Read or die

>final novel after 10 years
>possible new anime
>a-1 pictures

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The original OVAs were the only good things.

The manga is pretty good too.

Well, rip thread.

I've seen the anime, OVA and read the manga (both which were translated).

What's there not finished to the story? I thought the TV series has a perfect ending (not so good otherwise..) and the OVA is gorgeous and a lot of fun.

But ultimately it doesn't really have a plot anymore, does it? Just episodic shit at this point, because the TV series just literally ties it all up very nicely.

Iirc the LNs take place before the manga. Dunno if they are even translated. I watched the OVA and read the manga years ago. The series is ancient at this point.

meh, I can hardly say I am interested. If only just for some well animated fight scenes, if we get those. But if they make a TV series, then chances are slim it will even have good animation.

I liked the OVA+ TV series combination and I honestly didn't like the manga.

It's gonna be a disaster most likely unless it gets a proper budget. But I have no idea how popular this series is in nipland. Having it descend into some qualidea code-tier side project would be just bad.

I'm in, on the condition of more Anita.

I needed to post this.

The sisters aren't in the novels tho.

How can a retard be this sexy.

Cool. The OVAs were cool, even if they were a little rough around the edges, so


Fucking nip sites are so hard to navigate. I can't find any info.

And apparently theres some edge alternate universe version.


I fucking knew there was a new anime coming out. God bless hope.

So this means I get more content of my waifu? This makes me an incredibly happy man. Now if only we can get the novels localized.

Hopes lowered. Prepare for QUALITY Or Die

I wonder whether they'll build upon the oav+tv continuity. They tv series kinda fucked all the oav characers over in some way.

>a-1 pictures

I'm roughly google translating the interview and it seems the author is barely holding together or some shit.

>The original OVAs were the only good things.
And the anime studio actually went WAY beyond the normal quality they were expecting to deliver. But because of that, they refused to make the TV series, as they simply can't handle the expectations of replicating what the OVA had.

>A-1 Pictures
They gave us Sora no Woto, it could be semi-decent.

Kurata seems to have trouble with a lot of projects but he always has a bunch of interesting concepts. I wonder if this will be like Hellsing Ultimate where it follows the source material more closely, would be nice having an old fashioned OVA style series with the new R.O.D anime and each episode being about 40 minutes or so.

Would love a new anime!
She my waifu and always have been.

don't think a-1 will put the effort in this though
hell look at how shitty p5 animation stuff (even in game) was

We're going to have to settle this my man, one way or the other, I say reading contest but fantastic taste nonetheless.

I don't really want to wait an eternity for every episode like with Hellsing.

What would a date with Yomiko be like?

>OVA is by Deen
>TV by JC staff
>it looked good, important scenes awesome

Did they do anything recently that didn't suck balls? Wouldn't it be better if they get it? With A-1 I cannot even imagine the abominable look of cg paper.

First waifu. Only waifu before I realized how dumb the concept was. Still a sweet character and a constant reminder that I don't read enough.

>Did they do anything that didn't suck balls

Sora no Woto
Space Brothers
Servant x Service
Your Lie in April
Shinsekai Yori
Silver Spoon

Those are the things I've genuinely enjoyed which they've put out.

>watch this somewhere in 2005
>absolutely fell in love with Anita
>full autism mode my 15yo self couldn't even comprehend
>including printing her picture and taping it to my pillow. pls don't laugh
>get to the second half of the show
>she fucking gets mindbreaked in every other episode
It hurts every time I rewatch.

I meant if the shows were good animation-wise. Shinsekai yori fell apart in a QUALITY fest. Most likely because SAO was airing at the same time and it stole all their staff.

Yomiko was my first waifu, before the term was even popularized.

Excuse the misinterpretation then since I've barely slept at all today due to flu. How are the BD transfers since I downloaded them a while ago? I think I used AHQ for the DVD version but I've been meaning to watch my waifu's series again sometime soon.

Also does anyone think it would be neat if they ever get round to making a Franken Fran anime, I know impossible, that The Paper Sister's seiyuus should voice Fran and her sisters? Since I can actually imagine them doing decently at the jobs. It's also who I imagined when reading along on my first time.

Do you mean the version that popped on nyaa a while ago? The sauce BDs must've been pretty bad. Obvious upscale althought it allright most of the time. Theres some jagged lines sometimes.

Would you a Nenene?

I'd rather a Yomiko but Nenene is great too, loved how ballsy she was in situations.

Didn't every character have semi-lewd official promo art?

Literally the only sane character in a sea of idiots.


I need high res of all of these!

Here's Hisa's BTW.

>Tfw you'll never become friends with The Paper Sisters over your love of books

I watched the TV show for Anita.

If it isn't on konachan, it is either buried on some old anime wallpaper site or simply doesn't exist.

Damn you, internets.

>nenene will never read your b-grade stories

She's my one of my daughterus.

Would you allow you're daughteru to experience the purest form of love?

>You'll never marry Yomiko and live happily. spending eternity just cuddling by a roaring fireplace, getting lost in a good book together while a strong scent of tea wafts through the air

I usually hate yuri with a passion, but her love was so fucking hones I couldn't even.

Heres a bigger one.

Why even live?

Here's Yomiko's promo.

I want to snuggle with her and read books together. It looks so warm and cozy.

+10 Internets!

You are a gentleman and a scholar sir.

Heres the un-cancerfiltered.

Thank you for helping me fix my image folder!
So many good images ITT.




I remember this combat scene. Nobody does loli combat pansu shots anymore.
It's all magic gravity defying skirts.

I want to tenderly love a Yomiko

Makes me happy there are people on Cred Forums who still care about R.O.D

>a-1 pictures

We live in a bad era.



I loved them, but they ceased in the later episodes of the show.

I watched the OVA's recently, but didn't have the heart to go through the TV series
Is it worth doing so now?

Birth: ???

Interesting, they never really state who Yomiko's parents are in the series, I'm guessing it is irrelevant outside her being half Japanese and English but I imagine she's the result of an experiment of some kind.

I know Cred Forumsnon, I know.

The Paper Sister's eccentric personality make up for how boring it is but it has some awesome concepts here and there.

This book really is great, you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy if you're a fan of the franchise.

Yomiko and some old cast appears later. The first half is Sol and some missions. Second half the plot and sufferring kicks in.

This whole scene after that was like fucking being stabbed in the heart.

Since I doubt they'll be able to get Yomiko's old seiyuu back to voice her, who would be a good replacement? I honestly could see Asakawa Yuu doing a good job.

This up to the scene in the forest is the exact moment I realized what a great actress Chiwa Saito is.

>you thought it's over?
>here, let some artifact almost kill you

Why wouldn't they get her back?

Did Michelle want to /ss/ with Junior?

Is she even doing any work at the moment? I actually haven't checked what roles she's been in but I'd say a 50/50 chance.

I've got the urge to hunt down and play ElePaperAction again.

MAL says Yomiko is literaly her only role. And I have never heard about this person before ROD.

Oh god, is it that side scrolling game?

Yeah. Though I remember being frustrated by the shmup section of stage 4.

I'm going to bed now, sad that I'll never wake up next to Yomiko then spend the entire day bookshopping with her then coming back home, discussing our new purchases then reading them together as we cozy up together.

Everyone wanted to /ss/ with Junior.

Who could blame them?

>literally male Rei


Btw does anyone know what is the pixiv tag for the things she has in hair?

I want to fuck him.

It is her only voice role.
She was a J-pop star back in the early 90's.

After this, she started to read books...
Maybe something of the old guy was imprinted on her.

I rwad somewhere that the show makers at first wantrd juniorXanita, but midway realize it was boring and make him go nuts over big boobs old sister...

I wonder how Joker ended up. He got fucked pretty hard, but didn't die and at the end was able to walk again.

>going nuts

Didn't he asked Michelle at one point to leave everything behind and escape with him?

The shine came back into his eyes in the epilogue so I assume he recovered.

I mean is he some wise sage now? He must've absorbeb a lot.

Sonny Wong was fucking harsh!

Where the hell did this nigga even come from? Was he in the novels or only in the TV anime?

I don't know but he was one bad mother fucker!

>a new anime project is "under consideration."


There should've been a crossdressing episode.

I wonder if I can dig out her songs from the depths of internet.
The 2nd ED is one of my fav anime songs ever.

God, I absolutely love Yomiko. Best girl, best waifu.

The band's name was Coco. Start from there.

Meant for:
She was quite luscious back in the day.

>irl Nancy

>This shota stayed with big boobs Michelle while his mom is away looking for answers of her pass
The last thing we saw of them was she asking him to let her give him a haircut...
Who knows what lewd thing they will do...

>Page 10

Why to doujin mangaka always draw shotas with female hips. Who do they think they're fooling?
There is an anatomical difference between a young boy and a young girl with a dick.

I fucking love Read or Die and have the printed manga releases and the OVA. I don't believe I've read the novels though. How are they and are there any good translations?

Fucking shotas, always getting the best stuff.

Are they even translated at all?

There's one chapter of volume 1 on bakatsuki.

The last book finally came out? That's news enough as is

I'll always have a soft spot for these girls

Hopefully the new stuff is watchable at least.

I get you 100%