that pic where Teru is edited to look like Naruto

just finished fapping.

here you go friend

At least I have a monkey shirt Mob.

the art style of this reminds me some of those wikihow articles
how to be a brocon in 8 steps

Cred Forums Mob Puzzle friend list when? ;_;

he actually looks adorable wearing it

thanks senpai

It's pretty damn good
Old school Sci fi shit

Everytime I roll, I get Teru, I have 3 Terus now, I wanted Reigen.

I know I do, senpai.

I still haven't caught up to this season's anime and my backlog is big; besides, this isn't Cred Forums related, glad that you are having fun with it though.

I'd be willing to do this
you just put the other person's ID in right?

If the anime doesn't actually make you read the manga right now, then it technically failed its job.

Don't let its sacrifice be in vain, user. Think of the Mob Psycho 100 show. It tried so hard.

This anime is bullshit. Is Just Hype from O.P.M.
I have watched 5 eps, an nothing interesting about the plot.


Same my backlog is pretty big but I do enjoy some 3d shows now and again

Was ONE aware of how many doujins he sparked with the broccoli bondage?

>schoolgirl Mob
>maid Ritsu
>bondage Teru

what will the madman do next

Probably something with Shou, but I have no idea what fetish.

bestiality with his hamsters

Does naruto teru evolve?, I don't play the game but I read that characters evolve and get another outfit after reaching a certain level

Those message room porn with Reigen

you are going to buy the blu rays and dvds from amazon.co.jp and get a box with this art on it, right


I still want to see teru in a pretty dress, bondage isn't enough ;_;

If they do, I haven't leveled up enough yet. But you can buy characters in different outfits.

Feel the same thing about jojo

I want to see bondage Teru in a pretty dress

Needs a lot more Reigen, but still pretty cool.

They tore through fifty chapters of the manga in season one. They can cover everything next season

She's growing her hair back user

Mob easily.

>that dimple
fuck I really do want it

Claw arc is really long though, and we don't know how much longer Brocco is gonna be. If they cover everything in one season then it'd have to be two cour.

I'd be fine with just a one cour sequel covering Urban Legends+Mogami and Reigen (and the marathon festival with the massive cliffhanger) and a season 3 or OVAs/movies for Claw Boss and Broccoli.

Let's hope ONE delivers.

Neither, mob wouldn't hit a girl that did nothing to him and neither would she fight unless she is defending herself or a friend, they would become good friends.
But if you are asking who is stronger then it is mob.

Something tells me he won't, it's too late now

I would ship mob and eleven

me too

Maybe dimple is keeping teru there as a last resort, if he posseses him mob would have a harder time fighting him.

Glad I'm not the only one

Reigen is going to ruin my life

Should I add some colour or go black and white?
eyes are already fucked though.

I don't really mind either way user
it looks great

Damn, that's lewd. The eyes are fine, though. As to the coloring, either way would be fine, so it's a matter of how much you want to do.

He already ruined mine. Can't even go a second without thinking about reigen

it's really good and now i might have to fap to a middle-schooler

how about a POV of reigen giving a happy ending?

I want to FUCK Shou.

Don't we all?

Why are we on page 10

Thanks guys, I went with the colouring "style" I did on my last Mob.

Glad you like.

Sure thing. I've been wanting to redeem myself with Reigen. You want male or female POV?

Everyone is asleep user.
Post rare Tomes?

very nice
also not that user but I'm fine with either

Reigen is a gift.

Realistically how long would it typically be if they were to announce a second season?
How long was it for OPM?

Not even a full year, OPM will have officially aired in 4 days. Mob, if it's going to happen will take at least 2 if Warner Bros think they can still make money with it

Is everyone in the shitposting thread

How short is Reigen?

>There are people who legitimately thought it would be a little girl.
>Despite spoilers all over teh place.

from twitter, looks like their heights vary from episode to episode.

Female of course

Thank-you, and no problem. I'll start working on it soon.

>i've obtained loss

Is that some weird japanese saying? Why did ritsu become a dick for 2 episodes and then suddenly stop

because he was drunk with power until he got his face punched in and saw his nii-san getting beat up

i want reigen to punch me in the vagina

I can't fucking wait

MP100 is a better manga than it is an anime
I mean look at this page. mob is the first time reading manga where I noticed the paneling as a part of the art. the frumpy art may have helped draw my attention to it.

He was on a power trip. He had an inferiority complex towards his brother and he was churned up inside because he loves his brother but also feared him. The president's words were the tipping over point for him and when he awoke his own powers he got drunk on power for a bit which Dimple stoked the flames of a little as well.

The whole thing was basically Ritsu's version of 100%. That lifetime of stress over his brother came pouring out in one big edgefest that ended when he got badly humbled by pretty much every mildly competent esper.

>all male

This page is fucking beautiful.

Anyone else grinding to play the new event gatcha? I want the business style reigen;-;

Aww snap, I have you on my friends list.

I'm grinding that shit too, it's fucking rough though. I REALLY want that Reigen, Sakurai would be nice too, but Reigen ;_;...

>implying female viewers/readers don't want to jump his dick too
We definitely do

Oh, that's not me I just grabbed that from someone's blog. It'd be cool if there was a friend ID list though.

I just started grinding and have 538/7200 needed. ;-; I'm not really interested in the support gatcha since I scored some gold supports (thanks to the, like, 50k yen and 50 diamonds they gave away the other day).

It's a pain adding friends because you add their ID and then they have to add you.

I added a bunch of people from tumblr

Yeah, it's a pain the ass. Also I don't remember finding people to add on twitter...
Now I'm kind of tempted to make an ID list already so we can all give each other hearts and shit. Looks like we're gonna need a lot for the new event gatcha and I don't want to spend my diamonds on hearts anymore.

>decide to check other sites to see what they think of Mob
>See this
I guess what they say about Reddit is true.

>(and the marathon festival with the massive cliffhanger)

That would be VERY cruel

So why does it go up to 1000 for gratitude?

Because gratitude is a positive emotion, and therefore 10x stronger than negative emotions. Dont read too much into how the powers work, this aint HxH

> Save up to play main character gatcha
> Get 2 ritsus in a row (one bronze and the silver emo one)
I just want Teru goddamn it.

I know I do

Are you gonna watch the dub? I think I'll check it out and then see if I like it enough to continue for 12 episodes. I don't expect nothing great, would be nice though if it was good enough to fill the void..any news for a western release of mango/anime?

>I have watched 5 eps, an nothing interesting about the plot.


Did it sell good? Tell me it sold good and had some kind of success (

I like this blog a lot, but this was particularly spot-on at depicting Reigen, even if mostly from the animation perspective


According to his profile, he's 5'10"

The time can vary a lot. It was 4 years for SNK and 5 years for DRRR, but less than a year for AssClass.

That would be pretty fucking awesome, though. Just imagining the animeonlies reaction to pic related fills me with glee.

I'm going to watch it all the way through, regardless of how bad it is. That's how badly I need more Mob.

He did a great job explaining how the animation itself is an integral part of Reigen's character in the adaptation (moreso than any other character).

that would be PERFECT

If people freaked out at the Claw's Boss thing, they would absolutely shit themselves over this.

Literally watched the last ep with my mate last night. Had no idea what the fuck was going on.

Hes pretty tall actually, it's just rotoscoping that looks like shit.

the manga will porbably end on chapter 100

I felt the same about the Hellsing OVA. Never read the manga and I wanted to wait for the anime to finish so I could enjoy it fully. I remember someone telling me that the major was a cyborg and it just seemed like the most retarded idea at the time. Then I finished the series and realised Hellsing was shit.

I read the manga before the anime but still I hella enjoyed the anime. So it's not much of a loss, user.

That would also be two times in a row that Shou is involved in the cliffhanger. It would be even more hilarious because animeonlys wouldn't get to see Shou at all in Season 2 until that second cliffhanger.

>Reigen is an inch taller than me.
Feels good

>Reigen is 6 inches taller than me

Jesus christ do you live in the fucking shire

that's nothing
he's 8 inches taller than me

Are you a cute grill?

user, I'm a girl

Consider leg surgery., you know to make you not part of a medical disability of shortness

Yeah I don't believe that

Anime pleb who no longer wants to be a peasant here.

What chapter do I continue on from or is it worth starting from the beginning?

The anime ends at chapter 50 of the manga, but it's worth reading from the beginning to see small things the anime may have glossed over, as well as the omakes the anime didn't get to.

Thanks Cred Forumsnon

you mean chuned up

>Mob is taller than me

Are you a child?

I'm a very cute grill

I thought I was taller than him. Shit. I'm shorter than him too.

I hope your door is a circle

Are you a woman/child? if not, I feel sad for you

I'd be up for this

I'm only a bit taller than Teru, but I suddenly feel a lot better about my height.

The real question is: are you taller than the hamsterfucker?

I don't think so but I want to buy the BDs. Jap ones are too expensive

>Hobby: Drawing
I wonder if he draws lewd pictures of Ritsu.

I read somewhere that it's really hard to fap to pictures you drew yourself, so I kind of doubt it.

>I'm taller then everyone.


Sure, but Shou is 13, he could probably fap to stick figures if he tried.

I'm the same height as Reigen. I also have blonde hair.

Am I Reigen now?

Depends, are you friends with an autistic middle schooler?

>calling Mob autistic
Shame user shame

Really? When I was 13, I couldn't have fapped to anything. Are kids really that pervy?


Yeah, they are.


That's usually around the age where hormones start messing with them, so yeah. You were probably just a late bloomer, that can happen.
I don't know, did you save anime?

>as tall as Reigen

You should hire and start a paranormal consultant business.

nah i used to draw porn while shitting, would fap to it then flush it when i was like 12 with no phone

Nigga I was fapping when I was 11
Thank you internet
Honestly I miss the days when I could fap without mess.

I don't even know why I wrote my post in this tense, I'm in this exact position already.

>Reigen's birthday is coming up
What will we do?
And what does he even have to edit his face for?

I fucking need that poster in my life

I know, right?

Anyone 6'2"+?

Starting to feel like a freak here.

Would've been really cool to have him be a female villain. I found out early but it was kind of a missed opportunity.

Do you guys think Reigen's asexual or just that him getting a date isn't relevant to the show? I'm hoping the latter.

>Reigen is 9 inches taller than me
Feels good to be a tiny grill

you can still be short and a freak, don't worry

you guys probably hate him but

The shop should have sold this poster

>mfw I'm 5'2
Fucking sucks man

i don't think it was a missed opportunity, just one playing with expectations as usual. any other manga would have had it be a kid or a girl, pretty much nobody expected a short old man

I like to believe that Ishiguro wants to be a cute loli which is why he hides his face and uses a voice changer.

Why are you still alive
People this short should turn themselves into worm food or something

>What will we do?
I wish I had artistic skills of any sort so I could do something for Reigen's birthday. ;_;
>Do you guys think Reigen's asexual or just that him getting a date isn't relevant to the show?
I think it doesn't matter and you're free to think whatever you want. He doesn't look like the kind of person who would want to be in a relationship just for the sake of it, so if he ever got with anyone it'd have to be someone pretty damn special. It also seems like he sucks at keeping close relationships, so that doesn't help either.

I personally don't like romance in anime (that's what fanart/fanfic is for), so I'm glad ONE isn't forcing it outside of the whole Tsubomi deal which is barely even there anyway.

But short people have the potential to be shota/loli

he's pretty ugly too though and has a lot of scars, so him wearing the mask makes sense, not sure why he uses the voice changer though

do people actually say "e d"? i read ed as ending in my head

Maybe I might do a little Reigen doll or something.

Is there an apk somewhere for it? Does it take much space?

The plot doesn't start until the 6th episode, downy.

Plot started at the end of episode 2, retard.

I totally agree with you there. I think it's a breath of fresh air that we don't have a serious romance subplot in this series. If I want romantic tension in a series I'd rather it be obvious from the start, and I like my adventures to be adventures anyway. And it's Mob's story in the end, so him being a pure lad what would he know?

I really want to draw some proper full-colour fanart for MP100, but all I've finished so far is this excuse of a RedrawReigen that shouldn't count (the first image is a life drawing I did in class that had a surprisingly silly face).

Evil Mob when?

From personal experience, it's actually the opposite


He looks so creepy here.



user-kun I'm sorry to say this but I dropped Mob Psycho 100 after episode 10. Now I know you're all thinking, "Dude, no one gives a fucking shit about your opinion, fuck off". But hear me out.

My opinion is, in fact, the most important opinion when it comes to anime. If I do not like a series, no one else on this board is allowed to praise it or make threads about it. Since I ended up dropping Mob Psycho 100 y'all need to stop making these threads about an ok series.


He is kinda creepy, the anime just made him cuter

As long as I'm a little taller than Mobu that's all that matters to me.
I can continue to fantasize about being the oneesan that has a secret adult relationship with him.

That scammer chick looks like Reigen's long-lost crossdressing twin brother.

>her son is a con artist whose only friend is a 14 year old boy
>her other son is a degenerate
Poor Ms. Reigen.

Reigen's smile could cure any disease.

Is Dimple flexing?


I wish they kept his creepyness desu. It explains why he's unpopular. In the anime he's too cute.

I didn't expect genderbend fanart of these two. I would both of them though.

What is the moral of MP100?

Mob, no fucking question.

El can't even fire off 3 mental attacks before feeling fatigue.
But in terms of overall cuteness, now that's a tough choice.

To be fair, 14 year olds aren't into cuteness, so it makes sense that Mob is unpopular in the anime too.


If you're born with amazing talents then you should handicap yourself so you don't rock the boat because everyone is "equal" even though some people are clearly superior.

I want Reigen to wipe my ass with his facehole.

Shou a cute. I hope he does something in this arc.

Don't be a dick.

I hope he rescues Ritsu, or alternately, also gets tied up by the broccoli.

Talent does not define a person's worth and what they can or cannot be. Everyone is capable of change, no matter how long it takes.

You are more than just your abilities/talents. Follow your goals and improve yourself, but don't hurt others or become too proud.

Be a good person. That is all.

Grow the fuck up and don't be a dipshit.

I only really got the "creepy" vibes when he went 100% or ???, desu. Most of the time he just looks kinda weird, but still in very endearing and "cute" sort of way.

>Mob will never be your Nii-san
Why even live?

No reason to, so you should probably kill yourself.

I don't think Mob is supposed to be creepy or cute, just bland-looking. ONE's art style just makes most of the characters kinda creepy especially in the beginning. When you look at the most recent chapters, Mob doesn't even look that creepy.

I don't see all this cuteness, I mean sure all look better compared to the anime but to me he still looks pretty autistic


>Mob will never be your disciple
Suffering and more suffering

What are they saying?

Mob can still be your Nii-san in your sexual fantasies.

Mob is already my Nii-san in my normal fantasies

>not fapping to Mobu every night

>this thread

What's wrong?

I can't give an exact translation, but basically Reigen says Mob's hoodie is cute, and then the following day Mob shows up to work wearing it instead of his uniform or something.

That's cute. Thanks.

You're right, there aren't enough Reigen lewds.


-A dog...

-That's pretty cute.

-Eh, you didn't have school today?
-I had some time so I changed clothes (before coming, I assume)
-? I see...

Nice, thank you.

Surely you mean Teru.

Teru is cute but he's too young for me.

>not being a hebephile

I want to see Reigen at his 30-40s
He'll age oh so well.

He lives dangerously. He'll be dead before he's 40.

Season two never

Well, Reigen is pretty handsome, but too old for me.

>tfw reigen is younger than you

Try again, fucker.

Not confirmed.

It's okay, I still love you Gramps

>Mob wasn't around for Reigen's birthday during his arc
Please tell me they celebrated together afterwards. Mob DOES know when Reigen's birthday is, r-right? ;_;

Season two soon

>not confirmed
>not confirmed
What does it mean?

Season two will happen, but it will take a while.

It means it's now

That meme magic isn't real.

>Mob DOES know when Reigen's birthday is, r-right?
Probably not.

>you will never call Reigen Shishou

It means season 2 not soon

Well forget this fucking Broccoli shit then, we need a chapter with Mob and Reigen celebrating their birthdays together asap.

That is the weirdest lewd I have ever seen. Why is he sucking on a pillow?

If you wanna get dubs, do it right faggots

s2 confirmed

I'm not sure whether you're serious or not, user. It's a censored dick.


But the white thing doesn't even look like a person. And Reigen would totally suck on a pillow if he's trying to look lewd

So what's the stuff on his glasses?


Mob is a slut

Mob is a pure boy who gets corrupted by gangrape

Correction: Teru was a slut but Mob's goodness purified him, so he's pure too now.

>not Teru

user pls

The sooner you read the manga, higher the chances that you'll forget everything about it before the second season, if it gets made.

Ritsu pls go

>ywn work out with Teru
It hurts senpai

But that makes Shou a slut too.

>spoilering "a"


>tfw I will be reigen age on Wednesday
Feels old man

Happy birthday, user.

When Mob grows up, will he leave Reigen?

After this current arc, what do you think her final verdict will be?

Of course not. R-right?

What is it about this series that attracts so many women/faggots?

A shit

MC is a faggot like you.

Male characters

ONE is a homosexual, so he inserts homoerotic undertones that straight men cannot detect into his works, which in turn attracts women and the gays.


Is drawbro ITT?

I need someone to make this Mob related

Thanks user
Damn nice Reigen as well

Makes sense.

What is this expression trying to convey?

She's kind of a shitty person, but Mob will forgive her. The fans, on the other hand, won't.

>ONE is a homosexual
wait, really?

You didn't think he and Murata are 'just friends,' did you?

I heard ONE got married a while back; Murata has been married longer and has kids.

No you dip.

>ONE got married
Does this mean he will write better female characters?

>ONE got married

I didn't think it was possible but Mob threads have gotten even more gay since show ended

I do want some confirmation on this since I just read it in a thread and can't find the info online.
Maybe, the current ones aren't bad, they just lack screen time.

Nah, feels like the usual level of gay to me.

Does he have to?

To clearify; some guy was complaining about ONE not updating fast enough a few months back and some user replied that we should give the guy a break since he just got married.
I don't know if that user had ONE confused with some other mangaka; but since noone called him out on it back then I assumed that he wasn't misinformed.

If there's no source then it's not true.

That's why I mentioned this here, to seek confirmation for myself as well.

No Season 2 announcement yet, but at least we can see Ritsu on WWW.Working!!




two retards who got paid by CrunchyRoll to shill the show.

I actually like the second guy's analysis of the pv, it's surprisingly on point for someone that wasn't at all familiar with the material. But the ed video is not interesting at all, he's basically just gushing over it

>the ed video is not interesting at all
You take that back.

Oh wait, I thought you were saying the Mob Psycho ending itself isn't interesting, never mind me.

kek, stop shilling your videos here

People not interested in shipping aren't in threads about a show that's over.

I'm here. Fucking fujos need to go back to Tumblr.

I think it's overrated and over praised. I mean most people don't realize this but this anime is literally normalfag pandering garbage. I mean, I read the manga and the ending of the anime will literally be "DON'T USE YOUR TALENTS TO IMPROVE YOURSELF JUST BE A WAGESLAVE" and "I DON'T AGREE WITH YOU THEREFORE YOU'RE A CHUNNI". I literally cringe to the point I bleed my tongue from reading this crap of a manga. There is nothing more pretentious and hack tier than shitting on your readers and telling them what they're doing is wrong. I can't wait for people to forget this crap so that we could continue to proper anime not this normalfag shit.

Looks like somebody needs to take off their shoulderpads!

Seriously, it's disgusting.


Grow the fuck up.

>all fujos are from tumblr

I was glad you agreed with me and then you had to go and post that fucking picture. Disgusting. And if you have to pair Reigen up with someone, it should be Serizawa because Mob is straight and 14 years old.

Thank you for proving my point by posting a fujo picture from Tumblr, fujo.

But user, I like both SeriRei and ReiMob, and EkuRei is great too.

OST when?

Good taste.

What is he thinking to make him blush like that?

Not soon enough.
I'll make that Reigen one the theme of my life.

November 20-something.

> he completely missed the whole theme

don't use your powers to hurt other people != don't use your powers to become a better person

There is a whole other thread up full of people missing the point.

This was clearly supposed to be a Reigen thread.

Who needs that Reigen poster when you have several reigenposters?

I don't get what you just said.

something gay, I think

Oh wait I got it, you thought I meant this thread.
I meant the shit flinging thread about the shows themes, go check the catalog.

Holy shit this is a delicious lewd Teru.
Is there a word for hebephile in japanese?
Or do they just lump everyone in lolicon/shotacon?

23. Fuck, that's so far away.

Pretty sure no one but pedophiles who feel too guilty about wanting to fuck little kids even use the word hebephile.

Megane Reigen is a blessing but the milk on his glasses look like tears if you squint. He doesn't look into it enough, either.

Don't be such a wet blanket user.
Also it's only 2D.

Why is he so cute?

>10th October
Reigen is literally 10/10

Masashi Kishimoto is married and still writes female characters as "girls," as if he never stopped thinking they have cooties. So make of that what you will.

I still think the 7th division leader should've been a grill. She could've still turned out to be an ugly hag (or young but looking exhausted), it would've worked about as well.

The DVD and Blu Ray sales flopped(It's been on sale for almost 1 week now). Season 2 never.

>inb4 no reply

I'm here for reigen desu


>It's been on sale for almost 1 week now
>September 28
nigga what

Oh shit


Reigen is truly a miracle of the universe

pure things obviously

>be mama kageyama
>have an atomic bomb for a son (imagine upset baby mob)
>spend all your money on spoons
>when you thought at least one of your sons was normal, he gets powers too
>and you realize he hasn't grown out of his brocon tendencies yet

I want to know more about their parents, it feels like they shouldn't be such a mystery

I have the same problem with JoJo.

Is NEET-kun the best character to come out of the manga since the first Claw arc?

Femgami would've been nice.

Papa Kageyama was part of a Japanese Imperial Psycorps research project(Probably a test subject) back during WW2 that's why his 2 sons have such strong powers

What if the Kageyama parents had died in Boss Arc and Reigen had adopted Mob and Ritsu? Double tragedy for Ritsu.

I'm sure they have relatives that could take them in

I don't mean to sound demanding, but since romance is pretty much irrelevant in mp100, a lot of the characters' genders could've been changed without much changing at all. I guess Ritsu had to be a boy for him to be mistaken for Mob at least, but Teru could've been a superficial girl and still been the shadow leader, and with Shou it really didn't matter either.

I still love the series but ever since I saw the female edits I kind of wish some of them were canon.

And I still love all the handsome dudes we get, it's not like I'm looking for waifus. I'm just not into teen boys so I'm more open to changing them.

>What if the Kageyama parents had died in Boss Arc
Spice City would've been wiped out

I feel you, user: I'm not into waifu stuff either and I'm actually pretty happy with the Fuccboi Four™ as they are rn, but Mob Psycho in general could've definitely used some gender diversity, especially with characters that would've allowed ONE to approach the main themes of hiw work in a different manner than what we're used to. Pretty much every antagonist (and many characters in general) thus far had major problems either relating to human connectivity (or lack thereof), social inadequacy or isolation, which aren't problems we usually associate with girls and women even though it can and does affect them. I really would've liked to see ONE's take on it.

I want to marry him.

Honestly, I feel sorry for Mrs. Kageyama. Even her good son is a brocon faggot with a spoon obsession.

Since there are four Mobs there, the Purifying Mobu Purity Field™ would be four times as strong, but would it be enough to cancel out the boner-inducing effects of being surrounded by four Mobs?

They aren't problems you usually associate with girls and women? I'm genuinely surprised to hear that.

At the risk of blogging, I'm a grill and I could relate to those themes just fine despite the characters primarily being male. Girls are stereotypically more social, I suppose, but what happens when you're the one that's too outgoing and you unintentionally scare people away? That's a different kind of social awkwardness, but in my field practically every girl I know is an introverted type.

I used to be a smug little shit over my talents, too, before reality hit me in the face. Like you said, these issues really aren't gender-exclusive.

I didn't really notice it until after I finished the series. Has ONE ever said anything about not feeling comfortable writing "girls?" Because the whole thing is, if you see them as "female characters," that's your problem. They're just "characters."

>Mob will never innocently lay on your lap as you desperately try to keep him from being able to feel your growing erection

>Has ONE ever said anything about not feeling comfortable writing "girls?"
I don't know if ONE specifically has ever said that, but when male writers or mangaka are asked why they don't write female characters more often, that's what they usually say.

I think it's bullshit, personally. Most of the time you should just write characters as people anyway. You could argue that it's different for Mob Psycho since a large part of the cast is made up of middle schoolers and they have to deal with hormones and shit, but it's not like ONE touches on those issues with the male cast either. If you're not comfortable writing female-exclusive issues, then either do some research or don't write them at all. But that doesn't mean you should keep from writing female characters forever.

And yeah, girls are expected to be more outgoing and better at handling their feelings than boys, and thus less likely to be social outcasts or whatever. Which is bullshit because I'm a girl and was bullied throughout high school for being a nerd, and I knew other girls like that as well.

You guys make interesting points. So which characters should have been girls?

In no particular order
>any Body Improvement members
>Mob himself
Pretty much anyone could work because there isn't very much gender dependent stuff.

I don't think any of them would be "better" as girls or anything. I don't want Ritsu or Shou or whoever to be girls, I just wish ONE wrote more girls into his main casts in general.
Mob Psycho is actually a step in the right direction since ONE introduces female characters pretty early on compared to OPM (Tome and Mezato; not counting Tsubomi since she's not really a character), so he's halfway there. Now he just needs to make some actually relevant female characters.

I like them as they are.
This. I like this.

>someone actually made this
Holy shit my fucking sides.

I don't get it, please explain.

Translation, please.

>they weren't around for the live streams
It's a reference to this youtube.com/watch?v=uziAx-C83Ps ad that ran before and after every episode.

I was in the streams, what are they saying?
I only got the I like you at the end.

I think in Japan, the problems for girls are boys are very different. I'm no Japanese but I heard that nips are pretty sexist(towards both genders). Most girls also have different personalities from most guys because it's scientifically proven that their brains are different. And personally, I think making a female character that's just a reskin of a male character is lazy and boring. There's also no point in asking for a female MC if both male and female would act the same, have the exact same problems and develop in the exact same way.

>it's scientifically proven that their brains are different
This is actually an outdated belief, there isn't much of a difference besides the size. There's actually a pretty recent study on this. It's a pretty interesting subject.

Do you guys thinks Teru is brainwashed now? Also how do you think the situation with Dimple is going to end?


>Mob bears Psycho Helmet
>"don't do that again"
>Dimple makes a horrified face and is forgiven

Dimple will pass on but he'll be reincarnated as a dog and be Reigen's best friend.

He'll probably be brainwashed when he wakes up. As for Dimple, I can't think of this arc ending any way other than by him getting exorcised/passing on, as much as it hurts to think about. ;_;

Dimps is going to get exorcised. The thing I'm wondering about is the broccoli - where will all the energy stored in it go? Will it spread around the city and create new espers? Will it just blow up?

it ends with dimple winning then ascending to godhood and things return to normal

Gotta say, if Ritsu was a chick I'd waifu her in a heartbeat.

I don't want my god to be Dimple though.

I'm the same user as this , my answer's there. I agree somewhat with It's not necessarily that their entire characters would be better, but it would mix things up a little and since there isn't really gender-specific stuff to a lot of the young boys, it's like, "why do they have to be guys then?" It's hard to put into words.

Also this

You misunderstand, user. I am not saying these characters' genders should change now, I'm saying that in many of their cases, not much would've changed if they had been female from the get-go. I also wouldn't want Mob in particular to be female - I think his bottling up his emotions is one of the few things in MP100 that
is important to consider alongside his gender.

I am also saying all of this as someone who hates "progressive" genderbends of pre-existing characters. This isn't what we're talking about.

>"There's also no point in asking for a female MC if both male and female would act the same, have the exact same problems and develop in the exact same way."
Like I said earlier, if they act the same anyway, then why are they all guys? Do characters that are foils to one another have to be the same gender too? I especially consider this in the case of Teru - I'm not saying that because he can be effeminate he should be female - but is being male that necessary in order for him to work as a foil to Mob? Shou and the Division 7 leader, too.


the anime was worth it

Watch Concrete Revolutio

>They aren't problems you usually associate with girls and women? I'm genuinely surprised to hear that.
I'm the user you replied to. Like you noticed, I don't personally believe those issues are gender exclusive at all, but the fact that women are usually perceived as inherently more social does often lead to that kind of misconception about us. I think it would be particularly true in a country like Japan where gender roles are still very present and play a huge part in determining what is socially acceptable for a man or a woman to be.

It's kind of a shame when you realize that even in very traditional societies there are tons of factors that can contribute to the social isolation of women (single parenthood, domestic abuse etc. Hell, even unattractiveness) but that are rarely ever adressed or touched upon in the manga/anime media (unlike the NEET/otaku/socially awkward guy archetype which comes up a lot and suffers from terrible overglorification and that some authors like ONE parody, denounce or simply try and have a more realistic and genuine take on). That's precisely because I appreciate ONE's writing so much for how refreshing and "honest" it is that I would've wanted to sed him try and write a female character whose story/struggles still fall in line with Mob Psycho's core themes.

I meant that it's not worth torturing yourself for a couple years, and you're liable to get spoiled to hell and back before it airs anyway.

Maybe ONE's next series will have more chicks.

Exactly. It's kind of how I felt back when I watched Osomatsu-san. It also had a mostly male cast and I found their flaws both hilarious and relateable, but when they tried to have female characters be funny it was never at the same degree of slapstick/laughing AT them - the girls were still always a "tier" above somehow, which just isn't true in real life.

It keeps happening in series I really like.

>next time

That's a little depressing. There's nothing stopping ONE from making Mob's next "defeat means friendship" party members from being teen girls. It's more likely that he has the problem a lot of male shonen authors have mentioned here , which if it is the case won't change at all.

What is his next series supposed to be anyway? Did he say? I know in a thread a week or two ago a couple of anons were saying it would be an isekai harem with a delinquent MC, but I'm not sure if that's confirmed or just speculation.

I think they wanted it to be like that as a fun idea, nothing confirmed as far as I know.

Mogami might have worked better as a mother imo.

Oh, that's too bad. It's a pretty good idea.

A lot of them also wanted the next project to be a horror series instead.

I can never see ONE doing a harem isekai thing unless it's to brutally mock it, considering how anti wish fulfillment his works are.

A brutal mockery of it would be even better.

Either one would be interesting desu. But ultimately, the choice is up to ONE.

>There's nothing stopping ONE from making Mob's next "defeat means friendship" party members from being teen girls.
But I thought Divine Tree is the last arc and the villain here is LPH.

>but is being male that necessary in order for him to work as a foil to Mob? Shou and the Division 7 leader, too.

To be fair, most of the enemies Mob face are like a glimpse into what Mob could become if he didn't have Reigen guide him. It does kinda make sense because every time it would be like Mob seeing himself in that enemy but still rejecting that path in favor of living a mundane life.

But I agree with Shou, you could change nothing but his gender and people will like her more. Shou doesn't do anything important, he's a faggot.

>To be fair, most of the enemies Mob face are like a glimpse into what Mob could become if he didn't have Reigen guide him.
But that has nothing to do with his gender at all.

It's her fault but I cant hate her

Why the hell do you want more females in this series? Is this some SJ thing? The lack of shitty females is one of the good points of the series. Or if you want cute girls to fap over, go watch moeshit.

There's no need to hate yourself like this, fellow fujoshit.

If Shou was a chick he wouldn't be a faggot anymore, so fujos would be less inclined to throw their money at the show.

I'm not a fujoshit, landwhale. I hate romance in non-romance series at all, which is a separate thing from hating useless girls crammed into a series for the sake of "girl power."

Okay, sounds like you have much bigger issues than being a self-hating fujo then. Never mind.

It makes it easier to see Mob become the very person he's fighting if he didn't have the proper guidance that Reigen provides.

Shou x Ritsu is a very unpopular ship. It's nothing on the level of ReiMob/MobRei, RitsuMob and EkuRei. And Ritsu is also a faggot, who cares what gender he fucks?

>It makes it easier to see Mob become the very person he's fighting if he didn't have the proper guidance that Reigen provides.
That still has absolutely nothing to do with Mob's gender. All of Claw's members represent what Mob could have become without Reigen, and Tsuchiya and puppet girl were women.

Why not just watch the hundreds of anime that have all female casts in them and fuck off with your stupid argument?

>there is no fanart of mob and eleven eating eggos and drinkking milk together

Wanting to see ONE-written female characters != wanting to see moeshit fanservice for NEETs.

I think that user is trying to say that people would disregard the parallels as being parallels due to how men and women behave due to their different upbringing in Japan.

2 days until Monday where literally nothing happens.

I don't think Teru could have been a girl, mob wasn't ready to fight a girl at that point in the manga

You cruel monster.

Don't do that to me. ;_;

they aren't all moeshit

>they gave Reigen glasses in the puzzle game
What did they mean by this?

Why the unecessarily rude tone? The discussion was pretty civil afaik. Plus it's not like the subject doesn't come up every now and then.

It means he has poor eyesight he will die from going blind and falling into a death trap

Gdi user

Glasses fetish. Disgusting.

Japan wanted to cater to it's megane fetish fans; I think he looks fine either way.
Ease up there angst-kun.

>Shou x Ritsu is a very unpopular ship.
Really? I knew it wasn't on the level of the other ones you listed, but I've seen so much fanart for it that I thought it was on the approximate level of TeruMob.

He wears glasses as part of his salaryman disguise for jobs where his normal look would come off as too shady.

How long till Dimple throws a brainwashed Tsubomi-chan at Mob?

This sounds like a nice in-universe reason.

Next chapter, probably, or the one after that.

>doujins of broccoli-controlled Tsubomi raping Mob never ;_;

So with all the love and care Bones put into this adaptation, it'll get a season 2 right? They wouldn't give us a crappy "read the manga" ending right?

>it'll get a season 2
I hope so. How are the sales?

>shipping the Claw bodyguards
Okay, now I've seen everything.

Sold like shit so dont count on it. Only successful anime like OPM gets season 2.

So, is it ever explained why Reigen tracks Mob's mobile phone? I mean, isn't that kind of weird?

He just wants to know where Mob is at all times. Nothing weird about that. If Ritsu found out, he'd probably be pissed that he didn't do it first.

I'll gladly fix this if you don't mind.

this subject is really interesting imo. in my case whenever i watch a show with an all-male or all-girls cast i end up thinking some gender diversity would be a more interesting option, specially if the story doesnt involve romance whatsoever. but is probably a "the grass is always greener" situation.

i really enjoy this particular alternative scenario

I think he only did it once; and only because Mob wasn't answering any of his calls at all which meant that the kid could be in trouble, wouldn't you do the same for a friend, or sibling?

Shit taste senpai, glasses is an okay fetish

that's not even speculation, that's a wish. as far as i know, there's nothing to speculate about, he's working on finishing his 2 ongoing series rather than working on/thinking about a new one

why do girls = romance?

>the broccoli was only using dimple's ambition to become a god
>that doesnt mean dimple was brainwashed, he was just being used
>the broccoli doesnt need dimple anymore, tries to kill mob
>dimple gets in the way, saving mob as a last act of "redemption"
>mob exorcises dimple as a mercy-kill, saying that he couldnt become a god, but he became his friend

It's the natural conclusion, unless you're a fujoshit.

p-please do

>Do you guys thinks Teru is brainwashed now?
Hopefully. Then he can fight Mob and that ugly-ass shirt can finally become relevant.

Don't stutter.

Don't you hate on the monkey shirt.

>the girls were still always a "tier" above somehow, which just isn't true in real life.
reminds me of guardians of the galaxy and how green girl was there just to roll her eyes at the silly boys

say what you want about seinfeld but at least elaine got to be a selfish jerk too

>natural conclusion
do you romance every single girl you meet?

I really want to fuck Mob, but if he was wearing that shirt, I'd reconsider.

>implying that autist has ever interacted with a woman

You looking for a fight, eh?

No, just posting best girl.

How would her hair look from top view? in the anime she seemed to have this shark fin in the back of her head

He is going to go 100% in that shirt

But that's not Best Girl.

So who is?

No, but in a fictional work, every character has a purpose, so females signify romance or "girl power."

Is that Emi or Mezato ?
It doesn't seem to be Mezato because her hair looks different.

I already posted her.

Mezato. Emi is too nice to rape Mob.

The artist drew her hair a bit too long.


do you seriously think those are the only reasons why someone would bother including women as characters in any work of fiction? not to mention that japan has no sjw stuff, so including characters just to have girl representation is not really a thing

it's a character that isn't introduced yet


Go ahead, give me any other valid reason for including a female in a story. I'll wait.

I did ask if it was Emi or Mezato user, I have read the manga and it doesn't look like Mezato to me but the other user said that it is Mezato.

variation between character designs

Shou looks cute with his hair down.

I said "a valid reason."

Wait, that isn't Minori right?

because girls are people too and they can face challenges/problems men might not have? or if you can't stomach that one, how about statistics? half of all people are women, so not having even a single one would be kind of weird

*really generic

I've read up until the latest chapter and don't recognize this, who is she?


That is a valid reason.

Please stop responding to the shitposter.

The thing is the anime did a super good job translating the visual feel of the manga. To be honest it is more than worth reading and watching it.

This. Doing both is twice as rewarding.

go to bed boss

Here you go user. It came out a little shippier than I intended, and it's also pretty messy because I'm trying to do more straight-on pen stuff, but hey.


That was fast, good job user.

That's adorable.

>cartoony character designs
>color pallette looks like someone vomited a set of poster paints onto the screen
>everyone is either ridiculously ugly or has that egg-like sameface
>expressions are over exaggerated
>forced fujo appeal
>general overanimation
Mobfags will defend this

Reigen's theme is too fucking good, how long till the ost releases?

It comes out November 23rd

Nice copypasta faggo. You posted this already. Also:

>general overanimation

Gets me everytime

Teru's theme is better.

>two months

>Hugbox General 500 replies
Nice fanbase you got there, mobfags.

>liking 3d



Fuck off back to Tumblr, and stop shitting up the board with your fujoshit series.

Fucking cancerous mobfags can't accept criticism of their mediocre series.

You guys sperging out there?

Fuck yes

My fucking heart


Best boy ranking
Reigen >>>>>> Mob > BIC = Teru > Tokugawa > Onigawara > Ritsu > that cat > a chair > Shou

Any drawfags here?
Can we do a draw the squad for the dudes?

I'm happy you also appreciate Tokugawa, but Shou shouldn't be that low.

But how will I ever ship my OTP Shou x Chair?

How does one differentiate between a male chair and a female chair.

New bread

What do you want user?