Why did you guys tell me this was shit?

Why did you guys tell me this was shit?

It was great.

>having shit taste

TTGL was better.

Cred Forums has shit taste. Don't you know?

Cred Forums is just contrarian as fuck

It was fun and enjoyable.
Did drag on a little bit in the second cour, but it was still a cool anime.

It doesn't make it shit.

because you dont deserve nice things

Cred Forums is filled with edgy teenagers and fedorafags who fly into panic whenever they learn that things they like are also appreciated by their bogeymen, in this case Tumblr and Reddit. You aren't very mature yourself if you take the locals seriously.

>actually using the words edge and fedora while calling Cred Forums out on its boogeymen

Oh, I'm sorry, did I use triggering words? I didn't mean to do that, I'm totally against describing you lads as I see you.

That's not the point, you retarded faggot

You're describing "muh boogeymen" but fedorafags and egy teens, as you call them, are exactly that
You're a hypocrite

Just finished it this week.
The last few episodes were great, though.
Far fucking better than that trash TTGL.

Uh huh, so Cred Forums is filled with normal, reasonable people who don't fit into any stereotypes. Ok.

>complains that Cred Forums has boogeymen, which is literally a term to describe a vague stereotype used as a scapegoat
>then proceeds to sperg out about "edgy teens" and "fedorafags"
If you don't understand how fucking stupid your posts are, you might be legitimately autistic
Or you might be just baiting

first few and last few episodes were the only ones with coherence and quality, if the whole series was like that, it would have been beloved

unlike ttgl there was no coherence though. not everyone on this board is adhd, sorry

Only Cred Forumsermin like it.

You're so triggered you don't even take clues. I'll leave you to steam off on your own.

Yeah, fuck off kid.

Guess you don't belong on this board then, huh?

Holy shit this is too stupid to be bait. Please fuck off forever. If you are baiting then honestly 8/10 would get mad again.


I regret watching episode 25

It was 3 years ago.

>tfw I didn't get to watch it with Cred Forums
I won't make the same mistake for Hibike S2

I found it really boring for the most part, and half the episodes felt like shitty filler. Was fun at the beginning but novelty wore off super fast.

I remember that shortly after i finished it i could've listed 10000 reasons why this show isn't good, but i don't remember anymore, but when i look at my MAL i see that i gave it a 5/10, so it really wasn't very good.

Should've been a 12-13 episode anime, not 25 or whatever

>>tfw I didn't get to watch it with Cred Forums
21 I DIE and other kinds of shitposting were great, too bad you didin't get to watch it with us.

>21 I DIE
Did the majority believe Mako was going to die?

Whenever something good is coming out I always miss the threads, or I can't watch it because I'm already watching something else and my autism prevents me from getting into two anime at the same time.

Every show after airing turns to shit on Cred Forums, When its airing its great fun to watch.

I liked KLK but dropped TTGL six episodes in. It was a long time ago, though.
Is it worth picking it up again?

> triggered
I tip my fedora in condolences.

Yes. Marathon it.


>tfw 2 edits in this