Goodbye Cred Forums

In approximately 3 hours the Obama administration will hand over the Internet and we will have a common law which could censor Cred Forums and other politically incorrect or pornographic sites

This is it Cred Forums. I'll miss all of you. The good times and the bad. Mods, I know you hate us and we hate you, but for one final time, let's enjoy Komm, süßer Tod

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>letting a nigger be president
Thanks amerifats

>black father left
>raised entirely by his rich white grandparents
Sasuga Cred Forums

He's still a nigger.

Found the nigger

He's probably a sharia supporting jihadist to boot.

So let me tell you all about ICANN:

>Instead of domain names being handled by the us government it's handled by a us-based institute run by academics, tech companies, and representatives from various governments

>In other words, the internet is no longer protected by the first amendment, that means freedom of speech will no longer be a thing here.

>Meaning they can block all your hentai and even Nyaa torrents.

We. Are. Fucked.

Just because we get anime using the internet doesn't make this Cred Forums related, fuck off.

Which in turn means that we'll have alternative domain lists, probably with their own extensions, and obviously their own networks. These will stand out, and, assuming action is taken from the get go, be almost completely mapped. Consequently security must be considered from the get-go (not creating a honey-pot system like TOR, but some more appropriate to a large distributed network), which may actually work out for the better.

That or we start hacking old satellites with power and just set up a net with their disused channels.

it's been a good many years gentlemen. Let this ship sink down like the titanic did and the music play.

I would kill myself without Cred Forums.

No joke.

No other place understands.

How this will affect the rest of the world?

Just because we get anime using the internet doesn't make this Cred Forums related, fuck off.

Seriously enough with the Cred Forums shit. Stop blaming Cred Forums for everything bad.

is it because of the latest school shooting lmao?
no censoring is gonna help murica.
you were all born degenerates

well fuck,
this means I can finally get started on my 6+ years backlog

Countries like China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the like will have much more power over the internet. Not to mention that the UN wants to enforce their no loli shit on Japan and online, which is Cred Forums related.

Basically, it's fuck all for free speech once it's done.

Cred Forums is the official board for all political discussion.
political discussion is officially designated to Cred Forums
Cred Forums is the board for anime discussion
discussion on Cred Forums must be related to anime

Reminder: It won't happen suddenly. It'll be a short while before you start seeing certain websites getting taken down/blocked. Regardless, we're a short while away from being fucked.

At the time being I live at, most likely, the country with the least internet related laws. That's why I asked. But I'll be moving to Japan in a couple months so maybe I'm fucked up either way.

It's just a ruse.

But this affects all of Cred Forums idiot. If Cred Forums goes down we all go down with it.

What anime is this from?

Not him but that's from the anime you won't be able to talk about or download online in a few months if they decide so.


>My face when nothing happens, just like SOPA.

Gotta go to work overnight, I'll be back in the morning.

I promise.

Nothing happened then because it didn't pass, retard

If this really is the end, it's been fun posting with you Cred Forumsnons

I wish you all the best in life

SOPA didn't pass though. This did

because it didn't pass you fucking mongoloid. kill yourself.

Stop being an idiot and believing this Cruz ruse Cred Forums

This isn't legislation.

Much, much, much better than it being handed over to the UN like Russia has been pushing for.

This didn't pass, it wasn't even voted. It's literally just the sandnigger POTUS' decision.

Nothing's going to happen
If there was, just use some proxy shit or whatever.

Except it did.

1 drop rule

what does this have to do with anime?


It won't work.

If Cred Forumstards tried to think for themselves for once, instead of repeating what they hear in their echo chamber...

Are the mods being paid to let this shit still up on Cred Forums?
I thought they moderated for free.

Nothing. Other than there being anime on the internet.

If I hold an anime dvd, can I use Cred Forums to host my nudes?

>.int: "Hurr durr fuck the US, the internet belongs to everyone"
>.us: "Ok, here you go then"
>.int: "Wait, we didn't mean that"

Cred Forums has been increasingly shit since late 2010. This rotting shell of the Cred Forums that used to be cannot die soon enough.

Cred Forums is not the meta board, either.

Nothing is going to happen. Also check em

If there was a problem, yo I'll solve it, check out the dub$ 'fore the janny deletes this.

I just don't understand what can be done, unless you delete the internet entirely. The internet is too big, you can't get rid of people who want to use it, they'll find a place, even if they have to make a new one.

thanks trump supporters

I dunno, but how is your post Cred Forums related?

great dubs

Okay, I have a question.
If the ICANN is transfered into UN hands, will they have power in countries outside the UN.?

Pretty naisu desu
But I'll honor those with these


So let me get this straight.

The world can't stop piracy and shit in Hong Kong, where it is rampant, open, and the outright selling of pirated and stolen goods.

But they think they can stop the nebulous transferring of data.

At least you got dubs. I'm just a failure

There's literally nothing wrong with sharia law. Dubs confirm

>countries outside the UN
You mean all three? Who are you, the Pope?

If Cred Forums goes down then I'll kill the nigger but if it stays we all digits/bans

Pretty much

We do think for ourselves. Stop believing what the anti-Cred Forums shitposters keep telling you

Do your fucking research. Stop being a sheep/normalfag.

This literally will kill off hentai sites and anime torrent sites as well.

is this going to affect loli in any way? cause thats the only reason I'd care.

>This literally will kill off hentai sites and anime torrent sites as well.

These dubs confirm international loli ban

>This literally will kill off hentai sites and anime torrent sites as well.
how exactly would it do that?

Welcome to the world of globalism. This is exactly what they believe.

If Japan actually goes through with all that anti-lolicon stuff thats been thrown around, then yeah it's fucked.

No? This has nothing to do with stopping anything. Also this is an attempt to pre-empt a power grab by nations that would like to restrict the internet but putting it under their formal UN authority. Post Snowden the US could no longer pretend to be wholly benevolent even if it was largely hands off.

off by four
off by five
off by two
off by three
off by two
off by one
off by four

>one off

Which would be fine, if they weren't giving it to a group that's kinda known for shady connections.

Don't you know that free speech literally doesn't exist in any capacity except in the US? Hentai is illegal everywhere else in the world, the first thing they'll do is go off cartoon porn.

ICANN isn't going to the UN (yet), ICANN's contract with the US DOC is forcibly expiring.

One effect is that certain requirements for how ICANN operates no longer apply (no more US DOC oversight), and over time this will likely result in power shifts among external stakeholders.


>Don't you know that free speech literally doesn't exist in any capacity except in the US?

I hope you're being facetious.

proof of a god exists right here

Exactly. And whats to stop them from getting in bed with the UN?

I know this thread is terrible, but at least give me a little credit.

Because ICANN has nothing to do with the UN.

>Hentai is illegal everywhere else in the world

Holy fuck, does no one do any reading before they repeat drivel from Cred Forums?

I mean, this is literally fucking nothing. Your chinese cartoons or your taiwanese sewing forums aren't fucking going anywhere


The mods would have deleted this by now.

~80 replies
8 dubs
the math works out

My point was that, if governments can't stop blatantly legal activity, how are they going to stop people from saying what they want?

Kill yourself. That site is liberal trash.

You forgot these digits.

by getting angry, and then writing them a letter telling them how angry they are.

so that means CHINA will now own the internet?? I mean UN can't stop China from doing anything right?

But once they're free from the UN they can join up with them .

Why did Cred Forums have to become so liberal?


I mean, technically ICANN has always run the internet. It's just now the US government can't tell them what to do.

>why are sheep sheep?

ICANN now controls DNS tables, they can disjoin any domain name-IP adress pairing and site will become unreachable via domain name.

Four posts in this thread were one off from trips. Let's try just a bit harder next time

> and site will become unreachable via domain name
So everyone who isn't retarded will be very slightly inconvenienced?

Why not just use deepweb?
Its not like it hanst happened before

Here let me help with that

how do i reach Cred Forums by IP address

>ICANN now controls DNS tables

They have for literally years. The difference between today and tomorrow is purely that they no longer have the govt's regulations controlling how they do their job.

I swear, everyone on Cred Forums is anti-government control until it's something that they think affects them otherwise.

Good fucking lord

So how was your day anons? Watch any good anime?

You gotta look harder
For example, here.

>off by one
God dammit. I'm going to buy helium and a cpap mask, see you on the other side faggots.

Rewatching haruhi its that time of year

>Do your fucking research. Stop being a sheep/normalfag.
>This literally will kill off hentai sites and anime torrent sites as well.

Let me guess. The jews did it? Don't delude yourself into thinking browsing Cred Forums is doing any sort of research you lazy mongoloid. You try to get away from lies by lying to yourself in a different way.

The same way they do now. Usually through international agreements with the countries where a particular domain name is based. And the big old ones, com, net, etc. are still based in the US and subject to US law.

The NTIA oversight which is what this is actually about was never really involved in this stuff. What it does prevent in the future is the US government from unilaterally trying to block things like creating the .xxx domain because they think it's naughty.

where did the all the dubs go

You stole them

So what Cred Forums is ALWAYS wrong? Fuck I miss when all the boards were like a community. We didn't ask the newfags to come, we were never the cause of all this. Want to know who was?



I adore that artist way too much.

>hey this thing that could potetially stop some cool things is bad

>fuck you tinfoil

le cum monster

I ended up dropping everything last season. The redhead in Izetta hit my weakspot so hopefully that show will be okay.


Look at your post
and mine

i wonder if we will ever get the .net domain back.

>when all the boards were like a community
When the fuck was this? It sure wasn't any time after Cred Forums was created.

Ted Cruz

Please. Fuck off.

>hurrr tinfoil
>pots tinfoil

China thinks .tw is naughty. How long is that going to last?

I highly doubt anything will come of this.

Do you know what will probably happen in reality?

Low traffic sites will become slower because the company won't see it as profitable to invest in high-speed internet for them.


>So what Cred Forums is ALWAYS wrong?
usually they are,
mostly since they are the manifestation of people believing what is most provocative or interesting rather than whats actually true.

China doesn't control ICANN. So probably until the point they invade Taiwan.

Found the redneck

at last, dubs

Hey, you know what can potentially stop some cool things to happen?

Browsing Cred Forums for hours, trying to cultivate and eventually appreciate the only thing you have left in your life. Your bitterness.

Want to stop dumbfucks from the government from doing stupid shit? Why don't you publish some book, hold conferences, write article in some newspapper to make people aware of it?

Oh, yeah, because you are a soulless piece of shit that can't find something to do with his life.



Such as race, religious bias, religious influences, frankfurt school and so on? Yeah, those totally don't exist at all kek.

Fuck off sheepie.

Will they ban all the reifags already?

dude do you have any idea how hard i lole'd.....

I have a sudden urge to eat tomatoes.


i'm literally crying right now.

Gainax will be overjoyed.

everytime i see a sandwich in anime the crust is always cut off
is that the norm in japan?


Don't cry man. It's not too late to change your life.

That is because japanese bread has no crust.

how do you bake bread without developing a crust?


Don't they cut the crust off of those triangle ones regardless of where you are?

>El Fucking Rato

is thataway, Applied Memetics shill.


in the hipster cafes my sister drags me to i dont see them cut like that.

Watch this cause WWIII due to hackings and cyber security being at risk.

Something happen last week nothing gonna happen.