Camrips never

Camrips never


shut up

Wanting Camrips of flops


oh boy

Who cares about this movie when we have Your Name?

Buy the bluray

It'll be forgotten after one watch, or do you plan on rewatching all the time?

>can't even be the best movie of the year

the BD comes out in like 6 years

>the movie is flopping so hard they already started cutting up the reels

Is that the sudoku?

Not before Keit-ai

>mfw I wanted to kill myself but now I have to wait because I need to see what's all the fuss about with these movies

No it's when Ueno beats the shit out of nishimiya

Wait, they still use film reel nowadays? Isn't shit all digital in 2016?

yes no

>1 billion yen

How desperate are you?

He has to be an assblasted Shaft fag, sad that Kizu is flopping.

What's this? Why are they getting this? Do they just ask the theater for a piece of the film or something?

Yes. CR by the way gets the HD digitalization of the HDCAM tape.

So 1080p is upsize from it, and 720p is downsize from it as its in 1440x1080

Why are you even talking about crunchyshit?

The point is that anime is delivered to TV stations on HDCAM tape. So until BDs are out, its native resolution is pretty much irrelevant and its analog media.

Cinemas get either digital or tape vessels from HDCAM sourse as well, though there might be exceptions with better quality masters.

Who summoned Daiz?

I'd forgotten about that one. Anyone with moon see it?