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Are you not entertained?

She lost the hat.

1999 style looks way better, but 2015 looks just like an qt 3D 11 I know

how the fuck does a real person resemble the 2015 drawing

Try to not think of it, otherwise it hurts

middle one looks the best imo. the last one would be fine if not for those weird lips

Right one is a lot faster to draw than the two others. If Miura manages to stick to this simplified drawing and extend it to backgrounds he could be much faster.

the shadows are messed up and the hair looks like plastic, and in general she's a featureless moeblob. kill yourself my man.

A Finnish person.

why not regress to drawing stick figures?

2015 is cuter to rape

As long as he manages to finish the fucking series, I'm fine with that.

oh, that explains

hiring incompetent assistants
>>>>>>>>>>>>>miura doesnt have assitants


Daily reminder that that picture is about to be old enough to post here

She had them in certain panels before. This is selective comparisons.


You know older people tend to like younger boy and girl.
Miura is now 60

The new style doesnt bother me that much. I think it fits with the new atmosphere of the fantasia arc, where the world became kind of like a tale, compared to the more realistic style of before which suited the dramatic tone. I think it's interesting that Miura goes in a different direction and tries something new.

Batshit farnese is the best.


Fuck, is he?
He needs to finish this fucking manga before it's too late.

Kubo finished Bleach.
He's ready to take over for Miura anytime.


I don't like the way he draws eyes now.

I skipped several volumes liek 10 and found out Guts takes deep breaths now, is this the side effect from Berserker?

That's just because they're usually not reacting to something with shock and terror. Just wait till the Falconia rape/murder party starts. It'll be there.

This, at this point I'm content with him just posting the whole thing on Cred Forums in text. I don't care, I am tired of his bullshit.

One uses more shading than the other? Or the lines are bolder? I can see the change but is it really a drop in quality? I don't think so.

Why everyone look like a teenager in this page?

I blame his moe popstar game.

Because the world was change by power of egg shape apostle

Thread theme.

Berserk has literally been getting worse and worse for over 20 years now.

This is why.

which of Guts' friends is going to use the Behelit?

Guts looks looks like a woman compared with how he looked then.
I'm not going to bother with bersek anymore.


She looks like the same farnese.

Because Miura got rusty drawing 3 chapters a year.

>that art
Jesus Christ, what the fuck is happening to this manga? Remember when Guts used to look like this?


how do we restore Gut's smile?


>Miura thought it was a good idea to jump to digital after years of doing it the traditional way

So, the primary shift in style that I notice is that all of the girls have become significantly better equipped for dick sucking. What did Miura mean by this?

>1999 was 17 years ago

Someone should send this to Miura and mock him into killing himself.

This isn't even that long ago chapter-wise.

it's for her b-day

but then we wouldn't get to see the ending of Berserk

reason for the change in manga will be the warping of reality because of the great white falcon. Guts has got to stop Griffith before they go full shoujo school girl manga!!! Save us GUTS!!!

Scary isn't it?

Reality blended with fantasia. That's why.

>implying he hasn't already and some poor chap has to finish it

There is more depth in the old one's hair, the new one looks really lazy using a single line size for all of it and zero line weight variation, some of it looks shaky and a few lines don't follow the flow of the hair.

I would say it's a drop in quality, all I see when looking at the 2015 version is an artist trying to save time.

first one is best, miss them pigtails

fucking perfect.

didn't he change to a different magazine last year?
maybe he is getting pressured to make the girls "cuter" as many mangakas get that same treatment.

I know I shouldn't like it, but those dick sucking lips though.

are you saying 1999 farnese isnt cute.

>still remember new year's eve 1999
>everyone making a big deal about it because it was the turn of the century
>it was 17 years ago
>everyone was anxious to see what would happen at the Tower of Conviction
>Farnese was still leading the Holly Iron Chain Knights
>kids who are reading Berserk now hadn't even been born yet
>some may have even been conceived that same night

im saying editors' taste is shit

>many people hooked on berzerk then have died never seeing the end.

As a drawfag seeing shit like this really hurts.

this is what makes me dread the day i die, not being able to see when things i love or am interested in finish.
manga, series, technology, it drives me insane knowing that i will not be here to experience the conclusion to all this that is humanity, maybe no one will.

Was the inspiration. Who knew rape horse would make such a devastating comeback

>no one will see the conclusion of humanity
what, the last person dying is a conclusion. So even if we are all wiped out there has been a person who was alive/dying during the final conclusion.

Farnese always had puffy lips and huge eyes anyway and looked like some kind of french nobility
you're basically complaining about her eyelashes being longer

And the hair. Look at that shit it's like Miura lost his finest pencils.

Because after drawing for 19 years and taking multiple hiatuses you lose some things along the way in order to go faster and finally catch up a bit.
The breaking point will be after Elf Island though, since he can easily get away with the art being more round while they're all doing happy fairy crap. When the violence starts again, the details on that will determine if he's fallen completely or not.
He still does fucking amazing spreads and backgrounds though. The characters are the only ones who got hit with uguu.

The simple fact is that he doesn't really care anymore and hasn't for over a decade at this point. Miura tried to make something too epic for his attention span.

>didn't he change to a different magazine last year?



He throw away all that and went digital now, literally trash tier

That unicorn is way more creepy than rape horse

You make a good point. the hair does look a bit shit now due to the whole digital thing, but maybe the original is a pain in the ass to draw. Hopefully he learns to do that shit better with his digial tools. At this point I don't want to stay on the boat for another decade though (they still have to make the trip back home), I don't know how long I got to live. I'll trade in the great hair for not dying before it's over, but you did make a good observation, hopefully he learns how to draw it better

I never liked Jawguts. Conviction Guts looked the best.

So what if kids read berserk? You care too much about other people.

t. 19 y/o

>dropping the series because of art style changes
Get out

It has nothing to do with him working in digital and everything to do with him changing his style/getting lazy.

She's Slan


how does that even make sense


No fucking way....

This just in:

When they fix Casca's mind, she will be consumed by a lust for revenge. She'll pop the Behelit, and sacrifice everyone on the island but Guts to the Godhand in exchange for the powerlevels necesary to take down Griffith.

Gut's Behelit is hers.


Dubs of truth!!

Wasn't that behelit the Count's?

the Count is gone, the Behelit is free to find a new owner

what's the most badass image of Guts in the whole manga?

With such a lust for revenge, who could even stop her?




That would be the way old Miura would use the behelit, and undoubtedly where he directed most of the set up. He said awhile ago that he re-worked how he wanted to progress the late story, so it may not go that way anymore.

In my personal opinion, I'm not sure Casca could qualify to use it. It generally activates during the person's worst moment, which would be the eclipse. Maybe, regaining her memories will be what activates it. I'm not sure Casca would do that, especially if she could talk to Guts before. If she understands what Griffith did, it may be likely that she takes the same route Guts took.

let's just hope that Miura lives long enough for us to find out

>Maybe, regaining her memories will be what activates it
Skull Knight DID warn Guts that reviving Casca's sanity is probably not in her best interest, because it would force her to remember the trauma. It could very well be that being forced to recall everything would be traumatizing enough to summon the God Hand

Personally. Berserk is going to end at the last chapter not being published and with Miura being found dead of common flu. Autopsy reveals a lodged behelith inside his throat....no answers. The media make a sensation of it.

Another ghost story for japan.

This right here. Just look at that face.

>It could very well be that being forced to recall everything would be traumatizing enough to summon the God Hand

Hey casca...It's rape time again.
She'd be like unlucky fella ever.

>you can become an Apostle with the power to assassinate Femto
>however: you must first sacrifice all your non-branded friends
>you also have to take Femto's dick a second time
what do?


This is Eclipse Service, how may serve you? Ah yes, refusal in aceppting the terms will lead to a second rape by Femto....Yes, accepptance of terms and services will also include a rape by femto. No miss, there's no package that does not include and i quote "I don't wanna be fucken raped again by Griffith" I am sorry.

This has been Eclipse customer service.

>Casca uses Behelit
>sacrifices Guts
>he has two brands
>two negatives is a positive
>guts becomes godhand


probably when he took that antenna through his cheek

I think the lesson of Ganishka's saga was that no matter how much evil power an apostle has they can't do shit against God Hand

obviously, but that doesn't mean that she won't try

>disliking the artstyle is not a valid reason even though it's a major component regarding the level of enjoyment i receive
>implying bersek hasn't been extremely disappointing lately
>ending nowhere in sight
>Miura is getting older and older

wew lad

Miura is just 50, he's not that old.

>Art style of a manga isn't important
Do you actually believe this? It changes the tone completely.

Fucking idolmaster

Oh, wow. I haven't seen her in years.

what's the edgiest moment of Berserk?

Cause he likes it? The new one is probably harder to pull of. Its a change in style not quality. I dig both ones, so i guess you should keep crying?

I don't have it saved on my phone, but the scene when Jill asks to travel with Guts.

It's edgy, but also amongst the best scenes in the manga

define "edgy"
is it synonymous to violence and gore?

dialogue, content, characterization played primarily for corny shock value

Daily reminder that an intern is doing these chapters and is tracing panels

entire golden age as a build up to eclipse, all the characters literally existed just for the sacrifice

that's even worse, fucking miura doesn't care enough to draw his own life's legacy and puts some fuckup intern to work on it so he can fap to idols

He's been at this since he was 23 years old. Let me repeat that. He started Berserk when he was
and now he's

He's going to die before this is finished.

>tfw 22
>tfw not really done anything yet
I should learn how to draw

>Left: man with long hair
>Right an actual woman
I'm ok with this

Not likely.

He'll use the behelit and sacrifice Berserk for more idolmaster time

Is Farnese autistic

>left: a pretty female
>right: a fish
speaking of fish, your post is bait right?

Right looks like ayy lmao

I know a lot of people complain about the art changes but I just find it interesting that the art style changes as you read it an you can see the art evolve through time

Like right now the chapters are being made digitally now which is pretty new

Berserk always had amazing art, I just think in time it will evolve again

Reminder he has assistants now, and he's forced to use them. And they're going with digital art rather than paper now.

Increase in speed.

What if people are changing because the world is changing.


>She'll pop the Behelit, and sacrifice everyone on the island but Guts to the Godhand in exchange for the powerlevels necesary to take down Griffith.

So the Godhand would give her the power to kill the God hand? I doubt they're suicidal.

>Berserk always had amazing art
>post a page with bad art

You're dumb.

Does Farnese currently look like a person that used to be a pyro?

I think she is coincidentally starting to look like her master Schierke

witch powers yo

they don't give her the power to kill the God Hand, they just tell her that they're giving her that power to persuade her into becoming an Apostle

They don't give a shit about each-other

Generally has great art although some of the beginning stuff is rougher in comparison to contemporary berserk

One is a man.

>devastating come
user that's lewd



The difference in the styles between Miura and whoever is doing the rest is comical

yeah its harder to do different line strenghts on digital, you basically just decide "ill do the line thinner next time"

what if Miura altered his artstyle on purpose to subconsciously fool us into thinking that huge betrayals and slaughter of Guts' friend wouldn't happen again

Horses are supposed to have soulful deep eyes. The one on the right just looks dead inside.

>would waste her time fucking disease carrying peasants for trinkets
>would waste her time trying to hook up with a small time officer
>would get saved by the skull knight instead of getting run through by his big hard rape sword
>would waste her time playing innkeeper and shit

Get out.

Except you need to sacrifice whatever is most precious to you in order for the ritual to work. The inhabitants of the island don't mean jack shit to Caska. Arguably, Caska's most precious things are Guts and Griffith, neither of which can be sacrificed. On top of that, there's no reason to offer her anything in exchange for her soul because, as one of the branded, she already belongs to the Godhand.

You got a point with SK, as for the rest you just need to look at Griffith and how he does everything in a roundabout way

1. Someone with the brand can perform a sacrifice
2. Someone with the brand can not be sacrificed a second time

Guts can escape via a loophole while everybody else burns

>increase in speed
>draw a few chapters
>kawaii uguu uguu

I'm dying.

what's his email?

I have to admit, when I say her the second time I did not recognize her initially

>implying that Casca doesn't remember the kindness that Shierke and Farnese showed her

I'm just happy something is finally happening with the plot. The boat was straight filler and could have just been a time skip, but now things are actually moving forward.

People are shitting on the manga right now but what's happening is immensely important is terms of world building and plot progression

Welcome to Cred Forums

Hopefully, neurotypicals are shit


Miura can't handle Paint?


>Hirohiko Araki
>Make eight separate series in the same universe from 1987 to now, complete seven of them
>Have a few adaptations and a movie
>See the movie, instantly recognize how bad it is, and pull it from existence because he has integrity
>Have an anime made that follows the source material to a T
>Art-style changes and improves over time, with constant hard work put in, great work ethic
>Have art on display at an esteemed museum
>Is an immortal vampire

>Kentaro Miura
>Make Berserk in 1989, as well as side projects that don't last
>Have one decent anime adaptation, then okay a bunch of terrible movies and one of the worst looking anime adaptations in a long time
>Do not pull a single one of the mediocre adaptations, because he's too busy playing Idolmaster (in fact, he had the man who designed Idolmaster directed his movies)
>Artstyle has improved until recent years, where it has become cuter and more doll-like
>Is clearly a filthy mortal being

Is Miura a hack?

Apples and oranges user

>people not realizing that Griffith's fuckery has literally changed the tone of the world
When we reach Peak Falconia the manga will look like an illustrated fairytale book.

I love JoJo and Berserk

what expression is that pic trying to convey?

You forgot to mention that Araki is very successful and also a family man. He is a well respected artist whose art and designs has been featured in fashion magazines/stores as well as a legendary mangaka. A well cultured family man with a mountain of acclaim to his name.

Meanwhile, Miura was an edgelord who transformed into an aging moefag who spends all of his time playing vidya.

smugly content sighing

What the fuck is up with this panel?

guts is cumming

You forget there is time skip coming up.

Fuck [email protected]

>*breath in*

It's a worrying look, I mean he is doing so much for casca and he doesnt know what is going to happen, he is putting his faith into all of them

Shit. Too late. We went full moe.

post yfw Casca rejects him after regaining her mind

Guts is literally 21, Schierke is a child and Farnese IS a teenager so I don't know what you're bitching about

I think that Miura, much like Togashi, in some part burned out themselves on too rigid work ethics and art standards. Remember the Kushan war?


To be fair, Araki had a edge-lord phase as well.

The difference is, when he grew out of it, he didn't become a hermit pariah addicted to moe culture and gradually erode his own work with his lust for cute little girls.

> the last US release of the manga was three years ago

If it took eight months from Japanese tankĊbon for that one, and a year for the one before that, when do you think Dark Horse will release this new one that came out in Japan in June?

Hey, Gattsu. Remember that time...

But it literally isn't. Both artistic inspiration came from the same series. Their most popular series came from an era where edge-filled material was respected and even then they still managed to not have their plots revolve around that genre.

Miura has much better world building aspects, but he just doesn't have the work ethic nor creative that Araki has.

The thing is Togashi is such a great writer that he can get away with low-quality art. Yet, his plot construction is suffering somewhat, but I believe he deserves to not be criticized for that since at least he gives character arcs some closure unlike Miura.

JoJo's only worthwhile part is part 7 though, so hes like the opposite of Miura. It took him this long to git gud, but his prior installments suck.

I dont think it looks bad, it just looks different although I do prefer the pic you posted

>thinking the Godhand would give anyone the power to defeat the godhand
>implying Griffith didn't just take like 100 chapters to kill someone trying to defeat the godhand
yeah I'm gonna say no
Besides Griffith is a member of the godhand, why the fuck would he comply to help someone get access to the power to destroy the godhand? And the behelit is a normal behelit, not a crimson one.

>Be me
>Girlfriend got turned into retard
>Turns out the Elf King was a she

I can't decide if the manga is done by someone else or not. Berserk had more style changes like this, but the evolution in the recent years has been
>manlier, longer face guts + other guys
>cuter, moe girls
>better art

Suddenly a jump, widefaces, shoujo eyes and everyone is moe. It was there during Rickert mini arc, but he looks so shota nobody noticed. Guts or Roderick are ones you really see it on. Yes, we still have the crosshatch spam but the proportions are fucked up so it's not fooling anyone. Also, ofc, digital, but goddamn, there are other brushes than simple circle and they can make far crisper lines, how can they not know this. Plus that copying, I cannot believe Miura would do that. If he wanted to do that, I believe tracing can also be done traditionally. Yet he never did that before.

It seems likely to me that Miura did the manuscript (like what we see in the new guidebook) and some pages that were of intresting to him. Then, and under time pressure, someone else inked (and copy-pasted) the more 'filler' pages.

>Berserk wasn't just given a mercy killing so Miura could focus on that giant wreslting manga he did like three chapters for a few years ago

>Part 2 being shit
>Part 4 being shit

Shit taste.


2015 is better

It's funny how an entire society filled with warriors found the MC wrestling moves to be amazing. Did they not ruff-house as children?

wait, what is this?


A short manga Miura created. Partially the reason Berserk has been having a hiatus.

It's all been a ruse, she only started learning magic so she could burn people alive easier.

>i-it's fast!!
this is the cheesiest line ever

January 2017 for the 38th tank in france, feel good to be a frog. But to be honest I'll buy it out of habit. The last arc is so fucking boring. I continue to read it because i want it to end.

Daily reminder that this happened in 2002

wow, that looks great

>featured in fashion magazines/stores

How do you not mention the Louvre exhibition?

That would be a good ruse

It is.
Miura is clearly sick of Berserk, he should just do more of this

that's the best she ever looked imo

I don't think any manga gives such a good feeling for height/giantness through its art.
Hell giants aren't even common in manga.

the detail, the sense of scale

god damn this is nice

I don't care what you think. The point of this was to show that Berserk has always been about sexualizing lolis and that it's not something recent. This was literally her first interaction with Guts' party and she got groped within seconds.

HxH is fucking terrible. Stop comparing it to Berserk and Jojo. No one even cares about your literal who series!


Underrated post.

You guys think berserk will ever be as dark as it used to? The sea god shit was awesome so I am optimistic


>as dark as it used to
>Sea God was 2010
It still is homie

From which chapter does the manga switch to digital art?

looks like chapter 343 to me

I wasn't comparing the mangas, I was comparing the artists. Togashi isn't just known for HxH, Underaged-kun.

HxH in my opinion is overrated due to 2deep4u faggots who think Gon has some complex MC deconstruction to justify his suicidal actions.


Pretty good.

>Suddenly a jump, widefaces, shoujo eyes and everyone is moe
Just aftre Miura started playing idolmaster. You surprised ?

Haruka best normal girl. She's prefect.

Guts is 24, Schierke is 13 and Farnese is 19.

Bonus, Rickert is 19.

Miura has good taste

that;s his waifu?

man, I seriously dont even know what idolmaster even is

Remember when she had her vagina on the dragon slayer?

>he changes artstyle because its faster
>still 5 month hiatus on a monthly series
Fuck Miura.

except his lust went for twinks

is the guy in the glasses Miura?

guy on the phone is

he already did

that would have to imply that he cared about berserk

You're comparing Miura with Araki but they really are different and comparing Berserk with JoJo really is like comparing apples and oranges. If they were both published in equally popular magazines, sure, but it isn't the case. It doesn't matter that they both have a similar source of inspiration or that their themes are almost identical. Araki has had much more success (with how prolific his manga series became, how popular his manga series is, how good the adaptations are) because of where he's published. Jojo was literally published in freaking Weekly Shonen Jump, one of the most popular manga magazines, for 18 years, and Ultra Jump (also popular for monthly series) for the past 11 years. Berserk on the other hand was published in Young Animal since day one, a less popular and circulated magazine, including the fact that Young Animal is marketed for older readers compared to WSJ which is marketed for children and a wider audience. It's true that Araki has more respect for his own work than Miura, but a reason for that is because he's been published in a much more popular and "prestigious" magazine since he was in his twenties and wants to hold that sense of prestige. Whereas Miura is published in a magazine that features gravure idols and bikini-clad teenage girls as a hook to reel in the older male audience. And besides, Miura and Araki work differently, and most likely have assistants that are different in skill as well (honestly i'd assume that assistants under WSJ manga are expected to be very skillful compared to others under different magazines).

Thanks user, I just realized Araki's current art style is far uglier than Berserk is now.

What if Murata taught Miura how to properly digitize manga



We need to go back

There's no going back anymore user

>it's been almost 2 years

How can a peasant event compete with an inmmortal vampire, pls user.

Do they really need to use the BOAT to get back?
I just know Miura would fuck us all with anoter 9 year trip back to midland.

That still doesn't make sense.

How long has it been since image captcha hell began?

Okay anons just what the hell IS idolmaster? I've never touched the franchise save for fapping to a few doujins on sadpanda. I don't understand what about would make miura more or less abandon his life's work like this.

What is it about?

>tfw holding on to the desperate belief that Griffith's fuckery and them being in elf land is the reason that the are got lighter/softer

I feel it's just the stylistic choice he went with, and will soon change when things go horribly wrong in dream world.

The strength of your delusion is mildly impressive.

A video game where you produce idols

After a reread, I realized the boat trip isnt that long, considering they had to make a stop for the Sea God and shit also switched to Griffith and friends from time to time

I doubt Berserk would be subject to that kind of pressure.

If they let him jerk off on [email protected] for a decade, they probably don't care what he does

The first 3 volumes and the prototype had the best style, I wish there was an anime made in 88 it would have looked like Vampire Hunter D

Can you really envision such a thing as a cute rape?

Farnese looks fine here.

>you'll never gorge yourself on prome's nectar
Why live.

probably the one where he's angry

>hurr the art is shit so he could draw faster
>takes another 6 month hiatus

That's what he expects.


I wish I had Schierke as a little daughteru to take care of.


Can't wait until she gets raped. Holy shit that is going to be hot.

To be fair, that is more the translation choice. Dark Horse has it translated as "So fast for a being so large!"

dude, come on

>Oh Guts I hate you for making me normal again so I have to remember the pain from the rape

He's abandoned his life's work for vidya that lets him manage cute girls becoming famous singers?

Does this look like the face of a person who gives a fuck

His idol did a 120+ volume LN series before she died, maybe he thought he could do the same.

>becomes unretarded
>remembers all that shit
>becomes retarded again

what a hilarious waste of time that would be

>people not realizing that Griffith's fuckery has literally changed the tone of the world
Oh, shit.

It boggles the mind that art of this level is relegated to Young Animal.

will the Count's daughter ever be relevant again? Didn't she swear a blood feud against Guts?

what are the odds that she'll show up as a female Mozgus, continuing her dad's work of purging heretics with extreme prejudice, and hunting down the Black Swordsman?

>will the Count's daughter ever be relevant again? Didn't she swear a blood feud against Guts?


I feel that all the old characters are going to return seeing as Falconia is the sanctuary everyone in Midland is fleeing to.

Jill will return too. Older, stronger, and a leader of her village now.

>yfw she meets him and just becomes another moe member of Guts band of idols

Cred Forums passes for Casca!

Cred Forums Pass user since April 2016.

Shierke is so cute, but even with a cuter artstyle, she still looks worse, how?

"i'm ok"

>the counts daughter and Jill fight over Guts right in front of Guts and a freshly healed Casca
>Casca looks at Guts suspiciously, wondering how he managed to get so many girls fighting over him while she was out
>it's super awkward

>he takes a deep breath
>he decides to sell them as idols
>series becomes them traveling the world doing cute shit
>griffith sees the cute shit and realizes his wrongs
>everything is right

>Slan starts acting like a moeblob
how does this work?

Cause worse girl.


She's no more featureless than the first one, nor is she particularly moe.



I actually prefer that 2015 panel over 2010, he looks retarded in 2010. But yeah 2001 was the perfect Guts.

which version of adult Guts is the most physically attractive

early Conviction

I just want to see Schierke getting fuck gently by Guts.

Guts is only for Casca

Guts is only for Griffith.

No, that's just a retarded meme/scapegoat.

that was oddly specific

The one on the right obviously is a much smaller drawing, which makes the lines thicker and thus harder to both control and detail.

I specified adult guts because I figured that if I didn't degenerates would just spam kid Guts getting raped by the WMN

please delete your post, thanks in advance

No, it looks like shit because Miura doesn't care anymore.

Anything looks great when Miura actually draws it, which is obviously not the case with all the mediocre shit in the newer stuff.

>dat volume 19 and 24

The art is fine, just different you idiots


Dayum gurl where you get your lip job at

fine just different, the art throughout time as you read it get more different from volume one, this is just another form of the art

I wish there was a full color version of berserk like JoJo

[email protected]

Color is for nerds

I just think it would be cool, intially I never expected for schelkie to have green hair or isidro to have brown hair and brown clothes

Berserk would be better as a novel.


Absolutely not. That'd ruin all the fight scenes. I've read a massive of fantasy novels, and I can only think of maybe a dozen decent fight scenes. You just can't do them as well when they're written.

>tfw no friends

Fix your eye check.

Because she pleases old men for money.

no, not even close.

I've been thinking the art choice was a deliberate change owing to the shifting of setting from dark fantasy to high fantasy.

this looks great, the colors are what I expect them to be and not over bearing

it was quite obvious that Miura is tired of berserk, not necessarily tired that he wants to stop but he has been doing this his entire life and just wants to enjoy his life. He probably found digital art to be faster and easier to get chapters out at a decent pace rather than taking months to draw a chapter and fall behind further in the story every year. As much as the new art sucks, it is the only way he will continue.

>new art sucks

>He probably found digital art to be faster and easier to get chapters out at a decent pace
He then goes on another hiatus until 2017. WEEEEEEE

I miss when guts and puck were the original shrek and donkey.

its not nearly as long as every single hiatus before in the last few years. thats how you can tell hes getting work out faster.

Jojo is trash after part 2 you sad sack of shit.



4 was great you asshole


This. Why the hell is it so hard for novels to depict good fight scenes? I mean everything else can be great but when it comes to fight scenes no prose can compare to the visual medium.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

It's just how writing works. Breakneck action shots that would take you seconds to read in a manga require paragraphs of description to get the same effect across. You can't get the same flow you can in manga. This isn't to say that there can't be good fight scenes in a written medium, just that it is much, much harder to do effectively than in a visual one, and more reliant upon your attachment to the characters and emotional investment in the story than the actual punch-for-punch description of the fight itself.


uh it's called a MANGA stupid gaijin

kill yourself you funny nigger

this is amazing why does it not have more views

Every time

highly accurate

All right nerds. Quick questions:

Which translation is best to read? I saw there's a Dark Horse one as well.

Online or offline?

I'm 27 now and back when I was a teenager, I heard about Berserk, and even then people were bitching about how slow it was to progress. Should I just spar myself the pain and wait for it to finish (if ever)? Or jump on the wild ride with the rest of you?


Dark horse is best, evil genius is good as well

Why does it matter of offline or not?

Jump in now, Berserk will never end


>Why does it matter of offline or not?

Was just wondering if I should read it on a website or just use a viewer or whatever.

I read it before I caught up offline, but in hindsight it doesnt matter much

>this level of art never ever again

Who did this? I must know

God the skull looks so much better than the hound head. I know Miura was going for the berserker thing but man.

Didn't Schierke imply that Gaiseric was the former owner of that armor, and died because lost too much blood?

I checked the chapter and saw that the former owner's sword looked like Skull Knight's. If that were the case, how was the armor taken off him? How did Flora help him equip the armor he's currently wearing now?

Kentaro Miura, creator of Berserk

Is the white hair patch die or because of the stress? I ask because I know guts styles his hair as shown in a page at some chapter. The monkey kid made fun of guts iirc.

Probably because of the berserker armor since it's literally drawing out life from him when he uses it



SK straight up confirms it's his armour

And he didn't take it off he died in it

You think that's weird? Look at his mouth in the 3rd panel. Can't tell if he's gritting his teeth or not.

No, it's just an ordinary skull helmet.

Berseker looked baller at first
That is, until he did that stupid batman shit where you can see his eyes. Then it just looked stupid.

I'm pretty fucking sure tablets support different strengths of the pen.

It's not even that new of a thing.

What's your favorite volume? You can choose only one.

>Godhand granting some human the power to kill one of their own
Not gonna happen, also I bet it'd take a crimson behelit and more than a handful to sacrifice

16 GOAT volume

>another godhand member
But there's only five fingers

>Make eight separate series in the same universe
It's like you didn't read it at all

good taste

I miss old Farnese. Whatever happened to her fire lust?

>complain when miura doesn't put out chapters
>complain when he does put out chapters at the expense of quality.

>still takes a hiatus

what's that idolmaster thing?

Generic music moeblob shit.


Miura just died it's one of his assistant who is continuing the manga

even if i'm the first to say that it's fucking annoying to see all this fairy and shit but seriously IT'S ALL A PLAN everything was good during the golden age and what happened well you know what happened so just wait you really think griffith will stay calm he is a fucking god he'll grow tired of all this shit and even if he stay calm there are the fucking apostle who won't

Holy shit user, that's the first time I've laughed to the point of tears for an image on Cred Forums

Bless your heart.

10/10 I laughed.



Grifith is only for Sonia

>3rd best girl is 2nd best girl in disguise
Cool but nah. They are nothing alike and neither casca nor guts brandbled close to her. Only connection is slan being a patron saint to whores worldwide

Nah, it doesn't matter if you have it, you might be just the carrier until the true owner uses it. Even Griffith lost his and found it last minute.
You fucking retard
You can't sacrifice just anyone, the sacrifice must make you suffer almost as much as the branded. Casca could sacrifice guts or farnese. But guts cannot be sacrificed again and her connection to farnese is weak. She'd end up like the snail with legs
And then there's griffith. He would fit the bill perfectly, but him being a fucking godhand may prove to be an issue.
Casca isn't sacrificing anyone.

Good god this is fucking pathetic. Glad I dropped this during the boat arc.

What if it's for the Count's daughter? They're bound to run into her at some point.

She switched her worship of pain and suffering to Guts.

If Griffith executed a mastermind plan and killed the other God Hand, would that redeem him in your eyes?

Yeah, that was definitely an "oh shit" moment
This, but only if you don't realise that what guts told her was that she didn't really want to kill herself and basically to stop pouting

Why do I love these so much.

>waste if time
That would depend on how long it would take her to become a retard again. People keep forgetting that Guts' goal was to keep her safe in Elfhelm, not cure her. SK told him of the possibility for casca to be cured much later later

Sonia please fuck off and stop embarrassing me

I dropped Berserk back in 2010 has anything important happened or should I check back in a few years

Well, Rickert bitchslapped Griffith and Guts is finally off the boat.

Like is he off the boat like OFF THE BOAT or did he step onto an island to take a leak or something

They're on Elf Island.

Are they near a boat in any way?

You're insulting our nobility


Alright, I'm interested. I'll be back in 3 years. Take care

Soooo..... what would have happened if Miura had never made Gigantomakhia, and instead of that he added Prome to Guts' party?

>A couple of chapters of Prome pissing on Guts
>long hiatuses
>finally we arrive at Elf island
>Caska is gonna be healed
>long hiatus
>Prome undergoes soem special traing to make her piss super effective
>a couple of chapters of nothing but Prome pissing on Caska

yummy DSL thou.
hopefully after casca gets her brains back miura comes out of his moe phase

I can't wait for Miura to get bored of Berserk and just burn the plot to the ground on purpose and everyone will have no choice but to accept it as canon

nobody would let that happen though


seriously what the fuck

Well at least the edgelords are gone.

what's the sexiest panel in the manga?

>still following this piece of shit manga
It's been dead for a long while
Let it go


>people still don't believe that miura is literally dead but only a select few know about it
>People don't know that his successor drew the last couple of chapters
You fools will never see the truth if you choose to be blinded by your rage.

Holy shit is that funny! Peter as Femto is great.


Full lolicon

loli ass is NOT that THICC

Farnese is a very beautiful woman.

yes. she also happens to be mine. back off

Farnese belongs to the trolls

what does Cred Forums think of this theme?


farnese is pure and untouched by trolls
fuck off


forever. especially now that is she's a strong cutie witch

Farnese is super deviant, don't pretend that she doesn't fantasize about what it would be like to be a toy for the trolls to enjoy

Great but was heavily overused in the anime. Why did they use Ash Crow only once?

>super deviant
>fantasize about what it would be like to be a toy for the trolls to enjoy
no. she only fantasizes about burning bags

Needs more [CLANG]

people can have more than 1 fantasy, user

would you?

At least she doesn't look like a man anymore. I guess.

>>everyone making a big deal about it because it was the turn of the century
You mean the dumb people who don't realize that a century starts at year 1 not fucking 0.

with the force of a million sea gods

Sacrifice your assistants to get more time on the clock?

it's not rape if I want it


you don't understand, user

you don't fuck Slan. Slan fucks you.



and im absolutely ok with that. she's the goddess of tits and whores, i trust in her jugdement

she's also the goddess of S&M, and you aren't badass enough to make her want to indulge in her masochist side

I hope get off on pain, user

I would sacrifice 7 billion people just to have her sit on my face

i will spank that ass until both my hands break

I still can't fucking get over this panel. WTF

Essentially the same thing.

>goddess of tits and whores
Is it possible to be more BASED?

Who's the best girl and why is it Farnese?

Current Farnese is pig disgusting. Literally no personality. Worse than tard Casca
That witch is irrelevant
Pre-rape Casca a best.

Pre-rape Casca > Pre-witch bullshit Farnese > Literally who witch > Mindbroken Casca > Current Farnese


>In this moment, I am euphoric.

He better be fingering her asshole

34. World Transformation was GOAT

Golden Arc Casca now it's Schelkie, she is the strongist female in the manga right now

Why is she crying? Can't remember is she was a virgin or Guts just had a big dick.

too many troll guts


Combination of virgin and emotionally exhausted.


>soon rickert will dickert farnese

is that game, that fucking good that you delay making what you are known for and lower the quality of art?

NO Rickert is for Erica.


right furry confirmed.

Miura's known to have used sci-fi to choose names for his characters ('Destination: Void', 'Ubik', 'Slan', '...and call me Conrad'). Wouldn't surprise me if Mule is a nod to the Foundation series.

>everythinh was good
>so much war that merc bands were a normal thing
>all the rape

>Cred Forums Pass user since April 2016.

>Rereading Berserk
>When Ishidro gets the Fire Knife, Farnese starts blushing and twitching

Its the little details that makes the second journey fun

no love for best girl

So, the black haired kid was...?

she received a lot of love from her daddy

I'm still angry Guts didn't take the earth-elemental axe. What's wrong with having a secondary weapon? It probably had potential even as a throwing axe if it has a secondary magical effect.

maybe we as his fans should each give miura $1 so he can afford therapy to get over his addiction

NO, she can make him dinner after he rawdogs farny



I'm so morbidly curious about what's going to ultimately happen to her in the series. I mean she's basically married to the devil himself and doesn't know it. I expect a worse end for her than anything that can be legally posted on exhentai.

The VR version is releasing soon, of course he wants to play it

Yeah I was kinda annoyed by that too, but his dragonslayer is practically a holy relic by this point, I'm sure he'll be fine as long as he has it.

there aren't enough of these

Am I the only one who wants the Dragon-slayer Sword to be stolen by apostles from Guts for a few chapter or something? Just to see how things would play out.

I'm positive we'll reach a moment where he doesn't have the sword or the armor, never stopped him before though.

Isn't Guts without the armor a cripple now?

Balls deep.



Artists change their style. Whether you like it or not, that's your fucking problem.

he's been a cripple for 3 years, m8

That explaines why she has her face.

>lust for revenge.

I'm strongly convinced that he'll be healed up and maybe even given more power before he leaves the island

plsno, losing the cannon arm would be a big problem

the dwarves could probably just give him a boomstick

has anyone ever made a 1:1, real-weight replica of the Dragonslayer?

that's not an equivalent replacement, one of the big benefits of his cannon arm is that he can carry it stealthily without his opponents' knowledge, and that he doesn't have to draw it like he would a gun and therefore can use it even when he's mostly immobilized

Stop being obtuse. Yes, the basic features are the same but the art style is completely different. The lineart is much heavier, less detailed and more cartoonish.

doubt it. seen things that had the right proportions, but they were most definitely props. the closest thing i've seen is this
coincidentally, the smith looks like a young godo

I wish they made Guts start looking like Tanba and gave him a dad body instead of this fru fru shit.

Gaiseric looked stupid when you could see his eyes.

building an actual replica of the Dragonslayer would be one fucking hell of a feat of blacksmithing, especially if you go all-out and really make it out of iron/steel. you would need to carry it around via crane


i doubt it's possible to even use an actual piece for it, would have to cast it in shape

>casting the dragonslayer
git gud


>not liking thicc lolis
How gay are you?

im dying
send hel

anatomical inaccuracies make me limb

>he'll be healed up and maybe even given more power

One of the things makes berserk fight so thrilling was the idea of that "fragile" body of gatsu, every time he fight someone he could really lose or die or badly injury himself. I know e would never die or lose until the end, but the only idea he could makes everything more spicy, if he gets healed on the island everything loses his value

Lost Children, was it 14? In my opinion the art peaked there, and the fight had so many epic moments. Puck was still tolerable as well.

>She now hates Guts so much he's not even good for a sacrifice
God damn, now that would be some dark shit.

he's old you know, give him some respect

it's not that, people who are sacrifices can't get sacrificed a 2nd time, we saw this with the Count

are we ever going to see Jill again?

Why the fuck would he even bother going digital? Just scan it afterwards or some shit

hopefully not, i don't wish to see her get the same treatment with the new "art" as farnese

He's 50. 50 isn't that old.

Togashi is 50 years old, Araki is 56 years old, Inoue is 49 years old...

It's pretty stupid anyway, he would've died like 10 times by now if he had a normal body.

Who's that? XD

did you really have to make this post, m8?

You know, when you think about how awesome Falconia is, it's really hard to see how Griffith's actions weren't justified

just check outside of falconia and you'll remember

or underground

we're making the mother of all omelettes here, Jack, can't go worrying about every egg

Maybe he should just expand his kingdom to cover the whole world then.

if he manages to, he's fine by my books

What's the relation between Miura and Idolmaster? Was he the lead character designer for the thing or something?

>tfw reading the troll arc
>tfw seeing the underground troll orgy for the first time
>tfw having to stop and fap before continuing
h-how fucked up am I?

being attracted to thick troll dicks is very natural, don't worry about it

>people can't be sacrificed twice
>yet it's possible to become a double-apostle

>Art-style changes and improves over time, with constant hard work put in, great work ethic

Jojolion looks like shit. Go ahead and try to prove me wrong.

if you're a sacrifice for one apostle, another potential apostle can't "steal" you away for himself, Femto explicitly states this to the Count.

Guts is Griffith's sacrifice, he can never be anyone else's


>femto doesn't want the count stealing his sacrifice

You don't say.

Have you seen the new Casca Figma? it looks really great

rape fantasies are fairly common, please stop bullying

is this her apostle form?

For me Berserk ended at the fight with Zodd in the sword graveyard.

And she was my favourite female charter too, fuck you Miura.

>art standards
Those two have nothing to do with each other once you start publishing rushed, sketchy shit.

Zodd isn't a female you dongus

>those lips
fucking hot


confused. whats the problem?

What a weird thing Gut's would say about Griffith

I almost feel like if Griffith showed up, he would chat with him instead of fight