Digimon Thread

Digimon Adventure Tri Confessions is out and avaliable at your local sources.

Next film entitled "Loss" will premire in late February.

Applimon has just premired. No subs yet but there is hope for a simulcast.

OP: youtube.com/watch?v=-6pOy2No3Rw

ED: youtube.com/watch?v=4D0veRgTvqU

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>no posts


Don't worry senpai I made the other thread but you included the OP and ED so this one stays

Who else likes Eri? I think she's a great and original character.

Oh, this isn't my thread. I was just surprised after the still (to an extent) ongoing discussions in the last thread, that no one was posting in here.

I was the one who posted in your thread, too.


That's because he's just that based, for one, and two, a Mega like HerakleKabuterimon was necessary to hold back Meicrackmon, Angewoman, and WarGreymon.

MetalGreymon is all that one really need to contain a Meicrackmon, but Taichi and co. don't know that. They have no idea Meicoomon was an Adult and Meicrackmon is a Perfect. It was too late by the time MetalGreymon came out.

>Japan fangirls are saying that he is moe and basically a girl


Why is everyone surprise about the Anime having an ED? Adventure-Frontier had one

Best girl.

>Yumi Uchiyama
Are you saying he isn't?

Well, they are right.

man i really like these two characters, they really WAKE me UP, i know people say that they look like yuya and YUZU, but PLEASE, we all know that no one WAKE UPs to watch arc-v


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She looks awesome on her idol costume and when she wears glasses, she looks pretty cute!!!!

Koushirou could have looked it up, but it looks like his Digimon Analyzer's heavily outdated. It doesn't have any data on Alphamon or Jesmon beyond their names.

Still, it's impressive that it managed to hold back WarGreymon backed up by a Perfect and five Adults. I guess when it comes to endurance, it can't be beat.


>Ryo shows up looking for the local main protag to team up with
>immediately assumes it's Yujin while Haru is RIGHT THERE

Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Does that mean they're fans of the character or that he's going to go the way of the meme (if he's even lucky enough)?

Can we get that V-Tamer 01 team-up animated first?

Haru has a crush on the blonde girl, he sees her cheering Haru´s best friend Ryuji and he thinks she´s in love with him. Ryuji looks like a very amicable character with her and Haru thinks he cannot compete with Ryuji.

Also Haru still wets his bed.

>Also Haru still wets his bed.

Who is Haru

Eri looks cool

Protag looks generic but such is the lot of an MC

he doesn't still wet the bed, the embarassing social media post that got spread around embarassing Haru was one his mom made on social media about it happening when he was younger


Yeah, Messemon it´s the MOTW and messes with people´s most personnal secrets and post it online. It looks like blonde is ashamed because she got her haircut wrong.

Also there is a adult who looks like mister satan and behaves like a comic character.

I'm not gonna lie to you all I don't even watch Digimon but I'm willing to give Appli a try because at this rate suicide would be better than watching another episode of Arc-V

If Alphamon can be a cute girl, then what about Omegamon? Can it be a cute girl too? What about Jesmon?

he's younger than he is now in that shot, it's not something he still does

Just watch Digimon Tamers instead, its actually good.

Fangirls love girly boys. Specially when he has ship potential with Rei and Yujin.

Applimon is basically my last shot at these kind of kids shows for a while

After both Arc-V and XYZ dropped the ball so fucking hard despite having so much buildup, I'm ready to permanently put all these shows on "Backlog till finished and watch if I hear good things"

After Heartcatch and Go Busters really go me into weekly watching.

Arc-V? Isn't that that Yu-Gi-Oh show that got the worst Nico Nico ratings of all time?

>Another """action""" girl with twintails
Stop this Japan

It has 6 or 7 places on the top 10 list for worst niconico ratings of all time.

The one and only.

No please continue with the tomboys

Also you can have Yuzu because it's not like Arc-V was doing anything with her

Damn. What the fuck happend?

It cucked its audience and the nips got really mad

I know who you are but damn it still funny

"cucked its audience"?

almost five hours from the premier and there is already a OP song´s piano cover.


I bet Rei won't join the MC group until episode 20-something.

There exist other Kid shows better than those three

Gender is just a personality thing. Sure.

Well, first they made Yuzu a useless damsel in distress. Then the animation budget tanked. Then they stopped having the main rival do anything. Then they introduced Legacy characters, and I'm sure you fine Digifolk know what that leads to. Finally the Director decided "Let's completely stop the plot and spend five episodes on a Rambo parody, because he uses the card archetype I use."

Synchro was a mistake. At this point the manga is a 1000 times better. I hope Yoshida comes back for the next Yu-Gi-Oh anime.

It really is. Arc-V is legendary for literally all the wrong reasons

Budget was funneled to Nostalgia Movie
Using ****LEGACY**** characters instead of developing actual characters
During the arc where the budget was being funneled they basically dropped the plot to a standstill with a shitty tournament arc.
Failed to deliver on hype and constantly cockblocked what the fans wanted.
The Protagonist was forced to have a fucking annoying mentality toward dueling that gets obnoxious and that he's inconsistent with when his waifu was in danger.

But that's not what I meant.


What if she starts out as a character you like and then drifts into be Sora by the end of it?

I haven't watched the show since 109 asni have been busy with work. But they haven't had Yuzu or any of her doppelgangers do anything of relevance?

>Budget was funneled to Nostalgia Movie
Arc-V never had a 'budget'. It just started to degrade even further so that blind viewers like you could finally notice how bad the animation was

So..........will the epside ever get sub?

>I'm ready to permanently put all these shows on "Backlog till finished and watch if I hear good things"

Could always join the Vanguard club. At least with the next season going back to tournaments and shit.

>The Protagonist was forced to have a fucking annoying mentality toward dueling that gets obnoxious and that he's inconsistent with when his waifu was in danger.
This is exactly why I dropped this shitty series. This reason here.

Fuck if I know man, that show's story wrote itself.

A Boy and his qt childhood friend with interdimensional counterparts.

The boy tries to become an entertainer, the girl trains in the shadows to support him, with a scheming keikaku man inbetween them

Somehow they managed to take this premise and turn it into "And then they spent five episodes playing Splatoon."

>Not shipping Ire and Eir

Everyone died. Only Yuya, Yuto and Shun are alive fighting all the Ruris cause they are brainwashed

They got brainwashed by brain bugs and turned evil.

The main problem with Arc-V is that it was getting EVERYTHING RIGHT during the first 3rd of the show.

It had budget.
It had hype.
It had mystery.
It had tension.
It had stakes.
It had character development.

And then the 2/3rd of the show happened and
It had no budget.
It's hype was inconsistent.
It constantly cock blocked the mystery people cared about
It's tension constantly was defused.
It's stakes were reduced
It's character development was frozen

And now we're into the last 3rd of the show and many of the problems have gotten worse.

Whatever you say fag.

Fuck off back to your containment threads yugishitters

Oh jesus, there's literally nothing worse than something that starts out good and becomes bad

You can't look at episodes 4 and 5 and tell me they're well animated or even just ok. It's amusing when anyone tries to blame the movie when the show did what it did to itself without help from anything else.

It's never good for a series to make Yugioh fans mad, because their autism will spread that butthurt to threads that just want to discuss other shows.


I hope he falls for Eri instead then, blonde girl is kinda boring.

Also, I'm surprised they actually went that way for this series. Glad they're not just dumbing this down for preschoolers or something.

This makes a lot more sense.

This. I had such high hopes for both Arc-V and XY.


I feel disappointed. Is Arc-V cursed like 5D's was?

Not bad

I just want to talk about Digimon, man.
It's been 4 years since the last weekly series, and the last one was kind of a wreck.

Also we have a series with an ED again after like a whole decade.

The Arc-V manga is really good, yeah. I'm hoping the Appmon manga is decent, too.

Can we go back to talking about Digimon now?

It's interesting that the writer of Appmon seems to take the AI/sci-fi stuff seriously and they even brought an actual AI researcher as adviser like they do in Gundam series with robotics experts.


When will the episode get sub?

Lets not fool ourselves, nothing will compare to Konaka's insanity and genius.

At best this will be plain okay.

>the series composition guy is literally the same guy as Yokai Watch

that explains a lot about the premiere

Is this what happens when you make the Cred Forumsrc-v posters leave? Because I'd rather have them here to at least compare Appmon to Arc-V then have no discussion at all.

That's kinda neat. I hope they do at least 1 or 2 interesting things with it

Well considering Appmon is probably the first time Digimon actually branches off from, well, Digimon itself, it's possible Toei/Bandai are actually putting some effort in the series so it attracts an actual audience.

I just hope at the end of the day I can look back on this series and at least say it was fun.

I wonder what would change as a result of this. Digimon usually worked under evolving lifeforms of data.


There are better writers than Konaka, you know.

The episode isn't even out and subbed yet you faggot

This looks shopped

>CR big announcement is Drifters
I'm disappointed.

Probably never because no simulcast.

There are, but none of them would ever work on Digimon.

2ch was saying he sounds way too much like a girl, like the VA didn't even actually try to do a boy's voice.

>that he is moe and basically a girl
If I closed my eyes I would not think he was a boy

It has two writers. The main writer is child's anime expert and did Yokai Watch, Aikatsu OG, Monster Strike and Duel Masters VS. The assistant writer is an ex-Sunrise dude that was assistant chief writer on Onmyou Taisenki and chief writer on Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo and Cross Ange.

Can we stop overhyping Tamers?

People like you are ones who raised my expectations years ago right before I rewatched the series for the first time since my childhood. I ended up being really disappointed.

It might be the best of the Digimon series, but let's not exaggerate all the time.


Maybe he is a ftm transexual

I just want a fucking good quality raw.

I take it all back, there's discussion again.

>Best friend confirmed for evil

See, I knew it. I felt like "man these guys are getting along so well, it feels like something will clearly go wrong"

It highly depends on wherever you watched the dub or sub.

But hyperbole will never die

>Cross Ange.
Appmon dead on arrival.

There is a bad quality one available?
Link it Ill take anything

>Then they introduced Legacy characters, and I'm sure you fine Digifolk know what that leads to.

I was hoping it would be something like Hikaru/Fokker where he seemed cooler and more of the hero than him but then died.

Check Anidragon.

To be fair, Fukuda basically did everything in Cross Ange himself and forced his ideas on both the actual director and the chief writer.

I wouldn't even mind. It was the one thing in Punchline that I wished they stuck with because it was actually interesting, hated that it was teased but turned out to be something else.


I'm sure you could try to rip the episode from tvtokyo's site.



Never mind

I like the way they have managed to put the Digimon Analyzer in the show in a unique way by having Gatchmon scan them

Punch Line was made for a totally different crowd user, that was kind of random

Oh right, I forgot Cross Ange was Fukuda doing the Fukuda.

What a fucking waste of a stellar cast christ now I'm mad again.

Who is Rei?


Edgy kid. Him and Eri are 14, a year older than Haru.


I don't watch dubs.

And again, it's a good series, but it's not even my third favourite Digimon series. Part of that is because of the overhype, so that sucks.

Dukemon still bestmon, though.

On a side note, I'm glad Crimson Mode is in Next Order but I'm still mad Megidramon never gets any love. Who actually wants ChaosDukemon over Megidramon? Similarly, I hope we get Grademon and Dorugoramon in the next game after Next Order.

But Rei is interested in Haru according to his profile, I thought.

Still a chance

You people seem to be jumping the gun by latching on to Eri

What an asshole of a mother.

They're getting shipped together for sure.

>it's starting

Good point. I actually think it's pretty cool that the protagonist got a Search App as his partner over something like a Game about a fire dragon.

But you don't understand.
Eri is cute! Cute!

Megidramon takes another model to implement while Chaos Dukemon is a texture swap away. But if they reuse assets from these into the future ones might end up with it eventually.

It was Messemon who sent that out. Don't bully mommy

Guessing that was supposed to be for another post.

CR better come through, it's necessary for the survival of Appmon in the west.

But it's horrible that she did it in the first place. I hope that she was hit by a truck.

So why is Haru crying like a bitch?

He is not the main character.

I wonder if a Western company planned to dub Appmon in English and airing it on TV so CR can't simulcast it like what happened to Beyblade Burst.

He's discount Yuya.

Sheltered nerd kid.

I'd like ChaosDukemon more if they ever did anything with it.
Its special moves always use stock animations or just copy Dukemon's outright, on top of being just a palette swamp.

WarGreymon's redesign is literally the best thing to ever happen to BlackWarGreymon, because now the 2 of them have something to actually distinguish them besides their color, and by extension, the color of the energy balls they throw out.


It's a thing. He's like "I can't be a main character" and the show is telling him stuff like Do you want to be a main character or "you're a main character type". It's even in the OP

I think this is trying to be meta or something

One of the writers is meta-faggot like that.

Haru isn't really like Yuya. He isn't obsessed with Entame and he is actually pretty smart. He is just a nerd with low self-esteem that constantly compares himself to his cool sportsman best friend.

He was designed to be the anti-thesis of the typical Digimon Protagonist. Rather than being the super confident headstrong member of the group, he's meant to come off more as a "Secondary character"

If they can manage his character development properly he'll be great, if they have him be inconsistent he'll be just as bad as Daisuke and Taiguru.

Well that and the girl he has a crush on is seemingly like said sportsman best friend. But best friend is Yandere for him.

To be fair, for Haru, a "main character" type would be his BFF Yujin, and Haru himself doesn't think he could be like Yujin no matter how much he tells him "YO HARU BUDDY FRIEND AMIGO, ONE DAY YOU'RE GONNA BE A PROTAGONIST"

Yes, Yoichi Kato is obsessed with meta. His season of Duel Masters has an episode in which the animators get tired of drawing the characters and the characters need to get into the real world and draw the show themselves.

Nah, no one will ever be as bad as Tagiru.

What the fuck is with the Yugiohfags interest wiht Digimon. Seriously fuck off

>Obsessed with Meta
Oh my god

Is that why he made the main girls character evolve into a Leomonesque Digimon?

Is he so obsessed he wants to challenge the Leomon curse

Is he constantly going to fake him out dying?

Sounds great

Daisuke was.
No, wait, he wasn't.
He was worse.
And his Digimon was a literal 1:1 to him past the first 5 or so episodes, so it was the worst of the worst, but doubled.

At least Gumdramon had an actual personality to go with Tagiru's.

>Oujamon "dies" (read: he gets turned back into a chip, but the chip cracks becoming seemingly useless and Oujamon doesn't reply when Eri calls out to him)
>Eri spends 1 or 2 episodes grieving but because FRIENDSHIP she remember she's strong or something
>SOMEHOW this restores Oujamon's chip to normal and upgrades it into its God form
It writes itself


>still bitching about Daisuke

I believe that was already done once.

arigatou, hakase

>Vamdemon as a mad doctor with dirty needles

They already did that with Takato

Takato was different. He didn't shy away from adventure or actively avoid it when his partner came into his life. His self confidence issues came later, but Haru's are there immediately

Does Haru wear anything under the jacket?

Presumably he would wear a t-shirt.

A shirt I would presume? Already undressing him with your lustful eyes I see.

Biomon is another Ultimate that comes from Docmon and Medicmon.

My bet is Eri's God grade Appmon will be an Appfusion of Oujamon and Biomon.

I can't decide if I should get this or not.
The English dub is nostalgic for me... On the other hand, the English dub is pretty bad and censored.

Show where the main character is the edgy loner when?

What redesign are you referring to? His Tri. one? Is that even present in CS or NO?

Hmm, usually in the anime they don't wear shirts under the jacket/hoodie.

Not that I mind either way, I'm sure we'll see him shirtless eventually unless they pull a Taiguru on us.

They'd end up being the "lone wolf" of the series. I wonder what they would do with the hot-blooded, leader-type of the group is (s)he's not the main character? Could be cool.

Yes, the tri. redesign.
CS predates tri. ep1 so it's understandable for the game to lack the redesign, and n0 just doesn't have it (I'd assume mainly because they were banking on that nostalgia hype with all the PVs featuring MetalGarurumon and the original War Greymon design)

>Remembering how Picodevimon's attack was censored in the US dub
This guy has no chance.

Alright, yeah, I personally love WarGreymon's new design. I didn't even consider that it would mean he would look different from BlackWarGreymon now, though.

I guess it's just another thing I'm hoping the next big Digimon game includes.

Looks a bit like Victory Greymon there.

Is Taiguru a true protagonist or not?

>I didn't even consider that it would mean he would look different from BlackWarGreymon now, though.
Well, BlackWarGreymon isn't in tri., so we don't know if it'd get a redesign as well, but as things are right now, WarGreymon at least DOES have a new design that can be used in games to avoid it looking too samey compared to his color swap.

What's left is for Bandai themselves and not just Toei to actually use the redesign, so it sets a precedent and hopefully leads to other Digimon victims of pallete swapping (or the palette swaps themselves) getting a redesign.

I don't care how long I have to wait for subs aslong as the people that do power rangers don't get their filthy hands on it and ruin the chances for subs.

so everyone's talking about Yujin being secretly evil

but what do you think this fucker's deal is?

That might be one of the good points of the Appmon game, there may be palette swaps in the game, but each is made to look slightly different.

it's not really any different from what early Digimon games did. Look at Digimon World

His insert song seems to imply that.
He is the SUPAH STAH

But he had no shirtless scene, that's the mark of a true Digimon protagonist.

There's no character that he's related to yet. And if there is, it's not as obvious as Yujin and Navimon.

Camera fuses all the way up to Satellamon, which sounds like the perfect combination with Globemon for a God grade, though.

Saban didn't pick up tri, which was THE best choice they could've made to bank in on those nostalgiabux, instead, some other company did, and they did a sorta okay job with the first movie, save for getting rid of Butter-fly to add in the most disgusting digirap yet, so you can be sure if they didn't grab tri, they're sure as fuck not gonna grab Appmon

>Yujin and Navimon

How is that obvious?

Haven't watched the first episode yet, but they seem to be advertising him hard.

His Ultimate form will probably be needed for one of the MCs god grade.

Digimon World was kind of inconsistent about it though.
>ShimaUnimon lacks wings, has zebra stripes and the mane is different
>Shamamon and Fugamon wear different clothes from their counterparts
>Piddmon has less wiings and wears a different helmet
>Panjyamon, Muchomon, Jungle Mojyamon, MoriShellmon, MudFrigimon, all of Vegimon's variants, and loads others are just recolors
Or my favorite one, Bakemon wearing a hard suddenly counts as a different digmon altogether.

Navimon is needed in order to get Dogatchmon, so he'll be the protags second Digimon if anything

so what Cred Forums think?...my nigga edgylord is a gud guy or a bad one?


Somewhat antagonistic rival character until midway throught the series.

Black flame master good guy

Is it bad if I legitimately like this design

the OP has him appear right after Leviathan's dragon form attacks the screen and he's not shown with the others in any shots but the end card, even the part at the start where Haru, Astra, and Eri's faces flash across the screen

His partner is Hackmon. So, good. He'll probably be a loner, or get in the other characters way at first though.

No. I absolutely love his design. I also love Appmons version of Hackmon, can't wait to see them in action.

Evil guy for the first part.

hackmon is good in tri and in appmon?

Anyone else surprised at the lack of QUALITY despite this being

The CG returning to Digimon also feels fresh, what doesn't is that the AppliDrive is always shown in CG so it's pretty jarring.

I´m glad Haru have a love interest who is not the main girl, it´s like Takato with Juri. Of course there is gonna be delusionalfags who are gonna ship him with Eri and get butthurt when it not happen.

I wouldn't jump the gun, there might be that familiar Toei QUALITY somewhere in upcoming episodes. But if they can do an ok job at least most of the time, that would be nice.

Eri will be shipped with my dick and nothing else

look forward to dozens of posts about who will win the "Harubowl"

Yujin already won it anyway.

Isn't his love interest in love with sportsman? Will the MC be forever alone?


>I´m glad Haru have a love interest who is not the main girl

Don't worry it will happen in episode 2.

Gatchmon will show Haru the way.
Disregard bitches, become main character.

Yeah he's good in Tri for sure, based on his lore.

It's highly likely he'll be good in Appmon too. Despite the colors they gave him, his typing is basically the light typing equivalent of the appmon universe.

Oh, Eri isn't the MC's love interest?

That's actually pretty great. Maybe she'll fight the Edgelord with her HOT BLOOD

>there will never be a series about angewomon and ladydevimons adventures on lesbian prison island


Yeah she's the Edgelord's love interest.

Does anyone else think "DiVE" sounds like a Wada song?

I imagine he would have sung it if he'd lived

we don't actually know how they interact

only point of interaction involving Rei involves him and Haru

err, that's been mentioned I mean

too late I already ship them

and Haru with sport guy


He'll go the Masaru route and choose to have adventures with his digibro forever

>#2. The Suspicious Guide! I am Navimon!

new episode title

I guess they will get more power already.

well considering Gatchmon is fighting him, I doubt we're getting DoGatchmon already

So the MC is a cuck.

Nah, he is just a pussy, like Takato.

The girl he likes is into Chad Thundercock. So he is a cuck.

Takato grew out of it and wanted to straight up execute Beelzemon for his crimes.

It fucks over two characters

The OP visuals are good but the song is such generic shit, I feel conflicted every time I watch

He also wasn't a cuck.

Takato is just a child who can't control his emotions. Besides, Digimon kill and absorb each other for power over time. Takato's Guilmon has also done this. And this is how it's gonna continue to be. Is it somehow wrong or immoral to do it to Leomon compared to any other Digimon? Beelzebumon was pretty much just fulfilling it's basic instinct as a Digimon. What right does Takato have to pass judgment on it?

Then again, if Megidramon was gonna do the same to Beelzebumon, one could hardly blame it as well.

Predictions for the last 2 tri films?

Movie 5 - Kari, TK, Seraphimon and Magnadramon/Ophanimon vs Dragomon

Movie 6 - Whole team vs ZeedMilleniumon

>expecting the final fight not to be against vandemon

all of my lols

The fuck is a "Dragomon"?

Dagomon is just a Perfect


That dude from the Dark Ocean

If he doesnt Ill be disappointed to be honest.
Tri is all about tradition, Leomon died and vandemon must be the final boss.

That's Dagomon and it's only a Perfect.

das true

It'd be kind of lame how Takeru gets to have two focus movies while everyone else only gets one.

People like Takeru and his hamster.

I don't. He's a shitter. Every other Chosen is more interesting than him.

>Digimon Universe Appli Monsters - 01 (TX 1280x720 x264[10-bit] AAC) [99544EB6].mkv

Wait, it already started?

Yeah bro. Started today.

So if it's "Digimon Universe", does this mean that the Digital World also exists in this universe as well?

what is it with "Digimon Universe"?
I never read this in any other title from the other digimon series, is this the start of a new branch of digimon series? a spin off?

Full on reboot. Some Digimon are being converted over to being Appmons.

Reboot. They brought back "Levels" as "Grades".

Stop this meme. it's just a branch, that user guessed correctly.

Great reboot this is, having "Digimon" right in the title and while Digimon anime and games are also coming out.

I can tell I'm going to like this already

There are 470 girls in that idol group?

Action Eri. Believe in her! She'll be the /fit/test girl in the franchise!

Nene was surprisingly badass.

I wonder what the theme of her idol group is.

Pantsu shot. Nene was an idol and go the second pantsu shot of this series.

Wait what? How did I miss that and what was the first

>No DoGatchmon yet
>No Globemon for ages yet

Is Appmon even getting subbed?

Probably someone will do it.

Also, DoGatchmon in 2 or 3 episode. Next episode they'll fight the green digimon Gatchmon needs to fuse with to evolve, so one or two more for the evolution I guess.

First was Zoe/Izumi when she undressed in the beach episode (JP version only). Second was Nene during the Lucemon episode when she fell from the Sphere after it was broken.

I didn't even know it was in the Lucemon episode until I read it on a JP blog, seems the old post no longer exists otherwise I'd post the picture of the pantsu (it's very brief, it's only a frame).

She looks pretty cool.

On other hand though, what the fuck is with this raw? Everything looks grainy as fuck. I hope Leoprard Raws rip that came up bit after this looks better.

Forgot pic.

Eri will KICK THE SHIT out of the final boss herself, and make Marcus look like a little bitch in the process. Bow before your 14-year-old overlord.


>ruki completely flat and no curves
>furrymon has thicc curves

Its like they wanted to make people into furries

Her partner evolves into a Leomon lookalike. She's doomed.

What a comfy ending.

>that Agumon

scans where

So just came here after hearing about this "Appmon" thing and what the actual fuck? They are rebooting Digimon?

This shit was my childhood. I finally get to start watching tri now it's getting it's dub only to find the entire fucking franchise is hitting reset? Whats the point? What about us Digifans that have always been here?

Fucking Yokai Watch ruined everything, I swear. Kids these days will NEVER know what true Digimon is.

How is it a reboot when Tri is still coming out?
It's just a spin-off thing, branching out. Calm your tits.

By that logic every new series in thi franchise was a reboot.

Nothing implies that in the first episode.

If anything sports boy is into Haru.

This exact same thing happened with Xros when it came out.

it's been 10 years since savers, which was the last digimon anime with an ED.

Xros still had Digimon though.

So App Monsters aren't Digital Monsters?

I see it more as a sub species.
If Navis from Battle Network are Digimon, then Wizards from Star Force are Applimon

Unless they change that in the future, they are a different type of digital lifeform.

Nothing that digimon hasn't done before, just never in large scale.

They're also being very categoric about keeping Appmon related information in Appmon dedicated websites. They even have their own version of the Digimon Dictionary. If it sticks I guess it will stand as a child franchise to digimon, if not, expect everything to get dumped into the regular digimon line after the series is over.

No, I dunno about that. Digimon are born the whole of technological information on the planet. Appmon are born from smartphone apps.

They're not a subspecies, but a separate species that underwent a similar evolution. Such things aren't unheard of even in reality.

I really couldn't get into appli's first episode. The MC, the fact it's like 'hey check out my smartphone', the MC. I feel like my favourite series was savers because the mc was like 'fuck yeah I'm a banchou, bring it on'.

Is there a single frame where yujin isn't fabulous?

The MC is very similar to Takato. I expect a lot of people to hate him.

for you

That jacket has got to go honestly, it's beyond fashion disaster.

Digimon a forced meme

It could be worse

This part was great

It's hard not to hate Takato. He's like a real kid his age, and no one likes real kids his age. That's why all anime kids act nothing like how kids their age normally act. It's so they'd actually be likable.

Man everybody's jumping to ridiculous conclusions over this shit

> I swear. Kids these days will NEVER know what true Digimon is.
It's almost like there isn't new movies, re-releases of the older series on blu-ray and anniversary toys coming out or something. Not to mention the recent rerunning of Adventure and 02 in Japan.

I haven't watched all of the series/played the games...but I had an idea for a 'rival' character with basically all virus digimon around them (like their partner is BlackAgumon or some shit like that), obvious evil vibes and what not until it's revealed they're super bros, rivaling the protag and their digimon because they're both misunderstood misfits because they seem all dark and evil.

What do you think, guys?

I think you're in the wrong place. You're looking for GameFAQs or some autistic roleplay community.

Oh, won't there?

meicrackmon has better curves
but also sharp fangs

Episode 2: Navimon joins Haru
Episode 3: Eri meets Dokamon
DoGatchmon won't be appearing until episode 4 at the minimum.

>we have to wait 2 weeks until new best girl debuts

She is probably going to make a cameo next week like in the condensed manga chapter.

Can some one give me an in universe explanation as to why all the digimon are able to evolve into their ultimate forms?
I thought it was supposed to be something special of Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon?
How the hell are the rest of the digimon reaching the new level without the help of the arrows charging up their crests?

They are going into Mega. They've always been able to go Ultimate.

A new prophecy.

Also, they need to be helpful to Omegamon SOMEHOW.

>The Confession ED got rid of new girl and new cat
So relieved.

Power of the crests were never really gone, and it only grew as they got older.

Ultimate is the final form, Mega is a dub name.

Right. I understand as such.
But what I'm asking is how?
Like we have HerculesKabutarimon now, how did he get to that level? What made him evolve?
You can't tell me the battle he had was more difficult than when they battled Apocalamon?
Why didn't he go Hercules during that fight but did in this fight?

Pic not related

Even Toei realized the sub names are dumb and use the dub names now

>that Agumon's head
Was it always that big? It looks like it's gonna fall off at any moment.

>fulfill new prophecy
>digimon evolves
It's not rocket science, user.

>Appmon's penultimate evolution is called Ultimate


It's because of the new prophecy Koushirou got. Remember how it was also thanks to a prophecy Agumon and Gabumon reached Ultimte.
And that prophecy was never explained beyond "it exists", so I doubt this one will be.

"what? why did you guys blame that on agumon? I did that"

I guess that's the joke.

I haven't watched Digimon since Tamers.

Should I wait until Tri is finished or should I start watching it now?

is it shit?

tri. has only got to the halfway stage at the moment and based on how the last year has been for its releases (november '15 > march '16 > september '16 > february '17) it won't be finished until the start of 2018

Watch Applimon

>Watch shitty kiddy reboot of a beloved series instead of watching the one they are making for adults and not just a yokai watch clone

Okay pal

>not both

Why would I waste my time on a kiddy series like Applimon though?

We need more like tri and Cyber Sleuth honestly.

>muh adult anime for adults such as myself
pssh okay kid

The one for adults is shit. In the end a kids show is mainly meant for kids with adults as a peripheral demographic.

>kiddy series
oh boy you're one of THOSE people

>No sign of getting any subs

It's apparent no one wants to watch this shit.

It took awhile for xros wars to get subs too.

But I hate fuccboi MCs.

Cyber sleuth is okay but Tri has been garbage.

But we knew from the beginning RyRo would be doing it, since it's a Digimon series.

Appmon isn't actually Digimon so we have no idea what is happening.

It has Digimon in the name.

I didn't like CS. I got to around chapter 2-3 before dropping it.
Next Order is much more fun but it's insultingly easy.

That doesn't make it Digimon.

Yes it does.

RyuuRogue have been dead for about a year.

Are those rips from the game?

Thank god for the 3ds standarized graphical fomats...

>470 idol group.

Do we REALLY need that much fake sluts?

So do you guys think we'll get a form of regular evolution in Appmon eventually or will we be going full fusion this time?

Fusions are the regular evolutions it seems.

The one they are making for adults is absolute fucking shit

>Even Toei realized the sub names are dumb and use the dub names now
But they don't.

They flip-flop but they don't exclusively stick to one

>a kiddy series
Are we implying that all Digimon series aren't for kids?

I'm quite sure that's exactly what it means

Well there's also the small matter of RyRo was actually alive back then and was subbing Inazuma Eleven. They have not been active since last year

Adventure and Tamers were yes but I watched them when I was a kid so it's okay. The rest were all garbage so it doesn't matter.

Now they should focus on adult stuff like CS and tri because thats where all the Digifans are now.

>The rest were all garbage
But that's wrong you faggot

Watched the Appmon raw.

Certainly looks fun at least.

Exactly how I felt. It looked fun.

Now I just want it to be consistently fun

I can't believe Time Bokan 24. An Anime that people barely know already came out with Subs but Digimon a super popular show doesn't have Subs yet.
Guess i won't watch this new Series

Time Bokan 24 got simulcasted.

How odd it would get picked.

Actually the Tatsunoko shows have been getting licensed for a few years now

Well it's hard to make a game like Digimon World difficult considering player input is largely optional beyond distributing items.

APPmon is actually good, stop being an elitist fag and learn to give things a chance

>>APPmon is actually good
Appmon is not actually anything yet.
We can't form a proper informed opinion about the series until we're at least 3 episodes in.

The 3DS game is very good so yes it is something, Im talking about the wholse series in general

Well I can give a first impression and I thought it was decent.

Heck, I was actually surprised by the Yuujin TWEEST


I bet that she pretends to be cutesy and girly but in reality is a crude, STRONG and haughty girl. Even the ED pic of her has her showing her fist

Dat gap moe

>Movie 5 - Kari, TK, Seraphimon and Magnadramon/Ophanimon vs Dragomon


>Movie 5 - Hikari Magnadramon/Ophanimon vs Meikoomon's Ultimate or Jesmon

>Movie 6 - Whole team vs ZeedMilleniumon

Fixed it for you.

These movies are literally the last chance for Hikari's characterization to be expanded with the possibility of some development.

Takeru had more than enough already. He can have his arc closure and mega evolution in the last movie.

>vs ZeedMilleniummon

Why always the almighty god version? Regular millenniumon should be able to really put damage on millenniumon, you actually want the chosen to win right?

Put moon milleniummon for the sake of variety.

Something tells me Haru will be in a world of pain if he crosses her.

Actually the dokkan punch is part of her Idol character. She actually suffers from loneliness. So more of the other way around.


I'm disappointed now.

sheltered aidoru is one of my favorite archetypes

Millenniumon wank is the worst fucking wank

He's not appearing outside of the games, except for maybe more manga cameos

get over it

Millenniumon can't appear as the villain anyway. He's in another universe and calling himself Cyberdramon now

Don't worry her appmon won't job until his leomon look alike form.

I still think Yuya looks worse. Despite Haru's rolled up pants.

Does appmon have an actual Digital World or just a DigiQuartz 2.0?

Its AR world 1.0

Nene got regulated to fan service fodder. So let's hope we don't go that route.

Appmon come from the Net Ocean, which is the watery area Gatchmon was in at the start

aside from that, we know nothing else

DigiQuartz 2.0 for now, but it seems to hint an actual digital world at the ED

Eri being the blue member of the main group should prevent that from happening.

Yuya objectively has the more attractive body shape, though.

His voice actor is also a male, so there's that.

Nene didn't really keep up with Taiki and Kiriha because Sparrowmon didn't evolve. Dokamon is at least confirmed to go up to Ultimate.

>Nene didn't really keep up with Taiki and Kiriha because AMAZON BOOBS

Sparrowmon got completely written out for the sake of big titties.

So, why did Konaka have to break each of the kids hearts at the end?

Why did he have to utterly shatter hearts with the audio drama?

Supercomputer spying on humans using all the cameras on the world and the circles on everyone's faces kinda reminded me of Person of Interest.

Kinda sad because JetSparrowmon's design is pretty damn cool.


Nene in Hunters was far more enjoyable than she was in Death Generals.

Spent the whole time going on about her brother in the latter. I know about the situations they were in but it got very annoying when it was just that all the time.

Nene in Hunters having an actual goal beyond save Yuu helped a lot, even if the idol bit kinda came out of nowhere. Her only issue was jobbing so that Arresterdramon/Sparrowmon got the spotlight, but everyone jobbed so that Tagiru got the spotlight anyway.

>Horrible memories of how Nene became an idol resurface

Are there any more of these?

I remember seeing one with Titanmon a long time ago

It was the best part of Hunters.

he ALSO looks like MachGaoGamon, so they have a fighting chance.

Prediction for God levels:
Globemon + Satellamon (Cameramon finally turns coats and joins Haru in the final cour of the show)
Revivemon + Cometmon (Ominous Dragon + Ominous Dragon)
Oujamon + Biomon (Oujamon "dies" but Biomon to use his healing powers to bring him back)
Entamon + Damedamon (funny + funny?)

The first three make a lot of sense to me, I had the same thoughts.

>but Biomon to use his healing powers to bring him back
But Revivemon is the one who can bring back Appmons from the dead.

I would enjoy this greatly.

Didn't actually notice this until now.

I wonder what Meiko's been feeding her cat.

>still no subs
Why even live?

Revivemon is the System Restore Appmon.

>tfw Renamon, could probably evolve into Meicoomon, and then into Meicrackmon

They're probably having most of their budget on Zoids Movie. Maybe.

Finished watching Digimon App, and the overall monster designs are just weird for me. And MC is too mirror of Yuuya (in terms of design), and that more girly voice is kinda itchy.

Guess i'll give it a few more episodes before i end up waiting for some cooler forms to come out.

Digimon tends to have slow pacing for the first half part then go full retard with fast pacing for the latter half part. So a few more episodes are not enough; assuming this series gets 4 cours.

Hey Amazon Boobs is best OXII!

it was confirmed year long (4 cour) in an interview

Remind me

This really. We likely won't be seeing Globemon until at least 13-15.


Nostalgia is just that. It's something nice to remember and think about. Don't waste your money on something shitty just because muh childhood when there is a much better version of it.

Malaysia DVDs are the only way to go

are we sure that Cameramon is even a bad guy?

He's the one who set Haru up to get his Applidrive

>He's the one who set Haru up to get his Applidrive
is he?

I rewatched some of the episodes of the dub on Netflix and thought it was the cringest shit. The younger me loved it though lmao. But nostalgia is just that.

>but everyone jobbed so that Tagiru got the spotlight anyway.
Don't remind me.

Hunters should have been so much better than it was.

Thank fuck for that.

Do it share same VA with indon dubs?
I have it on indon dubs, and I like it.

Yeah, it really makes me miss Wada Kouji.

This just doesn't have the same energy.


The cameras are watching Haru and Yujin as they return from school. Then the watcher hacks the crosswalk so Yujin can go his direction and Haru is stuck at the intersection. Then the camera focus on and hacks the vending machine, drawing Haru's attention.

Once he gets the Drive, Cameramon emerges into fill view from the street camera. showing he was the one doing all of that

nice i wachted the ep full laged

I miss him so bad, damn.


Man, I can't see how anyone would think DiVE was lacking energy of all things. It's practically overflowing with it.

are you sure you're not just trashing it for not being sung by a dead man?

So what is Leviathan?

The giant serpent that lives in the space between worlds.

Leviathan is a super-advanced Artificial Intelligence.

Cameramon is working for Leviathan, he is definitely a "bad guy" for now. Leviathan likely has his own purposes for giving Haru the Applidrive and make him a "protagonist".

>yfw somehow they will connect it with tamers

That just makes me wonder if Eri and the apptuber kid weren't supposed get appmon either.

Leviathan is just like the old man in Hunters except instead of psst hey kid do you want a xros loader it's psst hey kid do you wanna be SHUJINKOU

>yfw haru becomes evil.

I'm suddenly imagining Cameramon walking up to people and trying to get people to buy the applidrivers he's hiding in his trenchcoat

It's more likely Leviathan will eventually send some tamer-of-the-week to fight the main cast.
One of which then becomes part of the main cast itself.
Could happen, there's just Haru and 3 other people in said main cast, which is kinda low.

I was almost gonna say it's fine to keep the human cast low so they can develop the small cast the series has better, but then I remember XW had the least amount of humans, and also handled them like complete shit (Yuu, Kiriha and Nene were just shit, Taiki's only purpose was saying hottokenai a lot, Akari and Zenjiro never had any presence, and with Tagiru it felt like they were TRYING to give him an actual characterization but they sorta forgot about it 3 episodes in)

Prediction: Leviathan will be interested in understanding humans and will create a cute girl as an avatar to interact with the main cast. They will call her... Levia-chan.

levia-chan will turn my nigga edgylord against haru.

Xros was weird in that while it had the most developed Digimon since Tamers, the human development was really lacking.

With Hunters, it started out fine but completely collapses after episode 6.

Edgylord is already with Leviathan according to this PV.

>i won't enyone interfere with levianthan
fuck yes

So, basically Norn 2.0?

Anyone against Levia-tan is on the wrong side anyways
Haru will see the light eventually

>Leviathan turns out to be a good guy/girl or at least well intentioned as Humans using too much internet even on their coffee machines has awakened a great evil.

Well it was pretty obvious he would be the arc1 antagonist like Tactimon, Devimon, Ken ect.


I'm guessing he'll follow the Ken route and be turned to the good side at some point.

I am sure Leviathan won't even be the final boss, all the seasons have pulled a secret boss out of nowhere at the last episodes. I think the only exception was Xros Wars if you take Hunters as an extra season.

>Subs never

Digimon is officially dead.

Actually, tacosubs coming soon.



Ryuu-Rogue is dead and/or uninterested. CR can still get the show late, like Young Hunters.

Disgusting mexicans, they are the worst part of the fanbase.

Pretty much. Bagramon is the sole exception to the rule. And Hunters was basically an expansion pack or DLC of Xros wars. Made because Toei wanted that time slot open for themselves.

>Messamon is a messaging app
>it attacks using the power of the messages it produces
That's pretty nifty.

Spanish subs. Usually Mexicans but can also be south Americans.

Viva la Peru.

>still no English subs
So this is the end, huh?

Stop being an impatient little bastard.

Start translating and I'll create the subtitles.

Nah, americans and europeans are worse. At least here, in México, we got the original series without any adulterated crap, with the original music and storyline.

Europe got it all original too you stupid tortillas you are the scourge of the fanbase.
Stop liking digimon you brown fucks


Can't we all just love Digimon together?


Ill forgive you if you sub appmon to English.

Is it possible that Asuka wont be the annoying little shit his design screams he will be?

But it doesn't.

All we need is a shinji, although a chronicle crossover would be a bit out of left field.


There better be a BD release this time.

Can't some cool english fan that knows some mexican take the mexican subs and make some english ones out of them?

Could be wrong, but that sounds easy enough.


Come back and get me when it's 6 1/2 stages again.

6 1/2 stages of what?

I can try to get a script dump.
I'm too retarded to handle typesetting, timing and especially encoding.

Is the mexican sub even out yet?
I could try to make a transcript

When even the Mexican Subs take so long for a super popular franchise like Digimon you know the series is really dead. Lets go see the superior kids show of the season

Mexicans only care about adventure, and this anime is a spinoff but there is hype in japan and things are looking good for appmon

>super popular

Malaysian DVDs are Japanese audio with English, Malaysian and Chinese subs.
They usually sell boxsets.

Haven't seen any yet, but hopefully we'll get something soon

So what's the ED theme supposed to be, "Blue Blaze Syndrome"?
What does that mean?

Would you help Tentomon find the right clothes to impress a girl?

Post partners



I always wonder about making one of these, but I never get past the first question of
>'Do I want to help with transport?'
That always splits off to
>'Land, Air, or Sea?
Because as neat as it is to be able to fly, there's one digi that is literally a fortess, and having a mobile base seems cool as fuck.

Then there's another question.
'To Waifumon, or to not Waifumon?''

In the games the Moonmon line was my favorite, so I was surprised that people have pimped out an innocent starter digi.

>Nene was surprisingly badass.
Too bad she was a terrible character

Funbeemon is adorable.
His evolutions made it into Cyber Sleuth, but he didn't for whatever reason. Shame really.



You savage.

It's fate

Yup, he is one of my favourite Digimon. It's too bad he doesn't get much fanart.

I can't wait to see this with Oujamon and Eri.

Thanks doc

wasn't the big feet/hands because the artists didn't know how to draw them properly?

Tentomon will always be the broest of all mons

Sounds like bullshit. If that were the case, why bother with human characters?

Yeah, that the same reason of why everyone in Adventure had gloves, to hide the fact that everyone had gigantic hands.

>Bee evolving into a wasp
You've gone too far

Need I say more?

The Banchos are just another group of Digimon I wish were in Cyber Sleuth. They're all so cool, it would've been nice to see them there, or in Next Order.

Who said you could post my digifu, m8?

That adult is suffering

And a hamster evolving into an angel is any better?

Pretty sure it's a pig
You know the expression 'when pigs fly?'
It has something to do with that

Really now, why doesn't anyone just take the time to patch it up?
Looks like it'll die before getting into combat

It seems to move like a bat.

Why does Tsukaimon exist when DemiDevimon is already the evil version of Patamon?

Because digimon lack recolors user, we need more recolors

>>You know the expression 'when pigs fly?'
>It has something to do with that
I'm pretty sure that has nothing to do with it.


Digimon World made a bunch of re-color version to fill out the ranks well still distinguish between recruit able versions of Digimon and the mob enemy version of them. After World the rest of the franchise looked at all the recolors and said "Hey easy way to pad out a game!"

Only found out about these a few days ago.

Tsukaimon came first



For context, this was a line of figures that were set to release starting with an Omegamon, followed by Dukemon, but aside from two versions of Omegamon, it never got off the ground and was cancelled.

Digimon Reboot was the name of the line.

These are /m/ as fuck, the devimon straight up looks like an srw boss

>no midriff

I like these digital Gundams

Based digi-Tallgeese

I wish they would reboot this series. The Omegamon kit was decent but it lacks a lot of the colours for the smaller details that would be expected from Bandai if it was made more recently.

I wish they would release a line where non-cute girl Digimon are given cute girl designs. That is my fetish.

We can share her.

I want to protect that warped smile

If so it was by the slimmest of margins, they both came out in 1999.

I need more of it in my life

>Still without any subs.


Spics are too busy with Dragon Ball, right now.

New thread.