Danganronpa 3

5 cute facts about mikan:

- She's a nurse!
- She saved Kyouko-chan!
- She did nothing wrong!!!!!
- Mikan!!!!!!!!!!!

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Komaeda is cute!


- She's pig barf!!!!!!!!!!

I love boats

6 :^)

>You will never help Peko on her quest for fluffiness

I don't get who this was supposed to please
DR1 cast were unaffected by DR3
DR2 as a game was shit all over by DR3
and pretty much everyone introduced in DR3 was under-explored before dying

>-She's a nurse!
She's more of a doctor
>She saved Kyouko-chan!
Kyoko saved herself
>She did nothing wrong!!!!!
She didn't let Kyoko die
>- Mikan!!!!!!!!!!!

Give her back
Goodnight Chiakifriends


Why did Nagito act as if he had never met Izuru on that boat?

Munakata fans

pls translate I want answers and so do all of you, admit it

Goodnight friend.

As a Hajime/Izuru self-insert, I was very pleased with how they treated his character and the hope episode

Saved best girl.

Good night~

>[HorribleSubs] Danganronpa 3 - Hope Arc - 01 [720p].mkv
It's time!


>She's more a doctor
Regardless, it's not her SHSL title
>Kyoko saved herself
To an extent. If Tsumiki wasn't not there they'll just assume she's dead since she's in near dead state
>She didn't let Kyoko die
As it should be

Izuru had memories of him conviniently erased from everyone

He was interesting in Kibou and all but the shit going on around him dragged him (and everything else) down

>he waited for HorribleSubs

Really, who cares? [Hope] subs are better and they've been out for over a day.

W-why didn't you cure me, Naegi-kun? I tricked my despair into giving you a chance to win the game. I made her think it was necessary. You were supposed to make me admit defeat and stop my suicide. You were the only one who could help me.

Why didn't you do it, Naegi-kun?

Consider Conan a.uguu.se/skvWVbdW480g.xhtml

I want to marry Peko!

he said that personally he wants him to live and he is against suicide.
And there is still much despair so a lot of work still to do.

>DR1 cast were unaffected by DR3
I felt that Junko was reduced as a character by making her some kind of loony toons murderer who was chucking explosives the moment she arrived in town. Actually I feel like that reduced every single other character that interacted with her for being too stupid to immediately realize she's the culprit. I know she's a psycho, but she at least had some subtlety before. Even in the final trial of the first game she was more composed.

>expected 5 facts
>only got 4

Lame dude


>waited two days longer for other subs

Oh yeah, he did mention that.

It's cute to consider, but it just wasn't in the cards. Oh well...

>that pic
Why are they so compatible, yet not at the same time?

Thanks. What was the comment about english-speaking countries?

She won Hajimebowl How do you think she was cured out of Junkolove?

No they just let the much more popular DR2 cast survive.

There is just no love for my woman Sakura.

yeah but how could Killer Killer even meet Chisa?



Naegi-kun, it seems I'm pregnant

You cant be serious, you waited that long wihtout spoiling yourself?

Because Junko-sama is a dom and Naegi-kun is a sub. Plus opposites attract and all that.


How do you know though?

Turning the class from willing fanatical followers to hypnotized was shit, lazy writing that contradicted DR2.

so AI chiaki was not based on real chiaki?

>Kirigiri is alive
>DR2 cast is alive even though it was stated most of them should be dead
>They all look perfectly fine

I guess so

Will I don't disagree with her winning him, she never had any real love for Enoshima in the first place, it was all just her delusion from her double brainwashing. If that's undone, so should any false feelings like the other RoD.

>there were people who thought that the series won't end with Kirigiri and AI Chiaki winning bowls

They just fixed her flaws

>DR2 cast is alive even though it was stated most of them should be dead
They were comatose and had a guy that could do anything except save an almost dying girl with them.

>not ima ikuyo hope ver

Ho do i watch this? why is there 2 danganronpa 3 airing at the same time?

Someone tell me how this meme started.

She was based on the idea of Chiki that 77 + Hajime held within their minds.

>Hope Arc - 01
Wasn't that the end? Why is that necessary?

>it was stated most of them should be dead
No, it wasn't you fucking secondary.

Alternate despair and future episode, finish with the hope episode.

>Someone tell me how this meme started.
Some autists posting his pasta every thread.
People then reposted it on themselves for comedic purposes

Thank god not. Original Chiaki was shit. Its good that her classmates didn't see her as a boring waifubait she really was and she was much more interesting in DR2.

Are you serious?
Everything he said turned out to be wrong.
His Future Foundation was wiped out, their past battles forgotten and in vain.
He lost everything while everybody else got to experience an asspull happy ending.
Feels. bad. man.

Weren't they supposed to be brain dead though? No level of whatever bullshit miracle you can perform can save someone from that.

Who is the sluttiest Dangan?



Alternate future and despair:
future 1 desp 1 fut 2 desp 2 ecc...
After future 12, hope episode

You just posted her

Dangan shorts when?

Which one?
Nee~, pregnancy test or wet panties?

He shoudn't have mess with Tengan

Right here, my brother

>No level of whatever bullshit miracle
Yeah just like how Izuru was right?Oh wait

You know who

Dead can't win

Fuck I only looked at the thumbnail and didn't see the pregnancy test.

I meant pic related.

>When the condom slipped off but you don't care

I wonder if she was ever buried


>what is future

I still don't get why they were supposed to be braindead. The NWP was supposed to

1.Delete highschool memories
2.Let them play out a virtual world as avatars(using their own brain as basis)
3.Upload those memories made as avatars back.

At worst they were just supposed to come back with memories erased even if the program failed. I really don't see it being any more far-fetched than "installing junko AI in their bodies".

AI Nanami had no feelings for Hinata in the first place beyond friends, and Hinata saw Real Nanami as his best friend, they aren't meant to be together romantically. Any other girl suits him better.

Junko was always a terrible character, though.


Some autistic user posted it in every single thread and it just memed.

Reviving Komaeda must be the easiest one for Hajime.
>use some brain-related talent
>Luck power+luck power

Real talk, did they end up together?

Most likely, along with the DR cast. Since they already repaired HPA in the last episode

I don't think they'd bury someone who was ultimately trying to kill them

It's just like the Matrix
Sonia explains it


>Realisation that the hope's peak academy building is housing the ghosts of students dying in its walls
>Consisting most importantly of class 78
>Their corpses, if they have any parts left, are probably stuffed in their lockers

Naegi-kun, its time for a clean up in this school

Personally I thought the despair eyes was a lazy visual technique to denote the characters were in despair and/or as a means to disassociate them with their original persona.

It would've been more tense as a viewer to wonder whether they're still despair or not.

>I felt that Junko was reduced as a character by making her some kind of loony toons murderer who was chucking explosives the moment she arrived in town.
I feel they actually developed her as a character, instead of just switching between made-up personalities. She has finally actually shown those mannerism that Mukuro imitated in DR1 ("huuuuh?" with an annoyed expression, or that wide grin), and her brief conversation with Makoto shows how she talked with people on day-to-day basis.
> I know she's a psycho, but she at least had some subtlety before. Even in the final trial of the first game she was more composed.
She really wasn't subtle or composed. "We have no ideas for mastermind's personality or motivations, so we'll have her constantly bored and change personalities now and then while dumping exposition, and then kill herself when the game is cleared!" is all she were in the first game - she never even has shown a hint of being a gyaru back then. DR3 showed her as an actual character for once, and I'm glad for that.

That's tsumaranai though
He probably goes for Hiyoko instead

That's right! However, you aren't that different from Tsumiki. Except being even more bulliable, that is.

For that reason, I want to bully Saionji so much. I want to scold her to tears and throw her into pool. I want to take her gummies and eat them in front of her. Then I'll force-feed her with lemon-flavored gummies, palm after palm. I want to call her a stinky and take her panties so she has to going commando for the rest of the trip. I want to mock her inability to put her kimono by herself, so I'll strip her every once in a while, yelling what one day, she'll be glad to be able to dress up herself. Also, I'll take her kitty hairpins, making her long blonde hair cover her private parts. And when I'll give kimono back to her, I'll make sure to put Mr. Ants in every single pleat and Mr. Crab in her panties.

And when finally she snaps and try to bully me by any means possible, I'll spank her in front of everyone until she'll like it. And when she'll come to me, begging for another spanking, I'll mock her again, then spank her as if my life depends on it, laughing on her moans full of pleasure. Mere seconds before her climax, I'll throw her into pool once again, leaving her in her aroused state.

I'm pretty sure Naegi said something about them being a kill if they die in game in the end of DR2. Maybe I'm just being autistic. Can someone replay the last trial to confirm?

>AI Nanami had no feelings for Hinata in the first place

She did later though, both in her FTE and storywise.

Well as much as an artificial intelligence can love somebody.

They need to preserve their bodies just in case they get a necromancer in the school.


Who in class of 77 thought of the boobmole?

Nothing confirmed for real, but it's pretty obvious, he touched the bacon, he has to take responsibility.

Dead pixel

Hey Naegi *leans in*


Considering how much they meant to each other it would be bizarre if they didn't.

Probably Teruteru
Nice meme.

It started out with people posting the shitty stream pic then I posted a better quality pic once then people kept posting it for several weeks.

>Can someone replay the last trial to confirm
I played it yesterday. As says, the idea is that if you believe that something is happening to you, your body will react accordingly.

But they also say it's not final, and they even flip flop around on the idea. Perhaps it was never true to begin with.

>All class 77 including Hinata loved Chiaki more than anyone in their lives
>tfw You'll never be this loved

How does it feel knowing that the series ended with Saonji being alive, well, and a more perfect victim for bullying, Bully-kun?

It was something like that the brain believes that they died when they were killed in the virtual world.

Hand over the husbandos and no one gets hurt

They can use Chiaki's skeleton for science class.

All of them since she's based on shared ideas rather than whoever think she is.

You can't be further from the truth, user.

I still say it's bullshit. Still doesn't explain why non of them are mutilated and shit like Junko said. I guess it could also be a lie but come on.

>we will never get a class 77 beach episode that explains this

Yeah that's the explanation they gave for why it hurt and why they assumed everyone actually died.

But it's not something 100% failproof. As realistic as their experiences were, placebo and nocebo can still fail.

Wasn't Mikan the only girl in DR2 that was confirmed to be in love with Hinata by Kodaka or that he finds really cute, outside of Island Mode? Someone have the source?
I've always seen Nanami as his best pal, and Mikan as the girl that would be his partner, if DR was about romance that is.

>Penis finger
>Use it like a normal finger, but can ejaculate
>The possiblities
This excites me

Thats disgusting user

Saionji couldn't even do the simple task by herself, she's the only one to be humiliated again as soon as she wokes up. It's her destiny, I always said it!

Besides, everyone becomed more bulliable in the class 78, with the obvious exception of Nanami. Their bonds are more solid than ever.

Hinata considered her the most important person in his life since she showed up in his mind on his darkest moments, he also found her attractive while he didn't show much interest when he saw Peko or Mikan in their swimsuits.

Nagito and Fuyuhiko were the only mutilated ones and they showed it
You could argue about the "Starving" thing, I guess during the coma whoever it was received enough nutrients to get normal again

Munakata flat out tells the audience that they both lost the women they loved when Kyoko was considered "dead". So Makoto at least loves her. I highly doubt it's one sided.

Of course can't get any romantic resolution in my animes. Just gotta imply stuff.

>Chiaki's skeleton being used in science class
Thats awesome, thank you for bringing this to light user

Me too user, me too.

No, Juzo. Not even for you.

I can't hand you over to yourself, anyway.

You'd better not bully them by reminding them about Nanami, that'd be cruel.

Wouldn't it just be a living dildo it needs a testicle to ejaculate.

>he didn't show much interest when he saw Peko or Mikan in their swimsuits.
Mikan was never in a swimsuit.Also, he got a ahoge boner for her that's more than a boner.



She was at the start of the game before it went to shit.

She wore it at the start of the game, He got a boner because he was dying and running out of breath.
Give me one evidence that shows that Hinata found Mikan a romantic interest.

This. Delusional DR1/Junko fans can't see anything through their nostalgia glasses since they've forgotten it all.

Didn't Nanami said it herself, as she would live with the class 78 as long as everyone remembers her?

It's not bullying to remind people about Nanami, it's showing her respect!

Yes she was

He's a waifu though.

Finally, someone with a brain.

Lets just dive into DR V3, toward new Weedman and New waifus.

Oh yes that moment I thought you guys meant chapter 2.
>He got a boner because he was dying and running out of breath.
Getting a boner out of dying? That's a weird fetish. Why was he blushing then?

>Imagine this
>Testies are where they should be, but the tubes run straight from there all along the nervous system around the spine across the arms and into the hands
>The science, the anatomy
This excities me further user

Maid is mine


I forgot, my bad.


She definitely gave off a "main girl love interest" vibe to me throughout the game, like Kirigiri did to Naegi.

But maybe that was just my shipping goggles.

SInce you play as a heterosexual girl you can only waifu Weedman and other guys.

How to get Nagito's body?

> DR2 as a game was shit all over by DR3

That didn't happen

People faces turn red when they're running out of breath.

Who says that shes straight?

I found this if it helps:

What Hinata thinks of Mikan:
"She's a bit hard to talk to, but really kind, smart and cute... And I mean really cute...I don't know what she's felt living her life up until this point...
Though I'm sure you can say it wasn't happiness much at all...
So, I want to protect her"

What Mikan thinks of Hinata:
こんな私にも優しくて、 ぶったり、罵ったりじゃなくて話しかけてくれて、私のことを見てくれて受け入れてくれて……あと、意外と逞しい。
"Hinata-san is the person who forgave even a thing like me...
He's kind to even me, doesn't beat me or treat me horribly, talks to me normally, looks at me for who I am, and accepts me. Also, he's surprisingly muscular.
I-I... like him. I don't want to be apart from him. It's selfish of me I know, but I always want to be by Hinata-san's side. I really like him!"
He was also pissed off in the 3rd trial about having to select her despite clearly knowing she was the culprit, and it should of been obvious to him more than the others to begin with, but he probably didn't want to accept it until he had to, even when Despair Mikan fully showed herself he was pissed off at the situation.

>there were people who ACTUALLY BELIEVED for several weeks that kirigiri was dead


Hope for it

Nah, she really liked Hinata and even said that if ever she was going to touch a person it would be Hinata, which caught him by surprise.
Heck, even DR3 gave more attention to Hinanami than Komahina so I don't get why people bother bringing Mikan over when they didn't even talk to each other.

Can you waifu toasters when you switch to Keebu?
If not, I'm gonna waifu

She knew that he will never settle for her due to her not being able to bear kids and being just an AI of her old friend. Only Mikan was the best for the task.

>people actually believed that junko was going to come back
No wonder why people got mad.

He could have printed out her binary and slept with it.

Hajime's alfa as fuck, of course he would bang whoever, it's all a question of who gets to him first

The DR1 characters look like fucking retards in hindsight now, totally. Why would Munakata even need anyone to investigate Junko when she was fucking doing all of this in broad daylight?

>I believe you that Junko is innocent, Juzo.
>Even though you fought with her in the middle of the fucking courtyard.


Where is that from?
Anyway I know girls show interest in Hajime I mean heck Sonia proposed to him, As long as Nanami is his first I don't care if Mikan or Komaeda are second.

To be honest, those are the only non-taken waifus. Which is good, since they're all best girls. Even Mikan!

Keebo and AI Chiaki are nor PEOPLE!. They are as much of a waifu/husbando material as you mouse pad. They are OBJECTS who simulate other people. Don't ever mention them being shipped ever because it will never happen. Its not Chobits.

It's not like Munakata was following him, he was most likely recluded into his headquarter

>Nobody even filled the date in
Dammit, one job people.

Ibuki only has eyes for Imposter.

Nidai and Akane would earn billions in porn industry

Is that a healthy amount that Mahiru's leaking, or does she like Hajime a little too much?

The cast had their somewhat interesting character premise swapped out for DUDE MINDHACK LMAO to absolve them of any real guilt for their actions, AI Chiaki's rather neat and clean cut history was muddled by her now completely unexplained connection to the real one, Izuru went from a somewhat terrifying mystery to a fucking boring cardboard cutout who was only there to stand around and cry at the very end, the entire cast got woken up offscreen within days of DR2 ending despite the entire point of it being that it was uncertain if they ever could and the survivors would have to work for god knows how long to rescue them, and Junko - as the architect of the class's downfall - was made an even worse character than she was before.

Everyone but the DR1 veterans was made worse.

I wasn't the guy who made it but I remember the first time he posted this which was weeks ago. I'm sure if he updated it the page would've been at least double the size.

Imposter is closer to Mikan, actually, since these two were pushed to oblivion in the anime, while Ibuki and Imposter didn't even talked to each other

>Not taken by Imposter
And he deserves her, he was the greatest bro in the series, stop hating him only because he's fat


She killed Chiaki though.

Did they do "it"?




Don't forget that Fuyuhiko/Mahiru's backstory was made less morally ambiguous and interesting by making her friend a plain old psychopath and Natsumi now literally dindu nuffin besides being a bit bitchy.

>Imposter is closer to Mikan, actually, since these two were pushed to oblivion
I don't see it they were only friends/classmates. 2 years and no progress from that was made.

Spotted the fatass

Also, I agree, Imposter is a bro

Nah, I'm not fat, not anymore at least

If anyone wanted to settle down then only people they would fuck would be eachother since entire world wants them dead and no one from DR cast is interested in neighter Nidai or Akane

>Only the DR1 cast and the HPA Student Council are awful people.
>Literally everyone else who did a horrible thing or spread despair are innocent people brainwashed in to doing bad things.

They had to get that drug out somehow.

>nidai stats doing porn
>aniki is his stage name

Thats even better, thanks to that a better AI Chiaki was created and Hajime was able to regain his self.

Woulda you Ryoko/Junko

Ryoko is not canon

lol they still have guilt, they said as much in this episode

And brainwashing was present since DR0 being hinted in SDR2 as well

AI Chiaki's origin was explained in this episode

Izuru acted more like an observant bored god than anything else, it fits what was set up for his character

We don't know the time between DR2 and DR3 Future, at least a couple of months passed give or take. It was always hinted that the SDR2 cast could come back

link doesnt work

Brainwashing was there since the first Danganronpa, I remind you Junko erased memories

I hope this is a joke, Junko always lies


yes she is dumbass

Name a good DR1 character who died
There isn't even one


Nagito OVA will explain things, they probably broke down and cry after remembering what happened to chiaki and what they did to the world

>Only good people can live

I don't care if it wouldn't fit Munakata properly, I'm still disappointed he didn't loot Juzo's corpse for his coat.

Good user

>never met her "husbando's" imuouto
>is having his "child"

Yeah this too, people are just being butthurt


Chihiro, Mondo, Celes, Sakura, arguably Taka. Or do you mean in DR3?

Kirigiri, Togami, Naegi, Asahina. Toko (after AE)

Nagito ova will have him calling monaca to make him a new arm if he woke up before everyone else so we might see the space neet in her in training stage post AE pre DR3

Actually the only good one who survived was Hagakure
As for the good ones who died:

>good one

You're retarded. Munakata literally wasn't at Hope's Peak, there's no way he could have known what Junko was doing, which is why he was relying on Juzo and Chisa.

The entire setting literally started with Munakata sending them to Hope's Peak to investigate because he's busy trying to establish an oversea's Hope's Peak branch.

Also you have to realize despair chapter does lots of mini-timeskips. Just because we only see Junko acting crazy doesn't mean she always is. She's obviously acting normal around other people, even when she beat up Juzo the only people around were her brainwashed puppets.


They're just secondaries, user.

>Komaru is outside Neo new Hopes Peak they obviously met the question is does Komaru approve of her Onii-chan's waifu

Oh I read that wrong ()

I thought he was asking for the survivors


The red eyes are just an artistic thing, it's not real in their world.

Stop fucking shitposting, mindhack is a massively contrived and worthless plot point that also took up too much of the screen time

And that's without bringing up theme

Defending mindhack is basically
>I'm not a secondary I watched a LP on YouTube

She was cute and I liked her personality before her case

cause Despair Rinengans don't look as kool as Red eyes

Not to mention they actually look older. Look at Peko, she looks like she's 25-30, but shows up in the final episode looking exactly like she did in DR2.

>amnesia is mindhack

and then he turns moanaca into an adult


how is the image doing this

why can't I save the class 74 edition

Izuru literally fucked every DR2 girl to create those pic related things

It is if you can select memories

Shes much cuter without the drills

Does Komaru develop any Talent now?
>tfw she can't enroll into her brother's school

>S3 the end of danganronpa
>hope arc

celes is so hot

cause junko someone who gets bored of her own personality would waste time and get bored if she had to despair 15 people sure she has the talent to do it but remember what she said to chiaki she has a super short attention span for a bunch of chumps

>what are clothes

>amnesia is the same as forcibly controlling someone's conscious will

You just need more goth lolita in your life.
I felt she was becoming the snarky, quick witted but sheltered nice before the case, but then that shitstorm of a case hit and it went weird

It seems Izuru was a girl sometimes...

Her FTEs were fantastic.

before or after she installs his new arm

My favorite characters are chiaki and celes,what does that make me?

>brings up the plot black-hole
Shot yourself in the foot there lad

You like girls who are good at games.

the danganronpa 1 cast did nothing wrong

Souda made his arm. Monaca isn't coming back.

>Naegiri produce a robot

So the NG poison mess up with Kirigiri womb?

Like the rest of us

>what they did to the world

They don't remember doing anything bad to the world. As far as the DR2 cast is concerned they were spreading Hope. They know that's not the case now, obviously. But they don't recall doing anything bad.

>Junko stole how many memories from kyoko to make her mentally 11-12 years old and not know her ultimate talent and have the trauma of her burns fresh in her mind to the point were she's cold to a person (naegi) who reminds her of her onee-chan Yui yes thats a form of altering someones will

Pretty sure Souda was the one that maked his arm

Sakura, Chichiro and Ishimaru didn't deserve to die.

Only ones who dindu are Makoto, Hagakure, Chihiro,Sakura, Taka and Leon

So did Naegi fuck her or not?

But she did

Oogami, Fujisaki, Ishimaru. And Ishimaru didn't even do anything, at least the others got heroic sacrifices and made AI plot devices

The only one who deserved to die were Sayaka and Celeste to be honest. Both Leon and Hifumi were either fooled or forced to kill.

>memories implicitly altering someone's personality (which didn't even happen in DR1) is the same as forcibly determining one's actions against the conscience will

Are you just stupid?

no evidence mate souda coulda still been in nwp nagito woke up first why would souda use monokuma's colour scheme for nagito's robo hand ? gotta think of these things monaca who at the point of inbetween another episode and Dr3 is in full successor mode so she'd use monokuma's colour scheme even if nagito didnt want it but I doubt souda would

She didn't even like him, she used him because of his naivety, Makoto was and still is delusional
They didn't act against the conscience will, they had their will changed

>forced to kill

You are as delusional as Junkofags and so is your NagitoXMonaca ship

"Mindhack" is present in the series since DR0, it was there in Killer Killer as well

You might find it cheap but it was always there

Pardon me
but why are these threads still up 24/7
the show's over, it was disappointing. Is there really anything else worth discussing?

>from kyoko to make her mentally 11-12 years old

Maybe Kyoko isn't telling Naegi her panties are wet for the reason we all think. Maybe she just had an accident.

>they didn't act against their conscience will
>can cause paralysis and forcibly cause people to commit suicide....while pleading not to die

read the manga

He fucking killed ishimaru because he wanted to jerk off to Alter ego.

>Is there really anything else worth discussing?
The memes my boy, the memes

Nah, Sayaka only fucked her producers

You know why


Play the fucking source material you quack

lmao wow just cause i present someone with robotic knowledge who could make the arm while the only other one with robotic knowledge is still in nwp I'm somehow a shipper fag kay bruh

>amnesia is mindhack

You're a genius user!
>brings up DR0

Not relevant enough for a single scene, shouldn't even be considered

Leon realized in that moment how everyone was willing to kill and acted out of self interest
It was survival instinct at its peak

Incontinent Kyoko is worst Kyoko

She still tried to stab him in the shower room and after a struggle he ended up stabbing her accidentally when he defended himself. You can argue that he should just leave her in the bathroom but he wanted to comfort her and explain her thta Monokuma was lying with the videos. Sayaka was deaf and focused on killing him.

Taeko a qt

Leon wasn't forced but he panicked, acted in the paniced state. Hifumi was tricked but willing to kill all his friends in the name of love. Don't think any of them deserved death, that only goes for Despair Sisters and RoD

the game didn't give any other POVs than Naegi


is this the doujin where leon rapes sayaka's corpse?

This shitty anime ruined Danganronpa for me my friends, it basically took all the emotional impact of DR2 away making it a waste of time and it ended with the power of friendship.

It also ruined Junkos character, turning her from a most likely charismatic, cunning and deceiving woman that pushed people over to team despair like only a few could into a insane person that just found some magic anime creator by pure luck.

Nobody even gave a shit about the dead future foundation members and a horrible dumb deus ex Anima plotline .

Despair should have stayed a mystery.

Yeah his survival instinct kick in still wasn't force.


>You will never comfort Kirigiri after she wets her pants and help her change in to a clean pair of clothes.

It was relevant in DR0, it was how Junko was controlling the reserve course, she was making them watch the same footage again and again

Amnesia caused by forced mind wiping is a type of "mind hack"

I know user, i know.

That's the definition of a dindu nothing for me, someone's whose bad actions are justified from context

it's the official manga

He did it because he thought that he raped Celeste and stolen Alter Ego. You can't blame him in trying to do the good deed.

When Mikan found Kyoko was she lying in a puddle of her own poop and feces after being supposedly dead?

>amnesia is the same as FORCIBLY controlling their actions

Are you seriously so stupid you cannot see the difference



Yes, that was also part of what Mikan did to nurse Kirigiri back to health. And she still had time to save Saoinji after cleaning Kirigiri up, what a great nurse.

She clearly liked him, the Crane story. Promotional art showing Sayaka watching Makoto from afar in their middle school days. Her approaching him and pretty much hanging around him attempting to be his assistant, helping him pick out a weapon for self defense. Things changed when she saw her closest friends/family in danger

Some of us don't want to go to /drg/

>killer killer
>Ultra Despair Hagakure
>anything beside DR and UDG canon

>yfw DR3 made the whole series basically center entirely around the DR2 cast

>killing blatant waifubait is a sin
I'd have killed Chiaki too if I were in her boots.

We only get Naegis assumptions on what happened. No one ever confirmed whther the knife was in the room or with Sayaka in the bathroom.

Imagine the colossal shitstrom that would have happened if during the final DR3 closing card a soft UPUPUPUPUPUPUPU was heard

Same m8, worst anime I've ever watched till the end

>boss of this gym scene with Gundam as the leather man

She was just using him even then, because she knew she could make him her orbiter, Sayaka's a bitch

if junkos sister stayed alive you think she woulda fucked naegi and fought against her sisters despair?

Someone the other day said that the radio show confirmed Souda built it. They were also on the island together already you retard, stop trying to make things needlessly complicated.

>but they had reverse character development and weren't even relevant in their own arc

It's not surprising. Kodaka prefers that game.

Don't know about the others but I only finished the second game recently and I'm going through the anime right now, so I obviously didn't get a chance to discuss it before.

Its officially what happened in the game

That would have been horrible in the dub.

Go to /vg/

Who gives a shit about the dub?

bullykun, is this the last time we will met?

No? Kodaka didn't even write real Chiaki and made a half-assed attempt to try and connect her to the AI version (which didn't work), she likely won't be brought up at all.

>Dude who has been busting his ass and sacrificing everything to stop despair didn't get a happy ending
>Manlet got one even if he didn't do shit thanks to his lucc
Persona deserved a happy ending the most out of everyone

Well just because a character is made important doesn't mean they get written any better or get positive development. In fact, characters often get dumbed down/Flanderized when writers/authors make them take the spotlight.

DR3 basically became the fall and redemption of the DR2 cast

>Its officially what happened in the game
>posts a manga page

No they'll try to force it in to justify her pointless existence

Hes constantly posting his pasta on /drg/ as he is a part of that general for years now

She was nothing but good to him till she heard the news. She fell into his arms and her eyes lost colour/despaired after watching the videos. She even opened up with personal info to him during their time together. It was a friendship. Only attempted to screw him over while despaired/in fear

so how did junko turned crazy? like was there some anakin skywalker type situation where she just lost it was she a sweet little girl?

He should have realise that Chisa is despair and believe in Juzo then he would also get a happy ending.

>fall and redemption

From what? Mindhack?

this is the primary reason why mindhack is fucking stupid

Not until V3 at least.

So, with everything done and settled, what is your opinion of Munakata?

No, she was getting him to orbit her
She even says it at some point IIRC
She had something to gain, just like every stacy with orbiters do, always good to have some servants around

Give it a week and you'll not see these again, people are already pushing it now. The people who can't let go will move to /vg/ to join the sad circlejerk clubroom.

Wrong on all accounts. Most she might get is a one-line mention like that halfassed contradictory thing said by AI Chiaki.

I'll never forgive Kodaka for this.

>He has to suffer so Kohacka can pander to "hope" fags
truly the worst timeline

Its canon, deal with it.

>Regardless, it's not her SHSL title
Neither is nurse. She's SHSL Health Committee Member
And Ibuki is SHSL Light Music Club Member

Some of the SHSLs are awkward when translated literally.

>We have no ideas for mastermind's personality or motivations, so we'll have her constantly bored and change personalities now and then while dumping exposition, and then kill herself when the game is cleared!" is all she were in the first game - she never even has shown a hint of being a gyaru back then. DR3 showed her as an actual character for once, and I'm glad for that.

And that's why we needed her again for DR3 Future because they would have actually been a difference.

These will, thankfully, be done with soon. They're already struggling to reach posters.

>souda coulda still been in nwp nagito woke up first
This has to be bait
Also this

>wet panties
where did this meme come from? did shes said that in anime/games?

>all accounts
>it's one account

Chiaki has to be the center of the plot user

Should've gone /y/

She made all this possible, did you even watch the episode?

No? You had at least two
>They'll force her into the plot
>She's pointless
She was a very cute plot device who Kodaka almost completely ignored because he never wrote her, and any time he acknowledged her (like trying to tie her with AI Chiaki) didn't work out well at all.

>real Chiaki needed to exist

Are you actually implying this here? There's no way someone could be THAT braindead

Where is this page from?

>doesn't like shindo

Where do I find the chiaki game?

For what they were trying to accomplish (destroy Chiaki) it worked.

Kirigiri canonically hates feet.

>real Chiaki wasn't a pointless

Oh you're just a waifushitter that does t care about a coherent plot, theming, or development

Yes Chiaki needed to be retcon'd in, it's not like Chisa could've played (and did play) the same exact role


Oh no, I do. That's why I think they shouldn't have had real Chiaki in. As you have memed about multiple times, I'm sure, real Chiaki was "a mistake".

Read If, secondary-kun.

Brainwashing is not the same as memory erasure and its about time you get that through your thick skull.

Well when she looks down she sees Naegi's head so it's not a problem

Didn't Makoto continuously ask to see Kirigiri's feet?

Chiaki was pointless even with the ways they bullshitter her into the plot, Chisa exists

When's the OST coming out?

Post retards

I canonically love Kirigiri's feet

>no scene of naegi reacting to kirigiri being alive
wtf kodaka

not the meme game, the actual game during commercials


Nah. You've seen how many Chiakifags have been reduced to despairing wrecks and empty shells who can only mourn their lost emotions for a favorite character, right? That was their real goal, they wanted to tear her fans apart at the basest level.

No she wasn't, she changed Izuru mind to give Hope a try.
Something Chisa couldn't do because she wouldn't have made Izuru cry.

>Playing UDG

Since when did Fukawa of all people become such a good character? Miyuki Sawashiro still hits it out of the park voicing her though. It's more than just ear candy, it feels like an ear drug. Her voice sounds so good to listen to.

selfinsert hajimecucks are really pathetic

How would you have felt about a grimdark "everybody dies, despair wins" ending since it's the end of HPA?

The point is user Junko was always crazy because she's found everything except Despair in her life to be boring.

Since never, she is still shit.


Good riddance to the whole thing, I say.

He hugged her and cried in to her breasts. At least that's what I assume happened

no one cares about your cartoon girlfriend you fucking weeb



But Izuru did nothing anyways, you could've written in many other ways to explain his actions prior to DR2
Only the biggest waifushitters equate real Chiaki to AI, they are explicitly different characters

That wasn't a geimu.

You mean LeLouch takes over the world and kill himself?

I want to eat Fukawa's unwashed pussy until its clean while she reads a book out loud

>She's happy to check if a corpse has balls.
>She's happy to check if a corpse for any evidence in their underwear.
>She's happy to lick a corpse's saliva to taste for anything sweet.
>She won't touch people's socks.

So does Neagi have a foot fetish and that's why she doesn't wear them in DR3?

>yfw boots appeared onscreen

Chiaki is autistic not retared.

That's AI chiaki

>Only the biggest waifushitters equate real Chiaki to AI, they are explicitly different characters
That's not the problem, in fact it's the opposite. It's that Kodahack tried to equate them with a single line while acknowledging that they were different people too. If he didn't do that, I think people would be less upset.

Post your face when Tanaka the Forbidden One unleashed the seal

This Bros before hoes.

Is this worse than Zero Time Dilemma?



I want to get locked in an airtight school and fix her with hope. She would try anything and everything to make me feel despair, but I would just laugh it off, because as long as I'm helping her, no despair is strong enough to enter my heart. I'd show her that no matter what she has done, I'd always forgive her. I'd make her food and clean her secret lair, and drag her out to bed if she stays up late. When the nights get so cold that we have no choice but to cuddle together at night for warmth, I'd feel her breath going from shallow to deep as her form relaxes and she falls asleep in my arms. I'd feel her cling to me in the night when she wakes up from a despair nightmare and feel her sob into my chest, first seeds of hope sprouting in her traumatized mind. I'd softly kiss her hair and tell her everything will be okay. I'd take care of her when she gets sick, read all the books from the library and hold her hand so that she can fall asleep. I'd make shitty homemade pizza for her and stay up late with her watching dumb movies, and feel her cuddle up to me when she can't stay awake anymore. I'd teach her retarded drinking games and show her how to play pool in the rec room.

One night, she silently sneaks over to the kitchen. A shining sliver of a blade extends from her clenched fist when she walks into my room. But her hand stops, centimeters away from my chest, and begins to shake violently. Something is wrong. One by one, her trembling fingers let go of the hilt, and with a soft thud, the knife falls onto the carpet. She throws herself on me and buries her face right where the knife should have gone, Clutching at the fabric of my clothes. Her whole body shakes feverishly and I scoop her body into my arms and tell her that everything will be okay, just like usual. Her silent sobbing turns to wailing that echoes out into the dimly lit corridors beyond the door.

She would finally be cured of despair. Because the only thing she can't analyze is love

That was just backpedaling

In my original pre-DR3 headcanon, i thought of the idea that Naegi saw letting Junko kill herself right in front of him, when he specifically promised to not let any more people die to the Killing Game, as his greatest failure and regret. To find out that he basically genuinely despised her for everything, despite the fact that she probably couldn't help it and was just that mentally damaged and broken, was actually pretty heartbreaking.

I mean the Future Foundation is eliminated, all the DR1 class is killed off, and the DR2 class takes over the world as remnants of despair

And maybe a giant mecha junko for good measure

Here, here. Just concern yourself with other games instead of worrying about anything Kodaka shovels out. It's clear he doesn't care so you shouldn't either.

Wouldn't it be the other way around? Kirigiri has a foot fetish, so she has problems looking at a stranger's feet, like how regular folks think it would be disrespectful to look at the corpse's junk.

That's not what'll happen, and you know it

Since Windows can't fucking deal with transparent backgrounds, I made this.

I had trouble centering the image with all the new students since Akane is so huge, but it turned out alright I think.

It was pretty terrible half-assed backpedaling.

Does that mean Kirigiri has to change her panties every time Naegi loses a shoe?

>worse than Zero Time Dilemma
except ZTD is better than both its predecessors

You know what

You're lucky your parents are dead/missing, Komaru, or you'd be the disappointment.


>stupid Monkey D Luffy grin


>except ZTD is better than both its predecessors
You're joking right?

Now this is some hot opinions

Munakata got the worst of it.
>Best friends wanted to be with him
>He wanted to change the world.
>By the time he realizes his goal he figures out he just wanted to be with his friends too.
>Now it's too late.
He easily got dealt one of the shittiest hands ever.
That entire trio did.


Well, a similar thing happened to chiaki when junko locked her in an underground death maze, it sounds like you and her would share the same fate

>>She won't touch people's socks.
Did I miss something?

That's what he gets for choosing hoes before bros

So that's where the "Neagi-kun my panties are wet" meme came from she kept getting aroused every time Naegi lost his shoe.

I don't like 999 and I haven't played the latest one either, but I doubt your claim.


How do I erase the torture scene and real chiaki in my memories?

Don't japs cum into their socks or something?

>DR3 game
>tfw Junko is villain again
Please no. It's getting tedious

In case 3 of DR1 when she revealed that she found evidence in Yamada's underwear people were pretty shocked and grossed out be it and she responds with "Its just some underwear, its not like I was touching their socks."

Because of all the memeing people lost cite of how retarded he was, if you didn't want a bad end maybe you shouldn't have jumped to the "I'll remove despair by killing everyone" thought process

After Yamada dies, Kirigiri inspects him and pulls a note out his underwear.

>"You checked his underwear!?"
>"Yeah, so? It's not like I stuck my hand in his socks..."

> they're not even similar
fuck off, you'd have a better case for comparing it with korosensei

>is okay with touching someone's penis and licking dead people's saliva
>won't touch socks

>She and Naegi are getting into foreplay
>He asks if there's anything she'd like
>She awkwardly asks if she can rub his feet

She was only the villain once. Anyway, she needs to get mindfucked by hope and turned normal, as part of the final Hope victory.

It's not. Zero plot twist is worst plot twist in series.

I want to spar with that aikido master.

Well I have seen in several doujin of men stealing female stockings and putting it over their dick to masturbate to so I presume they do?

I just want a healing class 74 manga to soothe my soul

>sudoku puzzle finale
>muh frozen mummy
>bleep bloop dialog
>>all of VLR

ZTD also incorporates the branching paths of a visual novel into its canon and with the fragment system not only removes the annoyance of replaying the same segments of the game over and over again to get certain routes, but deconstructs the traditional presentation of VNs in a way that does not break immersion and is quite logical.

>asks him to pound her pussy with his feet

Now you're getting weird, user

I want an alternate reality class 78 manga, where DR is only a stage play. main plot: NAEGIBOWL

Fucking faggot now you're reminding me of a certain Meatholes porn I saw where the dude is tying his shoes on top of a girl's cunny

So in V3 instead of loldespair we get lol i lied, whatall their talents were actually a lie

Too bad this doesn't make any sense considering that Mitarai's having BBQ served by the Ultimate Cook on a tropical island right now.

>Pound my ass with your other one! H-hurry!

>deconstructs the traditional presentation of VNs in a way that does not break immersion and is quite logical.
How much much did you laugh when typing this? Cause there's no way this was type with a straight face.

This is a conflicting boner I have right now

ZTD is slap on the face for every E17, R11 fans who expected glorious R11 shenanigans from ZTD.Just stop. Even Root Double is better than ZTD

You embrace the despair of it, as I have. Despair in the truest sense of it, an abject emptiness that robs you of the capacity to feel anything else at all. It won't actually help delete the memories altogether, and if you enjoyed your attachment to both Chiakis at different points in time, you might feel a twinge of sadness when you look back at various forms of fanart and realize you only feel hollow instead of other emotions such as joy, arousal, sadness, etc. I know I feel mild irritation when I think about what Kodaka did to her in DR3 and what it ended up doing to me, which is why I'm going to avoid V3.

But, frankly speaking, it's one of the only things you can do, and I personally think that it's a healthier solution mentally than attempting to suppress it, as I've seen some Chiakifriends try. You're just going to end up opening up the wound over and over again, and then you'll really be a sorry mess of a person. Of course, just because you ended up severing your attachment to one particular character doesn't mean you can't still enjoy lots of other characters.

Yeah its pretty weird logic here. It either means Kirigiri really hates feet so she never wants to touch them or she loves feet and she doesn't want to tarnish any further.

I want to see the full display of awkwardness and cringe that happens when Makoto and Kyouko try to exchange wedding vows.

>Nice idea man
Reminds me, does anyone know the source on this drawing?

What was the point of this image?

Would they be able to look eachother in the eyes for more than 3 seconds?

That's not real Chiaki
>Just wanted to have fun with her class and husbando
>Got stabed in the back by your classmate and beloved teacher
>Yet she still wanted to save them
>got killed in the front of her loved one filled with guilt that she couldn't save anyone

stay mad junkofag

Nah, you're a bunch of retards with nostalgia is all. ZTD's design is clever and thoughtful from start to finish.

And I got halfway through Ever17 and I must say it was pretty bad.

Look at the shape of his hair

It's nothing like that grin

But we didn't get her in DR3 and look how much of it mess it was, to the point that they had to resort to a full on pandering episode to try and redeem the crap ending we got.


I need gifs of Juzo doing dumb/awesome shit. Yeah yeah, I know, superior folded nippon webm steel master race but webms aren't supported for the format I'll be posting it in.

This would have been a much better ending to the series, both ideologically and fanservice-ally. Prove me wrong.

Protip: you cant

What do you think was the look on Junko's face in the theater after Class 77 came back and Kirigiri was revealed alive?

>And I got halfway through Ever17 and I must say it was pretty bad.

I'll guess I'll probably forget danganronpa after I watch Konosuba S2 and move on to Megumin

You forgot the best part, the real kicker at the very end of the "Hope" arc.
>an electronic gestalt tries to pretend that IT can speak for her simple wish of playing games with all of her friends again and perverts it into some stupid "fight for da future" message

I couldn't take her seriously, at least Munakata and Juzo had character flaws and were a bit more dimensional.
>"Muh Hinata kun"
>"Muh class"
>"Muh sensei"
>"Oh shit some folks had kidnapped a guy for months and now my teacher hasn't come back from their lair"
>"Let's leave NO indication of where we are or let anyone know about this dangerous situation, also let's go in alone"
>"Oh woe is me I got SPIKED"
The fact that she was relieve to see Chisa who had just moments ago put her on an elevator into a death trap is just beyond hilarious to me, how can I take that seriously?

Is the Island Mode in DR2 worth playing? Seemed boring with all that management.

>And I got halfway through Ever17 and I must say it was pretty bad.

>I made her play my dick like a piano
Oh my God, dude.

Did you forget what she said? She doesn't give a crap because she's dead. If she was alive however she'd probably be vomiting all over the place.

He might've felt too guilty to take it

Good to hear, you're better off doing that.

She have sex with chisa

You don't even need to look at his hair.

Why has nobody figured out yet that the antagonists always have red lines on their clothes?

Look at Mitarai, Nagito, Junko, etc

She loved her classmates and Hinata.

There was nothing to be done. You can't actually save real Chiaki bar a miracle, which Junko points out.

P4fags to be exact

>E17, R11
what are you trying to prove


>Implying the Cheshire Cat wasn't the first character to have this type of grin.

Try harder next time OnePiecefag.

Yes but it was kind of insane how fast everyone was ready to suck her dick for punching a classmate.
I punched a classmate before and I got suspended.


Wow, her chest size changes almost in every panel.

>I punched a classmate before and I got suspended.

Answer this very important question then.

Are you a cute girl?


Is it really that unusual? They hadn't done anything together before, and she played games with them all day, then stopped one of her classmates from doing something that he'd regret. Plus, she's cute. It's a bit of a jump, but it makes some sense that they'd like her enough to nominate her for rep at that point.


In case you haven't noticed, most DR characters reference some other character in anime/video games/manga etc

I'm sure the new tennis midget will spout references to either prince of tennis or ace wo nerae at some point just like Ibuki did for K-ON. Still haven't figured out why he's so short.


You're projecting real hard here, user. Did a 3DPD hurt your feelings?

Don't taunt me with webms I can't post.

Like I said, gifs or bust as much as I enjoy what you've shared

>delusional junkofags

>ywn have chiaki punching you ,then you knocked out,woke up in a bed clinic,then see her apologizing,then she offers her body as atonement then you have sex

go back to tumblr

for reference

Remember back in DR1 where Kodaka actually had the balls to kill off his characters?

Modified DR3 finale
>Junko is revealed to be alive
>We FINALLY get some fucking backstory on the bitch. Thank God
>Naegi actually stops Junko's plans WITHOUT causing any more deaths.
>Deus Ex Machina, Junko is back to normal
>Junko breaks down and cries on the spot
>Turns out she genuinely lost control of her body via some bullshit, and spent the last 10 years or so of her life in a similar state that the RoD's were (Remember the spiraling eyes in DR1?)
>They realize that there may have been a bigger threat behind the Tragedy the whole time.
>LOLHOPE Junko helps out during the final battle against the one who used her as a pawn
>They win the fight in the end, but Junko is mortally wounded in the fighting.
>Naegi cradles the broken, bleeding girl in his arms.
>"I. . . Am glad to have met you. . . Naegi-kun. . . May we meet again. . . guh. . ."
>Dies in his arms

>Timeskip to a few years later
>Naegi is now the head Chairman of Future Foundation
>Progress of restoring civilization has been significantly slowed due to most of the old Branch Heads kicking the bucket, but they are making progress nonetheless
>He looks out the window of his office, seeing the sunset across the horizon.
>He closes his eyes, and takes a deep breath.
>"Even after all the terrible things that have happened. . . Even after all this. . ."
>"I'm still glad that we met. . . Enoshima Junko"

Chiaki hung out at the reserve course building for at least nine months. Imagine the fanclub she must have got in that time frame.

Obviously. Doesn't make it any less funny.
>Still haven't figured out why he's so short.
I heard he's also supposed to be a reference to oso-kun/-san, but I'm not seeing it at all.

I wonder which one its imitating

It's not tumblr.

It's some website you've never heard of, wankgate.dreamwidth.org/

>all this delusion

>Thinking we're delusional

>Junko dindu
Holy shit, can we just get one person who's actually RESPONSIBLE for their actions?

>>Junko is revealed to be alive



Is Junko to be pitied Cred Forums?

How strong is Junko?

I know she's super analytical or whatever, but how easy would it be to physically overpower her for definitely not rape purposes

She was able to beat a Madarai brother. But don't worry, all you have to do is hide your face and I'm sure she'll be putty in your arms.


Stop stealing my ideas (tm) rrreeeeee

Good God no. Junko being turned good would have been fucking awful. I'm damn glad DR3 kept as a pure evil bitch.

>people actually think it's Kirigiri+Naegi's kid as the SHSL Detective in V3
Their kid would be a combination of an SHSL Detective and an SHSL Luck and you think they'd get caught in a killing game?

Jaffar did it better.

Yes. I want to cure her and hug her and hold her.

But both of them are caught in a killing game

What could have happened if Izuru transfered AI Chiaki consciousness into Real Chiaki back in time?

C-can 76's Seiko join? She's nice

>Junko alive

Would boycott the series so hard.

One of those guys couldn't even decomission Kirigiri.
I'd say if you weren't borderline retarded and had some muscle you could easily force her down, you'd just need to be careful if that bitch was packing a force multiplier, like a knife.

>Dies in his arms
Was it something he said?

Her interactions would be solely Munakata and Juzo, Munakata being a father figure and Juzo being a brother figure.



>One of those guys couldn't even decomission Kirigiri.
Oh right, I forgot how pathetic those jobbers really were.

>Madarai brother
This ugly snake hair shit needs to STOP Kodaka

Let me do it better

>End of Future arc
>Junko comes back instead of DR2
>Rambles on about m-muh undpredictable despair
>Cant predict Nagi's luck still
>Gets mindbroken into hope
>gets un-Despaired
>Realizes the full extent of what she has done
>Falls into an emotionless catatonic state
>Munakata and Naegi agree to hide her so that people wont kill her out of revenge
>Munakata because he now realizes that living with a burden like that is the harshest punishment they could server her, and Naegi just because he is always nice to everyone
>She gets exiled to a remote asshole of the world to atone for her crimes
>She is in a dark room
>Dark outside, snow everywhere, loud winds
>She is huddling around a little dying flame in her fireplace
>Really pale and sick
>Picture of Mukuro on a nightstand next to her
>She closes her eyes and tries to sleep
>Suddenly the door opens
>She stares at the door, dumbfounded
>some manlet with huge bags standing in the doorway
>Suddenly she realizes who it is
>I t-thought you could use some warm clothes
>Her face lights up


AI Chiaki isn't the same person as real Chiaki, so about the same thing that would happen if he transferred her into Mikan or some other character, they would be AI Chiaki. Or, given her chameleon abilities, it'd be like with AI Junko and you could get a rough approximation of the real thing.

>no evidence
I listened to the Dangan Radio and it was said by Fukuoka-director that Souda built his arm.

She's strong enough to beat up Juzo and twist the neck of someone twice her size, as well as throwing a wrench so hard it gets stuck in the wall. So yeah she's pretty strong.

You have to admit, given the information we had in the end, it COULD make sense. They explicitly established that the spiral eyes that ALL of the Despairs have been shown to have is a direct effect of brainwashing. There is no other canon explanation than to assume that Junko really was brainwashed the whole time



Junko is not for hugs

>She's strong enough to beat up Juzo
No, that was the brainwashed reserve course jobbers, speedwatcher.

Then who the fuck brainwashed Junko? And if you say "Tengan" I'll know you're just retarded.

Thats what you think

Plot twist: it was Mukuro or the true Ultimate Despair - Naegi Makoto!

Not Tengan specifically (or at least, it doesn't necessarily HAVE to be), but my best bet would have to be that it would have been someone involved with HPA.

Oceanic waves. The earliest point we have for "Junko loves despair" is the sandcastle scene. We know that oceanic waves can be hypnotic, as anyone who's stared and listened to them for a while can attest.

Therefore, Cthulhu did it.

The 13th Branch Head

But Junko loved despair since far before she got involved with Hope's Peak.

>Oceanic waves
This isn't Uchikoshi

Are you sure?

The worst part of this is that you're serious.

That's a pretty cool headcanon, user.

You do know that she's either gonna use you for despair or kill you, right?

How can someone who lives for despair have the motivation to accomplish anything like a diabolical plan for world takeover?

Motivation requires hope. Putting into action a huge keikaku requires endless motivation.

Therefore, Junko is overflowing with hope.


Post more Junko/Juzo

Well, it seems like it was a long-standing thing with Kirigiri.

In one of the DR: Kirigiri novels, 12 year old Kyoko found it embarrassing to take off her socks and use her toes on a print scanner in order to prove her innocence. She only consented after a woman she trusted offered to be her sole witness.

help junko wont stop sucking my dick because i told her that sucking my dick will make me fall to despair

>scene pans out to show that Junko is watching this from a prison cell
>Junko sheds a single tear
>cuts to naegi's home, where he is tending to a little boy and a little girl
>door opens, kids say "mommy's home!"
>kyoko enters and smiles as her kids run over to her
>makoto walks over and says "welcome home honey" and gives her a kiss on the cheek
>they live happily ever after and Junko is forever cucked

>Her sole witness
Guess she had to plant her trust in her.

I hope Kaede can be the corpse molester ths time.

Thats the point, its contradictory hence creating more despair.

Yeah, the fact that she has desires means that hope naturally exists for her. But she's a stupid kid so there's no helping it.

Mukuro deserved a better sister.

>sole witness

she's a masochist, she likes the abuse, sexually

I could totally get behind this ending 10/10