Will Koe no Katachi surpass Hyouka as Kyoani's greatest artistic achievement?

Will Koe no Katachi surpass Hyouka as Kyoani's greatest artistic achievement?

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Won't even come close.

It'd be hard to come close to Hyouka in terms of shitty writing, even KnK can't do that

I wouldn't even say Hyouka's their current greatest so no, I guess?

kyoukai no Kanata was KyoAni's worst.
You're wrong.

Why am I wrong?

Probably because you're retarded.

You make a very strong case, I have no choice but to concede.

Concede a gun to the roof of your mouth and pull the trigger.

But K-On!! is the opus magnum of KyoAni user, only Tamako Love Story comes close.

Did I upset you, user?

Hyouka is low-mid Kyoani-tier at best. Literally Euphonium for fedoras.



There are too many bad Kyoanis for that to be the case. It's in the top half of their works for sure.

There are also a lot of good Kyoanis above it.
>Clannad AS

Haruhi and FMP are fair contenders, the rest of your list is dogshit.

I think Haruhi, Clannad and FMP suck donkey dick.
My personal ranking would be like:

1. K-On!
2. Tamako Love Story
3. Hibike! Euphonium
4, 5. Hyouka and Nichijou unordered
6. who cares?

>Clannad AS
This is just objectively wrong. Anyone who thinks these are above Hyouka are lying to themselves.

Behold, neo-Cred Forums.

Violet Evergardens will save anime, all the other KyoAni is just padding on the way.

Don't you have a video game to play or something?

No clue why people are hyping this.

>Several shots in particular feel like a callback to Evangelion’s abstract and iconic representations of depression and isolation in the 26th episode. If there is a comparable work in KyoAni’s catalog, the closest would probably be the fifth episode of Hyouka; but in this case, the protagonist would be Sekitani Jun, rather than viewing him afar in time and space. This is no shot against Hyouka(or other KyoAni works), which is one of the best animated TV shows in history and achieves its own goals with aplomb, but the immediacy and intensity of the existential pain in Koe no Katachi is not something Kyoto Animation has achieved before.

Hyouka has unrealistic characters, whothefuckcares plot and generic "muh colored school life!" development without any twist or new substance behind it. The series you've quoted are actually good.

>he doesn't play video games

I mostly agree but I think Mayaka's a great character. Also despite being a bit corny, the mysteries are actually quite good.

>Several shots in particular feel like a callback to Evangelion’s abstract and iconic representations of depression and isolation in the 26th episode.

So Yamada is ripping off of based Anno. Always knew she was a hack.

Collab when?

Hyouka has down to earth characters, great low-key development and actually has real effort/high talent behind its production. Clannad is keyshit (inherently bad, Mari Okada-esque drama), Haruhi is morally disgusting and looks bad and FMP is pure mediocrity, you can see Takemoto hadn't become a great director at the time.

Define a "down to earth" character.

>down to earth characters
Who will throw huge tantrums if you insult their mangos or solve mysteries in front of them. Very down to earth.
>great low-key development
Not really. I mean, there's Chitanda and we learn about her rich girl background, but she's still the same one-pony "I'M CURIOUS" trick. Mayaka has some nice development. Oreki is cringe af and only goes from "muh energy" to "muh energy - well at least my school life is colored". Database is shit.
>has real effort/high talent behind its production
True. Doesn't excuse the rest.

>Clannad is keyshit
AS has good organic drama and developments (i.e. Tomoya starting to work, the family's doubts and hardships...)

>Haruhi is morally disgusting
Not really. Maybe at first when she was a bitch.

>and looks bad
Only some eps of S1 look dated, S2 improved that and Disappearance looks perfect.

Clannad's drama comes off as pretty artificial. I did enjoy the show, but once you're removed from the experience I found it all a bit hokey.

i never followed clannad but id did see some scenes on youtube and felt a lump in my throat.


I agree for S1 but I think AS didn't go too overboard with MUH FEELS. At least I had reasons to care for those characters and not just some generic "I have to give everyone stars lel feel bad now?" bullshit

How could this be an artistic creation when they aren't the creators?
They're just adding colors and extra frames between panels from the manga.

That's what it's good for, made me cry on several occasions. But again, after the fact you can kinda look back and see that it was really built from the ground up with that intent. Which I suppose isn't a bad thing, but I personally felt like my emotions had been cheapened? I would still recommend the show unless you're a hardcore elitist, because there are some nice, sweet moments in there.

Don't bully Fuuko she's great

That's not really how it works.

Oreki's development comes from his emotional distancing from others at the beginning and trying to understand and connect with others, hence understanding himself. Satoshi's development is like coming to terms with one's lack of talent and understanding oneself rather than putting up a clownish front to cover up his frustration. We also learn about Chitanda's familial duties too but she's the most static character of the cast regardless.

No Clannad's drama is just insipid and emotionally manipulative with an ending that undermines everything that came before it.

the plot, themes, concepts, characters, character arcs, art, etc. are all done by someone else.
All the studio does is make it look prettier for people who are only stimulated by pretty lights.

It's magnum opus retard LOL

All that's really taken is a sequence of events, which are then reinterpreted. It's an entirely new vision.

Read this:

Is this the new k-on?

Read this:

shouldn't be too hard

Everybody loves to excuse the anti-climax of the manga with "real life doesn't always have a concrete ending!!!", even though it's a fucking story and it exists to entertain us. The fact that she admits she likes him halfway through, and then NOTHING comes of it for the second half is among the stupidest shit I've seen in any medium of story.

The story was over when we found out that she wanted to commit suicide and then the MC sacrificed himself for her. Everything after that point was the resolution. That's just the way the story flowed whether you liked it or not.
I didn't agree with how much further it dragged on past the climax. It just went on and on.

Has anyone watched it? How was it

How much money as it made up until now?

>ITT: bitches thinking anything Kyoani's made has ever been or ever will be better than Free!

It has lost money.

It should probably be around 1.1 billion by now.

 *1 *70589 君の名は。
 *2 *19215 ハドソン川の奇跡
 *3 *17165 映画 聲の形
[2016/10/01 13:43 更新]

Still in the top 10 after its 3rd week. Do you think it might surpass K-On?

Now it looks like he's reaching for the hat.

>muh kissuuuuuuuuu

Keion had better rewatchability, better in cinema bonuses. But this is staying at the box office longer apparently.

No, I liked it but it wasn't as good as Hyouka. The water animation was beautiful and it did have a lot of cool artistic flairs but overall Hyouka works better as a whole.

>Music anime

>Deaf girl
really makes you think

It does? I don't know what to think.

Why did this movie beat Kizu at the box office so hard. This isn't fair. This was done in 3 months while Kizu took 5 years.

>shit writing

ITT assblasted Hyoukafags

Don't even need to read the thread to be certain of it

Because KyoAni actually put effort

>and then NOTHING comes of it
But it did. The only bad part in the second half was the movie arc.

Shinkai already did.

>fourth most profitable KyoAni movie

¥1,900,000,000 K-ON! Movie
¥1,018,396,150 Koe no Katachi (as of 9/28/2016)
-- ¥850,000,000 Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu
-- ¥680,000,000 HighSpeed!: Free! Starting Days
-- ¥220,000,000 Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!: Takanashi Rikka Kai
-- ¥205,000,000 Tamako Market: Tamako Love Story
-- ¥161,817,100 Kyoukai no Kanata -I'll Be Here- Mirai-hen
---- ¥42,971,350 Hibike! Euphonium ~Kitauji Koukou Suisougaku-bu e Youkoso~
---- ¥93,040,600 Kyoukai no Kanata -I'll Be Here- Kako-hen
----------------------- Munto

Your proof of this is where...?

Did it actually flop?

And yet still better than Hyouka.

I came here to post this.

>caring about this shit movie when we already have Kimi no Na wa

see It's just behind K-On in terms of most profitable KyoAni movie. How is it a flop? Unless you're saying the K-On movie is a flop.


hyouka is fedoracore

No, because Euphonium already did.


Time to update it, boys. It found a way again.

People got tired of waiting for Kizu. Plus when it came it was somewhat disappointing.

Pre K-On S1 artistic achievments

Post K-On S1 artistic achievements
>K-On S2
>K-On Movie
>Tamako Love Story
>Koe no Katachi


Fucking Sully

8:30 on a saturday

 *1 215772 君の名は。
 *2 *52554 ハドソン川の奇跡
 *3 *51391 映画 聲の形

1.5+ billion seems likely in my opinion.



Koe no Flop

UENO will be the next dark long hair hottest kyoani that is all I care


Ueno is very different from the standard Mio clone, this time she is the anti-moeblob.

>scooby-doo's adventures in school
Hyouka is shit

Stop posting that because it's already a thing.



If only you-know-what wasn't out, KyoAni would've had full access to meme magic like usual.

Shaggy Dramatically Reads Keit-Ai.


At least compare it to Disappearance.

And no, it surpasses neither. VEG might.

>No clue why people are hyping this.
Being clueless is evident from your posts, so no need to admit it publicly - we know.

Yamakan said the directing is meh and he done better than yamada in his previous works.

Yamakan is irrelevant
And so is Ishidate
As was Takemoto
The only director worth their jobs in KyoAni are Yamada and Ishihara(can't wait for Fujita's debut and for Takegay to fuck off))

But The Disappearance is their best work.

Your ignorant opinion is irrelevant.

Disappearance is a fucking meme already been surpassed by Tamako Love Story as far as movies are concerned.

Ishihara is nowhere near Takemoto as a director however.

Not even Takemoto's best work, let alone KyoAni's.

>what are Keion movie, TLS, Hibike and Nichijou?
Ishihara is the best talent working in KyoAni. The only things you fags have against him is his Otaku tastes. Guess what he's working for an Otaku crowd.

Please go back to whatever place you came from.

>Ishihara is the best talent working in KyoAni.

The way he uses his cuts are really great. Look at any episode he directed himself and compare it to the works of Rob Hardy and John Seale. Especially his Nichijou episode and PW episode. He influenced Yamada enough for her to become good on her own.

You haven't actually said anything there. Can you post an example?

Watch the episodes I mentioned and watch the works of the guys I mentioned and see how his style is similar to theirs. And those guys are top tier when it comes to live action. They good = Ishihara good.

I guess I'll pay attention to him more.

I'd rather a webm or something but I'll at least keep an eye out for that. Never noticed his editing but I've always been fond of his stylistic choices. But I'd never in a million years say he's the best talent there.

OK. help me out here. I read the manga but I don't know if I quite understand its message:
one of the themes is bullying, but despite all the shit that happens, in the end they just ignore and move on. It is like saying "people are like that anyway, get over it". It's like the victim were the guilty for not having objectively expressed what she felt from the beginning.

I took it more as a story of redemption than one of antibullying.

to me the MC is the only character well crafted in this manga. ueno keep around them without objections annoys me, nishimiya forgive everyone annoys me too. because of this, there is no reflection or punishment, they just accept it and that's it.

instead spamming that, why don't you get someone to translate it to moon and send it to kyoani awards



This is great, it's exactly what I thought his appearance in the movie would look like.

>memes are real


*1 248763 515707 1365 220 126.7% 君の名は。
*2 *59959 198653 1085 236 *97.5% ハドソン川の奇跡
*3 *56608 100353 *430 101 116.2% 映画 聲の形

>mfw this scene

This is important


The biggest masterpiece is Keion S2, you fucking retard.