Who is the hottest character designed by toriyama?

who is the hottest character designed by toriyama?

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That that fucking chud

The answer is clear

Nothing can stop being he gorgeous brief genes.

This cum dumpster

Though I do love me some Buu saga Bulma

Hard Mode: no Dragon Ball

Bulma, 18, Trunks and Videl.

Bulma goes back and forth between really hot and downright ugly.

Bulma, 18, and Pan

>and Pan
She's cute, GT Pan a shit.


she gets into some fashion fuck ups once in a while but eoz/gt bulma is irredeemable

can we include his game characters?


You're letting your personal bias cloud your judgement user. GT Pan is awesome.



If you're talking about Dragon Quest, a lot of them just seem to be his designs from Dragon Ball touched up to look slightly different. The girl you posted just looks like a cavewoman Lunch.

she's from Chrono Trigger fyi

I'm judging appearances, and GT Pan and Gine are not hot or beautiful.


Oh come on, then his designs for Dragon Ball are just Dr. Slump things touched up to look slightly different



>If you're talking about Dragon Quest
>Dragon Quest


female warrior

Canon Pan never even got to grow up into a real loli. Toriyama really ended Dragon Ball at the worst possible time.



Trunks is the first 2D character I was ever attracted to as a kid, so I'll have to go with him

What are you saying?

>Posting a shit image of him.

4 is too young to be hot. Girls don't really become attractive until they're around 7.

>4 is too young to be hot
Says you


So it's just shit taste, GT Pan is hot as fuck


Surprised no one's brought her up




>lifting her skirt in the middle one
What did she mean by this?

Was she? She was anime only.


I had a huge crush on Marle when I was like, 11 or 12 years old.



Now that's dedication.

I respect your opinion but Schala was my first waifu




Bulma is always ready to strip , do some Hero-Hero or a Puff-Puff etc


Mai is the hottest Toriyama girl.


She looks like something out of Shingeki no Kyojin


For me its a choice between Mai and 18
But i'd probably go for 18,




>spandex videl

>dat fuqin doujin

Agreed entirely.
Pan is the best thing that came out of GT.


>saying that kind of shit in front of her future daugher-in-law

I want to believe but that recent Videl thing was definitely just forgery

No, that can't be true. It looks a lot like his art, user. Tell me you're kidding

What videl thing?


we all know Mai is into even lewder things


Looks like a good imitation

It's so easy to copy anybody's style when he's also copying toriyama.



Anybody got any good resolution scans of the part where Bulma flashes her tits?

>you will never steal Bulma's virginity


I prefer prebirth babies. They're the hottest.




You're both alright in my book, but Lucca was the best of that game. I love a girl who knows more than me.

Dragon Quest has the best waifus


I'm starting to see that

Toriyamas art and Horii's story development. One of the best combos in entertainment.


Krillin's a lucky guy


A VERY lucky guy

Gay, but based response.

I love Maribel but idk if she's hot

Videl makes you wonder about your chances with her for a while so she can shift the balance of power in her favor. A sideways glance here and there, a snarky comment when you demonstrate deep ki harnessing knowledge, asking her how you like girls' hair and then cutting it to see how you respond. Then the moment comes where she calls you out for watching her tits jiggle during a flying lesson. You almost retreat at her uncouthness but before you know it she's shoved you on the couch and began devouring your face with weeks of pent-up frustration at your lack of initiative. Stroking your hardness over you pant leg, she takes her shorts off grinds her toned yet meaty ass into your lap while deriding you for being such a pussy. She tells you to look her in the eye if you're a real man and without breaking the stare she begins bouncing on your ever-expanding flesh obelisk while listing off all her grievances with you, like she's your mom or something. Suddenly your childhood makes a little more sense. You feel closer to you father, and understand why he wasn’t around as much when you were little.

First post best post.

Super Videl looks like shit. GT Videl (and Gohan, for that matter) looked so much better it's mindboggling.

teenager VIdel is only true Videl

teen videl with the handles that is
how can gohan even not like those handles?

legit stiffy achieved over here based user

One of the greatest sins of anime history, changing that haircut.

Let's analyze Gohan's spineless faggot tendencies. First of all the only father figure he had growing up Piccolo who has no social life so there's no model for behavior there as far as being a man in society. Secondly his dad is not only borderline asexual (probably just got raped by Chi Chi twice to make the kids) but he's also an absentee "cool dad" type who shows up every few years with laser beams coming out his fucking palms and weird looking alien goons following him around talking about galactic wars and shit. We know Chi Chi domineered him into being a doormat desperate for her approval and helicopter mom'd him into being risk averse unless somebody murders his dad.

It's no wonder freezes up when he sees Videl walking around in yoga pants with handlebar hair dying to get pounded out by a man with more integrity than her father. He has no idea how to deal with the side of women he's never had access to. Videl has to give in and make the move herself, forever diminishing her respect for him as a masculine sexual being and justifying her quick descent into a plain-looking housewife with no edge or spunk anymore.

Still mad about her not being in Heroes


Sadly, it was the big fad at the time.

This semen demon. Plus she comes in two versions.

Also Ayla from Chrono Trigger.

You wish.

Boy do I have a girl for you.

Gay kai is here.

This character was wasted on Dragonball

>He doesn't get an erection when looking at a fetus.
What's wrong with you?

"ruined" future mai for you lads

Probably one of his Dragon Quest sluts

Bulma. there is a reason is she is the main source of fanservice.


she's not designed by toriyama tho

Most probably one of his background bimbos. They are usually hot as hell.

Fucking end yourself or stop calling every fucking female you like a "waifu" like a fucking cancer.

neither was the supreme kai of time before anybody thinks of her


I fapped so much to this doujin

Pick a Bulma.


buruma perfect ass and thighs


They're all fucking ugly as shit

These 2 easily.

was there ever an in-show attempt at an explanation why krillin was fucking a bulma lookalike?

Trapped in a spaceship with a half naked bulma to Namek.

I've been out pedophiled

chi chi best mouth in dragonball confrimed


18 being sexy a forced meme

This is correct. Supreme Kai of Time is a close second.

any doujins of Chi Chi getting spanked or at least something ass-centric?

my waifu


Twintail Videl > Young Bulma > Marron aka Bulma 2.0 Krillin ain't getting her so he took the next best thing edition > Black Lunch > 18 > Rest

15 minutes in youtube.com/watch?v=U1BpKt1U6Ps&feature=youtu.be&t=15m18s



Man looking back, I really hated classic Dragon Ball porn. We sure have came a long way.






i wonder if chi chi's long bangs and videl's pigtails are some intentional parallel oedipal shit toriyama snuck in there

based toriyama


definitely this or Ayla

look at those big fat mom tits

*stiffens reluctantly



nah, something about her design is a non-starter for me. toriyama a shit every once in a while

Milf Bulma

It says "Rehabilitation" on the bottom of it

How could you hate Garland?


sexy 18 is a forced meme


Videl had such a garbage personality, never got into her or Chichi because of that.

you gotta be a shit to think anybody fucks better than Videl

you can fuck girls without wife-ing them up ya know

Like father, like son: both have an awful taste in women. And to think Goku could have had Bulma.

>Tfw Gohan didn't choose the best girl
Gohan is the worst.

Always had a soft spot for Ranfan.

You can tell she would have been the perfect wife. Instead he married his mother.

The best version of ChiChi


For DBZ characters I'd say 18

I have a weakness for blue chicks. But 18 still blows her out of the water.

does toriyama still draw his girls with big hair? or was that only a 90's thing?

Bouquet from blue dragon.

Future Trunks

you're looking at this the wrong way. videl and chi chi are both ideal fucks, but nightmare wives. there is no excuse for marrying them. goku and gohan both being beta asexual doormat faggots is as canon as it gets.

toriyama-sensei dropping science for y'all to learn what's up but y'sittin' round tryna make big bang attacks in your fucking palms. grow and up get to jerkin'.

inb4 sexual intercourse is filler

I still find it so bizarre.

My child 1998 self would have never imagined such thing.

No way ....

Am I the only one who likes BEST GIRL ?!

>or was that only a 90's thing?


It was something 80's. But trying to answer your question, I haven't checked his recent designs, on Dragon Quest, he probably still does that but not as much anymore.

Fucking Oolong. I wonder if he was expecting a gangrape or something.

And here I was masturbting to Ayla's sprite during the game.

Literally perfect.

That's more 80's big. "Toriyama hair" was established more with DBZ. I remember that style being everywhere in the mid-90's.

What flavor is best?
Blueberry or Lemon?

She's cute

I think the fact that I really can't choose a favorite DBZ girl is a testament to how big a fanboy I am. Even fucking Chi Chi can be appealing.


when did this happen? younger me would remember.

Depending where you are from Dragonball was pretty heavily censored.

what's that from?


Chi Chi is one of the most appealing, she just doesn't show her body and uses a super sober and house maid hairstyle. But that just shows how gorgeous she would looko if she actually tries to be sexy (which she probably does in bed, that lucky Goku SOB).
Her younger adult hairstyle was great though.

The same happens with Mai. Her hairstyle is great, but she never shows her body.

oh how i wish those words were not said, for they have wounded me.

18 became my favorite. hit all my marks really.

1. beat up my favorite character
2. Gave krillin the time of day
3. kept her personality even as a mother.

although, up until milf bulma, bulma probably looked better.

Oda pls go
Toriyama doesn't even remember her

Chi chi was pretty fucking hot when she was younger


Such a shame they turned her into a into a crazy and unreasonable housewife.

Zangya wasn't designed by Toriyama, was her?

Still I agree, she's one of the best DB girls.

i'm pretty sure the majority of the filler/movie characters were designed by toriyama



2 and 14 confirmed GOAT Bulmas

its weird how we saw bulma go from a 70's kid to 80's teen, 90's adult and 2000's mom.

Finally, someone with sense.

86-97 nigger

would do

It's from one of the movies that retold the first arc.

my nigger

I'd also tap dbs bulma

So, bulma isn't over 18? That's pedo.

>toriyama-sensei dropping science for y'all to learn what's up but y'sittin' round tryna make big bang attacks in your fucking palms. grow and up get to jerkin'.
This is literally the gayest thing I've seen typed onto this website.


Best girl

Are you sure, I'd imagine it was made by the character designers from the anime.
If there's any source or even any illustration of Zangya by Toriyama I'd love to see.



female gender is filler

no you're not

I'm partial to 3 and 15 myself.

Your waifu got raped by a horse

Wait, what? When did that happen?


what does Ox King do all day?

But my waifu is a horse.

Why does future bulma looks like a hot milf wheareas main timeline bulma looks like an old anoying bitch?

Krillin briefly had a girlfriend in the anime that was a Bulma lookalike with a bigger ass. Also her name sounds the same as his daughter's (Maron and Marron) but are apparently different words.

That's from one of the Dragon Quest animes, her name is Daisy.


have some Fleurette too


so wait...what manga/animu babes does Toriyama jerk off to? you know how they say if you like a band listen to their influences...

Tezuka and Asamu.


Chi Chi only looks old because of her hairstyle and lipstick, she looks younger when you change it.

She is!
Currently playing through Dragon Quest VII and get so stiff looking at her midriff and the way she talks to the protagonist.

And because she has a constant 'angry old woman' scowl. Which still makes no sense considering she was a total ara child.

Best taste

i can't help but like her design


Now we are talking.

DBS episode where Chi-Chi finds her old clothes fucking WHEN?

never ever

Too lewd user.

The best feature is that you get both
Blueberry on the streets
Lemon in the sheets

Flashback episode when?

>MILF Bulma



the quality in DB doujin varies quite a bit

Garland and Yamamoto are good


Full pic?

>And because she has a constant 'angry old woman' scowl. Which still makes no sense considering she was a total ara child.

Do you expect her to be completely happy with a husband who's more interested in his hobby than being there for his family and her kid constantly dragged to get beat up by psychopaths?

What's with people trying to others in the struggle down?

You get enough material from her in the series.

hand holding etc

>but Chichi had a reason to be upset since her hasband was blah blah
If she didn't like that, she shouldn't have married him. I'm so tired of this canned speech.

>What's with people trying to others in the struggle down?
What? Is this English?

Videl initially being a bitch adds that much more to the fact that Gohan managed to convert her and sate her lust for a good saiyan dicking and tamed her.


If DQ characters are included then Bianca is the choice for me.




Well, you're not wrong.

But still, holy shit.