Shingeki no Kyojin 86

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EMA a shit. Can't wait for them to be put on the shitmachine.

LM soon.

AM is love.

I want to ask, since HELM are now in possession of very sensitive information, will memory wiping play a role in the near future? ELM are immune (I'm assuming Eren is because Frieda didn't attempt to erase Grisha's mind) so would this cause them to go to the warrior village?

>Frieda didn't attempt to erase Grisha's mind
It's not like she got a chance to do it. We only know nobles, Ackermanns and orientals are immune. Frieda was able to erase Historia's memories though, but I guess that was because she is half peasant and not fully noble.

I thought Reiss were able to mindwipe the slave race because they are the same race? Or maybe that was just a headcanon I'm mixing up with canon.

Nobles are immune, peasants aren't.


Fucking when?

Real fucking disgusting now.

Manlet a shit.

Shut up if Isayama can pander to the Erwongwhales then he can do the same for us.

Wasn't it mentioned by the noble on the shit machine? Then again Grandpa Ackermanns words implied everyone inside the walls can be mindwiped, because they are from the same race, except orientals and Ackermanns since they are from a different race than the wall people.

That's what I'm thinking.

But I'm not sure if Jaegers are a different race.

Not sure if it was implied that all the shifters from outside the walls are a different race than the people inside the walls. Since Ackermanns and orientals are from outside the walls as well, that could be the case.

Levi a shit.

Shit, i still remember my first day on this awful site
It was Fall 2010 and i was bullied into oblivion

That's true, I forgot about that. Bert called their race devilspawns and Reiner called them a defiled race, Annie and Eren might be the only hybrids.


I doubt Annie's parents are from different races.

Well Reiner did put her on the spot and asked her to prove she's not like them.

I think it was not about her being from the same race, but rather sympathizing or siding with them.

So what big thing will happen at the end of this arc? I doubt it's just more infos about warriors having advanced technology. It usually is something that connects to the next arc.

Next arc will end with Zeke and Reiner setting up a plan to free Annie from jail. They don't have enough warriors to win anymore

I hate shitmin but he's exactly the kind of kid I would want to have as a kid. I'm conflicted.

Happy month of Halloween, /snk/.

Armong should be handed over to Zackley for experimentation.


I still can't believe Isayama forced Levi to give up on his husbando for the sake of the plot. As far as dick moves authors pull on own characters go this is up there with Nia dying and Sherlock killing himself.

MBA were canonically good friends during their trainee days and would often study together.

Let that sink in for a moment.



I can't imagine the last arc being anything other than the warrior village arc.

Isayama pretty much confirmed that in the guidebook.

* Touyou clan

YH is canon.

Can't argue with those double dubs.

*is shit

And a cute.

remember when eren used the shout when reiner and bertholt were trying to kidnap eren?
all the titan shifters felt the shout in a way, but they weren't made to attack themselves. this gives me some ground to assume that another group of people who are immune to memory wiping are humans who can turn into titans.
this could be supported by the fact that every human can become a mindless titan, which are easily led by eren's shout, so maybe the memory wiping has something to do with forced titanization.

Memory wiping and the coordinate are two different things. The coordinate is most likely titans only and also only works if they are mindless.

EM soon

BRA did nothing wrong.

it doesn't seem to be different things, at least from what we have seen in the manga.
when historia's older sister memory wiped her it was more like an order "forget this until we meet again" rather than just a wipe, which would not have needed her to say the command to historia.
and didn't bert and reiner say something about "its in him" when he shouted. had it been only normal titan mind control then there should been no need to get shocked, since they too have people like that (annie attracting titans to herself and monkey trouble controlling titans). the difference is that eren issued an order, and they (reiner, bert and ymir) felt the order too.
if the kings power consisted of both titan control and, a second power, mind wipe, then the should be no need for the titan trio to feel the order too.

Historia saw Rod's memories and neither of them have the coordinate. So the memory thing is most likely Reiss related. Rod also said the cave was increasing their ability.

Absolutely not. He is clean shaven and will keep it that way.

didn't historia dad say that the kings memories were passed on to the one who ate the king as long as the one who ate the king was capable of inheriting the king?
since eren ate the one who ate the king and eren is not one capable of inheriting the king, shouldn't he not have gotten the memroies of historia's sister, who had eaten the previous king and thus became the new king. we can still see that eren got some of her memories, as he remembered her looking at a mirror. he also has more vivid memories of his father eating the king. so isn't it feasible to believe that memories are passed onto people of the same bloodline who have eaten the king?
as, the memory wiping power is just reiss related because they inherited the memories of the king, including how to control it, while eren only got his dad's memories. my guess would be that the memory power can be used by anyone as long as they know how to use it, but it takes a considerable amount of time and expertise to control it from scratch.

>the kings memories were passed on to the one who ate the king as long as the one who ate the king was capable of inheriting the king?
No. He said only a Reiss could inherit it. Eren will have to work with the more recent memories.

Eren is implied to be a super special snowflake, who can use the coordinate, but is not influenced by the kings will like the Reiss family. Grisha also said their memories will help him, which means he can see the memories of all the previous coordinate owners somehow, not just his father's.

>the cave was increasing their ability

Well no, he still can't use the coordinate to its full power.

Reiss babies are the cutest babies.

Filter +1.

Problem? It's just the truth.

Die, Arminfat.

Oh you are such a joker fingerfag!

He can use it though and Reiner is scared he'll be able to fully control it soon.

He thinks he'll be a nuissance, not that he'll fully control it.

So was Erwin, but he was in a position where he couldn't shave for a week due to being injured. It's not hard to imagine there being a situation where manlet is unable to shave.

Levi will take care of Armin.

Filter +3.

Reiner's reaction during the kidnapping implied he never expected Eren to be able to use the coordinate in the first place. Grisha's words also implied he's a super special snowflake. If anyone could use it to some extend, then there was no point for Grisha to give it to Eren.

I get that there's a chance that he'd be unable to shave. What I was jokingly implying is that there's no way he'd maintain that look, much like Erwin didn't.

Nobody cares about your triggers.

Mikasa will be executed like she deserves.

but she was just trying to save her friends

Post lewd AM greentext. Please.

Could and should happen.
But it isn't gonna happen.

Together with Eren.

Fucking THIS.

And armong

This. No mercy for devil spawns.

Armin did nothing wrong.


he did plenty wrong

He lived.

He exists, which is also something EM did wrong.

You sound triggered.

You're reading my text post.
You can hear text or are just giving us voices you autist

Beat me to it.


Armin did everything wrong, he's shit along with Mankasa and Eren.



Neck yourself, shes best SC soldier

shit > Mikasa > Eren > Armin

Kek, cute.


Lebi was so fucking ugly during that scene

I'm serious. We need to replace the goblin with Kjartan. Not only is he not too much of a manlet (5'11', which is acceptable), he's a 1000+ year old viking who can summon Ymir at any time, who is so strong he could break the world in half like it was an apple.

Someone tell Himaruya to trade characters with Isayama.

Based on what criteria?
Levi's stronger still.
Hange's smarter.
Historia more beautiful.
Everyone, literally everyone are better people.
In what way is she best?

Don't you Hetafags have your own thread to shitpost in?

And she's worst girl.

But he's a brocon

Predictions for the final Chapter of Volume 21?

>EM brought before Darius Zackly for a disciplinary hearing.
>Trial is ongoing.
>Annie's eye appears outside the window.
>She hauls ass to the wall, intentionally uncovering the wall CT that Hanji covered.
>She escapes onto the top of the wall and makes a break for it. Eren pursues in Titan form alongside the last of the Scouts who quickly catch up with her.
>Eren and Mikasa are facing a now stationary Annie while a second explosion sounds in the back which reveals Armins Titan form.
>Behind Annie, Zeke and Reiner appear in Titan form.

This begins the Rescue Arc.

Also, see pic for a question.

I haven't once seen a Hetalia thread since joining this place. Are they banned or something? The only threads that do exist are in /y/ and /cm/.

>implying you wouldn't be a brocon for Emil

Also Zackley needs to be revealed as Zeke's boss and Annie's dad.

Why would they need a trial? Just make them run laps until they pass out.

Why would Hange or Levi tell Zackley about what happened? why the fuck would they do that

Thats really interesting.
Is pic related the way they would walk?
Also where is pic related from?
Please tell me more.


Protocol. Plus she needs to report to him to officially be considered Commander of the Scouts. It's his call, not Erwins.

>What are the chances of the other empty outlying districts being filled with village shifters?
Huh. Never thought of that. Probably a fair chance, although IIRC those districts weren't evacuated, which is confusing since how would they be able to get food?

Yes but in real life a trial is never needed unless it breaks an actual law. What I mean is, insubordinate soldiers don't have to go to trial. They'll usually just get docked pay or have to eat nothing but bread for a week.

>Is pic related the way they would walk?
They would presumably walk along the top of the walls, but I didn't want to bother with that.

>Also where is pic related from?
Source pic is from the guidebook.
I just threw in the redlines and text.

>Please tell me more.
There isn't more.

The manga and anime keep saying that everyone fell back behind Wall Rose. Common sense dictates that includes evacuating other districts before Titans reach their land.

They weren't insubordinate. Mikasa attacked a superior officer with her blades drawn and directly threatened him and even moved to kill Flocke, or at least injure him.

Knowing this series' propensity for edgy crap as long as the main characters are not amongst the casualties, they probably all starved to death because of muh necessary sacrifices.

>Protocol. Plus she needs to report to him to officially be considered Commander of the Scouts. It's his call, not Erwins
Protocol my ass, they don't need to follow it. Nobody has ever done that. The commander can do whatever they think is convenient. And giving a trial to Mikasa and Eren would be so fucking stupid I can't believe some of you entertain that thought.

Ah, that makes sense.

Then yes, it's probably fairly likely. I wouldn't even be surprised if they're doing farming and such in Wall Maria since the titans rarely ever go anywhere but the southernmost areas.

Didn't Levi do the same to Erwin? why wasn't there a trial for him?

That's insubordination, and being a crazy bitch. At any rate, EM should be thankful for how vital they are because if it was any other soldier, given the time period it'd probably end in execution. What punishments do you think they'll dole out?

>Protocol my ass, they don't need to follow it. Nobody has ever done that.
Everybody has done it, the difference is that we haven't seen it happen because there hasn't been a reason to show it.

>The commander can do whatever they think is convenient.
Once they are in command, yes. But they are still subject to Zacklys command as evidenced in Eren being given to the SL.

>And giving a trial to Mikasa and Eren would be so fucking stupid I can't believe some of you entertain that thought.
Then you go right on ahead and think that.

I don't really think it will happen but it could be interesting.

Typical insubordination is not following orders or disobeying direct instruction. Threatening officers etc is quite different. But like you say, they're lucky.
I wouldn't be surprised if they were given manual labour or something daft like that. I don't see them giving something too hard to their Shifter and pet Ackerdog

I'm pretty sure it depends on the severity. I don't know much but my brother was in the US army and anyone who became violent with a superior officer was usually discharged. Anyone who didn't follow orders was either docked pay, put on a bread diet, or forced to run laps/do physical exercise.

Who knows, honestly. We'll just have to wait and see what the punishment is. I don't agree with the methods or anything but I'm putting 10 dollars on a large number of lashings for them both.

I like your theory and what the picture suggests. Good food for thought user.
Who do you ship.

>"My ass still hurts from the whipping Levi gave me...I thought my powers were supposed to make it go away!"
>"Shut up, Eren."
>"No, you shut up! You got off easy! Manual labor, how the fuck is that fair to me?!"

How are they going to get through Ymir's letter and the Grisha exposition in a single chapter?

How about no. That's disgusting.

It's not like they are going to read every single page of Grisha's documents in this chapter. They'll just do a short summary and adress the important parts.


I want Eren to be my bitch.

I hope Flocke beats Armin up just so we can see Levi BTFO Flocke for being a shithead.

Also stupid.
They won't give Eren lashes, it can make him bleed and therefor shift.
They won't give Mikasa lashes, it would reduce her effectiveness by causing lasting pain.
They would either decide to let EM off for now, as they need them due to escalation on the part of the shifters, or they're going to execute them
They aren't going to take any half measures, it's all or nothing.

When we get the first glance at chapter 86 and there isn't a trial I'm gonna post that every day for a whole week to remind you how retarded some of yo uwere.

dont say that


I hope Flocke beats up Armin with Levi's help.

>executing their (decent) shifter
>executing levi jr.
You have to be retarded and think they're retarded if you honestly believe they'd be stupid enough to do that.

It's going to happen. It will be the beginnings of Armin and Levi's relationship. Levi will walk in on Flocke choking Armin and screaming obscenities at him while kicking him repeatedly in the balls and Levi will go ham on his ass.

He already is, Isayama.

Saved. That would be a good ending, but you left out Ymirs letter, Historia and Ymir in general.

>Historia more beautiful.
i was only talking about the scouting legion user
Historia isn't part of SC anymore

So who's Levi's father?

>executing EM
Well, they (the ones responsible for executions) are retarded, though. The manga established that plenty of times. It's one of the main themes of the story that humans are stupid.

That would literally be suicide for the walled people if they did that. They're retarded but not that retarded.

I think either Grisha's book, the YH letter or Annie will connect this chapter to the next arc. Maybe even all of these or at least the books and the letter.

Didn't stop them from wanting to execute Eren for less.

Either Zeke or Uri.


Yes but they didn't know Eren was on their side much less the coordinate holder back then. They know now.

Unless they force Armin to eat Eren and become the coordinate in which case that would make even me, an Arminfag, drop the manga.

spoilers when

Some random wall dweller. He's already an Ackerman, does he really need to also be related to some else who is important, or be a part of another special bloodline?

And before you say that's just how Isayama rolls, I would like to remind you that Levi's not part of EMA, and is therefore not one of his faves.

Personally I'm hoping for Annie

In about a week.

*by monday.

now Levi accidentally kills Eren with the shitmachine

No no, we don't get spoilers early anymore, remember?

*only when the 3rd/4th's on a weekend.

No time soon thanks to Erenfujos.

Post best Reiss and best Ackerman.

No I don't like LAr

Yonkou sometimes delivers before the 5th. We can still hope.

Well it's a good thing I mean Uri and Kenny. Post them pls, am on mobile now.

I hope Levi rapes Armin.

Ello ello ello.
Behaving I hope.

Armin has been extremely naughty. Please punish him, Levi. Harshly.

tfw Officer Levi will never handcuff you.
Why even live.

You can fuck right off.


I guess it's the closest we'll ever come to that, considering how we're pretty dead right now.

Go fuck yourself, suck my dick you ugly old tranny hag.

I hope Flocke rapes Armin and Levi rapes Flocke.

Armin deserves to be beaten and raped by Flocke.

>getting this triggered.

Oh I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of me being alive, Mr. Humanity's Second Strongest!

Best Reisses.

Humanity's Second Strongest or the Second Strongest in the Scouts? I've always been unclear.


Source for confirmation?

Source: His muscles and the manga.

The manga.


Chapter 35, p. 22

Implies there's someone better than Mike but worse than Levi.


Can confirm.

So Mike isn't the second strongest?

That doesn't imply there's someone between Mike and Levi, it outright states the best in the SC (and probably the entire military) goes Levi -> Mike -> Probably Erwin?

What part of
>second only to Levi
do you not understand?

Sounds about right.

I imagine that is the case. Erwin is probably in the top 5.

>only to Levi
Exactly. Only Levi is stronger.


It outright states that he's the second best in the Scouts. That inherently means that there could potentially be someone better in the Garrison or MP. Being the second best in the scouts doesn't make him the second best in all of humanity by default. It's hugely retarded to think otherwise.

If you're the second best sharpshooter in America, that doesn't make you the second best sharpshooter globally.

I wonder how strong Hange is

Makes sense. But look at the damage he did. I don't see anyone really outdoing him.

Yes we're well aware of that, moron. I want to say there's probably a lot of strong people in the MP but considering all they do is sit on their asses and eat a lot they're probably not nearly as good as they were when they got into the top ten. I'm pretty sure we've even seen some fat fuck MPs before.

Look. I'm not saying he isn't the second strongest. I'm saying that specifying him as the second strongest because he's second best in the Scouts is ridiculous.

So in other words, you agree with me. Why not just say that instead of going full autist?

Why do people like Uri? He's literally gary stu incarnate, looks exactly like shitmin, is the shortest fucking male character, a fat ass, and a faggot. What is their to like???


happy month of hellowieners.

Best character

Happy spoopy month

This is bait.


Bunny outfits are bae

Y-You too. By the way Armin definitely suits the bunny outfit the most.

Did anything happen since they found the basement?


They went back to the walls

Hate him but I would fuck him

Armin has a stupid face. Sort of like Butters.

You likey?

Dude, did they ever go outside the outermost wall?

You have a stupid face. Armin is cute, like Kenny. SP Kenny, not our Kenny. Though our Kenny is cute in a weird way.

Outside Shiganshina? No. Outside the theorised 4th wall, also no.

I would go with Historia over Armin. Armin would be more of a hatefuck


You too.

Not interested.

Yeah you are right. Look at this. God used both hands creating him. A piggy nose. Creepy eyes. A bob cut. The picture of beauty.


Jaeger genes are either all or nothing; you either look exactly like a Jaeger or exactly like the other parent, and in EL's cases it's their mothers.

You can take it off of him.

You have shit taste. His upturned, cute little piggy nose is chARMINg and very very cute! His big eyes are beautiful and stunning, and he's the only one who can pull off his hair cut. He is indeed the picture of beauty. He looks very cute even when being beat up!

I'm sorry that you're a jealous, ugly shitskin, but please try not to be so triggered over his pure Aryan genes.

>Jaeger genes are either all or nothing
You're either full retard or no retard. EL are full retard, ZG are no retard though Zeke pretends to be.

Still gonna be a hatefuck

>blonde hair
>blue eyes
>stupid face
You just described Butters.

Perfect Daddy. My womb is waiting.

My offer stands.


You're searching for things that don't exist. Levi is first, Mike is second, overall. If there was someone this storng it would've showed up on the PA.

>You're searching for things that don't exist.

>Levi is first, Mike is second, overall.
Objectively, provably and observably untrue.

>If there was someone this storng it would've showed up on the PA.
Not necessarily.

Fujos. Frida was the best coordinate.


Only if these hands had no fingers.

That's also true.


How many versions of this picture are there?

Good stuff, user.

I love Frieda!

Too many.

Grisha pls.

They will have 1000 orphan kids together and will comfort each other whenever they remember their dead, gay first loves.

>best character

Historia and Levi were never gay.

Lots. My folders are a shit show, otherwise I would find them for you

>Denying YH and ErwL at this point

Levi is a kind man and will look after the orphans well.

Neither are homosexual.

Levi is too old, she is just a kid.

They will obviously comfort each other with insults, nothing more.

That's not a really big problem if she's old enough to understand that she would be in a relationship

Hey Mrs Smith you like Erwin but what do you think of Kenny?

Historia doesn't want him anyway and Isayama said Froglet likes tall people.

Fair points

Found the pedo

Did the Ricofag die?

I love Kenny! He's one of my favourite characters. Lots of fun, never a dull moment.
I wish we saw more of him. His dialogue was very interesting too.

Yes, Historia blushed at Eren and manlet let Erwin die.


Hisu has the letter and manlet let Erwin die.

Ricofriend still pops in here from time to time but not as much as they used to.
It's a shame as I like Ricofriend.

Don't be mean.

The fact that you actually care means you should go and die too.

You can die too

Why is LH so great?

I normally dont like AU fanart like this. But goddamn it's kind of cute.

Anything with Kenny in is usually quality.


>something something deluded.

>something something deathstar

Jean pls

Jeanbo a shit

Because their interactions are fantastic.
Another user in a previous thread summed it up better.. Wish I capped it.

I think he's the writefag

I still think that he's the tulpa headcase from Eva threads, I haven't got the picture of that thread where he talked about it

Someone else thinks that too

Here it is. I love crazy people.

Their writing style seems similar to me (rico/writefag). And they're both bongs.

Does that mean you all write the same or something? And I don't think being stoners changes how you write

>Jaeger: Hunter
>Ackerman: Fieldman
>Reiss: Branch

But what does it mean?

Seems like the other meaning of Reiss - dealer in rice, would be more fitting there. All occupational names then.

Reiss also means king.

In what language?

no I mean they write similarly and are from the same general area

Very soon indeed.

"Reis" (with only one S) means "kings" in Portuguese. "Rei" means "king"

Also "al-Rais" is Arabic for president IIRC.

I need answers. I asked Mrs Smith all about the Annie pedo. Scary stuff.

He's terrifying. And completely off his rocker if he thought anyone would ever agree to that shit.

Ask him next time he shows up

Did you see the blog stuff?

Pretty sure I don't want to talk to him.


Yes I looked at it. Disgusting.

It was the fact that there was an offer of money in exchange for everything that really got to me. Like that makes it okay.

He should just stick to his creepy doll


Did you miss the pedo's creepy little blonde girl doll?

Looks like it. Links?

Can someone confirm if this is true?

Outlines around characters and clear pixelation.
Not even a good attempt.


These fake spoilers get lazier every month.

>manlet likes tall people

So Hange?

This is from chapter 72

Anyone who's taller than him can do, but given the currect circumstances, Hange is the only option that wouldn't seem like a massive asspull.

>not an asspull

No one besides BRA and Annie's father will ever mourn over BRA's deaths, and Annie's father will only care about Annie not Bert or Reiner. That is very sad.

Yes, she's the perfect choice.

Thank you user.

Hitch mourned what she thought was Annie's death.

Not at all. You could tell they were close ever since their introduction.

Seriously is that real? Is it like a barbie?

I'll mourn for Annie.

No it's like actual child sized

No fucking way

Yeah it's fucking creepy

Would it be in the archive or was it too long ago?

Not sure on that one, it might be. But just barely at this point.

Time to dig for this new weirdness

Yes, but that doesn't make them romantically compatible. That's why it would seem like an asspull. Unless you're a LH shipper it's hard to imagine them liking each other in that way.

Opposites attracting each other is a hell of an old trope in fiction. It's quite easy to see it, actually. Reason why it's so damn poopular.

It is.

Actually I can't see them too. They are completely opposite but it is hard to imagine them together anyway.

Sure, but it's still hard to imagine Levi and Hanji falling in love and settling down together. It would never feel real to me.

>They are completely opposite but it is hard for me to imagine them together anyway.


Honestly is hard to see anyone falling in love in this series. It's never been about romance anyways.
But LH wouldn't seem forced because there's a bond of friendship between them ever since they were introduced. It's really good because it's natural, nothing that has to do with ranks and respect. Just two people that stick together despite being so different. Lovely.

I can only see Hange with a man like Keith.

Good for you I guess.

>Honestly is hard to see anyone falling in love in this series
Yeah that's my main issue. LH are great characters and I love their scenes together, and like you said they have a special and natural bond. That's why I don't want them to be reduced to some irrelevant and OOC romance. It would feel cheap and forced and would definitely change them and their relationship. I don't want that to happen. Why ruin a good thing?

I don't think it will happen. Levi will end up alone.

Levi is the most overrated character.

>standing next to each other

This. Keith needs a crazy woman to counterbalance his own crazy.

That would be Armin. Levi's actually done things to back up the claim that he's humanity's strongest soldier.

I agree. Annie as well.

Friends becoming lovers is pretty great too. You've got two amazing tropes for their relationship. Besides I think you're thinking about the good ol' definition of romance. I don't think any of these characters will ever have a normal, standard romantic relationship, but a bastardization of it. That I can see LH having. And although I think of out of all the possible relationships for both Hange and Levi LH is the most likely to happen, it's pretty obvious that won't be the case because shingeki simply isn't that sort of manga.

>tfw Isayama will break the 4th wall

That's a stupid theory.

I'm talking way back. When they were first introduced, kid.

It would explain why there are still people outside the walls and how they are able to live in luxury.

So, standing next to each other means they're close?

No, it is a stupid theory. People of the wall only live isolated.

Either there's a 4th wall or the outside people live inside an underground bunker.

Read that scene again.

There could be other walls. Maybe made out of some distinctly none-titan material, as only the coordinate can build walls using titans.

Why didn't BRZ just use Titan-sized guns?

Because they are poorfags

Who says it has to be OOC romance? Honestly, if they did get together, the only thing that would probablychange is that they would be fucking and they might be shown to be protective or more worried about each other.

It's not like it's going to turn into some shoujo manga the minute someone falls inlove. Honestly, it's a very weak argument I see when people just don't like a ship.

Pretty much this. Neither manlet or hanjo are "normal" and their relationship is already unconventional. I don't know why anyone thinks them getting together would suddenly change things drastically into some Twilight-esque love story. Especially considering what type of manga this is.

They aren't even advanced enough to give their scouts decent armour, what makes you think their world will have guns for their titans?

What if the outside is literally Fallout?

All of this.

I don't know why that came to mind, but I have the feeling that a lot of posters of /snk/ are the kind of people that enjoy bioware games.

>outside people live inside a giant fallout shelter underground
>Zeke went on an expedition that tunneled through to the underground city
>that's how he met Kuchel


Does Isayama even like Fallout? is he a Cred Forumsernim?

Yes, he sometimes talks about games on hos blog.


Not a fucking chance.

SMT & Yakuza here

Yes but he almost always blogs about the games he ends up really liking, like GTAV, Splatoon, and Life is Strange. I'm sure if he played Fallout 4 he would love it.

Mass Effect trilogy and DA:O. First ME is best.

I'm pretty sure Fallout is pretty niche in Japan, so it isn't likely, i could be wrong though.

Defend this.

Ackerpowers like a mad bitch

Plot armour is best armour.

>drawing a dismembered hange
what did he mean by this?

>it's a very weak argument
Closeness = romance is a weak argument too. Why can't anyone just stay friends? If you think romance wouldn't change their relationship or story much, then why even add it in? You just want it to happen because you're a shipper. Anyone who isn't see's how pointless it would be.

Ymir a shit.

Post songs your shingeki would be listening to right now.

Historia's waifu*


Armin is worse

>Closeness = romance is a weak argument too.
How? closeness is a good foundation for an eventual romantic relationship.
>why even add it in?
Personally, because it's cute.

Quad dub confirms.
It is known.


But not every friendship has to turn into romance. Erwin and Levi were close but that doesn't mean they wanted to fuck each other. Same goes for LH. Friendship is a beautiful thing, sometimes stronger than a romantic relationship. LH don't need to go to the next step to prove they care about each other. LH hooking up would serve no purpose other than pandering to the fags. You admitted that by saying their romance would serve no real purpose and would just be "cute."

>all this LH posting
You're making me gag. Much needed reminder that Hanji is fucking disgustingly filthy and Levi is a neat freak. He wouldn't want to touch her.
Also, he finds her annoying and she thinks he's boring. They're good comrades but that's it.
Fucking retarded tumblr shippers have to make everything about romance.

I completely agree with you but I just ignore it.

Amazing how every other ship with Levi manages to anally devastate the LMshitter self-inserters.

You're right that friendships are wonderful, but so is romance. Love in a wonderful concept, why not enjoy it thoroughly? anyways, these are just musings.
You're only right about the filth and neat freak thing.

>post a picture of your OTP because someone said mean things about it
kek, sure he's the butthurt one here

>It begins
Keep posting.

Not him but LHfags are fucking annoying. It's not only LMfags complaining.


Levi is SHIT.

LH is very good though. It isn't based on delusions or self-inserting fantasies but a solid bond between two unlikely people, what isn't there to like about it?

Holy shit this post.

If anyone ever wonders why these threads are dead they only have to look at that post.

>Resorts to shitposting
As expected.

The last chapter was literally the basement reveal and we're already into spoiler week and it's this barren. Shipping shit and shitposting has little to do with it, the direction of the story really made a lot of people drop. Bert just dying without any closure or insight of his motives, and Armin surviving from the asspull of asspulls and making Eren's character completely useless really killed it.

I want Isayama to redeem himself so badly but it just looks less and less likely every month.

Even if the story has gotten weaker the threads could have still been fun. We have tripfags, roleplaying, shipping shit, etc, where I almost don't even come here anymore.

I don't think there will be redemption. As long as I'm entertained and the ending isn't complete ass I'll be okay with it. But man the first half of the series was fucking great. It made me obsessed with this manga for three fucking years.

How is it a weak argument? and I never said they couldn't stay friends, you're the one who seems hellbent that they do for some reason.

Just because their relationship wouldn't drastically change into some shoujo-esque thing doesn't mean it's pointless.

It seems like you don't support it either way, so I don't know what else to tell you. If it does change, it's OOC and bad, and if it doesn't it's pointless apparently.

Nice bait. Either that or you're severely assblasted.

They don't have to scroll that far down to figure it out m8.

LHfags shoving their delusional ship every thread is what I'd call assblasted. And I know you're an LHfag because you react this way every single time someone calls you out.
True, you don't have to literally look at that post. But that's the idea behind it. It's people like that that bring the quality down. Seriously just go on tumblr if you want to circlejerk about your ship so badly.

What's the next step in his master plan?

Why can't you just accept some people don't like your shitty ship? I suppose that's to be expected, though. Most manletfags can't comprehend people having different taste and get triggered whenever someone doesn't like something they like. At least I have some decent reasons to oppose it. You're only in favor of it because "it's cute"

>it's just Lebi
Still as funny as the first time.

I pray he crashes the walls with no survivors.

>You're only in favor of it because "it's cute"
Are you forgetting the posts where they explained why LH is great? If you don't like it that's okay though, nobody should care that much about shipping.

Matrix social experiment confirmation when?

I always thought Hange was going to die early because she was going to realize something big and would need to be "hushed" about it.


She might've been killed, but she outsmarted her executioner with her charm

More like she, much like a skunk, sprayed her enemy with a rancid fart and escaped.

Why do you hate Hange so much?


This is pretty accurate.

I like her. She's smart and resourceful, like a skunk.