The song was at least 9/10.

KyoAni's last 10/10 ED

The idol song was better.

KnK was shit.

there is no way in hell you enjoyed this show.

if anyone IRL came up to me and told me they enjoyed this garbage of a show then im seriously going to punch them in the face and make them watch good shows, like kinos journey and fantastic children,

this generic garbage show with hidden power mc is poison. you should feel bad about yourself. you should be on suicide watch.


I thought it was alright

You'd punch someone because of the cartoon they enjoyed? You need to be incarcerated because you're a menace to society. Fucking raging virgin.

>146cm tall

How many burgers is that?

Only 4.7 feet tall, and she's 15 years old

If I get to know you IRL I'll fucking hit you on your head until you're dead just because your post gave me cancer.

Kinda wish they'd reuse this design at least, everyone looks so soft and Ai and Mirai's hair are you really fluffy!


Bue Future Fish was at least 9/10.


So why did they decide to wait until the second half of the show for it to get interesting?

good ed, for once

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They used their fluffs on Kumiko.

the show was enjoyable at least till the asspull ending


It made sense, you only had to think about it for a few minutes.

Cred Forums pass users actually exist?

KnK is one of those series where you immediately forget about the plot 2 days after you finish it.

That's some serious autism.

And shit taste.

The plot's basic as fuck are you retarded?

The idol episode is the best episode in this show.


Kyoani's 2016 KnK rendered the old KnK obsolete.

It has a bitchier Mitsuki and a clumsier Mirai

Kumiko isn't as fluffy as Ai!