Is it as bad as everyone keep saying it is?

Is it as bad as everyone keep saying it is?

It's a very polarizing series. You either hate the shit out of it or really liked it.
I personally loved it; my AOTY 2014, but I can understand why so many people dislike it.

it was fun while I watched it, then like at episode 20 I had an epiphany of how bad it actually was and stopped watching it, I regret nothing

Its good till episode 20 I think. thats when they go full retard with the writing

of course, if you can overlook the whole singing mechas stuff

People are hating it because ange isn't a pure waifu and acts like an actual protagonist that isn't a doormat

Its stupid as fuck but I still loved watching it.

Kind of fun to watch week to week, but not a show that I would ever rewatch.
I remember lots of QUALITY, and the plot indeed goes off the rails near the end. But if you stuck with it till that point, that's not much of a reason to drop it if you ask me.

only feminazi hated it

It's ridiculously bad, but it's a highly entertaining kind of badness.

>hated by everyone
>got fisted
>got tortured by an autist
>ending up saving the dragons
>gave her sister a chance to redeem herself by becoming a loli rambo
>has a loyal husbando and a lesbian mistress
Of course feminzais would hate a successful woman


I lost it when Tusk got Embryo with the "I fucked you're waifu" gambit.

The first half is better than the second half. It's over the top clich├ęs and larger than life characters. Some people hate it for that, other people think it's fun. Borderline trainwreck.

It's definitely a hell of a ride.


Unironically one of the most enjoyable shows you can watch.

As long as you go in expecting stupid bullshit and that there are no waifus to be found here.

Shut up whore.

Ange got kissed by like 6 people.


You either make wrong assumptions or listen to the wrong people.
I doubt you deserve to watch it.

Cross Ange was so bad it was good.

'sup Embryo

90s/80s OVA sort of vibe dragon-killing bad bitches anime turned wacky comedy with random idol stuff because nana wills it

It's 100% pure unadulterated anime and if you're not a stuck up little cunt you should be able to enjoy it

Fuck off embroiled sama

Sup cuck'

what was they didn't have any genitalia

It's dark humor, you decide if it's bad or not.

Embryo created them all, and since he was a pure permavirgin waifufag, he didn't know what those were.



zola was so cool. why did she have to die after only one episode? I hope you can save her in srw like gai daigoji.

Cross Ange is fantastic

have fun

Let's get this out of the way.
Salia is best girl.

it does make me slightly sad that a show that brought me as much enjoyment as Cross Ange isn't very popular.

n o


even the dyke that only wanted to have a threesome wasn't bad compared to her

Cross Ange is great. Why do you care what people say about it anyway? Do you like fun characters, hot girls and borderline yuri with good action scenes? Well there you go. Just download it and watch it.

She did NOTHING wrong.

>all these angeposters
Back to square one!

>borderline yuri

not enough ange in this fucking thread

>saria was so shit japs considered getting real waifus
I miss cross ange threads when it was airing

She's a princess user, you're supposed to revere her for her humanity and dignity

Salia was the best but she made some mistakes.

I like how they didn't even consider other girls from the show, jump straight to 3D.
Salia had no competition in universe.

First half was great, second half sucked ass and turned into one of those shows where it's only good for shitposting on Cred Forums about it.

The entire show is worth it for the scene where tusk pulled the "i fucked ur waifu" shit.

The show does many things that most animu is too scared to do. Does it do it well? Eh, I'd give it a 7/10 qualitywise but a 11/10 enjoyment ride. One of my favorites because it was so fucking stupid and it fuckin knew it.

Second half gave us Salia bullying, lewd Nana moans, frying pan bullshit, ninja skills, THREE DAYS AND THREE NIGHTS and this scene.

>sucked ass


Ange is also a fantastic MC. Nana must have had a blast playing her.

It was absolutly retarded, but watching it with a was so much fun.

So basically
>one of those shows where it's only good for shitposting on Cred Forums about it
The first half was entertaining by itself. Meanwhile the second half was only entertaining with Cred Forums. I don't think anyone would enjoy the second half now for the most part by themselves.


The japs could. Also there are a lot of people outside of this site who liked it.
Cred Forums is one of the places where it's more hated.

Well japs have shit taste and so does reddit or whatever the fuck you're browsing.

I missed it when it was airing, and only got around to watching it a couple weeks ago.

The second half was even more retarded than the first, but just as entertaining.

You fuckers have shit taste too. Basically everyone does that isn't me, and Cross Ange is a fucking blast.

>reddit and Cred Forums are the entire world

Your shit taste means your opinions are objectively wrong.

CA actually has a decent rating on MAL.

It's not nearly as hated as people seem to think it is. You'd think women would hate it but It's actually quite a "pro-female empowerment" anime.

I'm sorry, did you want a shout out to narutoforum?

Ange was so lovably psychotic. It's not difficult to see why Hilda was soaking wet for her.

Cross Ange wasn't yuri; it was both hetero and lesbian

It was an average show with a better-than-average and very entertaining main character for the first half.

Second half was stupid. Anime went from girls in yuri prison fighting dragons with robots to something ridiculous, and every character's actions were either one dimensional, or zero dimensional because they just folded over to Ange, who admittedly made plenty of sense and is a fairly unique character (see ). Basically everything was bad about the second half except for Ange, and the ED.

First half is good enough for a rewatch though.

Better than Valvrave in my opinion. Much better characterizations.

>Cross Ange had more on-screen kisses than a good chunk of romance anime.
What a weird thing.

Bad but still a lot of fun.

Cross Ange was bad but fun.
Valvrave was just bad.

Salia was fairly well written, she got a lot of focus in the second half so if you hated her than that probably sucked for you.

Thank the absolute madman Fukuda.

That scene was so great; she didn't hesitate to cap that faggot when he pointed the gun.

>*teleports behind you*
Embryo really was pure distilled edgelord power fantasy, wasn't he?

Plus the "I don't care" dialogue and her sister pissing herself made it so fucking good.

I want to travel back in time where CA is still airing.
Man, it was too fucking fun to watch CA with Cred Forums.

Second half was what made most people hate Salia, though.

>People shat on Cross Ange despite it being fun
>Meanwhile the dicksucked shit like MJP and Fafnir made by the Gundam SEED guy as great mecha

tfw I chose not to and will forever regret it

Yup. She was reasonable even with her victim complex. Then she became the face of the traitor team.

Salia did nothing wrong.

Haven't watched Fafner, but MJP is pretty great. I like Ange more, but MJP is still fantastic.

It's pretty terrible, but I'd still recommend it.

Don't expect much other than mecha, ecchi, and ridiculous plot twists though.

I can't really blame her, the new outfits were pretty nice.

Salia was okay. I really liked her in the first half. Really, if you change the direction of the show from the midpoint you have a pretty decent main cast with Ange, Salia, and Hilda.

If you're saying Salia was well written in the second half, I can't really say. With the writing quality in general being so terrible in the second half and Ange being so entertaining, any minor accomplishments just wash out.

Only character I hated was Commander Whatsherface. She had a hard life.

She did almost everything wrong. The only two things she did right was guiding Ange about how to destroy the gravity DRAGON and rejoining the Libertus team at the very end.

Hell no It's actually my AOTY.

Yurifags please go.


Majestic Prince.

How new are you?

someone post the spanking webm

To be fair MJP is (I hate to say this, but I can't think of a better word) fairly obscure.

CA wasn't very good. MJP was great. There's a thread for the movie stuff on /m/.

I really liked how Ange went from "I must genocide all the normas so that humans can live peacefully" to "I must genocide all the humans so that normas can live peacefully".
She wanted to get revenge at all the people who thought exactly the same way she did, without realizing the irony.

And at the end she reached an equilibrium of sorts. She never stopped hating the humans, but she still decided to let them alone.

You hypocrites, if this shit had come out of the mouth of a male MC you'd say it was edgy shit. But no, she's exiled, gets raped, goes full teenage nihilist and you stay quiet because she's a girl and the show is '''''ironically''''' retarded.


There's nothing edgy about what she said though.
The last time she saw those people they tried to execute her for hurting their feelings. Of course she wouldn't care if they lived or died. Ange isn't a nihilist, she just doesn't care about the lives of people who tried to kill her.

the action scenes are HORRIBLE.

The speculation over the crazy plot twists in the first half was great; everyone predicting that Vivian was a dragon, picking up all the subtle hints for it, and then it actually coming true was one of my favorite series shitstorms in recent memory. The first half in general was just non-stop HAPPENING and multi-track drifting.

Majestic Prince

It's a show about Earth fighting an Alien Empire whose economy is based on Rape.

/m/ please

It's always rape with you

Cross Ange is one of the best "Just come for the ride" shows you can watch

Ange best girl

The Arzenal arc was maximum comfy near the end. I genuinely believe that the way everyone at Arzenal hating Ange naturally developed into a comfy, warm camaraderie, that gave the viewer immediate emotional reason to hate Embryo when he appeared and destroyed what the viewer had become so involved in the creation of, was top-tier writing and plot advancement. It's a shame that everything fell apart plotwise in the second half, despite all the typical signs of a trainwreck the first half strung it together in a way that I really believe was a well-constructed and thought-out plot, all of the twists prefigured and led into each other with proper foreshadowing until they very obviously reached the end of where they had it planned out beforehand and started just winging it to much shoddier effect.

It's pretty good. Flawed characters galore, tons of drama, plenty of twists and cliffhangers to keep interest, some goofy light hearted moments between the girls to break up the tension, all while not taking itself too seriously. It maintains a balance of all this shit quite well and it's entertaining as a result. The characters are appealing and the artwork is good when they take the time, but when they don't there's plenty of QUALITY and bad animation.

That El Ragna duet though. What a great moment.

>Anime went from girls in yuri prison fighting dragons with robots to something ridiculous
This sums up all you need to know if you are deciding whether or not to watch it.

>People shat on Cross Ange despite it being fun
>QUALITY out the ass
>shitastic characters
>plot that made no sense and felt like it was done in a single draft
>The people who like it are either fundamentally retarded or think the show tried to push an agenda ala Ghostbusters 2016 so they see at as a "breath of fresh air" all while shitting on your average seasonal harem anime

And the biggest kicker? The mecha were fucking terrible, you're a mecha anime with terrible action and designs that's the gravest sin you can possibly create.

In short MJP and Fafner were mecha anime made by people who gave a shit while Cross Ange was one that was made by Fukuda as evident by the amount of stock footage per episode.

You're a fucking idiot.

>Gundam SEED guy
You do realize that Fukuda concieved Cross Ange right?

Cross Ange felt like Fukuda's therapy session. Lots of frustration and Gundam Seed references on screen. Weirdly cathartic.

Ask yourself this question. What does the show does that makes it stand out from everything else out there? If your answer have anything to do with people's perceptions of the show or the community surrounding it its probably not a very good show.

>only three years old
>getting a movie in a month

>the amount of stock footage per episode

i forgot about this.

i also forgot about how they used that one fucking sound over and over again for collisions. like in one scene i think a wood structure collapsed or something that wasn't the usual and they still used that sound.

Completely unrelated poster, the mech designs in Cross Ange were fuggen inspired.

Like, I'm not going to pretend they made sense but it had enough A E S T H E T I C to power 3 regular mecha shows

I think the final battle was just the same footage used in the first half of the show. This show was incredibly lazy as shit in that regard.
>OW THE EDGE design
>fundamentally retarded use
>very poorly explain mechanics

Oh look its the Strike Freedom again.

I'm watching it literally now as we speak.
It's bad, really bad, but has some qualities.

They had so many moving parts compared to a regular mech, and I'd like to see a Gendum turn into a jetbike without any size changing bullshit or inconsistent animation.

Villkiss was probably my least favourite in the series but it was still pretty great.

Also what the fuck are you talking about, for such an edgy show the mechs weren't really edgy at all. Unless you mean you have an aversion to actual literal edges and straight lines on mechs in which case ??? I don't know what the fuck can be done for your condition

It is only "edgy" (as we've come to attribute the word, anyway) if it's arbitrary. She has every right to feel that way.

The first half is legitimately good and very entertaining to watch.

>They had so many moving parts compared to a regular mech
And all fucking worthless too. Its just a mess of a design.

>Also what the fuck are you talking about, for such an edgy show the mechs weren't really edgy at all.

Yeah, no. They weren't even distinguishable except for the colors and those stupid car ornaments they thought would look cool.

>Is it as bad as everyone keep saying it is?

Normas can transform in dragons because magic, true dragons are aliens and need normas dragon because they are all male and normas are female.

She have sex with a guy that just meet two episode ago.


You can easily tell it's gundemfags when they complain about the mechs.

It gets bad halfway when it trades silly fun for exposition and retarded everywhere.

Also action sequences are ass.

it's pretty retarded but worth watching just for the shit show

No uncensored BD.
Basically this have no meaning to exist.

Her and the parallel universe is the only thing I remember negatively about the anime. It was thrown there like there was going to be 12 more episodes about fighting through time and space, instead it went nowhere.

I expect nothing about this series, I really have no idea what drove me to watch it but I enjoyed it
Tusk surviving the explosion was a big asspull

The BD isn't censored, since they never drew nipples in the first place.

That was only the backstory though. They needed maybe two more episodes to expand on the original earth, but nothing like you mentioned.

it was one of the most fun shows of that year. Legit any bad claims this show rightfully gets, it is all made up by how fun and interesting ange is.

>gets better, comfy life
>better outfit

She really did nothing wrong.

Am I the only one who likes the Arzenal uniform better? I know it's weird how much skin it leaves open, but the design is pretty.

Good Cross Ange doujinshi never

They are pretty, but they were only proper uniforms in proto-CA.
In the anime, they are too customized.

For comparison.

Original is too bland. The core of the uniform is still the same despite the personal changes. Not to mention that the modifications are there to further differentiate the characters and help describe them through fashion sense.
Basically, I like the top, with the open midriff and the skirt that is more like a cape, skirtcape?

One year has passed, yet I still wonder why Ange's thigh high socks are light green.

More like two years have passed.
And that's only the airing of the show.

>The core of the uniform is still the same despite the personal changes

The only constant is a part of the top section.
Everything else varies.

Bad taste.

The skirtcape is a core part, but some of them don't use it. It's simply an on/off thing. The gloves are the same. The boots are the same on most characters. They use a limited number of parts. But the core is the same.

holy shit this is the first time im seeing it.

It's not that it can be helped, when your 2nd in command is a cunt angry that you got the position she wanted, your special snowflake subordinate actually tried to kill you, because she takes orders from no one, and the only person being nice to you, have his own agenda, and turns out to be the main villain.

nigga its not the whole 2nd half of the show. just from episode 20 and on

the start of the 2nd half gives us best girl salako

He shot that guy in the ass!

What a villain.

Cross Ange is one of those shows where you think it's going to be entertaining bad but then they take the absolute most boring route possible, suck all the fun out of it and fail to make it even bad enough to be enjoyable. Why couldn't we just have lesbian prison rape dragon island? Why did they have to try and add plot?

>have his own agenda

Which would not be so bad if it was not so stupid.

Because unfortunately, this anime is called Cross Ange, not Arzenal.



In the end she didn't so much destroy the world as she let the world be destroyed and say "fuck it" when asked if she'd help clean up the mess.

She was really into it for a while, though.


Watching cross ange was amazing, I've been looking forward for every single episode and the shitposting on Cred Forums.
It is also more memorable than at least 90% of the normal seasonal LN adaptions.

Pink onahole is a good character but not the best.


She was at her best when she was operating with Tusk.

Dragon China dress looked hot on her, I admit. I wish she got an actual character though.

What character?

Reading through this thread almost makes me want to pick back up right were I left off: when the the whole damn thing went off the rails. I guess it was around 20 like that other user said?

GOAT female MC

It's like any other wild ride.

It's stupid, it's badly animated and it's as low budget as it can get, BUT its great fun and Ange is Alpha as fuck

>Tusk delivering the ultimate cuckoldry boast
Great times.

Quick question, but where can I find the scans for this?

>dicksucked shit like MJP and Fafnir
>Dicksucked shit
>Fafnir (probably ment Fafner)
user I know most people on this board including you have shit taste, but Fafner was one of the best anime series of the decade. That you can only rage and cry SHIT! when you see Hiraiface and not look past that to see the masterpiece that it was says so much more about you then it does about Fafner.

To be fair. There are shit tons of cute waifus in this show. You don't know which one is the best girl

Did Izetta pique your curiosity on this show?

Just curious

The first half is fun in a trashy b-movie sort of way.

The second is boring.
However Ange and the Norma girls are really fun characters, so it's worth checking out for that.

Ange was the best girl in this.

On panda. But it's dirt cheap, so you should buy it.

Not as bad as your English.


A heap of shit, idiots only pretend it was a acceptable because "muh hugbox of watching shit anime with Cred Forums"

It's just dumb and kind of a waste of fucking time. The main character develops well and her VA does a great job with her but the plot is really stupid and the end result isn't satisfying at all.

You could do worse but you could also do a hell of a lot better.

Yeah, it's about as dumb and poorly written as Geass but it doesn't have the train-wreck factor to make it actually entertaining on it's own because of it, it's just dumb and that's about it.

To be fair the threads were fun, a lot more fun than watching the series was.

I enjoyed it and I've been watching anime longer than most.

This is unironically one of my favorite aime

I'm still mad about the pan thing, Tusk was going to die until they had to add some fucking BULLSHIT to save him.

It was pretty entertaining though, Mostly the opening episodes.

Like Fukuda ever kills anyone off and has it stick. If you actually thought he was dead you're fucking retarded.


Okay, Fukuda doesn't kill anyone off and keep them dead unless their sole purpose in the entire show is just to be utterly worthless aside from dying.

I kind of figured that part went without saying considering how many flashbacks we got to Nicol's death in CE Gundam.

I just wanted some on screen /ll/.

this. Plus watching it with Cred Forums added to the entertainment

You know, Geass actually looks like a masterpiece of writing next to this. It still does some very dumb things, but also compensates with better stuff and is generally fun.


CG actually went offtrack after a good start. Made up with the ending but still. CA had a more coherent story apart from the occasional trolling.

I hate Ange but I would love to hate fuck and impregnate her.

This is amazing. I didn't appreciate all the planning before this. Did miss the fancy visitor's building though so when that appeared I was confused.

Any more of stuff like this?

I regret not watching it with Cred Forums now.

I feel like they put a lot of effort into CA and then just gave up halfway through.

Use that.

>tfw no coco daki
I bet it comes in two parts!

Yeah Geass is considerably better. It was a trainwreck and it went off the rails but at least it concluded decently and was fun to watch. They really could have just left out all of S2 and just skipped to end game after the Euphemia massacre, but the constant wallbangers at least kept it form getting boring.

Everytime they changed the status quo in Ange and things looked like they would actually become interesting it went in some boring direction and ended up even less interesting. By the time it completed I just wanted it to end.

Fair enough.

There are things in R2 that are highly questionable, but I don't really buy the whole "going off the rails" view though.They had always intended for the show to be over-the-top. That wasn't unexpected nor out of line.

More importantly, they already knew how to end the Code Geass story and ultimately reached that conclusion.

Maybe they just lost interest in their product at some point.

I don't agree, CA ended very well, it just needed more episodes. Like Geass needed a little less.

The biggest flaw with CA is that they somehow managed to find their way back on the rails.

No. First cour is fun and okay, second cour is bad, but not disaster tier.

Thankfully your post is a shitpost so we don't need to care about it.

Triggered by opinions, user?

No, didn't you see the shitpost indicator?

No. It's worse.


>since the fall of 2010

Is it normal to work on something for so long?

No. Sunrise didn't want to greenlight it.

To be fair, it was lampshaded. Even the preview basically said 'he isn't really dead'.

I mean shit, he was talking in the preview.

Until this guy got it.

Shit, I remember that middle one, but I forget the name.

It was about the two lesbians who pilot the robot, right? And the loli was a doll or something.