This is your mentally handicapped sister for tonight

This is your mentally handicapped sister for tonight

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Nico is not mentally handicapped, she has just been through some shit

>*paint it black starts playing*

i don't need more

I'd fuck her while wearing her track jacket

If your sister is tiny and has black hair (which a lot of them are) You can make her look like that.

So you can have your actual sister and your sister be both mentally handicapped at the same time.

Damn, why is she so hot and so much better than Maki?

flat chest

She just works

twintails for handlebars

Blood related or not, she's getting fucked.

Impregnate and make babies even more retarded than she is.

So cute.

Does Nico wear a bra?

Third best Niko doujin

The smartest love live, smart enough to understand how steel male hearts.

this. dfc is powerful

Only if you want her to

>she has just been through some shit
dragged right through a field of manure and now you can't even tell the difference


Nico's chest cannot compete with Maki's thighs

Even Nico knows Maki is best

Nico grew up

delete this one please


Extra heresy

what's his favorite girl?


Nico, obviously.

Do me a favor and delet this

I want Nico to massage my face with her feet.


Me on the left

Who's the other lucky one?

welp I know what I'm about to jerk off to

Good lad.


wtf i hate nico still

thanks, fapping to this too
Cheers m8

Already with you, my dude

>nico getting tits
Finally, her flat chest was really the only thing holding her back.


is she a slut

>Nico Cage



Nico knows how to pleasure a man.

Semen Demon confirmed.


Seriously, look at that fucking body.
Who could say no to this?

Take it back.


Maki is NishiKINO

Delete Maki

Delete yourself.

I'd delete Maki-chan's sadness by hugging her tight!

I really hate love live

I really hate you.

Why she likes to dress rapper clothes?


they cannot keep getting away with this.

Does anyone else think that Nico's little brother is going to grow up to be really fucking hot?

>manlet genes

Only if he becomes a trap.

He doesn't have a choice, they already dress him like a girl.

Cute boys dressed up as girls by other girls is my fetish.

Wait, older or younger?

better than having an edgy little brother

milf nico is the essence of life.


You just reminded me of some anti-smoking ads when I was a kid.

Eli, she gave him soviet weapons in exchange of Krokodile



Why can't girls hold controllers properly?



>TFW he does the hand thing


I'll delete Maki's hymen, if you know what I mean.

pls don't hate me maki ;_;

Is this that football player that used to tripfag here?

Okay ^_^


It is.
I remember he played for he jags and was a hardcore weeb

oopps wrong link
it is him. He used to play for the jags. And also, he was a huge weeb.

Advent of Nico: The Theory of Nii.

maki pls my gf

How does his shirt stay up?

can she play videogames?

Maki posters everyone.

ahh well, I guess I need to get my whipping belt ready

I too wish for a Maki gf.

No bully.

I have a Maki-chan poster in my room!






>that body
>that pose
>that look on her face

I've never been more happy of the fact that I'm straight.

I want to fuck them, including Nicomom.


What is wrong with her brother?

Nico keeps him stoned.






Serious question, can Nico survive giving birth?