7 hours remain

>7 hours remain
Who's read for more ambiguously gay roided out shotas?

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Fuck, I was just about to go to sleep for like 10 hours.

What's the story with subs for IBO2?

Not sure, but if you are gonna wait for subs then you are safe to sleep now. Should be out sometime mid Sunday for US.

Right then - I'll get some sleep and be fresh for some outrage about things we don't like in Season 2 tomorrow.

Goodnight Cred Forums.

Kill yourself.

Barbatos's face 2smal

If everybody wasn't angry about something in a new Gundam thread, it would be newsworthy.

what channel?

Your face 2smal.

The shading on the gundam always made my dick hard.

Time sure fly, is almost here it seems, according to some comment I have read of the premier supposedly there is a timeskip of four years, no idea if that’s true

So will somebody important actually die this time, or will we have more drilled through the cockput but somehow survived?

like it makes a difference, I just hope there more political intrigue the way gundam is supposed, which the last season lacked

In the last thread someone posted this “Official word says S2 will be "double as touching"”, so maybe but season one wasn’t really that touching so no idea

Does not look like a 4 year timeskip in the preview. Sheepgirl definitely didn't age, unless she is an eternal midget. And Kudelia looks as she did in the end of S1.

Hopefully the animation is not shit this time, if the first episode delivers Im willing to catch up with season 1 remaining 13 or so eps.

>"double as touching"
I would interpret that to mean the opposite. "Touching" seems like it will be more of a feel-good vibe rather than people getting killed off like a proper Gundam series.

so they dumbed it down

It was never confirmed, but rumors had it back in first season that Atra was 14-15 year old, so yeah she could be an eternal midget, I guess due to her childhood it could be explained but it’s kind of funny how it didn’t damage most since the big guys are really tall

most chicks also get their PLOTS by 12 so shes gonna be flat for life, poor bitch

Not all Gundam series get all kill them all, in 00 second season did someone of the good guys die? With the exception of Lockon waifu and Tieria who didn’t really die

Judging at her character design she changed a little, but yeah her body is underdeveloped and most likeable she is completely screwed by now

>she changed a little,
She pulled her jacket down?

I'm ready for more Kudelia ASS!

Not sure how real this is, but supposedly she is almost Mikasuki size now

So is she the main heroine now?

Kudelia is still main heorine.

So that's as tall he's going to get, isn't it? At this rate, Cookie and Cracker is going to be taller than him in a year.


>implying this alpha manlet is gay when he's got bitches petting him all night long

>No Gundam or IBO in the title or first line

shit thread OP

Kudelia doesn't look like she's main anymore. She's in some office as a politician. Definitely still important but I doubt she will have as much screen time as in S1.

>not using the catalogue
Anyway this is a pre-episode thread. Feel free to make a new one when E1 drops.

I agree

Yeah none none of the the orphans are gay besides Yamagi. Mika definitely likes girls going off him kissing Kudelia cause he though she was cute.

We don't know if she's gonna be stuck in her office all series. She might just be doing office work for the 1st episode and then go off with tekkadan again,

well we can hope .........

He did it to prove he could, not because he's actually attracted to her. Mika's tastes are autistic-tier as fuck and thus far incomprehensible.

Literally where did you get that. He did it because Fedoraman started kissing his bitch in front of him and encouraged him to go kiss a girl so he did. Plus Mika is pretty straight forward and doesn't hide ulterior motives. If he said he kissed her because he thought she was cute, he kissed her because he thought she was cute.

So it airs in the same timeslot of the first season? right?

Did you not read the ep 1 synopsis? She hires Tekkadan to guard her during an inspection and prates attack the inspection site.

Well Atra was considered by the staff as a heroine, but indeed she was still a support character only not in the same level of Kudelia, in some promotional pictures of the second season she is portrayed in the same level of the other three, so maybe she will be more important this season? No idea really

Is there a time skip or anything happening?

both are main heroine

There is, but we don't know how long yet. Tekkadan has hired new boys though, has upgraded gundams and some new mass production model (Probably from Teiwaz), and a branch operation on Earth that is apparently staffed by the former brewers kids using ground variant Man Rodis. Kudelia is running an organization dedicated to fixing Mars economy and making them economically independent from Earth. Atra is now working full time for Tekkadan.

A rumor said there was a four years timeskip, but it could be fake

>as we were picking Eugene's voice we were looking for someone who sounds like they really love Orga
Eugene is officially thirsty for Orga and it's from Nagai & Okada interview so there's that. Then there's Shino, whose VA has a good relationship with Nagai and who's lobbying for Shino to come out as bi.

Is Merribit really suppose to be Orga waifu? The poor woman gets so little focus they almost run out of space for her in that poster

That it’s kind of funny, considering the abandoned plot line of him betraying Tekkadan, also wasn’t he all happy after his little adventure with the whores?

They were initially writing him as inherently in opposition to Orga but that was scrapped. The betrayal plot was supposed to result in him dying around ep 5. As for the whores, he was for like five minutes and then it was all "oh boy Orga is gonna be so jealous" again.

somthing ain't right with that Barbatos

Upgrades, nigga. That's Barbatos Lupus now.

why his head so smol

Yeah also Ein was supposed to die really early in the show as well, many things changed, no idea if for the better

I'd interpret it as just emotional in general, although I haven't seen the original japanese phrasing.

There were other last minute changes, like Carta dying before Gaelio. But that's more due to the fact that Okada doesn't really have a plan for the series, she just writes as she goes along. So it really is a roulette what's gonna happen, anything can change at any time.

Now customized to suit Mika piloting style better, also considering Tekkdan has money now the changes should be considerable

It's a Mew 2.

I really don't like high heel feets

Pretty Princess Barbatos.

Those guys really have interesting MS recolors…

I like any robot feet that don't look like human feet. It's a robot not a guy in a suit. Ridiculous heels don't look like human feet so it's automatically better than flat foot.

considering how shitty the first half of this was, the only way they can redeem this series is by mcgillis killing everyone and doing a colony drop on mars and earth. which i have absolutely no hope for, after ein managed to kill exactly nothing

Orga was saying something about pride wasn't he.

I'm not ready Cred Forums

I still have a lot in my backlog

Any other mechs named after demons?

I think most if not all of IBO gundam frames are named after demons?

Feels more like they took the slap-dash field upgrades from scavenged parts and replaced them with custom build pieces that give the same benefit.

TECHNICALLY there is a gundam coming up that doesn't have a demon name, although popular rumor is that it's actually the Kimaris frame with new armor based on the boosters and mini-lances it has.

All of them. They jacked the Ars Goetia for all the Gundam frame names.

Not me, I'm still waiting for erection.

Personally I'm looking forward to the Gundam Caim. You think it rocks the Crocs the same way the original does?

Kind of fitting when you find out that the gundams originally had the full integration AV system like the graze Ein had.

there is a new one ASW-G-64 Gundam Flauros


IIRC they said of the 72 gundams originally made only like 20 or something are still around. The majority of the gundams are destroyed or broken beyond repair.


There is also Gundam Vidar, this one doesn’t have a demon name, but some speculate it could be Kimaris

>Now customized to suit Mika piloting style better

What they made it taller to compensate for his manlet status?

I was making a Drakengard reference.

The space rats are here!

Both of these were displayed as part of Tekkadan feet. So if it's really Kimaris then Gaelio became an unwitting donor to the space rats.


Someone post Atra and her midriff in the space suit please

I think they just got lazy with that name, since there's no demon in the Ars that deals with revenge as a purview, so they cribbed from Norse mythos using Vidar's aspect as a vengeance deity.


Really? I thought Flauros could be of that dark skinned seven star commander, since he favor range heavily, his NeoGraze use a powerful rifle

>Both of these were displayed as part of Tekkadan feet.

IIRC they were displayed next to the other gundams because they're gundam frames.

The new Gjallarhorn stuff was on its own little shelf and the new grunt and pirate ms were together on another.

I wonder how much "I'm useless" we'll have this season.

First season was awful. Second season will be likely even worse.

>that Kudelia outfit
What the fuck is that

Hopefully none, otherwise she truly is a joke of a character, she is supposed to be the big boss of her own company now

Orga will look ugly. I'm sad.

Kudelia new look, do you like it?

Isn’t he exactly the same? Only with business clothes now?

i wish there was more fumitan porn. such nice character design and tiddies

Looks similar Fumitan outfit. but worse
Maybe it will be better in motion

rip fumitan, best character in the series


Beach episode when?

Have they said how much time has passed between seasons? Because Kudelia looks significantly older.

Read the thread, retard.

4 hour to go? Or exactly at what time does it airs?

>Gundam Sunday mornings are back
Feels good

>Kudelia ass is back
Feels good

>Mika only grows a little bit in 4 years
>They make make barbatos bigger just as much

I'm ready for more cha..I mean chocolate man anytime.

Anyone still have the "McGillis White Van Custom" pic?

>the terraforming project has begun!
>lets all go to the new Martian UMI DA

>Claiming to be independent.
I own the whole planet.

>blonde princess in AZ cucks protag
>blonde princess in IBO is cucked by protag

I'd terraform her ass if you know what I mean.

Whatever makes you feel better about both your men NTRing you with each other, honey.

Will the new OP surpass Raise your flag? OP2 was pure shit.

Raise Your Flag was only good because it became a meme. Survivor was an unironically better song.

I hope the new one is good

In additon of being a better song Raise your Flag also had superior visuals, it even had tips fedoraman.

How many more hours/minutes?

>Raise your meme better than OP2

time to place the grenade launcher through that SUGOI HEAD.

>Those views



About an hour and a half more.

Better ask your master first, slut.

>implying it wasn't Klanky who got NTR'd

dear, you're mistaken. He's just a puppet who I kayfabe married so that I'll become Empress. He's actually just a butler on the castle.


Well, I needed an alibi to take over the empire. You had the perfect girl for you, yet you ignored my sister's every whim. You should be ashamed of yourself, Slaine.

But you were my only true waifu.

give it a rest, Slaine.

>the more popular one has to be better
Why am i even taking the bait

I hope.

the only thing that can keep the new season from being shit is robot Gali hiring Tekkadan to burn everything to the ground with him.

Kudelia is a terrible character rivaling Flay tier.

>Flay tier
you spelled "Lacus" wrong.

So where is the stream gonna be?

>better than lacus

fuck off

of course she is.


lets settle this

>can't even seed
>smaller boobs

literally tripfags have the shittest taste

More shirtless shotas, less Kudelia.
Also, more QUALITY Atra.

Would Uso fit in with Tekkadan?

you're mistaken, Flay has bigger boobs, Lacus has LEGS

fucking uso

There'll be more shirtless Kudelias instead!

nothing will ever come close to the happy Atra of hillclimbing

stream links?

Uso didn't shoot him, it was Junko

so... one hour to go?

>highest kill count out of all UC protags

fucking uso

> Then there's Shino, whose VA has a good relationship with Nagai and who's lobbying for Shino to come out as bi.
One can hope.

The trailer for S2 looks horrible. Its mostly stills and even there its full of QUALITY.

Why doesnt Sunrise give a fuck about their prime franchize as opposed to LL?


Now that they were mentioned here are the previews:



Maybe they're getting tired with Gundam.

Even so, I still want a Love Live themed Gundam.

stream ?




So it is starting?

What will happen first robot Gali appearing or chocoman walking out of Galis sisters room shirtless?


aaaand the streams crapping up


I can't wait to shitpost about it on /m/!
Highlight of my week, yeah baby!





Just fuck already

Based Atra, still being a bisexual, poligamous midget.




Altra driving


Jesus Christ Mika pull your seat up a little other people need to sit back there

Well Atra is not only Tekkadan Cook but also their Driver, thats cool



I can't wait for another entire season of /m/ shitposting.

new fuccboi

>Eating a butterfly

For what purpose?

>eating butterfly

I wonder who he could possibly be related to. Definitely no obvious giveaways with that hair



Is that male Merribit?


>tfw you remember Mika raping that Fox bitch until she started crying for somebody to save her
>I don't care who you are...

>eating a butterfly

I do not understand, but am intrigued nonetheless.

Sorry it's actually a girl

It's a cyber-newtype thing, you wouldn't understand


can he save this season from being a trainwreck?

Not again


Barely anyone on threads though.



He can't even save himself from being wrecked.

Anyone notice that masked nigger?

Hopefully it stays that way.

That hurts the eyes. Thats also a still isn't it. Though still not as bad as the low points in S1

Chocoman doesnt deserve her.

Why is she so perfect?

No that's not a still. Stop bitching, 2d mechs are very time consuming to draw.

This was a girl, wasn't it? Definitely had a girl voice. Seems to be a tomboy.

I want her to teach me lewd words

Have they?

I did, anyone get a screenshot of him?

Mostly a setup episode, but otherwise I think it has potential, time will tell

>No that's not a still.

Actually with that in mind thats a big improvement. The proportions are all there even for a motion frame.


>that mech color

wait a second

>season 1 was all just setup for Gali to become the true Char, with an extra side of Darth Vader

>still clinging to the shitty baracelet

Oh boy.


>episode 1: nothing happened
>episode 2 pv: nothing happens

It's literally s1 all over again. Yay.


Can we expect more stuff happening now that they're off the ship?

He can't keep getting away with it

Thanks user, did Gaelio make it? Kinda want it to be true


No. I don't know why people think s2 will somehow be good and therefor radically different from s1.

I thought he died or something


Gali will do what Ein failed to do


Goodness she's goegeous

Nobody dies in IBO. If you want a proper Gundam go watch thunderbolt or origin.

Nah they just scribbled stuff on his belly and ejected him from the ship

No he didn’t, in the end he was chocochar “right hand man”

Is Gali really trying to use a disguise while painting his mech the rarest color in the universe that only exists in his family? He could have at least painted it the same purple as his shirt

Here we go again

He can't die until his mission is complete

That's not fair user. Ein was real good at falling into that coma, being unintentionally hilarious, and making Lafter spill her juice.

In her defense, the thing gets a lot of focus even though in the show Mika almost never seems to care

Is this your first Gundam?

Nope, I want to say people are dying this time.


Char didn't paint sunglasses on his zaku.

user, they started the very first episode with someone everyone thought was dead being revealed as alive. IBO's going to IBO.

In fact, quite frankly, I'm going to be surprised if Fumitan doesn't show up as a robot as well.

You say that like a mecha maid wouldn't be fucking great.

To be fair them cyber-enhancing people was the reason the Calamity War happened and Gjalahorn was established

Well Atra has her own car plate

>with someone everyone thought was dead being revealed as alive.

Pretty much everyone predicted he was alive. Nobody is surprised by this "reveal".

Is Gali actually alive or is it chocoman fucking with everyone again?


You mean Iron Mask


Poor Atra, at least I hope she can survive this season

Mr Bushido?

what the hell
Atra isn't cute anymore
They had better bring in another loli

Knowing Sunrise and Gundam's track record, what are the chances that S2 will be better?

They did. Blonde tomboy. She's on the enemy's side though.

It will surpass S1 as Destiny surpassed SEED

that's a boy

>destiny worse than seed
>00 s2 worse than s1
Not too great.

We're kind of in semi-unknown territory because most Gundams have a good/great Season 1 and a not as good Season 2, but IBO had a shaky Season 1. So it could go either way really.

They HAVE made promises for more action in S2 among other things so heres hoping.

Guys, it's obviously Montagu after a haircut.

It will be ZZ-tier if we're lucky.

Non existent.
Every single Sunrise S2 has been utter shit but I want to believe that Masked Gali Gali will save the show.

Definitely a girl, user. I don't know nip, but I know a girl's voice when I hear one. She's just flat.

>They HAVE made promises for more action in S2 among other things so heres hoping.
They always say this. When have you ever heard in your life "sorry guys, our upcoming show is gonna be shit"?

Your gaydar is off
That thing definitely has a dongle

Thats true but hey, theres a first time for everything.

Can i watch this if i dropped S1 halfway when they were still in space?

Theres timeskip i hear, so probably nothing of value lost?

The only way to stop a Char...

is to become a Char

You should probably watch the last 3-4 episodes since that's when the plot kicks in

Just finish it or drop it altogether, what a dumbfuck question

No, stealing his waifu and NTRing him works too.

Rather than another season of Mikazuki, can we have an IBO; GEKKO? Or is that not far enough along manga-wise yet? Origin Astaroth is super fucking cool, not that we'd get to see it.

but then who stops new Char?

Sure. Literally nothing happens.

I'll spoil the whole thing for you: they make it to earth.

That's the new Nagisa Shiota of the show: girl looks and voice, all man.

So what are the chances Sunrise is working on Gundam Seed remake? Its about time they need something to save Gundam franchize again.

You mean his mother

The team lost some weight and they invaded Canada. You did miss some shit.

>So what are the chances Sunrise is working on Gundam Seed remake?
0. Gundam doesn't revisit AU series.

Gali Gali will go full revenge and crazy and his little sister will have to talk him down.

It's up to Gundam: Love Live! to save the franchise

Char might as fucking well.
>paint jobs out of the ass
>3x faster
>my fantastic non obvious disguise that consists entirely of sunglasses

Franchise doesn't need to be saved, Gundam is making more money than ever. Doesn't matter if the series suck, as long as the models sell. Barbatos was the best selling gunpla of all time.

why the fuck would you want a full remake when they already fucked up the remaster? They fucking changed it so Jesus didn't kill Piano boy instead he accidentally killed himself with Kiras saber.

>purple haired Char
Is this what Karmic retribution is about?

Well, that 1/144 HG is a pseudo RG, of course it would sell like hotcakes.

>Purple fuccbois will finally get their revenge
Feels good

800 Yen price tag certainly helps

Anywhere mention when this is supposed to go up with subs on gundaminfo on youtube?

I hope the fights get better in S2. Can somebody recap what happened on the last espisodes of the series? I forgot.

Gundam: Love Live! is called My Otome, and Studio 8 is already making it - without Gundam part, since realized cute girls sell beetter than cute girls with gundams or being gundams like in Otome.

same time as b4

And that is all A gundam series needs to be successful.

Models drive how successful a show is, thatch why they never continued seed. While the shows fujo audience gave the show good ratings they didn't move models

Looking good.

Grandpa was elected president of something and gave his backing to Mars independence

Char killed Gali and positioned himself as head of Gjalahorn

Mika killed Ein but ended up crippled when not piloting Barbatos

It's was in season 1, around the time the fat guy died.


Wasn't this the series where the animators were pissed because the mecha design (especially barbatos) was stupidly detailed, or am I thinking of another series?

>thatch why they never continued seed.

Well, Seed Destiny exists.

>and gave his backing to Mars independence
I thought he only gave his backing to the metal trade reforms?

>Char killed Gali and positioned himself as head of Gjalahorn

>Mika killed Ein but ended up crippled when not piloting Barbatos
Fuck, you're right. I'd completely forgotten about that. I hope they do something interesting with it.

Mika is getting his shit pushed in by Ein until he cranks the AV system up to dangerous levels. Beardo wins the election, Kudelia gave a worldwide speach on how fucked up things are, and everyone with a name turned out to be alive from the previous episode. Tekkadan secures a government contract, Chocochar sends his dad into exile before groping his loli's ass, and Atra rapes Mika on the ride home by taking advantage of his new blindspot.

I highly doubt it. The mechs only ever looked detailed in IBO during still shots, and even then only Bartatos ever really looked impressive.

Come what may, as long as my BrOTP stays tight it all gonna be alright.

>Fuck, you're right. I'd completely forgotten about that. I hope they do something interesting with it.
Well you see him regain control of his right hand in the PV once he starts piloting Barbatos, the rest of the time it just hangs limp at his side

>I thought he only gave his backing to the metal trade reforms?
I just simplified it, but you are right.

I think you're thinking of 00 S1. The animators apparently hated the gundams, especially exia. Which is why the designs were noticeably toned down in S2.

>especially exia
Exia was sexy as fuck though.

For hating it, they sure did a bang up job though. Though I do wonder if the laziness of IBO's animation in comparison to 00 (despite being the same Sunrise studio) is the animators just not wanting to go thru this shit again. If I recall, Barbatos has the same mecha designer as the 00 gundams and its fairly detailed at that.

I think they were griping about sengoku astray in BF too which is why it barely moves outside of its fight against SBS.

Sexy robots are hard to draw.

Almost all the 00 designs were gorgeous.

I also liked the specialization of each Gundam in season 1 (until Setsuna got his Mary Sue in season 2)

wasn't Macross Delta bad enought?

I don't think anybody would deny that.

>Not wanting a show about a bunch of girls themed after each series in a gunpla club.

How successful was G?

You need to kill yourself, ASAP. Infecting Gundam with that Macross-level cancer is something this world needs nothing of.

Well, it's a definitely a challenge to be worse than S1

Barbatos is way more detailed than Exia though. I mean I wouldn't want to animate either of them, but especially Barbatos. Seems like a nightmare.

Exia actually got animated in detail though during parts of season 1. Barbatos only ever looks detailed in still shots.

>Barbatos only ever looks detailed in still shots.
That's not true. You probably just think that because there weren't many battles in IBO. And there was plenty of Exia QUALITY, I rewatched 00 not too long ago.

>That's not true.
I'm not being combative, but show me one battle in IBO where Barbatos looked as detailed in animation as Exia did in early 00 S1.

Any of the fights man. Go watch Exia's debut battle and Barbatos' debut battle. They both look equally great. Exia is cleaner while Barbatos is grittier, but that's just the art direction.

I will give you that IBO has had nothing even REMOTELY CLOSE to the amazing final episode battles of 00 S2, maybe we will get that or maybe not.

>Any of the fights man
>Go watch Exia's debut battle and Barbatos' debut battle
>They both look equally great.
I know this is gonna sound like I'm adding caveats after the fact, but I don't think debut battles should count as they are always made to look as good as possible to reel the viewer in. They are not representative of the animation quality for the vast majority of the series that follows.

>I will give you that IBO has had nothing even REMOTELY CLOSE to the amazing final episode battles of 00 S2
That was indeed gorgeous, even if the context of the battle was utter bullshit.

Will Sunrise actually channel more money to IBO this season considering they don't have 2 other Gundam anime in production concurrently?

>Models drive how successful a show is, thatch why they never continued seed. While the shows fujo audience gave the show good ratings they didn't move models
>still being a retard
SEED and Destiny are the most successful gundams ever, unless you count cummulative sales of 0079 over 30 years (though its still hard to beat 10 millions DVDs shipped for SEED alone). That includes not just anime, but gunpla, all kind of merchandize, soundtracks etc.

By 2004 Seed sold over 10 millions plastic figures worldwide, that was 12 years ago and not counting Destiny with its phenominally popular until today Freedom and Destiny.

/m/ UC regards never change.

Well the thing is I don't really care which looks better, I like 00 better than IBO anyway. But after rewatching 00 for the first time IBO aired, the animation isn't really better. There's just a lot more battles. Also a lot more beam spam.

first time since IBO aired*

IBO's whole gimmick is the melee fights scenes and the shirtless shota.

Has there EVER been a Gundam S2 that wasn't complete shit?

Like, it's some kind of curse or something. They're never just regular bad - there's some cosmic law that requires them to be the worst show of their season.

Melee fights are a hell of a lot harder to animate than gun fights. Especially when said guns fire beams.

>the animation isn't really better
For fuck's sake user.

Isn't she exactly the same?

>Has there EVER been a Gundam S2 that wasn't complete shit?
00 had a bad S2 (not horrific, just nowhere near as good as S1), but the main reason I think it's not viewed as unfavorably as other Gundam S2s is because the 00 movie so bad that it defies belief.

Beam fights are also harder to make cool, it requires more thought on the director's side. Melee fights are not only easier, but carry more weight because it's close and personal.

In theory, IBO should have been the most hot blooded mecha of the decade.

Adjust those numbers for inflation and time and Wing outsold SEED and Destiny.

Stay mad, SEEDfag.

There has never been a great S2 or a Gundam series that is perfectly paced throughout 50 episodes. It requires a god-tier writer to accomplish such a feat apparently.

>but the main reason I think it's not viewed as unfavorably as other Gundam S2s is because the 00 movie so bad that it defies belief.
That's not it at all. It gets shit on just as much because it dropped the ball harder

Has the anime already been streamed?

Really? Because I'd consider the gulf between 00 S2 and the Movie to be bigger than the gulf between S1 and S2.

>shows will be a little delayed for Sunday. sorry but please understand :)
>IBO 3:30
>current time 3:11 PDT
>nothing on Gundam Info yet

Will it be streamed at gundaminfo youtube channel or somewhere else?

>melee fights
Which is hardly a gimmick and only stand out because of how poorly animated they are.

Probably. I usually autodl irssi my episodes so I don't think too deeply about when stuff gets released.

Pretty sure HS gets their stuff off Crunchy.

Dat Lafter

Caim was the jRPG protag we didn't deserve.

Nah, the movie came after a disappointing second season so there was nothing to actually be let down with .

Is she not cold? I've hears spaceships are cold.


wasn't there a timeskip
why aren't they pregnant

Subs are up on gundaminfo

Fuck off

>not available in your country

Is this an official channel? Why do they post it for free?

G Gundam 2 when?

because you're going to pirate it anyway
it's out on daisuki in bongistan now, too


That was part of their plan with IBO, they're trying to market Gundam outside of Japan because Bandai saw how much money Yokai watch was making overseas.

>how much money Yokai watch was making overseas


HS rip when?

>how much money Yokai watch was making overseas.
Wow...hundreds of dollars

>how much money Yokai watch was making overseas.

>masked character


Good, I can stop bothering with torrents for IBO then.

Is Daisuki delayed? Why the fuck is HS taking so long?

Don't bother, just stream from youtube.

It's out on Nyaa, don't bother.

The reason why I like IBO is that the villains were not as OP as to over use Gundam-types. I believe McGillis's squad will only consist of graze-types. Well I'm looking forward to what the Arianrhod's fleet can do since they did not really intervene in the previous season. Who knows maybe Lord Elion and Lord Iok have their own Gundam frames since they are members of the 7 stars.

>Perfectionist chocolate man didn't confirm his kill for some inexplicable reason
>Gaelio is the real Char
Fucking Okada.

Do we have confirmation that it's Gaellio? It could be a rebuilt Ein.

>The reason why I like IBO is that the villains were not as OP as to over use Gundam-types.
The fuck is that for reasoning? Gundam or not, either got chumped by Mika without doing any meaningful damage.

At least it's better than seed and seed destiny where literally all sides have their own gundams go ham on one another.

Gaelio became Char and also rebuilt Ein as his secret weapon

It's most intense when you don't know for sure who wins and who loses in a fight, IBO lacked tension for most of its fights.

Is it? There's no meaningful difference except in the kits they can sell.

Fuck yeah


>Ein is Vidar

In a shocking turn of events, this episode was not total garbage.
But hey, S1's first 8 episodes were positively great before it plummeted into the depths of hell, so we'll see.
Not sure if I should be happy at his survival or laugh at how obvious and blatant this is.


>Gee I wonder who the Char is!

Although, to be fair, it would be obvious no matter what they did.

>yfw it's Fumitan

Alright hear me out.
The Iron Man is Gaelio, his gundam is Ein.

>not Crank

does it sound exactly like him or does he have a filter? For the love of god if it's just Chocoman with another mask i'm gonna be fucking pissed

It's just the OP
He hasn't actually appeared yet.

Hasn't said anything yet, only appeared in ED.

Welcome to Gundam franchise where model kits defy the very reason.

So Vidar is vengeance against both the wolves of McGliss' house and Mika's Lupus.

She looks a lot older now. How many years have passed?

I can't wait for all the shitty House MD jokes.

link please

If you can't find it, you don't deserve it.

>this brown qt is gonna bite the dust
Hold me Cred Forums

Last season was also avalible completely for free on daisuki and YT.

Gundam Info on youtube.
Come on mate

What cutie? This is Naze with just a dash of red eyeliner.

A less slutty Naze.

Delete this.

my statement still stands



His other suit had some killer shades though.

I'm always amazed by how handsome Vageena looks despite (or perhaps because of) his dated haircut.

Why did they call him Charles Aznavour instead of Claude Francois?

>First time in L.A.?
>No. Tell you the truth, whenever I'm here I can't wait to leave. It's too sprawled out, disconnected. You know? That's me. You like it?
>It's my home.
>17 million people. This is got to be the fifth biggest economy in the world and nobody knows each other. I read about this guy who gets on the MTA here, dies.
>Six hours he's riding the subway before anybody notices his corpse doing laps around L.A., people on and off sitting next to him. Nobody notices.

People would have realized Tomino was a hack if they did.

That guy is pretty fucking handsome and the spitting image of Char.

>Every single Sunrise S2 has been utter shit

Yeah, it seems that they're really trying to push Gundam in the west again with IBO.

The last Japan Expo (biggest con in France) had a official Gundam booth, for the first time in years.

Indeed he is, but have you ever listened to his songs or watched him dance?
I can't help loving the guy.

Seriously? Fuck, I should have attended.

They also screened the movie version of Thunderbolt in the big room used for talks/debates/presentations

They're also bringing back gunpla like in Wing's time.

Stopped watching the first season like 9 episodes in. Is it worth catching up?

I wouldn't recommend it unless you're a fujo.

Not really. It all goes incredibly downhill from there.

So... Does Gaelio go inside Ein?



>the best Sunrise mecha S2 is the one that wasn't given an actual S2

A real shame.

>That mask

What is this, I'm a fujo, I shouldn't have feelings for cute little girls

It's mediocre but one of the few watchable mecha shows in years, if you feel like watching a modern mecha showbut you have already watched the good ones, go ahead. Otherwise, no. Watch Exodus or Majestic Prince instead.

What's his deal?

Glad to know Atra smell like flowers, a little sad the preview dialogue was so short, they were always fun in the first season


00 without Raiser was way better looking.

Also first season is more enjoyable if you marathon it

I know, but I don't dislike 00 Raiser at the same time.

I wasn't too found of Choco's new fuccboi when they revealed him but now I see I was wrong. He asks the good questions.
Good episode, I enjoyed myself.

I would imagine so, considering that there are so many "nothing happens" episodes that were an absolute pain when the show was airing.

What is this? The fujos on twitter went crazy about it.

R2 was epecially garbage.

What if it's not Gaelio?

I hope one day bad taste like yours will be considered a crime so you can go to jail for it.

Anyone besides me think Galimouto acts suspicious?
I think she knows Chocoman had something to do with Galigali's "death" but is pretending to be ignorant.

Funny, because the pompadour guy has Saitama's voice.

Silly user, there's no way this paper-thin disguise is a red herring. It never is, not in Gundam anyways.

Probably the part about Shino and Yamagi's VAs doing a talk show.

He has a fixation/obsession with Mika.

God damnit, it still hurts.

She does look like she grew out of her childish crush at the very least, it's highly likely she'll learn the truth at some point in S2, if she hasn't already.

>buddy complex
Seriously? I could barely watch till the end of the first episode.


Nah, he's right. R2 was hot garbage, but in a fun way.

We don't need you photoshopping a lock of purple hair on a mask to know it's best boy.

Man is this Real? If so Gaelio confirmed, the whole Vidar theme suit him, time to kill Fenrir good old GaliGali

Has Shinoyama surpased Orgamika yet? Also, do Nips ship Mika with Atra or Kudelia?

If it's fun then it's not garbage.
S1 is grittier, just as ridiculous, but less hammy and thus a lot less fun by comparison.


I found it on twitter.

>one of the few watchable mecha shows in years
I'd be interested in hearing which recent mecha shows you think are worse than IBO.

They ship him with Orga/Atra/Kudelia, no idea what ship is more popular, they should have a foursome so everyone can be happy

I'd say DELET THIS but I actually like this.

>Odin's son would avenge his death by Fenrir during Ragnarok
>Barbatos LUPUS
>Lupus = Wolf

Vidar's pilot is going to be the next Gaelio. The next puppet in line to McGillis' manipulations.

jesus fucking christ, i'd forgotten that mask existed

Ok, thanks user.

Mika's AV implants and ace pilot status.
According to a recent poll, ShinoYama is still behind OrgaMika. GaeEin is still the most popular by far, though.

Didn't some user predict the following:
>S1: Chocoman uses Tekkadan to fuck Gjallarhorn over and especially Gaelio
>S2: Gaelio enlists Tekkadan to fuck Gjallarhorn over and especially Choco

I'd love for that to actually happen.

This needs to happen. It's very likely too since Cinco Bajeenio is probably an Arianrhod pilot now.


If our masked friend is part of Arianrhod, then yes I think he really is Gali, that could happen sure he hates Mika but McGillis is likeable a priority


sadly hidden for maximum politics

Everything about it is awful. That poor girl is cursed to have the worst outfits out of all gundam princesses, and that's saying something considering Lacus exists.

>all family head pilot ms and go to the front line themselves

Always bothered me desu.

God this was just boring. All exposition with a tiny shoehorned fight thrown in at the very end. This show was supposed to be gritty, but they regardless of the death flags they pussied out and only killed off one fucking member of tekkadan.

Least theres hope he might have survived.

>episode ends like the previous season's episode 1

>Not enough death !
>its shit !

The more I think about it the more I feel like Okada wanted to avenge Garma and wrote IBO accordingly.

I'd recommend it. It's not terribly good, but it touches interesting themes and has nice fights. But I'm not very picky with anime either, so I don't know. Maybe you're better off following the no fun allowed recommendations.

>and wrote IBO accordingly.
But she wrote it with her ass!

Haha, blink and you'll miss it. I'm glad I gave this a second watch.

I wonder if shino will survive another season

sweet jesus the only good thing to come out of this train wreck. i hope she gets more porn. it's a crime how little there is of fumitan and even season 1 kudelia

He will as long as Yamagi doesn't confess.

>But she wrote it with her ass!
Now this I want to see.

Okada is involved, of course he will.

She manages to keep me entertained and invested in her characters, moreover the stuff that doesn't sit well with me (the happy end of S1 after what should have been an actual pyrrhic victory) has been confirmed to be executive meddling. But even though it didn't make sense thematically it was still a good watch thanks to the Gaelio/McGillis/Ein drama. The only really bad part of the show is the stuff that happens on the colony mid season.
If you want to watch something Okada did write with her ass, I'd recommend Kiznaiver.


So he is actually married to the loli now?

I feel like Setsuna was the better child soldier.

>that smile

00 was better in general.

>Galieo vs Chocoman final duel: Choco: I fucked all days your imouto!

That's because Setsuna was a little shit at first and then went through numerous phases of character development, while Mika is self righteous, has the moral high ground since the series began, and nobody calls him out on the shit he does like Lockon, Tieria or Saji would for Sestuna. Kind of a shame admittedly.
I like them both though.

gb2 your 15 cent gundam

I only just noticed the little sister

why Mikazuki is using the dragonslayer and not Guts?

Good start.
Enjoying the newbies.

Hopefully the "less talk, more fight" themes persist.

>it's not the iron mace anymore
Fuck, I liked that mace

well there is still this other sword

Probably to establish her as a kid with a lack of empathy who likes to play around wirth her food, insects, and enemy mobile suits alike.

>That sticker on the knee

>I'm going to be surprised if Fumitan doesn't show up as a robot as well

haha you make my day.

>someone everyone thought was dead being revealed as alive

Who? Did I miss Gaelio being shown or do you just mean the mask guy in the ED?


Then why is he allowing McGillis to go about his way instead of busting his ass? Why is he hiding in the shadows like a retard? Why even come up with some elaborate ruse in the first place? This whole thing is going to be a huge joke if that's Gaelio. Gaelio is a fucking jobber, a joke of a pilot. You can't be thinking anybody takes him seriously as a threat after he got his ass whopped literally every time he got into a MS. It's McGillis dressing up as Gaelio as a tribute, this isn't even disputable.

Following the quote line, it seems he was talking about Hitlerstache.
That user must have forgot he was waiting outside by the fancy gallarhorn car while Chocoman was busy molesting wailing lolis in the last episode of S1.

Because he's taking care of Carta who also isn't dead, obviously.

I feel sorry for all you gaeliofags getting your hopes up. If Gaelio is alive he's most likely stored away in McGillis' rape dungeon. Don't hope for a glorious comeback, it's not happening.

Who knows, maybe he spent all these years in hiding just to train so he can defeat Choco in single combat. These gallarhorn guys are very attached to this duel tradition and Gaelio is among the most idealistic, honour bound character in the show. It wouldn't be surprising.

Why would Choco be keeping Gaelio if he has his sister though?

It is shopped though.

Silly user, it's you I'm feeling sorry for. You can't have been watching much gundam if that's what you're thinking.

>no idea what ship is more popular
The list is as follows. Although take the #1 with a grain of salt. Number of pixiv uploads and doujin circles is still the biggest for Orumika even after you count in all the reversible variants.

>First non-homo ship in 8th place with less than 1/24th of the votes of the first one


Comedy at the beginning and high body count later?

I want Lafta to take Gut's cherry.

That's only because GaelioEin took off by the end of the series while OruMika was the favourite ship for most of the series, hence more content. The poll was made after the series ended, so the #1 spot is still accurate.

>Yamagi isn't a midget anymore
>even Atra had a growth spurt
What's Mika's excuse?

There are few issues with this. For one, if you haven't noticed before Gaelio is kind of a clueless moron, he'd never come up with anything sneaky and effective. And second, it just renders his entire character into a one single note of revenge.
>I got to take revenge on this kid half my size and age because he choked me up like a bitch once!
>I got to take revenge on McGillis because he cucked my ass big time!
That's just miserable. Gaelio hardly contributed anything to S1 and he's just as unneccessary in S2 when it comes to plot progression. McGillis will surely fuck himself over on his own.

Keep dreaming, fanboy.

First season ended half a year ago, there was enough time to come up with doujins. I've seen the most recent lineup on one of the doujin events. Gaein is still behind orumika in the number of circles. Face it, fujos rigged it because they were desperate.

Barbatos's fault, I guess.

Is this official?

>fujos vs fujos
The great war of our times, lads.

Meh, I still think the quantity of content that comes out during a series doesn't compare with the content that comes out after it ended and the hype is dead. But whatever, I just wanted to say GaeEin is the superior ship for me.


But you missed this one.

>Yamagi isn't a midget anymore
Shino's semen works wonders.
>even Atra had a growth spurt
Mika's semen works wonders.

Somebody inseminate Mika please.

I'm not gonna get into shipwars, but your taste is pretty basic mate.

I know, but what can I say? I can't help what I like.

Any hentai?