Nanoha Reflection



It's finally here lads get hyped

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>Nanoha is still Yukarin
>No new footage
I'm getting worried

So is this StrikerS, or what?

>an ACTUAL fucking new announcement about this shit

No fucking way.
I thought this this thing got vapor'd

Best news of the year. This makes my day.


>it's god damn fucking happening
Loss of words senpaitachi.

>Reflection isn't dead
Is this real life?


What a time to be alive!

I honestly don't know how I feel about this. I was already looking forward to Vivid Strike, a movie announcement at the same time implies one or the other will be on the backburner. I would expect that to be Strike, but I've always preferred the Nanoha TV anime over the movies (excluding Vivid).

Oh well, more Nanoha means more chances for good Nanoha.


It isn't coming out for a god damn year.

Am I dreaming? Is this real? Will I be able to see my waifu again?
My dear Nanoha, I finally hear something new about you.





God does exist.

Wats it about?

After A's and before StrikerS.

It's a whole new story

I hope it will adapt Battle of Ace.

>mfw Nanoh Reflection is really gonna happen earlier than Haruhi S3

I'm ok with that, at least I can see Nanoha and Fate again like my good old days

Wasn't Yukari done with VAing?

No. She just split from King Records, that was probably the cause of the sudden lack of Nanoha anythings while they redid contracts and such.

She is done with her singing contract, she still works as a VA.

She was playing a role in Ange Vierge last season.

Scriptwriter's been looking through Yukari's tweets?

Was that anime trying to bully Yukarin?

Only her singing career ended.

They probably want to get her to sing a contract to sing the ED for the movie though.

It was Yukarin's request probably, since Saya tried to lift her spirits by quoting lyrics from Pray.

Hell the main conflict between her and Saya was Saya accusing her of being lazy and trying, while in secret Amane was actually working very hard to meet everyone's expectations.

Ears aren't big enough for maximum bullying

Again people are just fucking reacting if they're doing the whole MAL style get hype bit over a 15 second trailer for something that's probably going to be some sort of recap film or omnibus thing. Also who rightly gives a shit about this franchise anymore at this point anyway.

Sad little stupid Stockholm syndromed people.

It's not a recap. It's the 3rd movie that was teased about after 2nd came out and purported to be an original story.

Or maybe the scrip writer just liked Nanoha, Nana and Yukarin a lot.

Contrarians gonna contrarying,

>ED for the movie
>not Nana's song

Movie's OP were played at the end, after the ED. So technically, all of Nana's Nanoha movies' song are still OP.

It's not an adaptation of anything.


Oh hey, isn't this the one which will show Nanoha almost dying in combat?

No because that got a whole episode already in Strikers, and additional coverage in the manga

You should go back to MAL and stay there.

dead franchise that had a decent first season then kept getting progressively more weird and shit

Except A's is the peak of the series, dumb akariposter.

You mean second season.

Also, the manga sales numbers are consistently high and have remained so for years and years.


a's might as well been with the first season, that aired you know like 10 years ago, anything that was even relatively recent with nanoha has been fucked up trash

>the manga sales numbers are consistently high
How high? People are actually enforcing the Tsuzuki ejaculate that is vivid?

Fuck you, I enjoyed strikers and force and betrayers

I'm not current, but occasionally someone posts them. Vivid volume sales are always around 60th-80th percentile, comparitively.

Should have thought about that before posting, huh? And you're still wrong. The movies were good.
>inb4 2nd A's was too rushed
No one cares about the shit it cut.

Force has a passable premise and some designs but absolutely garbage everything else.

Strikers was great, just suffered from character bloat (re: the Ginga episode nobody even remembers happening).

Really I'm just in it for movie-budget fight scenes and boy 2nd A's delivered

>space dykes fighting some weird rapist

FU Ginga is top waifu material
Yeah, animation was good. Direction sucked though, and that was fucking up the fights too, they blew the first one and skipped the second (or third?).

>he doesn't like space dykes or mad scientist villains

>Direction sucked though

>and force

I was sad we didn't see Fate stomp Signum's shit in during the desert fight.


I liked her most in the first fight. And the reunion was absolutely moving. I'm a sentimental fag and 2nd underdelivered in its equivalent of that scene about as much as humanly possible.

Is Signum in this

No one knows.

I hope not. It's Signum's fault that 7arcs decided everyone should be aged up to be more serious.

I'm going to preemptively offer you a hug of condolence

>Movie 3 and it's not StrikerS
Thank God.

Hyped and to befriend.

Strikers gave us Subaru.
That alone is redeeming value.

I don't like Nanoha

All of my YES.


It also gave us one of the best Nanoha's scenes.


Why do you need to tell everyone you are a faggot?

Subaru is alright, but she can't save StrikerS from being worse than the first two seasons.

You/Tsuzuki/Seven Arcs/my dick/the universe are LYING. I refuse to believe to believe this

>魔法少女リリカルなのは YouTube OFFICIAL CHANNEL
>Joined Sep 29, 2016

Now I unironically do not believe this.

Nano without lolis... all of my yes.

Fuck you man, Signum's the best girl.



Holy shit I had given up hope long ago.

Please be about Nanoha's and Fate's teenage years.

It'll be the tale of Nanoha rehabilitating from her injury by competing in a friendly Strike Arts tournament.

To be honest, I'd watch it since it would kinda be a curb stomp.

Not too hyped anymore. Everything Tsuzuki has put out recently has been garbage.

I just want high school Nanoha. StrikerS was a mistake.

>Fate vs Vita
>Chrono vs Fate
>Zafira vs Arf
>another Nanoha vs Fate
>the final fight is the first tournament Nanoha vs Signum
I'm all over it honestly. Sounds fucking amazing.

I think you've got this mixed up with another series. It's Nanoha versus half a dozen interchangeable movie-original lolis.

Since this is a movie after A's and before Strikers, I don't see much space for movie-originals thankfully.

StrikerS would have benefited the most from a movie format though.

If only they cut out everything not NanoFateHayaVivi

That's the old chart user.

this chart is bullshit



It IS happening, r-right guys? ;_;

Post more webms senpai.


Don't have a whole lot, sadly. Someday when I can into weebums I should chop the whole movie 2nd into pieces, there's way too many good scenes.

Have an old one.

>Not rating Vita's speech and Nanoha's Blaster 3 SLB at the highest
It's like I don't even know you people.

>Nanoha's Blaster 3 SLB
I swear the soundtrack started playing in my head.

Limited Edition BluRay is a GUARENTEED preorder! HYPE!!

Everything's relative. It wasn't that great. They're just doing what's expected of them.

They better bring back the original fucking SFX. Not this shit they had in Vivid.

2 minutes of henshin because why the fuck not.


Vivid was a mistake


This nonoha looks popular. What it is about?




Not everyone knows about your obscure anime buddy

I still haven't watched the other two recap movies.

I was out on Vivid Strike due to extreme disappoint because of lack of Nana and Yukarin but this changes everything.

But everybody can open wikipedia and spend 30 seconds reading or something. That's how we did it in my old days. Also when you misspell and put the request like that, you pretty much flag yourself as obvious troll, so don't blame me.


Extremely accurate.

Nanoha transformation > Fate Transformation.
Bardiche transformation > Raising Heart transformation.
Nanoha's underwear > Fate's underwear.

So, before it went to shit?

Will it have Ferret?
I liked the bantz between him and Chrono.

Fuck Strikers. And fuck Vivid.

>wanting males in my pure yuri magical girl anime

>wants ferret
>wants chrono
>hates strikers
>hates vivid


Males were there since the first season, they did nothing wrong and were good playing their part.

betrayers animu when?

always never

Materials FUCKING when

Come on, this movie is called "Reflection"

White Devil

what the fuck, Yukarin stopped being an idol?

>all these anons saying StrikerS sucks
Hey, this place is growing some good taste.

She still doing VA roles.

But StrikerS always sucked has been said it first came out. There are a few aspects that some likes, but overall StrikerS was a mistake.

Aww, that's not true is it?

Bardiche was my favourite.

I've seen a large increase of people saying it's not shit, lately. I don't know from which hole those people crawled out of, but the sooner they go back the better.

But she stopped singing and doing radio shows? what is she gonna do now? become a stay at home wife and finally let Nana take care of her?




They can just replace the VA. They did it for Sapphire, they can do it for Bardiche, plus Bardiche was always a silent device that doesn't talk much.

>Male: Shoot to kill
But she didn't kill Chrono. She totally should have, but she didn't.

But damn he made it count

>Get set

They could always recycle old audio then.
>that one time he said "green" when he normally doesn't

She's learned from her mistake.

O shit a fucking Hraesvelgr webm. I've been looking for this.

Maybe these people watched/read vivid, notied it was shit, so StrikerS looks good compared to vivid

That was a flashback, I'm talking about the real deal here.

>Wolkenritter never got a henshin sequence in their own freaking movie while NanoFate got two
This crime must be redeemed.

What's that

edgelord fanfiction

It WAS about little girls pretending to be gundams and trying to get their getter beams bigger so they could blow up evil dimensional empresses

Now it's about little girls playing pretend-fight in their clubs.

StrikerS was bad because they spawned 12 combat lezbots to be Dr. Spaghetti's elite henchmen, but then he proceeded to use the fucking generic combat drones THE WHOLE FUCKING SHOW instead of actually fielding his cyborgs. You had enormous character bloat on the villain side just for the sake of it. And Dr. Spaghetti and Loli-rider were teamed-up despite not really having anything in common was silly. The had an actual grievance with the cover-up the TSAB did on their illegal clone mages program instead of being villains.

That only covers one reason, there's plenty more to be said about why StrikerS super sucks. Like the fact that the plot starts at episode 10 and such.

It does look like it.

>good taste
People still overrate A's so not really.

pick one

Probably the best scene of any mother in any anime.

Not quite as good as the mother in Goonies, but better than Amidala's in Revenge of the Sith.

>"Don't fall, okay?"
>she falls
Vivio was a mistake.


>adults as main characters
>clusterfuck of cast additions watering down character development
>convoluted military intrigue side-plot
>jobbing characters out for drama

A's introduced everything that went wrong with the series.

u wot

>adults as main characters
Nothing inherently wrong with that, and it was only Graham. All other adults were minor characters.

>clusterfuck of cast additions watering down character development
Except they were introduced properly and everyone serves a role.

>convoluted military intrigue side-plot
"Convoluted" my ass.

>jobbing characters out for drama
Nothing inherently wrong with that either, as long as the character gets their chance to shine later on.

A made it work somehow in an exciting and compelling story where is even hard to pick a side.

A's should not have worked but it did and it was glorious.

So Strikers was okay after all.

Can I get a group hug here, Nanoha fans? No huh

>So Strikers was okay after all.
Fuck off, it wasn't.

It was okay, actually. I prefer it not exist, but it was okay as it is.

How long we've been waiting?

>Kizu actually happened
>Nanoha movie 3 is confirmed
I didn't think this was possible

>tfw they won't take this chance to make StrikerS non-canon

Us passfags decide what gets stickied and what doesn't, fuckboi.

Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.

Fine! Have a webm and like it!

Strikers is, by far, the most successful season of the show released. They're not going to invalidate it based on memesters.

And SEED destiny the best gundam, amirite?

Of course not. If they gave the slightest fuck about Nanoha they would have already done it.

>hating on Destiny

Do you see them invalidating it or shunning it?



>If they gave the slightest fuck about Nanoha they would have already done it.
Already done what, written Nanoha out of the sequel?

They already gave the pedo audience two high budget movies with the characters returned to children and a third is on the way, and the main manga and it's anime adaption since have also been kidtoucher bait.

Sounds like they listen to their audience to me.

Don't forget that Luu and Caro were super cute in Strikers.

's all good man

>b-but the lolis

Where are the well-written plots and spectacular action sequences?

>Where are the well-written plots and spectacular action sequences?

Definitely not in the original series or A's

What makes Nanoha so attractive?

Why are you even here

I like Takamachi Nanoha, Fate T Harlaon and their daughter Vivio, among other assorted reasons

Well, I like Signum, Shamal, Vita, Zafira, Chrono, Arf, Aria, Lotte, Yuuno, Arisa, Suzuka among others.

What did Amy ever do to you?


Reminder that last time we voted with strawpoll, StrikerS-likers won. Despite the score jumping to 4:0 for anti-StrikerS votes in the first 60 seconds (of course, that might have been coincidence).

Unrelated: Victoria looks super good in the ending.

That's what "among others" is for.

Well, that's pretty desperate.

>Victoria in Strike

I need her.





>needing reasons to throw pointless shit around

What would possibly have made you think that in the first place

Don't tell me, the haters started it actually. Kek.

Unrelated, but more otona modes coming.

Maybe this will be Yukarin's proper farewell to the character.

Oh wait. Stripper-chan was cast out too.

She won't strip anyone in canon anyways.

>all dem weights
Cute girls getting gains episode please.

Well until this movie was announced, the franchise looked like it would be going forward without the word "Nanoha" even in the title

Indeed, and alas. I just realized yesterday that there weren't ever any nipples shown in any Nanoha anime or manga or other official stuff. The only exceptions are that onsen scene in Vivid, which is probably considered a mistake looking at the anime. And it was only Lesbaru, Teana and Nove shown IIRC.

Who cares.

>yfw their VA is also dead

The first two movies were recaps with new animations/transformations right?

Sort of. They took the route of cutting things out instead of making a proper abridged adaptation.

I wonder if she is the one who adopted Rinne. If she is, Victoria sure is terrible as a parent.

Not really recaps. They're completely new retellings of their respective series.

No way. She was adopted by "Berlinetta" family (see the epilogue, the house is called Berlinetta mansion).
The other woman also has different surname.

>Victoria is shown with the megane woman
>the megane woman and Rinne wear the same gym uniform in the ED
Victoria is likely the owner of the gym Rinne goes to then.

Holy boobs, Batman.

pls tell me your dad works for seven arcs

Perfect Dhalgrün genes.

Heh, could it be, a gym for high-class oooh-hohoho! Oujousamas?

That cute meganeko should be "Jill Stora"(?) from the initial announcement.

TSAB Propaganda removing themselves of any guilt and unethical behavior that happened.

This isn't news, they said Reflections was post-A's and pre-Strikers back when it was first announced

She and her popcorn are both there.

THIS is the Nanoha I remember. Not the Fight Club shit we have nowadays.

>1st movie tries to make Precia more sympathetic

That was Fate's request to not paint her mother as a horrible monster.

Gee Sieg, how come your mom let you eat two popcorns?

But Fate doesn't have a mother. Fate's just a failure that couldn't even serve correctly as a tool.

Hi Ayano

>and it was only Graham
You're forgetting the pink hag.

>Except they were introduced properly and everyone serves a role.
What role did Shamal and Zafira serve? What role did the twins and Graham serve? What role did Chrono's entire involvement serve?

>"Convoluted" my ass.
Anything that involves mysterious masked fighters that ultimately served no real purpose to the plot is unnecessarily convoluted.

>Nothing inherently wrong with that either, as long as the character gets their chance to shine later on.
Just like in Force right?

>hard to pick a side
>implying the knights had any development other than "muh Hayate"
>implying even that motivation didn't go completely to shit when it was revealed that they were delusional and weren't actually saving anyone whatsoever

They don't even compare to Fate and Precia. They just had more hammy drama scenes.

>But Fate doesn't have a mother.
But that's wrong, Precia.

>What role did the twins and Graham serve?
>mysterious masked fighters that ultimately served no real purpose to the plot
Okay, I get it, you're just pulling my leg. Hahaha, that was very funny, user.

Not him but, mate, you are either totally on crack or shitposting hard. Let's just ignore you IMHO.


If they were so important then why were they omitted from the movie entirely? Why did nobody whatsoever give a single shit that they were omitted entirely?

I wonder if her mom is a monster hobo, too.

Yeah, got forbid someone actually talk about anime on an anime board.

End your life.

Why would Ein or Fuka be her mom.

Why are there so many fisticuffs hobos in Mid, it's practically a fighting game.

>what are propaganda films

But Harunya and Fuuka are not hobos. Harunya got a nice apartment and she goes to school, Fuuka also got a job and a place to saty until recently. Seig is the only known monster hobo that sleeps in the mountain, baths in the river, and gathers wild grass/leftover breadcrumbs for foods in Mid.

>not a hobo

Fuuka was working. She only recently became "homeless" when she was fired but quickly rectified it by joining the gym. Before she was at an orphanage.

It's all fun and games until you have to fight Abobo.

This was even worse than expected.

Does she always wear a tracksuit?

>probably October or November
>six months for BDs
>three months for subs


Like 95% of the time

Didn't the other 2 movies already have English subs on the disk? Should be the same with this.


>eighth note
>eighth rest
Does she practice an instrument in addition to schooling on little girls?

I want to share the popcorn with Sieg.

Of a sort

But Yukarin is dead?

>Movie 3rd is alive

We might not even be alive then

How can I get a date with the champion?

>people believe rumors based on yukarin making depressing tweets when she's been making them forever

Step 1 is to be a LITERALLY 99% perfect Aryan Goddess.

See me after the Starlight Breaker.

NanoFeito kissu or GTFO.

How are people so retarded they didn't notice Tamura was a major character in 4 shows last season? One of them was the meme of the year even.

This dude has it right.
The movies are supposed to be in universe portrayal of the events. They aren't shown because the TSAB doesn't want the involvement of a high ranking admiral in the book of darkness incident known.

plebs user


I'm still waiting for a GoD movie or tv series announcement. My hope will not fade away. It really needs to happen. Think about it, the Materials are incredibly cute and awesome, and they can breathe new life into franchise with the dimensional crossover event and giving us the Materials who are copies of the original who are their inverse opposes in personalities, which would be refreshing to see.

How would you really feel about the third movie bringing the Materials into canon

>or tv series announcement

I'm glad you still have hope. Hold it close user.

Xmas is two months away. Are you prepared, Cred Forums?

>Mizuki Nana's releasing a new album in December 21

My ears are readier than ready.

Yes, I am prepared to mourn the anniversary of Reinforce's death.

Every damn Christmas.


I pay my respects by pushing someone out of a wheelchair every year

I dropped off Nanoha after the second series, because I heard the rest of the material wasn't so great.
The movies a great point to jump back in?

Yeah, watch the first one at least

Oh, I will. S7 is seriously insane to miss out on potential profit that's to be gained by capitalizing on GoD. Set in an alternative timeline that follows a short time after A's, there's Nanoha, Fate, Hayate, the Wolkenritter, Materials, characters from Force, Vivid, and originals characters to GoD. It's best of all worlds and the fights are arguably the best in the franchise too.

>S7 is seriously insane to miss out on potential profit that's to be gained by capitalizing on selling more Nana Mizuki OP singles
And yet here we are.

Better hope it doesn't end up in the clutches of A-1 again. Serious question, are people really truly excited for this or just being stupid like a typical Cred Forums thread. Hard to tell but like really? I mean really?!

the two movies are basically a straight upgrade over their respective seasons, give or take some minor things

>are people really truly excited for this movie we've waited years for that we thought had been cancelled
Gee user, what do you think?

Serious question, are you retarded or just pretending?

This movie is to the Nanoha fanbase as Kizu is (was) to the Monogatari fanbase.

Let's not be hasty user

What if Reflection gets animated by A-1?
Also people have been excited for Movie 3rd since two thousand fucking twelve, user.

You're telling me Kizu is like the Reflections of monogatari?

Well shit, now I have to pick up where I left off. I hope you aren't fucking me.

>characters from Force, Vivid
Let's just skip those please. Keep the Materials, keep U-D if you want, but those three shouldn't be allowed to shit up more series than they already are.

Are you speaking ill of Einhart? I hope not. Thoma is whatever, but he has his role. It's not like he'll do something major.

I much prefer the TV series A's over the movie. The final battle was animated well, but too many things that rub me the wrong way.

Leading up to the final battle, Nanoha had her fight, Fate was in her dream and Hayate was drifting in and out of consciousness. In the movie, Fate escaped her dream first, then helped Nanoha defeat her opponent, which allowed Hayate to fully awaken. Except that took away from the overwhelming impact of watching all three girls independently overcome their struggle at the same time. You were then supposed to go from that high, to an intermission where everyone meets up again and then into the real final battle. The movie version of that series of event completely wrecked that rhythm and it just felt like the director was some amateur who cared more about showing what happened rather then showing it well.

>Are you speaking ill of Einhart?

The mindset of just going all out with no regard for anything left us with the travesty of StrikerS, which I'd rather not have happen again, especially since the BoA/GoD storyline is actually bursting with potential.

>the two movies are basically a straight upgrade over their respective seasons
No they are not.

So you're saying 7arcs cares more about the propaganda meme than making a good movie?

Oh shit, I didn't know it was going to be this season.

That's the only clothing she owns.

It seems that Ixy is finally awake.

>Sound Stage X ova never

He means in the sense of a hyped movie that was delayed for years with no news in the meantime

the movies were good. obviously, you'll get more out of the movie if you watched the first and second seasons first. the movies were made for fans, and as alternate retellings that do their own thing as well, with updated animation, they served their purpose.

>nobody gives a single damn about Vivid Strike
Maybe announcing the third movie right now wasn't the smartest idea.

You missed the thread earlier.

I think everyone knows that Vivid is shit.

3/4 of nearly 600 posts from the thread before this one was about Vivid Strike.


>the fights are arguably the best in the franchise
Stern vs Nanoha would be amazing.

The madness that was Chrono vs buffed up Nanoha though.

Alright fine I give up. Where's she from, the Strikers Sound Stages, the Vivid manga, or what?

Sound Stage X.

She's one of the Belkan kings, not the descendant, but the real deal herself from that era.
Her power involves kamikaze zombies.

Many thanks user, brb reading a drama CD

>Belka in charge of not blowing itself up

Because the Movie 2nd is shit screenplay/story wise? And your argumentation is falacious.

Well, she was only in charge of one of the nations.

Olivie's nation used the Saint Cradle so they got the "flying superweapon" part down.

Sounds like I missed the party. What was the general opinion on VS?

Even if they care, have you never seen a movie turn out badly? It needed to cut own time, that was the whole problem. It has butchered the plot for that reason.
No, the eventes weren't removed because they were unimportatnt or badly written, they were tossed because there was no time for them. There is a lot of difference there, user.

(There are some other changes/screenplay fuckups that could have been avoided though while still keeping the movie 2nd short.)

>movie 3rd confirmed for not dropped
>on 4chans birthday even
What a fucking gift, thank goodness.


Hahaha! What the hell am I looking at? Context?

Surprisingly decent. Music is needs some more work but the action is fine. The sparing scene is hilarious. Fuuka is good. Einhart is cute. Yumina is a homewrecker.

SSX is the one sound stage that is essential even when you normally don't give a damn about them.

What's a Harunyan? What did she mean by this?

Animation style a bit bad (the new characters look fine, but the old ones look bad). Background events between Vivid and Vivid Strike are a bit WTF, character changes and stuff.

The new characters look okay, Fuuka particularly looks fine, good voice too. Anime is going to e about "martial art athletes" but plot could be okay at least when dealing the the new characters.

Somebody did something to Einhart and replaced her with a weirdly acting version.

A nickname Seig gave me because she couldn't pronounce her name.

Just watched the episode myself, it already seems like a massive improvement over Vivid. The first episode animations (note: may not be indicative in any way of the rest of the show) were better than anything in the entire Vivid adaptation, although not stellar or anything. Writing seems hammy as fuck but at least there's some semblance of a story that doesn't involve angsting about history lessons that have nothing to do with anyone currently alive.

I really fucking hope that Fuka doesn't keep going down the hippie Hegemon path though.

Sieglinde called her that in Vivid once or twice. It doesn't make sense that Einhart used it no though.

Einhart a massive shit so I don't really see that as a downside.

Lots of bad taste ITT.

Einhart needs a shooting spell named Dankuuhou to go with her Dankuuken.

>Animation style a bit bad
Did Vivid rot your brain

If you disregard the memes, Vivid looks way better than this. Compare Corona, Rio, Vivio, Einhart too.

Frankly I don't get why people like this new look, unless it because Cred Forums universally hates anything Vivid so they have to compulsorily hype anything that looks different.

You could have just said yes

Strike is great because it showed off Yumina has a chest so flat she doesn't even wear a bra yet.

Vivid looked considering better than any previous Nanoha series. And that's including their dvd redraw versions.

I don't understand the meme that it looked bad

Nove barely even looks recognizable as Nove, what the hell went wrong there?

I wish 7arcs used style that was more close to how S1 and S2 looked. You know, those pretty eyes that later showed up in the Movies.

They changed her bangs for no readily apparent reason.

So its shit then. Good to know

All the money and reputation she earned got to her head. Also, she doesn't want to be called as "red Subaru" anymore.

>Somebody did something to Einhart
It's the massages and foods that Yumina feeds her.

Post more pictures guys...

I'm pretty sure any theoretical frame of Einhart that looks better than this in A1-vision is just because it was at an angle that they couldn't figure out what the terrible flat character designs were supposed to look like.

God just skimming through it is painful, how can anyone be stupid enough to think it looked good

Angles looked fine, except in some of the middle eps where they just fucked up because everything was quarity.

i hope and pray so. and hope and pray she isn't there just to fucking job

I'm not worried about quality since it's a movie and it will have proper QC before the release.

Meanwhile now.

You picked an eyecatch, those are higher quality.

Shit, are Cred Forums passes this old? I swear they were at most 3 years old.

Miura now.

Miura then.

>except in some of the middle eps
Every other scene in the first episode is QUALITY as shit. Everybody has fucked up unevenly slanted eyes because their shape makes no sense.

What were you trying to prove here other than your own blindness

Corona then.

Corona looks about the worst I think.

This needs no comment if you saw this ep I think (although Nove probably isn't focus of the budge in Strike).

Loli isnt allowed here

Shit for your sake I hope you don't watch Movie 3, you might die from seeing something that looks good.

>yfw this cool guy is forgotten/removed from the story for not being a girl.


Einhart then.

>tfw no Erio/Caro spinoff where they have to deal with dragons and shit

But in the Strike it doesn't even matter if the shots are quality, because there are almost none that look really good. So quality or standard look, who cares. Vivid has good art most of the time, if you aren't just specifically looking for bad frames like a retard.

>What were you trying to prove here other than your own blindness

I think I will file this under "no matter what you say, there will always be somebody claiming opposite on Cred Forums"

You know, usually when I watch something, I take svreenshots whenever the drawing is good. I have about 20-30 (rough guess) from when Vivid ep1 aired.
I made almost 7 from Strike, if you exclude the one from eyecatch and the ending/opening (I don't take caps there usually, but I was getting desperate).

Great another low budget film. Whats next VNs? LNs?

Just end nanoha already, we dont need a proper closure

Him and Yuno

>a mother fucking movie of all things
>of an expired, cockroach of a franchise
You are retarded.

That's inbetween frame you retard. You are doing the literary analogue of quoting stuff out of context.

>Vivid has good art most of the time
You receive an award for shooting my sides into orbit.

You are the retarded one.
Everyone knows ViVid looked like a pile of steaming garbage, no matter how hard you try to nitpick some first episode shots.
Hell, even their fanservice scene in swimsuit that was a long, panning shot looked like they were anorexic ugly hardly humanoid monsters.

All the lewd art in the world won't make Vivid good

StrikerS was at least as good as A's if not better.
But you're still not getting a hug.Gross.

You probably just wanted to hate it in advance and then just looked for material to support the view. I dig 7arcs style in movies and S1/S2 (StrikerS too, but that was less conistent), but I am not going to blindly say everything else is shit just because that. And not give them a free pass on lame art in VStrike now, because they were my favs in the past.

>literally lying on the internet
She holds that pose for over 5 seconds.

IIRC, Tea found a bondage book and gave it to Erio and Caro for some reason. Fate found out and well...

But it looks like a 300yen budget shit production, it was choppy as fuck and you no matter how unreasonable you try to make me look, it won't change.
ViVid looked like an absolute crap, objectively speaking. Truth.

>Everyone knows
Yeah, that really convinces people you are right, dude.
I'm not picking particularly hard, I have huge selection of screenshots from that (322, but that includes few lulzy ones. Vivid Strike has to improve though, if it wants to match that in 12 eps).

>Erio ends up inheriting all of Chrono's manly swagger and now plows Caro and Rider every day

In what world does good art involve having cheekbones that end in the middle of your eyes.

Or the bottom of your eyes being a third of the width of the top of them located entirely in the inside halves so that the pupils always look crosseyed.

Who is Rider? The dragon?

They can't even keep a consistent size for their face, my sides dear god.
It really is ugly

If you want to prove me wrong, post great looking frames from Vivid Strike that are not from the OP/ED or eyecatches (the drawing quality is significantly improved in those stills).

I usually don't come to these threads, but I stopped by to point out that Fate is truly the best girl.

Alicia is great too.

Stop replying.
That kid has to be trolling, or paid to lie.

>Erio ends up inheriting all of her mother's lewdness and now plows Erio and many of her kouhai every day

Not him, and I hate how Vivid Strike looks too, but that won't make Vivid any better, it was the worst looking crap I've seen in a while.

I'll be waiting. The scenes with Rinne are best I can find personally.

>paid to lie
You seriously think somebody would pay a shill on Cred Forums. Dude, get a hold of yourself or something.

>Just those two

Character page updated:

Reminds me of that doujin where Chrono gets used by the catgirls, Amy, then Admiral Letti and then admiral Lindy too. Only Fate is spared but he still gets flustered as fuck when she calls him oniichan "to get used to it", unaware what he went through before that.

>16 hours later and cant even reach max posts

This will be a much nicer death for the franchise than VS.

Like peacefully going to sleep instead of convulsions and fighting for the last breath.

I wish they hadn't player their hand with her so fucking fast. I mean it was going to happen but come on at least let us pretend she might just be a bitch.

Will we finally get a kiss?

Fate also said that "gomen" right away.

>(You) right now

Japanese fans would explode if that was true. A kiss would be perfect for reviving the franchise.

Rinne Berlinetta
>Blue Gerohni Middle School 1st year
>Style: Total Fighting
>Device: Skudelia
>Fuuka's childhood friend at the orphanage
>Chose to live a life of a martial artist and keeps winning in order to "get to a place where no one can look down on her"
>4 years ago, got adopted by the presidents of the the famous fashion brand Berlinetta
>DSAA world ranking: 1st place
>Is currently aiming to take the U15 champion throne from Einhart
>After their separation 1 year ago, her relationship with Fuuka has been worsening

Jill Stora
>Trainer at Frontier Gym
>Rinne's personal coach
>Former martial artist
>Strongly believes in a particular way of raising athletes, has been training Rinne using technologies and theories

he gets quite a bit of panel time in force.

it clearly would be the epilogue to end all epilogues

Didn't get his own device upgrade, either (like Vita).

Fate and Nanoha so far are the only lucky. Not even Hayate got that luxury.

From a story telling perspective you may be right, but from a marketing perspective is exactly the kind of thing they need to revive the interest.
You are gonna have Kizumonogatari 2.0, where despite being an expected release by many fans it doesn't sell as much as it should because of the long wait and retarded marketing decisions, if they don't do something.


Teana and Signum got new stuff too. And Caro got fotress-like shields I think, but that was probably not unique device.

My waifu > your waifu

Fuuka's page also got updated.
>Live-in part-timer at Nakajima Gym
>Style: Hegemon style (apprentice)
>Came from an orphanage.
>Is living at her part-time work place after leaving the orphanage
>1 year ago, parted way with her once very dear childhood friend Rinne because of an unexpected disagreement
>Fought and lost to the martial artist Rinne
>Been living a wild life since but then, met the U15 champion Einhart Stratos and got her talent in martial arts acknowledged
>Works at Nakajima Gym as an athlete and live-in part-timer while trying to get stronger in order to face Rinne again
>Looks up to Einhart as her master, and is learning the Hegemon style techniques
>Serious and straightforward, will speak politely to even the people younger than her if they are her senpai

everyone got AEC gear by now. except fate, she got a 5th gen device instead since elemental magic is effective against the eclipse effect. RH got a minor modification with standalone flight mode.

Teana and Signum's got AEC units like the rest and they'll be mass produced once tested. By the last chapter Wendy also had an AEC-Oxtongue just like Teana's. It shouldn't be long before someone else had it's own recolor of Signum's AEC-Gladiator.

Do him and Caro fuck at least there?

that happens in the same chapter as the nanofate kissing scene.


Btw, if anyone care, the reason why there are no weapon or beam user in the U15 and why the ring there is so small is because the U15/16/whatever Spring and Winter Cups are classified as "hand to hand combat competition". Meanwhile, the Inter-middle is classified as "general magic combat competition".

it sucks anyway. and i'm not even watching it.

But Signum's sword got upgraded too.
What do you think?

I'll take the bait. Think a Gundam show, but with magical girls instead of mechas.


>hey we all have actual magic but let's not even bother using it or utilizing it in any interesting ways
>also anyone who even tries to have an interesting skillset that isn't just punch harder can get fucked
Kill me.

There's a cup especially for Strike Arts users, and a tournament where anything goes. I don't see how that's weird. There's probably a tournament for weapon users and/or pure magic users that we'll never get to see floating out there somewhere.

How do I get into this series?

Print out the subtitles for the first series and read them while watching a fight scene montage from Gundam.

>RH got a minor modification with standalone flight mode
I really, REALLY want Raising Heart to say OPTION

start at episode 1


I think we will need to update it with vivid strike.

Laevatein? When?

Start with Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, then Movie the 1st to shake off the funk, then MSLN A's, MSLN StrikerS, watch the Movie 2nd to savor the last good Nanoha animation, take a deep breath, forget everything you just saw, and dive into MSLN ViVid and ViVid Strike.

There's probably a tournament for support mages as well

Well, if it didn't get mods, it wouldn't be able to fight the huckfucks. I can't find exact mention, but you can see there are some new elements/mods on poor Laevatein.

Oh my. So what is this supposed to be about?

Why do all my favorite things keep getting more seasons and movies?
Does god love me?

Thinking about the ways "Reflection" could stand for "from first kiss, going out, to first night together with my Prince Feito-chan and becoming a woman".

>pro-StrikerS fags are just anti-loli fags
StrikerS was a mistake.

I'd give Nanoha something that's Raging Hard, if you catch my drift.

Sometimes I wonder what happened when Nanoha left Earth. Did she just go to her parents "Mom, Dad, I'm actually a magical girl and I found a job at the Time-Space Administration Bureau on planet Midchilda. By the way, the is my wife Fate" ?

didn't meant to quote

loli fans should be institutionalized

Well, she told her family about the magical girl stuff when she was still young, then moved off world when she was older from memory

Her family is like a clan of murderers so it's not like she's telling them anything unbelievable

Didn't she tell them about the magical girl stuff at the end of A's already?
I would surely love to see how they would react to Vivio and both, Nanoha and Fate, being her mamas.

The only way for the series to end is with Fate and Nanoha recounting their adventures and both fondest and most bitter memories, culminating with Fate proposing to a tearful buy smilling Nanoha. The ending credits are photographs of their wedding, attended by all of their friends and families. Playing over is the sweetest song ever written, a duet with Nana and Yukarin.

Oh yeah I forgot that. Still, I'd love to see how the discussion went.
And I don't really put "being a ninja" and "being a magical girl that works for aliens" on the same level of believableness, but okay.

>a duet with Nana and Yukarin.
You had me until this part, it already happened but it wasn't that good, their voices doesn't mesh well.

Even if it makes sense it means that fights will be pretty boring.

To be fair, the majority of Nana duets I have heard are a let down. She is a hard one to pair.

Force weapons are horrible. I hope they never appear again after this crap got cancelled.

If they wanted to go full mecha musume they should just introduce some new school of magic that uses it. Not give everyone stupid oversized mecha weapons.

Sounds pretty fucking gay.

Nanoha is not the type to slowly wither away in a rocking chair thinking of fond memories. she'll go out with a bang of cosmic proportions.

>a tournament where anything goes
Makes me wonder what would happen if Lutecia summons all of her bugs and that giant white dragon onto the stadium.

She's a mom and kinda responsible person, so no, she won't, if she can choose.

The post credits scene can be a live action pan out from Yukarin's grave

Listen to her duets with:
Nishino Kana
Masaaki Endoh
Masami Okui
T.M Revolution
Hirahara Ayaka
Hideaki Tokunaga

But yeah, it's pretty hard to be her duet partner.
Hell, sometimes she sings the song better than the song writer/artist him/herself.

I feel bad for laughing at this joke.


>she'll go out with a bang of cosmic proportions.
Just make them have to fight a group of terrorists in the middle of their wedding while still in wedding dresses, that's how you go out with a bang.

>Nishino Kana
Didn't really like those.

>T.M Revolution
I liked that.

>Masami Okui
My favorite out of what I have heard.

>Masaaki Endoh
>Hideaki Tokunaga
>Hirahara Ayaka
When did this happen?

I think Bayonet Charge with Ayahi also ended up nicely.

>kinda responsible
>the girl that believes she's never trying hard enough
She's a sociopath that forces her will on her enemies and will befriend them by any means necessary.

She'll never lie down peacefully.

She got to sang duet twice with Nishino Kana, one better than another. Her duet with Miyano wasn't bad either, but he doesn't have enough power and Nana sang his song better than him. A common problem shared by many others like Hirano Aya and Ali Project. The one with Hocchan in Anisama was pretty bad though.

You're missing out man. Nana and Ayaka Jupiter was amazing.
vk com/video-50746834_165872368?list=7c46ec108e01e789e5
Nana sings duets with people annually because she joins music festivals and she often shows in TV lately.

Masaaki Endoh did a duet with Nana singing Eternal Blaze in Anisama/Animelo before.

Oh, wrong youtube link.
Her Miyano duets doesn't sound that good. It always feels like Nana's holding back or something like that.

She's trying to match Miyano and goes deeper as their duet goes. Her Scarlet Knight was great as usual but things kinda fall apart when she sang Miyano song.

Is it Nana worshipping time?

Those two are great, Jupiter specially.
Have any link for the Eternal Blaze duet? I can't find it anywhere and it sounds like something amazing.

>boo hoo my childhood friend is stronger than me now!
>now she looks down on me and even beat me up in a fight!
Oh come on.
Anybody can see what these misunderstandings are really about.
>what do you mean she became stronger so I wouldn't get hurt protecting her anymore?

www facebook com/video.php?v=781929411858063
best i got

It's cliche but I love it.

Who did white hair girl lose to?

The titular character.

Is it just me or is the new MC dumb as a rock?
She was protesting loudly how she didn't want to learn martial arts but then the gym set up this incredibly obvious bait (you need a job, right? -> here's your new job, become our sparring partner! -> are you frustrated about losing? -> follow my instruction and you'll win!) and she fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

Just as I thought it sounds amazing. Thanks user, it is even better than I expected.

>vk com/video-50746834_165872368?list=7c46ec108e01e789e5
Is that girl actually giving Nana a run of her money in terms of voice power?
I think this is the first time I see a female artist do that.

I think there's a lot of mainstream artists who can beat/on par with Nana. Especially the old ones.
Most of the anime-based female singers are too high-pitched so they can't really beat Nana in terms of range.

How about we talk about how good Nana looks on the top of a mecha?

Hirahara Ayaka was born in musical family, and she's younger than Nana. Think of Ayahi, but mainstream and has been successful since Nanoha aired on TV.

Man this thread devolved into shit.

Did not expect her skirt to be that short when I saw Glorious Break on the digest. Her white costume when she sang Never Let Go was great though.

I wouldn't be so sure about that, it depends a lot on the kind of music they sing. Pop artists are normally not known for having powerful voices for example.

Can we talk about Koushien? Live Park was out of this world. Nana said when she sang Brave Phoenix in that heavy rain she thought of Fate that have battled through storm. BD when.

every MC need their own notFate

I liked her first costume the most.

I have heard the heavy rain began on Eternal Blaze and came at its strongest during Brave Phoenix. Maybe it was a special kind of blessing for the third movie.

The white haired girl is the notFate here

>Playing sax with all of her force while it's storming outside
Too damn based.

The body double for Frontier was great too. Yeah, It started getting heavier in Eternal Blaze from the drizzle but everything just pour down by the time Brave Phoenix started. Normally her sunny day girl power was so strong they scare away any kind of rain. She lost this time, but damn if she didn't fucking own that concert.

>cute body
>can fuck your shit up with barely any effort

Need I say more?

>singing and playing the sax under a stormy night
Looks like the last concert was even better than normal. I can't begin to imagine the levels of hype it reached.

>remember all those people thinking we we're a pair, Nanoha?
>yeah, that was gay as fuck
Perfect end.

Nana can play sax? What other talents do plebs like me don't know about

Are we on MAL?

Sword in Oic related isn't Laevatein. That's the Gladiator unit aka. the ugly thing they gave Signum in replacement.

>culminating with Fate proposing to a tearful buy smilling Nanoha
But that can't happen because they're already married before ViVid or they wouldn't be able to adopt Vivio together. It's in Japan's laws. You're so disrespectful of the characters and not a true fan.

If Tsuzuki had balls he would either make them kiss on screen to fuck all the yurihaters or pair them up officialy with random faceless dudes to give yuri and/or waifufags a heartattack in it.

fuck you

The movie is almost guaranteed to take place before Vivid, so the timing for their wedding fits.

It's 2016 so yes

She knows basic tap dancing and once played the harp in concert, she got one note wrong and had to repeat one part of the song though.

>It's in Japan's laws. You're so disrespectful of the characters and not a true fan.

7th Dan in calligraphy, plays piano and harp, can ride those two wheelie thingy after falling down couple of times.

He's so predictable, isn't he.

>Einhart a massive shit
delete this

She's like 14 and doesn't go to school, how smart do you think she is

She was able to pick up the Hegemon style in a matter of minutes.

Is this show doing a good job making us caring about the story of two who-gives-a-shit characters?

Aside from what has already been said, she has two Guinness Records and posses a very high endurance constantly shown during her concerts.

Holy shit. How can Yukarin even compare?

So then she's Goku.

>Season 1
>can skip it with The Movie 1st
>The Movie 1st manga being worth reading
lol this is garbage

That one originated from Nove teaching Ein how to split river. Then Ein modifies it into her own original Hegemon style in her first battle with Nanoha. It's a very simple move, unlike Nanoha style.

She can't And now you know where her depression came from.

>StrikerS was a mistake.
And you realize this now?

>she has two Guinness Records
Which are?

>>Season 1
>>can skip it with The Movie 1st
>>The Movie 1st manga being worth reading
All that is the common opinion though.

I like lolis and StrikerS.

They were both achieved together with her fanbase.

I haven't seen most anons actually first season bad and that isn't what the chart says either. It says that the first couple of chapters are boring but that it gears up after a while.

Common opinion is also that StrikerS is good, so I'm not sure how reliable this "common opinion" thing is.

She had the second place on money made yearly some years ago as far as seiyuus go, she isn't in a bad position or anything.

Is Fuka a wind mage?

So they just going to retcon the manga and give us two more new girls? sigh at least the new girl is kind of based

also why we don't have teenagers or even kids practicing MMA, that sounded UFC or some fight promotion would draw a lot of cash from

agreed. Reading remake/AU mango with not particularly exquisite art (but maybe the style is just lost on me?) and skipping the original of orginals... dumb. But hey, such is this age and humanity.

>So they just going to retcon the manga
No. AFAIK, Vivid Strike takes place one year after the latest chapter of the Vivid manga.

so technically einhart won against jeremiah and became champ? i really need to catchup with the rest of series and spoilers for vivid

in other note is Force cancelled?

>in other note is Force cancelled?
It's still "in hiatus". But come on, we already know what that actually means.

Unofficially canceled, yeah. Making a public announcement about Force's cancellation would be bad marketing for the franchise in general.

Not known, but at least she has once owned everyone in an under-15 tournament.

They should do duets more often. Both sound pretty good together, almost a perfect fit.

well just ask endoh do more nana song cause part of the reason is cause Endoh's cover of the song

I expected a couple of instruments not the second coming of Jesus in Japanese. Damn.

Why would you let your kids practice martial arts where they can get hurt? Just teach them how to use guns.

I hate my country most of the time

How did le invincible white hair girl lose to fucking Vivio of all people

Hard work and guts can't beat an ancient, powerful bloodline.

>of all people
Vivio is only useless when it's necessary to drag Vivid out for 15 years

Kyouya's girlfriend is a vampire.
The Takamachi family is used to weird shit.

That card game.

At least if we pretend the Triangle Heart continuity matters (Arisa would have to be dead as Shiro, so, not really).

Have you ever considered that you're the one who's wrong?

>Arisa would have to be dead as Shiro, so, not really
That Arisa has a different last name than the one in Nanoha continuity, so whether they're meant to be the same person is up in the air.

Wrong about what? Unless you want to argue that the day sky is actually purple.

How do you tell the Red Joker from the Black Joker?

I look at it as TH continuity is the same as Nanoha, unless it contradicts it, like Shiro being dead in TH, but alive in Nanoha

Well more like the obvious: it is different variant of the story/setting, since Nanoha isn't a spinoff, but a series borrowing elements/material from the older one.

Since the third movie supposedly takes place between A's and StrikerS, I wonder if it will be a chronicle of the events mentioned where Nanoha was severely injured.

ALso, we'll get to see some more tactical-level befriending finally.

Yeah, but imagining that stuff like Shinobu still being a vampire, or that the maids are still robots, makes the setting more interesting, even if it never comes up in the story. So as long as it's never contradicted that's what I'm going to continue to do.

Well yeah, almost Touhou. But given how lose the ties are and that Nanoha did it with ponytail Chrono, Lindy being a pixie and so on, you can't really take the connection seriously. It is fun to look at it even if it is a parallel version of the world.

>you can't really take the connection seriously
Maybe YOU can't.
I feel like it's been forever since I got to use this image

Well, is Nanoha's dad dead or isn't, in S1/S2/etc? Is he dead in Triangle Heart?

For me, that clearly shows the two aren't compatible. I don't see anything that would be complicated/controversial in that. Of course, you can keep your preferred interpretations, I don't have anything against that.


I'm not saying they are 1:1 the same, but if something isn't contradicted, I see no reason NOT to carry it over.


stop that shit

See you next time.


I'm British mate it's just natural language to me.

It's too bad this didn't canonically happen. Would have been a better fate for Arf than just outright disappearing.

Bye user

You mean right now? There's already another thread.

If you are gonna post porn, at least post loli porn to make it worth anything.

Well, if you look at the fictional world, obviously not every fact about it is state. You are supposed to fill in the rest (that the author didn'T say explicitly) based on reasonable expectations.

One of the most reasonable expectations that authors usually implicitly count on is that when stuff takes place on earth, the setting mostly matches earth except for stuff that is explicitly shown to differ. Nanoha shows that there is TSAB, magic, interdimensional travel - but not ghosts, robots, vampires on earth.

The question here is if the right material to infer from is our actual world, or Triangle Hearts.
For you, it is the latter, for me, it is the former, I think it is the more resonable expectations.

There is the bit about Shiro having scars, but since there contradictions at the same time (him being alive), I think the stuff carried over is limited.

So Shiro probably had the same occupation as in TH in the past, but Miyuki is not a ninja etc.

It's not porn, Zaf didn't visibly stick it in. Yet.

Damn, you guys will kill me.