Hello friends. Let's listen to some cool weeb tunes. Check that filename if you wanna tune in

Hello friends. Let's listen to some cool weeb tunes. Check that filename if you wanna tune in.

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I take requests, but please don't feel bad if yours doesn't get played. I'm trying to make a cohesive set, yeah?
Oh, and please keep it Cred Forums related.

Hello! Can I have some real folk blues?

Lemme peep that Cold Finger Girl

Sure! Got some jazzy tunes first, though.
When/if it gets more upbeat, for sure!

Hey, long time no see.
/r/ing Moe Jazz - Secret Base ~10 years after ver.~

Got it! Haven't listened to that version in forever.

these threads remind me of the old Cred Forums times
thank you lawrell

Glad you're enjoying yourself. We just recently restarted doing these threads on Fridays/Saturdays, usually one for both days.
Do you happen to know what happened to r/a/dio threads on Cred Forums, by the way?

Banned due to A) Siztra and his IRC pals, and B) r/a/dio threads got very spammy and offtopic, to be honest.
Mods allow them once in a while, although I can't remember when, at least for New Years though.

r/a/dio now has threads on cripplechan or meguca, depending on the DJ.

Midnight Blues pretty please.

/r/ stardust pipeline

I see. I guess you can't keep something nice for long when it gets so popular.
Do you have a YouTube/DDL link in handy?
Got it - for when it'll get more upbeat.

Sure mate




The feels when I remember back to this track...

Can I get some Round table ft Nino - Let me be with you?

Sure! Stream is heading towards a more upbeat direction as we speak.

Could I get the Platina Jazz version of Insterstellar Flight?


Just to make sure, that's Seikan Hikou from Macross F, right?

You got it

Maaya Sakamoto - DOWN TOWN
Junk Fujiyama - Hoshikuzu no Pipeline
Brenda Vaughn - Reveal the World
Kazumi Tateishi Trio - Arrietty's Song
Rasmus Faber - プラチナ 「カードキャプターさくら」
Ootake Kaoruko - MARTINI ~Seiren Sareta Mono~ ~精錬されたもの~
STUDIO TRAM - secret base ~君がくれたもの~ (10 years after Ver.)
Noriyuki Iwadare - Godot ~ The Fragrance Of Dark Coffee
SaXi - her favorite things

/r/ Mathemagics!

Hello friendo.
Got it!

What can we get for you today, Cred Forums?

Was in Doc's thread (till I passed out) and this afternoon I couldn't figure out why Bot-sama wasn't random...

r/ neko no kimochi - Yoko Kanno plz DJ san

/r/ Mayaa Sakamoto - That is to Say

/r/ Platinum Disco

f you wanna stay up until you pass out again, I'll be doing an overnight stream later, at another radio. I'll tweet about it @dj_lawrell
Do you happen to have a download link in handy?
Got it!


does that work for you?

Anyone have a download link to the song playing right now?

Got it, thanks.
Witch Activity? Should be on Gendou or nyaa.

Sorry to have kept you waiting, mate!

/r/ take your pick(s)

Sorry, just couldn't pick a favorite. The anons can decide what they would like to hear if you don't feel like going through all this.

It aiight
shit down

/r/ Buck Tick - Kagerou

To be honest I just don't see what people like about platinum disco. It sounds a bit like a christmas song imo.

/r/ing Gallop by Pe'zmoku

/r/ Tsurupettan by IOSYS, or if that won't work for you then:
/r/ 'Dear You' from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
(any version is fine)

I actually played Martine off the same OST earlier! I'll queue some more, then.
Got both of these in the queue - it's calming down right now but I'll try to get the tempo back up.
Most people (including me) think it's just catchy as hell. Also the OP animation is fun.
Heh, maybe I'll play Tsurupettan. Dear You is a-ok.

I'll have a fringe weaver.

Play me something sad

r/ one more time, one more chance for this man.

keep up the good work m8

The original Tsurupettan is from Silver Forest - did you mean to request that, or is there an IOSYS version that I don't know of?
In any case, a download link would be appreciated, if you have one.

Is Va11 hall a weeb?

Sorry, I had just assumed it was IOSYS. No, I guess they don't have a version that I'm aware of.

A bit, but it's chill as fuck. Mixing drinks and chatting to clients, they tell you the story as it happens in the world you inhabit.

I want to play "there something about us" from daft punk pls?

I've never heard this song before, but now I need to download I guess I'm downloading Sakamoto Maaya's discography.
Thanks user, and thanks Lawrell.

/r/ing Waltz by Suneohair


That specific song is on her Follow Me Up album. Let me know if you can't find it and I can upload it for you

I guess Interstellar 5555 is Cred Forums. Alrighty then.
It's our based goddess Maaya, after all.


Looks like it's on jpopsuki, so no problem, but thank you.
Speaking of which, I have a few jpopsuki invites kicking around if anyone wants one.

I guess I missed it, didn't I?

/r/ Ai Oboete Imasu Ka, or, on the off-chance you have it, Kaze no Lullaby (from Megazone 23)

I'll take one if you got an extra

Shieeet this song always gives me chills

Sure, just give me an email to send the invite me.

Yes you did. It was a bit worse than I remembered though. I guess my tastes changed a bit ever since I discovered Moe Jazz.

Also I'm the requester not Lawrell in case it's not apparent.

Thanks, user


>Jun Maeda - Nagisa~Saka no Shita no Wakare
You're making me cry OP

Yes, it's pretty weeb.
The hate myself for liking anime kind of weeb.

Yeah, I got the first one.
I honestly never liked the whole thing that much, but there are still some gems in there, for sure.
Blame this guy

r/Girls dead monster - highest life

if you have it m8.

I'm after feels this evening now.

Do I need a non throwaway email for one?

I hadn't heard that name in months, maybe years
I really hope that wasn't a summon of sorts

Nah, a throwaway email should work.


What? It's super comfy.

Haha, I hope so too.
He got doxxed at some point, and I think that scared him straight a little, because that's the last I remember of him.

Oh, ok.
Then can I get one, please?

Just got it. Should be playing soon.

[email protected]

Forgot the email.

/r/ Shiki no Uta for those anons that want feels.

You're doing god's work brother. Thanks

>Satsuki Yukino - You
Wait, for years I was calling it "Dear You" but it's actually "You"?
I feel like such an idiot.

Just got it.
Thank you user!

There are different versions, I think, and the names switch between the two.

It's... both, I think? I have a collection of covers and they're all tagged as Dear You.

That Alice needs to calm down.

/r/ Shoes of Glass - Kanako Itou

Can I have one?
[email protected]

Missed Mogra but got back in time for Lawrell.
/r/ the third best Aria song - Kami to Hairpin to Watashi

/r/ Theme from Lupin III '97 (Readymade 440 remix)

rupan is a nice guy, I promise

Can i get one too?

[email protected]

Thank you very much.

Got it! I think it's going to be a bit more upbeat soon though, so please be patient.
First two songs better be Lumis Eterne and Undine.
I'm surprised that I have that. Oh well, queued up.

Let's get fired up then, can I start off with Granrodeo - Modern Strange Cowboy?

OH SHIT nigga I missed you
play some haruka nakamura

/r/ing Ice - Theme of Puella Magi

/r/ Konosuba OP
/r/ Planetes ED or OP take your pick
/r/ Mob Psycho 100 ED
/r/ any Jojo OP

/r/ Zessei Bijin

Hey! I just wanna tell you that I never actually went anywhere, I still stream at the same time. It just so happens that the threads were gone for a while.
As for your request, as much as I love Haruka Nakamura, please try to keep the /r/s Cred Forums related, if you can!
Could I get a link, please?
I could do some of those.
Best ED. Got it.


Also: /r/s are flooding in, and I queued pretty much all of them up. They might not be played in the order that they were requested, to keep a good flow.
Keep them coming in, but I'll have to close requests at some point.

Men of true taste I see.

I meant this one

/r/ Top wo Nerae 2! DIEBUSTER OP 「Groovin' Magic」

Ok, then
How about some Arc En Ciel? GTO pls

Damnnn I'm pumped now!!!! Let's go!!!

Man I'm hype for the next season of this show


/r/ The Alfee - Boy

Even though Bleach was shit at this point

Gotta love the EDs

Whoa, I remember listening to that years ago. Do you know if this is from an album, or was this a one-off on YT/NND?
Yeah boi!
Sure! Love that one.
Got it!
I think the same can be said about all of the Big 3, really. Gotta love me some Nurutu OPs.

/r/ Kuchizuke by Buck-Tick

/r/ 星屑のパイプライン, the insert song from Space Dandy ep. 6.

That song is pretty great. Good /r/ my dude.
Got it! Almost played it earlier, actually.

'ere we go bois

>Whoa, I remember listening to that years ago. Do you know if this is from an album, or was this a one-off on YT/NND?
Pretty sure it was created by a user on NND.

Already played, unfortunately!
Ah, alright. Guess I'll have to YT rip it.

While were at that... I think Active Heart would work quite well with the songs currently playing.

I'm trying to sleep, try playing more comfy music, aight? Goodnight

Sounds good to me!
Stay tuned, whether you're going to sleep or not! I'll be ending with a comfier block.

There goes my timing with these, how about some NHK then? Natsu no Nichi ni Youkoso or Kagerou Ressha for transitioning into slower stuff sometime from now.


I can't fucking stand how I notice him taking little breaths between every line now
ruined a great song


If you focus enough, you'll find that almost every song has this.
Because people need to breathe.

/r/ LUPIN THE THIRD JAZZ 2 より 「ルパン三世 愛のテーマ」 Yuji Ohno Trio

Burn My Dread -Spring of Birth Ver.- Persona 3 please, thanks


I know. but most songs have it so you can't hear it clear as day and definitely not between every line
pretty ironic to be able to hear breathing on a jojo OP when it was still the ripple

Yesss SZS
Please play marionette

kyun kyun kyun~

Do you have the title of the album that it's from? I have a bunch of versions of this.
Got it! Zessei Bijin still best tho.

... And with that, I have enough songs until the end. Gotta close /r/s because of that. Sorry!


My boyfriend's in despair.





It was a long shot, but I managed to play it.
DFC is justice.

What song you refer to?


I think the album is called 大野雄二トリオのアルバム or simply Yuji Ono Trio album

Just like your waifu's ass

bloody stream by coda (the second jojo OP)


2hu hijack

Thank you, dude. You made my day.

That's not flat.

This is the second time for grooving magic

Why do we need it again?

it's like you don't want to groove

Is it?
I don't remember Lawrell playing it.

It's too good

Is it this? youtube.com/watch?v=6aEpbGvqGjs
When was the first time? I started a little over 3h ago.

Boobs get flatter if they get bigger. Consider earth-sized boobs, they would be as flat as the ground.


/r/ running in the 90s

Is it? I wasn't here for the first time anyway, so I don't mind either way.

Yep, that's the one


It's been years.


You read the LN, right?

Watched the anime ages ago. Should get on both that and the manga someday, when I feel like reading depressing shit.
Sorry, /r/s are closed for tonight!

>nujabes is dead

/r/ Kana-Boon - Silhouette

for moot and best anime please


too bad best song didn't make it

I love me some Kana-Boon, but unfortunately I still have a bunch of requests to play and will have to leave after that. Sorry!

I still hate Shing02's voice

I tried and dropped it midway because I was starting to relate too much. Have yet to finish.

It was pretty good.

Wow Lawrell, I love you for playing this song.


y-you too

Daft Punk and this corner of the internet during the oughts were pretty closely related.
Good times.

Please kill me.

And there's the good ending song.


Is this song from Saya no Uta? That's what came to mind when it came on, but I don't remember when it played.

It's the song that plays in the ending where Saya dies, Doc dies, Fuminori somewhat commits suicide and the whatshisname friend lives on haunted by those events for the rest of his life.

Of course it is, it plays in bloom end.

/r/ - School Rumble: Futari Ha Wasurechau

Doesn't Saya no Uta play during the bloom end?
Sorry, /r/s are closed for the night.

The melancholy is intense.

Oh man, this one's really good. By far the best thing that came out of the Planetes OST.

I miss this.

Then get back on, bwaka.


I think you're right. I was thinking it either played there, or in the ending where Fuminori gets his senses back to normal.

Thanks for the great evening, you guys.
I hope you enjoyed yourself!
I'll see you sometime soon.

Thanks for the great set Lawrell

Thank you for hosting this, Lawrell. Appreciate it.

Thanks for the great stream.

Thanks for your hard work and guts.

Thanks, Lawrell.

thank you lawrell

Thanks man, see you around

Thanks Lawrell, always a pleasure listening.

Thanks Lawrell!

B-but I don't want to say goodbye yet

wao, MrBrawl is doing an impromptu stream! It's been ages. How are you?

Don't have to. Next DJ is already on.


I've been better. But, I've got nothing going on for once tonight and am feeling well enough to try my hand at this ol' DJing thing again.

No requests though unfortunately. I can't even guarantee a complete set. I'll try to keep it chill and somewhat weeb.

>Raspberry Heaven
Everything reminds me of moot ;-;

wows, its been a while bud

Hey user. I've missed you. Missed you all.

Missed these things happening in general. Nice to be here again. Sorry it's not on the best terms, what with not much weeb content, but I hope you all will enjoy yourselves anyway.

>late to the party
Thanks for making the others happy. I'll be here for the next one.

npnp, good to see ya back, if only for a while. I'm good with whatever you feel like playing

I'm not going to stay too long but for what it's worth I'm grateful you'd take over straight after Lawerell for some comfy tunes. Eden has been having a spike in popularity since these threads are no longer getting banned and having you back as well only makes the whole thing better.


Thanks for the set!

I'm just thankful anyone still remembers all the good times we used to have. I'll never forget all the fun I had staying up near to sunrise DJing for you all. Some of the best memories I have these days.

>tfw you too spooked to join IRC chat

Good tunes tonight

Come join us; we're fun.

Did Cred Forums just die for a little bit?

Yeah, Hiro tripped over the power cable again.

>just got home from work
Am I too late? I need MrBrawl's sexy voice to make me feel better.

Coming soon hopefully. Probably in the next 20 min or so.

if this is still going down: youtube.com/watch?v=AbBMy6wIIcA

If we're needing some weeb comfy, let's see:

Coorie - Bon Bon
Ceui - Sirosuna
Masafumi Takada - Beautiful Dead
Kiyoura Natsumi - Tabi no Tochuu

This is some nice stuff we got going right now though.

maybe this too youtube.com/watch?v=sYsmMRHUt_U
And yeah, this is some comfy shit playing rn

Boa - Duvet (Acoustic)'s guitar reminds me of Fleetwood Mac.

We'll get to disappear one day.


Mr brawl u wanna fite m8??


Sorry guys, stream ending relatively soon. My health is suddenly not doing too well. I'll get on the mic shortly and thank you all though. Hope to see you again soon.

Hey Brawl!

Tycho - Past Is Prologue
effe - Legion
Antoine Dufour - Reality
Andy McKee - Blue Liquid
Radiohead - How To Disappear Completely
Boa - Duvet (Acoustic)
texas pandaa - Old Times
Pinback - Syracuse
American Football - Stay Home
toe - kodoku no hatsumei

Apologies to Lawrell, as I had unexpected guests today

Take care of yourself, man. It was good to see you again.

Likewise friend.

Fuck yes, I love Röyksopp.

Night faggots, nice stream brul.

Love you Brawl, keep fighting the good fight.

thx m8
Much love, will do

Jamiroquai - Space Cowboy
Röyksopp - Sparks
TAG - アルストロメリア
Makino Yui - Undine -forest mix-

Night Space Cowboy!



Stream and thread are both over.
Just let it fall off the board.