Bubuki Buranki s2

Episode 1 starts in 7 minutes.

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Oh shit, bathtime's over.


So many sequels this season.





Was S1 any good? I stopped watching around ep 6, should I catch up?




I found it good.

Its pretty damn hype mang

semen demon

subs where?

CR simulcast supposedly in about 40 minutes.

Migiwa a whore. I hope Reoko will finally get all the tender loving and peace she deserves.

I am so glad that we're already getting the second season. Subtitles soon too.
I was afraid we wouldn't get it until sometime in 2017. But here it is!


Subs are out.

Subs are out! It's time!

Reoko did nothing wrong.


2 minutes in, just me or does the cg movement is smoother than in the last season? Or just the cg line art blended a lot better in this?

Myth&roid on the board or not?


how did this shit get another season?

Superior taiwanese dog.


You mean outsourced dog.

>Buranki is back
Fuck yes

She seems like a riot.

So did he give her tough love?

Feels cyberpunkish


Damn, this CG almost rivals Etotama.

dem shorts

She made the show a whole lot sillier than season 1 within one episode

What the fuck.

Glorious anime dialogue.

i need a videogame done with this.

not Fire Emblem.


How can a retarded psycho be this cute?


Was it rape?

Kinoa > Reoko >>> Kaoruko >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> everyone else


This show is so fucking retarded, but I love it.

Global standard.

>yfw second season

Dem physics

This is perfect.

>we will never see her batshit berserker bloodlust mode again


They really dial up the wackiness to 11.

show is really impressive with the animation, damn.

she was actually an interesting character when she was batshit insane murderer

without it, she's just "generic loli who's nice to everyone"

worst girl

Kaorukos wackiness is infectious


Bubuki Buranki in Super Robot Wars when!?

Ah, long time without seeing that fedora every week.


Happy that it's back, and the first episode was pretty fun. Can't wait for more best girl Reoko.

Kaoruko a shit.

Yeah, with the neon signs flickering about.Great episode, cant wait to see the oniichan getting rekt by imouto.

I missed this show more than I thought. Kaoruko is annoyingly entertaining, or the opposite. I'm kinda surprised to see the Russians so soon.

Now we wait for Reoko-sama.


H-how is she doing that with her fingers? Creepy.

Kaoruko is so great. At first she seems like this cute attention whore who's bitchy and treats her team like shit, but then the real team leader shows up and you see how nice she is

Considering that the actual Taiwan leader is actually a worse leader than the Russian one (who is only slightly better due to not being aware of how much of a shit he's being to his team), there's not much needed for her to be that better.

I thought she would be the edgy one last season.This episode pretty much blown me the fuck out with her fun.

Jesus christ, she really is a crazy psycho bitch

Did the soundtrack for season 1 ever come out? I forgot all about it until now.

I want to gattai with Kaoruko.

Why on earth did this dumb eye cancer piece of shit get another season?
Why on earth do I feel compelled to watch it?

No, five tracks will be included with the OP and ED CDs. So full OST probably never unfortunately.

Fuck this show has some nice tracks too

I hope with all of my might that Giga Nigga is alive to kick that taiwan heart fag in the teeth

Because it's fun, motherfucker.

fuck off

giganigga needs to get shot 20 times then step on a lego for what he did to mai waifu kinoa

I honestly don't remember him doing much aside from helping her awaken her Bubuki and then leaving herI also hope Fedoraman is alivehell I want the whole team to be alive

webm of Hiragi comparing tits when?


oh shit im blind. thanks

Finally we will get fresh reoko art!

It kept getting better and better. And this first episode of the second season was a blast too. So yeah, I'd so.

Reoko was so much best. When will she be back? And how will she be able to keep up with all those complete Buranki?

It was a nice touch to have the taiwanese waitress actually speak her language instead of japanese.

CGI anime, with smear frames.

Blonde dude always gets paired with big tits goddesses. First he got Zetsubi and now this.


That hand looks painful to look at.

I want to do lewd things to her navel.

Maybe, but she was used goods already.

>used goods


Zetsubi is still the best titty monster!

Mature women are his thing

They'll save her, right?

It's was always planned to have 2 seasons.

Could they possibly have made taiwan heart guy even more sleazy and evil?

Migiwa is final boss. I feel it in my bones.

Yes. But only after she enjoyed rape prison for 6 month.

Did the raws come with a new end-card?

Being a character voiced by Ari Ozawa is suffering.


>Azuma, can you keep up with me?

Last season Kaoruko was made to be this machiavellian mastermind behind the whole island drop business, but now she's cheery and friendly. What the fuck?


Is that what kids call weed now-a-days?

We infinite stratos now?

>autist is a stoner

>Migiwa is final boss
Even if she's not, everything is still basically her fault.

I want the little sister to step on me

Is that Gaben I see there?

Its not the body made me remind of him, its the hair.

I said it before in older threads, but Kaoruko in spite of her flaws genuinely believes herself to be the hero and self identifies as a hero and heroic figure.
All while she coincidently also happens to be a pawn of Guy, who is several levels of shady. But she most likely thinks what he is doing is for the best, for now at the very least.

Looks I got most of that right last season. But it remains to be seen how well it holds up.

Fuck off Cred Forums

So, bum-dad is alive after all. For what goddamn purpose?

To train his son

In what? Beer-chugging?

This is the show I was most excited for this season, I'm so ready.


It was silly as fuck and they cranked the CGI even better than the first season.
>that boob physics
You could really see the evolution of Hiiragi's features when he got upset in the car.


Well that was better than expected. There's still lots of stiff movements like when they turn their heads and walking but it looks better than before. Looks like it was a Imaishi episode with all that comedic scenes from the start.

After they wrecked 100 cards they finally remembered the ability to fly.

Not enough Azuma this episode

Well they did say the didn't know where the airport.

Well, they didn't know the way. They needed to get closer to know where it was.

Are you fucking serious? I'm all for /ss/ shit but this is downright disgusting.

Feets are not that bad but I guess some people don't like them. Here to make up for it.

Airports should be easy to find.

She's so damn hot.

This was already made clear in the last season with Guy being a shifty fuck but she probably resents her parents and Azuma for stealing her spotlight, she probably beleived that killing all Buranki would help her mother but she also probably didn't know they are world ending terraforming machines

I think this was just implied to be in the past though, before he died

>Kaoruko sees herself as the main protagonist
>By the end of the anime she is
>Because Azuma sided with Reoko

Can i watch this without watching season 1? Dropped it on 2nd or 3rd episode back then.

No, it's a direct continuation.

Why would you watch it now then? Also no.

No. Just watch the first season it is not amazing but around when the american team shows up it gets better.

For action? What other reason is there to watch it. If i wanted plot, i`d watch Bloodivores

More like when Reoko-sama shows up.

Skipping S1 means skipping the best antihero of the year.

Except the short fat kid.

It's fun. And the plot is actually better than one might expect, especially with the pretty good flashbacks. And Reoko.

Why ask if you have to watch the first season then?

Was surprised to see the new episode pop up on my RSS feed. Didn't know it was having an S2.
How's the new episode? I don't remember jack about the first season.

Its great.Go watch it, the webm in the thread might be spoilerish to you.

Team Japan sans Azuma's zany adventures in Taiwan feat. Azuma's little sister.
And then Team Asia's actual leader and Russia has to pop up at the end to ruin the fun.



Read the thread.


So what do you think Team Asia's leader did to his limbs to make them super scared of him?

Bunny's are for _____

>this season

Rape dungeon.

>Why on earth did this dumb eye cancer piece of shit get another season?
the producer planned for 2 seasons even if it sold poorly
and kudos to him for sticking to his guns


>Russia is still being led by the asshole brother.
Well this can't possibly be good.


>Sis is kinda annoying, being overly eccentric and shit
>Don't know how her temporary team can put up with her
>Turns out their actual leader is a cunt

>no Reoko sama
>no Myth&Roid
This season will be suffering.

Don't talk shit about Onii-sama.

Reoko will be back. Surely.

>implying Reoko won't show up at some point to crash the party
>implying she won't push in lil sis's shit and slap her around until based Azuma shows up to save the day
>implying lil sis won't get even more butthurt about her brother

She better not die
>implying things that won't happen
Predictions always wrong.

Reoko will be back but I don't know how. Limbless Entei can't do shit.

>those SFXs


S1 ED or S2 ED?

Did you even watch the show? Reoko-sama doesn't need limbs to fuck shit up.

Would you kill all Buranki?

That was probability the S2 OP.
S1 ED beats all so far.


Man if every show could pull off CG this well I wouldn't mind it at all.

Have you seen the difference in power between complete and incomplete Entei? All teams are equal to complete Entei.

Subaru's bullying never ends

>S1 ED beats all so far.
Can't imagine anything else being the case.
That said, since the S1 ED was all about Reoko. Is it possible that the S2 ED will be about Kaoruko somehow? Perhaps Migiwa.

I am certain that Reoko will play her fair share in this season as well, but I don't think it will be nearly as front and centre as it was in S1. So I doubt we'd get another ED all about her again.
Then again, the show went full international by the end of S1, and S2 looks like it's sticking to that. So perhaps the S2 OP will be about the main crew with the S2 ED being about the international crews altogether.

This. I usually have a distinct dislike towards CGI anime. But I really don't mind it at all here.
It still has its pros and cons, but overall I feel like it's managed well enough here to not bother me, and I frequently find myself outright liking how a lot of scenes and shots end up looking so instead I grow to appreciate it in this case. The show looks good.

As long as its Myth&Roid it might be good.

Watch out everyone! There is a real badass in the air.

Reoko sings the OP.

Feels like Japan is more obsessed with Jeanne d'Arc than France.

Kek, I didn't expect this kind of (re)start

The British Buranki was pretty cool. I liked how it wasn't humanoid like the rest of the team's Burankis.

>MC mech turn black
It's my /m/ fetish


I found both S1 OP and ED to be great. Hopefully S2's are too.

Anyone else getting annoyed by Kaoruko? Sure, she cares about her team but after her mostly villainous appearances in S1 it's a little hard to like her and she doesnt seem as interesting as Team Entei which i've grown to love in S1.
Glad to see Team Oubu back as well.

Best boy
Is he back already?

>Anyone else getting annoyed by Kaoruko?
Since S1. Hard to tell if she is nice to her current team since her current team only likes her better than their original leader.

still no good Reoko porn.

No way! She is pure.


Don't worry her virginity will regenerate.

Virginity is not the same as being pure.

her mind reverts back every time she takes brain damage.

But she would still be used goods.

Awesome sister
EP2 when? I really missed this

Next week, same time.

If body and soul are restored she is as good as new.

But.. I need it now

This is why I hate watching anime weekly. Waiting is suffering.

Yeah, Kaoruko was kinda entertaining at points, but she was annoying. Team Entei's definitely better, although bunny girl is a cute.

>actually has an interesting premise and as a story is told well
>if only it wasn't all terrible disgusting eye cancer cg

>terrible disgusting eye cancer cg slowly grew on me and by the end i almost found it endearing

There is nothing wrong with CG. People just don't like different things. The moment they see something out of the norm, they will bash it.

CG can be done well, just as 2D can be done bad. I still think well done 2D is infinitely superior to well done CG. Bubuki Buranki is at least on the well done side compared to most other full CG anime.

>Predictions always wrong.
Except in this case there are big chances of this happening specially if Reoko discovers that Kaoruko had her hands in that clusterfuck in the island and discovers that the falling Buranki are her fault she will rage her way there

Seeing as no one ever dies in this anime, I wouldn't be surprised if he appeared later this season.

People failed predicting season one, they will fail to predict on season two.

Not yet, but he will be. And he'll have his Buranki this time around.

No, because that's wrong and both psycho bitches are retarded.

Except this isn't so much a prediction though, this is how Reoko rolls, she already hated Migiwa and her son that she had never seen before, how do you think she will react once she hears about Kaoruko?

Now in regards to the Russians, I think the question we ought to be asking is. Will this pure maiden manage to redeem and save her siblings?

She will be her lesbian replacement for Migiwa and they are going to get married.

>very fast man checking out boobs at incredible hihg speed


This single episode was better than the entirty of season 1

Please for the love of god keep it up. I don't even know why I'm watching this I hated Season 1

Literally the new best girl. Imouto is cute and fun as fuck.

Can't wait till she gets betrayed and set on fire

I still almost can't believe she seriously had a marker underneath her bear cane. I love it.

But maybe this time someone might protect her smile.



she only eats grass

Haven't seen the episode yet. Is the sister the protagonist now?

She does acts like she's the heroine of the story and makes a setting for herself. Either way, I hope so. She's super adorable and awesome.

For this episode yes and she is awesome.

I think she wants to kill Azuma

Nah. She's just tsundere for her onii-chan.


those references tho

Why was USA the best team?

Was, user. Was.

Team Taiwan with Kaoruko as the heart is the new best team now.

user you're thinking with your dick

Dick, mind, heart, and funny meter. Don't get me wrong, Epizo is awesome and funny as hell, but Kaoruko has him beat. Of course being a cute young girl helps a lot too.

Because he didn't take MC's heart and didn't take out any Buranki on Treasure island.

Its me or this show scalated a lot in the dumb department?

Is not that was very serious to begin with but it wasn't this silly.

Team Taiwan has better girls, Team America has better boys.

I'm okay with this.

Shit was going down in the first season from the beginning

Seems like they are taking it easy for now

Probably because of Kaoruko
Granted, it did quite a shift once Asia's leader showed up.

I wouldn't say it was any more ridiculous than episode 8 of S1 was.

Kaoruko brought back the wacky, which is a much needed contrast after the last arc in S1. But next episode already is jumping back on the serious train.

>we will never see bloodthirsty loli again

how can they fuck up so badly?

Are you from the future?

I don't think so.

This is great. She's just great.

She is not the first to do that.

Sure, but she's exuding a very attractive combination of cuteness and confidence here.
Granted that she's being something of a gigantic bitch towards her brother at the same time, but I have a hunch that Azuma doesn't mind too much. Then again, perhaps he is anything but fine with it. But I am sure he's fine.

Why not?

That poor taxi driver. They destroyed his taxi and didn't even pay for the ride.

Didn't she get over the whole "fedora-kun killed my father" thing? My memory's hazy but I thought she didn't want to kill him any more, hence no more bloodthirsty loli

Yes, but there can be other triggers that brings out that crazy side.

Yeah, but that doesn't mean they can't give her something new to get triggered over.

>You stole Oubu's heart from me! I'll kill you!

Sounds right. Fuck this little bitch, the team needs to wreck her ass and send her back into exile. Keoko's crazy but she's at least earned the right to be a heart.

what on earth can possibly trigger her again? Without the baggage from her father's death she's a generic nice loli MC love interest

Anything bad happening to her precious A-chan.

Antagonists torturing Azuma.

I'm hype. Looking forward to more Reoko and everyone else.

I completely forgot, what happened to Reoko and Migiwa at the end of S1? All i remember is fedora guy and the black guy getting fucked.

Among other things. I adore her.

Ya think?

Damn Azuma really needs to get back here so he can give her good fugs and kisses.

>Is secretly and secret misses him, but is upset about her situation and abandonment
Onii-chan just needs to give her head pats and hugs to make it all alright.


Ah, the innocence of youth. Back when things were simpler and kids could easily get along and forge bonds quickly by being just kids.

Look at this movie quality still shot.


Did you not see the season finale? Tons of people died.

Did the Ruskies ever showed their Buranki in the first season?

Being NTR'ed by Reoko-sama

Nah. We only got this from twitter after the finale. Not even knowing it was theirs.
They never had a functional heart after all, until after the island was crashing.

Yeah. That sequence made me kind of nostalgic.

>he thinks they actually all died


Nice stone.

This. What was the end card?


I'm barely seconds in and I have to ask: is anyone else deeply unsettled by those horses?

>BBK/BRNK is back
Yes! Missed this show so much. Shame this season won't have the same people do the OP/ED.

>everyone is being even dumber than in S1
Damn, I love this season already.
And holy shit imouto, those are some lewd clothes.


Come on Japan, spill the lewds already. She was made to be sexualized.

Was it rape?


I hope they don't bully Bunny too much. She seemed like a kind girl.

Nice catch user, I gotta try to look for these too later in episode 2.

Man, that other heart is a huge asshole.

that was my impression too
its the roundness of his belly and hair

How was this successful enough to get a second season

It was planned as two cours from the start.

>dat taxi run

My thoughts exactly.

I third this.

Good to know our heroes are using the tactics of DIO BRANDO.


I see.

Oh my. Kaoruko.

Why are the russian team still together? Didn't they completely fall apart at the end of S1?

Oniichan repented or leveled up his asshole level.Guess we will see something on that next episode.

I can only assume that the next episode will have flashbacks to what went down as the island crashed.

Maxim and worst sister got knocked the fuck out, and the brothers and best sister wised the fucked up, but I imagine they can't stop being Maxim's limbs so maybe they have no choice but to follow him regardless?
I'm actually interested to see where this is gonna go. Either Maxim chilled the fuck out or shit got a lot worse and everyone's on edge.

Kaoruko is just a retarded genki loli, I hate her already. Kaoruko is like a retarded version of Kirino from OreImo.

>best sister
You better mean Lyudmila or we will have a problem here.

>hating current GOTS
Your taste is bad and you should feel bad. I bet you hate Epizo too.

I would have preferred them speaking Japanese since Kaoruko's chinese is pretty bad.

Is this a Taiwan advertising anime now?

Given how much they just shit on Taiwan's non-existent attractions for actual tourism (unless you are a train otaku or linguist): absolutely not.

Worth the watch? I remember watching the 1st episode of season 1 and it just seemed generic but with trashy CG and downsy characters. I did like the ED I think though

This is the perfect breast size.

Put me up to speed

What happened in the last ep last season?

Do I need to remember or does this ep give me a recap?

The leader was clearly raping Ouran but then Lakshmi stepped in and told him to use her body instead.

Treasure Island dropped into the ocean, all bubuki hearts active again, Reoko is in rape prison.

that sums it up.

It really picks up and keeps adding to itself. If you like mecha or sentai, or just fun adventure dramas then sure go for it.

>all bubuki hearts active again
Didn't they just get new ones?

Stoner Sniper and Azuma (when he finally gets off the plane) will set them straight again.

They're all fine, right?

Onii-sama's imoutos are lovely and cute. He doesn't deserve them.

I hope all imoutos in the series, at one point, unexpectedly gather and a showdown for kick and giggles will break out.

But there is only 3 of them right?

That we know of for now. I'm half-expecting Leticia to have an older brother, so she might be one too.

Kaoruko please leave

Doujinshi never

>I want to ____ Kaoruko's armpits


Is not that there is lot to squash in the first place. Which is not a bad thing.

That gap

They are. The moment when they'll all come back in Entei to help MC's team for the final fight with Anger/Anger blasting will be glorious.

Do the Russian imoutos still have PTSD from Stoner Sniper?


Guilty gear xrd?

What a sweet and reliable imouto.

[heavy breathing]

This is your cellmate tonight.

What happened to her at the end of S1 again?
Maybe I should rewatch the whole thing

she is in prison.



no swimsuit Reoko and Zetsubi?

kinoa best grill

Left for appearance, right for personality.


Is it as good as the final episode from the first season? Is the animation better?

Yes and yes.


I swear. If they have tortured Reoko.

If you call big black cocks torture instruments...


>watching season 2 of this
How did you manage through s1? This show is hot garbage.

It was pure awesome.

Fun things are fun.

batshit insane Reoko is so best!

It was hot awesome yeah

kinda goofy looking desu


I wonder of Azuma and Kaoruko will ever reconcile, and perhaps somehow pilot Oubu together. With two hearts or two as one heart.

And I wouldn't have my super robots any other way

Wouldn't they be considered more bio-mecha than super?

Would they? Aren't they made out of metal? They sure sound like it
In SRW terms they're super though.

The pilots being able to feel the damage taken and almost being one with the bubuki just makes it seem more bio than mecha. /m/ would know more.

They are terraforming machines who happen to be able to bond with humans

Pilots feeling the damage dealt because of something pertaining to their machine isn't an exclusive concept. Even G Gundam had it.

You are some deaf asshole

Stone really can be surprisingly scary.

I wonder when America will show up.

Hope Karaoku get a cute...girlfriend

I would assume she'd have to prove that she's better than Azuma in every way.
So logic says she'd need to take his girl, right?

I wonder how well the Oubu figure sold. I still want to an Entei one to be made but I am not really holding out hope.

How the fuck did this get an S2

I see it more of a split season. They planned for 24 episodes since the beginning.

However it's still a surprised it got so many in the first place. They can't actually expected it to be successful.

Read the thread faggot.

I do wonder if they're going to make more figures in conjunction with this second season.

I meant to reply to .


Love how this ad for the OP single blatantly spoils the fact that Fedoraman is still alive.

Not that I ever doubted it.


>angry loli

well it looks like she'll return

Literally at the place where they train the bubuki team

>it is just an university

Well they did say it was a school.

Concrete was a mistake. At least they tried.

Yay, more Reoko.

The school is on a mountain. It wont survive a typhoon using any other materials.