Why was this so uncomfortable?

Why was this so uncomfortable?

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>that zone flash

anal vore.

YOu want uncomfortable? 18 was originally naked. Funimation painted clothes on her.


Because Toriyama created an entire new subsection for vore fetishists.

And then he did it again with the Buu Saga.

It's weird when you realize that Toriyama probably does have a vore fetish

Same thing happened with Buu and Gotenks. I guess Toriyama just have a vore fetish during his early years.

Cell strips her before he eats her.

First thing that came to mind. Damnit.

Why else? FCC regulations.


But this is also my fetish.

because you don't have vore fetish


Is this an edit?

I watched Z subbed some years ago and don't recall Cell striping her.

meant for

That's an urban legend

are you trying to trick me? well jokes on you because I'll have myself a fap


not my proudest fap

It ended up being a fetish of mine.

Imagine the poor animators who had to draw it.

A combination of this and The Nightmare Before Christmas at the right age gave me a vore fetish.

Now I've fallen so far down the rabbit hole I have to venture far beyond /d/ for my fap fuel.

Ever been in a tight space in a rolled up mattress? Ever had it tied so that you couldn't get out? Ever had it closed so that you couldn't breathe, and have heavy objects placed on top of you?

Fan edit.

Dragon ball aired on japanese TV you retards, people would know easily whether that's true.

I think it turned me on at the time.

Same, the only discomfort felt was a confused boner in my pants.

Thinking back on that just made me remember watching this one episode of Power Rangers when I was like 6, where multiple girl rangers get captured and restrained in a giant pizza (not making this up) and are going to get eaten and that's literally my first sexual memory. Bondage and vore at six years old. What the fuck, right? At least I can't blame anime or doujins for my weird fetishes because apparently I came preinstalled with them, no puberty required.

What's with the footfocus in most of the fanart?

Because feet are another 10/10 fetish.
And they're easy to show off in headfirst vore.


because you are a little faggot?

Not for me.

my first why boner, oh god that was great

Because your pants were on too tight

Kek, as if you'd need any more proof most dbz fans are retards.

My boner.