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you're alright

Kimi wa saikyou da.

OP just got bested


Not until he porks best girl he isn't

No worries he's marrying best girl Miyuki and will do so in the honeymoon


Don't kid yourself. Tatsuya only gets hard for CAD-chan.

No but Juumongus sure will.

Eres una Mierda Repugnante



No you're not.

Is this how imoutos mark their territory?



Haven't you heard?

Yes you are.

You're the best around
Nothing is gonna ever keep you down

Yes it also helps with detecting the scent of other women while at it


he should just plow all of them

Miyuki best imouto wife.



walmart Kirito with bucket of paint personality


How wet did the girls get when they found out who he really is




No, this is the best.



>walmart Kirito with bucket of paint personality
you keep telling yourself that

Doesn't he literally lack a personality in story? As in, it's an actual plot point why his character is about as colorful as white wallpaper?

well look forward to the movie

Emotions, not personality.
Pay more attentions for fuck's sake.

Kek. Good shit, user. I won 500$ on that game.

Miyuki a shit


Don't let the other user fool you, you're perfectly right in your description. He's a kirito with a fresh coat of paint, and that paint makes him look cool, edgy and emotionally unattached to appeal to the cool and edgy kids who think they're too good for SAO only to watch its bootleg version.

>New Mahouka movie
>it's a recap


Author said it will be original story. Freshly baked adventures of onii-sama.

I hope it's at least two hours long of onii-sama being just the best.

who's that glass-eyed bitch painted on the door? At first I thought it was a completely different frame.

Get inside the Miyuki van if you want to find out.

I stopped watching this show after this guy beat up a bunch of dudes and then a guy lifted his glasses with one finger and said "omoshiroi"

Do I get to have some lewd time with her?

Not exactly. This is waiting for you inside.

Also, she has a face that makes her seem that she's being forced to do it. I want my bitches fo'rreal.

Making movies is really ungrateful job since it hard to balance the story for people without prior knowledge and fans.

I don't expect much from it. Critics will probably pan it.

I don't care what the critics'll say, I'm still looking forward to it.

Oniisama was confirmed for universe buster, Saitama should just fuck off.

Actually Mahouka target audience is much older.


SAO writer attempts to make Kirito less OP and fails miserably at it while Mahouka writer does not try to hide it, as Tatsuya is like the center of its universe and everything is subject of his massive gravitational pull.

That's not true. Tatsuya is portrayed as being an irregular and initially discriminated as a weed for his poor invocation speed. His family siruation is supposed to make you feel sorry for him.

>No Ikta Solork and Onii-sama cross over anime.

> weed for his poor invocation speed
Literally not an actual thing as hes probably the fastest magic caster in the world, even among Yotsuba top magicians yes among those at top of magic community hes unparalleled in speed, hes not allowed to show such ultra secret ability in public yet, even during first arc was already established that he would be the top bloom if allowed to use his true power.

Literally the first scene denied the whole "poor magical skills" bit while at first arc he even got caught purposely slowing down his own invocation speed, he literally casts magic faster than anyone nulls his own magic and cast it again to look bellow average but people with special eyes are able to see through his shit.

Need to rewatch this again sometime, always fun seeing onii sama destroy everything

How would that work? Onii-sama wouldn't have a need to follow Ikta's plans, and if they were enemies then I don't think Ikta would beable to fight against him

this shit kills me every time

Best girl no doubt

Yeah I know but it's made out that he's supposed to be bad at magic when in fact he's better than everyone and solves all the problems, including bringing people back from near death. You're supposed to pity him but really it fails to actually make you feel any empathy towards him when he's literally tye best and the story shoves that down your throat. He's also average looking supposedly but all the grills want his D.

>. You're supposed to pity him
If you have half working brain you would know that hes god level from first book alone

>67 posts
>still no jesus
kamman Cred Forums.

His family is made out to hate him and treat him like a servant. His father doesn't even give him the time of day. Being god level doesn't mean you have a happy life.

>He's also average looking supposedly
Actually hes only average if compared with his schoolmates that are almost entirely 10/10, author says his appearance is likely 8/10 while being the coolest, if you mix those two characteristics you already get top level attractiveness, his looks are very good but not remarkable yet his personality(or lack of) makes him the most attractive male ever.



Yes mahouka main point:Even if you are god level you cant have everything.


Literally the worst popular LN in history.

You are either stupid of hate fun

Actually those are desirable skills if you want to enter workforce and stay there.
>Author is successful salary-man
Well that's very fitting.

>that's very fitting
like my penis in your mothers pussy

tatsuya x mayumi otp

No, it says he's average looking. Not sure where you're pulling this other bs but Minoru is supposed to be a bishounen and Masaki is supposed to be good looking and popular with the ladies. It doesn't say much about his other classmates other than Hanzo also being average and Leo having a muscular built. Katsuto is a buff manly man.

>Minoru is supposed to be a bishounen and Masaki is supposed
Only in looks department, Minoru is like Myuki Male version while Tatsuya is mundane-looking compared to other characters in the series(Mahouka characters who are all bishounen) hes even more popular, every woman in Mahouka wishes such Oniisama as stated in vol 17.

>Mahouka wishes such Oniisama as stated in vol 17.
Absolute male, for Tatsuya everything that happens is well known event.

I did say all the women still want him even though he's average or mundane as you said. So again, you're supposed to think he's average but the story shows otherwise.

Here senpai.

Got that card, got Tatsuya's UR.

His AoE attack plus the new skill and Mayaka's attack up make him the bestest.

Yes, you are the best. Now go get me Vol 18.

That's what makes him the center of the story, which is not bad at all.

What I like about it is that the author never intended to make him any weaker, any sorrowful, nor a pussy or a moral faggot, and everything is just fine like that.
Of course, the climax for this fucking LN is just starting at like vol.20.

I bet you like the fat dude of Accel World.

Tatsuya was never just a high schooler who happened to be magical proficient in VR or happen to know martial arts or swordsmanship because, that's Kirito.

Tatsuya was always the Sagara Sousuke but more retarded because he is limited in his emotions to a certain extent. He is like those isekai heroes, but OP from the very start, less whinny.

I don't hate or shit on SAO btw, but Kirito is the last character ever you could compare Tatsuya with, or maybe you are just that new and haven't watched enough animu.

It was previously talked about in the 2 years anniversary of Lost Zero, at the end, and they say the same, it's an original story.

Anri from Durarara wtf, you should know her user.

I'm looking forward it and Sakamoto's OVA.

Ikta is just a shitty L-Elf

>Fucking dwarf girl first
>Ayana sexy character and voice, and personality deserves her the 3rd

That poll was rigged I say.

>His family is made out to hate him
The fear him, his aunt loves him the most.

His aunt doesn't love, she only loves that he has the potential to destroy the whole world or subjugate everyone.

A pretty damn fine dwarf.

He comes off as cool unlike Sagara Sousuke.