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I hope Mitsuo Iso comes back soon.

Excuse me, where is the nearest shrine?


This show bored me to tears.

I think somethings wrong with me.

How long until AR becomes good enough to augment entire cities with glasses?

Not long at all. Certainly within the upcoming decade, maybe within 5 years.

If there was ever a case to present anime as a piece of art, Dennou Coil was it. Pedobait aside, Satchii was scary as shit.
I loved it as the exploration of childish fantasy.

I wish I was born young enough to explore the VR world like in this anime.

He's working on something with the french right now.

Not quite that fast. Google glass failed miserably, it'll take some years more to get over that, otherwise it recoils to any other attempt at AR eyewear.
Got to wait for smartphones to develop. When they star to eschew traditional form wearable technology will follow soon after.

Hololens exists. Not to mention Magic Leap.

That is one creepy dodo bird.

Has there ever been another show where everything related to the plot is mediocre at best, but the filler stands out and shines?

Fuck you, man. The plot twist was pretty cool.

Really? It retroactively ruined the show for me.

There's like one episode of filler.

I quite enjoyed it. I wished it had more episodes focused on the other characters.

There could have been a whole 26 episodes about the investigative agency before even starting the plot and it would have been good.

What room does the smartphone have for development? I don't see how its capabilities can increase without it becoming a completely different device.

Microprocessors can still become more efficient and reduce in size at the same time. 5 nm technology is still expected in the close future. Devices will become considerably more powerful.
Things such as flexible screens are being developed.
Power efficiency of portable devices is an important matter, it's under constant revision and research.
And yes, at some point they will become completely different devices. That's when we start to get into Dennou Coil