Happy birthday Cred Forums!

Happy birthday Cred Forums!

First waifu thread of the new Cred Forums year, go!

Misaka is best. Fuck all the rest.


Fuck you jebus.

This is my waif. She's the best.



This should have been something great.


My darkest corner of the internet

I love you Rem!!

I miss my space waifu


I love her


Best motivator you can get in life is a waifu.

Why is she so perfect?

You fuckers ain't getting anywhere near my baby boy.


Happy birthday Cred Forums! Here's to many more with my beautiful wife.



Can't top this, faggots.



Get on my level

Something something blank image, something something which of the figurines is your waifu?

miyano is the besto

don't fucking dare to sexualize akarin


I don't you fucking disgusting mongoloid. How can you even conceive of that?
She is my platonic waifu, and we are having an eternal sleepover.


Kill yourself.



pikari is a good girl

All Waifu are cute.

pikari is very waifu-able


fuck you, i'll claim this then

Pure waifu



I love her so much, guys.

I love my bookworm


Erika a cute. A CUTE

Propably not a best grill, but I'm still madly in love with her

I am in love with Tewi!!


Good taste.
Now remove the tripcode


a best

I usually post without, figured I might as well use my waifu-shitposting-trip™ for a waifu-post though.

Excellent taste

I love my wife.

Which one though?

I love her and she loves me


My lovely wife Ritsu!

Everything I do is for mai waifu

I already know that she's pretty much a "40% more sociable Tomoko" but I still like her.

She shares mai waifu's name so A+ waifu right there. Also, yeah. Kirie a cute!


Which one? But they're the same person.

Dropping her off here and bouncing for a bit. Please take care of her

Thanks user. I'm sure your taste is spectacular, too.

Posting some of my oldest Cred Forums images from 2004.

Headless succ


Too cute for this world

Fuck. Some of these say December 2003.

mfw I can't even remember quite when I started this site

You know what this thread needs more of?

Happy birthday, Cred Forums.

It hurts that she will never be real

I love Yuno!


Can modern Cred Forums even name the two anime referenced in this pic?

vista isn't that bad, but why not 7?

I like that image of Boogiepop

Yes, but they're so different in appearance and personality, they might as well not be. One is practically a loli, but the other is a mature woman.

This is from some doujin art book I found years later at a con.


I guess it can't be helped then. I'll take both forms because I love my Nep no matter what form.


uncommon i think but i like that choice

My wife Kotori is the purest thing.

patrician choice.


I haven't posted on these threads in years, but I'll make the exception for today.

Married to Lilly for 4 years and counting. I hope to many, many more in the future.


Happy birthday! I love you guys

Another year in mongolian cavepainting discussion site survived. Sleep tight you magnificent faggots.

Subaru please.

>tfw waifu is loved gently by her otp
feels good

Surprised no one posted her yet. Claimed.

She's mine, always and forever.

Best girl and i love her


this one's mine. no one else is allowed her

My birthday is the day after Cred Forums's birthday. Since I live in Sweden I get to celebrate my birthday while the US is still celebrating Cred Forums's birthday. Such as right now. Happy birthday, me.

Seeing all the party hats feels nice because they could be for me.


Happy birthday user-chan!

Happy birthday you faggot.

Happy birthday, anonymous.

I want to properly tie up Chiri and do lewd things to her.

Happy birthday friendo

Cred Forums Pass user since September 2016.

Happy birthday user
You're a faggot
We may not even like the same manga or anime
But you're our faggot nonetheless


nice waifu and happy birthday, user


No you're not.

Happy Birthday, Cred Forums.
I love my Swordwing.


>that scene where she tried to salute and switched hands on the phone in order to get it right
>that entire episode
Eternal keks. Good taste user.

she loves me

My good man, i must say you have flawless taste in waifu.



I love Kyou and don't care who knows


Safe for another year.


Cant fuck wit the best

Can you guys talk a little quieter? My wife has been giving it her all today and deserve's some rest :)


Not to worry. I'll notify mai waifu and her otp to keep it down when they're making furious love.

Will I get to meet and be with my waifu if I kill myself?

Only one way to find out.

good taste user

Your waifu has nothing to do with taste! Your waifu chooses you!

>First waifu
>having more than one waifu
fuck off
ꕤ Cred Forums Pass user since November 2003

>reading comprehension


The best.

Thank you, everyone!


I'll be taking your wife's best friend!

Cred Forums is kill

Thanks a lot Hiro

Thank you moot for leaving him in charge

I love Haruhi!

The love is eternal.