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Hey! Hey! Did you know - it's Pham-nee's birthday today!

What do you want from onee-san? Besides Martyrs, of course. You'll get that in 25 days, silly.

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Pump and dump Pham for Iris

Happy birthday Pham!

I want to see her survive in a route. And I have a pretty good idea which one it'll be.

At least post her birthday image.

her butt looks a little square. someone needs to massage it back into shape for her. that someone should be me.

I think he used that one because she's tugging on Theo's sleeve.


That's a really cute Pham senpai, I like it. But now I can't unsee what the said about her butt being flat. HELP!

She definitely doesn't have a flat ass.

>She definitely doesn't have a flat ass.
No, but Beatrix's is definitely a pancake. Even Katia has a fatter butt then her.

Happy Birthday Pham-nee!

That's the anime user, where the only thing about Beatrix that they didn't gore was the tits. The few other official Ass-shots vary greatly in size.

Nah, they even gored the tits. In her other work, not only are they bigger, or at least have a larger circumfrence, but they're perkier, and more full looking. They're not just blobs shaded to look different from the blob underneath.

Not sure if anyone noticed this in the last thread, but does anyone know anything concrete about the BETA G-element shipments, like size, composition, etc?

You mean in SF? You're better off asking in /m/, if that's the case.

I meant in the VNs and so forth.

Nothing besides the shipments are being sent to the Andromeda galaxy.

The removal of her thigh gap and changes to her eyes pisses me off more.

Stuffing Pham into a too small drindl!

Spreading good cheer and good beer during Oktoberfest!


Soldier class, Destroyer class, Tank class and Grappler class?

Making BETA cute should not be allowed since it might confuse ones heart.

Will be ever learn how the Pommeranian was smuggled West?

it was easy for cockroach they get into anywhere they want.

Beatrix is too sexy; it's too much of a good thing.

>you will never gang-hug_ Pham with anons

and if you hug meant bang i'm in.

You mean hug.

Would Lise bite if you touch the ribbons one too many times?

she can take it. She is a total freak in bed.

I would run a train on Pham with the rest of the thread but only if she was OKL with it.

Would Lise give you a love bite if you buy her ribbons?

Posting best girls!


I got something for your waifu, Sumikaspammer.


why is she such a slut? fucking whore NTRd Takeru and made him watch.

Anett is for soft bullying

That is simply not true!

So doujin author is asking this:

シュヴァルツェスマーケン のキャライラストで見るなら次の内どちらが見たいですか?



Which do you want?

go reread ALT u twat.

>Axmann torturing Beatrix?
>Gretel/Anett yuri

Eh, given the choices, I think I'll go for the yuri one.

No such thing happens!

Why are there no "Axmann getting tortured" doujins?

you are in denial. It happens on a hill near a certain tree when she makes him watch it. she is a slut and a roach.

>Beato tortured by Axmann vs. Gretel and Anette Yuri

I want more Beato doujins, but with Axmann, hell no. Yuri it is then.

aksuman gud boi he dindu nuffin.

She has shown him how she was tortured and how both her body and mind were scarred. And Takeru accepted and loved her despite all of that.

Might be Beatrix torturing Axmann, but that's unlikely looking at that Iris doujin.

Is Katia really your favorite from SM? I'd expect Lise or Beatrix since those two are closer to Sumika's archetype anyways.

I'm anime-only fag and Lise and Beatrix are shit in anime.

You disgust me.

At least he's honest about it.

Is she forgiving? Because I didn't even know.

>Theo-kun didn't react when I hugged him from behind
>We'll see how strong you are when your face is buried in my chest!


Beatrix and Lise in the anime are objectively worst girls.

I want to hug that girl.

>you will never have your busty childhood friend come wake you up and cook for you

No. Personally I found Lise to still be the best in the anime despite the changes and shoddy job they did with her. Even based purely on entertainment value she was the most fun to see onscreen.

>you will never have close physical relationship with your childhood friend

disgusting. thank got i don't have such a violent NTR slut as my childhood friend.

And you call yourself a man if you can't shake off girl's punch?


all i see is a slutty roach.


roach is still a roach no matter how hard it tries to disguise itself.



you brought this unto yourself. roachslut lover.


Why do you enjoy hurting other people so much?


That is incorrect.
She only loves Takeru.

>calls Beatrix and Lise shit
I know you're only talking about the anime versions but you should know better.

>and doesn't want someone talking shit about his own waifu
I'm not even the guy whose doing it but this just looks like karma to me.

stop. or i will post more.

>I'm not even the guy whose doing it but this just looks like karma to me.
And what makes you think I'm not doing this alone?

No matter what you post, it won't change the fact that Sumika only ever loves Takeru.

>And what makes you think I'm not doing this alone?
Then whats the point?

superior-tan strongly disagrees.

More like Liebe Hohenstein

I'd liebe a Hohenstein.

Go back to being dead.


>he is too afraid to post actually explicit material


You call that explicit?


What? Running out of ideas?

Well Mr Strachowitz was one of the senior generals. He could have her smuggled across.

Jesus Christ, and to think this thing was bullied mercilessly.

Why is she pouting, lads?


Post uncropped..



>he is too scarred to post Sumika actually being fucked


if you agree you have a god-tier taste if not you are a pleb.


Of course not.

Look, we may make jokes about Sumika from time to time, but get that NTR shit out of here. We know Superior had his way with her, that's it.

This is a really bad way anyways to deal with the trauma. It hasn't really healed from your first time, and your crying afterwards then, has it?



Just wait you BETA. You don't have much time to live.

I want to backhand Iris and Beato in front of Jurgen just to know how hard he will beat me for that.

I want to make her my maid and pay her well

well, I approve.


Can I get a route with you onee-san?


>New Meiya CGs

>no Sumika CGs

nobody cares about some dumb slut.



disgusting. only sluts make duck faces.



How many dicks can Gretel fit?

not as much as Sumika that's for sure.


What would be enough to make this flower girl pout? Someone not hugging her? Theo tch'ing to her saying call her nee-san? It seems she normally just takes it in stride, or even likes to bully by teasing him.


>when you don't nut inside

I'm not going to lie if Pham pouted like that to me I think I'd ejaculate immediately.


And she could take them all.


This is why I love this woman. She's so loving, so kind, so believing in the better day, that even in the depths of hell, I feel like God is with. Pham truly is a wonderful Mabu Rabu.

Happy birthday my dear. You deserve to be a waifu. You are my waifu, and I'll always treasure that.


top tier waifu on the left and slut tier roach on the right.

Top tier waifus should be paired together more.


you do know that you are only doing her damage by spamming her and making other people hate her more? Your love is shallow just like your intelligence.

Why should I care about those people?
People of good taste will appreciate seeing best girl some more.

So then are we going to see the best girl?

>good taste


I want to pinch Kasumi's cheeks just to see how she reacts.

Here you go.

I was under the impression the best girl would be posted next, but instead it's the same girl!

Don't worry friend, mistakes like this happen to the best of us.


Imagedumps belong on /c/. If you want to post images of Sumika the absolute least you can do is contribute to the thread, instead of bloating the image limit.

It is eather Sumikaspam or Lisespam.
Take your pick.

Neither if they include nothing but images.

>lisefags are sumikafags
wtf i hate lisefags now

no he is a Katia fag he admitted in in this very thread.


I mean that If I stop, Lisefags will take over.

no they won't

>spamming sumika on Pham's birthday
Nothing is sacred.

Irisdina is a shitty sister.
Beatrix is a shitty lover.

Katia is a shittier sister


Well, I guess I have to listen. I mean, Sumika is pretty much an expert on putting things in the mouth

Why is Irisdina so ugly and unlikable?

>this thread
Jesus christ.

>Why is she pouting, lads?
her thread got hijacked by autistic people

Blame Sumikaspammer and BR.

Who /NVA/ here?

No? Katia is the Sumika. That's who she's equated to in most works, and indeed, she's the true main heroine of SM. Well, to be honest it's something of a tossup between her and Lise because they split Sumika's archetype into two characters, but from what I can tell they seem to have settled on the "Katia=Sumika" thing.

Best girls in the foreground


>>sumikaspammer is back

The gods really hate us.

Can post Kasumi too.


Hey thats nice. And generous to boot.



This post heals my soul.

Katia never betrayed Theo.

She did though, she killed all of Theo's friends and she killed his lover


She wasn't responsible for that.

>not responsible for Irisdina's death
animeonly pls go and stay go for eternity

You'd have to really twist things around to make Katia responsible for the 666th's deaths.

>twist things around
How about you tell me how Katia isn't responsible for Irisdina's death before you talk about twisting anything around.

Pro tip: Using the anime as a source is twisting things around.


I hate Sumika now. I was on the fence before but now I'm in the hate camp.


How can you hate this smile?

I hate it because I expected to see Pham's smile today.

Really weird how I don't remember this many Sumika images on her own birthday.

Holy shit. Has Nanase Aoi always done art for Schwarzesmarken? I was wondering what happened to her.

I'm pretty sure I spammed two full threads on Sumika's birthday.

Carnelian does SM.

I don't think you did, but I'll take your word for it and take the current spamming as you just being spiteful.

Here's a new one since I forgot to color something minor and it freaking bothers me.

Didn't even notice. Good work though pham.

You probably won't believe me but I didn't realize it was Pham's birthday until halfway through my spam.

I won't, because not only is it in the OP, the third post even reinforces it.

I'm now going to spam Sumika's birthday threads for as long as I am alive.

Why should I bother reading OP in MuvLuv thread?

The only thing girls are good for is abuse.

Thanks. It's supposed to be a quickie so it's not as clean as I would have liked it in some parts.

Why bother reading at all? You're clearly on the spectrum and unable to deal with things that go against what you are predisposed to believing.

>until halfway through my spam.
Which means it is inherently spiteful.

See you on July 7th, faggot.

It's okay if Pham's dirty in your quickie. She'll appreciate the cream surprise.

>when you ignore her carefully planned and subtle advances to come on to you

>Anett, Theo and Irisdina: "not again, this is the last time I'm sitting in the pool next to Katia"

Pump and dump Pham

You're so dirty, user.

What's that dweeb so smug about?

Pump and dump Sumi-- Wait, too late for that.

Maybe she managed to steal some of Jürgen's sweaty shirts from the laundry?

That's how you make her pout.


She looks better with full pupils, but I guess she doesn't look villainous enough, so age always make sure to make em small and feral.

The sad thing is that the Sumika spam probably kept the thread alive overnight as most slept.

There's usually someone who bumps the thread.

She's looking backwards, you know what that means, right?

Based GK is delivering delicious Beato ass?

No, I don't.

The fabled Beato ass, it's like seeing a unicorn


She'd only give Jurgen that look.

You know it.

I want to beat her senseless.

And why is that?

I have that reaction when I see girls smiling like that. It's like they're making fun of you.

Because she beats up waifus for fun.

>LN Beato never even met Marai
>Anime Beato just enjoyed her doing job
Lets see who it is that tortures Marai and kills her in the VN first, before you start complaining.

Well the VN would have already shown that scene. And since it came out before the anime, it'd be safe to assume that it happened like it did in the LN.


So I finally made it to the end. I had to come this far to fully understand the Muv-Luv salute. My favorite smile is protected, but not without a heavy cost. A very long salute to those who died protecting the country from Beatrix' Stasi Regime. Gave it to Axmann too, I didnt like him but he deserved it. Not Beatrix of course. Fuck Beatrix.

is this shit even popular? i watched the anime last night.

>imgur filename

Great, more animeonlies, just what we needed.


>he deserved it
Fuck off with your bait.

None of the spin-offs have been as popular as the original trilogy.

Does it have a manga? I usually prefer those, but my friend made me watch the anime.

Oh neat. I was hoping I could find more to this anime yesterday. It had a good few character arcs, but felt the world wasn't expanded enough.

>a spin off isn't as popular as the main series that encompasses it
No shit.

Sumika spam, BR and now anime-onlies.
You know what? We don't deserve Pham-nee.

>Does it have a manga?
Considering how the anime damaged the sales of the original material, it unlikely a manga will even be considered by the copyright holders.

Go watch Total Eclipse and play the original VN trilogy instead, Schwarzesmarken is easily the weakest and most divisive part of the franchise, and the anime only increased those two attributes.

Luna deserves Twizzlers for enjoying bullying BETAs.

It has a visual novel. The reason why it seems so compressed is probably because they tried to cram 9 LN volumes along with some of the prequel (which is 4 volumes in and of itself) into a one cour anime. Considering everything going against the anime, they did a pretty good job.

He cross-posted it from Reddit. I know, because I was there.

luckily this is just bait.

The guy who originally posted it genuinely believed it.

I want more angry Lise

Ignorance is a plague.

Reddit Libertarians are truly the worse.

Lise doesn't get angry, just crazy.

i don't care about reddit plebs.

Even when you promise to buy her an ice cream cone and waste all the money on yourself completely ignoring her needs?

>these threads now have turds pasting shit from reddit
>browsing reddit
Jesus christ.


Bait from elsewhere has always been posted. They are attempts at reviving discussion. They always fail.


just shows how low the intelligence of a bait poster is. they can't come up with something themselves so they have to copy it from places like MAL and Reddit.

You mean background.

Don't reply, just report.

He is not doing anything against rules.

Some of the pics are NSFW, the others are simply shitposts.

>baiting THE Sumikaspammer
Its called tradition.

I'd rather not provoke report war.

I want Pham to molest me.


Gonna need source on that

Same guy who did the image you just posted. His name was dropped earlier when they were discussing Beatrix's ass.

>discussing Beatrix's ass.
Oh? Can we...go back?

Well we get only teases in official art, except for the anime, but there wasn't anything about Beatrix the anime wouldn't gore, and no one wants to talk about anime Beatrix's pancake ass, especially when all previous art indicated a bubble butt or something comparable.


If you didn't know, anytime you see an image with a file name like that, (a set of numbers followed by an underscore and page number) its usually a pixiv id for that particular image. So for future reference, if all else fails, paste:

for the url followed by the set of numbers without the page number (58946094) and it will take you straight to the source. That's how I find a lot of artists whenever anons post the original image with the file name unchanged.

>pancake ass
Well most asses in real life aren't that round like a ball anyways. They're more like a curved slope. Maybe kinda like breasts but breasts come up at an angle whereas asses just slope downwards.

Yui a cute!

So how good are Irisdina and Beatrix as pilots, really? I mean in the sense that we know Theodor is a great CQC pilot.

Ship her to America and force her to interact with Americans every day!

Pump and dump Pham and Stella

Why dump them? They're the types that would let you creampie their breast pussies anytime.

>not taking responsibility

What's wrong with you?

Taking Yui home to America and taking care of her as my wife.

How much will shipping and postage cost you?

I'll take a plane to Japan and returning back to America with Yui in the seat next to me naturally.

I really want Kagami Hirotaka to draw her.

What did they mean by this


1. Youtube is retarded.
2. age is retarded.
3. Youtube and age are retarded.

That'd be number 1. Its an automated copyright system and age isn't the first nor the biggest company to dildo themselves like that on youtube. Still 3. isn't wrong either.

Beatrix would probably fit in one of these games. Rather see her in a Bishop game though and not one by Lilith soft.

Half correct.

Hips should probably be a bit wider

Not that user, but they're probably okay from that perspective.

>dat expression


Ah ah, but Pham will smile for you any day you want. Everyday if you want!

Why are you doing this? Of all days, you pick today to do your Sumika spam crusade that just made more people hate her. Why would you do this to Pham? Can't this be her special day? She never did anything to hurt you.

Thought it was naughty Iris from the thumbnail.

So why is Stella in one of the pics?

She can join us.

Not sure Pham is someone who does subtle. But yes, one can see that.

I always took that as Theo, Anette, and Katia being oppressed by Iris and Pham's ginormous breasts. Pham even looks like she's sort of apologizing for it.

Katia is a bug anyways, it's not like she's a pool shitter.

Almighty keks upon you!

Who is she looking to behind her?

I'm going to creampie these two until they can't walk for a week.

Look at how Iris's boobs are desperately trying to escape that top.

You're an evil person.

Now that's more like it. She'll be tortured everyday just living in America.

I'm going to take Cryska and Yui home with me and take care of them. Inia can join us too.

You're not taking anyone. Your punishment for trying to have multiple waifus is you get none.

I doubt you'd even be able to keep up with Pham.

What would be Cred Forums's reaction if Altered Fable Yuuya got a dual Yui and Cryska harem? How many anons do you think would have an aneurysm?

>implying AF Yui and Cryska wouldn't be Meiya vs Sumika 2: Top Boogaloo Danger Zone

>implying only Yui and Cryska matter

I hope the wild card runs a train on you all.

AF Yuya should at least manage that.

With no robots to seduce him, the route is clear.

There is always the other resident mechasexual.

Yui, Cryska and Inia are my waifus.

>No issues
>No Commie issues
>Best body
>Kind and helpful
Man, it's not even close how best she is.

I really want them to meet and I am sad it will probably never happen.

She is best, but she's like Pham - she has issues, very deep issues, but she doesn't vocalize them, she chooses to express her catharsis by more happiness, more kindness, and more love. It makes for a better world.

I'm going to stuff their stomachs with my semen.

Why is Sumika thrusting her hips at Meiya?

Trying to assert her dominance.

Does anyone have the tootsie pop image?

>あー今日も疲れた. リィズたんの巨乳に顔うずめて癒されたい



Why didn't they just get Richard Cheese to do the OST?

Pump and dump Stella and Pham

Pump and marry Iris

Iris will give me enough children to last a thousand years

Would you kill Beatrix, Axmann, Schmidt, and Lise for her?

Protect Lisehime at all costs

You're a good person.

Your going to do nothing of the sort. Besides the fact you're incapable of doing anything of that power, let alone keeping up with either of them. Crawl back into your hidey hole.

I want to hug and cuddle Cryska all night long and wake up to her cute, sleeping face.

Only a few more weeks, friends. Absolution is the greatest gift.

The Fandom really is the same worldwide.


There are certainly similarities, the ongoing Lise appreciation threads over on 2chan are an interesting place.

I honestly don't know what to expect. Feel a bitter sweet nervousness, like a mix of hype and anxious. Been melancholy for Lise so long its hard to shake off.

24 Days, really.

Nothing better then boys killing girls to protect other girls.

>Nothing better than boys torturing and killing girls for fun

I want to hack Irisdina into little pieces with an ax and keep her alive long enough for her to feel as much pain as possible.

All the more reasons to love Katia.

I wonder just how smug Matika is.

>SSR Kurogane

After bullying her sister? Yuuko levels of Smug.

>clone bullying other clone
Thats kinda hot.

i like cryska better i am not into amputation fetish.

Cryska is perfect. I want to take care of her and make her my wife.

Then we just have to prevent Matika from volunteering for Pod duty.

What's the best way to softly bully Vivi?

Silver is a beautiful metal

She exhibits another side of esper autism. She is to be admired, for she's escaping it in her own way. Unfortunately, she acquired a nasty streak. But she's a good girl too in the end.


Irisdina is exactly like her whore mother. Worse, even.


all BRs are dumb niggers and deserve to die.


So are all girls, especially blondes.


Seriously she seems like such a nice girlfriend to have.

Yui's jealousy always makes my day.

Isn't power supposed to be out in the favelas, BR?

Give her a bar of Cadbury's milk chocolate.

But since we switched the labels, it's actually milk chocolate with raisins in it.

>Seriously she seems like such a nice girlfriend to have.
We'll find out how nice she is when we finally get her lewds.

Yuuya was idiot for breaking up with her.

Yeah but he'll get to fuck her again so it's ok.

Wait, this is real? How did you get it?

Check the Panda.

Datamined, not in game as of now. Hence, "WHEN".

No it's fake, someone drew a bunch of them up in low quality and then uploaded them to sadpanda.

Don't lie like that. They are real.

Or in order toavoit NTR they wil make her scenario with her current boyfried Leon.

But they canalso go for flashback scenario.

How is that NTR? Leon is the one getting the sloppy seconds, Yuuya would just be reclaiming what is still his.

So you saying that Sharon have no freedom of choice and ability to move on with her life and find new romantic partner in her life?

How much stupider is Katia compared to an average Pomeranian dog?

I noticed a few interesting characters with SR+ cards. Namely, all of the girls from Baofeng. Looks like Yuuya won't just be fucking one Chinese girl.

No, that's not what I'm saying at all. Sharon and Yuuya 'ended' their relationship on a good note and they seem to know each other well.

>no Latrova cards after the HR


Or it could happen in the past, when they were dating.

Dumbass dog, only good for beatings.

They can add more later.

There's something about her zest for life I find simply irresistable.

This is Muv Luv friend. The lewd girls are good girls, largely.

Did he really have a choice? He was getting sent to Alaska.

Why are you lumping me with him? I genuinely would sacrifice my life to ejaculate inside those two.

>Yuuya fucks the entire Bao-Feng test flight
I wasn't ready for this.

I can almost guarantee that Yuuya will be the one giving Sharon the dick in her H-scene.

>>Yuuya fucks the entire Bao-Feng test flight
>Implying its not the Bao-Fengs lezzing out like the already released Valkyries do

*forgot my picture


Who knows? The cards aren't even available yet.


But I need some MILF boobs now.

Well they'll do anything boss tells them, so there's that.

Sounds familiar.

More like worst sluts.
Even somehow worse than Lise.

What does this have to do with Muv Luv discussion?

Very familiar.

>Beatrix makes ara ara ufufu to make Theo uncomfy
>Werewolf girls cheerlead and give her good scores

I wanna see it. I wanna see them humanized ;_;.

But that will never happen
Meanwhile enjoy Theo going full edge lord when he kills them


Lise is not cute and no one likes her. She should go back to funhaus.

Kirke is for ___

ass patting jk. ass rape

Training Beato's throat!

Training Irisdina's ass!

How do you bully BiS Iris?

Break her favourite tea cup and then super glue it back together.

Can I hotglue it too, right in front of her?

Only if you're Jurgen. Otherwise you'd probably be in jail.

If I get to see her horrified and blushing face and render her speechless to the point where all I could hear from her is the stuttering voice, it'd be worth it.

Would you lick Anett?


Not one by that artist.

Why is Lise putting on her mischief face? What is she planning?

The same thing she plans everyday, running away with onii-chan and giving birth to his kids.

Gotta love a girl on a mission.

Mocking Katia until she cries!

You make her lose that synchronized swimming championship by kidnapping Beatrix and smuggling her to a place far away from that toxic environment she lived in.

Forcing Katia to stab you and watching her cry at your dying body with your blood on her hands!

>what is she planning

Mocking Katia until she cums!

I want to fall asleep in that silky hair

Cuddling with Katia until she falls asleep!

Cumming all over Katia when she falls asleep!


Cumming in Katia while she's sound asleep!

>Lise will never chain you to the bed and have her way with you for hours

Schwarzesmarken approved, Katia a cute.


Fingering Katia and forcing her into orgasm denial!

why are you replying to yourself?

>Katia posting

I fucking hate her oversized sleeves. It makes her cuteness so forced.


I'm not though.

I want to tell lewd, extremely sexual jokes to BiS Iris until she has to pretend very hard that she's not horny

The sleeves are cute. If Pham and Sylwia can have a uniform that's too small, then Katia can have one that's too big.

>Pham thread
>gets spammed twice by cockroaches
really makes you think

>katia posting
>on the day of subjugation to West Germany

dark day indeed

Pham loves Katia.

Funny considering that a bunch of East Germans now run things over in Germany.

Post 7 more images with Pham and Katia as well as excerpts from the source stating as such.

You mean a bunch of former Stasi informants who got away scot free.

I want to poke Beatrix until I hear a loud "Jurgen, this asshole is annoying me. Kick his ass"

I can't post much CGs, but I do know that she likes Katia and they have a lot of scenes together.

Wow, it's almost like in the real world you don't execute people who disagree with you.

As it should be.

I don't see Katia in that image nor do I see excerpts of text substantiating your claims.

>>I don't see Katia in that image
Look harder, dork. Forget it, you've clearly never played the VN are just trying to troll so I won't waste my time on you any longer.

Wolfgang Schwanitz did nothing wrong

Look at the hands dweeb. Besides, Katia saves Pham's life so they clearly like each other.

But those are my hands, not Katia's. Still waiting on the text, regardless of whether or not I have played the VN or not. Normally when one makes a claim, they prove it. Something Katiafriends have a hard time doing.

Keep in mind while I don't doubt Pham is cordial to Katia, I'm still trying to make life hard for you.

SM was just rectifying something that should have happened in RL.

The anime was rectifying that by getting a guy who didn't even know they existed to direct it? You sure are showing me.

I hope we get plenty of cute Katias in the Iris and Lise routes. Maybe even more cute Katias in her very own route!

ZESt pls go

>I hope we get plenty of cute Katias in the Iris and Lise routes.
You won't.
>Maybe even more cute Katias in her very own route!
Considering how she's essentially a plot device 50% through the LN, unlikely.

She's best girl and main heroine, so there's a 100% chance of that happening.

Who said something about executions? Germany would be certainly better off with less hypocrites in charge, thats for sure.

That goes for every country, friend. Welcome to politics.

I want to put Axmann in charge of current Germany just to see what would happen.

>Watanabe thought that the Stasi was something made up for the LN/VN


Katia doesn't have a route.
>best girl

All the SoL will most likely happen before shit hits the fan, so there will be roughly an equal amount of cute in every route.

I can't wait!

Because he's a sheltered Japanese? Here's the interview where he basically admits SM is a shitshow.

I hope she dies

Where do I buy my own Lise?

I hope you like pee jokes.

The enlightenment and democracy has ruined Western civilization.

>carrying Katia away with one hand
Is it Anett who's strong or Katia who's weak?

The most heroic thing Theo does is killing Katia in the first VN. Too bad he dies after that because he just saved Europe.

I can handle it.

Nothing is sacred

This is why Nero played his violin while Rome burned

except he didn't?

>tfw her smile is protected

a word or phrase, especially an idiomatic one, used to convey an idea.
synonyms: idiom, phrase, idiomatic expression; proverb, saying, adage, maxim, axiom, aphorism, saw, motto, platitude, cliché
"a timeworn expression"

Punching Kasumi and Inia in the face!

>Theo becomes the master
Doubt it.

I understand that, but I the fact that you have to fall back on a pernicious lie to justify Katia Posting says everything I need to hear about Katia posting.

Pls just take, give to a good home. Commieland is no place for a Lise. Remember to feed and headpat daily. Can do tricks. Protects home from pests and invaders. Will form a lifelong bond if treated properly.

Does she respond well to forehead kisses and chin rubs?

I'm fucking confused, I'm justifying Kataposting?

i think theo kills her. it makes sense.

Guys. Lets all get along.
We know all girls are great.
And some are better than others.

You just made it worse.


We know you are bullshitting us Sumikaspammer, be honest, its in your best interests.

No, more likely answer is she fucking DIES in his arms.

That depends on first earning her trust, user.

What do you mean?

>sumika to katia back to sumika
hello darkness my old friend

i'm going off the air forever after this one boys

You are not me!
Stop pretending you are me!

Since when was I pretending?

Now this is unexpected.

Either way. You taste is .. fine.
Could be better.

Sumikashitter admitted he was a Katiafag.

I may like Sumika.
But I'm not schizophrenic.

>continuing to give it attention
This is why posters like that keep coming back.

Stop replying to me.

That's too bad. I like Sumika a lot too and would have wished to count you among us.

He'll keep spamming no matter how much attention we give him. After all these years that should be clear.

We are .. neutral.
We have common enemies, but we don't share the same goals.

I suppose you're right, but it's sad. Katia and Sumika would be natural allies. Even age acknowledges this:

No I mean foreground.

>Katia and Sumika would be natural allies.
That would make sense if Meiafags and Lisefags joined together. So far, they ignore each other.

While Sumikafags have Meiyafags, the natural enemy of the Katiafag is the Beatrixfag oddly.

Huh? Isnt it Katia vs Lise for position of imouto?

Not really. Imouto alliance was a thing for a long time.

Isn't Lise just bullying Katia??
You know .. in a way people say you are their friend, but only fuck you up all the time.

>Katiafags and Katia discussion is now allowed
What happened?

It was always allowed.

That's what ultimately happened, but Beatrix is the one who is controlling Lise. Besides, Lise is crazy so it's hard to hold her accountable for many of her actions.

But all it does is ruin threads and invite shitposting. The BR is a Katiafag and he's here 24/7, then you have the wilful ignorance that is typical of Katiafags, and Sumikaspammer just spammed a Pham thread to hell and back. It should go back to not being allowed.

Woah, case in fucking point



You do have a point, user.

No, if anything Katia is Lise's imouto, theres really no competition and they never had a personal beef. They could have been one big happy family if civil war didn't happen.

Maybe you should stop throwing a fit. Katiaposting will ramp up as Martyrs nears.


What a great counter argument. I expected nothing less.

Enjoy your childlike mentality, I guess.


I don't really see any argument there, just whining about spammers.

Lise is just pretending. After she gains Katia's trust, she will backstab her. That is only thing Lise is good for : betrayal.


It's not really shitposting, it's truthposting.

Yeah, unless you're just an outrageous shitposter, you should feel sympathy for Lise, not hate.

But thats wrong you little shit.

That's your child mentality selectively choosing what was said, if you read the post, you'd notice the part about spammers is in the last half of the post.

>the natural enemy of the Katiafag is the Beatrixfag oddly
Beatrixfags are like Beatrix. Loyal as fuck and hold grudges for long. You joined in the kicking while the anime gored their girl, you reap their loathing once it ended .


>you should feel sympathy for Lise
There is no sympathy for traitors and mass murderers.

Mad Lise apologists.


Is this truthposting: Because that looks like shitposting.

>baiting this hard
You're gonna have to try something better than that.

Nah, I read everything in its entirely, ESLman.



You didn't even bother reading the second half of my post.


No counterarguments? I guess this is all you guys can handle.


Read the archives of the past year for all the counterarguments you'll ever need. Not that you even care since you clearly don't know what you're talking about in the first place.




Is that so? Reading doesn't seem to be your strong suite.

I want to make snow angels with Lise and have snowball fights with her.

Why should I be doing your work?

I will abduct Lead Belly, beat her until she has no memories of who she is and make her my perfect wife.


I want to make an angel out of Lise, if you know what I'm saying.

Why should I cater to a retard?

She's already one. Always have been.

As expected from the winner of the "most retarded MfS Agent" prize, Lead Belly. One day late and rude as fuck.

I want to make little angels with Lise.


But angels are immortal. Is Lise immortal?

That is not a nice thing to say about other people.


Only anointed Christians and Jesus are immortal IIRC

Can Vivi beat Katia in a fist fight?


You're the one whose English is lacking, which is why I called you that.

What's with all the Beatrixspam?

trying to balance out the shit with pure gold.

Please tell me where my English was lacking, as opposed to your "entirely". Since we've now moved on from any actual points to linguistics. As a rule in court says, "if you've got the facts pound the facts, if you've got the law pound the law, and if you don't have either pound the table."


Cum on both of them!

>your child mentality
Stilted, awkward construction to boot.

>trying to balance out the shit with pure gold.

Well she is a martyr

I want to pull on her sidebangs while banging her.




What the fuck?

I'm 90% sure "That is your child mentality" is correct English, it is discussing your mindset in past-tense, since it's been established you do not have an adult mind when it comes to argumentation. "Suite" while not the correct word for that phrase, could be chalked up to a typo. I will admit I typed out the entire word but I'll defend myself with that I tend to make mistakes when I type fast. I also have a habit of poor commas and periods, as well as repeating words that when reread after the fact (IE, after hitting "Post") come off as redundant, but given time and proofreading I can shit out something acceptable.

For the record though, do you actually have something to add to the original topic or can I just skip to the end and call you an autist, and then ignoring anything witty you may come up with in reply to this post?

>>I'm 90% sure "That is your child mentality" is correct English,
spotted the ESL



See, this is actually really confusing for me because I am an EOP. You're going to have to stop memeing and explain this one to me. What would be the correct words for that insult? Your child thinking?

Have to give Carnelian credit, she knows how to make food look amazing.

childish you dip, childish


Both those pics are from Mimizuki though.

Seriously? That explains the hands. Good on him though.

Okay I get it now, I used the wrong adjective. Thanks for the help, you childish piece of shit.

yw esl-kun ;)



What's my first language then? I was under the impression that learning English first and speaking it for the next 20 years means that English is my native tongue.

Beat Beatrix!

In videogames!

The VN penetration is going to be way worse then the anime.


It's "than", when comparing two things you use "than".

Maybe you should go back to school.

not as bad as Katias death CG in Iris and Lise route. Beato will get 1 death CG but Katia will get at least two..

Beatrix is the one most likely to die at the end of every route.

Also, nice get. Matches up with your post number.

Feeding Lise warm chicken soup if she catches a cold

Each heroine will probably die in the routes of the other two if the Katia route is anything to go by.

but what i was trying to say they will reuse Beato CG. Katia will get 2 totally different death CGs.

>Implying that the Lise-route isn't a loyalist route.
>Implying that PENETRATION will be the only way that Beato will be sent to Extra.

Who are you quoting?

>its too hot

Except the Katia route is in something of a unique position, given that she'll (presumably) be the only heroine to not win romantically in her own route. So you can't really use it as a standard for other routes.

>Implying that the Lise-route isn't a loyalist route.
I don't think it'll be.

>implying Axmann won't use GUN on Beatrix

It won't be. Martyrs will have Mass Effect style endings.

>I don't think it'll be.
When out of the few spoilers, only two can't be fitted into the canon Katia-route, you'll have a hard time convincing others of that

he will use it on Katia thats for sure. In one of the videos Iris dies and if there is no Iris there is no person to catch the bullet meant for Katia.

So, destroy Beatrix, join Beatrix, and become one with Beatrix?

I'll take the third, thank you. Beatrix needs a good dicking, she might not come around to it for a while but I think she'll subconsciously appreciate it.

>they really are all Iris routes


this. Iris is the true heroine and love interest Katia is just the plot device and bringer of doom.

From the official site's updated bio, they describe Theo as a revolutionary in love with Iris:




>Moderate rebel in love with an Aryan goddess
What does Irisdina's say?

she is a moderate too.

She wants to follow her brother's will, kill Beatrix, and overthrow the stasi:



She's a nationalist though. That precedes moderate rebel.
I don't see Beatrix in there, can you point it out? Also, what's this about a cleverly concealed tail?

That doesn't make the option of choosing his family over his love interest less likely, only more tragic. Considering how BiS has made teenage Beatrix into a saint, the twist that Iris is doing what's morally right, but not her brothers will, is probable enough. Seeing that the result of the canon route is tragic enough, adding more tragedy seems fitting.

Overthrowing the stasi would require killing Beatrix. Besides, Iris and Beatrix have been trying to kill one another for years, so from a personal standpoint, killing Beatrix is more important the fucking over the stasi.

No it wouldn't, actually. I think overthrowing Schmidt's stasi is more important that killing the woman you injured most.

Really though, if Iris did kill Beatrix, what would she achieve? There's gotta be more to "they've been trying to kill one another for years". I really doubt it's that simple.

She doesn't really want to kill her. She may say it but its not true. its same with Beato.