Storytime: Konjiki no Gash!! AKA Zatch Bell: Volume 26

Faudo has been awakened as the series moves into the peak of it's quality in the heart of the third arc, and where the anime diverged from the manga.

Gash bell is a Shonen action/comedy series by Makoto Raiku. The basic plot premise is that there are 100 kids from the demon world who come into the normal world to fight until only 1 is left standing, who is crowned king;

I'll be making a thread every day (can't give a specific consistent time of day yet due to IRL bullshit) and will post 1 volume every day until the whole run is posted.

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>Why should I be interested?
It has really fantastic art, good humor, great tactical fight's with great choreography and is really excellent at utilizing both positive and negative emotions for FEELS; admittedly the series is a little rough untill arc 2 rolls around, after that all the above starts to really shine and continues to get better; the art in particular.

>Where are your scans from?
NULL's release. their site is here: and they can also be found on and mangasaurus. EBJ has superior digital volumes for sale on their site, but they are japanese only, I'll be buying and ripping them eventually. There's also some really amazing quality Portuguese scans, but only for like 20 chapters halfway into the series, and, you know, aren't in english.

A-Destiny has really amazingly high res scans in english for the last 3 volumes, but they aren't publically available anywhere right now other then the last 3 volumes as jpgs on otakusmash, and the translation is generally nost as good as NUll's I feel in most cases. They also have 18-30, but thye quality isn't much better then Null's and the translation is still iffy.

>Isn't Zatch bell that kiddy pokemon ripoff?
You probably saw the localized anime. The anime is pretty not great due to changes it makes and missing the last arc (nontheless, here's a link to the anime episodes:, and the localization is fucking terrible. The manga is way better, but even it admittedly starts out only above average untill it gets into the second arc.

I encourage you to post and respond to stuff as i'm dumping pages. It's far more fun for me while dumping if I see other people reacting to stuff that's happening and there' conversations I can reply to.

HOWEVER, please do not post images till I finish so the image limit isn't hit before then, and use your judgement for how often you post/how long what you are posting is. Don't overdo it.


I (((sincerely))) hope you purchased a Cred Forums pass while they're 25% off, goy.

Is it ironic that ICANN is released on Cred Forums's bday?

the most exciting time of the day has finally come!

I actually did, mainly because they reduce post cooldowns now.

So in theory these dumps should only take half as long to do from now on.

I say ""In theory""" because i'm still randomly getting times where Cred Forums won't load new posts/open threads/send my post for like 20 seconds.



In fact i'm sort of concerned this is going /too/ fast ow, and people will miss the dump as it's going on.



Jesus Christ, how horrifying. What a way to meet your partner.

Zarcuhimu literally grabbed his partner's throat as he was running away from the police in a dark alley, remember that?




Well, he isn't a kid getting kidnapped and stuffed inside a giant monster's chestmouth.






If other people feel that this is going by too fast, btw, I can slow down for future threads, but i'm tired and busy as fuck today so I need to get this one done as quick as I can



Why would there be a spell that freezes the user until he dies? Doesn't that seem a bit counter-intuitive?


Well, ted's top gear damages his own body too. Both Kaurdio and Umagon's third level spell damages their partners if they don't have enough training, etc

I assume with training eventually he could have used it without harming himself



>He protected the devide

Put it on your list to fix.



Also thanks OP




nice spread


>Stop Faudo.
>Stop Faudo!

I love this bit.



I mean I guess it's not a spoiler since the volume cover shows it, but you should probably wait


On another note, I absolutely love how competent Tio, Kanchome, and Momon are in this volume

they've really come a long way

Jedun was pretty cool.




He's my least favorite faudo cultist desu

Thanks, Zeon.




Ballsy as fuck.

Well he has like no personality but I like his design and the way his book keeper rides inside him.

Man, I had forgot about this scene. This is another great way of utilising poruk

i'm not even clear on what he did there. Just change himself into something big to make Roudeax lose focus for half a second?





Although I liked this fight just fine, the art just didnt let me really enjoy it.
Fire vs ice fights in manga are overrated, there is no way to not make them a clusterfuck o lines and shadows.

I get what you mean, i'm not a big fan of that fight either.

Though I think Raiku did a really good job at drawing the fire in the Fango fight. And he's really good at drawing explosions like with Zophis's spells. That's how he should draw fire all the time IMO


Oh shit, this is my favorite spell that Jedun uses.


Why the fuck is Cheeta standing up there?
I know Dufaux is an edgelord, so that explains his reason, but why does she do it?

Also, speaking of fights, this fight is really unerrated,

Roudeax and Jedun vs Tio, Kanchome, Umagon, and Momon.I mean. I think this is the best you really ever get to see the the latter four fight.

Just to break his line of sight, I guess.

Well, what is walking around going to offer her, exactly? She's not Lee Yen or Alshie, it's not like she can jump in

haha, I know right. It looks so dangerous.



>Not trying to act cool in front of your enemies
You need to show them who's the boss in this room user


Atta Boy Kanchome.

Zeon problably forced her to stay there just for the aesthetics.

I'm so proud of this little duck







to be honest, he's quite happy



The problem is not that the art isn't good, is just that there is no way of differentiate what is fire and what is ice in a black and white comic.
It's a problem that many manga suffer no matter how good the art is.

lol not really

Nice try though Kanchome, you almost had it.

I'm saying if he drew normal fire the same way he does Zophis's and Demolt's fire, it would be, because it's shaded in a unique way. Once the dump is over i'll post an example


An attempt was made




You can tone the edge down Zeon








I want to protect that smile

>that tramp



Whats his fucking problem? And his autist partner is okay watching the world burn?

You find out in the next 2 volumes



>Whats his fucking problem?
He's pretty much Liquid Snake.

>And his autist partner is okay watching the world burn?


You better wake the fuck up Kiyo






Everyone give your energy to the spirit bomb!



Best spell, but she is still not best girl

This is a great angle

He knows his brother is going to pollute the royal bloodline with her pleb genes.

Kolulu > Cherish > Leila > Sherry > Lee Yen


>Still not best girl
Try to keep telling yourself that after tomorrow's thread.




Faudo's control room is such a great battlefield.

>no Patty
>Kolulu that high
You disappoint me.

He's a Kolulufag, what are you expected?
Patty a shit.

Patty is in my top 3 worst girls



Fuck both of you, Patty is cute and second best.

What a stupid horse

Best horse at it again

Big Boing > Kiyo's mom > Whoopi Goldberg > Naomi > Everyone else

Fuck Off Karudio

Best order.

>stupid horse
he is a UNICORN made of FIRE so your argument is invalid

I can imagine most of the villains got their partners by force

end of the history



Stay delusional.


I bet Zeon had Dufort use Answer Talker to arrange everyone in the coolest way possible




It's time.

I like that Gash rehearsed Kiyomaro's approach with Leo, like a child learning from their parents.

Oh shit.


About fucking time.




I like the two topmost panels with Sister Elle. She started pure as snow and now she's a sexy battle nun.

I wonder how manga artists make space appear that way

>Sunbeam's pose in top left panel
so groovy



another example of flesh being straight torn off the limb




>character is called Cheeta
>she isn't fast, in fact she doesn't move at all
>she isn't wearing spotted clothing
>she's not even a cheater
but why




Well, you tried, Momon.


They literally dip a brush in paint and flick it.

It works great.



Man, Umagon diserve a color spread or something, this fight is insane.

seriously he went all out.


Zeon's cape sure is useful


Going a little far here Umagon



With a metal mask, they're lucky her brain didn't get fried.

cheeta's pretty hot in this page



It's also sometimes romanized as Chita








>standing there watching the spell hit

What a cheeky rabbit.


It begins.
Time for best boy to shine.

that's a cool ass looking spell

Also here's the video for this fight from the guy that edits the manga panels into a video as if the anime had adapted it:

Keep in mind you'll probably outpace the pages i'm posting if you start to watch it right now, so if being able to read what's being said as you see the panels is important, wait to watch this for another 5 mins or so

Also obviously that includes with the anime OST


Why is it when there's another chapter they repeat the same lines from the previous page?


Because since this was published weekly, you have to write it with the expectation people might forget where stuff left off.

Faudo juice must be some fucking crazy shit to keep someone alive without a pulse


He's not the one helping to massacre a country

>can't ounterattack
another typo to the list


>Why hasn't The Device That Will Send Faudo Back To The Demon World activated yet? Wasn't The Device That Will Send Faudo Back To The Demon World supposed to be activated already?
>Because we destroyed The Device That Will Send Faudo Back To The Demon World!
>But Earth and Karudio were supposed to protect The Device That Will Send Faudo Back To The Demon World! You're saying The Device That Will Send Faudo Back To The Demon World has been destroyed?

Noted, thanks user

It was beating before, it just got loud enough to Momon to hear then

What do you suggest they call it then?

I'm glad momon got his shit together.


eat shit dufort, they can dodge spell too.

Based Momon saving the day.


Holy shit, this fight is the first time he's ever used poruku offensively and consecutively


Shouldn't Zeon have called it "The Device That Would Have Sent Faudo Back To The Demon World"?

Teleport Device


Told you before this was a really good display on the protag party's part

>Perverted monkey: "i am growing stronger"

Exactly that, it's more fun this way.

Although this is good too.





Love this spell


Ted best boy, Barry best man.



Now if momon had a decent offensive spell his skill set would be godly


didn't think momon would actually turn out to be pretty cool


The Jester making a fool out of the King in his court



No need for you to move Zeon, it's not like you could instakill him making everyone fell into despair like you want.

He has to much pride to lift his hand, it would mean he is actually acknowledging he has to make an attempt against a monkey

>that's where Banikis was

Now I'm wondering what the rest of the partners are doing.
>Fango's guy got knocked out
>Raushin probably wondering how he's going to evade the cops without his shadow boy
>Gyaron's partner probably knocked out too
>Nicole and Cherish still in it so who knows what they're doing
>Jeed probably biking back to Apollo's plane
>Berun and Gustav probably talking about their kids in the magic shield room

By the way, did they ever show what happened to Buzarai's partner after he lost?

I feel like Raiku played a lot of Ape Escape

That was really amazing when I read this for the first time, Raikou sure knows how to shine a character in some point of the story.


Momon is so great.


>did they ever show what happened to Buzarai's partner after he lost?
Not yet, but you do eventually




aw shit nigga

if Zeon truly wanted to inflict despair why not just wait until everyone got their hopes up that Kiyomaro would revive and then crush him?

Like, why not just make the other two demons just stall out a battle and bring their hopes up and then slip right past them (knowing they'll just try and avoid them) and head right to the room where Kiyomaro is being held completely defenselessly?

If he attacked a defenseless Kiyomaro it would only prove that he's afraid of him. No way Zeon would ever do that.

>Zeon should go to where Kiyomaro while the fight happens
>bring back Kiyomaro's decapitated head and roll it next to Gash

Damn. That is so fucking edgy.

Because zeon thinks kiyo is dead, so why would he waste the extra effort when his current plan in his mind is going fine?

Also if you didn't watch the video I mentioned in yet, you should start now



I think Raiku foresaw this when writing and dedicated a whole page to show that Zeon legit thought Kiyomaro was dead, and that he was possibly afraid of him (which would imply that even if he thought kiyomaro was alive, he wouldn't touch him because it would only prove that he is cowardly).


>momon wasting his one chance to save humanity that he had in the bag in order to save one girl

ya blew it


TED would understand

Nobody wants to see how to die a nun, user.

OP, you're doing a great thing dumping this but man you've got some shit opinions.


>Book is burning

no u

>letting Sunbeam's waifu die
eat shit


she could have at least tossed the book aside







>wait a minute,that voice!

>Not saving the nun
Sunbeam would be ashamed of you



It's Time

This is the most fitting song for this situation imo:

I know I was listening to this when I read through this manga the first time.

is there a main character better than kiyomaro?


Remember the best theme for this fight:


honest to god my #1 favorite page

kiyo made that pose before TTGL took the credit.


he's cool


But Gunbuster did it before both.

It's time for some of my favorite moments in the series
or are they next volume


long legs to kick zeon into outer space


why didn't zeon close the door

This volume ends on the ogre face

pic for evidence



Is that Jesus?




He's no king, he can't save everyone.

it would be proof that he's afraid that Kiyomaro might be alive, even though he said he was dead.

and I know he could just close the door anyway under other presumptions, but because Momon placed that suggestion into Zeon's head, he could no longer let his pride be tarnished any further.

basically, any little thing Zeon could've done to win got fucked over cuz m-muh pride.


Man I love these TTGL moments.


It's time.

This goddamn page is so damn based.

The fuck

Oh my.

wait, what

the volume ends there?

I love that even Dufort is a little pertubed

Hahaha what the hell




There it is. Raiku mixing comedy with tension and hype without breaking neither.

Even Dufort is afraid.


Even Zeon is afraid!

>face is still like that

Truly Momon evolved into a powerful best boy.

And it gets even fucking better next volume.





My favorite part is that's he's not afraid to show that even Zeon and Dufaux are unnerved


probably because Raiku's been doing this since the very beginning, and he doesn't pull the funny faces for comedy, he does it with full intention of trying to be serious but in that seriousness there is contrast due to the doopy faces and hence comedy.


Raiku is a fucking genius.


No fucking way


That's a pretty interesting design, good on the kid who came up with it.

Isn't that whale just a digimon


Straight to the Gash Bell folder.

Believe it.


Record time OP, I guess the pass really does help.



End of volume 26

Gash vs Zeon SOON fellow demons


Thanks senpai



>Whale demon
we found the first demon casualty in the series

Where's the list of characters defeated?

>no Cred Forums birthday double volume special

thats okay

>ice bowl in Mongolia

once again proven japanese's poor culture knowledge on other countries but japan.

>volume 26

We'll be done in a week if OP keeps this up.

You know this arc has a very large burnt book count

Why couldn't Mongolians have Shaved Ice? Its not like they're sheltered from globalization

Much thanks.

is just that I don't think Mongolian would have a culture of eating shave ice for dessert since they lived in the middle of China and Russia, which is very cold.

What is this face trying to convey?

Damn, check out those arms.

typo to add to your list

Panel 2 - should read "This huge and gorgeous bike is the Honda Valkyrie Rune"

also, thanks again for doing this OP. Getting to some of the best moments in the series now.

I'm going to say a mix of pity and smug

You shouldn't take the volume back covers too seriously

>I got RIPPED in one hour thanks to "Dying Horribly and Being Revived"
>Click here to find out how

Kiyo's actually been getting stronger since quite a while ago

He beat his jock classmate at arm wrestling back before the millinneum demon arc

sorry mang I need sleep, I didn't go to bed last night

which reminds me, if we wanna send raiku a letter or something similar since he has a public fanmail address, we should plan that soon.

I wanna draw Cherish and Ted and send it to him

Why did you miss sleeping?

shitty time management skills

And now you can show off your signature

No thanks, we've gone 26 threads without it becoming too much of a circlejerk, let's try to keep it that way

well, traveling the world fighting demons helps you get stronger...

Bottom Center. Sunbeam's text bubble is empty.

Thanks, added

daaaw, elly is cute! Cute!


Time for that boi!

This sounds familiar.

Carrying around that spellbook must also help. The stupid thing is as big as a phonebook.

What is the color of her hair?

How the fuck does Elly lug that thing around, I wonder

It's almost as big as she is

I like that Kyanchome is the one that zeon wants picked off first. It shows how useful and versatile he is, and zeon might understand how dangerous his power really is.


Best duck.

Blonde, I think

Someones going to bed without dinner

Zeon knows what's up. First he picks off the trickster character and then he goes after the healer. The healer is usually the primary target but it's a total pain to ever reach them if there are illusions and shapeshifting shenanigans all over the place. I like that support characters have a big impacts in Gash fights

Zeon please. tone down the edge.
Don't tone down the edge, mah boi

What he failed to realize is that the party doubled down on tricksters for this raid

Nun is so cute.

I get the feeling that Raiku wasn't sure at first if he wanted Momon to be a speaking character. Momon started as silent, only repeating "kiki" in the same way that Umago repeated "meru", and then he started speaking later in the arc and none of the characters commented about it.

It's time

Best Umagon moment incoming.

I love the panel of zeon and defaux here.

Fuck yeah. Best horse.

"Yeah yeah, now put your arm over your knee like this. Man, we're gonna look so fucking cool when they get here, guys."

- Dufaux, shortly before this scene

Best Monkey.

Wait. If it activated with them inside of it. How would the humans get back?

>How could a human do those things?
MC powers.


Fuck yes.

So satisfying. each shit


My absolute favorite page in the whole manga. It takes something that was before only used for comic relief, and now makes it into something completely badass. Get ready Zeon.

I wonder if once they go back to the demon world, if they ever fuck with Gash by pointing in a direction and saying set and making him look

that vulcan looks badass

>if they ever fuck with Gash

The special Gaiden chapter shows that trying anything funny with Gash will lead to Zeon going apeshit on said culprit. No one will try this with fear of getting blasted by an edgy, overprotective brother.

This is the moment the series peaks.


>Dufaux used Answer Talker to figure out the best way to make them look as cool as possible before Kiyo's party came in
That's my headcanon now

Oh man, that chapter title
>"Kouji Kabuto will never die!"
>Kouji Kabuto dies in magma!

That bottom panel, though.

>Implying based Barry would give a fuck
>The man who can strike even the king

>used to hate gash so much that it makes him powerful
>now overprotect him like a yandare

how cute, zeon


>Mamono bully not so tough since being scared shitless

Can you blame him for freaking out?

He's back


>volume ends
fucking hell

Zeon is still more powerful than Barry. Also, nothing can defeat a brother's love.

Besides, Barry wouldn't do some juvenile prank. That sounds like something Keith or Kyanchome would.

He can Shin Poruku, he can prank whoever he wants

I wish.
This too.

And we could see more powers out of all the good demons who disappeared too soon.

Another thing I'd like to see is, of course, a prequel, and a series of about 100-200 chapters, one or two being dedicated to every single demon who came to the battle, a bit about who they were before, then some of them meeting their partner, what they did together, and what lead to their loss.
How does that sound?

Do you think Kanchome has feathers and webbed duck feet, to accompany his beak and bird butt?

> →
Meant t reply to this.

Does anyone here remember the arc with the mirror guy? Was that anime only?
I remember really liking it.

Yes. Grisor was an anime villain only.
I'm glad the cat was sent back for being a fucking retard and believing his lies, fuck her and her whore partner.

It's my head canon that Gash forgot she and Grisor existed and didn't bring her back from the dead.

Woah, user, that's a bit extreme.
Do you need a Snickers?

Some of the anime filler was really good, like that Ted vs Bari fight.

Are demons just ten times older than humans?
Like, would a thousand-year-old-demon be the equivalent of a 100-year-old-human, not counting the odd immortal demon?
So is Gash really 60, and Brago 150?

I'm smiling like an idiot right now. I love this moment so much


Sauza is so cute.

That wouldn't make any sense and isn't implied in any way. Also at the end we do see the former king at the new king's inauguration, and he looks like he is middle aged or so.

Now you've fucked up.

>we do see the former king at the new king's inauguration, and he looks like he is middle aged or so.
But he was a child only 1000 years ago.

Though that user doesn't make any sense and is probably trying to excuse his deviant tendencies toward demon babbies, the king isn't really contrary evidence since he's over a thousand years old

Yea and the post I linked to equated that age to 100 year old human, which he is not like.

But literally why is the kidnapped little girl trying her hardest to wipe them out?
I could understand if she was just casting the spells that Jedun wanted, but she's clearly the brains here.

I just meant something like that, not exactly.
And it's not a deviant art tier fantasy, I'm just trying to explain why they live for over a thousand years, but apparently grow up in only 18.
Just seems weird.

I wasn't expecting this fight to suddenly turn into a comedy.

Bunny boy do your best.

>And it's not a deviant art tier fantasy
Wait, I misread your post, but no, I'm not trying to excuse my deviant fantasies.

Space/time manipulation? Holy shit this kid is broken

Leila a cute but please, control yourself


cant anyone get a break in this manga ;_;

It's not an asspull it's a zenkai

>This art

Because she is a kid.
She sees this shit as a game.

Imagine if she met Sherry? She would probably spank the fuck out of her afterwards.

> →
The only way I can imagine a good rpg based around Zatch Bell is a stragegy RPG because positioning and spell directions/ranges are key to combat in this manga. You'd even need to factor in altitude given how people can attack from above or below. There's actually a lot I would like to see in a game of this type and now I'm going to spend my day off working out a mechanics outline of sorts.

>stopped following threads at volume 22 for no particular reason
>caught up just now
Holy fuck, that was wild.

Reading this volume now.

Whoa holy fuck.


>That buff Kiyo

I love this robot.

Get off Cred Forums, Kanchome.

>Literally Rapidash

>volume ends right there
fuck fuck fuck fuck I should've waited at least one more day

Which Gaiden is that?

I only know that one about demon that stole the King's staff. Is there anything else besides that?

>tfw Jikerudo has only been used once more since I stopped mentioning it in every thread, and only should have been used three more times
Thanks for shelving my favorite spell, Raiku.
Also, I'm still making tons of reaction images, which'll be in a mega at the end.

I was banned, for mentioning Yotsuba, for two weeks.

So did this guy ever stand any degree of a chance?

>this is probably the only manga where you see a little girl bleed and scarred from battle

You can pinpoint the exact moment he decided to never use the spell again


>tfw nobody answered me

>Won rei

fuck no

Do you think he has a long corkscrew penis?

At best he would end up as Leo henchmen if he got to survive or made it to top 10 like Whoopi Goldberg did. He can use his speed to run away if he weren't such an arrogant prick.

Phew, almost missed it.

If he has duck feet and feathers, yeah.
But is he ever shown with his onesie off?

About to start reading but this arc sure is long.
Kinda feels like some fights are here for the sake of having more fights, but whatever, it's fun.


I love Umagon.

>You never learned a single spell that would hurt others
Such a great bond they had.