HAVE A Cred ForumsECIAL BIRTHDAY Cred Forums

HAVE A Cred ForumsECIAL BIRTHDAY Cred Forums

Is an horse an athlete


thank you, Cred Forums-kun! I hope you have a Cred Forumseci/a/l birthday too!


I'm so glad I lived on Capitol Hill when this happend

tanjoubi omedetou

Anybody else from Cred Forums here?

What did he mean by this?

S/a/n Antonio Cred Forumsurs reporting





Hey Cred Forums you dumb nerds, what you doing on my board? Do you want your lunch money stolen again?



What is Cred Forums's favourite anime?

is this /bundes/?



Wew Kobe


I use Cred Forums during handegg games.


Have a very Cred Forumsecial birthday too, Cred Forums-kun~


How bout that Husky game?

Who Cred Forumstletico m/a/drid here?


That soccer is for homosexuals

Probably something retarded like Re:Zero


pls, delete this cancer thread immediately, it gives me the cancer

Who's a lesterl/a/d?

>unironically paying 100,000,000 dollars for a dabbing black lellana

You are cancer. You are merely observing your own likeness


Who Cred Forumsrsenal here?

r/a/ifurongu kitsune here

That's impressive. Was he trying to break a record or something?



>A hundred trillion dollars for a dabbing Kevin Davies

Who's the anime equivalent of Pogba?

This thread makes me nostalgia hard, I miss pre-flag Cred Forums


[email protected]


Ash. He's a popular big shot, great player. But you know he's never going to win anything important.


Who's the anime equivalent of Tom Brady?


Every casual became enamored with him because he was supposed to be "the next big thing," but he ends up being shit week after week.


Gilgamesh. Eli is Shirou.




Overrated, overhyped trash that changes haircut everyday?
Hmm, I wonder.

>international break

An interchangable Issekai protagonist.


Any overrated Gary Stu protagonist that seems good because the rest of the cast is.

t. Peyton "hgh" manning

Remember when Cred Forums and Cred Forums used to be the same people?

What went wrong?

we still are, it's just Cred Forums afraid of admitting it

We still are. Go to any game thread on sunday and you'll find them full of anime images.

And you'll have a hoard of faggots telling you to fuck off for posting them.

Half of those are anime posters themselves

I don't think they ever were. Sports is one of the most manliest normie hobbies out there while anime is one of the nerdiest feminine hobbies.

Kira Yamato

>Cred Forums and Cred Forums used to be the same people
it was Cred Forums and Cred Forums

Cred Forums and Cred Forums were just friends

Did you not forget that there are some sports anime?


it's cute watching the normalfags' autism flare up

just look at the frenchie in the thread in Cred Forums

I thought it was Yuru Yuri.

Aren't they the same people posting on Cred Forums though?

The only acceptable Cred Forums sport is r/a/cing.

Who /running in the 90s/ here?

Reminder that the W/a/rriors will never lose again.


we Drift und Panzer

why are you being so mean to me
i'm reporting this

Cred Forums and Cred Forums are a single entity.

Cred Forumsartan here, can confirm. akkariin best girl

"Just friends"

I would fuck Akarin at the first opportunity

Cred Forums is netoraring Cred Forums?

I find that most boards tend to have this particular kind of cancer which claims that Cred Forums is a containment board rather than the soul of Cred Forums

It's true. Cred Forums talks to them online but would never associate with them off the boards.

Who Cred Forumslambama here? Roll tide!

Ozil x akarin otp

Qualidea Code

most of them are just scared to admit to watching anime. They have aome misconception that liking anime automatically makes you a loser shut-in, when quite the opposite can be true.

that, or they were rejected by the anime kids at their high school


>mfw Cred Forums and Cred Forums during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics


Still hate you regardless.

that's gonna be a fun time

hopefully I'll be shitposting from Tokyo during the Olympics, instead of at home

Any Cred Forumsnons going to watch university handegg in a bit?

>watching college football
Nah, but I will watch that shitty clots/jags game just to shitpost with britbongs.

>watching college football

the pac 12 minus stanford is shit and even then, they'll fuck it up and the SEC or THE Ohio Sate will win again. I have no hope for this shit ass conference

> turnleft

Does Cred Forums like Giant Killing?

I do that to bait people, autism works on both sides. I some times post anime, call myself out and watch the thread erupt.

Yuru yuri

Since/a/ hates Cred Forums nowdays, which boards are buddys with Cred Forumsm

No, it's always.


There was a time when Cred Forums and Cred Forums were bros.

So that explain why the hat on every single post with picture

None because newfags take Cred Forums too seriously and don't allow anyone from other boards

That is the best thing about Cred Forums you autist.

Not really

Cred Forums elitism and self moderating is the sole reason this is the only board that hasn't gone full leddit.

cancer, just a bump, for you

guess what, the guy you replying to is the real newfag that ties to manipulate the situation.

This why you see a lot of back lashing cunts

Why does Cred Forums like this girl?