Why did it flop?

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>"Hey, guys! I've got an awesome idea! Let's split a 140 page book into a 3-part movie! Oh, and let's make each part only last 1 hour! Oh, and let's also release it over the course of one-and-a-half year!"
>"Great idea, Mitsubishi Toyota-dono!"

All parts haven't even been released yet

>pt1 stays in top 10 for 3 wekks
>pt 2 stays in top 10 for only 1 week
Meanwhile Kimi no Na wa will probably stay top 1 for 12 consecutive weeks.
It was a flop by all measures.

1) Too late. Way past the Monogatari popularity spike, at this point no one cares.
2) Divide it into three parts.
3) Shitty disappointing art style and animation.
4) Kyoukai no Kanata already killed Monogatari at this point

Why didn't it release in 2012 as originally promised?

Honestly doesn't matter much, it's a movie that you'll probably only watch once.

Also, don't watch it if you won't like it.

>2) Divide it into three parts.
This would be fine if each part were feature length, and not less than an hour.

>shitty designs
>little to no animations
>boring as fuck

They should have made it into a TV series instead.

It would but Kizu is small, part 1 was 60% dead time and some scenes were stretched for too long. It would definitely fit into 20 minutes if they were to combine all 3 movies.

>Koe no Katachi will gross more than all 3 Kizu movies combined

Yeah, no.

Hence Shaft shouldn't have divided it into thirds.

Is there an official reason why they did this, other than to milk more ticket sales? Paying ~$40 total for seeing 3 movies that are mediocre at best isn't all that palatable.

On its 3rd week-end it's still top 3. Chances are it's going to end up in the 1.6Bil Yen mark. more than what 3 Kizu parts would amount for.

it's good but memekai hogging everything and aniplex fucked it over

aniplex wanted it in pieces

> Why did it flop?
Obviously because it didn't have best girl in it.

Kizu P1 - 850m/150 screens
Kizu P2 - 400m/120 screens
Kizu P3 - no more than 400m/100 screens maybe

Kizu all 3 parts 1.6 billion / 370 screenings
Koe no Katachi projected to make 1.5-1.7 billion with only 100 screens

Hard blow for SHAFT and SHAFTshitters

>Force people to have to pay 3 times for talking

>dividing a boring LN into a three-part movie
>obviously going for muh schekels
>three years into development
>1st movie manages to be even worse than its LN chapters
>B-but, it has fansaavisu!

Fuck Shaft and Nisio Ishit

If it's aflop then what do you call Koe No Katachi then?

Checkmate Autheists.

A success.

>Fuck Shaft and Nisio Ishit
Dont shit on Nisio, he has nothing to do with Shaft being shit.

You can do the same shit only so many times.

He let them do it.

Because the novel was better

>Divide it into three parts.
There's a point where greed gets the best of you. they clearly have passed that point. fucking whole monogatari saga should have ended ages ago.


Please explain that to me.

I didn't like any Monogatari beyond the second season. I can't stand the change in sound direction - constant string section bullshit rather than the interesting character themes of the earlier seasons.

Yeah it is really a huge blow when Free, Hibike, Tamako, KnK and Chuu2 films all lose to it by a long shot.

You're joking, right? He has everything to do with milking this series.

This. What the hell are they even try to say.

You can't be so faking stupid.

>Way past the Monogatari popularity spike, at this point no one cares.
How will Shaft get the money to adapt all of monogatari as they promised if it doesn't SELL?

here's the difference between kyoani and shaft

kyoani makes the haruhi movie and it's a masterpiece and like 4 hours long

shaft makes kizu and it's three 50 minute parts that does a total disservice to the source material and it's also has shit production values

Not that guy but you can't be so fucking delusional.


Eh, it wasn't good, but it was like 5-6/10. It was ok.

People are tired of monogatari.

>doesn't sell
You realise even the lowest selling parts of monogatari made so far are huge successes in terms of anime sales right?

It'd be worse. They now stretched some scenes way too long for reasons unknown. Like making Araragi going on the roof and catching on fire last for like 10 minutes when it's just a small bit in the book to showcase he's turned into a vampire.

>It's like manga but without the images
>It's soooo deep and intellectual

LNs are on the same level as Twilight or Fifty shades of gay.
Enjoy being an autist and an airhead.

Yo, I don't hate the guy but he has a thing in it, man.

The only different between KA and Shaft is the budget they spend.

That was literally the best part of the entire film and was well worth spending the time on given how well made it was. The animation was incredible and the atmosphere brilliant. Wonderful execution. The only other part as cool as that in the film is when Meme appears.

I said IF it doesn't sell. If this trend continues, they will not be able to finish it.

Teenage bat wasn't fucked by Araragi.

its rotoscope, its cheap

Yes, they will. SHAFT makes second seasons for shows that sell 10% of what the last season of monogatari did.

You really have no idea what you are talking about.

Knk = 3months hand drawn
Kizu = 3years have drawn
Somehow Kizu 3movies combined would end up making less than knk

Did the midnight release of part 1 at the Music Box theater have any promotional goods?

man, why'd you go and call me that after you google rotoscope

It is much more annoying if you post subtly stupid comments than being retarded on purpose comments but to do that you actually need to have some idea of what you are talking about so I guess you have to make do.

How do they afford it?

Charge $80 a disc and make cheap anime. Selling around 2-3000 copies per disc about average is normal for the 40+ anime shows that come out every season. Making 5000 sales is a moderate success in the context of the anime industry. 27k sales while it might not be the huge numbers monogatari pulled in originally is still a really big success for the anime industry.

just tell me one thing so we are on the same page therefore I can laugh at you or perhaps just friendly disagree

do you think kizu didn't rotoscope stuff?
or do you think rotoscope is incredible animation?

I think that the animation in the fire scene was incredibly well done looks much like Kou Yoshinari's work to me in several places especially the Shinobu bit although other parts also look like they were animated by someone else not sure who though.

Behold the power of rotoscoping!

This is what you would look like in an anime. Any questions?

fire patters were incredible and blood splatter from shinobu mimicking an amputated body was a fucking shock, totally insane

it baffles me how you're supposed to watch tons of this shit in order to post in this board and you still can't spot this basic things, thank your two braincells user-kun

dont care what that nerd says, I just searched for some of the rotoscoped scenes

That's what I meant not to mention KA budget spend on their work was ridicuriously cheap.

Rotoscoping is done due to what Miyazaki has said in the past: animators don't look at their fellow humans. They don't remember how a human walks or moves. They need to see it in a photo to even know. They can't do it by heart. Symptoms of the decline of a nation.

>Hibike, Tamako, Chu2Koi, Kyoukai no Kanata
Extremely limited releases and have better yen/screen ratio than any Shaft movie
A moderate success for an original movie and outsold Kizu pt2 and more than likely pt3.

I'm not saying it's bad, I'm saying its cheap

remember these words come from a person that produced a movie with strange things moving and broom flying girls, you can't "remember how a girl flies a broom", that's when you notice rotoscope is cheap

>you can't "remember how a girl flies a broom",
You can adapt it from a girl biking though

sure, because thats the weirdest thing that has been animated in a miyazaki film

btw, he says that in order to inspire you from going through a simple walk cycle to a running cycle escaping from a eighteen legged monster while jumping 6 feet height obstacles on the side of a building.

he's not saying: trace this walk cycle as it is

That's why it can be adapted though. Obviously on a broom the character's legs will not be pedaling, but one can be inspired by what one sees daily in how something else would look

I don't like how they removed the comedy and Ararararagi's internal monologue.

It wasn't entertaining.
Anime movies stay in the top 10 for so long because people keep rewatching them over and over again.

I think the important question is what were the producers thinking when they green-lit the idea?

It wasn't actually a flop at all by the way, it did decently well for an anime film of its market type.

>350 mil for a 120 screen opening
It was Ao no Exorcist tier of flop.

Cred Forums was supposed to be a moderated board.

Miss Hokusai only taking $150k is a flop. An otaku targeted film making around $8m is not a flop.

>shaftcucks on full damagecontrol

>shaftcucks on full damagecontrol

>Kyoukai no Kanata

It is funny because the Kyoukai no Kanata films literally made about 200 million only between both of them at the cinema performing much worse than Kizumonogatari.

Because I wanted it to flop.

They also opened on 1/4th the screens. And KyoAni didn't seem to think of the project as a failure because they moved the director into the board.

>They also opened on 1/4th the screens.
So what? 2 whole KyoAni films couldn't even make a quarter of a single SHAFT one. If that is a success then it would follow Kizumonogatari certainly isn't a flop.

3 Shaft movies wouldn't make as much as Koe no Katachi on even footing. All the Shaft movies of all time can't catch up to Kimi no Na wa if we're comparing apples to oranges.
Kizu as a project is a big fat flop.

You know Madoka Rebellion made more than any other single KyoAni film has to date right?

I was comparing it to the Kizu movies but yes I know that Rebellion was a big hit. But even if you combine all the SHAFT movies of all time they wouldn't compare to Kimi no Na wa.
Also after seeing the weekend performance by Koe no Katachi it may dethrone Madoka or Gup in the long run.

>3 Shaft movies wouldn't make as much as Koe no Katachi on even footing
Should probably be more careful with your wording, I mean if you take the 3 Madoka movies they would slaughter Koe no Katachi even if it surpasses K-On! for KyoAni.

>if you combine all the SHAFT movies of all time they wouldn't compare to Kimi no Na wa
Almost certainly true. They have released what like 5? Madoka Rebellion was around 2 billion yen and by far their most successful if you add another billion for the combined takings of Kizu so far then thats 3 billion. I would guess at best you might get another billion for the first two Madoka films. So manybe 4-5 billion from all their films combined way behind Kimi no na wa still.

1st two madoka movies made 400Mil combined despite opening on 100+ screens.

I got something closer to 600 million but yeah so around 4 billion tops from films for SHAFT so far at the box office. Nowhere near Kimi no na wa as is expected. To be honest those Madoka films were probably a great success considering it was just the TV show touched up a bit.

Yep. Madoka got great success because the movies were done when the series was still hot. They should've done Kizu back in 2010. Then it wouldn't have flopped as hard as it did.

How are they gonna milk the profits off the retards who have been watching it if they just do one release?

Might not have done as well as it could have if it was made quicker but not really a flop. If we go back to the Kyoukai no Kanata example, the first film for that made 150 million. If this post is correct and it was shown at a quarter of the number of screens then its screen/yen ratio and overall takings are considerably worse but it is apparently considered a success and not a flop? If Kyoukai no Kanata was a success then Kizu first film must also be?

>let's split the prequel people already read into 3 parts!
Its not even that long and splitting the story just breaks the pacing.

Makes me sad that people are tired of the series already. I'm loving every part of it.

But I will always agree that they NEVER should have split Kizu into three parts.

Wasn't it because the original director was put in charge of kizu sometime around season 2 and just went into a block that took 6 years to get out of? I mean, I'll admit, I love how the kizu movies look but Aniplex really fucked them with the 3 part thing.

Kyoukai no Kanata was a limited flop. Kizu pt 2 was an all out(by late night standards) flop. To drop out of the top 10 for a 100+ screens movies just after the 1st week hasn't happened since Ao no Exorcist flopped.

It's the Hobbit of anime

compare it to the smaller kara no kyoukai films

Weren't Kyokai no kanata, Chuu2 and Hibike movies recaps?

The 2nd Kyokai no Kanata movie was new material.
Kara no Kyoukai movies were on a lot smaller level than Kizu. They each opened on 30 screens and stayed there. Each one also got only about 150-200 Mil.
By any metric you look at Kizu was a flop for Aniplex.

don't forget the part about kyoukai no kanata being fucking terrible

It wasn't any worse than the filler filled Kizu pt1.

People are just upset they it was split into three parts.

That's starcraft 2 levels of greed

>!shafthater is a Cred Forumsfag
As is the custom.

They could've made a 2h15min movie that was nice and tight but no Aniplex went like let's jew everyone out of their money on this irrelevant franchise in 2k16.

The BDs selling 50k disagree about the popularity.

>4) Kyoukai no Kanata already killed Monogatari at this point

I'm watching Bakemonagatari right now. I'm liking it so far.

Where/when should I stop after that?

It goes to shit starting from Nise

After Katanagatari.

Watch until Second Season. Leave after that.

At this rate not even Sangatsu can save Shaft's ass.
Especially when A-1 has been proven that they can make more money and Silverlink has been doing Shaft style better than Shaft itself.

Huh, I didn't know Peter Jackson browsed Cred Forums.

Its funny too, since the vampire hunters fight can easily get the katanagatari preview fight treatment. Its something that can easily just be told.

Couple reasons:
Their director probably went overboard and storyboarded some scenes far too long individually so breaking it up was the best way to preserve that creative vision without fucking the pacing of a single sitting.

Plus, considering Shaft's production schedule, breaking a movie into 3 sub-hour releases was probably the best way to ensure that it ever actually saw the light of day without resorting to QUALITY and excessive still frames.

>yen per screen ratio

Yeah, that's why Katachi totally btfo'd Your Name, right?

>not admitting hes right

Go back to being salty about Your Name and how Katachi totally btfod it because muh yen/screen ratio.

3 parts was a mistake.

Shaftfag, but this. Hopefully they won't wait too long for the Madoka continuation if it ever does happen.

Too greedy. Should've gone with a movie (2 hr max) or a 5 part OVA desu.

Splitting in three parts aside, Shaft was very lazy with the drawing to the point where it becomes Quality at many points.

watch all of it

What's the word on promo merchandise at the showings? Are they offered at all showings? Certain states? Is it just posters?

I really liked part one and thought it was a masterpiece.

come at me Cred Forumsros

Shit taste, m8.

How many times are people going to ask this question and when will they be damn well satisfied with the answer?

Kimi no Na Wa is in an entirely different weight class than any other movie in Japan period right now.

Careful thread, wouldn't want to be accused of being Aniplex guy with all this criticism of one of their movie projects

Is stupid Cred Forums going to rehash this shit again for the 3rd movie? Same fucking discussion, same points for something that has a really obvious answer.

The plan was to use Nisio Isin written mini novel benefits as bait to get people to go and rewatch the film, but it doesn't seem to have worked.

I love shitposting what can I do other than repost the same thread once every 3 days with the same image to bait more replies each time.