This is a vicious, murderous oni that would kill you without mercy even if you begged for your life

This is a vicious, murderous oni that would kill you without mercy even if you begged for your life.

No, it's a really boring and shallow waifubait.

but that isn't Emilia

Who says a show can't have two boring and shallow waifubait characters?

Aww, what a cute little boy.

I'm in love


What are you gonna do about it?


I think I'll rage in impotent fury at the perceived stupidity of somebody disagreeing with me and then I'll close the tab.

Still the least boring and shallow waifubait in the show

>kill you without mercy
Skilled, I give you that.

in opel's place i would never trust her, i don't care if she saves me one or two times and confesses love to me, she has a murderous side to her

She's also shit.


>will end your sorry life or will love you
She's perfect desu.

Also fuck all of you for memeing me into believing Rem would die and not come back.

delete this fucking thread right now

shhh user come to bed

It's just a misunderstanding during the first few loops.

>being brutally killed as you beg for your life trying to explain yourself over a misunderstanding is "OK"

and if that person wasn't lucky enough to have rebirth by de

Well subaru was behaving suspiciously in their perspective.

>hates a girl because she kicked your ass
Rem haters are the worst sort of beta cucks.

I can't I sold it.

>kicked your ass

She murdered him in a forest out of bias you dipshit.


>tfw will never be brutally murdered by a cute girl

so people that behave suspiciously should be tortured and killed?

Remember that she chopped his leg off and then healed it so he wouldn't die before she could interrogate him

she's literally ISIS

The only thing wrong with ISIS is them being Muslims.

Good thing she doesn't exist, not even in her fucking show

With shota face and head.

I'd suck Rem's feminine penis

There's nothing masculine in her face.

And the murder, violence, etc

image sauce?

the Re:Zero live action movie


No, all that is fine. Just the muslim part is evil.

This is a stinky witch.

Nothing about muslims are evil, besides their entire faith, philosophy and tradition.

It's fine

I want everyone playing this shitty meme game to die.

>This is a stinky witch's daughter

what exactly happened to her anyways? i remeber seeing her while they were foghting the whale but then she just kind of disappeared did she get white misted off screen or something?

literally finished watching this last night because i waited for it to finish airing before starting so i could watch in chunks.