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pop team epic

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Post the one with Pipimi giving middle finger during interview


The one with previous panel is better but okay.

Post more spicy reaction images, fags.

How do you remember their names?


Popuko is the one who looks like Sakura
Pipimi is the one who looks like Tomoyo

I wrote them on my hand with a permanent marker.

Daily reminder to listen to the theme while reading a new chapter.


The new chapter wasn't that great though. We got a few good frames out of it.

>tfw you accidentally take 4 scoops of pre workout

Less references are always better.

Poptepepic can be serious.

It can also be suspenseful.

I don't need...THIS ONE!

Certainly violent.

But at the end of the day, user. Poptepepic is Poptepepic.

These are edits...

It's in the same vein of humor as Owner John and his robot maid the Fumimi.

I really, really, really like this picture.

They just need to play some Wii and cool off.

Could've sworn this manga was older than two years.

What kind of humor is this?




Usually either referential and/or surreal.

The one people pretend to get but actually don't.


I had them tattood to my hands so I can switch girlfriends

>let me other people for my low power level

K fucking ek, user.

*blame other


never made that connection before, thanks man

I burned them into my retina with laser.


why isn't there more good humor like this in japan?

moreover, why does japan suck at comedy so much?

Because you have shit taste, burger-san


You are all fucking stupid


This always never fails to demolish me.

>slapstick and double-act manzai are the apex of comedy

>that Eirin with the lipstick
Wew time to jerk off.

And here's the first, and currently only, page from bkub's newest series.


Indeed they are

>villain with a yaranaika face
I expect great things.

Also Hyper Ultra Girlish is maybe going to start getting translated.

Will bkub ever go mainstream? Even Bomber Grape does.

>Hyper Ultra Girlish
Bkub Precure?

That's fucking Stalker, from G Gundam.

I met him in comic con once,
didn't know it was him until much much later.


Also I recently learned their names are Ten, the blonde one, and Mei, black hair.

Tsuduki, please

Didn't know nips went to western events

what was he doing there, does he know english now?

Bkub loves going to comicon. He shows up nearly every year.

Despite being virtually incapable of english.

Is bkub cute

>tfw you will never trick bkub into going into the same washroom stall and rape him

>He shows up nearly every year.
what does he do for a living that allows him to do that?

Post his deadpool comic

A true masterpiece of our time.


sfx: pool

tl note: Pool Pool is the sound effect that Deadpool makes when walking.





I thought it was chimichangas

A common misconception; that is the sound of him doing power walking, not regular walking.

Deadpool is fucking stupid

It is.

Can you post the full one of this? It always gets me.

Your image name gave me cancer

I don't have it and pic related

I didn't see that fuck that long.

I got you.

Pipimi best girl and friend.

Post bluray version

>my spicy ways
This is when the seriousness stops.




Isn't Poptepipic a legit manga?

You mean you want an anime by bkub?


Charm still the best.

That's awesome, Chen.

Too bad people only focus on Chen

Yabayabadoo is the best thing in Charm





But Chen IS the main character from Charm.

Genuinely love it

She is not always the focus, though.

The black cat...

The black cat...

NY or San Diego?

NY irc

Somehow this is the one that got me.


I actually get the reference in this one. Bow to me.

Popuko making too much cancer even for youtube? We need more tribal anime girls dancing.

Also best rapist.

Probably got arrested for one too many truthbombs.

Popuko really is the sunshine of our lives.
Our lives suck, don't they?

Would we be here if our lives didn't suck?

My life is hella sweet and I'm here every day.


This is lewd



is this a parody or what?

Thank you for sharing this, it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen ;_;


Beef or chicken?

What the fuck did you just say to me you little bitch?

Fuck you.


The fuck

God damn it

Anyone have the one with Popuko and Pipimi? Bkub must really hate flight attendants.


I'm not at my computer so no, but I'm pretty sure its chapter 1 or 2

perhaps you should get a gf.


>pop team epic
>they don't pop
>Not a team
>not even epic

You are Mother Fucker?

look like carl from the thumbnail.


I like this.

Pipimi is truly best girl.

No, you don't

I don't understand this.

Can I post gifs from my phone?

Now this is comedy.


I'm partial to bkub Tewi myself.

Like how they'd make a picture using the cream or something. You know, like how some places will draw faces with ketchup on an omelet or syrup on pancakes?

Oh, ok.

Some dude on tumblr is making some sort of Poptepipic VN

Do i get to complete Pipimi's contracts with her? Do i get to fight rival gangs with Popuko? If no, it's shit.


Maybe. He made that gif I posted too

I honestly can't enjoy Pop Team Epic or any comic by bkub anymore. Not ever since he got me drunk at comic-con to the point that it impaired my ability to make sensible decisions. I distinctly remember him fucking my ass (was wearing a chastity device on my cock which made the whole ordeal painful) and then he creampie'd my ass without wearing a condom. It was almost as bad as the time when I had to give the Nostalgia Critic of TGWTG fame a blowjob or else I couldn't get his autograph. I probably could enter the world record for the category "Most times strong-armed into sex by male internet celebrities using their fame and power to take advantage of you." It's a real shitty feeling that all these people I once admired actually turned out to be garbage trash people.

Dammit japan!
They HAVE to sexualize everything!

Shut the fuck up slut, you're the common denominator here, you were clearly asking for it with your spicy ways

I don't understand bkub's sense of humor.

Pls explain.

The last panel is the funny one

it's funny


Is Bkub too edgy for the Japanese?

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that's the point.


No, he seems pretty popular.

Ah I was concerned cause there was that chapter where he basically shit talked his publisher. Does he do it independently now or a different publisher?

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About 30 minutes prior to this, Hiro enabled since4pass option command that gave you a shitposting signature for pass users. Due to backlash it was quickly disabled.

Goose Feather (comforter)?

A good lesson learned quick, let's never speak of this again

they actually bought Cred Forums passes

Unfortunately he turned it back on, but lets not speak of this further here.

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Stop that.

Rule #1- The ride never stops
Rule #2- You can't get off



fucking nerd

>le dick white ppl suck black ppl r great i have a gigantic VAGINA
>the apex of comedy

puffy vulva


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More zoi when?

I just saw that they were on sale and decided to get one, I've probably been here longer than you.



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Some people are mistaking Cred Forums with somethingawful


somethingawful was cool


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>somethingawful was cool

Hint: was.



good goys

It was all me

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I personally enjoy getting jewed

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Do you even want to get big user?

Which chapter is this?

Is it possible to impersonate?

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Holy shit it works.
How did you do that?

>tfw you meant to take 5 scoops but you run out of powder

try using html

Borrow some from the football club.

What do the originals actually say when characters swear with fuck you motherfucker and stuff like that?

They just swear in English.




She even has a long face.
This is just grand.


Wew lad bkub knows his memes.

They really got the faces right.

Anyone got Masakyo translated?

what did he mean by this?

What the fuck are you implying


Shit it's drawn too well for me to even get mad about.



Did this comic go mainstream on reddit or tumblr or something? I just saw one 4panel posted on Facebook yesterday

Well, the first place it gets posted typesetted translated is tumblr.

>going to Facebook



bkub Madoka time?

The one on Danbooru is missing this page.

I have it too, but I typeset this one like five years ago and it looks like shit.



god bless

Early Pipimi looks thinner



Those are all the Madoka one's I think.




Little better. I feel like the translation might be a bit rough.

Also just straight forgot a word



Never seen this one before today, but it apparently came out five years ago too.

Mami should find a job with Pipimi.

Does the comic only feature these 3?

Where is Homura and Madoka?

Only those three for some reason.

Only MAmi SAyaka and KYOuko, Madoka and Homura are already in too many doujin.

What did Chen see?

Her gap.



Yeah, she's definitely been squished down a bit since the early chapters.

I think I get this one.

Literally me, alone and playing with dolls.

God Bless



usa= usagi= rabbit

I think.

USA(gi) = Rabbit

>empty set gravity man
What did he mean by this?


They're not, these are actual translations of bkub's work. It's just like this in japanese.

He's a wierd dude.

Mostly references. In fact he once made a strip about how he does so many references that people tend to not get his jokes.

That strip was also a reference.

Pipimi had to teach Popuko a lesson for her spicy ways.

No girl jokes like Pipimi

She's a goddamn savage

And she's still young, must be immortal.

She's a growing girl

It's a joke on how awful they let the tv airings of shows look


This is just too deep for me.

Someone on /jp/ took a blurry photo of bkub, it's quite blurry but he seems cute. Wish I had saved it.

It's supposed to be like urban legends about ghosts


Popuko flying and banging my wall on 2nd floor would scare me more than any ghost

Post Tewi and fake money one.

Oh i don't have that one saved.


Still better than nip comedy

I just realized Cirno is naked because she was betting her clothes.

>Didn't recognize Cirno at first
>Read it
>Look at her cards
>"That's not even a full house, must be Cirno playing"
>Look at first panel and see naked CIrno
It's really hard to recognize serious Cirno with no clothes

It's really hard to recognize ANY Touhou with no clothes

Their hats are clothes

To be honest, the wings and ribbon gave it away for me.

>Nude Cirno

Search ke-ta on gelbooru
you're welcome

>Tfw Gelbooru has a ton of shitty unkillable ads and popups now



I swear his fucking hands
I get that two hands are supposed to cover a face but damn
h cares abut anotomy in the wierdest places











Oh, now I get it after reading the filename, this really confused me.

I noticed them too I was thinking how he clearly shows he can do "cute" hands in the earlier panel. Maybe he has a hand fetish.







Not too long ago I downloaded a whole book of his stuff, shit's wonderful.

Popuko is easy to remember, it matches her
I always refer to Pipimi as "that girl", though, like early on in the comic

Is pretty shit. It does have some great pannels but it's hit and miss with mostly miss thanks to all the dumb strips where the only punchline is how random it is.

It's mainly just a reaction image goldmine.




Hello, Katy. Or should I call you "t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m"?

why gaijijn love this manga so much?
this manga is for shallow geeks in japan.

Are you in japan then?


Why is Yukari keep shrinking in Charm?

She is normal at first but as the series goes she keep getting smaller until she is chibi.

I'm pure Jp living on tits.

Ha ha ha this is actually a really good satire of how police officers get really riled up when they see black people (represented by their simian counterparts, the gorillas) just minding they own business.

dank meme thread

>dumb strips where the only punchline is how random it is
>so pleb that he can't get the references so he calls them lolsorandumxD

This series isn't for a low level scum like you.

Title reveal.

Is there a batch download for all the 2hu ones?

on sad panda





Those are all stupid and people who pretend to ""get"""" the jokes and find them funny are pretentious idiots like the artist himself.

>Western humour
>"Haha does anyone else here hate white people?"
>Audience cheers
>"Also I have a crippling drug habit"
>Exits off stage

Honestly this sums up of the entire fanbase

Humor is subjective.

Anyone have the strip of Popuko riding down a slope or something then someone interrupts her and she rolls and pulls out a magnum?

I don't believe you


Fucking savage



Is this the only time Bkub Chen looks happy or having an expression at all?


How much psychologicaly damaged I must be to laugh on these?



its literally LOLSORANDUM XDD

Wew that's really good.

Don't let pure Nano get close to these spicy girls



Don't stop making these

I've made a few




He draws manga.

And gets invited with all costs covered by comicon.

>to be continued

She looks so much better this way anyway.

Wasn't it late 2000s 4chin: the forum?
It was where the dog with the step dad and Chris chan came from.
How is it now?


A ten dollar white knight cesspool

Why they don't just throw Chen out? She's behaving horribly for a cat.

Because Chen is Ran's daughteru.

>Disrespecting Chen

So she's just a regular cat.


I don't get a single one of these jokes.
Are there some extremelely obscure references or simply "lel so random xD" jokes?

You're just dead inside, user.


Is skub m8
>⌘ Cred Forums Pass user since October 2016.


They're jokes that totally give away the author's interests. So yes it's referential and also absurd. I don't understand half of them but I'm just here for the ride. And the reaction image goldmine.

Death by Pipimi

Pipimi is so cool!


yep, good shiti.4cdn.org/jp/1475407043206.png

That's one of my favorite Charm pages.

I don't know how I managed to post a fucking URL though.

I must've thought I put it in the right place. WHOOPS


What is this? They look cute but they aren't cute at all.

They are cute and spicy.
Just turn off your brain and you will see the light.

they are cool!

If you want cute bkub you have to read Honey Come Chatka.

But she looks more like Osaka.

>They look cute but they aren't cute at all.


Popuko is short, like the letter 'o'.
Pipimi is tall, like the letter 'i'

Still one of my favorites to be honest


>he didn't buy the bluray

I prefer the original version.
Has more charm in it.



Why Bkub hates flight attendants and their chicken?


>57.6% rating on Rotten Tomatoes

Can you name a more powerful character than DJ Copy Paste?


Anyone has the Dymlos one?


Not now that he's evolved into a new pose.

Wait why did DJ evolve?

Because he was so excited about the world tour.


This DJ Copy and Paste guy sure looks familiar.

I'm gonna let you know now before later. bkb tends to make references to things and well yknow are is like up to interpretation man. So I guess I'm saying you might be onto something.


sometimes even if you dont get the reference it's still fucking funny


art are fsntiinnigng


Should I play the games? I've read doujins, played H-games and now I've read an entire volume of this.

Playing the games was the first thing you should've done.
Start from the 7 and them play the rest, but if you are unable to finish it even with continues after a few times, just jump from game to game until you get good. Any game numbered from 6 to 15 is eligible.
Only babies play on easy mode.
Hold shift for focused movement.

What eroge did you play? I only know that one nukige.


Was this his very first comic?


>Played everything but the source material

tumblr VN dude just posted this.

Got it.

[seems I can't link to 8ch. It's on /hgg/.]
or if you don't want to go to the extraordinarily unoptimized 8ch, here's a link to the latest update of the translation:
[It appears this isn't allowed either.]

It's text-only if that's not your thing. A game in which you conquer Gensokyo and have lots of mostly non-consensual sex. It's surprisingly deep

history repeats itself

What did he mean by this?


Bump of Chicken.


You had to at least get the Frozen one. Not all of them are obscure.


You're beginning as a hardcore secondary so the games might not appeal to you.

But you should play them regardless because it only improves things for you/they're good. You may end up disliking some characters you liked before, though. Bkub's characters != canon, for example. Ran is not motherly, she's a computer.

oh yeah, and watch 1CCs for every game once you've hit a wall (you WILL hit a wall)

may as well at least see all the patterns and learn how to dodge good

I honestly thought this would become a shōjo for a couple of chapters instead of just a few pages. Well played.

It's plot and character bios are still the description for Poptepipic 2 on mangalifewin.


Anime when?

>wanted to pre-order their shirts
>"pre-orders closed"

I'd kill for that EDM shirt.


Bkub's Reimu is basically 100% canon, though. Tewi too.

Reminder that Protest-About-Things-on-Twitterman also appeared in Honey Come Chatka. Poptepipic crossover when?

I'm sitting in that shirt right now, it's extremely spicy. Shame I have zero reasons to go outside in it.

>tfw I will never have a spicy shirt because I keep finding them too late

God damn, this one will always crack me up.

Tayo > Sachi

Could someone post the complete "there's no god or buddah huh?" one from Touhou?

I only got this one.


What did they mean by this?

Except that's correct

what's hardcandy?


You know, like old people candy. Butterscotch candy, or those strawberry candies grandmas always have. Offering hard candy to a Kuchisake-onna is suppose to be one of the ways to buy yourself time to run away.



Neat. And nice get.

You could just go to the guys pixiv account.

>unkillable ads and popups now
You can still get rid of them, check forums for guide.

>start the game, very tense
>game over at second stage against Chen, twice
>breath, relax, force myself to stay relaxed
>just beat Alice at third stage
This is actually excellent relaxation practice

This user gets it.


Which one?

This is gold

You thought it's a generic love story? Too bad it's Poptepipic!

>dont even work out
>steal my roommates pre workout when i'm too lazy to make myself coffee in the morning
>first time i threw in 5 scoops into a bottle and slammed it
it was like there were ants underneath my skin

That's what you get for stealing brotein you swine

My mind is blown

Fucking idiot





My sides

How do you pronounce that?

There should be the one about God of Eurobeat

Any more doujin artist with distinctive humor?

Is that bananya?


Anything by Bomber Grape is god-tier comedy.

I don't get it.

I think everyone should know him already.

Do one of this.


It's a story, not one-shot gag.

I bought every bkub 2hu comic available for my sister's birthday a couple years back.

She now cosplays Chen at least once at every convention she goes to.

they're really well printed

I considered that when I was flipping through for the tapestry thread last night

Oh of course, I feel foolish now.

"Fast nig" like "fast nigger"


I don't always ship characters, but i totally ship those two.

Drawn bra?

That's gay.

Is this when Pipimi rapes Popuko?

The opposite for me.
I hate it when Popuko act a bit lesbo.

I want more spicy duo.

>he can't into gap moe

Did somebody say Gap?

Chibi Yukari is so much cuter.


Oh wow her blueray version is cute as fuck

Her regular version is also cute as fuck

Bluray Pipimi is 2kawaii4me

What are they saying?

Her face is not long enough, and she is supposed to be a bit fat.

get noscript

>not Cameron Diaz Yukari


Ran does care a lot about Chen in canon though, she's pissed off at you bullying her.

The plot thickens

Why is Bkub obsessed with man hands so much? Popuko and Pipimi often has man hands.

Part of the charm. I can't see either of them being drawn with woman hands now.

i mean wasn't that the whole point?

Post the one where Yukari talk about Lord of the Rings.

So are these fanworks or did bkub actually do these? His English is good.

is there any porn of this?

Are these related?

What is Chen?

A miserable pile of bike horns.

>Check Gelbooru
>This is tagged as "bkub"

Honk Honk

I've been leaving this ride for years but YOU KEEP BRINGING ME BACK

Clearly not Bkub.

Huh, I saw the pixiv link under the source, I wonder if it's a mistag? I saw a random KanColle girl tagged under it too.

Pixiv or bust


Fuck you OP, this shit has been picked up like wildfire and is being spammed all over the website


>liked it before it was cool
What do I win?

What did you expect from such high quality shitposting material?

Figured I'd do one before I slept

Those extra arms actually look really good

You're a year late to say that lad.